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A Peek Behind the Scenes

The Divine Openings Team and Organization

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes at Divine Openings headquarters

On our website, you're probably only aware of the support from Lola, the leading-edge teachings, the courses, videos and audios, and how it changes your life. Maybe you interact with our caring admins at times.

But behind the scenes there's a small organization that keeps it all running and serving you 24/7. There are only two employees, Lola and Cara, who have always worked at home. Thirteen various contractors assist us as needed, and 25+ paid services go into this effort.

While so many are going out of business in the U.S. due to coronavirus, it's safe to invest in yourself here. Divine Openings and this website is here for you. We could pay our people and costs for a while regardless of "the economy." 

When the pandemic eliminated all retreat income, that cut our revenue in half. But we can still pay the expenses, payroll, and bills to keep the website online for you. We made a promise to you to be here.

Fortunately, we had savings. We've not had to lay anyone off or drop any of our service providers. We did cut back some contractor hours, budget smarter, and rely more on volunteers.

A few ask, "why isn't Divine Openings free?"

Those of you who've run an organization know it requires money just to keep the doors open. When people have complained that Divine Openings should be free, we joke that they should come work for us (free of course) and show us how to do it free. 

It costs over $15,000 a month simply to pay the expenses to break even, and keep Divine Openings running:

  • Payroll, payroll taxes, contractors.
  • U.S., State, and German taxes, $9000/month.
  • Webmaster, hosting, security updates, and maintenance for the site, $850/month. 
  • Newsletter service, Zoom, and 25 other softwares and services, $1050/month.
  • Credit card processor charges, $500 to $1600/month.
  • Those are the regular expenses.
  • In addition, in just one recent month there was $985 to renew our trademark for three more years, and $3460 to replace Lola's 8-year-old laptop (what a miracle that it lasted 8 years -- she had worn the letters off some of the keys!)
  • Our radiant new website, launched in January 2020, cost $100,000. (That was the lowest bid.) Keeping the old site was not an option--it was extremely antiquated, and soon would be unusable.  Lola saved up for it for three years and paid cash for it. Lola, the team, and seven German volunteers worked for most of 2019 lovingly building this website. This state-of-the-art website is still never "finished" -- we'll continue to add to and update it almost daily to keep up with the leading edge of incoming energies. 

We can serve so many thousands of you at such low tuitions because we work smart, don't waste time, money, or effort, and we all multi-task.

Let's clear up any misperception that we are mega-rich -- we are not.  We are comfortable and happy, and appreciative of our modest income. Lola never had big ambitions to amass a fortune, and she definitely did not want a big organization. She had no desire to travel constantly, although that would have been more lucrative. Lola (66 years old in 2020) was semi-retired before coronavirus losses required her to work much more to keep things going. She looks forward to returning to semi-retirement when it's over.

Lola's calling is to live a quiet, simple life, and to help people who sincerely commit to lighting up their lives, thus the world. She does that well, and is extremely generous with her committed students, always giving more than they expect. Many of them purchased their courses years ago, and she still supports them and keeps up with their progress. Now all the courses are twenty times bigger and better and offer more interaction with Lola, with never an extra charge. 

Lola is not called to take on the responsibility of running an additional, charitable organization. If you are called to fully fund, register, staff, and run a Divine Openings non-profit teaching charity, please contact us. 

We are blessed, supported by you, full of possibility that all is well, and this too shall pass. 

Lola Jones spiritual mastery teacher

You may wish to express additional appreciation to Divine Openings. 

Money is a physical form of appreciation for those who have helped you.

As a prosperity practice, or out of pure generosity and appreciation, many people tithe regularly to the source of their spiritual growth, whether it's a church, a foundation, or a teacher.

Appreciation compounds all good things. It's why they say your investments "appreciate" when they grow.

If you wish to express additional appreciation to Divine Openings, or for the extra value you've been given, or just to support our work in the world, you may send a gift using Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account to do this.)
Go to Paypal, click Send Money. Send any amount to Put a note on it saying, "Expressing my Appreciation!"

For each $10,000 of such appreciation that is gifted to Divine Openings, we'll give a $1950 California retreat tuition scholarship to one person who's been committed to this path for a while. 

Lola Jones spiritual teacher

It's your website, let us know if there are issues

Please let us know if something is wrong, unclear, or isn't working!
We love it.
We appreciate it.
We don't think you're complaining.

Email asap! Always give us the URL you were on (in the browser bar, like, what you were trying to do, what you clicked, and what happened. A screen shot helps. ("I can't get this to work," doesn't tell us enough.)

ALL websites break. We don't have a giant techie army like big corporations do. Our team absolutely loves working on the site and can fix many things. If we can't fix it, one top-tier webmaster is on call at $150 per hour. (We know, your nephew can do it for $10 an hour -- nope, this site is way out of that league. We'll keep our top-notch guy ; )

We appreciate it when you point out a typo, or info that's out of date.

Because this website has 180,000 pages (no, that's not a typo, 180,000 pages) without your help we might never find all the places that still say to wait only one week between Divine Openings. 

The current wait between Divine Openings is 2 or more weeks, because the energy is so much bigger now, and it takes longer to assimilate. Just read on past them till two weeks has passed, or until you feel ready to allow more acceleration, not resist it.

We give a free online course to professional editors who feel like helping for short stints.

We hope this little peek behind the scenes helps you appreciate how we maintain a giant website with a lean, efficient organization -- while keeping course tuitions low.

Business owners know what it takes, but others might assume spiritual organizations are run by fairies (smile.) Nope, it takes a whole team of 12 - 13 smart, caring, talented people, and 25 vital professional and technical services you can't see, to keep it going 24/7.

We demonstrate that you can live successfully in both the physical world and the Non-Physical world.

This website does have its magic, beyond physical or technical.

You've probably felt it.

Here's to your spiritual mastery and eternal evolution,
The Divine Openings Team

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