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    If you want big life change now, here's the quickstart guide. Hello, I'm Lola Jones. I have helped men and women all over the world find deep inner connection and transform their daily lives. Bring your list of what you want and I'll help you have it all.

    Your new life really can begin today -- because Divine Openings works.

the easier, faster Path to spiritual and life mastery

Awakening to your best self isn't supposed to take lifetimes. It can happen NOW! You can reach those new heights of freedom, happiness, health, life success, spiritual bliss, and inner knowing. And it can keep getting better and better forever.

Hi, I'm Lola Jones. Getting to this amazing life I live now took soooo long. I wasted decades and spent many tens of thousands of dollars on spiritual and personal development paths, and I still wasn't happy. Once I finally did find the mastery I sought, I created a path to get people there much faster. I would love to spare you that endless seeking, the disappointing dead ends, the frustrating years of therapy and painful processing, and the expense. Life is precious.

The Keys to satisfaction and fulfillment in your life are right here in the 5 Portals.

  • Portal 1 - Feel better fast as your frequency rises. Watch, listen, and enjoy leading-edge videos and audios. Emotions smooth out, your mind gets quieter, wiser, more focused, happy, and productive. Then long-desired changes begin to happen in your life. 
  • Portal 2 - Feel more joyful. Relax into a new ease and flow of "happy now - open for more." As your vibration rises, more good can come to you. 
  • Portal 3 - Celebrate your progress and get grounded in your new vibration while enjoying one short video at a time. Get primed to discover who you really are. 
  • Portal 4 - Jump the Matrix. Break free from limits as you open more to the Non-Physical realm, the Source of everything.
  • Portal 5 - Stay fresh, happy, and engaged as new possibilities constantly open up. The Universe is always expanding, and now you keep pace with it! You’ve quit striving to “be done” - now you enjoy the ride! You use life’s challenges to go even higher.
Get the big boost of Divine Energy and Grace in Free LIVE Portal Webinars with me. Choose your own comfortable pace through the self-paced courses. 

If you're ready to get started, Scroll down.

Or if you need more, watch a video or two. Read on and learn how these tried and true methods end your seeking and transform every area of your life. Even if other paths failed you, I will help you reach that satisfying, successful, and happy life.  

How I finally found thAT Path of Joy

I got so exhausted on the old hamster wheel of processing endless issues and "learning lessons" -  so sick of working hard on myself but never really getting there.

One day in 2006 I said, "I am DONE with seeking and struggling! I want a path of joy!" Something led me to a remote jungle ashram, where I dived deep within myself in total silence, speaking to no one, not even making eye contact with another human for 21 days. I became empty, fresh, new - and out of that arose a powerful gift to open and awaken others, to help them find their own freedom and power. I'm 69 as of 2023, and I'll never retire, because bringing in new energies, and seeing what happens for people keeps me young!

NOTE: With Divine Openings, no you do not have to spend 21 days in silence to reach this bliss and peace. Divine Openings makes it easy - without ever leaving home.

How Kordula Got Her Groove Back

Kordula had her big experience at a live retreat, but people also get this kind of dramatic results in online events with me! Kordula truly feels she "has it all": Deep spiritual experiences, a new love, financial security, friends, travel, her artwork, and a life between two islands and the south of France. Yet she continues to evolve with Divine Openings because there's always more. One of my favorite things is getting to know people like Kordula over the years, sharing their joys, successes, and challenges.

Begin Your Journey 1 of 3 Ways:

By this time next year, your old life will seem like an old black and white photo you can barely believe used to be you. Get started toward your fresh new reality! It doesn't take long, hard work. What it does take is a decision to be totally, utterly committed to your happiness, your evolution, your ever-growing freedom. One simple decision to finally open the floodgates to Grace. Everyone says, "I wish I'd done this sooner." Don't let another year go by. 

Portal 1: Your Solid Foundation

Grace does 90% of the work.  All you do is immerse in the energy...

...and I'll attune you to a higher vibration. I'll show you how to do your 10%: to learn how to get in the flow so Grace can carry you. Portal 1 includes my groundbreaking paperback and audiobook FREE, but goes light years beyond the book, with abundant audios and videos galore, free Portal 1 webinars with me, up-to-the-minute energies, and my newest tools!

Bring your intentions to the lessons and live webinars, and connect on the Forum! Portal 1, like a rocket, launches you into the best part of your life ever, and you get results sooner than you're probably used to. That's because it's not just self-help. You're assisted by powerful Grace energy.

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Save with the Lifetime of Evolution Package

Get all 5 Portals at a huge savings. And 12 free webinars with Lola each year!

You're going to love this path and want to keep evolving for life; and when you purchase this 5 Portals Package you save well over $8000 over just 5 years.

The live webinars with Lola are the most valuable part, and you can't even purchase them separately. It's packed with all the fundamental materials, both paperbacks, the audiobook, the Diving In audios, plus more leading-edge audios, videos, and expansive, mind-blowing energy than you'll ever need. Bonus materials not found in any other course, and Lola adds new groundbreaking media weekly.

You'll never get bored or lack for growth. More about it below.

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If cost is an Issue you MUST at least get this book!

If cost is an Issue you MUST at least get this book...

...and begin your new life TODAY! Get it at our COST with this coupon at checkout: $16OFFBOOK You get the $26 retail book for only $10 (+ shipping.) You get a pdf to enjoy instantly till the paperback arrives. You can't get this special offer on Amazon.

This miracle-producing foundational book gives you 10 enlightenment initiations that open you up, begin to melt those old, stagnant energy blocks, and open your heart to allow more Grace and good into your life.

Love, peace, clarity, inner guidance, family harmony, financial peace of mind, career success, health, emotional and mental wellbeing... what you can have is endless. This book has changed lives and caused huge breakthroughs for people in 150 countries. Let it open you up, then continue one with the 5 Portals, all the way to the life you've been longing for. Even if you've been seeking desperately for years, this is the last spiritual or personal development path you'll ever need.

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What does Divine Openings do for you?

Divine Openings gives you results in love, family harmony, money, career, health, confidence, security, emotional balance, and mental clarity -- really just about anything you want - and relatively quickly! Physical healings can happen for you, too. And it's long-lasting once you learn the Keys.

In a clear, down-to-earth, and often playful way, Lola Jones shows you step by step how to use her groundbreaking techniques and tools to reach new highs and stabilize there. Then when you're ready for more, she's right there to guide you on to the next high in your life.

Lola shows you how to let Grace do 90% of the work for you. You'll learn to do your 10% and stay out of the way, and your life gets better and better.

Thousands of lives in 150 countries have transformed with Divine Openings. Lola Jones has a unique gift to lift you to a higher vibration as you listen to the audios and watch the videos.

In Lola’s powerful energy field, you feel deep fulfillment, wellbeing, and profound spiritual connection. You learn to manifest tangible, practical results in your daily life. Students describe it as a miraculous new reality. Lola believes this reality is possible for everyone who’s willing to learn, practice some pleasurable new habits.

You will have to give a few things up: like working on yourself, painful processing, endless old-school therapy, suffering, and struggle.

What The 5 Portals Lifetime of Spiritual Growth Includes...

What The 5 Portals Lifetime of Spiritual Growth Includes...

Make a single investment today that secures your spiritual growth for life. Done, paid for; all that's left to do is enjoy and savor it for decades. Tuition is less than a few months of that old-school therapy! That's an easy decision. It includes:

  • About 12 FREE LIVE webinars with me each year!
  • I'll answer your emails personally. I can't do that except for committed Lifetime students. (Many students have been with me since 2006.)
  • You get all 5 Portals of Awakening Online Courses - literally a lifetime of self-paced home study and practice, accessible 24/7. No rush, no deadlines.
  • Hundreds of audios and videos to choose from on every topic. It feels like I am right there with you, speaking to YOU and YOUR needs.
  • I love it that I get to know you on this joyful path to life mastery.
  • Both foundational books in paperback; plus the first book on audio. I speak it to you in my own voice. People rave about this.
  • The Diving In Audio/Video Set -- 35+ life-changing audios that raise your vibration.
  • Member Forum access for support, friendship, and community.
  • The 5 Portals are a comprehensive, self-paced online series, giving you a lifetime of evolution. No one has ever finished it because I never stop expanding it!

My work is faster than anything out there, but nothing is a quick fix. I do promise to keep you entertained, engaged, and happier every year for a lifetime. Make this powerful investment in yourself - you'll stay with it, AND you save a lot of money.  

Get a Free 30 Minute Energy Session with Me

Get a Free 30 Minute Energy Session with Me

I love to personally welcome you to your NEW life.

Register for the 5 Portals Lifetime Package. Then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule with me. (English speakers only.)

We'll meet on Zoom and you will feel a powerful energy that raises your vibration. This is a taste of what you'll get as you happily immerse in the Portals. Then I'll intuit exactly what you need to get off to the most wonderful start on the most amazing journey of your life. 

Enjoy a Taste... Download Samples

Enjoy a Taste... Download Samples

Get a colorful, illustrated, practical experience of how my work helps with just about everything in your life. Download this short 20 page, value-packed e-book, print it out, and play with it for a few days. Then come back and begin your journey to the best life you've ever had.

Download 7 Keys - these are just a few of the hundreds of Keys you discover in the 5 Portals Online.

If you'd rather sample my groundbreaking book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence, it's written in a more in depth style and it's 65 pages. This book is a MUST READ.

Free English ebook sampler

Divine Openings is Grace + Conscious Mind Training

Divine Openings is Grace + Conscious Mind Training

Grace will do 90% of the work for you. That's The Grace piece of Divine Openings.

Your 10% is learning and applying the Conscious Mind piece. As you learn to stay out of the way, and keep your Small Self in the backseat, your Large Self drives the car. Then life gets really good.

Lola guides you step-by-step in how to allow Grace to do 90% while you do your pleasurable 10%. You learn ease and flow on this clear, comprehensive path. Each step builds upon the next in a powerful flow. 

You'll feel a bit better every day, as you become more and more self-guided and self-empowered.  

Immersion is one key to any life change: as you enjoy immersing in this higher vibration it becomes your new reality. Apply what you're learning to your everyday life and challenges, and it becomes your new habit.

You feel like Lola is right there with you as you enjoy every moment on this pleasurable and fulfilling path. You come to personally feel Lola's commitment to you, and someone will always respond personally if you email us.

Divine Openings help GermanyGot more questions? Need personal help registering?

We're here for your questions about courses, events, and retreats.

For English help, kindly call 1-619-722-6369 during USA Pacific time business hours. If you're international, leave a message with your time zone and full country code, and we will return your call. Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To be sure you get our reply add us to your address book, check your spam filter, whitelist this email. 

More information and essentials to get you started

If you have questions about Divine Openings and want more general information, visit one the following sections:

  • FAQ: Answers to questions you have - how, why, and for whom Divine Openings works
  • Home page: General information, video testimonials, etc.
  • Testimonials: Thousands of email testimonials from people around the world who started right where you are. (After all, results are what you want.)

If you feel ready to start your journey now (how exciting!), choose one of the following:

  1. The 5 Portals of Awakening Online Courses: Get 24/7 support right at home for consistent immersion. Get more rapid results, stabilize at each stage, then continue to expand. Required foundational book(s) in English are included free. (Books in German are purchased separately in your country.)
       a. Begin with the comprehensive Lifetime Spiritual Evolution Package of all 5 Portals. This is the whole path, decades of evolution. Saves you money, plus ensures you stick with it through mastery.
       b. Or begin with Portal 1 Online for now.
  2. The 5 Day Bliss Retreat bathes you in Grace and does most of the life-transforming work for you. Some come straightaway to a live retreat in the vortex with Lola, for deep immersion and rapid transformation. Includes the book free, just ask (most already have it).
  3. The foundational book in English has a 6-month money-back guarantee when purchased on this site and used as recommended. Everything else builds upon this book.

The rest of this enormous site is best explored later, after you are grounded in the Divine Openings basics, and accustomed to the energy. Then the site will feel like home!

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