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    How to allow and receive through your feminine energy

    Tap Into Your Feminine Energy, Your Goddess Power

    If you feel you have to try too hard to be loved, or work too hard to get what you want -- you probably don't realize you're relying too much on your masculine energy. Come home to your feminine essence and attract love, money, success, and all good things.


Lola-goddess-feminine-have-it-all.jpgI didn't always have it all.

by Lola Jones
Author, international spiritual and personal development teacher

Earlier in my life I didn't feel like a Goddess at all. Relationships were either heartbreaking or disappointing. Being pretty didn't help -- I didn't even feel beautiful. It made no sense that love never worked out for me.  I tried so many therapies and modalities, and they helped a little. But relationships were tortuous and didn't last. I thought I was feminine -- I had no idea I was relating to men from my masculine energy.

My work life was good, but not as prosperous and fun as it is now, because I didn't know how to use my feminine energy to allow ease and flow of money, either. Not knowing anything about balancing masculine and feminine energy, I became exhausted, burned out, and my whole life crashed at age 50. 

Everything changed when I learned how to tune into my powerful feminine Goddess energy. 

Yes, I am a Goddess now

I'm 68 years old now, and happier than I've ever been. I've had it all for many years now - love, romance, a fun career I never want to retire from, money flows to me, even through the times others are calling tough, like the pandemic. Good things just come to me. My husband adores me and we have a juicy sex life. He thinks I'm the best thing that ever happened to him. No, I'm not on a pedestal - he knows the real me, flaws, feminine emotions and all. I can say exactly how I feel, yet he calls himself the luckiest man on earth. 

Of course, my life is not perfection, but I'm glad there are always new possibiltiies to look forward to. And now I know I can have it, and how to receive it. 

Goddess Power is first and foremost falling in love with yourself and caring more how YOU feel. And when you have that, love comes to you from everyone and everything around you.

I am super excited to share everything I've learned with you, so you don't have to wait as long as I did to live your Goddess Life. 


 How A Goddess Attracts What She Wants Will Surprise You

Goddess Power gets you to literally "give up the chase" to "get" a man, or money, or the job or house, or whatever it is you want.

The chase, the striving, the going after it is masculine. Instead, you'll become an ATTRACTANT for what you want. You'll let it all come to you like bees to a flower. And you won't get fixated on any one bee. You will fall so in love with YOU that you take your time and not care if any one bee goes away. 

You'll stop that sticky energetic grabbing that is so repellent to the object of your desire. When we energetically grab at a man, a client, or a job, they can feel it miles way. We feel needy to them.

When we think about someone intensely, we are "giving energy" to them. He can feel it mile away, even if you're not contacting him. You'll quickly FEEL how much more powerful you are when you completely stop talking about him or wondering what he's doing. When you stop thinking about the job prospect and focus on yours own vibe instead.

This is challenging at first, but with practice it feels so good.
the results feel even better.

Talk is cheap... And it's masculine.

When you try to "talk it out" or explain, that's mental and masculine and only digs you in deeper. You'll learn to shift your VIBE to attract a solution - and HIM!

You'll become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and energy at all times - then you'll master them. You'll get really good at focusing your energy so it feels good to you, and so feels good to others.

You'll be "warm and attentive" when a man or a job prospect contacts you (even if you're feeling fearful, angry or frustrated) - and you'll honor yourself by maintaining an energetic "distance." You won't make the man or the job your God. You won't give your power to them, as if they have all the power and you're a beggar. You'll learn to completely not care what's going on with him when he's NOT calling. You'll learn to honestly not care if the job is yours or not.

This is crazily counter-intuitive, but you soon know it works.

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The Key to Goddess Power is your emotions.

What? You've thought your emotions were the problem. That they had to be hidden or pushed down so you'd be loveable or hirable or promotable. No, not true. Your emotions are your prime attractant. And when they are pushed down your power in the world is gutted. You'll learn to speak your emotions without drama. It's the drama that feels yucky to him, not the emotions!

Attraction is the magnetic but passive "pull" people feel toward you. It doesn't matter how smart or beautiful or perfect you are for him - he doesn't care about that. 
Sexual attraction isn't enough either - he must feel the real YOU.

He can even love you a lot, but if he doesn't feel the feminine pull, he stays distant. And the money stays distant, and the golden opportunity chooses someone else.

You have an incredible amount of control over the emotional attraction you create in the universe (with clients, with money, with men, with friends.) You claim that control when you commit in every moment to feel your feelings authentically, and speak them from the heart, not your (masculine) head.

Yes, be honest about how you feel, first to yourself, then to everyone else. No more hiding. Do you think the man or the employer or the opportunity will run away screaming? No, they will feel the real you, not the fake you that you think is acceptable.

Soak it up like a warm bubble bath

Goddess Power requires no reading or hard work (that's masculine energy!)

You'll experience the tools as pure pleasure, the feminine way. Just relax and soak up my videos, audios, and meditations. I'll guide you through toe-curling Pleasure Practices that activate powerful feminine energy directly in your body. It's so much more powerful than the old masculine "talking, reading, analyzing, and thinking about it!"


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Every part of your life blossoms

  • Escape the grip of masculine thinking, dive into your feminine energy, and merge with Source Herself.
  • Wisdom and hidden talents emerge, creativity blossoms, age more gracefully and joyfully.
  • Get the secrets of what really magnetizes a man, and keeps him. (It's not what you think.)
  • Single and married women use my tools to keep attracting a man's commitment, adoration, desire, and eagerness to make you happy.
  • Get what you want at work using both your masculine and feminine modes, and learn when to shift gears between them. Have more people happily giving to you, and doing for you.


  • Practical, effective, step-by-step tools to FIND, FEEL and USE your feminine energy. You'll know it's working when you feel it all the way down to your joyfully tingling toes.
  • Savor 28 in-depth, full-length audios and videos.
  • It shows up in your whole life as ease, flow, receiving more, inner peace and fulfillment, and easier manifesting. That's feminine power!
  • Membership is lifetime: watch, listen, and enjoy as many times as you want, until you truly have it all.


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Have a taste of the Goddess energy with this free trial page

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Lola Jones