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Spiritual awakening, enlightenment, personal growth development, how to live a happy spiritual life

Free Inspiration to start you on your path of

Whole Life Transformation

Feel into Divine Openings for yourself. Once you know it's for you, dive in and begin your exciting journey on this comprehensive path. Enjoy a lifetime of evolution with ease.

Divine Openings awakening

Expand your sense of what's possible for you

Enjoy a 'Taste' of Divine Openings ~ A Path that Works

We're happy to offer free resources. Yet for 15 years we've clearly observed that those who commit to this path and immerse do the best.

Dipping a toe in here and there just doesn't give the big results, on any path.

The Divine Openings path unfolds in a clear order, step-by-step. Each Portal builds upon the previous one. At each step you stabilize, which prepares you for the next step up.

With pleasurable consistency, the big magic happens... and lasts.

Do you want to be a seeker your whole life?

Divine Openings makes you a finder.

Make a powerful decision and you'll soon be dancing down the path of peace, success, and fulfillment.

Divine Openings is NOT long hard work or heavy processing -- that's the old paradigm -- been there done that, no more of that, thanks. Divine Openings is a path that feels good from the start, and soon leads to steady evolution in ease and flow. 

The breakthroughs people share on this site can happen for you. You just focus a bit, enjoy, and savor the stroll. Divine Openings accelerates your spiritual and personal growth with ease and Grace. No more incessant seeking and working on yourself.

Be there now instead of endlessly striving to "get there!" Create a profound spiritual life AND be successful in this world.

A few of our free sample Divine Openings resources

original spiritual insights

Free articles, insights you won't see anywhere else

50+ free articles Leading-edge material you've not seen before (unless they got it here!) on spiritual growth, personal growth and development. Divine Openings shows you step-by-step how to get spiritually fulfilled AND be happy and successful in this life.

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Ask Lola and FAQ

Ask Lola - Lola answers readers' questions on personal and spiritual growth.
FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions about spiritual awakening, and practical life concerns.

Divine Openings awakening

The blog

BLOG - Find more articles with valuable, down to earth, practical, non-cliché information you've not seen anywhere else. If you did see it somewhere else, there's a good chance they learned it from Lola Jones, a teacher of teachers. We're seeing more and more of Lola's teachings in other's books and teachings now. We're pleased.

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How it worked for others

Testimonials - These uplifting shares let you know it's possible for you too. See reviews of Things Are Going Great in My Absence on, where it has a five star rating.

divine art Lola Jones

More to enjoy

Lola's Art Gallery - Lola's art actually catalyzes spiritual awakening. View or purchase.

Short quotes on video by Lola.


Share and uplift others

Send the free ebook sampler of Things Are Going Great In My Absence to your friends so they can begin this journey with you. Lola Jones' groundbreaking personal growth and development book has changed lives in 150 countries.

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Start your day with Divine Openings

Make Us Your Homepage - Begin your day with our uplifting Message of the Day in the site footer. We show a new one every day!

spiritual maturity

Lifestyle, music, movies, books

Lifestyle, Music, Movies, Books - Here we recommend things you might like. What do we do once we're free? We enjoy life!


Free Trial of Portal 1!

Free one week trial of the life-changing Portal 1 spiritual development Online Self-Paced Course.


Enjoy the Forum

The Member Forum is free to all course members. You can post, get support, respond to others, and commune with like-minded people. We keep it clean by requiring membership in at least Portal 1.

things are going great in my absence Lola Jones Divine Openings

Stop Being a Seeker, Become a Happy and Fulfilled Finder!

We had to laugh when a woman at a retreat said "When I first saw Lola I said to myself, that woman is just too happy." And she's not the only one who's said that. When you're down there, it can look impossible to get up here. But I did it, and people in 150 countries have done it.

Now that woman is this happy too. How did she get from there to here? Most simply start by reading Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting.

Lives are dramatically altered as your experience the ten enlightenment initiations the book gives you every two weeks (or they can deepen your enlightenment.) Plus you get the conscious mind tools to bring your enlightenment down to earth, step-by-step, so it works in your practical life.

Get the book, or learn more, read excerpts.

Bonuses you get only when you purchase it here on our site:

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so positive that this book can change your life, we make this offer. Use this book regularly, and after 6 months, you will notice a difference in your life, or you may return the well-used book with a copy of your dated receipt from our website for a full refund of the book cost.
  • Your ebook sampler (first section of this large 184-page 8.5 x 11 inch book) appears instantly in your Account, so you begin reading in minutes after purchase, while waiting for your paperback.
  • Free trial of Level 1 Online Course.
  • You get a site account and login, a user profile, and your items will always be there if you lose them, making future purchases easier.
  • You'll be notified of important updates to the book, and changes in the energy if you get on the email list in the footer.
  • When you get the book free with the online course, you save $29, and get free shipping.
  • We know you've been looking for this. Don't let it go by.
  • This is a book to have visible in front of you, not invisible on a Kindle, although you might want the Kindle edition too.
  • Amazon has the paperback, but their system can't give you any of these extras---you get those only when you purchase on this site.
  • You will get an outdated edition if you purchase from Amazon "used."
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Gifts for you: 3 color versions of the Instrument Panel!

Drag to your desktop, or right click and save. Print out and post where you can see it. The foundational book Things Are Going Great In My Absence explains thoroughly how to use the Instrument Panel:

spiritual guidance

You CAN live a spiritual life AND be successful and happy in this world!

Connect with Us

Enjoy our inspirational messages on social media, but enlightenment and a happier life doesn't come from talking about it on Facebook. And social media is not a spiritual path. Divine Openings is an in-depth path that actually opens you to experience it.

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How do I get started with my transformation?

spiritual online course

A year of amazing experiences in Portal 1 Online

Immersion speeds up your evolution. Enroll in the Portal 1 Online Course for a year of "wow's", and the paperback and audio book are yours free. Get to know like-minded people all over the world.

spiritual retreat bliss

Give yourself a blissful 5-day retreat

Dive all the way in and begin the best time of your entire life in a Bliss Retreat. This five-day retreat, our ultimate immersion experience, is a powerful, lasting, paradigm-busting, life-changer.


things are going great in my absence Lola Jones Divine Openings

This book has transformed many lives

If you're in money lack, just start with the book, and get your financial flow going. Read it more than once, as your consciousness expands between readings. Each time you're ready to let in more.

Most people begin one of these three ways.

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