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The First Steps on Your Divine Openings Journey to Spiritual Mastery

How to begin your journey

It's a huge website, so here's the quick guide for new visitors. Through this website, Lola Jones has guided men and women all over the world to mental, emotional and spiritual mastery, as well as practical life success. Your new life can begin today.

Lola Jones shares how she created Divine Openings, a spiritual path that works in real life.

Just the essentials to get you started...

  • Get general information about what Divine Openings can do for you on the home page.
  • The FAQ lets you pick just the questions you care about, tells how, why, and for whom Divine Openings works.
  • Do you like hearing others' experiences? (After all, results are what matters.)
    a. See the videos on the home page.
    b. Check the thousands of testimonials people have sent us.
  • OR - if friends have already told you that Divine Openings works, you could skip straight to exploring the starter choices below. Your new life could begin right now!

    No one ever says, "I wish I had waited longer before starting Divine Openings."
    They always say, "I wish I'd found this sooner."

Choose one of the 3 ways to begin below.

You're on your way to spiritual bliss and life mastery.

Lola Jones spiritual teacher

With Divine Openings you only do your 10%, Grace does 90% of the work for you.

Lola Jones guides you surely, step-by-step in how to allow that Grace. You simply enjoy this clear, comprehensive, structured path.

You feel a bit better every day until you become self-guided and self-empowered. That's Lola's commitment to you, and it works.

We've found that immersion is the key to any life-change: pleasurably immerse in the new vibration until it becomes your new habit. Apply what you're learning to your everyday life, and it comes alive.

Each step builds upon the next in a beautiful flow. You'll feel like Lola is right there with you as you enjoy this pleasurable and fulfilling path.

Choose from 3 Ways to Begin Your Journey

  1. The 5 Portals of Awakening Online Courses: Get 24/7 support right at home for consistent immersion. Get more rapid results, stabilize at each stage, then continue to expand. Required foundational book(s) in English are included free. (Books in German are purchased separately in your country.)
       a. Begin with the comprehensive Lifetime Spiritual Evolution Package of all 5 Portals. This is the whole path, decades of evolution. Saves you money, plus ensures you stick with it through mastery.
       b. Or begin with Portal 1 Online for now.
  2. The 5 Day Bliss Retreat bathes you in Grace and does most of the life-transforming work for you. Some come straightaway to a live retreat in the vortex with Lola, for deep immersion and rapid transformation. Includes the book free, just ask (most already have it.)
  3. The foundational book in English has a 6-month money-back guarantee when purchased on this site and used as recommended. Everything else builds upon this book.

The rest of this enormous site is best explored later, after you are grounded in the Divine Openings basics, and accustomed to the energy. Then the site will feel like home!

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The Lifetime Spiritual Evolution Package

The most comprehensive and long-term effective option:
Wouldn't it be amazing if you could make a single investment today that handles your spiritual evolution for life? Done, paid for, all that's left to do is enjoy and savor it for decades? Best of all, this lifetime tuition costs far less than two months of old-school therapy! That's what this program gives you. It includes:

  • All 5 Portals of Awakening Online Courses -- literally a lifetime of home study and practice, leading to life mastery.
  • Hundreds of audios and videos to choose from on every topic. It feels like Lola is speaking to YOU.
  • Both foundational books in paperback; plus the first book on audio, read in Lola's voice.
  • The Diving In Audio/Video Set -- 35+ life-changing audios that teach you to raise your vibration.
  • Member Forum access for support, friendship, and community.
  • The 5 Portals are a comprehensive, self-paced online series, giving you a lifetime of evolution. 
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Have more questions?

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OR email for your course or retreat questions or help.
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