"What's A "Devil's Choice?"

By Lola Jones
So often you'll hear people say things they actually believe are set-in-stone-reality, but any reality is always just one of many realities one could inhabit.  Too often we buy into popular agreed-upon notions of what reality is.
I live in Los Angeles half the time now, and just today someone was saying, "You can't make it in this town unless you're under forty--it's a young person's game. It's hard to get funding for films, blah, blah, blah." He thought he was stating an obvious reality. I didn't say anything--I mind my own business and don't argue with people or try to convince them of anything unless they formally sign up for me to teach them--but his friend Russell Martin, who was sitting right there, broke into film making at age fifty-three, and at fifty-eight he's now shooting his second film, which was fully funded by the Mexican government (a miracle in itself) and has other films and funding in the works.

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There simply are no set realities, there is only what you create. The reason Divine Openings is so powerful is that it frees you at the deepest levels. Talking a new game often isn't enough, but noticing what you're saying does alert you to your own beliefs, and that's a start. Reading Things Are Going Great In My Absence gets you free from your own limiting beliefs, at a deep level, without analyzing and working on it

One way we inadvertently limit ourselves is The Devil's Choice. There isn't really any devil, but The Devil's Choice is a fun name for when we limit ourselves to only two choices. Gets your attention, doesn't it? Of course the belief that there are ever only two choices in any circumstance is a disempowering illusion, so listen to yourself and see if you ever, without thinking, condemn yourself to a Devil's Choice.

A Devils' Choice is usually an either/or,
implies you can't have all of what you want,
and it suggests you're "damned if you do
and damned if you don't."

Here are some examples of Devil's Choices:

  • I can either keep this secure job I don't like and have steady money, or do something I enjoy and make less money.
  • You can be spiritual, or have plenty of money (but not both).
  • You can either be in a corporate job, or make a difference in the world.
  • I can be an artist and give up having money, or make a great living and sacrifice my creative expression.
  • You can either enjoy life and eat all you want, or torture yourself with exercise and starvation. 
  • I can stay in this unhappy marriage, or be lonely.
  • I can settle for this partner who's not a vibrational match to me, or I can do that awful dating process.
  • I can struggle and toil on the spiritual path all my life, or I can enjoy life and never get enlightened.
  • You can enjoy the physical world to the max, or be spiritual and give up the goodies of the physical world.
  • You can be sexual, or spiritual, but not both.
  • I can be lighthearted and fun, or successful and accomplished.
  • You can choose a partner for love, or marry for money.
  • You can have passion in a relationship, or peaceful compatibility.
  • You can have fun, or be responsible, but not both.
  • I can be realistic, or I can be airy-fairy and get disappointed.
  • I can have lots of freedom, or achieve my dreams.
  • I can be a great parent, or have a successful career.
  • I have to either go back to school, or stay in this dead end career.
  • I can pay off my bills or have fun.
  • What Devil's Choices do you hear yourself or other people saying?


In the Devil's Choice mindset,
both of the two options are limiting, and
neither makes you happy.

Set yourself free from Devil's Choices. There are always thousands of possible choices and options available to you. The Presence lines them up for you the minute you need them, yet talking, feeling, and believing The Devil's Choice blinds you to those many options, so you don't see them even when they're parading right by you. I just noticed that the byline at the top of the page is the exact opposite of a Devil's Choice, because you can have both: Spiritual Bliss AND Practical Real-Life Results
Next time you find yourself about to make a Devil's Choice, just notice it. Don't make it wrong or give yourself a hard time. Take a big deep breath, and say to yourself:

"There are thousands of ways, options, and choices.
I don't have to know what they are right now.
I intend to be alert for them,
and be open to them."


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