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  • Live with Lola Jones

    Live with Lola Jones

    Webinars As Powerful and Effective as Private Sessions

    • Personal coaching and energy assistance from Lola at a fraction of the cost of sessions
    • Powerful, specific help with your goals and challenges
    • Leading-edge energies give you faster evolution with more ease
    • Webinars are working so well Lola has not been giving sessions (except for Mentees)


  • It’s more like a personal session. Groups are small, you get live energy and help from Lola That’s why there’s tuition for the webinars on this page.
  • Participants will receive the audios by email. Media won’t be posted on this page.
  • Portal 5 members get all the MEDIA (abundant audio/video) from most of these webinars. *Exceptions: Media from Money, Healing, and Goddess goes to those specific courses.

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You get the latest key processes from all of these webinars.

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Our Next In-Depth Webinar Series'

Register, then 10 minutes before webinar time, log in, click My Account > Webinar Access. On phone/pad open hamburger menu (3 stacked lines.)

The Secret of Happiness Webinar Series

August 2, 4, 9, 2022. 10am to 11:10am Pacific time (English-only this time.) Happiness really is not as dependent on outer circumstances as we think it is! You'll experience where real happiness comes from in this series. Even better, Lola shows you how to mine the gold in so-called problems, challenges, & contrasts. Raise your vibration on any topic! Learn to "surf it all" to greater success and happiness. No matter what your current challenge or desire is, this series will help you ace it! See how to get this series FREE...

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Goddess Webinar Series

Watch for next series! 

  • Is your feminine side sad and tired? Or are you living as the powerful, magnetic Goddess you are? 
  • Does work keep you in masculine mode? Or does abundance flow into your open, receptive hands?
  • Do you work too hard for love, family, kids, career? Or do people, opportunities, money, love, romance, and choices flow to you?  

2-for-1 BONUS! You get the $349 Goddess Power Course FREE!

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Healing Webinar PLUS*

Watch for next series. Heal, raise vibration, learn to play with and move energy, get happier, recharge your body, create super health. Learn to heal yourself. Live physical healing, personal attention, coaching, energy from Lola. Being in Lola's energy vortex LIVE is super powerful. In this series Lola uses powerful energy to help you with almost any need, and insures you get what you need.

BONUS GIFT: The Healing Course - with audios, videos, meditations from this, plus past Healing Webinar Series' to enjoy again and again.

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Neutralize Any Emotion Webinar Series!

Watch here for next series. Experience a powerful new energy method that allows us to neutralize any negative charge in minutes. 

Your energy matters! Every "negative charge" you allow to vibrate in you blocks some of your inner peace, joy, love, happiness, and prosperity, even if you don't realize it's there. Join me in a powerful energy-moving vortex that neutralizes that destructive energy and frees you to live your best life! 

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Zap Negative Energies From Others Webinar Series

Watch for next series. Hold your high vibration no matter what's going on around you. Lola has received new tools and methods since the last webinar, and the results are even more amazing. 

  • Does negative energy stick to you or drain you? You'll learn to move that energy instead.
  • Do you get fatigued by helping others? Do you take on their problems or "catch" their negativity? You'll stop over-empathing.
  • Can't handle crowds? Does the world lower your vibration? You'll stop "sponging energy."
  • You have an empathic giftThe secret is how you USE your energy. 
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Love Explosion Series

Watch for next series. Become a love generator, fountain of love, love magnet - instead of feeling like a poor starved love-beggar. Love is who you are, but the mind is in the way. Lola gives you direct experiences of deep fulfilling love beyond measure. Whatever is in the way  dissolves in this vortex of Grace energy. You can't learn it with the mind. Grace lays bare the stunningly beautiful LOVE you already ARE.

You don't need to try to get more love, be more loving, or love yourself more. Go deep with us and experience yourself AS love. 

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Money Ease Webinar Series

Watch for next series. Want money to be a non-issue? Elevate your current success to the next level? Want to shed the recent crisis vibration?  Recover from covid setbacks?  Head toward being debt free?
Tune up your money vibration. Amp up your allowing and manifesting. Create from nothing. Great for raises, career, retired, or self employed!

Only $249. BONUS: You get the $299 Money Course FREE with this event. Abundant audios/videos from past series' - yours to keep enjoying forever as you build your money vibration.

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Open Blind Spots Webinar Series

Watch for next series. Ever wonder why you didn't see something coming, got fooled, or made poor decisions? Why a certain area of your life is not working? Blind spots distort your Instrument Panel readings.  Lola personally helps you open your eyes to blind spots, melt numbness and stuck vibrations, freeing you to move forward with ease and flow. In this intimate, compassionate group you can finally feel safe to open it up. You get to keep the audios.

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Power, Passion, & Purpose Webinar Series

Watch for next series. Age doesn't drain you, stagnant vibration does. All of your childlike innocence and passion is still inside of you, even in your older body. 

Enjoy an even higher vibration as you age. Have more energy and zest for life than ever. Your Large Self doesn't age.

Find your new place in the world, break out of the past, invent a brand new you. You'll lovingly let go of the past and claim the innate wisdom of age.

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