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  • Be Mentored by Lola Jones for a Year

    Go higher, go deeper, enjoy our lit up community

    Be Mentored by Lola Jones for a Year

    Deepen your immersion, accelerate your development, and soar along with our closest community. Enjoy personal contact with your Mentor, Lola Jones.


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  • Be a Divine Openings Certified Guide

    Light up your hands

    Be a Divine Openings Certified Guide

    Some take the Mentoring Program for their own development. Others continue on to become a Guide and help others. There are additional requirements and costs for becoming a Certified Guide. Begin with Basic Mentoring.


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What's Included in Your Advanced 1-Year Spiritual Mentoring Program

  • Lola is your Mentor, and gives you all five of your sessions, at your pace. 
  • Lola gets to know you and your needs, and Mentors and nurtures you to personal fulfillment and mastery.
  • Live webinars with Lola every 3 to 4 weeks keep you focused, connected, supported, in the flow.
  • Webinar audios/videos are posted in case you can't attend.
  • 21 in-depth course modules.
  • Hundreds of audios, videos with leading-edge material that's not in other courses. More added each month.
  • New structured Coaching Model. Coach yourself and others to mastery.
  • You'll have a smaller group (your Tribe) that will become your lifetime friends.
  • Enjoy attending the live Mentoring webinars forever after your year is over.
  • The 5 Portals are NOT included in this tuition, because most people already purchased some Portals before joining Mentoring.
  • To become a Professional Guide, you must complete all 5 Portals, plus additional requirements.

Preview videos and raves from graduates below!

Highlights of Your Mentoring Year:

  1. Live webinars with Lola every 3 weeks.
  2. Email access to Lola.
  3. 5 sessions with Lola tailored to your specific needs and desires.
  4. Hundreds of leading-edge audios, videos, meditations, and text modules to choose from.
  5. Structured, yet quite flexible to your needs. You set your own timing and pacing.

Track 1: Be Mentored by Lola

Track 1: Be Mentored by Lola

Mentoring is your Ultimate Immersion Program. In-depth, advanced, personalized guidance and expansion. Working closely with Lola and our amazing community makes it richer and more enjoyable. Those who've taken it have soared higher and higher...

Learn and apply profound self-coaching skills as you move through all 5 Steps of material with Lola. Graduate with skills and leadership training that supercharge your current life and career. You become a role model, leader, and light in the world: a Divine Ambassador.

You can later switch tracks if you feel called to give Divine Openings as a Guide.

  1. Be reading or re-reading "Things Are Going Great In My Absence".
  2. You do NOT have to attend a live or virtual retreat before being Mentored.
  3. Book your Application Session (below) and then register if approved.
  4. Go through the 5 Steps, and have 5 coaching sessions (10 - 12 months is suggested--you pace yourself).
  5. You'll go through Portals 1 and 2. Portal tuitions are separate (as most people already have them.) But the Portals come later in the Mentoring program so you can wait for those.
  6. If you go to a live 5-Day Silent Retreat (or online Virtual Retreat ) you may request your powerful initiation from Lola as a Basic Guide Ambassador. Retreat tuitions are separate.

To later upgrade to Professional Guide to counsel or teach, you'll take additional training, all 5 online Portals, and a second live retreat, or 3 Virtual Retreats. See below.

Track 2: Become a Certified Guide

Track 2: Become a Certified Guide

If you feel called to be a counselor and give Divine Openings, you'll get everything you need to get started, from counseling training to marketing guidance. You can change your mind anytime during the Mentoring program, and switch tracks to Guide Training.

The Professional Certified Guide Program is for those who are called to counsel, coach, and teach using Divine Openings leading-edge skills...

  • Professionals may charge for their services and have their own brand and website, or use Divine Openings in their existing counseling or coaching practice.
  • They will always credit Divine Openings for its proprietary methods.
  • Pre-requisite: Read "Things Are Going Great In My Absence."
  • Have Application Session with Lola.
  • If approved, complete your Registration.
  • Take 5 Steps, complete 5 Discoveries, and have 5 Evaluations (take approximately a year to complete this).
  • Master the Divine Openings material in Portals 1 through 5. Portals tuitions are separate, as most already have some or all of the Portals.
  • Complete additional sessions or assignments with Lola as needed. See more requirements and get more info.
  • Submit audio recordings to Lola of Divine Openings practice sessions.
  • Attend 2 Virtual Retreats and 1 live 5 Day Retreat. If travel is not possible due to pandemic: attend 3 Virtual Retreats online. You'll receive your powerful initiation from Lola as a Certified Professional Divine Openings Guide when Lola knows you are ready. Returning Retreater info.

Apply and Register Now

  1. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if Lola has a space open to Mentor you.
  2. Sign up for an application session with Lola first. (There is no obligation to register.)
  3. Then you may register if Lola accepts your application.

Schedule Your Application Session

All the benefits of a full session, plus get a tangible sense of how the Mentoring/Guide Program benefits your specific needs. There's no obligation to join, and the session is quite valuable in itself.

  • English speakers, check with Lola's assistant This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if there is space in the program. If there is, schedule your application session with Lola through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Please pay your $235 below if you are accepted for the session. 
  • German-only speakers, schedule with Mentor Angelika Lukoschek and pay her directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Register Here!

If you've had your application session or Lola gave you permission to join, you may register now. 

Your full year of Mentoring starts now, and remember, you get to attend the webinars forever. Congratulations on your life-changing decision to join our closest community! 

Tuition is only $1849

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More of what you get with Mentoring, or Guide Certification

More highlights. There's so much in this course:

  • Members are allowed to book optional extra sessions with Lola if they desire.
  • Be a part of an amazing community of lit up students and graduates who are more than the sum of our parts. 
  • The sharing, caring, and inspiration is more personal in this deeply immersed group. You'll make friends.
  • Most form small Guide Tribes for more interaction, practice, fun and support.

Detailed FAQ

Is becoming a Certified Guide right for you?

Everyone benefits from Mentoring and you light up your family, your community, your workplace. You bring your own unique purpose to your training, and your Mentor helps you apply it to your life and career. In the end, The Presence guides you most of all.

The rewards are profound no matter which track you choose. This is a place to play and grow. For some it's also a way to get trained to help others.

Lola's commitment to keep Divine Openings powerful and undiluted is profound. If Lola's words below speak to you, you may want to become a Guide and carry on this sacred trust:

People come to us weary of seeking, wanting so much more in their lives.
Wanting relief most of all.
They want to know The Presence, not just seek it endlessly and long for it.
They stand in front of us with hope, "maybe this is it!"
That is what Guides are entrusted with, nothing less than their most cherished hopes and dreams.

Will you guide them surely and steadily through all the distractions the world offers so abundantly? Straight to the heart of their deepest desires? To the deep well of fulfillment? To their own inner knowing?

To be that light that leads others, you must be there yourself, not still struggling, suffering, or seeking.

"Not seeking" is not a rule: "not wanting or needing to seek" is a powerful state of being.

You can be a light in the world.

"Andrea (a Guide Candidate) is surfing through certification right now. Took a reallllllly slow start, very deep and good for her. What she said about reading through regulations, ethics, and especially now step 5 material: "Finally I'm among adults! What a relief" She is a studied medical doctor and was sometimes wondering about the maturity of people and regulations within her profession. Many things in the certification program are such a relief for her. She says our regulations save so much energy otherwise wasted on silly things and she keeps raving how much she feels seen as who she really is, and how safe and comfortable she feels in her personal unfolding."
"Hi Lola, Hurray! I am feeling amazing new highs after our recent session. I had a moment a few days ago where I reached a new level of bliss as I lay in bed breathing and soaring on that sensation. Explosions of full-body delight and joy to a degree I’d never felt before — and I’ve felt pretty darn good. Constant expansion is pretty cool, isn’t it?"
Amy Wheeler
Los Angeles
"There are no appropriate words to express my gratefulness for this path and for all the wonderful work you are all doing. You are all such a blessing for this world. So many wishes I longed for came true in the last two years. I have never before felt so healthy and powerful in my body. The love in my relationship to my husband and my kids is constantly growing. There are so many things to rave about in my life, it just amazes me. Thank you all!"
"I think this program is a great idea. I've practiced law in both California and Ontario and much prefer Canada, where we are far more strictly regulated. Licensing fees here are about five times more expensive than in California but the quality control and public trust is so much higher and to me that trade-off is a no-brainer. Thanks so much for another wonderful 5-day retreat experience. So much love!"
Lynda Collins
Law professor, Toronto
"Dear Lola, Divine Openings has changed our life. We surf the waves and rave about what we are blessed with. Our Certification Program goes well and we will attend the five days in October. Our lovely German mentor helps us and passionately loves us. Isn’t life just wonderful!!! Love from Austria to you both!" Uli and Anita have both graduated from the certification program and are now listed in our Guide Directory.
Anita and Uli Kriz
"Dear Lola, Reading all the new stuff. It is amazing, and I love it. I was rewarded for taking it slowly, and now I am ready for anything. My work has lit up, my boss has become unbelievable, my friendships have lit up, I have new friends that like to have fun, my living set-up has gone through the roof... my home is so gorgeous, and it feels like my family are finally seeing the real me. I am savoring the wonderful things that are on their way to me. Like Donna says, I get all juiced up just walking across the floor. That's how I feel. I can't help myself loving everything. I so love and appreciate you. I am being blessed by just telling people about Divine Openings, and I look forward to reaching more and more people with this blessing. Thank you with your patience with me." I love you,
Lenna Diane Rombout
"Divine Openings has never felt so alive to me as it has these past few months. It just keeps getting better. Especially when you started offering the regular monthly webinars, and I joined a weekly meeting with others in the program, it opened up for me in a clear, focused, renewed way."
Jill Cooper
"Lola, I am so grateful for your generous share in all aspects! It was the best decision I ever made to join the Guide Programm last year! So many things changed and I feel it hasn't even really started yet!" Much love,
"My life was full of suffering and contradictions even though my spiritual teacher back then had already told me that I'm 'free.' But I didn't feel like it. Now, 5 years later I cannot even count the good things that changed for the better. On the outside, but even more in the inside - feeling light, joyful, creative, safe, confident and so much more ... stepping through Portals of ever more knowing, seeing and experiencing life how it is meant to be: easy, joyful, full of love and positive adventure. ...waking up step by step through allowing. It simply means to be reminded of who you really are by somebody who already remembered."
Verena Hayn
"Dear Lola, Thank you for your email. I love Divine Openings Guide training. The vibration is so much higher. I read your "Sitting on the throne" in your new book. Wow, I threw every thing off that Throne, and just sat there. I felt a spiraling as things that were stuck (vibration) moved. Its so powerful. Thank you. There's no rush, I'm very happy surfing and living. I have created great changes. I'm Being, Feeling and experiencing, Thank you so much."
Julie Jones

Who Mentors You?

Lola Jones Spiritual Mentor

Mentor Lola Jones

Lola is the creator of Divine Openings and Mentor to our English speaking participants. She collaborates with Mentors and superstar Guides to provide leading-edge training for people around the world who are ready to expand into their next level of evolution. Lola works with English speakers through all steps of your training. English speakers, schedule your application session with Lola, via her assistant This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or register above when you're ready.

angelika spiritual guide

Mentor Angelika Lukoschek

Angelika guides our German speaking participants through enlightenment and growth that is astounding. Angelika has an incredibly high vibration, and her vibration will attune you while you're having a great time expanding. When you're ready to move into this new echelon, she's ready to guide you onward and upward. Angelika's page. Email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply.

Our most experienced, long-term Divine Openings Guides are your personal spiritual mentors. They are deeply committed to your expansion, happiness, and fulfillment.

New Video: Application Session with Lola

It's more than an application session; you get a powerful session packed with extraordinary value. This one covers softening into contrast, why a teacher/mentor helps, how you'll retrain your mind and stabilize into spiritual maturity.

Here's what she wrote to Lola, days after the session: "Thank you ever so much, dear Lola. My hearing is A LOT better now. It really is a miracle and I want to celebrate everything I’ve learned from this "embodied crisis" over the last week and your new super powerful tools that helped me so much to raise my vibration and heal. I joined the mentoring course last night and am really looking forward to our first webinar next week. Much love from Berlin to California!" Jetty 


Preview a webinar from the program!

In English and German. Simply relax and assimilate during the translations, and you'll go deeper.

Audio: Be Your Timeless Essence

The energy built so high in this webinar as Guides and Certification students raved, we were soaring on it. About 55 minutes of high vibration uplift in English and German.

Join the program above!

"It's Danielle here again. I just thought I'd drop you a quick email. I've just done my second Discovery session with Melinda. Holy Moly things are moving I tell ya! One wee snippet of what's been going on lately is... I was focusing on some I Am statements... on how I wanted to feel particularly around my work life... I Am Empowerment was the perfect fit for me.I viscerally felt in my being when the Vibration shifted to Empowerment... well I ended up cooking up a whole new custom made job for myself. (also just as you say the biggest woosh was actually when I felt the Shift to the vibration of Empowerment compared with the actual physical manifestation.)

It's a 'management' role. Now previously in life I'd never considered myself as the management type of person. I'd thought about that and what that meant prior to my job interview and low and behold at the interview My interviewers say now this role is for a Customer Service Manager per se but what we are actually interviewing for are Leaders within our organisation. Which internally I said oh of course that's why I'm here ☺️ There's a piece in module 1 step 3 that says... You cannot help but become a leader in this Programme and Leadership takes you to the next level of Expansion! It's true...it literally happened word for word.

Anywho I just wanted to say hi as I'm going to be on the Money a plenty webinar tomorrow. I'm super excited to see what our webinar group is going to cook up. See you tomorrow Lola, in the webinar! Love, Danielle x"

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