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  • Experience a miracle in the 5 Day Spiritual Retreat

    Discover Direct Communion with Source

    Experience a miracle in the 5 Day Spiritual Retreat

    Experience profound spiritual experiences with Lola Jones's leading-edge processes. As your mind stills, discover what's been there all along, covered up by noise: the most powerful YOU. Lola Jones customizes the activities and energies for each group to transform your life without hard work or processing.

    Awakening & Deepening with Ease


    People from 150 countries have enjoyed spiritual quantum leaps in these stunningly transformative retreats. Reach deep inner connection easier than in vipassana, meditation, or yoga retreats. Even if you're in suffering and struggle right now, you can rise into a bright, happy, fulfilling, new life.
  • This spiritual retreat is a vacation that never ends

    It keeps giving long after it's over

    This spiritual retreat is a vacation that never ends

    You'll remember this as a turning point in your life, when your spiritual life went deeper, and your practical life really lined up. And it keeps unfolding.

Just sitting in Lola Jones' energy field in this retreat literally attunes you to a higher frequency. It's much easier than just meditating. These pleasurable activities gradually slow down and quiet your mind, and you become resistance-free. A whole new reality opens itself to you. And you just keep expanding after the retreat.

"This retreat was the best thing I've ever done for myself."

That's what Andrea said a few weeks after her retreat. It got even better. She soon found love, got married, and started a business. This retreat doesn't end, it keeps working on you long after it's over. Nicole found her impossible dream home right after her retreat. She said "Things just started coming to me."

Connie and Marie said, "I feel like a different human being."

Think about what you want in YOUR life as you feel into the deep presence and pleasure of these retreats.

What's next for you?

Lola has easy methods to still your mind so your spirit can shine through. Come again and go higher. You'll remember the laughter after the heavy stuff moves. Make lasting friendships - this group has stayed in touch and shared their projects, dreams, jokes, and challenges.

Retreat Results

Enjoy these heartfelt testimonials one week after the retreat, when the new life has just begun. Participants only need to practice the pleasurable conscious mind piece to maintain and continue to expand their progress.

More Participant Experiences

Hear and feel the participants' unique experiences of the retreat. You leave happy and transformed on the inside, and soon your outer manifestations change to match this new you.

You'll remember it as the week your life changed.

Get ready for a powerful, unforgettable experience.

It begins the moment you register, and it never ends. Your vibration rises even as you enjoy the preparation videos. The retreat supports, nurtures, and transforms you in the powerful vortex of Lola Jones's energy. Lola's unique, leading-edge methods melt through trauma and age-old conditioning with ease. Get far longer-lasting results than vacations, meditation, or yoga retreats.

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5-Day Retreat Logistics

"The retreat seriously has been the best thing I've done in my whole life. Staying this high up in vibration over such a long time just hooked me up completely! I still feel like Alice in wonderland... only better! Greetz from "over here..."
Andrea Bacher
"I didn't know exactly what I was signing up for, but what happened was mind blowing."
"You weren't kidding when you say it begins when you register! I woke up every two hours last night vibrating like I was plugged into some cosmic generator! And my session with my client this morning was on a different plane! I am enjoying this magical ride!"
"For people who might think you promise too much, I think you under-promise on what people will get from this retreat. I got so much I cannot even list it all, and more keeps happening."
New York
".... how different my life is from a week ago! I feel like I am walking on cloud nine since I left on Sunday. I am blown away... I want to spend the rest of my life living in your new world. I am in heaven....right here on earth. Thank you a thousand times over."
Elizabeth, therapist
"When I looked into your eyes (at the initiation) it was clear to me I got all I needed for my life from this retreat. Being a doctor is so much easier using this Divine Openings background. Only 10% for me to do, and Grace does 90%."
Hilda, Physician
"Dear Lola, unglaublich. Ich habe in der gleichen Nacht wie du geträumt, mit einer Gruppe zusammen zu sein. Ich wurde zu einer erhöht stehenden Schüssel geführt, so unglaublich schön in ihrer Form und den Farben. Und aus ihr wurde mir etwas gereicht, das sich anfühlte wie Gnade. Wow!!! DANKE. Nun ist aus meinem Tagtraum, zum Mai-Retreat zu fahren ein Nachttraum geworden. Vielleicht kann ich ja tatsächlich kommen.
Annette Jansen
"The level at which I'm operating now is because of Divine Openings, period. Lola, it's not a testimonial, it's a fact! I never, ever forget why I'm flowing the money I am now, and it's because of the expanded version of my life that I'm living because of Divine Openings."
Donna W
Lethbridge, Canada
"Things were already wonderful for me but the retreat was an unbelievably rich experience. Yesterday I laughed out loud at things people did, rather than getting irritated—it just seems hysterical that folks have THAT reaction rather than seeing the truth of things! Thank you for the beautiful, uplifting, energizing, humbling, soft experience."
Cindy Sehr, legal counsel for a corporation
"My relationship to all my family members gets better and better. I have rescued my marriage. I understand and love me more and more."
Nicola, Eye Doctor

Kordula's Story

When Kordula came to a retreat at 66, in her words she was, "An old woman who couldn't get down on the floor and get up again." Now she's a vital, exhuberant 71 year old whose body feels and works "like a teenager's." She found a new love too! More participant experiences below.

Grace does 90% of the work for you.

Lola Jones RetreatsYour job? Show up and enjoy!

Lola uses unique, leading-edge methods to help you release mountains of old trauma and hurts without effort. Life is simply too short to spend years on old-school therapy. This partly silent retreat is pure bliss.

The advanced go deeper, higher. Beginners who've never felt such powerful spiritual energy before are astounded.

And this spiritual retreat never ends. You can keep expanding forever after you step out into the world, excited about what lies ahead.




What can transform in my life?

  • Virtually anything: mental and emotional calm, inner peace, relationship, money, health.
  • Issues and problems you've "worked on" for years can dissolve without work, or processing--because the Large Self you're awakening to simply doesn't have those issues.
  • Your inner guidance turns on. You feel carried and cradled by Source.
  • Your consciousness expands. Bliss bubbles up.
  • You leave knowing that this is truly a new life.

What does my retreat include?

This is a comprehensive Retreat Package. Your Online Retreat begins instantly and continues long after the Live Retreat. You get Virtual Intensives Online; live Webinars; a rich library of experiential Video, Audio, and text in pre- and post-retreat Online Courses. This does not replace the 5 Portals! Your retreat experience could easily last 6 months,  longer if you register early.

Can I experience benefits before the retreat?

  • Precisely when you register Grace begins to work on you--preparing you to get more from the retreat.
  • People often do experience results as they enjoy the powerful online elements of the retreat. 
  • The energies increase yet again 16 days pre-retreat, creating a complete 21 day transformational process. (21 days has always been a sacred initiation period, and Lola can do the first 16 days remotely.)

How are Divine Openings retreats different?

  • You get a huge boost from the field of resonance Lola creates. Retreat participants report that simply being in Lola's vortex for five days has enhanced or even transformed their lives.
  • It's not hard work, processing, and long arduous meditation.
  • You may relax, enjoy, and allow Grace to do 90% of the work for you. Your 10% is to show up, participate, and be willing.
  • It's practical, non-dogmatic, and deeply spiritual.

Who are the retreats for?

  • Anyone over 18 who meets the basic requirements on the registration page.
  • For all paths and faiths, or no faith at all.
  • Not for severe psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia, psychosis, paranoia, or delusion.
  • These conditions respond well: depression, anxiety, bipolar, post-traumatic stress, personality disorders.

What do we do in the retreats?

  • Lola raises your vibration just by speaking or touching you. You receive enlightenment initiations called Divine Openings at the intensity you're ready for.
  • Gentle, expansive, uplifting activities: non-habitual movement (fun, playful, freeing, anyone can do it) zaps physical tension and baggage that's prevented deep spiritual states. Silent witnessing, breath, guided meditations, prostrating, music, chanting, singing, massage, "opening your pipes", allowing love and abundance, dispel unworthiness and self-limitation, and so much more.
  • No long, forced meditation, yet you go deeper than ever before, merging into your Large, Unlimited Self.
  • Don't worry -- nothing is confrontational, embarrassing, or difficult.
  • Simply enjoy the guided activities and Grace does 90% of the work for you.

Who leads the retreat?

International spiritual teacher Lola Jones. She has transformed lives in 150 countries.

Do I have to talk about my issues to the group?

  • No. You may tell Lola your intentions privately at the start. Then enjoy total privacy unless you ask for attention. You will talk to The Presence.
  • You are soothed and uplifted, never confronted or pushed. It's not needed!
  • At the more intimate California retreats you may have private, personal help from Lola if you wish.

Why register early?

  • Precisely when you make your tuition investment, Lola begins to work with you in the Non-Physical, and you can start attending the Online events immediately, so you get a longer retreat.
  • The retreats and lodging usually fill up. Get lower airfares.

What do we eat at the live retreat?

  • Healthy, mostly organic food, from a buffet of vegetarian as well as fish and meat selections made with love! Meals are included in your tuition in California, and in your lodging in Germany.
  • In case you are affected by food sensitivities there is good news: attendees often discover where those sensitivities and allergies originated, and they can disappear.

What will happen for me by the end of the live retreat?

  • As awakening flowers, issues and problems you've "worked on" for years dissolve without analysis, work, or processing--because the Expanded Self you're awakening to simply doesn't have those issues.
  • Your Inner GPS, guidance, and intuition turns on. You feel carried and cradled by Source. 
  • Your body tingles as your consciousness expands. Suddenly bliss bubbles up. 
  • You complete the retreat feeling this is truly a new life.

What happens after the live retreat?

  • Most meditation, yoga, spiritual, or healing retreats are a temporary "time out", and the results fade. Not this one.
  • Your retreat can go on for many months longer as you enjoy the Post-Retreat Online Course in your Retreat Package, re-experience Video/Audio activities, and meditations in your Virtual Retreats Online. Then you can continue on with the 5 Portals.
  • More effects continue to manifest in your life as you stay immersed: inner peace, Divine connection, health, love, money, mental productivity, clarity, emotional stability, creativity, ease, and flow.

May I deduct it on my taxes, or get my employer to pay?

If you are self employed, you may write training off on your taxes! This retreat is powerful professional development. It makes you more effective in every single area of your life.

Your employer may pay for this retreat. Just ask! Download this pdf with the personal and professional development benefits to show to your employer. We are not certified by any specific CEU organizations, but the benefits to your employer are abundant.

One school counselor in the USA asked for another retreat, and her principal said, "YES! Bring us back more of that good stuff." Henrietta Pack in Munich has transformed the school she works in. Phillippa Ouzel's entire UK workplace has lit up. Get the pdf

The Complete Retreat Package

You can begin to get results even before the retreat. Your Pre-retreat materials immerse you in Grace until the retreat.

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Divine Openings help GermanyGot more questions? Need personal help registering?

We're here for your questions about courses, events, and retreats.

For English help, kindly call 1-619-722-6369 during USA Pacific time business hours. If you're international, leave a message with your time zone and full country code, and we will return your call. Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To be sure you get our reply add us to your address book, check your spam filter, whitelist this email. 

"Being in this silent awakening retreat is a relief, not hard at all, and to think I worried that I wouldn't be able to do it, that I couldn't be that quiet. Lola creates the best atmosphere--it's not solemn or austere, but warm, inviting and relaxing."
Jody, performer
Los Angeles
"Divine energy can flow freely through my whole system, because I learned to identify and raise low vibrations... without identifying with them. My Large Self is fully there for my small self and its limited perspective, yet remains free and untouched by its struggles."
S. Carolina
"Because I learned to identify and raise low vibrations Divine energy can flow through my whole system. My Large Self is fully there for my small self and its limited perspectives, yet remains free and untouched by its struggles."
Lives on two islands and in France

"I'm doing fantastic, like I'm surfing on top of a 35 foot wave. I may dip down and glide through the tube but I am soon on top again. Life is spectacular. I haven't been the same since I attended your retreat. One day at a time, I create the life of my dreams."

Mario Rocha
San Ramon, California

"Dear Lola, Ahhh... the 5 Day Retreat was AMAZING. After... I was simply overcome with quiet bliss and deep peace. Even more so than my first retreat. The big shift is that I feel such a profound connection with the Presence, with the authentic knowing that I can be there anytime I want. I feel it right now."

Lydia G
"An amazing, delicious, perfect retreat. I so appreciate you and Scott sharing your home with our wonderful group. Oh the yummy food, the sweet release... the laughter and shenanigans at the lake... such a deep potent experience, and still is."
Lydia G
"I have found such happiness through Divine Openings and created a life for myself which I love living. The additional enrichment is the true and beautiful friends I have made who are so easy and delightful to be and play with. Thank you for the expansion and joy that Divine Openings is with us all. Much love to you. See you next year?
"The miracles continued long after my retreat a couple of years ago. At the intiation Lola, you looked into my eyes---I swear your eyes looked to be an intense luminous golden color. (They're actually green.) It was so intense I had to look away, and you had me refocus. Years later I still remember that profound Divine Opening!"
Lydia G
"I come to every other retreat in Germany, and my wife Pryanka comes to every other one. I go deeper into the heart of love each time."
Lars Thiede
Rosenheim, Germany

"Dearest Gorgeous Lola, Was wonderful to see you again and be around your amazing energy. It just gets better and better doesn't it? It was so much fun this time around and I loved seeing the first timers grow and expand and wake up before my very eyes as the days passed. It filled my heart with such joy."  


How would it feel to...

  • Awaken or deepen your enlightenment?
  • Let Grace carry you, and do the work for you, for 5 days?
  • Transform your entire life, and have it last if you stay on the path?
  • Get clearer, more practical guidance from your limitless Large Self?
  • Feel fulfilled and safe in love, finances, health, all areas of life?
  • Enjoy powerful processes that blast through resistance
  • Know The Source within you on a deeper, more intimate, real level
  • Evolve through gentle immersion and Pleasure Practices instead of heavy processing
  • Immerse in nature by lakes and mountains; commune with hummingbirds and hawks
  • Eat delicious, healthy food made with love
  • Live in greater ease and flow
  • Be free at last!

Why People Choose Divine Openings Retreats

Why People Choose Divine Openings Retreats

  • To rise to a higher frequency in any area of life.
  • For spiritual deepening. Awakening is initiated, or enlightenment deepens.
  • To meditate and get to blissful states faster and more easily.
  • For tangible practical life results: manifest what you want, better relationships, money, health, self love, mental and emotional well being.
  • For Lola's help in overcoming deep resistances.
  • It's the most delicious treat you can give yourself, better and much longer-lasting than any vacation!

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More spiritual retreat experiences

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Need to speak with a person about courses and retreats? Please phone 1-619-722-6369. Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are international, give location and good times to call you.

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