What Is The Unique Significance of 11:11 for YOU?

What does 11:11 Mean?

Are you seeing 11:11's or other recurring numbers often?

Most important, is there a practical use for it in my life?

Do you often look at the clock when it's 11:11?

Find yourself on the 11th floor at 11:11 a.m., knocking on the door to room 111... and wondering what the heck it means?

And what practical value there is in it?


The complete answer to the meaning of 1111 is here.

higher consciousness teacher, author of online courses, books, retreatsHello and welcome! I'm Lola Jones, international best-selling metaphysical author and teacher.

I'm no longer a struggler or seeker--I'm a finder!

My work, Divine Openings, has not only transformed my life--it's changed lives in 150+ countries. It spread all over the world as people generously shared with their friends and family members about what Divine Openings did for them. 

But recently, hundreds of thousands more are finding us as they search for clues after seeing 11:11.

They want to know why are they seeing 11:11 so often, and what does it mean?


Far more important: what good does it do me to see 11:11?

Why does it matter?
Will it help me?

You arrived here on purpose.
11:11 attracted you here to transform your life.

I've had the gift to transform lives all my life, but it expanded mightily after I spent 21 days in complete silence and solitude in the jungle of India in 2006. You don't need to go to India. People need REAL answers that work RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

I've always helped people in a practical way, so there's no metaphysical mumbo-jumbo here. No angel number hooey that doesn't work. No cryptic riddles.

The answers are HERE.

spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola JonesI invite you to slow down--stop everything. Surfing the net speeds you up and gets you scattered.

Take a big deep breath. Sit up tall. Clear your mind of clutter.

NOW you can hear and feel THE most important message of your life.

This is big. You'll remember this day as a turning point... so put a note in your journal... "While searching for 11:11 I found this website today: Divine Openings.com."

"Thank God for that article you wrote on 1111. That's how I found you on Google!" Julie Daugherty, after attending a life-changing Divine Openings retreat

asking why do I see 1111? what does it mean?It is not complicated.

Here's the simple truth: 11:11's are one of the many clues and devices you planted for yourself...

... to activate your memory of who you are.

... so you can wake up from the dream of limitation, confusion, and lack.

... so you can live life as the Larger Being that you really are.


Before you came to this life, you knew your human adventure would be challenging--even tough at times.

... you knew your perception could get clouded, your vision fogged.

... you knew that the world might suck you down into fear, doubt, and limitation...

... you knew you might feel powerless or lost...

meaning of 1111, Divine Openings by Lola Jones... you knew there'd be distractions, dead ends, delusions and illusions.

But you, wise one, were up for the adventure. You pre-planned ways to wake yourself up again.


A Larger aspect of YOU, a timeless future self,
planted a recognition of 11:11 INSIDE YOU
for when you are ready to wake up.


Turn on your own inner guidance:

Get started with the money-back-guaranteed book!
The life-changing retreat.
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If you're not yet clear, watch some videos. You were led here on purpose.

Article continues after the videos...

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11:11 proves to you the miracle of synchronicity--as if to say, "If these odd numbers can show up repeatedly for me, the universe can line up astounding things for me."

It's just a sample of the synchronicities in store for you, once you learn how to get in the flow of Life.

It's waiting for you to discover it again.

11:11s point to the invisible world you aren't seeing. They point you toward the alternate realities that are possible for you.

But 11:11 isn't the highway, it's just a signpost that says, "Here's the entrance ramp to the highway."

Once you're on the highway, flying along in the fast lane, with the exhilarating wind in your hair, 11:11's job is done. Numbers and clues aren't needed anymore.

Once you're living beyond fear, lack, and limitation--once you're living a more joyful, peaceful, prosperous, secure, expansive, love-filled life, you won't need 11:11's "enter here" sign anymore.

If you see 11:11's after that, you smile a knowing smile and say, "hello, old friend!"

I know--some people say you need to know the meaning of each recurring number, or ask your angels about them.

How has that worked out?

Divine Openings (or any serious path that works) doesn't ask you to figure out obscure riddles or complicated esoteric number games.

Numerology is one of many, many distractions out there that keeps you seeking and dependent on others for guidance. It never liberates you.

Look around. Do you know anyone who was enlightened and liberated from struggle and suffering by numerology? Go by what you see working. Anybody can write a book.

The truth is simple:

You can tap into your own inner guidance.
Divine Openings opens that Portal and you begin.


Tap into own inner guidance:
Get started with the money-back-guaranteed book!
The life-changing retreat.
Online portals for home-study.


11:11 sightings are an invitation to step through the portal into a powerful new reality.

In that new reality, more specific guidance is waiting just for you. It's clear--not hidden in mysterious numbers and cryptic signs.

11:11 is just a "starter message" of "come this way." Then your world changes and you don't need numbers, readings, angels, etc.

If you've tried all those other paths, how did that work out? Be honest with yourself--you're still seeking... or you wouldn't be here.

This is your life hanging in the balance.

Divine Openings is not an airy-fairy path.
It's is the real thing. It all comes down to earth with Divine Openings.

So many people who were desperately seeking answers for decades find us here, and the seeking stops here. Their lives change forever and keep unfolding beautifully--without hard work and processing. Inner guidance opens up. Life gets great.

We know.... that's a big promise.

We back it up.

Divine Openings turns on your own Inner GPS.


Turn on your own inner GPS:
Get started with the money-back-guaranteed book!
The life-changing retreat.
Online portals for home-study.

11:11 was how they found Divine Openings. Once here, we helped them discover what was already inside, waiting to be tapped.... the inner and outer happiness and life fulfillment that was always right here waiting for them.

1111 angels spiritual invitationIt's possible for you, too.


11:11's invite you to leave the old reality of desperate, scattered seeking, with all its confusion, contradictory information, and endless searching for more and more mental answers.

Please don't give your power away to numerology or any complicated esoteric system. What you seek is beyond the capacity of the limited mind, but it is easily and clearly available to you here.

Awakening is a process, but there's a reliable path.

It's here for you right now.

Article continues below....

You've been asking and seeking. The call of 11:11 got you here.

Answer the call!

 Here are Three Ways to Begin the Best Part of Your Life!  

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From a retreat in Germany:


1111 expanation meaning whyHome Study: Begin your awakening,  deepen your current enlightenment, or bring it all more down to earth in practical areas like money, love, relationships, anxiety, depression, health, etc.

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Lola guides you through the 5 Portals of Awakening. Your vibration rises each time you log in.  You learn to tap you into more direct Non-Physical help.

book that explains 1111

If you have money lack get the book: Things Are Going Great In My Absence. This groundbreaking book is an easy, affordable start.

If you struggle with anxiety, depression, fear, or heartbreak, you'll find immediate relief. You'll begin to go higher quite soon.

Where chasing signs and numbers never will help, this book opens you by Grace.

Say yes to the guidance that brought you here, and you're on your way to a new life, beyond your experience. You CAN have spiritual bliss and live happily and successfully on this earth.

You planned it that way before you came here.

Remember, the book won't talk about 11:11 or numerology, because that's all irrelevant after you answer the wakeup call of 1111. Your awakening or deepening is underway the very moment you open this book or step into the Portal 1 Online Course.

Just like you planned it in the Non-Physical before you came here.


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON THE BOOK: We are absolutely positive this book will change your life. Commit to truly using this book regularly for 6 months. You will notice a wonderful difference in your life, or you may return the well-used book, (purchased on this site only,) with your dated receipt from OUR website, for a full refund. Please focus solely on this book for that 6 months. From experience with tens of thousands of people, we see very clearly: doing many spiritual systems confuses and scrambles your energy.

There's nothing to lose and a whole new life to gain.
No one has ever committed to this book for 6 months and asked for a refund!


It's safe to purchase on this SSL protected site.
Payments are handled by a secure payment service,
and we NEVER keep your financial information on this site.

Learn precisely how Divine Openings works

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Continue enjoying the article.....

1111 means power untappedMore on what 11:11 incidents are or do:

  • 11:11's and other signs show you there are enormous, friendly, Non-Physical forces waiting to help you--most importantly: your own Expanded Larger Self!
  • 11:11s usually begin in the early stages of your spiritual path, to wake you up to get on your higher path (you don't have to call it "spiritual", you might call it "expanded consciousness.")
  • 11:11's invite you to notice and get in sync with the Divine matrix that orchestrates everything effortlessly... to know that life is never random.
  • They alert you that dormant circuits within you are ready to be reactivated. Divine Openings™ does this. And it's pretty effortless. Divine Openings works whether people have 11:11 sightings or not.
  • 11:11s are invitations to get in the flow of life, the flow of ease, instead of working on yourself, seeking, struggling with the economy, family, work, health, or other worries. In the flow of Grace, you are carried.
    spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola Jones
  • 11:11's link you with soul family to support each other and enjoy life--like the community on this site. But... if you associate with seekers who aren't "finding it," who are just asking questions and wandering in the dark, that doesn't help you--it can actually hold you back.

Associate with finders, not seekers!

  • 11:11's get you seeking awakening. Divine Openings™ actually works.
  • 11:11's and other signs expand your mind just a bit so you can eventually wrap your head around the much more miraculous things to come with Divine Openings.

11:11 led you here!

Some paths take lifetimes. Fortunately Divine Openings doesn't--you can begin to have dramatically expanded consciousness, insights, guidance, revelations, and miraculous experiences within weeks or months. Total beginners actually progress faster, because their heads are NOT already filled with metaphysical cliches, misinformation, and confused mixes of other paths. If your an addictive seeker, just drop all that for a year and see what happens with Divine Openings.

Choose your path deliberately. Your choices determine your trajectory and progress in this life. It can be clear, rapid and joyful--or vague, endless and frustrating. Which do you choose?

Choose this new fork in the road.
Change your life forever.


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"I remember seeing 11:11 for the first time on a digital clock, many years ago, and having a sense that it was special. My college roommate and I used to delight in observing that it was the most symmetrical time. Back then I was a seeker, and I actually found a book about 11:11 that I hoped would give me "the answers." Instead what I got was more confusion. Through Divine Openings I have realized that the significance of 11:11 is in its reflection back to me of my own power and wisdom. I still delight in seeing it, knowing that I created those reminders for myself. Suzanne Eder, Delaware

"I was a long-time seeker, and it was hard for me to let in the ease of Divine Openings at first. My life has transformed since then. If you have big life struggles, we know it can be hard to imagine from that place that the answers are within you. When you're ready, I can help you open the space to receive it all. Visit my page for info." Melinda, Certified Divine Openings Guide

"Your book found its way magically to me. Somebody left it in our hospital waiting room. Lola you helped me to help myself. That’s so great!!!! Divine Openings is the best that's happened in my life. Since then, I am unfolding constantly, sometimes quickly sometimes slower in every part of my life. I'm doing my music again... performing! I spend time in Bali. All I want comes to me. Being a happy woman now, my heart opens everyday more and more. Being very grateful,  Much love, Sabine Faast, Munich, Germany

"Hi Lola!! I froze at your mentioning 11:11.  I thought I was the only one!  I have been telling different close friendships about it.  Even boyfriends house numbers. And just anything adding up to 11 or 111, so that's 3 ones. Or 1110 or 10:11 or my son calling from Australia yesterday at 01100100000. The One is everywhere....Thank you for your article, my 6 year mystery is finally explained. Love to you and your team" Cappi Vonmeijenfeldt,  Bozeman, Montana (Cappi went on to transform her life dramatically, and is now a Divine Openings Guide helping others find their own power within.)

"Lola, I am so happy to have you in our lives. Your message is spreading like warm fire here." Anita and Ulrich, Guides in Austria

spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola Jones

If you're not yet clear, read on, feel it, tap in more deeply. If you have trouble feeling your guidance, once you read this book--you will soon get clear guidance, not just vague signs and clues.

Enjoy a Video:

New Visitors: You can get started right now if you're ready for your life to transform in a big way.

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Then there's no wondering. You'll know!

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Divine Openings helps you very clearly navigate and receive guidance once the 11:11 gets you here. Lola Jones's book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, lays out the path step by enjoyable step.

It's not supposed to be complicated! Here's one of the tools you'll enjoy using as your vibration rises higher and higher, and results start to show up in your life:


meaning of 1111 signsThe meaning of 11:11 changes for you as you evolve from early awakening to a deeper knowing of yourself, and on into enlightenment. 11:11's often cease as direct knowing, wisdom, and other gifts and abilities appear.

The early message of 11:11 is something like this: "Notice how miraculously orchestrated Life is!  If Life can orchestrate this little recurring number just for you, imagine how it can orchestrate your entire life, once you know how to get in that flow that orchestrates everything."

1111 numerologyWhat about numerology? We advise you to studiously avoid any system or path that asks you to give your power away to numerology, astrology, complicated esoteric processes, aliens, or any force or power outside yourself--even angels.

Yes, 11:11 is a number, but numerology is a complete distraction that will never help you own your power. Even angels should point you to the power in you, not require that you consult them regularly. The point is always to discover and rely upon your deepest self--where all the answers are.

The answers 11:11 calls you toward are inside of you, and have been there all along, waiting for your awakening. Once you're tapped in to your own guidance--life and daily choices get crystal clear.

spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola JonesWith Divine Openings, the messages are not hidden or encoded.

11:11's are the invitation, Divine Openings gives you the actual Keys to open the Portals.

Divine Openings gives you a clear
and simple guide to tapping in,
not just some vague clues
or mysterious signs.


best classic spiritual book

This book literally "works on you."

It opens you, actively causes spiritual awakening, or deepens your current enlightenment.

It opens your third eye, activates dormant DNA, and taps you into "direct knowing" beyond the physical realm, where the aspect of you sending the messages lives.

The Larger Non-Physical You is inviting you to experience more fully who you are, and to claim your full power, peace, and knowing.

Answer the call of 1111!


11:11 got you here.

Let it in and begin.


Learn precisely how Divine Openings works

"Thank you so much for sharing GRACE! I found you because I see 11:11 on the clock twice daily. I finally ordered your book after a month of this magnetism pulling me towards it. I have only read about two sections and I can feel my life changing already! I had the best rest I ever had in my life. It was blissful! So much that I was late starting dinner for my family!!! I'm trying to go through the book slowly as you recommend, but I am so thirsty for the grace. Thank you for coming into my life! Is it weird that I hear your voice talking to me throughout the day? May grace always be in you... Can't wait to meet you someday soon!" Tamar Habeeb

Things Are Going Great In My Absence guides you step by step on the journey 11:11 is calling you to. There are profound gifts waiting for you, far beyond the 11:11, and with this book you don't have to trudge through years of seeking and trying to figure out vague clues and signs. Begin the journey of a lifetime right now.



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with Lola Jones


The power is within YOU.
Always was--always will be.

The 11:11 is just to get your attention and point you to it.


Yes! Our "small selves" can hold us back with excuses, limits, and doubts. The mind wants to stay in control and keep you spinning in circles of seeking but never finding. It wants to keep you on the hamster wheel of endless seeking rather than focusing on one thing that works.

Don't let your mind lead. YOU lead.

Don't let your resistance keep you from getting started right now.

But be aware, your mind wants you to leave here right now and forget about this, so it stays in control. If you at least get the book right now, you're on your way.

spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola JonesMONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON THE BOOK: We are absolutely positive this book will change your life. Commit to truly using this book regularly for 6 months. You will notice a wonderful difference in your life, or you may return the well-used book, (purchased on this site only,) with your dated receipt, for a full refund. Please focus solely on this book for that 6 months. With experience with tens of thousands of people, we see very clearly: doing many spiritual systems confuses your energy.

There's nothing to lose and a whole new life to gain.

Awaken to the Larger You, a larger life, and be in the flow of the coming changes on the planet--soar rather than struggle into the Aquarian age. The best news is that it's not necessary to learn complicated metaphysical stuff or spend your entire life seeking, cleansing, clearing, and healing--that route can take you lifetimes, and that's probably not your preference.

Divine Openings takes you straight there by Grace. This wondrous new life begins with the book: Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting

As you heed the call and claim your inner power you don't need any signs outside yourself, you're empowered. That's the goal of Divine Openings, not to keep you dependent on signs, or us.

"...my first experience after my 1st Divine Opening from the book: I live in the UK, just a mum of four children.....nothing special. I started reading ‘Things Are Going Great In My Absence’ last night, and received my first Divine Opening from it. Went to sleep next to my partner who for four days has had a really painful infection in his jaw and tooth. Anyway he woke me up around 3am telling me that if he touches my skin (and especially my head), his pain level drops by about half! He kept testing it out by touching me and then letting go (about 12 times, he did this) to see if he was just imagining it. It actually works, even this morning he kept trying it out and can't work out 1111 meaning significance teacherwhy it's happening LOL. I told him what I had read whilst he was asleep and he is so shocked that he has offered to send me on one of your retreats." Thank you so much, Kindest Regards, Kim Wootton, United Kingdom


Learn more about the book that takes you on an exciting journey far beyond seeing 11:11 and signs. Get out of seeking, struggle, and suffering--to joy, ease, and begin creating the life you want. After you read it you'll get your answers from within.spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola Jones


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Our mission is to help you outgrow the need for signs, and become more directly tapped into your inner power. The best news is you don't need to learn numerology, names of angels, do any complicated rituals, search for magic formulas, magic numbers, magic potions, study complicated, esoteric, secret keys, or visit power spots for "the answers". (Those will actually distract, delay, and ultimately disempower you.) Divine Openings is a simple path of joy and ease to fulfill your heart's deepest desires, claim YOUR power, and know the answers that are within you.


1111Enter the Portal from 11:11
to an Amazing Life

Curious about
what Divine Openings has to offer you? This recent podcast aired on BBS in the UK on a program called "Paradigm Shifters." Veronica Entwistle interviews Donna Wetterstrand, a former Divine Openings mentor. It's a great introduction to Divine Openings and the life-changing possibilities that come from expanding into who you really are.


Click here to listen to the audio


significance 1111 meaning why do I see 111

When you accept the invitation of 11:11, you can quite quickly catapult out of any suffering, struggle, and tiresomely-endless seeking of the chaotic old paradigm, and soar into the light of the Aquarian Age with ease and Grace. As awakening opens up your perception, you see, feel, and know more of what is real. You begin to experience ease and flow, things showing up when you need them, being at One with your deepest, most joyful, Large Self.

You can't do it with your limited mind, so step by step, Divine Openings™ takes you experientially through the portal, and onto the joy-filled path. Divine Openings it works on your whole life, without perpetually processing and working on yourself, and without complicated metaphysics.


Life just works better, because it is designed to work for you
once you know how to get out of the way and go with the flow.

The 11:11 is there to get your attention
and lead you to the power within YOU.

Say yes, and begin!


spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola JonesWe'll give you the shortcuts, help you avoid all the obstacles and dead ends. You see, seekers can get stuck in seeking, or mistake the signs (the messengers) for the message. It's all too easy to make a sign mean something it doesn't. Seeing 11:11 on a date with a new person does not mean "they're the one." Seeing $11.11 when looking at stocks doesn't mean you should invest. So how do you know?

Divine Openings shows you precisely how to tune up your built-in Instrument Panel (which you may have lost touch with as a child) and learn how to read and interpret signs, but more importantly, your inner guidance, accurately. You already have this innate capacity, but have been trained out of it by society, have lost it, or forgotten it.

The "glamour" of magical signs can distract you from the more important destinations the signs point you to: to tap into your greater self, awaken, open up your heart, and get your life on a path of joyful evolution (not endless working on yourself. Once you learn to accurately read your Instrument Panel, you can experience "direct knowing from within," even when others are confused or struggling with the economy, health, relationships, or other challenges.

A person vibrating high will interpret most signs with a positive slant, but people who are vibrating in fear patterns might interpret 11:11 as something ominous, because that matches their own vibration of fear. That's the problem with human interpretations, they're always filtered through our beliefs and habits of thinking. Anyone in a fear pattern will naturally find their thoughts turning to bad news or more reasons to be in fear--that's Law Of Attraction. When you're vibrating high, above confusion and fear, you'll enjoy your signs and use them productively, or just wink back at God and laugh.
We were laughing
just as I finished this article, because it was 11:11. Since Divine Openings opened me up, I do music, art and almost every kind of creative endeavor you can imagine as part of my work. The song my producer in another city was editing came out to 11 minutes, and he finished his task at 11:11 too. He's a spiritual newcomer who just left an old paradigm religion, and he's waking up to direct contact with Source.
Because I've been "home with lights on" for some time now, and I just don't have the big questions or problems anymore, signs for me are pure amusement, little winks from God.

online spiritual courses

I have such a humorous relationship with my Large Self, or Expanded Self, that it does all kinds of other odd and miraculous things all the time just to amuse me. I think about or mention something I need, and it shows up instantly, or within a day or two. One of my favorite old white hens had hardly any feathers, and then was fully feathered and beautiful again the next day. My computer breaks, then fixes itself. The Presence causes things to disappear and then reappear. I mention a place and then three other people mention the same place within hours.

That's synchronicity--being in the flow of life. 11:11 is an invitation to learn how to dive in and relax into that flow. There's no mystery in it after Divine Openings. You know.

You are where you are,
so begin here where you are,
and enjoy the amazing ride this life can be.


spiritual healing lotus, Divine Openings by Lola JonesAnswer the call of 11:11 NOW!

You've been asking, you've been praying. 11:11 has been answering you, offering.... Just say yes and get started. Enter a new, more joyful and expanded reality and get started on the most exciting time of your life. Stop merely seeking and get moving productively and in practical ways toward your awakening.  

best classic spiritual bookHow to get started:  Most people start with the book.

  • Others want more support and a big, powerful launch, so they come to a live, mind-blowing, life-transforming spiritual retreat with Lola right away, and read the book while preparing for the retreat.
  • At-home study is easy with the online retreat course with its many audios and videos of Lola teaching.
  • Portal from 11:11 to an Amazing Life small group coaching series by master spiritual mentor, Donna Wetterstrand. She's living it and has the gift to light up and tune in others.



Learn all about Divine Openings and how it works.

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Please comment and share your own experiences in our blog.

AS of yet I do not have many like minded individuals in my life so I felt
this was a great place to share.  I know wonderful new friends are coming
into my life as this was one of the first requests I asked my Guides for at
the very beginning of Lola's book.

I bought Lola's book Things are going Great in MY Absence in November 2014.

Since my late 20's I have seen 1:11 or 11:11 I am now 45.  In the beginning
it was very random and mostly seen on the clocks.  Back then I recognized
the fact I was drawn to these numbers but did not think much of it. I would
always just go hmmmm, there it is again.  Now over the last 8 years I know
that it has a  personal meaning for me when I see 1:11 no coincidences I
feel  Angels are giving me a little nudge to be mindful and they are just
letting me know they are here to help watch over and guide me.  Over the
last year I see 1:11 and 11:11 many times through out the day.  It comes in
fun unexplainable ways now not just through the clock.  My most favorite
1:11 experience was when I was using my digital camera at 6 a.m. one
morning.  My camera has a time shown of photo taken when I upload to the
computer.  I had taken about 20 pictures of my dogs between 6 a.m. And 6:20
a.m.  When I uploaded the pictures on my computer later that day 5 pictures
came through with the time 1:11 :-) were as the rest would say 6:02, 6:04 etc
Made me smile as I could not explain logically to anyone about this. Deep
down I knew the message was for me.

This leads me to how I found Lola on the Internet  The day after my photo
1:11 experience  I decided for fun to type in 1:11 on my search engine and
Lola's book title Things Are Going Great in My Absence came up.  I went to
her Website looked around a bit and was filled with EXCITEMENT and drawn to
purchase the book.  I of course LOVED reading that the seeking was over it's
not work etc to increase your vibration and have a stronger connection with

I had a lot of fear in the past I was able to communicate with my higher
self yet had a LOT of fear surrounding this on certain occasions.  Only at
night time  I would see and feel dark energy sometimes when I tried on my
own to connect with my all loving Spirit.  Just before I went to sleep some
nights I have what comes to mind like an old movie from the 1900's like a
projector of those old movie real's and faces of people young old, all color
that I have never met before pass along in my minds eye before I fall a
sleep.  I did not find this disturbing I thought everyone saw this before
sleep.  I have asked a few people and they do not.  So, in relation to the
visions I have no idea what that is about.

My fear has gone away now as I realize that it is JUST ME that was creating
this fear.  I have been a SEEKER for most of my life so this has led me to
reading a lot of books in the past about how to connect to my guides, asking
for protection, be careful not to attract the dark energies etc and as you
already know from Lola's book there is NOTHING to fear :-)  So, I AM now

I have been Blessed to have communication with my father days after he left
this world.  I was just laying quietly in my living room and all of a sudden
I heard a clicking noise coming from a powered picture frame that I had.
The photo frame was the kind that  you upload photos and they slowly change
pictures about every 30 seconds. The screen had gone black, no pictures
appearing just a soft click.   When I realized were the clicking noise was
coming from my mind became very quite and I immediately said, Hi Dad.  You
see after he passed I asked Spirit if they would help us to have a chat from
the other side and I would know through a photo appearing randomly that in
that moment he would be here. What a Blessing to have it through something
electronic to REALLY get my attention.  My body was was tingling and I could
not move.  The communication was that of Forgiveness and Peace that came to
me.  My dad now was ALL KNOWING had seen how is actions in the physical
world had affected me on a Soul level.  Yet, we were both in such a loving
moment. That was all I felt... a very deep love.. No sadness, resentments etc
NONE of that mattered.  His personality was strong and I saw him as a young
man.  The picture frame stopped clicking and stopped working at all after
our connection.  I gather the higher frequency broke it, ha-ha.

So back to Lola's book.  I started reading her book in the beginning of
November devouring each word as I knew this was were I needed to be in that
moment.  I would have read it in a few hours because I wanted Peace and Joy
NOW!!! Hahaha It is a GOOD THING she mentions GO SLOW.  With My very first
Devine Opening I had a physical experience.  I mindlessly looked over the
art work for the 2 minutes and once done as asked closed my eyes and just
rested peacefully.  Within 2 minutes of having my eyes closed I received a
JOLT full body movement. I would describe it as when sometimes just before
you go to sleep you get a whole body twitch.  Yet, I was NOT falling asleep
at all.   After the JOLT I continued to just lay quietly and after about 20
minutes fell into a deep sleep.  I did not go through any emotional
experiences over the 7 days that I waited to do the next opening.

One week later I continued reading and went through the second Divine
opening experience.  In this phase for me feelings started to come out a lot
of anger.  I was feeling hurt and frustration towards the smallest actions
of some that are involved in my life.  A lot of hurt, sadness and anger
towards my stepfather and my brother.  I HAD a difficult relationship with
my step father ever since the first day he came on the scene when I was 11
years old.  He was an alcoholic, controlling, anger person.  He still is.
Yet, I had the GREATEST Blessings happen around the 3rd week of November.  I
LET GO of all the resentments and anger I had towards him.  I know only have
room in my heart for Love and Compassion and I told him this just before
Christmas.  WOW what a feeling to feel FREE and at Peace.  Letting go of
what no longer serves me now in regards to our relationship has allowed me
to move forward and to continue with the flow of lie and OPEN UP to all that
is LOVE.

I had also struggled with my brother as he is a  Born Again Christian  and
his personal belief system is I am going to hell after my  physical life if
I do not ask Jesus to save me.  I "KNOW" for me this is not truth.  My
brother has chose not to seek a relationship with me.  He chooses to
surround himself with those of his Church.  Before the 2nd Devine opening I
carried a lot of hurt and sadness because I very much wanted to have a
closer relationship with my brother and only felt rejection after we would
speak on the phone or he would make some excuse when turning down a dinner
invitation.  We live 5 minutes away and he never reaches out to me  Yet
every time I reached out to him he was not interested.  After the 2nd Devine
Awaking my experience towards my brother at first was constant chatter about
the situation giving the relationship a lot of negative power only to
continue leaving me to feel sad. After the 2nd Devine Opening  I no longer
FEEL rejection hurt or sadness.  I am at a place of peace realizing my self
worth has nothing to do with those outside my self that do not wish to be
involved in my life.  My journey in this Life will continue to be filled
with Joy and Peace.

So I had done the 1st & 2nd opening within a week of each other and then I
had walked away from the book for 1 month.  So with my initial eagerness of
wanting to get this done fast to "hmm, why I haven't I picked up the book
again?  Why do I seem to have lost interest?" I now SEE I needed exactly that
much time to move and let go of what no longer serves me.  I also have a
HUGE awareness of how things that trouble me seem to fall away quickly,
the do not matter.  Of course the BIGGEST experiences were letting go of a
lifetime of resentment and in doing so I am now living in Gratitude and
experiencing joyful moments on a daily basis.

I received a reply from an email I sent to my sister in law 3 days ago.  She
had signed off by saying, Grace and Peace.  I never understood what Grace
was and every time I looked it up on the net it would bring my to religious
place quoting scripture from the Bible that open yourself up and give
yourself to Jesus.  So this brings me to my present moment.  Yesterday I had
a quiet nudge saying you are ready to proceed with Lola's book.

Imagine my surprise when this chapter is about opening up to receive GRACE.
Ask and you shall receive.  I read some of the book last night and I new I
was tired so I left the experience of viewing the Solstice art work for this
morning.  This morning I was wide awake at 2 a.m.  All was quite and I
opened myself up to Grace.  I laid quietly for 45 minutes.  I then got up
and decided to look further in Lola's  website.  I then felt led to send you
this email.

I send you love and light and feel Blessed to have come across Lola's book I
AM excited to continue to increase my connection with my higher self.

So as my sister in law says AND now I understand what it means to me."

Peace and Grace,
Cori Kirkby

Get the foundational book that started it all, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.