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Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.


Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.

Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.

Business can feel like this

Enlightened Business

Business is supposed to juice you up and get you out of bed eager to play, create, serve, and prosper each day. Join us for business growth with ease and grace.



Interview with Lola Jones - Self-Leadership, Business Tips, Starting a Business, and More

Enjoy this value-packed video of Susanne Hartl's Podcast (the interview is in English, Susanne lives and works in Germany.) Get valuable business tips you can apply right now, and get a feeling for Lola's ease-filled approach to Enlightened Business.

When you register we'll send you the foundational book free. If you have one, give you old one away!

Special: $100 Off, use this coupon code at checkout: $100-off-EB.

Regular tuition is $650. Take advantage of it now, and get ready to prosper MORE in 2022. 

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What is Enlightened Business?

It's a Self-Paced Online Retreat to Build Your Prosperity, Creating and Supporting Enlightened Companies and Business Leaders

Enlightened Business is an abundant, high-vibration, media-rich online course experience that shows you how to apply enlightenment concepts and processes to business projects of all sorts and sizes.

We love to help you see practical, real-world results: more sales, more money, more expansion, more abundance, more joy. IT'S ALL GOOD. Now you can benefit from our leading edge business experience, which is about honing and applying your "reality-creating" skills to transform old paradigm business rules.

Enlightened Business Prosperity ~ Abundance with Ease and Grace. 

  • What is Old Paradigm Business?
    • Old Paradigm business is often characterized as "war." 
    • Long-time business owners in the Old Paradigm have been known to develop the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from years "in the trenches."
    • Some lose relationships, burn out, or get adrenal fatigue from working too hard;
    • Some end up being a life support system for their business, and it drains them;
    • Some become micro-managers, clutching control so tight that they hold their business back;
    • Some settle for much less than they can have, because they don't want to "enter the fray."
  • What is New Paradigm Business?
    • Contrast that stressful old-school paradigm of business with the New Paradigm of business:
    • Enlightened Business owners enjoy the challenges of business as if it were a game, experiencing joy, excitement, passion, fun, prosperity and success.
    • They have time for a great personal life.
    • Their businesses grow organically, naturally and easily expanding with NO added stress or anxiety.
  • This Course is For You If
    • You're intrigued by the "business lifestyle:" freedom, self-reliance, creativity. You're ready to start or build the business that will provide you that lifestyle.
    • You are already an entrepreneur, and you want to build a stronger, healthier, more profitable business that is in perfect alignment with what you want. Your priority is expansion.
    • You've built an established business, but your daily experience is one of anxiety, stress and struggle...and you're ready for ease, joy, and well-being.
    • You have had some degree of success in your business, and now you want to create more time off, more prosperity, or more flexibility. Your piority is break-out success.

    PREREQUISITE: To register for Enlightened Business, you must have read or start reading Lola Jones' enlightenment handbook and manifesting guide: Things Are Going Great in my Absence. Get it with your course below.

  • Weekly Lesson Modules contain
    • Lessons from the front wave of our practical enlightened business and consulting experience.
    • Suggested activities to help you ground new, high vibration concepts in your everyday business experience.
    • Lessons from New Paradigm business leaders and the many leading edge resources that we continually tune into.
    • Audios from live coaching sessions. You effectively get a front-row seat as people are coached through the process of applying enlightenment techniques to their business projects.
    • We don't use old school "business speak." That's a language best reserved for presentations and job interviews, and we find it exclusionary and not all that fun. We speak and write in an easy-to-follow and conversational way.
  • If you're ready NOW, you'll receive
    • Unlimited access to all course materials forever, no time limits
    • Streamable business coaching audio sessions--we add new ones constantly
    • You get all updates at no extra charge, even as tuition goes up for new purchasers
    • Media-rich modules designed for all learning styles
    • Continuing benefits of Donna's business learning and Lola's energy and evolution
    • Free bonus Internet  Marketing Course
    • Additional options to work with Lola in optional mastermind webinars
  • Free Bonus for Enlightened Business Registrants

    When you register for Enlightened Business, you also get FREE ACCESS to the Internet Marketing Course written for Certified Guides.
    Now Lola and others have updated this supplemental course and offer it to you, free.
    The Internet Marketing Course is a practical, hands-on guide to starting and marketing your own internet business. It also has tons of material about networking, face to face, metaphysical fairs, and local marketing.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur

Hello and welcome to Enlightened Business. I'm Lola Jones and I'm so glad to have you here!

Let me share with you why we created this course. Business has become an exhilarating, creative endeavor for me. It helps me get my message out to more people around the world. Yet many people have the opposite experience--business can be draining.

In applying spiritual enlightenment concepts to business,
we discovered that we truly can create what we want.

More important: we enjoy it more.

We ourselves have gone through many business transformations: from not having enough, to having more than enough; from feeling overwhelmed much of the time to feeling energized and enthusiastic.

Lola and other Divine Openings friends have helped many other business owners, and now we are excited to share what we know in this course. 

One Divine Openings friend, Jasmine, runs a branding company with her husband. She's navigated having babies while growing her business with ease. Recently their entire company was able to take the month of December off to recharge. Jasmine recently purchased an oceanfront mansion in a luxurious part of Los Angeles. Those homes cost a minimum of $12 million. 

Some Divine Openings students are less ambitous and just want business to be easier and more fun. Others want to create a thriving business of their own.

No-one could tell you what to do in every business situation. 

Business is essentially a creative process and we'll help you hone your intuitive business guidance system. You'll have the ultimate gratification of charting your own course and captaining your own ship. We've used the word exhilarating once already, but it's such a good fit I'm going to use it again!

I invite you to join me and other lovely, inspiring, tapped in people on this journey.

We've identified key areas of Enlightened Business development.

These keys apply to all sizes and types of enterprises. A business is an alive and growing thing, and just like the plants in the picture, we can nurture and grow our business. Vibration is vibration. You'll find out where you are, and begin to develop a wonderfully clear vision of where you're going.

  • If you are a "solopreneur" and just getting rolling (annual revenue below $60,000) this course is going to help you expand into the next level.
  • If your business employs 1 or 2 people and/or has annual revenues of $60,000-100,000, this course is going to help accelerate your growth and solidify your base.
  • If your business employs 3-10 people and/or your revenue is more than $100,000/year, this course will help you clarify what your next moves are and what the next level of growth is for your business. Strategy is priority at this level.
  • If your business is approaching $1,000,000 annual sales, you'll expand into allowing your Large Self to guide you more. Yes, your Large Self can be your business consultant!

We've completely revolutionized how we think about and operate businesses, and you can too. I will also share with you our own experiences along every step of the journey.

Are You an Enlightened Entrepreneur at Heart?

This course is designed to be a life-long learning tool. The return on investment can be exponential, depending on how you use it.  After completing for the first time, you could go back, do it again, and absorb the concepts more and more deeply...and apply them to your business with bigger and bigger effects.

We'll continually refresh the information and energy in it, and add new authors, because we're constantly out there breaking the waves, expanding our knowledge base and intuitive skill. You could keep your business evolving (growing) for as long as you desire, using this course as your touchstone for expansion.

Register and let's go!

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Not sure? Preview Module One FREE - no credit card required.

Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur?

You may be or become an Entrepreneur and own your own business, or you may be or become an IntraPreneur, a creative, proactive player working happily and powerfully within someone else's business. Which suits you better? Either can offer you freedom, expansion, joy, prosperity, and fulfillment.

If you currently work for someone else, we urge you to start calling yourself an IntraPreneur right now, to frame yourself as a powerful player who brings value, rather than "just an employee."  If you begin to vibrate like an Intrapreneur, your star will rise!

Note from Lola: I turned 64 in January 2018, and since age 28, I've been self-employed, except for two years as an Intrapreneur. To explain what that is, a company once created a new job position just for me as a sort of independent Intrapreneur inside that company. My purpose: to make that company more successful. I could pretty much do whatever I wanted to do and they gave me a commission on all of the increases in profit that I created!  That experience prepared me to launch as an Entrepreneur again, and I recreated myself as a corporate trainer for big businesses. Learning how to be good at business ended up helping me get the word out to the entire world about Divine Openings.

It happens with ease and Grace of course!

When you step into your role as a powerful creator everything gets easier. Together we'll tap into the intelligent energy (or whatever name you wish to give it) that you can put in charge of orchestrating the expansion of your business, rather than doing it all yourself mentally and with hard work. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have more than just your will and determination? To apply your 10% in the most effective ways possible and let it be easier?

After completing the Enlightened Business course for the first time, your return on investment keeps on returning. You'll revisit to see what's been added. And find that whatever you weren't yet open to before, now you're ready to let that in.

Once you get the core Enlightened Business principles in place your intentions begin to manifest. It's such a wonderful experience to watch your full vision begin to flower! Energy will flow. It's not linear, it's exponential. You dive in, and start creating the spiritually based business and life-style you've been dreaming of, or re-creating your current business or career experience.

Results follow. Sometimes paths open up you would never have dreamed of.

grow money

You'll get comfortable with marketing 

As you expand your pipes to let in more good with ease and Grace you find your creative wings. You feel eager to share with the world, not afraid of failure or what people will think. And sharing is all that marketing really is. It's just letting the world know you're here.

With the accelerated energies of Divine Openings, momentum starts to work in your favor. Changes happen quickly.

As this course was written and developed, all of our own business experience thrived even more. We share stories from our own experience. Situations we had been unknowingly pre-paving blossomed into opportunities that have thrilled us! It's the magic of Enlightened Business. 

It's not a straight-arrow kind of path - you know, the kind of path outlined in business texts. Instead, you'll be exploring new avenues, expanding with playfulness, and making yourself available for success. Open, allowing, and receptive. 

In the early stages of this course, Donna was its main developer. Now Lola creates and leads the course.

Here's a note from Donna, a former Mentor. "When I first combined my business expertise with the accelerated energy of Divine Openings, opportunities opened up. I experienced unprecedented expansion on a business level. That continues to be my daily experience! I found that the combination of Divine Openings energy with entrepreneurship is incredibly potent. Not to mention, fun :)"

In Enlightened Business there's no such thing as a 'small' business project.

It's all a matter of perspective. Every business is BIG in the heart and mind of the owner, and an enlightened business is bursting with aliveness and opportunity. You too can always find new ways to live and express your full brilliance through your business projects, one or many.

Business can be a spiritual growth path for you.

You can truly flourish while manifesting your dream.

You can use your entrepreneurship to be fully who you are: be it powerful, magnetic, resilient, focused, compassionate, determined, loving, ambitious, a leader, a ground-breaker, or all of the above. It's exhilarating to be creative without fear.

This course arose out of our passion to see enlightened entrepreneurs prosper and thrive.

Register now and prosper more! 

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You can do it too!

It doesn't matter even a little what kind of business you're building (home, service, retail, wholesale, online, manufacturing) or the size of the business you're building (start-up, hobby business, micro business or big business.)

What you'll be changing is HOW you do business.
That's everything.

Lola Gives You Clear Instructions How To...

Think outside the box.
Dream outside the box.
Act outside the box.

  • Easily apply the single most powerful thing you can do to change your business;
  • Express your most authentic "you" through your business.
  • Grow spiritually through your business.
  • Identify your Super Powers, and we'll bet you take them for granted and think they're no big deal;
  • Use and understand the basic mechanics of manifesting and creating;
  • Expand and grow your business from the inside out using your infallible inner guidance system;
  • Determine when and when not to take action;
  • Easily make big (and little!) decisions;
  • Infuse every aspect of your project with accelerated energy;
  • Attract business opportunities and options that don't exist at lower vibrations;
  • Bring positive change to any business situation;
  • Move from problem solving to innovation;
  • Soften resistance and widen your "money pipes" to allow more prosperity in;
  • Learn how to "switch business realities";
  • Use the incredibly effective strategy for expansion called pre-paving;
  • Serve your customers and create Brand Evangelists when they themselves don't even know what they want;
  • Balance "being" and "doing" for more creative power;
  • Bring originality and creativity into stale areas;
  • Manage your business much more effectively by creating repeatable, short-term systems;
  • Ignite new layers of excitement and enthusiasm;
  • Attract like-minded people to collaborate and work with;
  • Open the door to active innovation;
  • Harness your own power to act - bringing the changes you want to see in your business;
  • Have the best of both worlds: "Doing what you love" AND "Loving what you do."

We've designed each module to open you up to allow more success.

Open up to the paths of least resistance, so that your business dreams and intentions have a clear channel and minimal obstacles. Each module contributes to the momentum of your rising vibration.

Join Lola on this journey. Let her guide you through enlightened business.
If you're curious but have questions, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR 

Preview Module 1 Now! It's FREE, no credit card needed. No obligation. 
You'll be inspired and learn something fresh. 


Register now and enjoy business more! 

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If you're feeling indecision or doubt...

I can't take the time...

That story could keep you in bondage to time forever. Keep doing the same old thing, and you keep getting the same old thing. You make time for everything else! Prioritize your own growth, make time for you. Read the book with the money back guarantee, begin the Online Portals that immerse you in Grace. If you can, attend a retreat. You'll find you have more time once you're living as your Large Self. You'll live in the timeless now.

This wonderful mantra opens you to Grace and new possibilities: Just be willing.

I have kids...

Yes, and you owe it to them to be the best you can be, so you can show them how to be successful and happy. You know they don't listen to what you say about life-----they watch how you live your life. What are you role-modeling for them right now?

Money is too tight...

It will remain tight if you don't raise that stinky low vibration about money! Invest in something that will raise your money vibration. That pays off. What else does that? Your Small Self wants you to buy meaningless stuff that makes you feel better for three seconds----to keep you in that little box where it's in charge. Starting with the book is an inexpensive, money-back, no risk way to get started changing your life, and your finances, permanently.

"Nothing works for me."

If you've tried things that didn't work, of course you question things! Lola was a frustrated seeker for twenty long years before her 21 days of silence opened her. She once felt fear, suffering, heartbreak, and powerlessness herself. Now she can lead you out of it quickly, as she's done for so many.

Divine Openings works, but you have to experience it, so if you're not clear, get the book with the money back guarantee. You will know if this is the path for you. If you're feeling it, dive in and immerse for faster results: enroll in the Portal 1 Online Course, or come to the bliss retreat.

Is this too good to be true?

If you've tried things that didn't work, of course you question things! Lola was a frustrated seeker for twenty long years before her 21 days of silence opened her. She once felt fear, suffering, heartbreak, and powerlessness herself. Now she can lead you out of it quickly, as she's done for so many.

Divine Openings works, but you have to experience it, so if you're not clear, get the book with the money back guarantee. You will know if this is the path for you. If you're feeling it, dive in and immerse for faster results: enroll in the Portal 1 Online Course, or come to the bliss retreat.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact us.

Some people need to read lots of information to make a decision, particularly detail-oriented analytical people. We understand that, and there is another page of information for you, with more questions answered here.

More Questions about Lola Jones and Divine Openings?


If you have questions about Divine Openings and want more general information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page:

Want personal help?

We're here for your questions about courses, events, and retreats: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

English: 1-619-722-6369 (USA Pacific time business hours.)

German: Lola’s assistant Gabi; In Deutschland: 089-5484-3284. International calls 0049-89-5484-3284. (Germany business hours.)
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