What Is The Significance of 11:11?

 Article by Lola Jones, author, teacher, and creator of Divine Openings.

"Hi Lola!! I froze over your mentioning 1111.  I thought I was the only one!  I have been telling different close friendships about it.  I even thought I was the creator of this number, as often as it shows up. Even boyfriends house numbers. And just anything adding up to 11 or 111, so that's 3 ones. Or 1110 or 10:11 or my son calling from Australia yesterday at 01100100000. The One is everywhere....Thank you for your article, my 6 year fumble is finally explained. Love to you and your team" Cappi Vonmeijenfeldt,  Bozeman, Montana


So many people are seeing 11's.  They look at the clock and it's 11:11.  They find themselves on the 11th floor at 11:11 a.m knocking on the door to room 1111.  People often ask me what the 11's mean.

11:11 incidents:

  • Are an invitation to awaken to a larger reality beyond the mundane physical reality.
  • Usually happen early on your spiritual path, or wake you up to get on your spiritual path, or whatever you label that as. You don't have to call it "spiritual", you may call it "expanded consciousness."
  • Show you there are friendly forces there to help you.
  • Wake you up that there is more going on than just the physical.
  • Help you see the encompassing synchronicity of life.
  • Invite you to get in sync that that matrix that orchestrates everything.
  • Serve as a wakeup call for dormant circuits within you to reactivate. Divine Openings does that anyway, whether people see 11:11's or not. You may start seeing 11:11's after receiving Divine Openings. But that will diminish after you've heeded the call and have begun to claim you inner power rather than needing "signs" outside yourself.
  • Expand your mind so that you can eventually wrap your head around even more miraculous things.
  • Link you with others who are noticing it or who know what it's about. Alert you to soul family who can support you, like the community on this site.
  • Are just one of the many clues and devices we planted for ourselves to assist us in remembering who we are. Divine Openings is another such gift we planted for ourselves - to discover when the time was right. And it gives us the whole system, not just vague clues and signs!


The power is in YOU, not in the signs.
A larger aspect of YOU created the signs.


Answer the call of 1111!
Awaken to a larger life, get tapped in directly, get in the flow of the coming changes on the planet, and soar, not struggle into the Aquarian age. That's what Divine Openings is about. "Get the message" and take the guidance forward into your awakening.

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Since Divine Openings came into my life, magic and miracles are more commonplace, and repeating numbers and serendipitous messages might happen, but I no longer need them, I get my guidance from within. I look and feel within and read my own inner Instrument Panel for guidance or messages, as explained in my foundational enlightenment book Things Are Going Great In My Absence.




The power is within--always was, always will be.
The 1111 is just to get your attention.



We urge you to outgrow the need for signs and become more directly tapped in. No magic numbers, no magic potions, no secret keys are needed for your spiritual growth long term. You don't have to discover all the magic formulas, translate arcane hieroglyphics for lost secrets, or seek power spots for "the answers". We also urge you to keep it simple. You don't need to learn the names of angels or do any complicated rituals. Those just delay your tapping into the power in YOU.

If you have low self esteem or big struggles, we know it can be hard to imagine that YOU have amazing power within you, but you do, and you will experience it when you accept the call.


The power is in YOU.

The 1111 is only there to get your attention and lead you to know this.


Do take care not to make a sign mean something it doesn't mean out of wishful thinking. Seeing 1111 on a date with a new person does not mean "they're the one." Seeing 1111 when looking at stocks doesn't mean you should invest! Learn to go within for your guidance. Divine Openings shows you how. You have the innate capacity but have been trained out of it or have lost or forgotten it.

The "glamour" of magical signs can distract you from the more important goals the sign is pointing you to: to tap into your greater self, awaken, open up your heart, and get your life in order. To get there you just need to learn to accurately read your Instrument Panel, feel your way through life, and know directly from within, without magical signs.

Those vibrating higher interpret most things as positive signs, but people who are vibrating in fear patterns might interpret 11:11 as something ominous, because that matches their own vibration of fear. That's the problem with human interpretations, they're filtered through our beliefs and habits of thinking. Anyone in a fear pattern will naturally find their thoughts turning to bad news or more reasons to be in fear--that's Law Of Attraction. 
We were laughing just as I finished this article, because it was 11:11 and the song my musical producer was editing came out to 11 minutes, and he finished his task at 11:11. Just a sign, like scores of others we've seen in the past few days we've been working/playing together, that he, a spiritual newcomer who just left a controlling religion, is waking up to direct contact with Source. To me it's just amusement now. I've been "home" with lights on for some time now.

I have such a humorous relationship with my Large Self, or Expanded Self, that it does all kinds of other odd and miraculous things just to amuse me all the time. I think about or mention something I need, and it shows up instantly, or within a day or two. One of my favorite white hens had hardly any feathers, and then was fully feathered the next day. My computer breaks, then fixes itself. The Presence causes things to disappear and then reappear. I mention a place and then three other people mention the same place within hours.





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