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Kundalini: Youth, Health, Energy, Video

Lola's body-mind-spirit-energizing online video retreat!

Kundalini & Pleasure Practices

What happens when you mix joyful movement, alignment, relaxation poses, Pleasure Practices, and bonus links? Fun, better health, and well-being! Add energy, intention, and Grace, and the delicious rewards multiply. Tuition $69

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Frequently asked questions

How is this course different from other kundalini courses?

This video-based online kundalini retreat is all about enjoying your body and your life more! It's not about forced discipline and hard work. It's not something you have to do, it's something you want to do because it feels good. Some kundalini programs say if you don't do it for a long time it won't work; that is just not true. Please enjoy.

Could you use more of these?
  • Energy
  • Vitality
  • Flexibility
  • Fun
  • Circulation, lymph
  • Fat burning capacity
  • Muscle strength
  • Balance
  • Youthfulness and glow
  • Variety in your workouts
  • Enjoying your workouts
  • Causeless bliss
  • Mental clarity
  • Ease, depth of stillness in meditation
  • Ability to relax
  • Quality sleep
  • Stress relief
How can I do the movements with the intention of pleasure?
  • Be in your body, grounded firmly in the NOW.
  • Savor the silence and stillness between each movement as you sit or lie quietly. Thrill in the aliveness you created. The stillness is as important as the movement.
  • Don't bring the old "work hard to get somewhere" ethic into it or you will find yourself back and seeking and your bliss will be gone. There is nowhere to "get to."
  • Make it a pleasure practice instead of work, and your ecstasy, health, energy, clarity, youthfulness, and life balance will increase, while your fat, stress, and worries decrease.

Ten pleasure-filled videos, long and short; even a 3-minute tune-up.

  • Videos are English, and most are also in German.
  • All are bursting with Divine Openings ease, Grace, and high vibration.
  • Videos are sized to stream easily on phones or tablets.
  • Or hook up your computer or other device to your TV and watch there.

It's not just exercise!

It's a Divine Openings energy tune-up! Do your 10% with movement, and then relax and let The Divine do the heavy lifting--let that other 90% be done for you while you rest and let go. We take extra-long meditation breaks in our style of kundalini, and we do NOT believe you have to do a movement for a long time till it hurts. It's supposed to feel GOOD!

Fitness, a lean body, youth, energy, and health don't require hard work, austerities, and deprivation. It can come from pleasure. You don't have to do it hard and long to benefit--all the newest research is showing this, but you who've been involved with Divine Openings already knew it.

You might as well be having FUN!

Hate to exercise?

No worries. You'll love this! Regular people can do these movements, because Lola is regular people, not a double jointed contortionist! You'll see her doing a couple of them quite awkwardly, but she's showing you it's all about fun and flow, not perfection.

Love to exercise?

You'll savor this movement even more. And the breaks are Heaven! You'll fall in love with the contrast between movement and stillness.


Can't quiet that monkey mind sometimes?

When you just can't still your mind and meditate, "trying" is counterproductive and adds more tension, stress, and resistance. Doing even three minutes of kundalini helps you meditate. First you occupy the mind with the exercise. It's always easier to distract your mind than to try to "stop" it from thinking.

Then when you stop, relax and meditate between exercises it's suddenly, magically easier. The contrast between the movement and the stillness is the trick.

Soon your mind is still, and you feel bliss without trying.

When the body/mind can't be still or slow down, it's telling you it needs movement first to burn off the tension! Don't deny it or fight it, flow with it. You'll soon enjoy meditating more, because the contrast between movement and stillness feels so good you'll go deeper, faster.

There are ten videos, from the three minute tune-up, to 24 minute, 38 minute, 50 and 58 minute workouts. The 58 minute one has long delicious meditation breaks throughout. And there's always more to come--that's just how we do things at Divine Openings--a course is never "final and done." We evolve and so do our courses!

Your tuition gives you membership in this course for life, no matter how many videos the course ends up having, or how much the tuition goes up later (it's already been raised!) as long as your account is used and you stay active on the site.

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You get to be lazy too!

The stillness is more powerful than the movement. Use these movements to blow out stuck or stagnant energy and keep your energy flowing moving the way it's designed to move. After that it's much easier to relax and go deep.

Buildup of stress and tension are the number one causes of disease, and stress just feels bad. Oxygenate for clearer thinking and a natural high. We usually don't breathe deeply enough, and kundalini takes care of that quickly.

Try a sample 3-minute video!

  • Feel for yourself just how easy, relaxing, and rejuvenating it is.
  • No exercise clothes needed, you can go right back to working refreshed, but not sweaty, and get a tangible taste of what our fun, easy, and revitalizing kundalini practices do for you.

Do this easy, energizing 3 minutes of super easy movement, and feel better instantly:

Lola jumping on beach.jpg

Lola Jones is fit, active, and healthy (age 66 as of 2020)

Lola loves variety. Kundalini is just one of the many forms of enjoyable movement she uses to keep her body flowing, flexible, balanced, and full of energy.

She'll share about her other activities in this course too! The course is about more than just kundalini. And there will always be that boost of Grace and the feel-good vibrations Lola brings to everything she gives us. Kundalini exercise is not to be confused with the rising of kundalini energy. Divine Openings causes kundalini energy to awaken and arise. The exercises of the same name are for pleasure, energizing, and balancing, and are not necessary for kundalini raising.

The way Lola does kundalini, your meditation gets easier and deeper. Lola's kundalini videos not only lead you in energizing exercises, they allow you plentiful long, delicious meditation breaks between each exercise. Your meditation gets deeper each time you dive into this delicious, restorative space. Most videos and live classes didn't include long enough meditations for our taste, so now we have our own, just like we like it!

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