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The First Steps on Your Divine Openings Journey to Spiritual Mastery

Your personal journey begins

If you want big life change now, here's the quickstart guide. Through this website and live interaction online, Lola Jones has Graced men and women all over the world with mental, emotional, and spiritual bliss, AND practical life mastery too.

Your new life really can begin today -- because Divine Openings works.

What can Divine Openings do for you?

This Path WORKS

Divine Openings is about pleasurable practices you will love doing as part of your everyday life.

How Kordula Got Her Groove Back

Kordula had her experience at a live retreat. People get this kind of dramatic result in online events as well! 

Enjoy this quick overview of how Divine Openings can end your seeking and transform every area of your life. In the first video, Lola Jones shares how this powerful spiritual path can help you lead a satisfying, successful, and happy life even if other paths failed you.  NOTE: Now with Divine Openings, you don't have to spend 21 days in silence like Lola did to reach this bliss and peace. Lola has created a way to get you there fast, without endless working on yourself, without toil and struggle. 

Then we'll show you how to get started. Enjoy!

What is Divine Openings all about? How does it work?

International spiritual teacher Lola Jones has transformed thousands of lives in 150 countries. It happens through her Divine gift of entraining her audience directly to a high vibration. It could be described as ‘getting you in alignment with All That Is’ or simply Grace. In Lola’s powerful energy field, you experience remarkable physical healing and whole life transformation, along with a deep sense of fulfilment, wellbeing, and profound spiritual connection. 

Lola’s Divine Openings books, online teachings, webinars, online retreats, and in-person retreats have a direct and long-lasting impact on your energy field, lifting your vibration by allowing Grace to do 90% of the work. In a clear, down-to-earth, and often playful style, Lola teaches you how to use her groundbreaking techniques and teachings to stabilize at the higher vibration and keep expanding it eternally. As students learn to stop striving and lightly focus, get out of the way, and allow Grace in, they shift into effortless rapid evolution.

There’s no more seeking, hard work, therapy, analysis or struggle. You learn to manifest tangible, practical results in your daily life, which students describe as a miraculous new reality. Lola believes this reality is possible for everyone who’s willing to step aside, do their 10% and simply be present to Grace... (read below for more information about the Grace piece!)

Begin Your Journey -- Choose 1 of 3 Ways:

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Portal 1: Your Strong, Solid Foundation

Portal 1 like a rocket launches you onto the Divine Openings path, and gets results sooner than you're probably used to. That's because it's not just self-help. Grace does 90% of the work as you learn how to do your 10%: get out of the way and out of the way, so Grace can carry you. Portal 1 includes the paperback and audio book free. Plus audios and videos galore. All you do is enjoy the immersion and marinate in the energy as Lola attunes you to a high vibration. Ask questions in live webinars with Lola, and connect on the Forum! 

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Lifetime package spiritua growth

Save with the Lifetime of Evolution Package

Get all 5 Portals at a huge savings! You're going to love this path and want to keep evolving for life; and when you purchase this 5 Portals Package you save well over $6500 over your lifetime rather than purchasing the 5 Portals separately. The live webinars with Lola alone are priceless. It's packed with all the fundamental materials, both paperbacks, the audiobook, the Diving In audios, plus more leading-edge audios, videos, and expansive, mind-blowing energy than you'll ever need. Bonus materials not found in any other course, and Lola adds new groundbreaking media weekly. You'll never get bored or lack for growth.

See Lifetime of Evolution
things are going great in my absence

If cost is an Issue here's the solution

Jumpstart your journey with Lola Jones's miracle-producing foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence. Let the 10 enlightenment initiations in it open you up, begin to melt those old, stagnant energy blocks, and help you open your prosperity pipes. Then you'll be able to take the Portals later and continue to pave your path all the way to the life you've been longing for.

Even if you've been seeking desperately for years, this is the last spiritual or personal development path you'll ever need. People call it "The Book." 

The Book

If friends have already told you how great Divine Openings works, or if you can already feel it, here are some ways to get started toward your fresh new reality:

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Key parts of Divine Openings

There is a lot of Grace energy involved with Divine Openings. Grace will actually do 90% of the work for you. If you learn to use your 10% to stay out of the way, and keep the Small Self in the backseat and the Large Self driving the car, it will take you on a miraculous journey.

There is no hard work required, it can all happen with ease while you learn how to get in the flow. Lola guides you surely, step-by-step in how to allow that Grace. You simply enjoy this clear, comprehensive, structured path.

You feel a bit better every day until you become self-guided and self-empowered. That's Lola's commitment to you, and it works.

We've found that immersion is the key to any life-change: pleasurably immerse in the new vibration until it becomes your new habit. Apply what you're learning to your everyday life, and it comes alive.

Each step builds upon the next in a beautiful flow. You'll feel like Lola is right there with you as you enjoy this pleasurable and fulfilling path.

More information and essentials to get you started

If you have questions about Divine Openings and want more general information, visit one the following sections:

  • FAQ: Answers to questions you have - how, why, and for whom Divine Openings works
  • Home page: General information, video testimonials, etc.
  • Testimonials: Thousands of email testimonials from people around the world who started right where you are. (After all, results are what you want.)

If you feel ready to start your journey now (how exciting!), choose one of the following:

  1. The 5 Portals of Awakening Online Courses: Get 24/7 support right at home for consistent immersion. Get more rapid results, stabilize at each stage, then continue to expand. Required foundational book(s) in English are included free. (Books in German are purchased separately in your country.)
       a. Begin with the comprehensive Lifetime Spiritual Evolution Package of all 5 Portals. This is the whole path, decades of evolution. Saves you money, plus ensures you stick with it through mastery.
       b. Or begin with Portal 1 Online for now.
  2. The 5 Day Bliss Retreat bathes you in Grace and does most of the life-transforming work for you. Some come straightaway to a live retreat in the vortex with Lola, for deep immersion and rapid transformation. Includes the book free, just ask (most already have it).
  3. The foundational book in English has a 6-month money-back guarantee when purchased on this site and used as recommended. Everything else builds upon this book.

The rest of this enormous site is best explored later, after you are grounded in the Divine Openings basics, and accustomed to the energy. Then the site will feel like home!

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The Lifetime Spiritual Evolution Package

Divine Openings is not a quick fix, it's a path which keeps you evolving for a life time. If you want to make the most powerful commitment on this spiritual path to yourself, the Lifetime Package is the most comprehensive and long-term effective option.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could make a single investment today that handles your spiritual evolution for life? Done, paid for, all that's left to do is enjoy and savor it for decades? Best of all, this lifetime tuition costs far less than two months of old-school therapy! That's what this program gives you. It includes:

  • All 5 Portals of Awakening Online Courses -- literally a lifetime of home study and practice, leading to life mastery.
  • Hundreds of audios and videos to choose from on every topic. It feels like Lola is speaking to YOU.
  • Both foundational books in paperback; plus the first book on audio, read in Lola's voice.
  • The Diving In Audio/Video Set -- 35+ life-changing audios that teach you to raise your vibration.
  • Member Forum access for support, friendship, and community.
  • The 5 Portals are a comprehensive, self-paced online series, giving you a lifetime of evolution. 
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