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Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.


Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.

Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.

After Portal 3 keep expanding with
Portal 4:
Jumping the Matrix

Jumping the Matrix is an adventure in the Non-Physical. Now you're stable, can handle your emotions, and assimilate big energy, so let's go! Can be done simultaneously with Portal 5.

Jumping the BroomAdvanced Metaphysical Online Experience

Blissful, Empowering, Expansive, Playful, and Real Personal and Spiritual Development

Your Large Self creates the perfect experience for you. If you need soft and gentle and gradual... it will be that way. You can take the course very slowly, enjoying the unfolding, savoring it for years to come. You will never experience anything you are not ready for.

More adventurous souls wanting acceleration will experience breathtaking thrills, and mind-blowing, limitation-shattering expansion.

Ready to move through the next Portal?

Let's go!

You always register from INSIDE THE PREVIOUS COURSE in the sequence. Because we changed the sequence at one point, please make sure you take both Portal 2 & 3 first.... so you don't miss a bloomin' thing! You know by now that there is no value in rushing ahead!

JTM is a rich and long lasting course experience now. There are 27 modules, each packed full of groundbreaking, reality-busting material you'll delight in experiencing.

We know you love stimulation and inspiration on your path. Here's our advanced spiritual awakening online course you can do at home, at your pace, on your schedule.

JTM is completely new and unique from the other courses. AND we keep adding to it!

This 27 module online retreat course includes multi-media: audios, videos, music, body movement, movie clips, plus special new audios recorded live in the deep Presence of the 5-Day retreats, or in sessions.

Special audios that you can't purchase separately walk you step by step through the powerful new, leading-edge, Matrix-Jumping processes.

Portals 1 through 5 must be taken in order. Each Portal builds upon the next, but more important, you don’t want to miss any spectacular part of this solid foundation.
If you purchase them out of order, your purchase will be changed to the correct Portal.

It's an infinitely big Universe, and not every place in it is worth exploring, so this course guides you to the most wonderful and productive places.

Step through this metaphysical Portal with us and let's explore just how malleable reality really is. Like Divine Openings, this isn't working on yourself, it's playing in this conscious adult amusement park called Life On Planet Earth. Your Large Self, and the powerful energies in this course do most of the "work" for you. Your job is to be willing, stay awake, be aware, feel, let it happen, and enjoy!

Now people who have thoroughly savored Portals 1 through 3 have the foundation to sail through JTM powerfully, smoothly, and blissfully. Deliciously savor the JTM experience. By the time you get to JTM, you're no longer rushing; you're relishing each moment, each module , not ever wanting each course to end. What a lovely way to live!

Jumping The Matrix takes you to a whole new level of power. Where before, you gained the ability to affect and transform your world, now you begin to create entirely new worlds. It will be as you and your Large Self designed. Some of you will perform miraculous feats--others of you will have more sweet, subtle miracles, and a quiet, but marvelous life, nonetheless. It's always, always, always about joy.

Ultimate Freedom Is Outside The Normal Matrix

I Can't Say It Better Than This Video!

I could watch this video every day.

Sometimes I do. What a way to start the day, or the workday! Someone said, "This is how it is with Divine Openings, and especially Jumping The Matrix."

You literally have a "debit card" like this, but it's more like a Divine Debit Card. Once you've jumped the money matrix, gotten your worthiness, and completely let go to the flow, it's constantly replenishing. The more you spend, the more it flows. (Note: before you jump the money matrix, doing that can just get you deeper into debt. In JTM we talk about the "rules of different realities". Soon you'll be playing by different rules.)

The "economy" isn't real once you jump the money matrix. It is real while you're still in the old reality of the Matrix. Disease isn't real outside the Matrix. Inside the Matrix, a physical problem might require surgery, outside the Matrix it may not.

There is no single reality, as even scientists are finding. There are countless realities, and you get to decide, more than you ever imagined, which ones you inhabit. It’s different for each person, and there’s only a core of consensus reality that is the same for everyone. You don't have to play by those rules, though. You can reach escape velocity, and live however you want to. You literally get to invent which game you want to play.

Your Large Self knows all the rules (and how to break them,) the players, and pieces of the game, and guides you. The ultimate outcome is incredibly good, and moves you into freedom from ordinary reality itself.  It takes you to a dimension where magic becomes a commonplace occurence.

A portal opens, and you step through it, never to return. You begin to play on a larger playing field, claiming more and more of your unlimited power and mastery as you play. By experience, you discover that whatever happens, reality doesn't seem as real or immutable.

Oh, for all practical purposes, it's real in the moment; otherwise the game would be no fun. Playing poker for money is really different than playing for no stakes. When you care about your sports team it's more fun and adds more passion to watching the game. When the stakes are high the excitement rises, and the viewers lean forward in their seats. You came here for the contrast that doesn't exist in the non-physical.

We like for this life to seem real--that gives the game zing and substance. But at some point in the game, we begin to disassemble it and see what it's really made of. The more expansive, all-knowing part of us decides it’s time to shed the veil, shrug off the artificial limitations, wake up and wield more of our creative power. We find out firsthand what the mystics of old meant when they said it's all an illusion. And then we play with creating worlds more to our liking!

An advanced person wrote me recently asking if he could take JTM without doing the prerequisites. Here's what I quite humorously wrote: "I tried letting people who told me they were "advanced" do Jumping The Matrix first, but it didn't work well. First, most of the "spiritually advanced haven't actually learned about the Instrument Panel or opened their love pipes to their parents, so they got energy they weren't ready for.

And anyone who's in a hurry isn't as advanced as they think! Who wants to miss the joy of every step? We don't want to skip any phases of life and just fast forward to the big finale, do we? What's the rush?

In the movie, The Matrix, you swallow the red pill, and reality changes. Even though most things still look the same, sometimes things look "fresher", or just downright odd. You’re aware of a different reality than other people around you are experiencing. You have more power. Reality bends more easily for you. Things might disappear and reappear, or materialize out of thin air. You see things you never saw before. You transform.

Other people transform, even though you aren't doing anything. Money becomes a non-issue, no matter what the rest of the collective consciousness chooses to buy into. Something goes haywire, then when you reclaim your power from it, it resolves instantly. Reality warps and shifts in odd and wondrous ways. You probably have experienced a lot of this from Portals 1 and 2, but get ready for more.

Course Module Overview


Module 1 - Hoovers, Movers, and Groovers - How to get the most out of this experience.

Module 2 - Lighten The Load For Blastoff - Letting go of what you know.

Module 3 - Presuppositions and Principles - Overview of the major tenets of the program.

Module 4 - Science, Reality By Agreement, Ancient Mind - How reality got real, the downside of Oneness.

Module 5 - So You Think You Know Who You Are? - God Realization: When you truly get that you're God in human form.

Module 6 - More on Who You Are - Letting Go Of Obstacles To Who You Are, I AM, Physics Of Illusion, The Game Of Life On Earth

Module 7 -  What You Want Is Already There - Your Power of Your Intention - Surf's UP!, Contradictory Intentions, Timing, Choice or Default

Module 8 - More It's Already There - Claim it All, Appreciate, The Reservoir, Meditate

Module 9 - What You Want Is Already There, cont. - Even Bigger Raves, Jumping Realities, Alternate You's

Module 10 - Pivot Point Games - Pivot Points, Jumping Back To A Crucial Pivot Point, Creating Pivot Points Consciously

Module 11 - Treasure Maps - Treasure Maps, Fear of Feeling, It's All Raw Power, Music Helps Move It, It's Moving, Adventure, The Void Meditation

Module 12 - Key Treasure Hunting Tools, & The New Diving In Process - Diving In For Treasure: FOUR NEW Diving In methods, Don't Wants, Do Wants, Language

Module 13 - Don't Want To Do Want, Power Language - Bigger Things, Judgment Glue, Double Whammy, Unpredictability Principle, Crime Scene Tape, Lola's Relationship Adventure, Clues, Detours

Module 14 - Super Rocket-Powered Appreciation - Appreciation, Play For Power, Wanted Or Not, It's All Manifesting, Rules of Reality, Test the Rules, Clues, Appreciating Debt

Module 15 - Reclaiming More And More Power - Stepping Stones Forever, Give Your Power Away Consciously, New Beyond Law of Attraction, New Contrast, Dreaming, Simply Ask, Expanding The Universe, There Are No Mistakes 

Module 16 - Jumping the Relationship Matrix - Relationship with Self, Self Soothing, You Source the Love, Great Relationships Made Better, Central Casting, Recasting, Cut From The Same Cloth

Module 17 - Your Relationship with Yourself - Your Relationship With Yourself, I Forgive You For Creating This, Stop Punishing, Past Tense, Shorthand Cues, Practices Are Meant To Be Outgrown, You Are Love, Music and Dance Moves Energy, Get On The Bus, Ways to Enjoy Your Perfect Partner Even More

Module 18 - There's No One Out There But You - Rigidity, Let Friends Help, The Mirror, Opposition, The Carrot, Power Games, Letting Go, Many Coins In Chest, Time, Shorthand Cues

Module 19 - What's Your Prime Catalyst? - The Relationship Summary, Those Darned Other Beings, Oh, That Little Grudge?, Enjoy The Lights Coming On, I Know And I Don't Know

Module 20 - Jumping The Body and Health Matrix - Move, Savor, Say Something, Softening, Heart Bursting from Fullness, I AM Review, EQ Review, Residues, Physical Conditions, Ease To Health, Powerful New Self Healing Method, Embody It, Nutrition/Exercise, How To Get Out Of The Way and Heal

Module 21 - Jumping The Money Matrix - Create Your Own Economy, Appreciation is Currency, Language, What Is Success and Prosperity, Feel, Taking Score, Repeat This Course (things are constantly added, I can never STOP!)

Module 22 - Keeping Up with the Energy - New Bath Ritual, It's All Good, Evolve By Choice, Create Outrageous Fortune, Time, Empty & Meaningless, Life Just Lifes

Module 23 - It's Still About Joy and Love - What Is It About For You?, The Waterslide Video

Module 24 - Constant Craving, Eternal Expanding - How to be happy where you are, and always excited about more. Deeper Things, Desires Fulfilled, Catapult, Limits

Module 25 - Playing For Fun - Waterslide, Worthiness and Joy, What others are experiencing.

Module 26 - More Power, More Subtle - (Can Lola stop adding modules? No.) It gets easier and more profound.

Module 27 - Feeling Great at Any Age, and Aging Blissfully - More on health, and conscious dying.

If you're feeling indecision or doubt...

I can't take the time...

That story could keep you in bondage to time forever. Keep doing the same old thing, and you keep getting the same old thing. You make time for everything else! Prioritize your own growth, make time for you. Read the book with the money back guarantee, begin the Online Portals that immerse you in Grace. If you can, attend a retreat. You'll find you have more time once you're living as your Large Self. You'll live in the timeless now.

This wonderful mantra opens you to Grace and new possibilities: Just be willing.

I have kids...

Yes, and you owe it to them to be the best you can be, so you can show them how to be successful and happy. You know they don't listen to what you say about life-----they watch how you live your life. What are you role-modeling for them right now?

Money is too tight...

It will remain tight if you don't raise that stinky low vibration about money! Invest in something that will raise your money vibration. That pays off. What else does that? Your Small Self wants you to buy meaningless stuff that makes you feel better for three seconds----to keep you in that little box where it's in charge. Starting with the book is an inexpensive, money-back, no risk way to get started changing your life, and your finances, permanently.

"Nothing works for me."

If you've tried things that didn't work, of course you question things! Lola was a frustrated seeker for twenty long years before her 21 days of silence opened her. She once felt fear, suffering, heartbreak, and powerlessness herself. Now she can lead you out of it quickly, as she's done for so many.

Divine Openings works, but you have to experience it, so if you're not clear, get the book with the money back guarantee. You will know if this is the path for you. If you're feeling it, dive in and immerse for faster results: enroll in the Portal 1 Online Course, or come to the bliss retreat.

Is this too good to be true?

If you've tried things that didn't work, of course you question things! Lola was a frustrated seeker for twenty long years before her 21 days of silence opened her. She once felt fear, suffering, heartbreak, and powerlessness herself. Now she can lead you out of it quickly, as she's done for so many.

Divine Openings works, but you have to experience it, so if you're not clear, get the book with the money back guarantee. You will know if this is the path for you. If you're feeling it, dive in and immerse for faster results: enroll in the Portal 1 Online Course, or come to the bliss retreat.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact us.

Some people need to read lots of information to make a decision, particularly detail-oriented analytical people. We understand that, and there is another page of information for you, with more questions answered here.

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