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Calendar of Live Events with Lola

Let this video give you a Divine Opening as you get a preview of the California retreats.

A great introduction to Lola Jones' wise yet down to earth teaching style, and entertaining sense of humor. Over-seriousness delays your awakening and slows your expansion!

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Hello regular visitors!

spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola JonesYou already know that it all began when Lola Jones spent 21 days in complete silence and solitude in 2006, and emerged with a gift to change people's lives profoundly, without old-paradigm therapy, clearing, and processing. You know it happens through pure Grace.

Now, tap in deeper.

Lola continues to channel that Grace through the many offerings on this website, which allows her to reach thousands around the world each day, while enjoying the quiet life that keeps her recharged and radiating. Big stages, touring, and being super famous just don't light Lola up. We all have to get real about what true joy is for us, right?

Find YOUR true bliss, YOUR next level expansion, soothing, community, and support here.
Unfold your awakening with more and more ease.


Allow in more.
Light up even more.
Look into Lola's eyes and experience today's essence of Divine Openings.
There's always more for you... deeper peace, clearer knowing, more good flowing into your life. Even contrasts hold the promise of more treasure for you to reclaim.

You've been practicing Divine Openings, building your foundation, unfolding your uniqueness. Now, keep lightly intending, allowing, and taking the steps through the Portals. We're renaming the Levels 1 through 5 Online Courses: it's now Portals 1 through 5.

Abundance.... "Career wise it's blown me away.  Some contracts were given to me without even needing to apply - people contacted me - these were contracts where my peers had double degrees, PHDs, years of amazing experience, working in breathtaking locations.... and I have NO university education at all. My money vibration is higher than it's ever been, I have so much abundance, in ways that astound me."  Danielle, Australia

spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola Jones

Love.... "Whilst at the 5 day retreat I set the intention to flow more love in my life... I wanted to bring my awareness to relationship. That has well and truly blossomed also.... My self esteem is higher than it has EVER been - It's not generated by what others think about me anymore. Just writing that sentence I am smiling and laughing and feel a bubbling in my heart.  I've more love and respect for myself than I ever thought possible and it brings tears to my eyes." Danielle, Australia

Enlightenment... "I am no longer the thinker most of the time, but a witness of the thinker! This is so amazing and magical to me, more so because when I had started Divine Openings I had such an over analytical mind (I honestly feel I was addicted to the stories, kinda like a junkie... haha) and was so jacked up on the stories that seemed to be so uncontrollable... and to have shifted to such a sweet, empty space of love, joy and expansion!" Marilyn A, Milford, Pennsylvania

Inner guidance... "I feel like I've come home. And now I know the way back home if I ever get lost." Breiney, New York

"Divine Openings is definitely the 'real thing'"! Love, Helen W, UK

higher consciousness awakening switch is on, fear of death is gone

Divine Openings turns the switch to FULL ON, and your awakening begins to show up in the bank, in your relationships, wellbeing, steadier emotions, and mental clarity--eventually everywhere in your physical world!

Expand your pipes to allow in a live retreat, your next level online course, or the next level book.

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What's Next for YOU?

The ultimate Divine Openings experience. Transformative Live Bliss Retreats with Lola in the U.S. or Europe. When you book your retreat ask us to send you latest version of the foundational book free.
See more!

"The level at which I'm operating now is because of Divine Openings, period. Lola, it's not a testimonial, it's a fact! I never, ever forget why I'm flowing the money I am now, and it's because of the expanded version of my life that I'm living because of Divine Openings." Donna, Canada

 Live Events with Lola Calendar  

spiritual awakening online courses with Lola JonesEnlightenment wherever you go.
Portal 1
Online Self-Paced Retreat (formerly called Level 1 ) gives you the feeling of private sessions with Lola as you enjoy 100+ hours of in-depth audios and videos on your phone, tablet, or computer. Get a vibrational tuneup on the go and make driving, exercise, chores suddenly productive and uplifting.

Fall asleep to uplifting input to for a bright, new, in-the-flow tomorrow.

Have a challenging situation? Log in, light up, and get relief. Real results, no work, you just replace old habits with new. Now includes the audio book free!

The 14 text modules have up-to-the-minute new content you won't find in the book or anywhere else, and the text is recorded too--enjoy whereever you go! Connect and get personal support on the Member Forum.

Learn more and register!

Heal trauma..... "I started Divine Openings by reading and re-reading the book and taking the online courses. Having lost my son five months before, I was going through the darkest time of my life. I was touched by Grace when I found Lola Jones and Divine Openings -- I will be forever thankful for such a blessing. From that point on I turned out to be a different person and my life has changed since I was led to a place where I had never been before -- there is Peace in here. Who I am now and who I was before Divine Openings are all the way two different dreams. My love to you, dear Lola and to all." Lena, New York

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Do you have the new edition of the updated foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence? It's become a spiritual classic that's read more every year all over the world. You already know it emanates a powerful energy that actually works on you.

Experience miracles....."Since Divine Openings, miracles occur with no effort. I know!... It's crazy amazing!" Marilyn A, Milford, Pennsylvania


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Lola Jones spiritual awakening newsletterAsk yourself: "What do I want next?"

No. Really. Stop and ask right now, and write it down.

Every day is a life-changing juncture in your world with Divine Openings.

  • If you plateau there is so much help here for you.

  • Never allow yourself to get stuck for long.

  • Get more support and dive deeper into a live retreat, the next online course, the next book.

  • Or reread the updated Things Are Going Great In My Absence, revisit your online course, review Bliss Maintenance from your retreat.

  • If you're still "working on your issues" or mixing modalities.... hmmm, how is that working out? It literally scrambles your energy--we've seen it clearly. Get back on track, return to simplicity, and get your clarity (and happiness) back.

As this retreat opens, some people share dramatic life changes they experienced before the retreat just from reading Lola's groundbreaking book: Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting.

Others share what's happened since their first 5 Day Silent Retreat.



Relax. Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting.

90% of the work isn't yours.
Remember, The Presence does 90% of it for you. That other 90% is "the Grace Piece."

The Grace piece is the part that requires no effort from you, except your willingness.

Lola Jones channels Divine Energy and bathes you in a high vibration vortex of Grace as you savor this page.

Say yes, let go, and let more Grace in.


Even if you never meet Lola in the physical--she invokes this Grace long-distance through this website, retreats, books, online courses, and webinars.


Let the magic of Grace do the work for you.

Let Divine Openings energy soften and relax you into your Unlimited Large Self.

Remember your Large Self doesn't have "issues" to resolve.

When you're living as your Large Self there's nothing to "fix, heal, or clear."

And if you're trying too hard and working on yourself, you're not in Large Self!


spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola JonesRevisiting"What IS my part?
Your part, the Conscious Mind Piece is training your mind until it relaxes into the service of your Large Self.

Keep enjoying life every day, and practicing the Divine Openings tools from your live retreats, online courses, and books

Listen intently to the still silent voice within you. Feel the signals in your body.

Divine Openings  brought you home, and now you know the address of Grace.

It's always safe and calm.

In that higher consciousness you KNOW the truth--you feel the guidance of Source.


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As you move ever farther into this vortex of Grace, the old reality and its problems, limitations, pain and suffering cease to exist. Life is no longer about fixing problems. Life is for living, and work is for enjoyment and satisfaction.

You wish to keep evolving simply because you're designed to.

Life is an adventure--not a school for learning lessons.

spiritual awakening to higher consciousness"I love Lola Jones & thank God for Divine Openings, it has changed my life, and I am looking for nothing but the best from this moment onward. Thank you Lola."  Sharon White

"You and your teaching have been so incredible for me -- the answer to what I had been asking for for years--it is like a birthday present for me every day "opening" the gift of your website, your online classes, your videos, your books.  Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of YOU!!" Jennifer Cochran

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Enjoy the newsletters, but diving in and experiencing Divine Openings™ is how you create the big results! Eventually one must make a Free Will choice to experience awakening rather than seeking it and reading about it. The benefits of Divine Openings are here for you when you're ready to let it in. Only you can let it in.

This is the dawn of a new reality, and it's okay to need assistance with the birth, and opening to your own next level of inner guidance. Keep using the effective methods Lola Jones has created to guide and support your evolution with ease and Grace.

Your life can be a beautiful journey,
no matter how your past was.


Let Divine Openings open you to experience increasing peace and satisfaction, independent of outer circumstances. Then enjoy outer circumstances changing to reflect your new consciousness.

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It's not a concept.
It's a tangible experience.


Divine Openings improves your entire life all at once rather than working on "issues" one by one forever. Celebrate if you've already experienced these: a mysterious disappearance of stress or anxiety;  depression melts away; relationships repaired or created; joy and satisfaction in daily life for no apparent reason; time expands; vivid, transcendent dreams that do work for you; increasing awareness beyond what you thought was reality; release from the past;  abuse and trauma erased.

Know yourself as a co-creator with the Source of All Creation.

You are holographic--the universe is inside of you rather than you being a tiny speck inside a huge, chaotic universe. You were originally led to this website by a friend or family member, your intuition, a dream, an internet search, or a sign like 11:11--now Divine Openings continually opens you to the answers you've been seeking.

And the evolution never stops...

"Divine Openings is my rock, my one always-reliable system that survives every latest self help system, book, etc. - and I should know because I was always buying the latest one; I think I kept the self help book market in business for 20 years or more!!! Enough of that. Divine Openings has everything I need and it is so simple and understandable; I can't recommend it more. If I let it, it will change my life." Thank you. Mrs. E Griffith

To Lola's assistants she wrote: "I just wanted to send a note of thanks for all your help last month regarding my faux-pas with my order.  I received my newest order and am so pleased!!! I really appreciate your great customer service and follow-up, which helped me to get my books and get back on track with my personal development. Hope you and Lola are enjoying a great week! Wishing you both a fantastic weekend ahead! Big hug, Dale Cecilia

P.S. I feel as if Lola is the "motherly wisdom" I have always longed to be inspired by and raised by.  I thank Spirit for her and her courage to share what was/is inside of her. It has made a huge difference in my life. I am growing up/ evolving in ways I could have never fathomed."

"I had a very vivid angel vision after a Divine Opening from the book... a very clear picture of where the spirit of my son's dad is (who passed away)... of his soul being embraced by angel wings.  I've never experienced anything like that and it brings such a feeling of peace.  Thank you so much!   I'm re-reading your book too. Positive energy is spreading to my family and clients!" Kelly, counselor, Austin, TX

Hundreds more emails from students


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Enjoy our inspirational messages on social media, but enlightenment and a happier life doesn't come from talking about it on Facebook. Divine Openings opens you to the experience of it.


You now manifest powerfully, beyond Law of Attraction. Remember how Law of Attraction left you frustrated before, and it wasn't your fault? There were missing pieces. Now celebrate your increasing mastery of it, and go beyond it. Want a reminder of how Divine Openings takes you beyond Law of Attraction?

Enjoy the Divine Openings quantum jumps into higher consciousness: isn't it great that you're no longer processing "issues" one at a time, forever, yet your whole life is transformed and continues to open?

Enjooy this way of living that's more than merely a spiritual path. You're off the hamster wheel of frustrating, never-ending spiritual seeking, healing, clearing, and working on yourself! Now you know it's not about words or concepts--it's direct experience.

Let your intention rest lightly on the new life you want (not on what's wrong,) then relax and feel your guidance. If you cannot yet feel accurate guidance--take a tiny little leap of faith and at least get this book--it opens the gateway for you. It will tap you in so that you can feel your guidance more clearly each day, each month, each year as life gets better and better.

You've been asking, praying, intending.
Here it is.
We invite you to let it in.

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