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    What does 4:44 Mean?

    What Is The Real Message of 4:44 for YOU?

    Do you often look at the clock when it's 4:44... or find yourself on the 4th floor at 44 Fourth Street, after paying $4.44 for a snack, and wondering what it all means?

What is the significance of 4:44s or other recurring numbers?

The complete answer to the meaning of 4:44 is here, and today is a momentous day.

Hello, I'm Lola Jones. My work, Divine Openings, has changed lives in 150+ countries as people shared with their friends and family members how Divine Openings transformed their lives.

Now, tens of thousands more are finding us as they search for answers about why they so often see 444s. They want to know what seeing 4:44 means and if there's a message in it. They, like you, want to understand 4:44’s significance.

What good is it for me to see 444s?

Vague signs, symbols, and clues are just too frustrating, and frankly, life is too short to chase that stuff. You need practical, useable guidance, especially in these uncertain times, when so many are mired in fear, lack, limitation, and struggle.

You want off that hamster wheel of seeking, seeking, seeking answers outside. You want your own inner guidance to turn on or turn up, so you can live in ease and flow NOW. Your quest to understand 4:44’s meaning has led you to me because I've lived that way for a pretty long time now. You can too.

Relax and take a deep breath. The answers are HERE.

And it's not mysterious or hard. It's crystal clear.

You've arrived here on purpose.

It's my style to get right to the point. Your Larger Non-Physical Self planted solutions along your path before you came to this life because you knew you'd get challenged, overwhelmed, and forget your true inner power. That you might even be lost and confused at times.

There is much more to 4:44 than time meaning alone. A Larger, timeless aspect of YOU, planned long before you were born, that the 444 would awaken a recognition, so you would get curious, and that would lead you here. Think of seeing 4:44 on the clock repeatedly as a road sign of sorts on your spiritual journey. 444 is a sign.

As you start to awaken, you recognize the sign.

Now 4:44 points you to a big step on your spiritual path, through the Portals of spiritual growth. Toward a more comprehensive path to guide you until you fully remember who you are and claim the power and wisdom waiting inside you.

seeing 444? here's why and what it means

Recurring numbers point you to the spiritual Portals.

You probably saw 1's and 2's at first. The synchronicity of seeing recurring numbers gets you curious, and looking into it pulls you toward your spiritual path.

If you're seeing 4:44's you're probably a bit farther along the path to higher consciousness, even if you don't call yourself "spiritual." That label is irrelevant because we're ALL non-physical (spiritual) beings whether we know it or not. Perhaps you're naturally beginning to live as your Larger Self, following your inner compass, but you're not sure what you're doing, or what to do next. This means that the meaning of 4:44 is spiritual.

That's why you're here, to get clear about
who you are, and what's next.

So let's get an idea of where you are now. If you still suffer and struggle, you're still in the early stages of your path. You are headed toward Portal 1 but not yet through it. 

The 444's invite you to move through it, which is a completion of sorts, but not the end. It's more of a firm foundation to go higher.

The article continues below.... but some of you are sensitive and you already get it. You're ready to start that great new life now. Those next steps are right in front of you. Keep moving and you will begin to manifest (or allow) a tangible connection with Source, clear guidance, peace of mind, and big practical benefits in your everyday life: a fulfilling career or avocation, great relationships, health, and more.

Once the signs have guided you to your path, their job is done. They are no longer needed.

Having a clear path with the keys laid out for you sets you free, and saves you from an endless wild goose chase for DaVinci-Code-type clues that run you ragged, but fail to make any difference at all in your real life. Been there? Yes, been there, done that, and not going back.

You've been asking and seeking.
The call of 4:44 got you here.
Answer the call now!

potholes on spiritual path

Some potholes to avoid on your path

With decades of experience guiding people to liberation, enlightenment, and fulfillment, I do advise you to avoid these potholes on your path:

  • Don't get caught up in numerology. It will never get you anywhere, and it keeps you dependent on outer signs and symbols.
  • Don't stay dependent on others. Head toward learning to get your answers from within.
  • Teachers do serve a purpose on your path because the mind can be stubborn and doesn't let go all at once. But your teacher should point you inward to your own guidance.
  • You won't need ANY more recurring numbers once you begin Divine Openings. I know, some people say you need to know the meaning of each recurring number or ask your angels about them. You don't.
  • If you've tried all those paths, how did that work out? Be honest with yourself--you're still seeking or you wouldn't be here. This is your life hanging in the balance.

4:44 invites you to step up and learn how to create your reality... to stop seeking answers from other people.

When you're ready, step through the first Portal, then the second, and claim the expanded life that awaits.

The larger truth is simple:
You're here to remember how to get your own clear guidance.

4:44 highlights the miracle of synchronicity.

Your Large Self is smiling at you, saying, "If I can make unusual numbers show up so easily, do you see how easily I could orchestrate the flow of the universe for you?" But you do have to learn how to get IN that flow. You see, we humans have a way of resisting what would be amazing for us because it asks us to change a bit!

4:44 is just a taste of the synchronicities in store for you.

The more you get in the flow of the energy that orchestrates all things, the clearer everything is to you. When you get in that flow, the Universe carries you along with ease--no signs needed.

JayZ and Beyonce believe there's a special significance to fours. Their birthdays have fours in them, he named his recent album 4:44, and the title track is 4:44 minutes long. But I want you to graduate beyond giving your power away to signs and symbols like they do, superstitiously relying on them to make decisions. Divine Openings is practical, and it works; there's no airy-fairy mythical stuff here.

Your Large Self, an expanded Non-Physical aspect of you that is vast and unlimited, wants you to wake up to who you really are. Once you do, you don't need signs or healers, spiritual books, or courses. But until your guidance flows directly from within, you do need a teacher.

4444 is not about your soul mate

Caution: what 444 is not

Before people get connected with their own inner guidance they often make serious, expensive mistakes interpreting signs and numbers. Recurring numbers are never a sign about who's your soul mate, or not.

444 has no meaning whatsoever as to which stock to buy, which taxi to take, which job to accept, or what apartment to rent. It's not a Magic 8 Ball, and you don't need one.

It's bigger than any of that.

444 and recurring numbers are only about your spiritual path. That's why you were guided here, to help you move well past relying on any vague signs and symbols. Now you are to get connected to your own mature inner wisdom. You'll never need signs and numbers again.

Say yes to the guidance that brought you here.

Get on your way to a life that's beyond your experience. You CAN have spiritual bliss and live happily and successfully on this earth. You planned it that way before you came here.

Remember, the book and courses won't talk about 4:44, or numerology at all, because such signs and symbols aren't significant once you answer their call. The deepening of your awakening is accelerated the moment you step toward the Portal into the course, or open this book.

That's how you planned it in the Non-Physical before you came here. 


Here's How to Answer the Call of 444

Don't wait for "someday" to turn on your intuition, or "someday" to get happy and fulfilled.

It can begin NOW, today.

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If you're still not clear, just read on-- there's a wealth of wisdom in store for you in this article.

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Please focus solely on this book for 6 months. With experience with tens of thousands of people, we see very clearly: doing many spiritual systems confuses and scrambles your energy.

This book literally "works on you"

It opens you, actively causes spiritual awakening, or deepens your current enlightenment. It opens your third eye, activates dormant DNA, and taps you into "direct knowing" beyond the physical realm, where the aspect of you sending the messages lives. The Larger Non-Physical You is inviting you to experience more fully who you are, and to claim your full power, peace, and knowing.

444 got you here. You have to make choices.
Say yes and begin!

Answer the call of 444!

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4:44 is calling you onward.

There are profound gifts waiting for you, far beyond the heads-up of 4:44, and with this book and courses, you don't have to trudge through years of seeking--begin the journey of a lifetime right now.

Yes! Our "small selves" can hold us back with excuses, limits, and doubts. The mind wants to stay in control and keep you spinning in circles of seeking but never finding. It wants to keep you on the hamster wheel of endless seeking rather than focusing on one thing that works.

Don't let your mind lead. YOU lead.

Don't let your resistance keep you from getting started right now.

The power is within YOU.
Always was--always will be.

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