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Free personal spiritual development articles, awakenings, stay grounded, stop over empathing

by Lola Jones, Creator of Divine Openings™

50+groundbreaking articles

Enjoy more than 50 FREE articles expanding on personal and spiritual development topics like 11:11, law of attraction, beyond the secret, healers on healing, and much more!

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Enjoy, and then go deeper

All the newest, leading-edge developments of Divine Openings go into our Online Course Portals for our committed members. The articles on this page are older yet still usually out ahead of mainstream spiritual energy and thought.

Enjoy this FREE sample Divine Openings™ content; learn, expand, and get a feeling for the Divine Openings™ path. These articles are a nice taste, but the book and courses actually initiate awakenings and deepen enlightenment.

And this evolution never ends. It's for life.

Divine Openings™ books and courses give you all you need to attain spiritual enlightenment and life mastery.

Divine Openings is for all who want higher consciousness,
advanced personal development,
and spiritual awakening.

Our ten most popular newsletter articles ever

This is material you won't see anywhere else (unless they read it here and copied it.) Deeper treatments of all of this material are found in the Online Course Portals.
  1. It's Okay to Feel BAD!!!
  2. 23 Spiritual Myths That Hold You Back - The cowgirl guru in Lola originally called this "Cutting Through The Spiritual Crap." Includes a "must see" video about astrology.
  3. Your New Reality: Some Disassembly Required
  4. When Taking Score... Cheat!
  5. How To Kick The Seeking Addiction and Get What You're Seeking! 
  6. To Reach Enlightenment, Get Off The Hamster Wheel 
  7. Old Language You'd Be Better Off Without
  8. Law of Attraction/The Secret   
  9. How Do Judgments About Money Affect You?   
  10. You're Manifesting ALL THE TIME

Free introductory Divine Openings™ audio:  Audio: Stop Seeking, Have It NOW

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