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What does 11:11 mean? Why do I see 11:11? Practical significance of 11:11? It is not about love.

Is 11:11 a practical sign, warning, or spiritual message?

What's the significance of seeing 11:11? Why do I see 1111?

Do you often look at the clock when it's 11:11? What is 1111 telling you? 
Caution: it does NOT mean a true love match, or a hot stock to buy!

Is 1111 a warning sign?

What is the unique meaning of 11:11 for YOU?

People in over 150 countries have found this website by sheer Grace for 15 years, or after friends shared how Divine Openings™ had changed their lives. Recently, even more people have found us while seeking answers about 11:11's true, practical meaning.

What's the meaning of 11:11 and other recurring numbers?

Read this before you decide what recurring numbers mean for you, and especially before you take any action on 1111!


Do you often see 1111 or similar numbers? Do you often look at the clock when it's 11:11? Do you get important phone calls at exactly 11:11? Has it happened to you that you were on the 11th floor and needed to go to room number 111? Or do you see cars with license plates including 11 or 111?


Here, you'll find the real answers, free of superstition, spiritual myth, or complication. This page and the video on the left give you practical information about 1111, why you see 1111, and - if you chose to follow your guidance - how to lead the empowered life 1111 is pointing you to!

draw back the curtains

1111 is a symbol for synchronicity and clear guidance

Sightings of 11:11 and other recurring numbers are a symbol of synchronicity. You are looking for something, and suddenly it is there, or you get a hint that leads you exactly to what you were looking for. 

When you increasingly notice 1111 or other recurring numbers, it is a sign meaning you are ready to open up for the wonderful possibilities that synchronicity can bring into your life. This type of synchronicity or miraculous appearance becomes quite normal when you get in tune with the flow of life.

There are lots of explanations for 11:11 on the Internet, but hardly any information about what you can do with it in your practical life. And if there are practical suggestions, they are usually complicated processes or tedious tasks, such as numerology - which are really not necessary to live a fulfilled and happy life. 

Many people seek answers on the Internet that can really only be found within themselves. The stillness deep inside of you is the bridge to your own intuition, direct insight, and the understanding of how everything is connected. Suddenly, the frustrating, incessant seeking for answers simply disappears -- and everything becomes clear.

Spiritual and personal development does not require hard work, constant seeking, processing of the past, or analyzing feelings mentally. If you have questions, the answers will come to you freely from your own inside in this whole new reality.

Frequently asked questions about 1111

What does 1111 show us?
  • Synchronicity shows you that if 11:11 can show up repeatedly, just imagine what other astounding things the universe can line up for you. It's a preview of even more profound and powerful synchronicities ahead.
  • Divine Openings makes synchronicities commonplace. Once you learn how to get in the flow of Life, you are lined up with who and what you need.
  • 11:11s are invitations to get on a path that works, that gets you in synchronistic flow of life. That flow frees you from seeking, struggling with money, family, love, work, health, and other worries. In the flow of Grace, you are carried.
How do 1111's open me to the Non-Physical?
  • 11:11s point to enormous Non-Physical forces waiting to help you--especially your own Large Self; the invisible world you aren't seeing; powerful alternate realities that are possible for you; possibilities you can't quite yet see, but that you can tap into.
  • 11:11 sightings invite you to step through the portal into a new reality, where specific guidance from the Non-Physical realm is clear to you--not hidden in cryptic signs.
  • They invite you to get in sync with the Divine matrix that orchestrates everything effortlessly... to know that life is never random.
Is 1111 sometimes a warning sign?

1111 in itself is not a warning sign. Please don't ever succumb to spiritual superstition. But here's a practical warning: don't ever make important decisions based on 1111, other recurring numbers, numerology, or any outside input. Learn how to tap into your own inner guidance, from your Large Self.

How do I avoid the 1111 myths?
  • Life doesn't need you to figure out riddles. You learn to connect inside, direct to Source.
  • Some say you need to learn the meaning of each recurring number, or ask your angels about them. Not true. Direct guidance needs no signs or numbers.
  • Numerology is one of many distractions out there that keeps you dependent on others for guidance. It never liberates you. Look around. See anyone freed from struggle and suffering by numerology?
Is metaphysical truth complicated?

No. The truth is simple, and you can tap into it directly.
You want your own inner guidance.
Divine Openings opens that Portal and you begin.

Can I stop seeking elusive answers?
  • YES! You live your life NOW and you keep evolving forever - but there won't be any desperate seeking anymore!
  • The mind's constant mental noise stops. Deep knowing flows from within.
  • Be honest with yourself: you're still seeking, or you wouldn't be here. Now the question is: Will you seek for the rest of your life? Or get on this path that works, and let it transform your life? We warmly invite you to the best part of your life.
Will I always need these 11:11 sightings?
  • No! 11:11 is just an awakening prompt to "come this way."
  • 11:11 isn't the highway, it's just a signpost that says, "Take the entrance ramp to your journey here."
  • Once you're on the highway, flying along in the fast lane, with the exhilarating wind in your hair, 11:11's job is done. Numbers and clues aren't needed anymore. Once you open up you don't need numbers, readings, angels, etc.
  • Once you're living beyond fear, lack, and limitation--once you're living a more joyful, peaceful, prosperous, secure, expansive, love-filled life, you won't need 11:11's "enter here" sign anymore. If you see 11:11's after that, you smile a knowing smile and say, "hello, old friend!"
How are 11:11's a spiritual sign?

11:11 gets you to look for spiritual answers, beyond the physical. Now you're here, and Divine Openings turns on your own inner guidance, helps you find everything you're looking for, not seek forever. A better life keeps unfolding without hard work and processing. Life gets great. 

We know.... that's a big promise. We back it up.

What other gifts do 11:11's bring?
  • 11:11's get you curious about what's beyond the physical world. But it's up to you to choose a path that actually works, like Divine Openings™.
  • 11:11's and other signs expand your mind so you can eventually wrap your head around more miraculous things to come.
  • 11:11's lead you to soul family, like the community on this site. If you associate with seekers who are stuck on the hamster wheel of seeking, it holds you back. 
I'm tired of seeking. How do I turn on my own inner guidance?

Here's what made the difference for me. Before my 21 days of silence I made a firm decision: this is IT--no more seeking--I'm sick of seeking!
Then choose a way to begin.

The simple truth is: 11:11 is a hint you have given yourself as a reminder

11:11 invites you to leave your old reality behind. When you see 11:11, it's an invitation for you to let go of the tedious seeking for mental answers and contracting information. What you are looking for goes beyond the capacity of your limited mind. Surfing the net speeds you up and gets you scattered at the same time. Take a deep breath and sit up tall. Clear your mind of all the confusing thoughts, and feel deeply into your own center while reading the following.

11:11 is like a hidden treasure...

  • to activate your memory of who you are.

  • so you can wake up from the dream of limitation, confusion, and lack.

  • so you can live life as the Larger Self that you really are.

Before you came to this life you knew:

  • your human adventure would be challenging, even tough at times.

  • your perception could get clouded, your vision fogged.

  • the world might suck you down into fear, doubt, and limitation.

  • you might feel powerless or lost.

  • there'd be distractions, dead ends, delusions, and tricky illusions.

But you, wise one, were up for the adventure.

You pre-planned ways to wake yourself up again. You knew you'd recognize the teacher, book, or path when you saw it.

A Larger aspect of YOU, a timeless future self,
planted a recognition of 11:11 INSIDE YOU
for when you are ready to wake up.

numerology doesn't lead to enlightenment

What about numerology?

We advise you to avoid any system or path that asks you to give your power away: numerology, astrology, complicated esoteric processes, aliens, or any force or power outside yourself -- even angels. Those things amuse the mind, but don't lead to enlightenment. Ever.

Yes, 11:11 is a number, but numerology is a distraction that will never lead you to your own power. Even angels should point you to the power in you, not require that you consult them regularly or forever. The point is always to discover and rely upon your deepest self -- where all the answers are.

Lola Jones spiritual mastery teacher

Lola Jones - International best-selling author and spiritual teacher

I'm Lola Jones, international best-selling author and spiritual teacher. I used to be a frustrated perpetual seeker too -- but no more. I found my happy, successful life in 2006, and now my work is helping you and other sincere seekers to create yours. Now you can become a finder instead of a seeker.

I have always had the gift to transform lives, but since I spent 21 days in complete silence in 2006, this has hugely expanded. I experienced a constant and fast evolution, but thank goodness there is no more seeking! All answers come directly from my inner guidance.

I've helped transform lives in 150+ countries with my spiritual work, Divine Openings™. As people excitedly shared with their friends and family what Divine Openings™ did for them, it spread all over the world, reaching 150 countries. 

But recently, many more people are finding us as they search for clues after seeing 11:11. They want to know why are they seeing 11:11 so often, and what it means.

Divine Openings is a path of ease and joy that always directs you to your own infinite power within. Grace will do 90% of the work for you; the remaining  10% is the development of your conscious mind. Please, allow me to show you how to tap this inner power that is your birthright.

1111 was a clue

"Your book found its way magically to me. Somebody left it in our hospital waiting room. Lola you helped me to help myself. So great! Divine Openings is the best that's happened in my life. Since then, I am unfolding constantly, sometimes quickly, sometimes slower, in every part of my life. I'm doing my music again... performing! I spend time in Bali. All I want comes to me. Being a happy woman now, my heart opens everyday more and more."

1111 seeker who found it

"I saw 11:11 for the first time on a digital clock, many years ago, and knew it was special... the most symmetrical time. Back then I was a seeker, and found a book about 11:11 that I hoped would give me "the answers." Instead what I got was more confusion. Through Divine Openings I realized that the significance of 11:11 is it reflected my own power back to me and that I created those reminders for myself."

1111 thank you

"Hi Lola!! I froze at your mentioning 11:11.  I thought I was the only one!  I have been telling different close friendships about it.  Even boyfriends house numbers. And just anything adding up to 11 or 111, so that's 3 ones. Or 1110 or 10:11 or my son calling from Australia yesterday at 01100100000. The One is everywhere....Thank you for your article, my 6 year mystery is finally explained. Love to you,"

Divine Openings works

"I was a long-time seeker, and it was hard for me to let in the ease of Divine Openings at first. My life has transformed since then. From such big life struggles, it was hard for me to imagine that the answers were within me. But once I began opening up to what is possible, it got easier and easier."

1111 answers welcome

"Lola, I am so happy to have you in our lives. Your message is spreading like warm fire here."

Divine Openings review

"What has Divine Openings done to me, for me?...loving myself for the first time in my life? Oh my heaven's where I was 4 months ago when 2 years of seeing 11:11s and synchronicities were driving me insane. 4 months ago I was near death, by choice. 11:11 finally led to me to this Divine Openings website."

things are going great in my absence Lola Jones Divine Openings

Your first step into a new life: Start with the book

Now that 11:11 has brought you here, Divine Openings can clearly help you with navigating and receiving your own guidance. The foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence by Lola Jones prepares you for a joyful path without any complicated processes and methods whatsoever.

The ten enlightenment initiations in the book literally open you by Grace.

They spark your spiritual awakening, or deepen your enlightenment. They open your third eye, activate dormant DNA, and tap you into "direct knowing" beyond the physical realm, where your Large Self that is sending the messages lives. That Larger Non-Physical You is inviting you to experience more fully who you are, and to claim your full power, peace, happiness, and knowing.

11:11 got you here.
Let it in and begin your new life!

The book gives you direct experiences that deepen your connection with Source. You CAN have spiritual bliss and live happily and successfully on this earth. If you struggle with anything such as lack, debt, confusion, anxiety, depression, fear, relationships, or heartbreak, you'll find soothing and nurturing relief within these pages.

Your vibration will rise higher soon!

Find out more about the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

"Since my late 20's I have seen 1:11 or 11:11 I am now 45.  I know it has a personal meaning for me when I see 1:11. No coincidences. How I found Lola: I type 1:11 on my search engine and Lola's book Things Are Going Great in My Absence came up.  I went to her Website looked around a bit and was filled with EXCITEMENT and drawn to purchase the book.  I of course LOVED reading that the seeking was over it's not hard work to increase your vibration and have a stronger connection with Spirit."

"I have been a seeker for most of my life so this has led me to reading a lot of books in the past about how to connect to my guides, ask for protection, be careful not to attract the dark energies, etc, but as you will find, Lola's book says there is NOTHING to fear anywhere, and there is no need for spiritual protection.  So, I AM now... fearless."

"I started reading Lola's book, devouring each word, as I knew this was were I needed to be in that moment.  I would have read it in a few hours because I wanted Peace and Joy NOW!!! Hahaha! It is a good thing she mentioned GO SLOW.  With my very first Divine Opening fro the book I had a  JOLT of full body movement. Great blessings happened around the 3rd week---I let go of ALL the resentments and anger I had.  Wow, what a feeling to feel FREE and at peace. "

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An ever-brighter, ever more expansive You is just ahead. As said before, the truth is simple and you can find it directly within yourself. Here are some more ways to follow the call of 11:11 into a more fulfilled and empowered life:

Be inspired by the experiences of others

Tara Bella talks about the magic and amazing transformations she has experienced in her life since she started Divine Openings. She had always desired a sense of direct and authentic access to Source which continues to happen for her on this path.

Discover the beautiful surroundings our of retreat location in California. It's the perfect spot to savour this special experience with all senses. Retreat participants talk about the changes Divine Openings caused in their lives.

People around the world report on how Divine Openings has changed their lives in different areas. Complicted things become easy, relationships grow stronger, new business endeavours flourish, inner peace becomes a normal state of being.

Live events with Lola

Are you ready for the fresh new life 11:11 led you to?

Are you ready to turn on your inner guidance? You can get started right now if you're ready for your life to transform! If Divine Openings is the right path for you, you have lots of information on this page about your next steps. Feel inside of you and see how it feels.

In case you choose a different path, I want to to give you some valuable advice: Please choose a path which always directs you to your own inner power and doesn't lead you to give your power away to something or someone else.

Divine Openings taps you into your own guidance.
You won't be seeking for answers anymore, they will simply be there!
You will live a life full of clarity, awareness, and empowerment.


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