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    What's the unique significance of seeing 11:11 for YOU?

    The real significance of 11:11

    Do you often look at the clock when it's 11:11? What is 1111 telling you? Caution: it does NOT mean a true love match, or a hot stock to buy! People in over 150 countries have found this website after friends shared how Divine Openings™ had changed their lives. Recently, even more people have found us while seeking answers about 11:11's true, practical meaning.

is 11:11 reliable spiritual guidance?

Do you often look at the clock when it's 11:11? What is 1111 telling you? Caution: it does NOT mean a true love match, or a hot stock to buy!

Have you been on the 11th floor going to room number 111 and it's 11:11? Or do you see cars with license plates including 1111 or 111?
What does it all mean?

warning: Don't take any action on 1111's or signs until you read this!

You must be clear before you can safely and reliably make decisions based on signs. Your mind can distort signs to fit what you want to believe, or wishful thinking takes over.

In 2004 I saw 1111 and repeating numbers everytime I talked to a man I had just met. Did it mean he was the one? Absolutely not, although he really wanted it to mean true love. We were both flooded with incredibly strong signs, but I consulted my own guidance, and "knew inside" that he and I should spend a lot of time together, but we were not be lovers!  

I followed my clear inner guidance and he and I opened each other up, grew a lot spiritually, and had tons of fun. It turned out that he helped me find my life's work - and you're here looking at it. I led him to meet his fated wife! We had tons of fun on the way.

So you see, before you can use signs as guidance on the spiritual path, first YOU must be clear - otherwise signs are just more noise.

Is 1111 a warning sign?

Let's say your car breaks down on the way to an interview. That is wide open to interpretation. It could mean the job was bad for you, or it could mean you were saved from an accident up the road. Our minds tend to color signs to mean whatever we wish it to mean. Or our fears can put a negative spin our interpretations, or our hopes can put a positive spin. That's why it's not safe to rely on signs alone. 

It's far more accurate and safe to learn to feel into your own intuition and spiritual guidance, and let signs be just part of the equation. A little extra reinforcement. When you become really advanced, really tapped in, you won't need signs at all.

You're searching for the real significance of 1111

Rest assured, it's here. But your Large Self guided you here to give you an unexpected gift that's much bigger than any sign - a gift that will serve you for life.

lola smile flowers 2022I'm Lola Jones. I'll share with you real answers and solutions - no superstitions, no spiritual myths, no vague uncertain signs. 

For decades I've helped thousands of people in 150 countries change their entire lives. But early on in my spiritual path I struggled to find real answers. I spent tens of thousands of dollars to try to improve my life, ease my emotional pain, calm and clear my mind so I could hear guidance, help my career, bring me more love. Maybe you can relate.

I'll help you avoid all the dead ends and detours that drove me crazy with frustration before I finally got to the amazing life I have. From vast experience being a spiritual teacher and counselor, I see what works and what doesn't. My life's joy is sharing it all with you.  

Here's practical advice about 1111, why you see 1111, and how to have the empowered life 1111 brought you here for.

There is one sure meaning of 1111

Your wise, all-knowing Large Self (your spiritual self) needed a way to get your attention at the right time in your life - when you're ready for your spiritual path. The eternal Non-Physical you knew that your human adventure would be challenging, sometimes even hard. That your perception may not be clear. That your fears and doubts would hold you back. That you may feel powerless or lost. That your mind may trick you into thinking you're on your spiritual path when you actually have barely begun.

Your Large Self knew you'd run into distractions, dead ends, deceptions, and tricky illusions. The Internet is full of useless, shallow information – telling you that when you see the number 1111 to “pay attention to your thoughts”  or that it's your spirit guides!... Saying what??? How helpful is that? It's too vague to be valuable.

To understand guidance in any form, you must be awake, and clear. That must come first. The 1111 is trying to guide you to get on a path of awakening. But there are those dead ends, false information, and distractions out there. Avoid those, and get on a path that opens you up, gets your mind out of the driver's seat, and helps you feel your heart's nudges. Then you'll know from within exactly what signs like 1111 mean.


Your Large Self planted 1111's because it would be sure to get your attention. Rest assured, 11:11 is a gateway number with deep spiritual significance, but perhaps not in the way you think…

Your Large Self knew that 1111 would lead you to the teacher and the path of spiritual growth. You pre-planned the 1111's to wake yourself up again. When the student is ready the teacher appears. You knew you'd recognize the teacher.

so you'd see it when YOU'RE READY.



how to get started with your new life

So you want to get clear. You want to understand this life. You want to get guidance you can rely upon. A brighter, more successful YOU is just ahead on this Divine Openings path. The simple truth is waiting within you. Just say yes and you begin to open to it. The answers you need are found within, and signs become just a fun extra.

1111 got you here. Follow the call of 11:11 into a more fulfilled and empowered life:

Portal 1: Your Solid Foundation

Grace does 90% of the work.  All you do is immerse in the energy...

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Bring your intentions to the lessons and live webinars, and connect on the Forum! Portal 1, like a rocket, launches you into the best part of your life ever, and you get results sooner than you're probably used to. That's because it's not just self-help. You're assisted by powerful Grace energy.

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You'll never get bored or lack for growth. More about it below.

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If cost is an Issue you MUST at least get this book...

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more myth-busting, leading-edge facts about 1111

PLUS! Below the article, see testimonials and videos from people whose lives have changed with these ground-breaking energies and methods.


1111 has nothing to do with numerology or angels

I know you really want the most direct route to the good life: more love, smooth emotions, clarity, and a deeper communion with Source/Spirit/God. So how do I get you there?

by awakening your own inner knowing -
you never again have to rely on outer signs or numbers like 1111.

I’ll let you in on a few things you should know:

  • Numerology never helped anyone change their life, or even improve it, not even a little bit. 
  • Numbers cannot guide you specifically enough, and they can easily mislead you. 1111 is not an "angel number" or “master number”. 
  • There's a lot of unreliable stuff about “angel number 1111” on the Internet. Sites with ads are the most unreliable places to get spiritual information. Those are called click farms, created with low quality information just to get clicks and make money. Notice this site has zero ads. Talk about a good sign! 
  • Numbers and signs are vague and frustrating, but fortunately, you don't need to even learn about them. 1111 got you here. 

1111 had one purpose.

It was to lead you to how to tap into the boundless inner wisdom deep inside you. The wisdom that leads to inner peace, fulfillment, and spiritual relationships.

The answers are here for you, and it's real. How can you tell what is real? It works in your practical life. As you step into this larger reality, you leave 1111, numerology, angels, and all that airy-fairy stuff behind.

Woman surrounded by light1111 got you here - it's job is done

The way to spiritual awakening and personal success is found inside you - and you won't need vague, hard-to-interpret signs and numbers like 1111 anymore. Within you is a direct channel to your own intuition, insight, and deep knowing. It is your Large Self.

In the image, notice your Larger Self is not above you, it surrounds you. That loving, caring Larger You guided you here via 1111 to help you wake up, so you could have all the good things you want in life.

I'll show you how to read your Large Self's guidance.

I'll give you an "Instrument Panel" that, like a GPS show you how to navigate. It's really incredibly accurate - so much more reliable than signs and symbols.

When your inner hearing, seeing, and direct knowing opens up, your guidance gets clearer and more specific as you go along this joyful path. Signs pale against your own inner knowing once you're awakened to it.

The synchronicities that happen won't be cryptic signs like 1111, they'll be practical and useful to you. People, circumstances, and opportunities line up in front of you. You'll know what's going on and what to do.

Your Large Self guides and directs you.
Life gets really good.


Transparent curtain revealing a beautiful nighttime scene1111 synchronicity

Yes, I see 11:11 and recurring numbers. But I learned that the numbers themselves are not signs that "this is my true love," or "buy this stock" - they are simply synchronicity in action. 

Synchronicity is the interconnectedness of all things. The Universe was simply telling us, "If I can orchestrate 1111's showing up for you, just imagine what else I can orchestrate, just for you!"

When you see 1111 recurring, it's so you'll notice that there is synchronicity orchestrating everything. That there are forces at work beyond the physical world as most people know it. 1111’s spiritual meaning is that it gets you to pay attention to synchronicity.

numbers are not the destination.
Numbers are not even a reliable way to get there. 

For important life decisions, you want specific and clear guidance from your Large Self. Numbers and outer signs might pop up to say, "Hey, listen within!" but 1111's alone are not enough to guide your important life decisions. 

Frequently asked questions about 1111

What is 1111's purpose?

  • Synchronicity says, "If 11:11 can show up repeatedly, just imagine what other astounding things the universe can line up for you. Wake up to the non-physical world!"
  • Once you open to your Large Self's guidance, you are lined up directly with who and what you need. You won't need to chase or decipher frustratingly cryptic number clues like 1111.
  • 11:11's are invitations to get on a path that works, that gets you in the synchronistic flow of life. Being consciously in the flow frees you from seeking, struggling with money, family, love, work, health, and other worries. In the flow of Grace, you are carried.

How do 1111's open me to the Non-Physical?

  • 11:11s point to enormous Non-Physical forces waiting to help you -- especially your own Large Self; the invisible world you aren't seeing; powerful alternate realities that are possible for you; possibilities you can't quite yet see, but that you can tap into.
  • 11:11 sightings invite you to step through the portal into a new reality, where specific guidance from the Non-Physical realm is clear to you--not hidden in cryptic signs.
  • They invite you to get in sync with the Divine matrix that orchestrates everything effortlessly... to know that life is never random.
  • Your Large Self is your eternal, non-physical guide to all you want and need.

Is 1111 sometimes a warning sign?

1111 in itself is not a warning sign. That is pure spiritual superstition.

People write silly things on the Internet. But here's a practical warning: don't ever make important decisions based on 1111, other recurring numbers, numerology, or anything but your own inner guidance.

I can give you the tools to tap into your own inner guidance, from your Large Self.

How do I avoid the 1111 myths?

  • Figuring out signs and riddles is a dead end. Learn to connect inside, direct to Source.
  • Some say you need to learn the meaning of each recurring number, or ask your angels about them. Not true. Direct guidance needs no signs, angels, or numbers.
  • Numerology is one of many distractions out there that keeps you dependent on others for guidance.
  • Numerologynever liberates you. Look around. Have you ever seen anyone reach spiritual bliss or life mastery by numerology? I haven't.

Is metaphysical truth complicated?

No. The truth is simple, and you can tap into it directly. You want your own inner guidance. Divine Openings opens that Portal and you begin. There’s no need to seek and search for the “significance of 11 11” or wonder about 1111’s “spiritual meaning” once you have access to metaphysical truth in the form of your own inner guidance.

Can I stop seeking elusive answers?

  • YES! You live your life NOW and you keep evolving forever - but there won't be any desperate seeking anymore!
  • The mind's constant mental noise stops. Deep knowing flows from within.
  • Be honest with yourself: you're still seeking, or you wouldn't be here. Now the question is: Will you seek for the rest of your life? Or get on this path that works, and let it transform your life? We warmly invite you to the best part of your life.

Will I always need these 11:11 sightings?

  • No, they'll just be fun winks from the Universe! 
  • 11:11 isn't the highway, it's just a signpost that says, "Take the entrance ramp to your journey."
  • Once you're on the highway, flying along in the fast lane, with the exhilarating wind in your hair, 11:11's job is done. Numbers and clues aren't needed anymore. Once you open up you don't need numbers, readings, angels, etc.
  • Once you're living beyond fear, lack, and limitation--once you're living a more joyful, peaceful, prosperous, secure, expansive, love-filled life, you won't need 11:11's "enter here" sign anymore. If you see 11:11's after that, you smile a knowing smile and say, "hello, old friend!"

1111 Spiritual Meaning

The main significance of 1111 is that it gets you to look for spiritual answers, beyond the physical. Now you're here, and Divine Openings turns on your own inner guidance, helps you find everything you're looking for, not seek forever. A better life keeps unfolding without hard work and processing. Life gets great.

We know.... that's a big promise. We back it up.

What other gifts do 11:11's bring?

  • 11:11's get you curious about what's beyond the physical world. But it's up to you to choose a path that actually works, like Divine Openings™.
  • 11:11's and other signs expand your mind so you can eventually wrap your head around more miraculous things to come.
  • 11:11's lead you to soul family, like the community on this site. If you associate with seekers who are stuck on the hamster wheel of seeking, it holds you back. 

I'm tired of seeking. How do I turn on my own inner guidance?

Here's what made the difference for me. I made a firm decision: this is IT -- no more seeking--I'm sick of seeking and trying things that don't work!

I'm going to learn to go within and experience what is real, true, and valuable. Make that decision. Your journey can begin here.

11:11 is a hint you have given yourself as a reminder

11:11 invites you to leave your old reality behind. When you see 11:11, it's an invitation for you to find a path within yourself. To let go of relying on the outer. What you are really looking for goes beyond the capacity of your limited mind.

Surfing the net speeds you up and gets you scattered. Sit up tall. Take a deep breath, breathe it down into your root chakra at the base of your torso. Drop deep down into your own center and feel into this:

11:11 is like a hidden treasure...

  • to activate your memory of who you are when you're ready.

  • to wake you up from the dream of limitation, confusion, and lack.

  • so you can live life as the Larger Self that you really are.

Graphics of numbersThere are so many methods and paths out there

Please choose a path that really leads you to your inner wisdom. Not one that keeps you dependent on signs.

Any system that asks you to give your power away to outside forces is not a path to empowerment. It's a crutch that cripples you. Astrology, numerology, and complicated esoteric processes amuse the mind, but they don't lead to enlightenment. Ever.

Yes, 11:11 is a number, but numerology is a distraction that leads you away from your own power. Even angels should point you to the power in you, not be a crutch that you have to consult forever. The point is to discover and rely upon your deepest self -- where all the answers are.

Once you awaken your inner guidance you may still see 1111 sometimes, like I do. I just see it as a sweet hello from an old friend.

Lola JonesLola Jones - International best-selling author and spiritual teacher

I'm Lola Jones, international best-selling author and spiritual teacher. I used to be a frustrated perpetual seeker too -- but no more. I found my happy, successful life in 2006, and now my work is helping you and other sincere seekers to create yours. Now you can become a finder instead of a seeker.

I have always had the gift to transform lives, but since I spent 21 days in complete silence in 2006, this has hugely expanded. I reconnected with my many past lives a priestess, shaman, medicine woman, healer, oracle, and all that ability returned to me. 

If you're energy sensitive you'll detect the energy of all of the worlds' seven major spiritual traditions in my work. It comes through to help you as needed.

I've helped transform lives in 150+ countries with my spiritual work, Divine Openings™. As people excitedly shared with their friends and family what Divine Openings™ did for them, it spread all over the world, reaching 150 countries.

But recently, many more people are finding us as they search for clues after seeing 11:11. They want to know why are they seeing 11:11 so often, and what it means.

Divine Openings is a path of ease and joy that always directs you to your own infinite power within. Grace will do 90% of the work for you; the remaining 10% is the development of your conscious mind.

Things are going great in my absence graphicYou must at least read this book

Now that 11:11 has brought you here, Divine Openings can clearly help you with navigating and receiving your own guidance. The foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence by Lola Jones prepares you for a joyful path without any complicated processes and methods whatsoever.

The ten enlightenment initiations in the book literally open you by Grace.

They spark your spiritual awakening, or deepen your enlightenment. They open your third eye, activate dormant DNA, and tap you into "direct knowing" beyond the physical realm, where your Large Self that is sending the messages lives. That Larger Non-Physical You is inviting you to experience more fully who you are, and to claim your full power, peace, happiness, and knowing.

11:11 got you here.
Let it in and begin your new life!

The book gives you direct experiences that deepen your connection with Source. You CAN have spiritual bliss and live happily and successfully on this earth. If you struggle with anything such as lack, debt, confusion, anxiety, depression, fear, relationships, or heartbreak, you'll find soothing and nurturing relief within these pages.

Your vibration will rise higher soon!

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"First, thank you for all you have given me in the last several weeks. Just doing the book has changed my life. I have been so excited about the five-day retreat and riding on the increasing energy wave. And last night I got to meet you for the first time - in an amazing dream where you came and just enveloped me with love."
Nelson, BC, Canada
"You visited me in a dream. Thought that was pretty cool as I'd never had a "Lola dream" before. Man!!!! Soooo many things have been becoming clear to me in that short time. I totally GET that I have been the one creating the speed bumps, the "rocky road", or whatever you call it. That whole victim vibration made it so. It's so obvious now it's hard to believe I didn't see it sooner. And I get how I created the illness too. And how perfect that it went right along with "when you own you created it, you get your power back."
Mary Whitworth
"Worthiness was something I was still "waiting for". Like all I needed to do was just sit still and count the days til some magical butterfly landed on my shoulder and PRESTO....there it is! Never did it occur to me I could just make a decision to be worthy. So lots is happening and I'm sure will keep unfolding for quite some time. I'm sooooo thankful for your time & attention and will keep you updated on how things are going." Love, Frederika
"Thank you for the session yesterday. My sleep last night was the sweetest. I dreamt that I was in the apartment where I lived in my first and very unhappy marriage (which I didn't even mention yesterday). A wall to an adjacent apartment had been opened. You were there and everything was bright and light. You were carrying me around, bouncing me about because you wanted me to laugh... Woke up feeling bathed in honey."
Annapolis, Maryland
"Hi Lola, Every now and again I have some great dreams relating to you and Divine Openings. I think I already sent you a message about the one with a beautiful golden moon with the word Miracle in huge letters across it. Recently I dreamt that I had a new job and whilst struggling with computers and technical equipment you appeared, flicked a switch, showed me a few simple techniques and all was well. Last night I had a dream in which you were leading a fantastic high energy dance class. Your movements and agility were amazing and it has stayed with me, an incentive to get up and groove a little!"
United Kingdom
"I was overcome by this amazing feeling of light "lifting" me from inside, accompanied by the calm knowing that everything I'm experiencing is perfect. Then I heard the (inner) voice of a female, "Download complete". In another longest, most amazing dream, you took me through this very involved Divine Opening process that actually was a big pain in the butt. However, by the end of it I felt amazing and filled with light, and the last thing I remember before waking up was saying "Wow, it's the process, isn't it? It's SO worth it". And you smiled and nodded. So thanks Lola, you seriously rocketh!"
Toggo (musician, before and after a group call he signed up for)
"Recently I dreamt that I had a new job and whilst struggling with computers and technical equipment you appeared, Lola, flicked a switch, showed me a few simple techniques and all was well." Warm wishes,
United Kingdom
"I had been playing craps for about 18 years, was losing more, but couldn't quit. Two days after I signed up for phone sessions with you we went to the casino and I walked over towards the craps table and got a real ecky feeling and had to walk away and couldn't wait to get out of there. I have no desire to go back and when I think about it it's a total turn off. I have tried a lot of things over the years and nothing even comes close to this experience. God Bless you, I am eternally grateful." Listen to his recorded session and hear it from him. His personal details are edited out.
Val (name changed)
Eastern US

Be inspired by the experiences of others



Tara Bella talks about the magic and amazing transformations she has experienced in her life since she started Divine Openings. She had always desired a sense of direct and authentic access to Source which continues to happen for her on this path.


Discover the beautiful surroundings of our retreat location in California. It's the perfect spot to savor this special experience with all senses. Retreat participants talk about the changes Divine Openings caused in their lives.


People around the world report on how Divine Openings has changed their lives in different areas. Complicated things become easy, relationships grow stronger, new business endeavors flourish, inner peace becomes a normal state of being.

Are you ready for the fresh new life 11:11 led you to?

Are you ready to turn on your inner guidance? You can get started right now if you're ready for your life to transform! If Divine Openings is the right path for you, you have lots of information on this page about your next steps. Feel inside of you and see how it feels.

In case you choose a different path, I want to give you some valuable advice: Please choose a path which always directs you to your own inner power and doesn't lead you to give your power away to something or someone else.

Divine Openings taps you into your own guidance.
You won't be seeking for answers outside yourself.
You can live a life full of clarity, awareness, and empowerment.

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Divine Openings reminds of the days when I had a sailboat. I'd set a course, hold my hand lightly on the tiller to steer where I wished to go, and The Presence, like the wind, does the work.
Lola Jones