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Thinking about joining Certification? Want to meet a few of our extraordinary Guide community who've gone to that next level themselves, or who are in the course now? You can register for ONE Certification Training and Community Webinar and get a taste of the leading edge material you don't get anywhere else in Divine Openings! Register here: Certification Training Webinar!

From the March 13, 2018 Guides Meeting -
Part 1 -- Get a sneak peek into a Guides Webinar!
About 20 minutes. Feel the energy and community as Lola talks about the new Keys and Portals. In English and German:

Part 2 -- The energy built so high as Guides and Certification students raved, we were soaring on it. About 55 minutes of high vibration uplift in English and German:


Wow! This video featuring Certified Divine Openings Guides Emily Colwell and Laura Linde will inspire you and light you up. You'll see three examples of how you could be using Divine Openings in your regular work. You don't necessarily have to change your job title to "counselor or healer" to change lives, make a bigger difference, and be more fulfilled in your work!

In The Divine Openings Certified Guide Program
YOU Become A Spiritual Awakener
Your Advanced Personal Development impacts the world just by being you!
Or you may become a Professional Divine Openings Guide.

Some take this program for the advanced one-on-one personalized guidance and counseling it offers and to make a bigger difference in their current careers, from law to business to music (with no intention to be a formal counselor, healer or teacher). They graduate as Certified Basic Guides and become Divine Ambassadors in the world. 

Others take the program for the cutting-edge professional training it provides. They become Certified Professional Guides, ready to give Divine Openings sessions or use it in their own counseling or coaching practices.

Many students begin the program for their own personal growth and decide part-way through to pursue the Professional Certification. You can upgrade your registration at any time!

All initiated Guides are certified to give Divine Openings. Professional Guides graduate with the additional expertise to offer formal Divine Openings sessions, through all Guides graduate with skills to share and spread the message of Divine Openings.

The rewards of this program are profound for anyone, no matter which track you choose, due to the skill, energy, and spiritual mastery of our Mentors -- the extraordinary folks Lola collaborates and co-creates with. 

In the end The Presence guides you toward how to apply it:

"I love it! Since beginning the Certification program my life has exploded with fantastic results. Old stuck vibrations have moved up and out, and in their place a real field of dreams spreads out in me....I embarked on the course mostly for personal growth reasons, but since then I have received requests for writing-related life coaching.... I'm developing a Writing-to-Life program!" - J.C.

A Note From Donna Wetterstrand, Former Head of the Certified Guide Program: "It was my privilege and honor to help Lola create the Certification Program and lead the program for three years. What a blessing in my life! The program has expanded and matured, and I'm so ver y happy to see new energies. Over and over again, you'll feel the team's invitation to step into your power in the most wonderful, creative, and light-filled ways. I'm thrilled with what the program has become and know that it will continue to evolve."

Quick Overview:

The Basic Guide Certification Process:
Receive Advanced Coaching for your own personal development and become a Divine Openings Ambassador

1. Pre-requisite: Read "Things Are Going Great In My Absence." Attend a 5-Day Silent Retreat.
2. Have Introductory/Application session (see below).
3. Take 5 Discoveries and have 5 Evaluations (take at least six to twelve months to complete).
4. Go to a 5-Day Silent Retreat at which you receive your powerful initiation as a Basic Guide/Divine Openings Ambassador.

Professional Guide Certification Process:
Receive Additional Coaching to become a Professional, Session-Giving Divine Openings Guide
1. Complete all steps above, PLUS the ones below.
2. Complete the Level 3 Online Course.
3. Begin the Level 4 Online Course -- Jumping the Matrix (this course can take years to complete, so you just need to start it!)
4. Listen to all the audios in the Mastery Audio Retreat (register inside JTM).
5. Go to your second 5-Day Silent Retreat, at which you receive your powerful initiation as a Professional Divine Openings Guide. 

Ready to Apply? The first step is easy and "no-obligation."

Contact your Mentor for an Introductory Application Session:

All English speakers apply with Melinda Gates at

After you register in the English program, you'll work with Melinda first, then with Lola for the more advanced steps.

The German-speaking mentor is Angelika Lukoschek. German-only speakers, contact:

If you speak and understand English  well enough to complete your 5th Discovery in English, you can request your Step 5 Discovery with Lola.

A $100 application fee is paid directly to the Mentor who gives you your application session.

Though Melinda currently does all application sessions, here's one of Donna's previous sessions to listen to. It will serve as a great introduction and a small taste of what lies ahead for you.  Listen to Emily's application session with Donna

"Thank You so much for everything!!! There are no appropriate words to express my gratefulness for this path and for all the wonderful work you are all doing. You are all such a blessing for this world.

So many wishes I longed for came true in the last two years. I have never before felt so healthy and powerful in my body. The love in my relationship to my husband and my kids is constantly growing. There are so many things to rave about in my life, it just amazes me. Looking so much forward to the retreat in Germany and my Guide initiation! Thank you all!

Much love, Nadine

After your Application Session and Approval, Register Here:

Your credit card, or the 'PayPal Credit' (choose PayPal option) are your payment plan options.

For your ease and convenience, you may choose between several payment options: You can pay tuition in one, two or three payments (depending on your goals) OR you can pre-pay all tuitions at the beginning. Please be advised that small price increases may take place if you choose to pay your tuitions separately.

Secure checkout.
Register for Tuition 1   $775
Begin your certification course, covering Steps 1 and 2
with Melinda (English) or Angelika (German),
and enjoy almost unlimited free webinars!
You build a strong foundation for your expansion.
After completing this step, you'll pay Tuition 2 and go on to Step 3.

Register for Tuition 2    $800
Complete your Certification with Steps 3, 4 and 5
with Lola (in English) or Angelika (German).
You can choose Basic Guide Certification, or Professional Guide Certification.
It usually takes at least 12 months to complete Certification.
Your evolution becomes more rapid and exciting.
After you master Discovery 5, you'll attend another blissful 5-Day Retreat at a whole new level as a Returning Retreater to receive your initiation as a Certified Divine Openings Guide.

Everyone expands and experiences new elevated states at subsequent retreats, and more and more people are choosing to give themselves regular retreats whether in the Guide Program or not!

Note: As of 2013, to use the trademarked name Divine Openings™ in any way, you must be a Certified Divine Openings™ Guide, and/or have special permission from Lola Jones.

The 2 Levels of Divine Openings Certification

You'll decide for yourself if you want Basic or Professional Certification.
The course progression is the same either way.

Basic Certified Guide/Divine Ambassador:

The Basic Certified Guide/Divine Ambassador Program is for those who desire in-depth advanced, personalized guidance and expansion. These students move through all 5 units of material and complete 5 Discoveries, working with 2 different Mentors. They graduate with skills and leadership training they can implement in their current lives and careers. These people are well-prepared to be Divine Ambassadors.

Many people are Emissaries of Divine Openings; they have encountered Lola's work, have participated at some level and are so filled with passion and enthusiasm for Divine Openings and what it offers that they are inspired to share it. Like Emissaries, Divine Ambassadors may or may not order books to share with others, point interested people to the website, and recommend events, etc.  

However, Certified Basic Guides/Divine Ambassadors graduate with skills to more effectively live, model and communicate about the benefits of Divine Openings. They go deeper into the conscious mind strategies, and they practice real-world leadership skills necessary to guide others. Even if they are in the program for their own personal expansion, they become natural leaders. They become Divine Ambassadors. 

Requirements for Basic Certified Guide:

  • Do not modality mix.
  • Complete 5 Discovery steps and Evaluations with two different Mentors.
  • Attend one 5-Day Silent Retreat before starting Certification.
  • Attend one 5-Day Silent Retreat after finishing 5 Discovery Steps.
  • Yearly Re-certification is not required, as you're basically a trained Ambassador at this level and not representing Divine Openings in any formal or professional way. 

Professional Certified Guide:

The Professional Certified Guide Program is for anyone who wants to offer Divine Openings sessions, courses, or events. They can offer dedicated Divine Openings sessions and charge for them, with or without their own brand or website.

Requirements are as above, PLUS:

  • Complete the Level 3 Online Course
  • Begin Level 4 Online Course (Jumping the Matrix). There is no need to finish this one--that could take forever!
  • Listen to all the audios in the Mastery Audio Retreat (register inside JTM)
  • Complete additional work with Lola
  • Submit an audio recording of a Divine Openings session to Lola
  • If applicable, submit your website and Facebook page URL's (for details of what is required, please ask your Mentor).
  • Purchase 10 books (Things are Going Great) every 3 months for basic inventory and sharing.
  • Yearly Re-certification is required to maintain your professional status. 

Watch these Certified Guides rave about the Guide Program:

Oh, Lola!  I just have to rave about how much expansion is happening in my life!  I attended the March 2015 retreat in Santa Barbara and became clear I wanted to do the Guides program as you talked about how much it can help those in the helping professions to shift away from sponging up other peoples' stuff.  I've spent so many years working so hard to stop being a sponge so was excited to see how this might shift.  Well, not only has that old vibration shifted dramatically, but so have a million other things!  And all with such ease!  Well, I'll admit there was a stretch of time there when I bobbed in and out of suffering while I slowly but surely opened...  It felt as if my resistance would never end, but shock of all shocks, as I followed each feeling as it showed up and made friends with each feeling or the resistance to the feeling, my perspectives started to change until suddenly one day I felt so loving and appreciative toward EVERY SINGLE feeling!  And boy has that shifted me out of suffering!  Yahooo! 

I've also spent most of my life in the Fight or Flight response and realized in recent time that I was actually creating those experiences and that I could change it.  I used to believe those situations were happening TO me, but once I realized I was creating them, I easily shifted it so that I am honestly calm the majority of my days.  To clarify: calm, but blissed out!! 

I work as a physician and I wondered how my experience in the Guides program would influence my work.  Once I shifted into acceptance and appreciation of every feeling I have, this suddenly began to be reflected in my work with patients.  I have felt led to teach many of them how to dive in and have been stunned by their openness and profound responses to this.  Because I am now ok with all my feelings, this new vibration becomes the strongest component in my work and cultivates an acceptance in them of their feelings.  And as they discover the value of their feelings and give them permission to be there, so many of the symptoms/illnesses they have come to me for suddenly soften, lessen and frequently resolve altogether.  It's honestly mind blowing.  And I recognize that I am now creating a practice that draws patients to me who are ready for this kind of shift, which is shear heaven for me to experience.  

Anyway, I run around daily raving and appreciating Divine Openings and you and Donna and the lens that you have created for us to experience life and I realize I wanted to make sure I also share with you directly what a gift you are to the world and to me.  I'm so glad that you created you and that I created you in my life:-))   I'm looking forward to seeing you at the July 2016 retreat in SB when I and the rest of my Guide Tribe descend upon the retreat to be CERTIFIED:-)  And I can't wait for the April 23rd Guide Webinar in the fun!!

Love, Emily (Emily is now a Mentor in our Guide Program!)

Spiritual Mastery, Personal Growth and Development Training

The Certified Basic Guide program benefits you in any career, any lifestyle:

  • You get masterful coaching to help you go higher an have more success in any career and in your everyday life.
  • You bring new energy, magic, meaning and effectiveness to your current profession, be it sales, art, medicine, or law, etc.
  • You make a bigger difference in the world, no matter what your career is.
  • You enjoy whatever you do more.
  • The Basic Guide program is tailored for you -- your career, your life, and your needs.
The first step to become a Basic Certified Guide is to attend a live 5-Day Silent retreat. The 5-Day Silent retreat focuses almost exclusively on the non-mental and non-verbal -- the emptying of mind -- and on oneness with The Presence. It's mostly about the Grace piece of Divine Openings. Once you're empty, there is more space for the conscious mind piece this certification program fills in so thoroughly. 
After the retreat, you schedule your Guide Program Introductory/Application Session with a Mentor (in English with and in German with After you have completed your Application Session and paid your first tuition, your next level expansion begins!
No matter how advanced you may already be, you can always go deeper with Divine Openings. The Basic Guide program teaches you how to truly live Divine Openings and spread its possibilities into the world. As you take control of your own vibration, you become a Vibrational Leader in your everyday life. Although you are not trained to give actual Divine Openings sessions, you graduate with skills to give Divine Openings, lead book clubs, and with the ability to talk about and share Divine Openings in the world. 

A mentor shares what a participant said:

"She made me a most beautiful compliment that, in my eyes, goes for all of us Mentors. She called me 'her luxury at her side as she discovered herself.' Makes me  full of privilege and appreciation... you would know what I mean. She wants to stay in touch for further coaching, just because she can and because she enjoys her luxury in me so much - how cool is that?"

Spiritual awakening, spiritual growth counselors

The Certified Professional Guide program benefits you in any career and lifestyle and also prepares you to give Divine Openings Sessions:

  • If you want to help people for a living, you become a leading-edge spiritual counselor, spiritual healer, or spiritual life coach.
  • You learn to give Divine Openings Sessions or learn how to incorporate Divine Openings into your existing counseling or coaching work.
  • You help people beyond talking, human logic or mental analysis by directly and instantly uplifting them with Grace. This is the new paradigm of rapid change.
  • You get leading edge training from healers on healing.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a professional counselor or spiritual healer so you can help people awaken, the Professional Certified Guide Program trains you to become a powerful transformational coach. Certification ensures us that everyone representing Divine Openings is up to our highest standards. 

No matter how advanced you may already be, giving Divine Openings and guiding people with our unique type of spiritual counseling or teaching is very, very different from other things you've done. We teach you how to help people completely outside of "problem orientation."
Upon completion of the Professional Certification Guide Program, you literally hold in your hands, head, and heart some of the most powerful, new, leading edge, up-to-the-minute abilities on the planet for helping people and initiating spiritual enlightenment. You learn how to become a successful counselor, healer, or teacher in the physical world. You are also able to catalyze profound awakenings in others, do next-level physical spiritual healing, and change lives -- all with more ease and Grace than ever before.

The first step to becoming a Certified Divine Openings Professional Guide, able to give Divine Openings, teach it, and become a powerful leading-edge spiritual and personal development counselor, healer, and life coach, is to take the blissful live 5 Day Silent Retreat. Your first retreat is just for your own spiritual development, awakening or deepening, and practical life success.

After the retreat, you schedule your Guide Program Application Session with a Mentor (in English with and in German, with After you have completed your Application Session and paid your first tuition, your next level expansion begins!

No matter which Certification track you choose, Basic or Professional, this course personally enriches the participants first, so you're helping others from a place of fullness and success. We are proud, confident and excited about the high standard of quality this program insures.

Everyone can go to a new level when they take this program, by expanding their conscious mind understanding and receiving a higher initiation. You don't need to be a "course or session-giving" practitioner to benefit from the mentoring and coaching you get in the Basic program! Think of it as advanced Divine Openings with mentoring and checkups.

All students move through the Guide program at their own pace, primarily through online study, listening to audios, and watching videos, with live phone or online coaching from your Mentor and the amazing live retreats--milestones in your own life.

Want the quick FAQ on the Certification Program
or Receiving Advanced Mentoring?

These Mentoring Audios will help you get a feeling for where the Certified Guide program can take you.
In these audios, Donna, who formerly led the Guide program, assists three "Guides-in-training" expand into their own authentic Divine Openings offerings:
Mary in her Application/Introductory Session: Step Intro
Camille in her Step 1 Discovery and Evaluation: Step 1
Cindy in her Step 2 Discovery and Evaluation: Step 2
Melinda in her Step 3 Discovery and Evaluation: Step 3. Melinda is now a Guide in our site Directory and one of the mentors of this program.
Katrina's Audio 
This woman has only been doing Divine Openings for 3 months and is not yet in the Guides program, but the audio gets right to the vibrational heart of worthiness, which all Certified Guides MUST have.

Who Leads You Through This Program?

Divine Openings Guide Angelika LukoschekMentor Angelika Lukoschek guides our German speaking Guide candidates through enlightenment and growth that is astounding. Angelika has an incredibly high vibration, and her vibration will attune you while you're having a great time expanding. When you're ready to move into this new echelon, she's ready to guide you onward and upward. Angelika's page. Email her at 


Mentor Melinda Gates was the first to graduate from this program in July 2013 and become a Mentor in 2015. Blending her experience as both student and current Divine Openings Guide, Melinda creates a powerful field of possibility for others on this path. Her own life continues to evolve in dramatic, miraculous ways as a result of Divine Openings, and her open, approachable, “been there” manner conveys that yes, this and more is possible for you too. Melinda mentors English-speaking students from their Application/Introductory session through the first part (Discoveries 1 and 2) of the Guide program. Email Melinda at  Melinda's Page.  

Mentor Lola Jones is the creator of Divine Openings and is its primary ambassador in the world. She co-created the Guide Program in 2013, working closely with the highly skilled, high-vibe Mentors she chose to implement and lead this program. She continues to collaborate with Mentors to provide leading-edge training for people around the world who are ready to expand into their next level of evolution. For students who choose to pursue Professional Certification, Lola works with you through Steps 3, 4 and 5 of your training and helps prepare you as a session-giving certified Guide, if that is your desire. Email Lola at    About Lola. 


Divine Openings™ is uniquely powerful and effective. It already shines brightly in the world, but many who have experienced its power want a more structured way to learn how to help spread its message of Grace and ease.  Others want a bigger venue to play in and wanted to play with us -- a framework where we could put all our energies together.

The Guide Certification Program was created to provide both a place to play and grow and as a program to inspire and prepare people to spread the message of Divine Openings around the world.  Each person brings their own unique purpose to it and applies it uniquely in their own life and career.

If your life has been improved by Divine Openings, consider these words by its creator, Lola Jones:

Feel the depth and breadth of our commitment to have Divine Openings
be as powerful and undiluted for people as it possibly can be.

Just imagine all those people come to us weary of seeking
and wanting so many things in their lives.
Wanting relief most of all.

They want to know The Presence, not just seek it endlessly and long for it.
They stand in front of us with hope, "maybe this is it!"

That is what you are entrusted with, nothing less than their hopes and dreams.
So will you guide them sure and steady around all the distractions
the world offers so abundantly?

Straight to the heart of their deepest desires?
To the deep well of fulfillment?
To their own inner knowing?

To do that well, you must be there yourself, not still struggling or seeking.
If these words speak to you, the Guide Certification Program can be your invitation to deepen your commitment– both to your own happiness and expansion and to your ability to share its message with a world that desperately needs it! 

People are raving about the Guide Program:

"This is such a powerful program! Truly, I marvel so often about what it does for people. In addition to all the great life and vibrational changes, it catalyzes and revolutionizes people's ideas of training, school and exams with our program's use of discoveries. They thrive with having a mentor who is here FOR THEM and it goes a long way towards helping them realize that everything in life is here FOR THEM. And that when we send them questions, it's an opportunity for them to shine and discover and celebrate rather than being 'tested.' That alone gets people on a whole new track." - Gabriele Kingwill, Certified Divine Openings Guide

"One of the most wonderful things about the program is how Guides learn new ways to study and absorb information and energy. This is unlike any other Certification program I've ever heard of!  We offer a whole new learning and teaching paradigm. I just got a note from a Guide who is reading the book for the 3rd time overall, but this time with her new studying method, and she told me it's like licking ice cream!" - Donna Wetterstrand, former Program Director

"Dear Lola,

Divine Openings has changed our life. We surf the waves and rave about what we are blessed with. Our Certification Program goes well and we will attend the five days in October. Our lovely German mentor helps us and passionately loves us. Isn’t life just wonderful!!! I know you won’t have time to answer this, but I want you to have yesterday’s photo where we overlook Lake of Constance from our little weekend-home up in the mountains, where we love to be with our feelings - and press each other’s emotional buttons!  As spring has arrived the lovely horses of our neighbor have moved outside to enjoy the greens.

Love from Austria to you both! Anita and Uli Kriz"

Uli and Anita have both graduated from the certification program and are now listed in our directory:

"Dear Certification Program Team,

What a wonderful and enriching journey, which takes me deeper and is so full of joy. Incredibly wonderful things are there to discover. Every question arising from within finds an answering audio on the Divine Openings homepage and the Presence answers many questions automatically.

After our full-moon-walk last weekend we sat together in the group. As I looked around the table I realized that everybody in the room is reading or has read Lola’s book, that we talk a lot about the discoveries in it and that we love to exchange experiences.

One person had a lot of questions which we tried to answer. Until suddenly he paused, went within and stated: “Actually this is all in the book!” We laughed about it and a big relief filled our hearts, how easy life has become. I thank the Certification Programme Team for your support and encouragement, and I am looking forward to my next discovery.

Lots of love, Anita, Austria"

Dear Lola, dear Donna, dear Large Selve(s),

I want to thank you all for your being here together with me on this planet. (Please remember, that English is not my native language and I am writing this mail spontaneously :-))

My life changed so much since I read "Alles läuft super..." and now I am reading "Watch where you point that thing". OMG, I can't tell you how exciting it is. On every page I get answers and inspirations for my current situations. Lola, thank you so much for honestly sharing all your mundane situations in your books and your audios!! Each time I relax and smile. She knows it all, too, I recognize then.

And since I am doing the certification program, my life gets even better. More and more I talk to my large self, I stopped talking about my challenges to friends in 2013 and "issues" turned into loving contrast more.  

In 2013 I said "goodbye" to my job, got a settlement and 6 month free. Now I am founding a Democratic School with a group of people in Munich. Although I am "unemployed" since may and get my money from the employment office, I know that this is a current situation and I feel my feelings concerning about that and dive in or change my thoughts.

And use EQs - I love them!!!!!!!!!!

My health: I wasn't sick now for 14 month (had problems with my back before), except a cold for three days in November, knowing that this was an old vibrating-habit.

I am creating a new matrix now and in every way: I am a single now since 12 years (not celibate) and doubt was one of my favorite feelings concerning partnership. I never had a real commitment to a partner, is my impression. Now that my love pipes open, I started dating and I love meeting men and experiencing them in a new way. I learn to listen more, feel more and watch more, instead of criticizing, analyzing and doing a "push and pull-play".

Donna, thank you for this certification-program! It helps me in so many ways. The book of David Schnarch "Die Psychologie sexueller Leidenschaft" is great, is illuminating. And so are your audios and those of Lola. Each step is a gift. During the first three I had a certain stress to get it done in ten months, while wishing each step might never end. But then my Mentor recommended me to relax and take more time for the last two steps. What a great gift you offer with all these audios, videos, text and tips for films and books.

My Mentor always finds the "truffles" in my answers and gives me the opportunity to get it all clearer. I love it, when she says: "And here I have a further piece of cake for you..." explaining something I didn't get quite clear.

And my financial situation was never so good as now. In former times I always spent to much money and was a mixture of wasteful, extravagant and want. Now I feel my feelings more and buy less things. Only God knows how much money I save now, where I don't mix modalities any more :-)))))))) No more books, seminars, clairvoyant-sessions, healers a.s.o.

Instead of that I appreciate the stillness. Yesterday I had a day of stillness at home again. I am living in a community with 200 people, but I put a notice outside on my door and the neighbors would respect it.

Divine Openings even shines through me. Very often people tell me: You look so wonderful, you are shining so much. And I twinkle to my large self, knowing, it's all the Presence.

So let me thank you, embrace you, looking forward to my next step together with my Mentor, hoping to see you, Lola in the next 5 day Retreat in July and listening to you, Donna, in further audios and seeing you in further webinars, but mainly meeting us together in the presence.

Which beautiful things will we create together this year, we even don't know now?

Where will my path lead me to, I can 't imagine today?


Beate, Germany

P.S. EQs are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them :-))))))))))))))

From an attorney and law lecturer from Canada:

"I think this program is a great idea. I've practiced law in both California and Ontario and much prefer Canada, where we are far more strictly regulated. Licensing fees here are about five times more expensive than in California but the quality control and public trust is so much higher and to me that trade-off is a no brainer. Thanks so much for another wonderful 5-day retreat experience."  So much love!   - Lynda Collins

"Dear Lola, Thank you for your email.  I love Divine Openings Guide training. The vibration is so much higher.

I read your "Sitting on the throne" in your new book. Wow, I threw every thing off that Throne, and just sat there. I felt a spiraling as things that were stuck (vibration) moved. Its so powerful. Thank you. I feel that I will be a Divine Openings Guide. Its very strong in the non physical. I still have resistance  on some things.  I'm happy to do the initiation process after the 5 day. There's no rush, I'm very happy surfing and living. I have created great changes.  I'm Being,  Feeling and experiencing, Thank you so much.  See you soon at the retreat in Cornwall."  Love, Julie Jones xxx

"Was talking to Andrea (a Guide Candidate) today. She is surfing through certification right now. Took a reallllllly slow start, very deep and good for her. She is such a joy to accompany (mentor!) 

Oh, I wanted to tell you what she said about reading through regulations, ethics, and especially now step 5 material: "Finally I'm among adults! What a relief" She is a studied medical doctor and was sometimes wondering about the maturity of people and regulations within her profession. Many things in the certification program are such a relief for her. She says our regulations save so much energy otherwise wasted on silly things and she keeps raving how much she feels seen as who she really is, and how safe and comfortable she feels in her personal unfolding. It is an absolute treat to have her as you can imagine. Wanted to share that with all of you as I feel that sums up a lot of our intentions for the program and shows they are being seen and appreciated. Well done, all of you for assembling it this way! (I just translated and jumped into the ready made nest.) Much love, Gabriele, Guide

"Hello Lola, Just read your newsletter and I believe it to be a very good move to have individuals certified to give Divine Openings.  I had wonder from the onset why there was not another step to the process when I saw individuals leaving the retreat with such different levels of density. They represent your work and when one is not ready it diminishes the whole intent and reduces acceptance by others. Incorporating this step will surely help address that and it should also help you get stronger individuals into your directory.... just what you asked for! So happy for you! Congratulations! " Love, Lenna Diane Rombout

"Dear Lola, Thanks for the explanation, and I have been listening to and reading all the new stuff. It is amazing, and I love it. It feels as if Divine Openings has joined the big league up there with the big guys, and I am so happy that there is now an even more advanced level with coaching, and more quality control. I would love to do all that stuff, especially the marketing course.

Yes, we need to leave behind old concepts because this is moving so fast. I needed a bit of time after the silent retreat with you to let go of old habitual thoughts and conditioning, and gently ease my mind and emotions into the power of Divine Openings.

I was rewarded for taking it slowly, and now I am ready for anything. My work has lit up, my boss has become unbelievable, my friendships have lit up, I have new friends that like to have fun, my living set-up has gone through the roof... my home is so gorgeous, and it feels like my family are finally seeing the real me. I am savoring the wonderful things that are on their way to me. Like Donna says, I get all juiced up just walking across the floor. That's how I feel. I can't help myself loving everything.

I so love and appreciate you. I am being blessed by just telling people about Divine Openings, and I look forward to reaching more and more people with this blessing.

Thank you with your patience with me. I had to figure out the new you!"

I love you, Grace


How we finally as a team came to this wise decision to require certification.