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Webinars, Spiritual Teaching, Empowerment Conference with Spiritual Teacher Lola Jones, Manifest Powerfully

Live webinar series' with Lola Jones

Webinars as Powerful and Effective as Private Sessions

  • Want more personal, interactive time with Lola?
  • Attune to the newest energies?
  • Experience rapid evolution with ease?


  • Some topics are offered only once a year so don't miss it! 
  • Some are English-only and some are EN/DE. (We'll soon launch a Spanish version of this site!)
  • You get to download all the audios and meditations. Videos are available to you for ONE month, then they go into Portal 5 or another course. 

Our Next In-Depth Webinars or Series

Prerequsite: Portal 1. Log in before adding webinar to cart, so the system sees your Portal 1.
Register, then 10 minutes before webinar time, click My Account > Webinar Access. 

goddess power feminine energy

Goddess Webinar Series - Attract It All!

Tap into your magnetic allowing power

Nov 9 & 11, 10 - 11:30am Pacific time, EN, DE. Even men can benefit! But women especially... Are you living as the powerful, magnetic Goddess you are? Or is your feminine side underdeveloped? Does your work keep you in masculine mode? Do people, opportunities, money, love, and choices just come to you? Or do you work too hard for your family, kids, career, love, and romance? Juice up every area of your life with whole new ease and pleasure. Personal energy activities and attention from Lola gets you shining bright. Tuition is only $249  Learn more

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Lola Jones spiritual secret of happiness

"The Secret of Happiness"

From Contrast to JOY

November 16 & 18, 2021, 10 - 11:30 am Pacific - EN, DE. This was so successful last month we're offering it again. Big challenges and problems (contrast) offer you new heights if you know how to allow it. Personal attention, direct energy from Lola, and powerful new activities to get you there faster. This vital skill serves you for life. Raise your vibration to Joy, Lightness, Fun, and Self Worth. We'll have a great time too! $269  Learn more

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stop taking on energy from others

Zap Negative Energies from Others

Stop Over-Empathing

Watch for next series. Do you soak up other people's energy? Take on their problems? Can't handle crowds? Does the world lower your vibration? Get free and learn to use your empathic gift only in healthy ways for you. Great for over-sensitives, healers, and those who help others. Lola has expanded since the last webinar on this, and results are amazing.  $349  Learn more

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Lola Jones spiritual energy

Move Any Emotion (Diving In Webinar)

Raise Low Vibrations - Get FREE and Happy

Watch for next series. Move stubborn low vibration (fear, sadness, anxiety, anger; helps you create love, money, confidence, anything) in this intensive webinar. Stop diving in over and over on the same subject! People often think they're Diving In, but they're unconsciously resisting. Lola gives personal help and a powerful energy boost that gets you out of your story, and helps you move that energy permanently. $129  Learn more, and register.

wait for next series
Lola Jones spiritual online study trauma abuse relief

Trauma, Abuse, Loss, Generational Suffering

Get Free!

Watch for next series. Is it difficult to let the past go? Get FREE from emotional or sexual abuse, trauma, loss, heartbreak, accident, death, resistant unworthiness, or vibrations you inherited from your ancestors' traumas, other lives. Do you abuse yourself? With advanced energies, yes, complete relief is possible. You will not need to relive it. Lola gives you personalized help. Tuition is less than two 1-hour sessions with Lola.  $349

Lola decided to devote a full series to those with very heavy vibrations to lift. If you've been unsuccessfully Diving In, trying to get over feelings but they come back, this webinar is specifically for you. For best results have the book and Portals 1 & 2 to build upon.  Lola helps you on the meetings, chat, forum, and in the Non-Physical for a full week. Learn more

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Money Ease for New Times

Generate Flow in Money and Career

Watch for next series. Personal help from Lola to bust your blind spots about money Tune up your money vibration and allow more in. Aim at being debt-free. Recover from coronavirus setbacks, or elevate your current success to the next level. Great for raises, career, retired, self-employed.  BIG BONUS: Get the audios and videos to keep and use again and again to build your money vibration. Only $249 

Make money a non-issue? Receive money more easily? Create from nothing? Lose that lack or crisis vibration about money? Zap generational or other dimensional money vibrations? More about the comprehensive Money Course you get with this webinar series.

The BONUS $299 Money Course already contains 20 1-hour, in-depth videos to help you reach Money Ease. More are added after every series -- it keeps growing!

Learn more

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Leap for joy with Divine Openings

Power, Passion, and Purpose

As You Age, Find Renewed

Watch for next series. Age doesn't drain you, stagnant vibration does. Your childlike innocence and passion are still inside you, even in your older body. Enjoy an even higher vibration as you age. Find your new place in the world, break out of the past, invent a brand new you. You'll lovingly let go of the past and claim the innate wisdom of age. $140

Lola Jones spiritual heailng

The Healing Webinar Series

Live healings from Lola

Watch for next series. Live physical healings and personal attention from Lola. Results have been excellent. Learn to heal yourself (not others.) Four hours of healing for the cost of a 1-hour session with Lola!  BONUS GIFT: You get the Healing Course with audios, videos, meditations to heal, move energy, recharge your body, create super health to use again and again.  $249.

Learn more

open blind spots spiritually

Open Blind Spots

Don't Let Blind Spots Hold You Back

Watch for next series in EN/DE. Ever wonder why you didn't see something coming, got fooled, or made poor decisions? Why a certain area of your life is not working? Blind spots distort your Instrument Panel readings.  Lola personally helps you open your eyes to blind spots, melt numbness and stuck vibrations, freeing you to move forward with ease and flow. In this intimate, compassionate group you can finally feel safe to open them up. $229

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love explosion you are love

Looking for love? More self love?

Experience Yourself AS Love

Watch for next series. Anna-Marie met her amazing dream man after this series last year. Miracles can happen for all who soften and allow. You don't need to try to get more love, be more loving, love yourself more... NO! Go deep with us and experience yourself AS love. You'll be astounded at how quickly love surrounds you. It opens up everything else, even money flow, as Lola learned 23 years ago.  $249

Learn more

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Three Ways to Be with Lola in LIVE Webinars


Webinar Series'

  • Limited size for intimate groups and personal attention.
  • Lola supports you personally. 
  • You get the audios to keep and videos to review for a time.
  • See ALL current webinar series' above.
Lola Jones female spiritual teacher mentor

Be Mentored by Lola

Get unlimited webinars

This year-long deep immersion experience has resulted in some of the most profound results: Mentoring/Guide training program. Request a free sample Guide Webinar:

Lola Jones how to get crisis-proof

All Course Members Get Webinars

When you join any course, watch this page for the webinars that are included with your course. Lola will give about 2 webinars per year for each Course or Portal.

Why webinars instead of sessions?

The group webinars are working so well--even for big issues--that now Lola rarely gives sessions. You'll get fresh new methods and techniques that aren't in any course or book as Lola channels just what you need. Having the spotlight off you allows you to get out of the way. Often you'll feel movement on the spot. Much of the magic happens between meetings, or on the Forum.

"Being with Lola changes it from merely knowing it, to feeling it, then to living it."

Lola Jones spiritual teacher

Get LIVE with Lola!

These interactive series' are as powerful as private sessions, at a much lower cost. A whole series costs about the same as ONE "old-school" therapy session.

  • Tune in by phone, tablet, or laptop with video.
  • You'll be amazed at the results you get from just being in the series.
  • Relax and let it be that easy!

Where else can you get such huge benefits for such a small investment?

All webinar series videos/audios are posted in Portal 5: Mastery, or other relevant course.

"I experience your webinars as equal to 1:1 sessions."

"Thank you so very much for creating this webinar series. It works exactly how you said in your invitation: "It will enrich your life in ways you don't know until you begin experiencing it."

"WOW, that was mind-blowing!!! Lola's meditation was as intensive for me as the 5 day retreat. And since then the feeling of trust in Grace lasts. And I embrace the contrasting feelings that might occur now and then. Then I talk to myself like Lola did in the webinar, soothing myself. Today I was cooking for a few people and in the middle of it I felt so happy, content, thankful for Grace and YOU, Lola, sharing your wonderful vibrations with us." Love,

"The 5 Day Retreat was the first huge step in the right direction and I felt much more relaxed, but shortly after the retreat the challenges didn't stop and I was chewing on some hairballs again. After the webinar all of that is more speed bumps or coughing up hairballs, only peace inside of me. WOW! Life is soooooo good. Thank you so much Lola, Love you,

"Hi, just have to say that yesterday's webinar left me feeling uplifted and blissed out. With the added bonus of NO mental chatter.........AT ALL! My mind was completely blank all day. Love it. As I watched my mind start the banter this morning... it was so much easier to smile and point in another direction." 

"I just wanted to express my appreciation and love to you Lola, for the amazing Webinar last night, WOW! I could feel the energy building for over a week before. Can't wait to see you in Germany! "

She's translating our Enlightened Business Course to German: "Feels so exciting and since Lola's webinar last week I feel like I got some kind of additional vibrational translation plug-in. I feel like I'm translating much quicker and it is happening with so much ease and very intuitively. So much fun!"

"...still soaring on that beautiful wonderful energy, feeling high and energized. Before the webinar started I suddenly felt dizzy and kind of disoriented, first I got scared, then I relaxed into it knowing it was big webinar energy. And as you told about your energy boost I didn't question it anymore but felt very touched of the connection. Since the webinar I dreamed every night about you and this big energy, feeling refreshed and uplifted in the morning. Looking forward to the next one!"

"The webinar was fantastic! Soooo powerful and blissful, I could feel the energy raising up between all of us and I feel deeply grateful that I was there. And since then I feel much calmer, more confident and connected to Source. I told you once, I was such a compulsive thinker, overthinking everything, I often had the feeling that my monkey mind is driving me crazy."

"...thank you, I appreciate what you do and the vibrations you bring to the world and I am so happy that you continue to evolve and bring much newer, deeper more expansive vibrations to this DO community (it is blowing my mind how you keep evolving into that deep higher state and sharing it!)."  Thank you Lola and much LOVE!!!"

"It's just wonderful that the webinar connected up what has been going on for me today... kind of seamless it seems to me now. Thank you so much." Lots of love,

" sacrum started tingling. I felt and saw sparkling energy enlivening my sacrum and up my spine, dripping off the atlas. It was so soft and gentle and effervescent. The epitome of grounding energy. I focused into it and let that area be the gate into the void. How wonderful to allow and invite and welcome that sweet sparkling divine energy! Bravo Lola!” 

"Loved your webinar! You all are gorgeous inside and out. The energy and vibration was so inviting and smooth. The end was beautiful. Loved seeing everyone's faces from all over the world. Laughing at myself so much. What fun and you two are pure love. Soaking up the Divine Mother Hug still! Thanks."  Love ya! 

Hi Lola, Thank you so much for this amazing (Money Plenty) webinar series! I cannot find words for what is happening in and with me. My mind is completely lost in what is going on (that is good!) I am so HAPPY to be with Divine Openings and quite excited what will happen next! Looking forward to seeing you next week in the Goddess webinar! Much love and appreciation,

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