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    Heal self and others online course + Live Healing webinar package

    Say goodbye to pain, learn 50+ methods to heal yourself and others, look and feel younger, tune yourself up and stay healthy. Lola invokes powerful NEW healing energies. In this comprehensive course, Lola uses leading-edge healing methods that feel like Pleasure Practices, not work. BONUSES include FREE $359 LIVE webinar series with healing from Lola + Bonuses all totalling over $1700. Package is only

people are saying about healings with lola

"I'm 80, and five physical conditions healed in one webinar series. My back and shoulder pain is gone. I stopped smoking instantly. I forgot to want a cigarette." Rhoda, Texas

"My injured knee didn't require surgery after all." Helen, California

Lynda was diagnosed with leukemia, booked a healing the same week, and a week later wrote: "Dear Lola, I had bloodwork yesterday and my white blood cell count is down to almost normal! It went from a high of 400 to 18 and normal is about 11."

"We did a remote healing for my friend with cancer, and it worked." Petra, Germany

"My favorite part of Lola's work is that Grace does 90% of the work, and then she teaches you what your 10% is." Barb, California

Lola Jones puts the power of healing in your handsWhat do you want to heal?

Easy to heal: Depression/anxiety, trauma, chronic migraines, headaches, back, neck, and body pain, allergies, chronic fatigue, digestion, long covid, heart, lungs, liver, diabetes, thyroid improvement, vision & hearing improvement, old injuries, hips, knees, shoulders, reduce inflammation and aging, brain health, clarity, feel better, more energetic, and much, much more.
Also possible: Many diseases and syndromes. Many things that medicine calls incurable respond to energy healing if the healer is good. Always use medical with energy healing, as you want to let in all miracles. Modern medicine has many miracles to offer. Some people use energy healing to enhance surgeries and heal faster and with less pain and scarring. 

Raise vibration, have more energy, and rejuvenate. Reduce inflammation, be proactive with your heath. Look how healthy Lola is at 70 - vibration makes a huge difference in aging well and happily!

HEAL OTHERS. Some of you will awaken your hidden, dormant gift to heal others.
HEAL SELF. All of you can increase your ability to self-heal.
LOLA HEALS YOU. Lola has an 80% success rate. 

What's In the course part of this package?

  • Lola's healing energy comes through the videos and audios in this in-depth audio/video course. And it really works!
  • More juicy pure, direct Divine Energy - less reading!
  • 50 in-depth audios and videos as of 2023.
  • Access your Healing Audios and Videos 24/7. Can't sleep due to pain? Log on and feel better instantly!
  • Powerful energy activities, and meditations. Use them again and again to tune you up, heal yourself, and rejuvenate your body.
  • Listen before sleep, and healing continues into the night.
  • Guiding principles, strategies, methods, healing meditations, and practices to increase your results healing self and others.
  • "Pleasurable immersion" is a key factor, and there's plenty to keep you immersed and feeling blissful forever.
  • You'll see and hear real results from past participants as they rate their progress on a scale of 1 to 10. Inspires you that you can do it too.
  • It's all yours to use 24/7 permanently as long as you stay active on our website.
  • FREE BONUS! More media is always comingLola keeps adding media as it's created, so you can count on a never-ending supply of new energies and miracle-producing leading-edge methods. Value is $thousands$ over the years. FREE for you.
  • FREE BONUS! You get a color handbook of the slideshow. Illustrates key principles and quick reference to help you heal self and others. Value $29 FREE
  • BIGGEST FREE BONUS! You get one Heal Self & Others Webinar Series, LIVE-with-Lola with this course. When Lola used to give private sessions, 7 hours of healing time with her cost $1750, but when you purchase this course you get a Heal Self & Others Webinar Series FREE. Start the Course now, take the in-depth LIVE webinar when you wish.
  • Value of the package is over $2000. You get all this for only $359 

Grace and miracles happen.

Feel better as you age.

Lola's physical healing ability increased immensely in 2020 and she's sharing it in this course and in live Healing webinars. In this Healing Course you learn how to heal and revitalize yourself (not others -- that's a course Lola will offer in the future.)

This video was from a retreat, but Lola is getting this kind of retreat-level results online in webinars NOW.

Treat yourself to the best times of your life, at any age!

lola-jones-vortex.jpgLIVE HealingS from Lola

Would you like to bask in the Healing Vortex with Lola?
Have Lola address your needs and heal them specifically? You can!

BONUS: You get one Healing Webinar Series FREE with this Package. 

Sign up for this course, then when you're ready you can join the next small group Healing Webinar Series FREE.
See the next live Healing Webinar series dates!


get even more powerful results when you have Portal 1

The Healing Course works even better when you've had the foundational Divine Openings basics of Portal 1 Online. You are lighter after those 10 enlightenment initiations have opened you, lightened up your energy field, and moved out a lot of density. You'll better understand the unique terms and processes we use in Healing. This course does not re-teach those basics, it is only specific  to physical healing, and adds to Portal 1 and the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

  • If you need fast help you may register for this Healing Package and Portal 1 at the same time.
  • Or you may take Healing now, and take Portal 1 later. Just get that energy moving!

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