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Spiritual Life Transformation in Sessions, Webinars, Groups

Coaching and Counseling

Old-paradigm therapy can go on forever, processing issues one at a time for years without ever getting happy, enlightened, or fulfilled. Not with Divine Openings: we catalyze dramatic transformation in just a few sessions, freeing you to fly.

Powerful, Practical Spiritual Transformation Sessions

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Be Mentored by Lola for a Year

Take your Divine Openings journey deeper with personal sessions with Lola; live video webinars with Lola; email with Lola; a comprehensive 20 module online course with hundreds of audios and videos, and more. Participants are calling it the ultimate immersion program, and their spiritual and life results are often astounding.

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Live Webinars with Lola

Lola rarely gives private sessions anymore because people are getting session-level results or better in these live videoconferencing webinar series'. Some cover special topics, but any series will help you. They're live, warm, intimate, and interactive, or you can just listen if you prefer. All you need is willingness.

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Sessions with Certified Guides

Certified Guides care deeply, and are committed to your progress. You'll get warm, personal, effective guidance. When you book a session you are assured that all Divine Openings Guides in our Directory are trained to Lola Jones's exacting standards as well as profoundly gifted. They serve clients all over the world by video conference. 

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Want Warm, Personal, Caring Attention Just for You?

  • If you have Divine Openings experience, you already know it works! Enjoy exploring your choices below.
  • If you're new to Divine Openings, please read about how Divine Openings works, and specifically how Divine Openings sessions work. Learn what's possible for you, and what outcomes and benefits you can expect.
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Private Retreats with Counseling, with Lola

Lola offers a limited number of private retreats at her retreat-like home. You receive one in-depth, approximately two-hour session, per day, and you relax, do recommended exercises, and vacation the rest of the time, lodging nearby or at the beach if you prefer.

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Sessions with Lola for those who've completed the 5 Portals

Lola gives sessions only to people who have completed the 5 Portals of Awakening Online or who are in the 1 Year Mentoring Program. Those who take the Portals rarely need sessions!

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