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Zap Negative Energies from Others

Lola Jones female spiritual teacher compassion

Zap Negative Energies from Others, Stop Over-Empathing

Do you soak up other people's negative energy?

Take on their problems and burdens?

Can't handle crowds?

Get exhausted around low-vibration people?

Does the world lower your vibration instead of you uplifting others? 

Get free and learn to use your empathic gift only in healthy ways for you. Lola works with thousands and doesn't burn out or take on their energy. She'll help you directly with energy, and teach you how to sustain it. 

Great for over-sensitives, healers, and those who help others. 
Lola has expanded a lot since her last webinar on this, and some are asking for personal help with this challenge. 

In EN, DE this time (we alternate events with English-only.)

Prerequsite: Portal 1. Log in before adding webinar to cart.   $349

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