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Most of the new developments in the Energy/Light/Intelligence of Divine Openings go into our Online Retreats for our committed members. But on this page we give you lots of FREE Divine Openings™ content--some from Lola's Divine Openings newsletters.

spiritual retreat dates US, GermanyDivine Openings™ books and courses give you all you need to attain spiritual enlightenment and life mastery. These articles are helpful, but the book and courses actually initiate awakenings and deepen enlightenment.

Here are our ten most popular newsletter articles ever--a bonus for you. Valuble Divine Openings™ material you won't see anywhere else (unless they copied it.) Not found in any of Lola's books:
  1. It's Okay to Feel BAD!!!
  2. 23 Spiritual Myths That Hold You Back - The cowgirl guru in Lola originally called this "Cutting Through The Spiritual Crap." Includes a "must see" video about astrology.
  3. Your New Reality: Some Disassembly Required
  4. When Taking Score... Cheat!
  5. How To Kick The Seeking Addiction and Get What You're Seeking! 
  6. To Reach Enlightenment, Get Off The Hamster Wheel 
  7. Old Language You'd Be Better Off Without
  8. Law of Attraction/The Secret   
  9. How Do Judgments About Money Affect You?   
  10. You're Manifesting ALL THE TIME

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  1. Most people start with the Portal One Online course with book
  2. The BOOK - The foundational spiritual awakening book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, is a great, easy way to begin.
  3. Others want more support and a big, powerful launch, so they come to a live spiritual retreat
  4. At-home study is easy with our many online retreat courses course with its many audios and videos of Lola teaching
  5. Get Personal Mentoring to supercharge your Divine Openings experience! You could be Mentored by Lola! We hear day after day that those who have more live interaction with Lola progress more steadily, open up with more ease and flow, and evolve faster.

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