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Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.


Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.

Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.

Discover Direct Communion with Source

Experience a Miracle in a 5-Day Spiritual Retreat

Experience profound spiritual experiences with Lola Jones's leading-edge processes. As your mind quiets, discover the most powerful YOU.

Lola Jones customizes the activities and energies for each group to transform your life without hard work or processing. Includes post-retreat manifesting course online, and live webinars with Lola for Bliss Maintenance.

Read on or check the upcoming Sedona Retreats and Germany Retreats.

Your Complete Retreat Package: Before, During, and After

It most than a profoundly powerful, life-changing 5 Day Retreat - it's an entire package that keeps you soaring for a year or more - and it begins right now.

  1. Pre-Retreat Online Course: The energy starts the minute you register - there's NO waiting. Watching the online videos NOW maximizes your retreat results.
  2. The 5 Day Retreat: The actual mind-blowing, life-changing 5 days you spend with Lola Jones.
  3. Bliss Maintenance: Your evolution keeps going, guided by the pleasurable and profoud Portal 1 Online Course. The results keep coming.

You get many years worth of spiritual progress just by sitting in Lola Jones' energy field. Being with her literally attunes you to a higher frequency. It's much easier than any other meditation, vippasana, or yoga retreat. In daily life the busy, restless mind dominates. Only in deep retreat can you completely quiet your mind. Lola has led over 65 of these retreats, taking people from all over the world into this resistance-free zone where miracles happen with ease and grace, without working on yourself.

Even if you're in suffering and struggle right now, you can rise into a bright, happy, fulfilling, new life. If you're already advanced, a whole new level of Divine consciousness opens itself to you. The god and goddess within you awaken. A wellspring of spiritual guidance, intuition, and manifestation opens. Learn to heal yourself and others with pure Grace energy. 

This retreat never ends. You keep soaring higher after the retreat with support from Lola and the online course. 

Retreaters share their experiences

This retreat doesn't end, it keeps working on you long after it's over.

“This was the best thing I've ever done for myself.”


She soon found love, got married, and started a business.

“Things just started coming to me.”


Nicole found her impossible dream home right after her retreat.

“I feel like a different human being.”

Connie and Marie

What's next for you?

Lola has easy methods to still your mind so your spirit can shine through. Come again and go higher. You'll remember the laughter after the heavy stuff moves. Make lasting friendships - this group has stayed in touch and shared their projects, dreams, jokes, and challenges.

Retreat Results

Enjoy these heartfelt testimonials one week after the retreat, when the new life has just begun. Participants only need to practice the pleasurable conscious mind piece to maintain and continue to expand their progress.

More Participant Experiences

Hear and feel the participants' unique experiences of the retreat. You leave happy and transformed on the inside, and soon your outer manifestations change to match this new you.

Think about what you want in YOUR life as you feel into the deep presence and pleasure of these retreats.

You'll remember it as the week your life changed.

Get ready for a powerful, unforgettable experience.
It begins the moment you register, and it never ends. Your vibration rises even as you enjoy the preparation videos. The retreat supports, nurtures, and transforms you in the powerful vortex of Lola Jones's energy. Lola's unique, leading-edge methods melt through trauma and age-old conditioning with ease. Get far longer-lasting results than vacations, meditation, or yoga retreats.

Choose your location to see dates and details.

Grace does 90%
of the work for you.

Your 10%? Show up, immerse, and enjoy!

The advanced go deeper, soar higher. Beginners who've never felt such powerful spiritual energy before are astounded.

Life is simply too short to spend years working on yourself. Lola uses unique, leading-edge methods to help you release mountains of old trauma and hurts without effort, then it's onward and upward. "Happy now, open for more" is a mantra we enjoy. We feel most alive when we're growing and evolving.  


What do we do in the retreats?
  • Lola raises your vibration just by speaking or touching you. You receive enlightenment initiations called Divine Openings at the intensity you're ready for.
  • Gentle, expansive, uplifting activities: non-habitual movement (fun, playful, freeing, anyone can do it) zaps physical tension and baggage that's prevented deep spiritual states. Silent witnessing, breath, guided meditations, prostrating, music, chanting, singing, massage, "opening your pipes", allowing love and abundance, dispel unworthiness and self-limitation, and so much more.
  • No long, forced meditation, yet you go deeper than ever before, merging into your Large, Unlimited Self.
  • Don't worry -- nothing is confrontational, embarrassing, or difficult.
  • Simply enjoy the guided activities and Grace does 90% of the work for you.
What can transform in my life?
  • Virtually anything: mental and emotional calm, inner peace, relationship, money, health.
  • Issues and problems you've "worked on" for years can dissolve without work, or processing--because the Large Self you're awakening to simply doesn't have those issues.
  • Your inner guidance turns on. You feel carried and cradled by Source.
  • Your consciousness expands. Bliss bubbles up.
  • You leave knowing that this is truly a new life.
What does my Retreat Package include?

This is a comprehensive Retreat Package.

  • It begins to work on you the minute you register.
  • BONUS! A Pre-Retreat Course maximizes your results – $249 value included FREE.
  • 5 Day Retreat (meals included, lodging and travel separate)
  • BONUS! Portal 1 Online – $339 value included FREE. It's your Bliss Maintenance after the retreat.
  • Many people notice positive changes well before the actual retreat.
Can I experience benefits before the retreat?
  • Precisely when you register Grace begins to work on you--preparing you to get more from the retreat.
  • People often do experience results just from the energy.
  • The energies increase yet again 16 days pre-retreat, creating a complete 21 day transformational process. (21 days has always been a sacred initiation period, and Lola invokes the first 16 days of your initiation remotely.)
How are Divine Openings retreats different?
  • You get a huge boost from the field of resonance Lola creates. Retreat participants report that simply being in Lola's vortex for five days has enhanced or even transformed their lives.
  • It's not hard work, processing, and long arduous meditation.
  • You may relax, enjoy, and allow Grace to do 90% of the work for you. Your 10% is to show up, participate, and be willing.
  • It's practical, non-dogmatic, and deeply spiritual.
Who are the retreats for?
  • Anyone over 18 who meets the basic requirements on the registration page.
  • For all paths and faiths, or no faith at all.
  • Not for severe psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia, psychosis, paranoia, or delusion.
  • These conditions respond well: depression, anxiety, bipolar, post-traumatic stress, personality disorders.
Who leads the retreat?

International spiritual teacher Lola Jones. She has transformed lives in 150 countries.

Do I have to talk about my issues to the group?
  • No. You may tell Lola your intentions privately at the start. Then enjoy total privacy unless you ask for attention. You will talk to The Presence.
  • You are soothed and uplifted, never confronted or pushed. It's not needed!
  • At the more intimate California retreats you may have private, personal help from Lola if you wish.
Why register early?
  • Precisely when you make your tuition investment, Lola begins to work with you in the Non-Physical, and you can start attending the Online events immediately, so you get a longer retreat.
  • The retreats and lodging usually fill up. Get lower airfares.
What do we eat at the live retreat?
  • Healthy, mostly organic food, from a buffet of vegetarian as well as fish and meat selections made with love! Meals are included in your tuition in California, and in your lodging in Germany.
  • In case you are affected by food sensitivities there is good news: attendees often discover where those sensitivities and allergies originated, and they can disappear.
What will happen for me by the end of the live retreat?
  • As awakening flowers, issues and problems you've "worked on" for years dissolve without analysis, work, or processing--because the Expanded Self you're awakening to simply doesn't have those issues.
  • Your Inner GPS, guidance, and intuition turns on. You feel carried and cradled by Source. 
  • Your body tingles as your consciousness expands. Suddenly bliss bubbles up. 
  • You complete the retreat feeling this is truly a new life.
What happens after the live retreat?
  • Most meditation, yoga, spiritual, or healing retreats are a temporary "time out", and the results are temporary. The effects of this retreat last and steadily grow if you stay on the path.
  • Your retreat continues to unfold forever as you practice what you learned, stay out of the way. and stay present.
  • The 5 Portals online self-paced courses retrain your mind to stay out of the way. This keeps you evolving so that you don't stagnate.
  • More and more results continue to manifest in your life as you enjoy Divine Openings: inner peace, Divine connection, health, love, money, mental productivity, clarity, emotional stability, creativity, ease, and flow.
May I deduct it on my taxes, or get my employer to pay?

If you are self employed, you may write training off on your taxes! This retreat is powerful professional development. It makes you more effective in every single area of your life.

Your employer may pay for this retreat. Just ask! Download this pdf with the personal and professional development benefits to show to your employer. We are not certified by any specific CEU organizations, but the benefits to your employer are abundant.

One school counselor in the USA asked for another retreat, and her principal said, "YES! Bring us back more of that good stuff." Henrietta Pack in Munich has transformed the school she works in. Phillippa Ouzel's entire UK workplace has lit up. Get the pdf

The Complete Retreat Package

You enter the Retreat vortex upon registering, and many people begin to get results even before the retreat.

Your Pre-retreat materials soften, open, and prepare you. The Portal 1 online course takes you higher afterward, so it feels like the retreat never ends!

Say yes, register, and let Grace to do 90% of the work!

Choose your location – learn more and register!

If you're feeling indecision or doubt...

I can't take the time...

That story could keep you in bondage to time forever. Keep doing the same old thing, and you keep getting the same old thing. You make time for everything else! Prioritize your own growth, make time for you. Read the book with the money back guarantee, begin the Online Portals that immerse you in Grace. If you can, attend a retreat. You'll find you have more time once you're living as your Large Self. You'll live in the timeless now.

This wonderful mantra opens you to Grace and new possibilities: Just be willing.

I have kids...

Yes, and you owe it to them to be the best you can be, so you can show them how to be successful and happy. You know they don't listen to what you say about life-----they watch how you live your life. What are you role-modeling for them right now?

Money is too tight...

It will remain tight if you don't raise that stinky low vibration about money! Invest in something that will raise your money vibration. That pays off. What else does that? Your Small Self wants you to buy meaningless stuff that makes you feel better for three seconds----to keep you in that little box where it's in charge. Starting with the book is an inexpensive, money-back, no risk way to get started changing your life, and your finances, permanently.

"Nothing works for me."

If you've tried things that didn't work, of course you question things! Lola was a frustrated seeker for twenty long years before her 21 days of silence opened her. She once felt fear, suffering, heartbreak, and powerlessness herself. Now she can lead you out of it quickly, as she's done for so many.

Divine Openings works, but you have to experience it, so if you're not clear, get the book with the money back guarantee. You will know if this is the path for you. If you're feeling it, dive in and immerse for faster results: enroll in the Portal 1 Online Course, or come to the bliss retreat.

Is this too good to be true?

If you've tried things that didn't work, of course you question things! Lola was a frustrated seeker for twenty long years before her 21 days of silence opened her. She once felt fear, suffering, heartbreak, and powerlessness herself. Now she can lead you out of it quickly, as she's done for so many.

Divine Openings works, but you have to experience it, so if you're not clear, get the book with the money back guarantee. You will know if this is the path for you. If you're feeling it, dive in and immerse for faster results: enroll in the Portal 1 Online Course, or come to the bliss retreat.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact us.

Some people need to read lots of information to make a decision, particularly detail-oriented analytical people. We understand that, and there is another page of information for you, with more questions answered here.

More Questions about Lola Jones and Divine Openings?


If you have questions about Divine Openings and want more general information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page:

Want personal help?

We're here for your questions about courses, events, and retreats. For English help, kindly call 1-619-722-6369 during USA Pacific time business hours.

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