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    Enjoy, love, feel more

    The art of love and sex helps you

    Enjoy, love, feel more

    This course has less video/audio than our others, but has really worked for ten years. It's for couples who want to experience more pleasure, and for single people who want to create a juicy next relationship.

Some of the Benefits of The Art of Love & Sex

Be treated like a Goddess or God

Be treated like a Goddess or God

Women often don't realize they're creating how men treat them. It's actually simple to learn how to have a man adore you and want to please you.
Resolve sexual issues & problems

Resolve sexual issues & problems

Men and women: age, looks, penis size and hardness, vaginal size and tightness don't matter. Erectile dysfunction, frigidity, pain, rape, abuse, or even physical disability won't be an issue anymore.
Allow more pleasure and love

Allow more pleasure and love

Conventional sex is so tense, distorted, and conditioned by society it really messed some of us up. These techniques are so simple, natural, and pleasurable to practice, you'll soon let go to the flow, feel more, and allow more.
Sex as a delicious meditation

Sex as a delicious meditation

Making love can light both of you up, heal, elevate, and rejuvenate you. Lola shares hundreds of techniques, but the energy is the most powerful, transformative part.
Love as your Goddess/God Self

Love as your Goddess/God Self

Claim your feminine or masculine power fully. Discover a higher spiritual purpose for sex. Experience profound love and connection rather than just rubbing bodies together.
A more positive and confident experience of sex

A more positive and confident experience of sex

When you learn how to reconnect with your essential sensuality, love and sex becomes a relaxed, ecstatic experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Women, did you know...?

  • Your work success may have made you more masculine. This hurts your relationship, and drains you.
  • Only your natural femininity can rejuvenate and fulfill you.
  • You CAN have it all once you learn how to switch on feminine with your man, and switch on masculine at work.
  • Conventional sex in our society masculinizes a woman.
  • You can learn to get what you want sexually.
  • Valley orgasms last much longer and are more deeply fulfilling than quick, intense orgasms.
  • Female ejaculation, (amrita, nectar) is possible for you, and very deeply satisfying.
  • There's so much more.....

Men did you know...?

  • Women want to make love more often when you know how to connect deeply.
  • Tantra removes all performance pressure on you.
  • You can learn to last longer very easily.
  • Erectile dysfunction doesn't need a blue pill, it needs deeper relaxation.

Do I get step by step instructions?

  • YES! First Lola guides you through easy, comfortable, non-sexual activities to wake up your body and emotions.
  • Next you try non-confrontational energy practices alone.
  • Then you try some things with your partner, and your partner doesn't even have to know.
  • Your innate knowing awakens and you become confident, self-guided, and fulfilled.
  • Your inner God and Goddess is waiting for you to come home.

How is this course different?

  • It's sensitive, tasteful, high vibration, deeply spiritual, direct, real, and practical.
  • The Tantric energy in this retreat "works on you"--you don't work on IT. You play, enjoy, and savor.
  • Like Divine Openings, we line up the non-physical energy, and physical manifestations follow.
  • No pornographic videos.
  • You never need kinkiness or novelty to keep things fresh---so you don't get tired of your partner--ever! Your passionate love life actually grows deeper and more interesting as the years go by.

How long does the course last?

  • It's long, thorough, and self-paced. You couldn't possibly absorb and enjoy all of it in less than a year.
  • Take your time and relish every new bit! We suggest doing it slooooowly, just like we suggest making love.
  • It has guided people through many years of pleasure.

How long till it works?

  • The moment you register, the energy begins to work on you.
  • Those with Divine Openings experience typically move faster.
  • Most begin to notice progress within days or weeks.
  • For others it may take more time to melt through blocks and resistances, but it does work over time. Just enjoy!

What's your definition of tantric sex?

  • True tantric sex (not the commercial version) uses energy more than physical means to bring pleasure, love, connection, and deep satisfaction to your sex life.
  • It's not so much what we do, as who we are as we do it, the energy and intentions behind it, and how present we are.
  • It is truly enlightened sex. It's far more than physical but brings physical ecstasy.
  • Tantric sex expands your ecstasy, opens your heart, nourishes your spirit, fulfills, and thrills you beyond imagining.
  • Bonds you and your lover ever more deeply as it accelerates your spiritual awakening and evolution.

How is it like Divine Openings?

  • Same frequency as Divine Openings--spiritual and physical bliss.
  • You get out of the way and let something larger than your mind take over, and dive deep into the ecstasy and wisdom of the body. Your body will surprise you when you got out of the way!
  • It's about love, awareness, and being---not mind, fantasy, and doing, doing, doing.
  • You sloooooow everything down, so you can feel more. You're in the moment, feeling what's happening now.
  • You relax more deeply than you knew was possible. No effort.
  • You don't try to make anything happen--it just happens. No chasing orgasms.
  • Bliss is found deep in the quiet and stillness.
  • NO long, arduous practices or boring exercises. Just passion and ecstatic play for you to enjoy and savor.

How do I get my partner to do it?

  • At first you can practice without your partner's awareness and he/she will feel it and attune more to you.
  • Men have no resistance to it if you let him know you want to experience Tantric sex with him so the two of you can have more juicy fun together (that you're not trying to fix him, which you shouldn't be doing anyway!)
  • Men, tell your partner you want to learn to connect and please her more.

I don't have a partner....

You can do it alone to prepare to attract your ideal partner. Get the energy flowing and someone who matches it will come.

Does it work for same sex partners?

Yes. Many of the universal principles do apply, but it is geared toward man/woman because that is Lola's experience. The masculine/feminine concepts can be adapted, because even same sex couples play certain gender roles or switch roles.

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by International Spiritual Teacher, Bestselling Author, Creator of Divine Openings, Lola Jones

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A taste of the Art Of Love & Sex Tantric Online Retreat

Enjoy a free video preview. Lola and Donna were giving a webinar on how business, money and sex are related and how we often use similar energies and approaches to both. Excuse the odd feedback noises we encountered on this webinar--you'll still get the vibe:

Free trial module

What's ahead for you as you simply enjoy?

  • Sex becomes a key part of your spiritual path. It may become your favorite part!
  • A whole new level of initiation into total spiritual awakening.
  • Sex that's beyond the body, but fully grounded in the body.
  • Cultivate a type of sex that can get better and better your whole life, even into old age.
  • Experience Tantric orgasmic stillness, bliss without doing.
  • Learn about and enjoy both "cool sex" and "hot sex" ... "tantric sex" and "traditional sex."
  • Tantric lovemaking becomes a deep meditation, taking you within yourself, but you're more present with your partner than ever before, more "one."
  • Light up and energize not only your love life, but your entire practical daily life. People will ask you, "What's up with YOU?"
  • Become aware of dynamics that are either juicing up or damping down your sex life.
  • Cosmic Tantric sex -- mindless states and oneness with your beloved.
  • Many types of orgasms, and beyond orgasm.
  • Ways for men to control and extend their orgasm without drugs.
  • Multiple orgasm for women and men.
  • Female water flow, amrita, the waterfall, or "dolphin water".
  • Extend pleasure both before, during, and after orgasms.
  • Tantric extended full body orgasm for both men and women.
  • The privacy of enjoying this Tantric online course in your own home is a big plus. No embarrassing public nudity, no sharing private information.

What if you could....?

  • Men: get past impotence, erectile dysfunction, performance pressure.
  • Women: get over shame, rape, history, any issue. Tantra actually heals sexual pain and abuse.
  • All gender orientations: have deeply satisfying tantric sex.
  • Singles: attract your ideal Divine Tantric partner without effort, as you prepare yourself.
  • Open the heart to more love.
  • Experience Heaven on Earth through Tantric sexual union.
  • Move into being rather than doing in Tantric lovemaking.
  • Shift from the goal and performance orientation of traditional sex.
  • Let sexual ecstasy become easy and effortless.
  • Grow your love with tantra.
  • Remove the limits you've placed on how much pleasure you are allowed to experience.
  • Expand intimacy naturally with tantra, helping you transcend the limiting boundaries of your skin.
  • Develop a Feedback Loop to be a spectacularly tuned in Tantric lover.
  • Circulate energy in a way that creates passion, love, and ecstasy.
  • Communicate better with your partner, in and out of the bedroom.

Your love life lights up when you know....

  • Classic masculine and feminine dynamics, and when and how to play in them to keep love alive. How to use them to heighten your Tantric sex and love experience.
  • How sex and money are related energies--why your man makes more money when his sexual energy is on at full power, and your woman needs to get in her feminine after work.
  • Feel your body more, intensify your sensations.
  • Let it be more spiritual and light.
  • Tune into your lover quickly and easily.
  • Communicate your desires and dislikes in a way that works.
  • Erotic Tantric massage for men and women.
  • How to let go of old conditioning about sex ( from porn, peers, parents, media).
  • How to hold your center so you don't become too enmeshed or dependent.
  • Sex talk that enhances your Tantric lovemaking.
  • How every person is different, and how to find their unique wants, styles, needs, and hot buttons.
  • Your partner's primary and secondary love senses, and what are yours.
  • Chanting or toning for ecstatic Tantric states.
  • Use music to deepen your ecstasy.
  • The beauty of age, and yet you'll sometimes see your lover morph into a teenager.
  • The power and importance of self-love and self-validation and how to gain it.
  • The art of self-pleasuring for its own sake and as a means to enhance Tantric lovemaking with your Beloved.
  • How to be sexily selfish.
  • How to do a lap dance or exotic seduction.
  • Understanding and using lubrication, natural and otherwise.
  • Knowing God through Tantric sex. Use sex to tap into source.
  • Sexual communion as your "church," your devotion, your ritual.
  • Worshiping the Goddess in her.
  • Adoring the God in him.
  • Rituals and Tantric activities that range from the sublime to the silly and everything in between.
  • Connecting sexually with only energy and intention, even at long distances.
  • Ebb and flow of sexual desire, and how to deal with it.
  • Dealing with "issues" that do come up.
  • How to be done with "issues" so your sex life becomes pure play, pleasure, connection, and Tantric creative self expression.
  • Reigniting sexuality and rejuvenating a relationship.

I've embedded powerful spiritual and Tantric energies and intentions into this Tantra online course too. Due to my intense focus on Tantra, I am so powerfully radiating these Tantric energies these days that after my 5 Day Silent Retreats, which have nothing to do with sex and never even mention sex, participants are going home to find their previously stale marriages have blossomed, and they're making juicy Tantric love, and single people are attracting juicy new loves.

After enlightenment, what do you do?
You find juicy new ways to enjoy life!


Forget the other definitions of Tantra you might already know for the purposes of this retreat. And we won't force our definition on you. There are more definitions and systems of Tantra out there than you can count, they're all valid, and this is different. Some systems are religious, some are esoteric and complicated, some are weird. As everything I create is unique, so is this course. As you would expect from us, it is grounded and practical, and yet deep, mystical, and profound. It is explicit, yet tasteful in the presentation, allowing you privacy in your intimacy.


Tantric sex with Divine Openings
is sexual bliss and Divine ecstasy.

Wikipedia says, "Despite reluctance to support a rigorous definition of Tantra, David Gordon White offers the following definition: Tantra is that Asian body of beliefs and practices which, working from the principle that the universe we experience is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of the divine energy of the Godhead that creates and maintains that universe, seeks to ritually appropriate and channel that energy, within the human microcosm, in creative and emancipatory ways."

Let us say in our down-to-earth-way that this Divine Openings interpretation of Tantric sex will blow the top of your head off, and you just might later find your socks in the backyard.

Start Enjoying Your Love Life More
Right NOW!

"I have been reading Lola's book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence for two years. It has helped me change life in a smooth, non- damaging way for all involved. I have had almost a year to myself and I want to attract someone on a similar path as myself. This is perfect!"
"I started taking Lola's course a few days ago and am just loving it! Yipeeeee!!! Last night, I received my first Tantric Divine Opening from the course and fell blissfully asleep afterwards... Today, I am feeling sooooo mellow, relaxed, calm and peaceful as I go about my busy day, taking time to enjoy and savor everything I do."
Harmoney L
Surrey, BC, Canada
"My sex life is now completely, amazingly better than before this course. It is astounding how much I opened up. I still haven't finished this course because there's so much in it, and it gets so intense I need to take a break to get ready to let more in. The most profound thing of many things I got is that "I create it, not the other person." The other person just has to be reasonably on my wavelength for it to be great."
"After doing Divine Openings I didn't think our relationship could get better, but after buying your tantra course, 3 weeks later ... the bedroom heated up even more." D. Ledesma. San Diego, CA

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When you let go of conceptual thinking, and become as a little child, you can directly experience the magic, the joy, the beauty of life--unfiltered and unlimited by the mind.