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A Peek Behind the Scenes

Lola Jones spiritual mastery teacher

A Peek Behind the Scenes

First - A bit about how we do it

We are delighted to give all of you this new $100,000 state-of-the-art website. It was our pleasure to spend most of 2019 lovingly building it, and we add to and update it almost daily, so it never ends.

Be assured: Divine Openings and this website will be here for you.
Here, it's safe to invest in yourself.
Even in the corona virus shutdown, Divine Openings stays super strong because:

   a) Lola has been debt free since 2008, and has always saved, invested, and budgeted -- we could pay our people for a long time no matter what happens in "the economy."
   b) Lola is in the flow, thus was guided 15 years ago to build a comprehensive online curriculum long before it was necessary. So Divine Openings is humming along great even now.
   c) And then there's Grace doing its 90%.

Second - It's your website, here's how you can help

Please let us know if something is wrong, or isn't working for you!
We love it.
We appreciate it.
We don't think you're complaining.

Email asap! Always give us the URL you were on (in the browser bar up top, like, what you were doing, and what happened. A screen shot is nice.

ALL websites break. We don't have a giant techie army like big corporations do. Our team absolutely loves working on the site and can fix many things. If we can't fix it, one top-tier webmaster is on call at $150 per hour. (We know, your nephew can do it for $10 an hour -- nope, this site is way out of that league. We'll keep our top notch guy ; >)

We love it when you point out a typo, or info that's out of date.

Because this website has 180,000 pages (no, that's not a typo, 180,000 pages) without your help we might never find all the places that still say to wait only one week between Divine Openings. 

The current wait between Divine Openings is 2 or more weeks, because the energy is so much bigger now, and it takes longer to assimilate. Just read on past them till two weeks has passed, or until you feel ready to allow more acceleration, not resist it.

We give a free online course to professional editors who feel like helping for short stints.

We hope this little peek behind the scenes helps you appreciate how we maintain a giant website with a lean, efficient organization -- while keeping course tuitions low.

Business owners know what it takes, but others might assume spiritual organizations are run by fairies (smile.) Nope, it takes a whole team of 12 - 13 smart, caring, talented people, and 25 vital professional and technical services you can't see, to keep it going 24/7.

We demonstrate that you can live successfully in both the physical world and the Non-Physical world.

This website does have its magic, beyond physical or technical.

You've probably felt it.

Here's to your spiritual mastery and eternal evolution,
The Divine Openings Team

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