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    When you use your feminine goddess energy AND your masculine energy in the right place and time love, security, ease, and career success all come to you. Your inner goddess energy recharges your vitality, you age gracefully, and you feel fulfilled instead of exhausted

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We weren't told the secrets of feminine Goddess energy

by Lola Jones
Author, international spiritual and personal development teacher

I wasn't a Goddess.

Earlier in my life, I didn't even know what feminine energy really was. I didn't believe I was powerful or beautiful. Romantic relationships were full of disappointment, suffering, and struggle. I looked feminine, and I thought I was feminine. I had no idea I was relating to men from my masculine energy, not my feminine energy. I had no idea how numb my deep feelings were.

My work life was good, but not as prosperous and fun as it is now, because I didn't know how to use my Goddess power to receive abundant money, either. Like so many women who didn't know how to really draw on my feminine energy, I became exhausted, burned out, and crashed at 50. I had tried many therapies and modalities, but they only helped a little. I'll bet you can relate.

Everything changed when I woke up my powerful feminine Goddess energy.

goddesses have it all

Yes, Now I AM a Goddess

I am one powerful woman! Now I have it all: fulfilling work, business success on my own terms. Good things just come to me. I have plenty of free time. My husband adores me beyond all reason, we have a wonderful romantic life, madly in love. He sees me as the queen to his king. Oh, no, I'm not on a pedestal - he knows the real me, flaws, feminine emotions, Goddess-y expectations and all. We say exactly how we feel, disagree, even fight -- yet he calls himself the luckiest man on earth. It's crazy good. (See us below.)

My students all over the world started calling me a Goddess years ago, but I'm a down-to-earth person, and "Goddess"? Really? It seemed so airy-fairy.

But now I know the practical, down-to-earth meaning of Goddess energy - I LIVE IT daily.

Goddess energy is already inside you -- begging to be freed -- you just may not know how. Or that deep, mysterious energy may feel scary. Even if it’s bruised, battered, and buried under mountains of anxiety, shame, powerlessness, rage, ancient societal conditioning, or repressed emotion – that can change in an instant. 

I don't just tell you, I show you how to move that negative energy out quickly. I guide you to embody your juicy, lit-up Goddess in work, relationship, family, and spiritual life. 

love with goddess power

These two revelations may shock you:

1. You In Love

Trying to win, impress, please a man, or "serve" him... my dear that is "masculine energy." It kills your Goddess energy and doesn't bring him closer or bond him to you. Even mothering children can easily slide into "masculine doing and giving." Being and receiving are feminine. I'll show you how to balance with refreshing, life-giving feminine receiving. 

Your man can't feel your Goddess energy when you are "doing" for him and/or children. He is attracted to your feminine energy when you allow him to give to you, pamper you, serve you, adore you -- when you're receiving and allowing.

ALERT: men don't think about or analyze this - it's purely subconscious whether they are pulled to you, or repelled. You are probably not yet conscious of your vibes either, but you will be! This is why "talking it out" rarely works. You must change your vibe for his to change.

Have you ever felt jealous watching other women enjoy royal Goddess treatment? Couldn't understand how they were getting it? You may have felt those women were weak or anti-feminist. Here's the truth: a man is energized by your feminine energy, by taking care of you, and giving to you. He needs to be needed, but you may have been TRYING so hard to do enough, be strong, equal, smart, or attractive that you fell into masculine energy. 

When you feel yourself trying even a little bit with a man - STOP! That's masculine! 

There's no TRYING with Goddess energy.
Trying and doing is masculine. Allowing and receiving is feminine.
I won't just tell you - I'll show you how to receive.

feminine power at work

2. You at Work

Our society over-values and rewards giving and doing - and that's masculine.

In schools, jobs, family our world over-values action - masculine energy. While men are most energized by action and doing, women are drained by too much of it. 

Of course, your boss loves it when you're a masculine "doing machine!" You can win in the masculine world, but it costs you dearly unless you recharge your feminine energy. Working in masculine mode too much drains us women of our juice, vitality, and feminine sexiness. Women are most energized by flowing, receiving, and allowing. 

Your job may demand masculine energy. You may not be able to change that, but you can learn to use more feminine energy at work. I'll show you how and when to physically shift between your masculine and feminine energy, easy as flipping a switch.

Those two Key Insights are just a taste of the surprising, empowering Goddess secrets I share with you. I won't hold anything back.

attract love with feminine energy

I won't just talk theory - that's masculine!

The energy I can invoke is off the charts, and I'll bathe you in feminine energy so you feel it down in your core. Goddess Power is a spiritual energy, but until we feel it, it's just mental, masculine theory. When you feel it tingling in your body, your cells, your root chakra, all the way down to your toes, that's when your life changes.

Making change happen is masculine. Luxuriating in the feeling so you absorb it pleasurably is feminine.
Your Goddess power wakes up naturally as you apply and enjoy my methods and tools. 

I'll help you FEEL and experience feminine energy deep down in your body.

How surprised will you be when men are attracted more to your vulnerability than your strength?
When you can be soft without being weak?
When he opens up to you because your feminine energy makes him feel so good? 

I always felt I'd missed out on some "secret."
No one taught me this when I was young.
Now you can have it all.

I'll help your Goddess shine in all her power and glory.

You'll enjoy romantic and fun ways to use your masculine energy. Your inner man will take care of and financially support your inner woman. Your inner man makes you successful at work so you can be a Goddess in your love life. And guess what? Your outer man will begin to mirror that new vibe back to you. 

goddess power feminine energy

I share everything so you don't miss out like I did.

Don't wait as long as I did to live your Goddess Life. You can:

  • Escape the grip of masculine thinking and doing, dive into your feminine energy, and merge with Source Herself.
  • Wisdom and hidden talents emerge, creativity blossoms, age more gracefully and joyfully.

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  • No reading, study, or hard work! (That's masculine)
  • My tools and methods are feminine experience - pure pleasure
  • Feminine energy is discovered in your body and emotions, not in your mind.
  • Just relax and soak up the video & audio like a warm bubble bath
  • I'll guide you through toe-curling Pleasure Practices that activate powerful feminine energy in your body
  • So much more powerful than the old masculine "talking, reading, and trying to change!"

get your goddess power

I know you're in a hurry to see changes!

You're here because you're searching for what's been missing. That Goddess inside you is calling to you. 

~ How would it feel to have him committed for life asap, not years from now?
~ What if you're just sick of working your butt off the old way and don't want to waste another minute?
~ How surprised will be when you find out it's not that hard to be super-Goddess-attractive?
~ The photo is real Goddesses at one of my retreats.

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What Gabi said about feminine energy and Goddess Power

Gabi in Germany wrote after the February 2020 Goddess Webinar series: "Lola, It was a wake-up call for me. I always felt deep inside that this is true and so it was not completely new to me. But as we women in "modern times of emancipation" are forced to act more like a man, and as our education was in line with that we forgot it´s really about masculine/feminine energy. It´s time for us women to follow that wake-up call because it´s our task to show men the way to the future of balancing and harmonizing both energies together."

Read on if you need to know more.
But remember, reading and thinking about it are masculine...
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This waterfall in the video below is right by our front door - what a powerful symbol of feminine juiciness and flowing abundance! My husband Scott has made our property into a jungle paradise with a sparkling blue swimming pool. He says he only manifests the energy I radiate, and he calls our co-creation LolaLand.

Now that's feminine: I just be myself and radiate, and that juices him up to create our little paradise. He loves doing it more than anything in the world.

FEEL THIS: Feminine is not about thinking, doing, strategizing how to get him to love us more, or analyzing - it's about being and receiving. As Goddesses we magnetize with our feelings, not our thoughts! Words and intellect are masculine, and if we try to manage a relationshp with logic, we LOSE! Even if it looks like we're winning!

Allow pure feminine energy to bathe you as you FEEL this 30-second video. No thinking about it!  Let the feminine energy wash over you and fill you up. 

If you found yourself stuck in your head thinking, judging, and didn't feel much, here's why: If you've been living in masculine mode your feelings could be a bit numb. Don't worry! I'll lead you through plenty of experiences in Goddess Power to help you reclaim the magnificent power of your feminine feelings. One friend calls it "yummy goddess juice!" 

You may be afraid to be vulnerable and in your feelings. Don't worry, I'll help you fall in love with ALL of your feelings as you discover that they are the KEYS to your happy love life and career.

Living and working a a Goddess is easier and much more fulfilling

My dear budding goddesses: my spiritual, career, and financial power increased tenfold when I dived deep into my feminine power. I now have an ability to cause people to feel bliss by simply giving them a long hug. Spending time in my energy field changes your life just by attuning to my energy and vibration.

All of my "best work" is done with a strong feminine magnetic energy rather than going out and knocking it over the head and dragging it home in the traditional masculine sense. I used to operate more in the masculine mode when I was a corporate consultant working in a more masculine environment.

I thought I had to! I succeeded, but it was killing me. Now I could work in that environment in full-on female mode if I wished to. 

I love this new more feminine phase of my life. It's softer, more inner focused, and definitely deeper, richer, quieter, and yes, more powerful. 

Feminine is blossoming once more in society, business, and government, and it will cause civilization to evolve in a more humane, prosperous, and peaceful direction. You can be part of the change, bringing the feminine back into power on earth. The world shifts one woman at a time. In your feminine energy you glow, feel fulfilled, adored, and most importantly, you're joyful. You lead by example, teaching your mothers, daughters, and friends -- helping this planet make the shift to more feminine energy. 

Having been male in so many lifetimes, and being incarnated as a woman this time around, it took some years for me to learn to value and enjoy my feminine essence, feel all of my precious feelings, and live as the goddess I am. Now I find it a joy, a pleasure, and a privilege to be a woman at this time.

The feminine, magnetic, attractive force brings ease
and flow to life rather than having to work so hard.

On this Earth plane, we're all a combination of masculine and feminine, and I love and honor both aspects. Without the more active, assertive masculine energy we'd be ineffectual and passive--nothing would get done. And without some feminine energy we would lack feeling, sensitivity and connection with others, and would have to do too much to achieve too little.

It makes little sense to value, honor, and focus only on the Goddess "half" of God. Successful women know when to use each one, and how to "switch."

Your non-physical Large Self, Expanded Self, or God Self has no gender, and it's not concerned with gender at all. And even on this physical plane, you could forget all about masculine and feminine and do quite well, creating a rewarding, powerful, fulfilling, contributory life. I think the masculine/feminine topic only comes up for people when one sex is feeling dis-empowered, one pole of the balance has been neglected, or when there's an issue that's screaming to be addressed.

Gender, male and female, are really only relevant in this Earth dimension we live in, and even here, only as much you let them be. If you have any limiting feelings or beliefs about either gender, you've come to a good place. Lola helps you drop them.

The rational masculine mind has its value, but it will never take us to awakening, mastery, enlightenment, fulfillment, unconditional love, or bliss. When your mind relaxes into direct feminine knowing, a mystery that words will never explain blossoms inside you. It's heavenly and it's pleasurable.

My work resolves all of this with ease and grace, and takes you all the way to mastery, if you stick with it and don't scatter your focus with other modalities and paths. We can't stress the importance of this enough. My book Things Are Going Great in My Absence describes how people who do many modalities, books, paths, and seminars are among the most confused and frustrated seekers Lola ever encounters.

More is NOT better. Addictive seeking actually blocks "finding."

There is no need to fix anything.
You are not broken or wounded.
Just wake up, light up, and let yourself expand forever.

I wished I was born a MAN!

feminine essence

As a teen I felt dis-empowered being a woman, but by the Grace of God, grew out of it. During my entire work life and corporate training career I never felt the slightest bit disadvantaged by being a woman, because I did develop my masculine aspect, that ability to "go out and make it happen." I learned to play that game well, and it served me well for decades, but something was missing. I was tired and unfulfilled and didn't know why.

After spending 21 days in total silence to find my spiritual truth, I began to return to my true essence. My feminine essence woke up. 

Inspired art and music began to flow effortlessly from my feminine core I dived into deep wells of feelings that had frozen over and become stagnant, liberating massive energy and power. (Before my work, Divine Openings, I was stuck in lower feelings, so if you've tried this without Divine Openings, try it again with Goddess Power and you'll feel relief.)

Now since that deep dive into the feminine, I feel ecstatic appreciation for how my feminine power brings ease and flow to life - how it has things come to me rather than my having to do so much exhausting action to make things happen.

Now I receive and allow in feminine mode more than I work in masculine mode.

Now, sometimes I see women doing "goddess work", seminars, books, and ceremonies because they feel disempowered, or feel the need to overthrow the masculine. Many of them actually need to accept and develop their masculine aspect. If you are struggling with money or not doing well with work, that's a big clue that you're fighting with what you need the most!

Wake up your Goddess Power to rediscover your TRUE feminine essence and reactivate it, plus balance your masculine and feminine, to enjoy life more. 

My husband says "The world won't truly change until it's run by women." I add, "We women leaders must use feminine AND masculine power, in balance. We MUST excel at both to succeed in this world, and to change it." Rejecting the masculine only makes you fail at business, money, assertiveness, AND relationships. 

Say yes to masculine AND feminine.

I'm not about fighting or overcoming anything. That's masculine. Goddess Power shows you the feminine tools: softening, allowing, accepting, releasing resistance, and magnetizing what you want.

fI the big picture, you are forwarding evolution, taking humankind to a next level. Women hold the key to making the world a better place for all of us.

The feminine power is within YOU.
Always was--always will be.
You must claim it.
No one can give it to you.

Ready to claim your feminine power?

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Spiritual power from deep within, or just practical tools

If you like metaphysics, the power of my work goes deep. If you're not into that, Goddess Power methods still work in a very practical and down-to-earth way for you.

I do draw a lot of power from the Fertile Void, the feminine "womb of the Universe." The masculine seeds of thought and intention enter the Fertile Void to impregnate the Field with a new creation. Yes, the feminine is the Source of all -- the masculine is the catalyst. Both are vital.

The Fertile Void is the mysterious "nothing," the primordial essence from which everything is born. It's the nothing from which everything comes. It's pre-form, pre-manifest, pre-energy, pre-creation, pre-thought, even pre-being.

The Fertile Void is where we go and sit in the silence to recharge our feminine power. Sitting in the Fertile Feminine Void literally helps you solve problems, and you often have no idea how they get solved. THAT is feminine power.

It's the most powerful place I know of to recharge my feminine energy. More powerful than any amount of verbal, intellectual learning or techniques. Every word in my books, courses, and retreats has one purpose: to get you to No-Mind.

When you get still, you are out of the way, and when you are out of the way, Source carries you in the flow of life. You don't need to know anything, it just happens. You no longer need Law of Attraction. What you need comes.

We don't have words or concepts to describe it. It contains all possibilities, yet it's empty. That's why masculine Mind can't fathom it. We must experience it directly, without the Mind's interference and limitations. That is No-Mind. Monks begin to radiate feminine energy because they spend so much time in the Void, not speaking, not doing, just being. 

Although no metaphor adequately captures the mystery of our Universe, the silence of the Fertile Void that we visit during deep meditation could be thought of as the Source of the Universe. When the masculine seed of your thought or intention penetrates the Fertile Void, something is fertilized, and one of the infinite possibilities in the Fertile Void is activated, and it materializes.

"Let there be light."

The masculine thought and intention, "Let there be light" fertilized creation from the nothing of the Fertile Void.

There was light for the first time.

Let's get back to a more practical focus. I don't spend much time in the theoretical, abstract, or metaphysical. I'd rather play the instrument than take it apart to see why it makes that sound. Truth is simple, and you don't need a lot of head-knowledge to tap into the vast Divine Intelligence, masculine OR feminine. As a matter of fact, if you keep your mind Empty and Open, what you need just comes in when you ask or intend it to.

When in masculine mode, if we need or want more, we "do" more. Begin everything with massive doing. To fly into action and "go knock it over the head and drag it home". That was for cave men, dear!

A more feminine, allowing approach is to put "being" and lining up the the energy before doing. Who we "be" always attracts the same essence of that beingness. So a feminine approach, if you wanted more of something, would be to begin to vibrate the essence of it, and let the corresponding manifestation of it come to you.

What's most effective? A balanced combination, of course. Line up the energy first, then DO only the action you're guided to do. Honor, respect, and use both appropriately. Never make the masculine wrong. If you do, it's like cutting off half your power, and your efforts will be weak and ineffective.

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If you hit a ceiling at some point, you haven't lost it, you just got used to that level of bliss. You're wanting more, a new level, and that's natural. You will never be done" and you wouldn't want to be done."
Lola Jones