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Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.


Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.

Life-Changing Retreats in Sedona, AZ & Germany. New Reality, New Life.

Enlightened Business: Module 1, Balance Your Energies for Success

Module 1 - or Free Trial

Welcome! Let's dive right in...

The Single Most Powerful Thing You Can Do to Create Your Dream Business or Career

You know Lola Jones, at right, who created Divine Openings and this site. She is your Guide and Mentor as you grow your business or career to be fulfilling and prosperous.

The other members of this course bring great ideas and inspirations in the optional Enlightened Business webinars.

This webinar gives you a great taste of the many, many enlightening videos you'll enjoy, and it gives you some valuable, practical value right now.




Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur?

This course helps you succeed as an Entrepreneur, owning your own business--or as an IntraPreneur, a creative, proactive player working happily and powerfully within someone else's business. Both can offer you freedom, expansion, joy, prosperity, and fulfillment.

If you currently work for someone else, start calling yourself an Intrapreneur right now, to frame yourself as a powerful player rather than "just an employee."  If you begin to vibrate like an Intrapreneur, your career stock will rise!

I turned 69 in 2022, and since age 27, I've been successfully self-employed. I never struggled except for one year in between careers, as I shared in Things Are Going Great In My Absence. That contrast launched me into Divine Openings! 

I enjoyed an interesting two years as an Intrapreneur when a company created a new job position just for me, my job being to make that company more successful. They gave me free rein to do whatever I wanted to do and a commission on all of the increases in profit that I created. They just believed in me!

I increased their sales 36% in one year! That experience prepared me to launch as an Entrepreneur again, as a corporate trainer for big businesses.

Learning how to be good at business ended up helping me get the word out to the entire world about Divine Openings, and the rest is history--or is that herstory?

Happy to Be Your Guide

I (Lola) created the foundational concepts this course is based on, recorded all of the videos in live masterminding webinars, and wrote much of the course. I am delighted to support and guide you in creating your own Enlightened Business or Career.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 38 years. I expanded into new vibrational territory with Divine Openings. The Enlightened Business Course represents those two worlds coming together in a beautiful way.

Donna W wrote some of this course before she went out on her own.

Much of Donna's business experience came from the world of hard knocks, not from college. Then Divine Openings and this site led me into to this new, empowered business life. I created all kinds of experiences, some wonderful, and others not so much. During my business career, I've started, built and sold 3 successful brick-and-mortar businesses with online components, and while I was writing this I was expanding my consulting business. I found real joy in helping business owners create and re-create their business.

Then I purchased one of those businesses from my ex-husband, and transformed it into a highly successful and profitable coffee, tea, and gift shop in Canada, with a large wholesale operation as well.


Intention: As I Expand, My Business Expands

This intention took me light years ahead of where I'd normally be. The expansion isn't just about learning more about business. It's about enlightening and raising my overall vibration, which includes my business vibration.

Interesting things happen, in a really good way. Throughout the course I've included session audios and my own inspirational business stories. The accelerated energies of Divine Openings makes for exciting times, and reading about and absorbing the success of others is a great way to keep your business vibration high.

Enlightened Business is: 

  • Feeling better and increasing mindfulness, not working more and trying harder.
  • Generating more ease and flow, not having longer hours or sleepless nights.
  • Experiencing new levels of joy and creativity, instead of increasing levels of stress and worry.
  • Knowing that what you want is already on its way, without the struggle to make something happen.
  • Making your 10% joyful and easy. And knowing what your 10% consists of, too.

The Power to Change Your Business is Within YOU.

You don't have to be at the mercy of market forces or economic trends.

Your belief may not be there yet; but by the end of this course, this belief will be strong and sure, supporting everything you do.

Raising your own business vibration and growing your business at the same time is a powerful combination. Develop a strong intention that this will be your experience throughout this course. Read on to discover why this is the most powerful thing you can do to bring your dream business into reality.

Fully expect the business to experience the miracles that you're experiencing in your personal life from Divine Openings.

Enlightened energy works globally, on all areas at once.

Sure enough, the expansion of my business mirrored my own personal expansion, and soon I was purposefully finding ways to grow and develop the energies in every corner of the business. The evidence of something new and amazing happening became apparent very quickly when I reached the Tipping Point on the Instrument Panel.

Fresh, expanding energies result in better sales, higher profits,
magnetic marketing, and unprecedented ease.

 YOU will have powerful, perception-shifting experiences - because you are the director, the very heart and soul of your enterprise, you will see changes manifest in your business because it has to vibrationally match you. 

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Or read on... there's more.

 It is, after all, your creation.

Whatever your situation, you will find value here. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out in your business, already have your business up and running, working creatively for someone else......or just wondering if the business life is for you.

Enlightened Business core principles can be applied to any business situation, infusing it with accelerated energy as you literally open up more positive possiblities, more vibrational paths to your dream.

Keep your heart and mind open to something new, read and absorb with curiosity, and enjoy the ride.


Set the Stage for a Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy:

You're laying a foundation.

The two energies you're going to start being aware of in this module are the energies of "being" and "doing." Traditionally you'll hear them referred to as "feminine" and "masculine," and although they don't necessarily correlate with gender or sexual orientation, typically women have more feminine energy and men have more masculine energy. We all need to use both - not be limited to one or the other. When you purposefully create from a balance of these two energies, your ability to manifest the business of your dreams will sky rocket.

Everything in your reality....all physical matter.... everything that makes up your world, including your business, is created and sustained by the balance of these two energies. 

Both Men and Women prosper From this energy Balance.

Below are some examples of how the two different energies can be used. It's never black and white, of course. It's more like a dance as the energies freely flow, without your conscious effort. But with just a cursory scan, you can see how effective a balanced combination of masculine and feminine energies can be. Imagine your business performing well in all these areas; the combination is a recipe for success!

The powerful dance of Feminine and Masculine energy is called "The Creation Equation" because it results in real world results. In upcoming modules, you'll learn more about The Creation Equation, and we'll go into detail about how to use it in your business for amazing outcomes. You'll learn to employ the best of both of these types of energy.

Feminine Energy (being):

  • How much good (sales, profits, expansion) can you allow in?
  • How magnetic can you be? (customer service)
  • How delicious is your invitation? (marketing)
  • How much pleasure do you feel in your business? (momentum)
  • How connected do you feel to others? (community building)
  • How much "ease" can you bring? (customer and employee loyalty)
  • How intuitive and creative are you? (originality)
  • How well do you care for yourself? (sustainability)

Masculine Energy (doing):

  • How well-developed is your vision for your company? (goals, decisiveness)
  • How efficient are your business systems? (cost control)
  • How highly do you value your own product? (profit margin)
  • How systemized are you? (efficiency)
  • How much do you enjoy friendly competition? (market share)
  • How well developed are your sales abilities? (closing the sale)
  • How active/assertive are you? (industry leadership)
  • Do you have an active, inquisitive mind? (expanding resources)

Throughout this course, you'll be assimilating, recording, tracking and allowing small changes to build momentum.

You'll be looking at each of these areas in detail, and creating (with ease!) the vibrational shifts that will keep you moving in the direction you want to go: building the business that you know is possible.

We'll start gently, and ease into it. You'll be collecting small bits of evidence along the way, (see the Positive Changes Journal section below) until you reach the magical tipping point where big changes can start to happen, effortlessly.

Each week, you'll engage in a simple activity to help ground your understanding and experience. Each activity will start a chain reaction of subtle vibrational changes that will pick up momentum over the weeks of this course. Eventually, you will stabilise at a higher business vibration - and, as we all know, magic happens there!

Raising your vibration on both sides of this Creation Equation, then recording and tracking the changes, will powerfully improve your business.

Congratulations, you're on your way!

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Or read on for more practical, useable wisdom...

Activity to Make It Real

Be comfortable, and as you read this, softly become aware of your breath.

It's not necessary to change or deepen your breathing. Instead, just imagine breathing into the possibilities of what lies ahead for you. Perhaps you're daydreaming about a business of your own; perhaps you're already up and running, and want to build a stronger, healthier, more profitable business....your mind doesn't have to even come up with future scenarios, all I'm asking you to do is breathe into the notion that many paths to your successful business exist, many possiblities exist to make things better and better. Softly breathe the possiblities, for just a few moments.

Breathe into the energies of "being" and "doing."

Your mind doesn't have to understand what that means, you can just do it.  Softly breathe in the energy of "being" and softly breathe out the energy of "doing." Notice how perfectly balanced that breath in and out is; it's exactly in tune with the rhythms of creation: tide in, tide out; expansion, contraction; sunrise, sunset. The dance of masculine and feminine energies is the most natural thing in the world. Softly breathe those flowing energies, for just a few moments.

In the next few days, if you think about it and it feels pleasurable to you, take a few moments here and there to become aware of your breath in and your breath out, knowing that you naturally embody the two energies that are the engines of creation in this reality. You can't help it. It's already done. All you're doing now is becoming more and more aware of it.

Before you move on to Module 2, answer these questions for yourself:

  • How much time and energy do you spend on the masculine side of things?
  • How much time and energy do you spend on the feminine side of things?
  • Do you feel well balanced?

Record your answers and experiences in your Positive Changes Journal (see below)

Don't go on to Module 2 before you've written in it.

Read more about this in the yellow space below.

How to Make Your Dream Business Real:

Your Positive Changes Journal

You can call it whatever you like! During this course, I'll keep referring to it as your Postive Changes Journal. It doesn't matter if it's a real, paper-and-pen journal or if you record your progess online in a blog or if you have a word doc for the purpose. I prefer writing with a pen on paper. It grounds everything I'm recording. Pen on paper is very "real." Do what feels good to you, and what you can easily maintain. You'll be doing it every day.

The focus is what counts. When you focus long enough to find words, form sentences, and physically record them, you're training your business mind. Trust me on this. It's invaluable.

To make the most of this course and the time and energy you're spending on it, commit to this one thing.

As Divine Openings students well know, actively collecting evidence that positive changes are happening sets the stage for a new reality to emerge. It will start to manifest before your very eyes!

Do this now

Go buy or order a journal, open the Word doc, or otherwise decide how you're going to record and track:

  • shifts within you,
  • new and developing opportunities,
  • interesting observations,
  • intentions and effective questions,
  • actual shifts in your business reality.

Keep the focus ONLY positive. Commit to recording changes everyday. No "real life observations" if they're negative in any way.

Later I'll share with you how I use this kind of record-keeping in my own business to great effect. It does what no other tool can do..

What Lies Ahead: The Tipping Point

Vibrational changes, applied consistently over time, eventually result in a "tipping point" of your experience.

Do the course modules in a steady and consistent way, and changes will start to happen in your business.
Your company will start to reflect your changing vibration with changes that sometimes seem to float into place, with little or no effort on your part. Magic can and does happen.

Does the playful graphic above feel at odds with your energy around business?
Working for yourself doesn't have to feel heavy or serious.

Your experience can be playful, light,creative and magical
if that's what you choose to create.

Introducing the Five P's

(it was Four P's, and Lola added a fifth P:)

  • Product - Is it unique, is there a need for it?
  • Pricing - Price it profitably and create value to back that up
  • Placement - Where and how do you sell it?
  • Promotion - Paid ads, PR, major media, social media, word of mouth, sales people, something uniquely you?

Proposition - the Unique Selling Proposition you offer people. We'll talk about this more in Module 10. By then you'll have discovered what it is organically.

Whatever your business is, you're dealing with the Five P's. This is a simple way to break things down, particularly when you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of detail that a business project can generate.

Now and again in the modules ahead, we revisit these basic components of every business. On a regular basis, touch base with how you feel and where you're at with each category.

If you look at your instrument panel, each of the Five P's will have its own average vibration. It's good to know at which vibration you're starting for each P! Then you can start to track your progress UP the instrument panel as you go through the course.

how does this feel to you?

Traditional ideas about what business is supposed to feel like are illustrated by the graphics below. Sometimes images communicate more than words. How do you expect business to feel?

Google images for "strategic planning" and this is typical of what comes up:

 How does this graphic feel to you?
Serious? Heavy? Or well organized? Masculine? That may be what you want!

Just for contrast, check this vibe out:

 This graphic feels very different, doesn't it? 

To some it might feel light-hearted, flowing and feminine.Tto others it might feel too whimsical for business. Sign me up for whimsical, creative, and fun!

Which inspires you? 

Neither one of these is necessarily better than the other, and your style will be unique. This is just an invitation for you to explore your feelings and reactions around this material.

You might show the first one to your banker, and the second one to your team.

You can create whatever kind of "strategic planning" you want. You'll soon feel free to create your business experience just as you want it.

Changes to Look Forward To:

  • New opportunities and possibililties for growth and expansion start to come your way.
  • More people are attracted to what you have to offer, and they value it more highly than ever before.
  • New ways to simplify and stream-line are brought to you, which you implement with ease.
  • You naturally attract people who want to help you and be a part of your exciting business project.
  • You experience joy, ease and excitement in your business, instead of what many people traditionally experience: stress, anxiety and struggle.
  • Get a list of what you'll learn in all 13 modules here - but we update the modules, so there will always be new bonuses beyond this list!

It starts when you register.

Seriously, people have told us they registered, and their career took off before they even started the course. Wild. But it happens with all our courses and retreats.

What are you waiting for? No one says they wish they had procrastinated longer.

Let's play and prosper!

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If you're feeling indecision or doubt...

I can't take the time...

That story could keep you in bondage to time forever. Keep doing the same old thing, and you keep getting the same old thing. You make time for everything else! Prioritize your own growth, make time for you. Read the book with the money back guarantee, begin the Online Portals that immerse you in Grace. If you can, attend a retreat. You'll find you have more time once you're living as your Large Self. You'll live in the timeless now.

This wonderful mantra opens you to Grace and new possibilities: Just be willing.

I have kids...

Yes, and you owe it to them to be the best you can be, so you can show them how to be successful and happy. You know they don't listen to what you say about life-----they watch how you live your life. What are you role-modeling for them right now?

Money is too tight...

It will remain tight if you don't raise that stinky low vibration about money! Invest in something that will raise your money vibration. That pays off. What else does that? Your Small Self wants you to buy meaningless stuff that makes you feel better for three seconds----to keep you in that little box where it's in charge. Starting with the book is an inexpensive, money-back, no risk way to get started changing your life, and your finances, permanently.

"Nothing works for me."

If you've tried things that didn't work, of course you question things! Lola was a frustrated seeker for twenty long years before her 21 days of silence opened her. She once felt fear, suffering, heartbreak, and powerlessness herself. Now she can lead you out of it quickly, as she's done for so many.

Divine Openings works, but you have to experience it, so if you're not clear, get the book with the money back guarantee. You will know if this is the path for you. If you're feeling it, dive in and immerse for faster results: enroll in the Portal 1 Online Course, or come to the bliss retreat.

Is this too good to be true?

If you've tried things that didn't work, of course you question things! Lola was a frustrated seeker for twenty long years before her 21 days of silence opened her. She once felt fear, suffering, heartbreak, and powerlessness herself. Now she can lead you out of it quickly, as she's done for so many.

Divine Openings works, but you have to experience it, so if you're not clear, get the book with the money back guarantee. You will know if this is the path for you. If you're feeling it, dive in and immerse for faster results: enroll in the Portal 1 Online Course, or come to the bliss retreat.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact us.

Some people need to read lots of information to make a decision, particularly detail-oriented analytical people. We understand that, and there is another page of information for you, with more questions answered here.

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