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  • Our Team, Our Mission

    Our Team, Our Mission

    Lola Jones lives a quiet but joyful, simple life. Lola and a very small efficient team created this "world in a website" for you. A place to feel at home. We're here to support you on your lifetime journey.

sonnenstrahl lola archLola Jones

Lola is the creator of Divine Openings and almost all of its books, audios, art, videos, and online courses.

Lola is still the heart of Divine Openings, but she is assisted by a small team of dedicated, gifted people who love Divine Openings and live it in their own personal and business lives.

Lola's bio

santa barbara groupMission and Vision

Mission: To help people find their own inner knowing, and live happily ever after.
Vision: Fulfillment in work, joy in living, ease and Grace in life.
Team Philosophy: Mutual admiration and raving appreciation. Love for the work. Live it! Live the power and success we teach in every area of our lives.  

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Meet the team that works for you. It may look like a large organization but it's really not. We are a small, lean talented, multi-tasking bunch of people who love helping people.

Without each team member's multiple talents, Lola could not help so many people all over the world gain spiritual mastery and happy, successful, practical lives.

Angelika Lukoschek is an independent associate (not an employee) who personally Mentors our German-speaking clients. Angelika counsels them in the Mentoring/Guide Program, and inspires the German community. She gives counseling sessions and groups. See Sessions.

Gabi Jäger lives in Germany and is Lola's assistant. She says: "I started reading the book in 2013 and attended the Santa Barbara retreat. I volunteered doing some translations at first and count myself deeply lucky to be a part-time contractor on the Divine Openings team from now on. My long-held dream came true in 2016 - to serve Divine Openings behind the scenes, so to say. The retreat itself was beyond words.....simply wonderful! 5 days carried and bathed in Lola´s high vibrational frequency is really a unique experience! Now I've attended five retreats. You only have to be open to it and you will be abundantly gifted! That´s how I feel now and I'm endlessly grateful for that!" 

Angelika Lukoschek, Gabi Jäger, and Bettina translate at retreats in Germany, and on webinars. Funny note: When Lola led a retreat in UK, her Texan brother Wesley asked, "Who's going to translate?"

Brooke Heaton is our webmaster, and works as a contractor.

Sarah Schiewe handled our accounting and taxes.

Divine Openings Certified Guides are all making a profound difference in the world by providing personal spiritual guidance to those who seek it.

Scott Sanderson, Lola's love, helps with everything. However and whenever he's needed, he's there. Scott is truly devoted to serving, loving, and supporting Lola in every way.

Many Others: We deeply appreciate the many various contract workers, experts, and specialists we call upon to help us from time to time, as needed. Their areas of expertise are invaluable. 

We appreciate the many volunteers who give so generously of their time and talents. They translate, edit, proofread, offer resources, and sponsor events. We can do so much more with their generous help. They all say that they are enriched beyond measure by the immersion that volunteering affords them.

Special appreciation for Lars and Priyanka Thiede who put Lola's books in thousands of hands in Germany.

Appreciation to all of YOU who share about Divine Openings. Sharing is the number one way people find out about Divine Openings, so you are indeed members of our worldwide team. You raise the vibration of all around you and of the planet.

Last but not least is our Non-Physical team that constantly pulls us toward "home frequency" and constantly rains guidance and Grace upon us all.


Lola Jones, Inc.

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How can you be Love while despising that other person, that other aspect of you over there in another body? It just can't be.
Lola Jones