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What People Are Saying About The Music

What People Are Saying About Lola's Music


I LOVELOVELOVE 'Here in My Heart', so beautiful & light & playful... you can feel the fun & play in the video, & your voice is so touching and heart-opening. Really lovely. I meant to say to you, you have a very similar vocal tone to Madonna. Your voice reminds me of Madonna singing some of her ballads or slower songs, esp around the 'Ray of Light' album period... I hope you take that as the compliment it is meant as, whether or not you're a fan of Ms Ciccone! Angeline Morrison, singer, UK


Dearest, most wonderful Lola, I have just downloaded the 'Lolabye' and listened to it four times in a row with my little one. I don't even know if I can describe the loveliness in words.... let's just say it opened my heart wide, and I found myself crying soft little tears. It's just beautiful, so sweet and clear, with deceptive simplicity. Your creativity and talent as a composer is exploding as outrageously and gloriously as your singing ability, yaaaaayyyyy!!!!! Thank you so much for your wondrous gifts to us all. Lots of love as always, xxx, Angeline Morrison, professional singer, UK

EXQUISITE LOLA!! thank you for the beauty and the stillness and the reminder of the love we are.  i cherish you! ~ Giselle

Lola, that was gorgeous! What wonderful lyrics, and how beautiful and sweet your voice is. Thank you, Anand-Sara

Thank you so much for sending the Lolabye so quickly.  I really needed it yesterday as I was having a definate "hairball" experiance.  Every muscle in my body hurt and my head was throbing and I was on a rollercoaster of emotions.  lolabye helped get me through and by last night I hit bliss (which in my case was just all out joy and peace). :) 
Thank you so much.

Hi Crystal and Lola, I have loved this song of Lola's ever since I downloaded it, it is so beautiful and inspirational.  I am currently writing a book filled with the angel messages I have received and I often play this piece when I am writing, it is filled with divine energy. Thank you, Love Saxon

My children (ages 6, 3, and 1) listen to your Gayatri Mantra over and over and they love it. Can't wait for the Lolabye! Nicole Adelman, MSS (it's out now, see below)

You continue to amaze!A Million Blessings... : )Guy

Thanks SOOOOO MUCH Lola!!  That is incredible, it brought me to tears.  Such Love....I had one of my friends post it on my facebook page at the same time I was watching it from the news letter.  Everyone LOVES it!!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE YOU!!!! XOXOXOXO Steph
That was absolutely beautiful....thank you!   Debbie

Thanks Lola for the beautiful gift of the music and video! Blessing your way, Sharon Wick

I just watched your music video and I love the mix of beauty and playfulness.  I have purchased your original music and am looking forward to more!!!
I also want to tell you how much growth and confirmation I have received from your online courses.  I am currently experiencing JTM and taking it very slowly.
Your creativity is my blessing.  Keep up the good work, I mean play.
Mary Smith
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

OMG!!! You inspire me daily to live and be the goddess I truly be.  Thank you for blazing the trail and reminding me of all the beauty that lives within me that is choosing to be expressed.
When are you coming to rock out aspen????? and play in the rocky mountains.
love miss and adore you and crystal too.    alecia

Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Beautiful, Indeed!
from Buenos Aires

You guys have a beautiful thing going on.
And Austin, TX?  Best of Texas in my humble opinion.
I tell those that don't know, 'the home of Stevie Ray Vaughn'.
With his wide appeal, helps me zero them in on Austin.
Thanks for sharing light & love, Curt

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