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"Magie in weniger als einer Stunde."

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That's what happens in these profoundly powerful webinar series' meetings.

Webinars LIVE with Lola:

~ Would you love some magical time with Lola?

~ Wish to mastermind in a powerful field of possibility?

~ Want to tap into powerful group energy for exciting expansion?

~ Like to sample a Certification/Mentoring or Enlightened Business Webinar and meet that amazingly lit up community?


Get LIVE with Lola!  

  • These interactive series' are as powerful or more powerful than private sessions, at a much lower cost. A whole series costs about the same as ONE "old-school" therapy session!
  • Tune in by phone or webinar.
  • You'll be amazed at the results you get from just being in the series.
  • Relax and let it be that easy!

Where else can you get such huge benefits for such a small investment?

Spring 2019

Webinar Series

  • What you need happens regardless of the topic, so if you just want some time with Lola, jump on in to any topic and you'll get results!
  • Lola supports you on the Forum between meetings.
  • You MUST be enrolled in at least Portal 1 Online.

~ Power, Purpose, Passion at any Age ~
What makes life worth living for you?

Discover or create purpose and passion at any age or stage in life. Want career change? New mission after retirement? How do you feel about your age and mortality?

Time and dates: 10am Pacific: July 10, 17, and 31
Registering now, small group fills up. $140


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~ Love & Be Loved ~
Back by popular demand. For all kinds of relationships. Experience more love for yourself, oneness with your Inner Being, let more love in your life. Know love so Large you cannot yet imagine it.

NEXT Time and dates: 10am Pacific: August 15, 22, 29
Register now, these are limited size and do fill up.

More Love Please!

(If you're in the June Love series your last meeting is June 25.)


~ Money Plenty ~
10am Pacific: April 23, 30, May 7 

DONE! The videos/audios from this are now in the Portal 5 Mastery Course.

~ Joy, Lightness, Fun, Self Worth ~
DONE! The videos/audios from this are now in the Portal 5 Mastery Course.

The Mentoring/Guide Training Program is always registering.
Be Mentored by Lola for a year and get tons of webinars, a special leading edge online course, and personal sessions.

Includes Unlimited Webinars!
AftER you register, see the main page of the Guide/Mentoring Program for the next webinar dates.

Join us for a free sample Guide Webinar.
Get a taste of leading edge training you don't get anywhere else in Divine Openings!

Limited spaces: Email to sample one meeting. She'll send your link and info!

What will you get from a live webinar series with Lola?

More ease, happiness, stability. Lola is not doing individual sessions right now because these group webinars are working so well--even for big issues.  The group energy is powerful, plus taking the spotlight off you allows you to get out of the way and relax into it. That works wonders.

With an intention as light as the touch of a gnat's wing, everyone effortlessly expands each week. You'll get fresh new methods and techniques that aren't in any course or book.  Inspired by your needs and desires, Lola channels just what you need.
The live contact with Lola tunes up your vibration and brings you into flow. It's always perfect for you--regardless of the topic of the series. It's marvelous how Lola or a participant will say something you need to hear each week. The vibration is far more powerful than the words and concepts.
Most of the magic happens BETWEEN meetings, or on the Forum, although sometimes you'll feel movement or opening on the spot.
How to Access Webinars
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NOTICE: Lola is full screen some of the time. Participants are sometimes seen in a grid of small squares, or you can turn off your camera or cover it with a cloth for total privacy, and still see Lola. Most webinars are posted in online courses.
You cannot be edited out.
~ After you register, and are logged in to this site, click My Account at top left of website.
~ On your My Account page, fourth bullet from top, click Webinars.
~ The service won't work until Lola comes on at webinar time but you can wait in the "waiting room."

~ Never drop in unexpectedly. You might interrupt a private meeting! 
~ To participate, be in a quiet room with stable internet. Participate or just listen in.
Tech problems?

If you require a lot of time just for you, please contact a Guide for individual sessions.

Listen more than once to the recording to get more! Audios will be emailed to you. They cannot be resent, so download them before they expire. Some Take Flight audios or videos will go into Level 1 or 2. Some Going Deeper recordings will go into the Mastery Audio Retreat or JTM. Can't wait! See you there!

What People Say About Our LIVE Leading-Edge
Spiritual Teaching Webinars

Personal Empowerment for Practical Life Results
with Lola Jones, creator of Divine Openings

"Yesterday after the webinar (I am in Going Deeper) I was in such a high state. Although I didn't feel anything different or "high" during the webinar like I sometimes feel when in contact with you, afterwards my energy just quantum jumped so high (a few hours afterwards), I got deep insights about things and openings in my perceptions about possibilities in my life, that I knew I was in a much higher vibration than usual, somewhere I was not sure I even was ever before. Later it calmed down and I am back in a usual state, but I know every jump like that effects my/our reality and life and foretells of the future. Much Love Lola! Yonatan ;)

"The webinar goes so deep, I can' t even put into words on how many levels... In the first webinar meeting I focused on a new job, that fits even better than the senior support I do at the moment. The one of my two jobs. Up to the second webinar meeting I realized, that it's not appropriate to "make the job wrong", in order to find a new one and I released my resistance a bit more. And I felt, that it's about relationships in general. My last week visiting the seniors at their homes was so nice and full of love, I had a nice phone call with my boss and appreciated my collegues and that felt so good!

The night before the third webinar meeting I dreamt about a man and that was about relationship with men. I got the message. Yesterday I was looking forward to the webinar, when in the morning a friend, whom I hadn't met for a long time, called me and asked for a spontaneous date after work. A hardliner buddhist :-)))) I accepted and forgot the webinar in that moment.

Normally we would debate about "Buddhism versus Divine Openings". Yesterday he was so appreciative and I really was interested in his Buddhism path, his plans, and told him how good I felt being with him and that I savor that he really listens and asks. That brought tears in his eyes. We both enjoyed your date and I am so happy, that I didn't want to convince him nor to fix him. I met a man at eye level.
Love, Beate

A participant from Germany wrote to Lola: " Liebe Lola, ich möchte mich sehr, sehr herzlich für den letzten Teil des Webinars, das gestern Abend stattgefunden hat, bedanken! Ich habe ja kurz erzählt, dass ich für zwei Wochen mit meinen beiden Söhnen in Brasilien war. Das war einfach wunderbar. Schon wie sich alles im Vorfeld gefügt hat, so leicht und so schnell, dass ich kaum hinterher kam. Das war alles Göttliche Gnade, und ich war einfach im flow. Als ich nach Hause kam und so im Alltag war, war da erstmal ein Auf und Ab, aber heute Vormittag gab es viele Momente, wo ich einfach nur glücklich war. Und vergangene Nacht habe ich das erste Mal seit Wochen ziemlich gut geschlafen! Innigen Dank, liebe Lola, überhaupt für alles! "  - Sabine, Germany

Dear Lola, Thank you so very much for creating this webinar series. It works exactly how you said in your invitation: "It  will enrich your life in ways you don't know until you begin experiencing it."

YOU ARE A MASTER IN OPENING FOR US THE FIELD OF  EXPERIENCING our vibrations, our openings, our insights, our messages from our large Self, from the Presence. After the webinar I did exactly as you invited us to do: I wrote down 10 ways in which the protective part of me has helped me and then I went to the open door and returned the belief and the story that was attached to it. I stayed with the appreciation of the feeling and told it: This time I feel you, I hear you, I see you as my friend and protector..

I had a long deep sleep and this morning, while I was sitting quietly with the Presence, I had a complete different understanding of my fear. I EXPERIENCED that the fear I am feeling as this continuing undercurrent, was born from my RESISTANCE TO BELIEVE IN MY RIGHT TO LOVE MY GREATNESS, resistance to live my greatness fully.

BEFORE IT FELT AS IF IT WAS THE OUTSIDE that could at any moment withdraw the appreciation of my greatness or withdraw their Love.  In deep appreciation, Kordula, Divine Dance of Joy

"WOW, that was mind-blowing!!!!!!!!!!! Lolas meditation was as intensive for me as the 5 day-retreat. On the following morning I woke up and was looking forward to paint the white canvas called my day, in bright colours. And since then the feeling of trust in Grace lasts. And I embrace the contrasting feelings that might occur now and then. Then I talk to myself like Lola did in the webinar, soothing myself. Today I was cooking a meal for a few people and in the middle of my doing I felt so happy, content, thankful for Grace and YOU, Lola, sharing your wonderful vibrations with us." Love, Beate Iding, Munich

"Hi, just have to say that yesterday's webinar left me feeling uplifted and blissed out. With the added bonus of NO mental chatter.........AT ALL!  My mind was completely blank all day.  Love it.  As I watched my mind start the banter this morning... it was so much easier to smile and point in another direction."  Love Catherine, Canada

"I just wanted to express my appreciation and love to you Lola, for the amazing Webinar last night, WOW! I could feel the energy building for over a week before. Can't wait to see you in Germany! " Louise Price, UK

She's translating Enlightened Business to German: "Feels so exciting and since Lola's webinar last week I feel like I got some kind of additional vibrational translation plug-in. I feel like I'm translating much quicker and it is happening with so much ease and very intuitively. So much fun!" Lots of Love, Verena

"Hi Lola, I'm still soaring on that beautiful wonderful energy, feeling high and wonderful, energized. About an hour before the webinar started I suddenly felt dizzy and kind of disoriented, first I got scared but then I relaxed into it and knew it was big webinar energy. And as you told about your energy boost I didn't question it anymore but felt very touched of the connection. Since the webinar I dreamed every night about you and this big energy, feeling refreshed and uplifted in the morning. Looking forward to the next one!"   Much love from Munich, Renate

"The webinar was fantastic! Soooo powerful and blissful, I could feel the energy raising up between all of us and I feel deeply grateful that I was there. And since then I feel much calmer, more confident and connected to Source. I told you once, I was such a compulsive thinker, overthinking everything, I often had the feeling that my monkey mind is driving me crazy and that I couldn´t stand that any longer, especially with all the challenges I faced last year. But the 5 Day Retreat was the first huge step in the right direction. Since the 5 days I feel much more relaxed, but shortly after the retreat the challenges didn´t stop and I was chewing on some hairballs again. After the webinar all of that is more speed bumps or coughing up hairballs, only peace inside of me. WOW! Life is soooooo good. Thank you so much Lola, Love you, Gabi, Munich, Germany


spiritual webinars personal empowerment leading edge

"Lola, the webinar was fantastic – I was flying when it began and soaring by the end. Every aspect seemed choreographed perfectly to demonstrate the power of what you were saying. It was a terrific EXPERIENCE."  Love you both, Melinda

"Dear Lola, I just watched the first hypnotic rave webinar (beginning of 2017) and I have to rave about it!!!  I have been meditating for years, and I know that silent inner state that I can get to when I meditate and also when I get your Divine Openings watching your videos and listening to your audios. But I have to say, this was on a deep new level!!! I went soooo deep and so in that inner silence like I don't remember ever having done so. It was so amazing, restorative, and your words before going deep into silence were so flowing and helpful for my emotional and being state. I loved every word that came out of your mouth!

So thank you, I appreciate what you do and the vibrations you bring to the world and I am so happy that you continue to evolve and bring much newer, deeper more expansive vibrations to this DO community (it is blowing my mind how you keep evolving into that deep higher state and sharing it!)."  Thank you Lola and much LOVE!!! Yonatan Katz, Isreal

"I reviewed the webinar of February 25th. today. It is/was so amazing, Lola.  I love your humorous way of teaching, the Levis pictures are in my head since then and when needs be I uncouple a horse and bring it over to the horse which follows the direction of my intention. I also love the image of "being tighten versus expanding and growing". To me this had a miraculous effect, and something blowed up and loosened up within me and just went straight ahead. I got it again on a higher level and felt it deeper: There is nothing to fix, we are all growing and expanding ....To me, this was the best webinar ever!!! Thank you 10.000 times." Beate Baumman, Germany (English is her 2nd language)

" answered a burning question that I have had for over 2 years. Beth Pavur

"The webinar today was magic. I had been up a lot of the night with a stomach bug and was just feeling bleccch but felt infinitely better on every level afterwards. It was exactly what I needed Lola." Melinda, TX

"It's just wonderful that the webinar connected up what has been going on for me today... kind of seamless it seems to me now. Thank you so much." Lots of love, Phillippa, UK

"Yes, it was wonder-full ... it is wonder-full! Asking those EQs together was like riding a big joy-full tsunami wave of unlimited potential. I am grateful for the experience. It was a game changer for 2016!  May our joy ripples extend across the Universe." Anne Marie, Texas

Our intention for the webinars: to consistently help you raise your vibration, align with your intentions, let in more Grace, love, and good without work and processing! Those days of hard work and struggle are OVER!

spiritual development webinar Lola JonesNo matter what the webinar topic is or what you're wanting next, any of these live events work powerfully for you. You are uplifted, alchemically shifted, and your intentions are supercharged just by attending, watching, listening, and sitting in this field of resonance with Lola. We focus on the questions and intentions you write in, as well as any specific topic we're covering.

Support in holding focus until you can hold it consistently yourself is everything. Even then, we're community beings, and interacting with each other amplifies the energy, and opens up new awareness, possibilities, and perspectives. Being uplifted, and uplifting others raises our vibration and supports our intentions. There is great power in any conscious collective, and there is a whole lot of power in our Divine Openings community.

We found from giving live sessions that even after reading the book and doing the online courses some people got even more and went to a higher level with live human support and interaction. Some people's ideal learning style is more interactive than solitary. Hearing it, seeing, it, and talking about it live goes in deeper than just reading and listening. Some people don't learn as well from reading, some don't absorb as well by listening alone.

So we created these new live experiences, and we're very excited to offer you more support than ever before!

We have a NEW, BETTER webinar service!

Experience Lola Jones and her guest's teachings, energy, and enjoy community "live." The Grace flowing throughout the event is potent because The Presence knows no limits of time or space.
Your desires, questions and intentions draw forth from The Presence, through Lola. what you need. You receive powerful value just from being on the webinar.
If you need in depth counseling and serious personal attention, get private or small group sessions just for you with Lola, Donna Wetterstrand, or another Certified Divine Openings Guide in addition to this call.

We recommend this 15 minute video if you have time before your webinar. It will get the energy moving for you, and help you get more out of your webinar!

More notes from participants:

"So honored to be part of this family. The webinar was amazing…what a JOY! It feels as if this new format makes it easier to be entrained into the gloriously high vibration where you both live… And it was so good to see your beautiful faces. Ahhhhhhh…!"  Love to you both, Suzanne

"Shortly after the call started my sacrum started tingling. I felt and saw sparkling energy enlivening my sacrum and up my spine, dripping off the atlas. It was so soft and gentle and effervescent. The epitome of grounding energy. I focused into it and let that area be the gate into the void. Swimming though the void on the tail of the spine. What a visual. How wonderful to allow and invite and welcome that sweet sparkling divine energy! Bravo Lola and Donna!!”  Meg

"I was on the webinar by phone, and I just wanted to say it was magnificent!!!! So many pearls of wisdom! And confirmations that we are all collaborating together by each expressing the uniqueness of the Divine Presence through us!!!  In So much appreciation!  Love, Yolanda

"Loved your webinar! You all are gorgeous inside and out! The energy and vibration was so inviting and smooth! I had 4 pigeons sitting outside my window during the session! The end was beautiful. Loved seeing everyone's faces from all over the world. Laughing at myself so much! What fun and you two are pure love! Soaking up the Divine Mother Hug still! Thanks."   Love ya!  Kathy

"...and when you said goodbye to us, a hilarious firework started, so I left and went out on our terrasse. I felt so blessed, because it looked like the fertile void made visible. That's how we create: a thought, a feeling, a wish comes into manifestation, and it went....bäng, bäng, bä and light and full of power and colour and magic..... That's what we all are: sparkeling lights in many different colours, shining into the world :-))) I embrace you and wish you a sparkeling, wonderful day!!!!! And I will go to bed, tuning in for a sparceling and wonderful day for tomorrow......... Love, Beate Iding, Germany

"I've been in tears today over doing my law course. I was worrying about the webinar too, thinking I want to get my energy up, I'm feeling so low, it'll be obvious to everyone!! So I was feeling it through, and as you said "liquifying" all over the place, with hugs from my divine larger self..And I was doing what Honey does, turning my attention to some good stuff, going Christmas shopping in these beautiful quaint English towns where I live, all lit up with Christmas lights (and crying in the car on the way home!) And I'm not joking..really not.. the car in front of me had a number plate LGS3LF. And the webinar has just given me so much insight and acceptance, feeling and seeing myself so much more expanded from my contracted place ("Contract" Law is one of my least favourite subjects!) Hearing what Donna said got me crying all over again, but with a really open heart. I can't wait to see how this all opens out and where I go from here. Jill spoke beautifully about "Yes" to all the feelings, like you said about the crayons in the crayon box."

Copyright Lola Jones 2006 to 2018

The following series are not currently offered.
We're doing special topics for a while!

Take Flight
Webinar Series

For those who have read or are reading the books Things Are Going Great In My Absence and/or Watch Where You Point That Thing and have done Portal 1, 2, or 3 Online.

Prerequisite: You must at least be enrolled in Portal 1!

If you are still in struggle, take this series FIRST even if you are in courses beyond Portal 3. It's best to get your foundation down well! The group dynamic of our warm and wonderful community amplifies the energy of your desires and moves energy more quickly.

"Thank you, I've felt big energy movement this first week!" Anya, New York

"Dear Lola, OMG - the energy was so incredibly high that I could not even open my eyes anymore! Two nights before I dreamed already with you and last night you there visiting me in my dreams again. I thank you so much Lola and I want to tell you - when I was looking in your eyes and to your beautiful face I had to cry because of all the opening and Love I feel for you and the feeling of being deeply grateful of the things you are giving in the world. The energy was so deep and full of Love and Angelika translated it so nice and soft!" Henriette P, Germany

Some webinars are posted in online courses.
Your registration is your agreement to appear on video and/or audio.
Please do not ask us when your audio is coming. We'll send it when we get caught up.

Going Deeper,
Soaring Higher
Webinar Series

For those in Portal 3, Jumping the Matrix (Portal 4), or Mastery (Portal 5 Online,) and are living the basic principles.

Prerequisite: To take this series you're in a great place in your life, you're living the basics, and yet there may be an area you want to expand. You eagerly anticipate: "What's next?" If you are at all still in struggle or suffering, enroll in Take Flight FIRST to get your foundation!

"I was still unsure of how to go even deeper (or even if I could) until this past webinar opened me up even more.  I now fully understand FEEL my connection to the energy around all of us and have a deeper understanding of what it is – The Presence.  I had lived in resistance for so long… resisting the pain of losing my parents, resisting the pain of childhood sufferings, resisting connecting with those closest to me.   It feels so incredibly wonderful to be back HOME again!!    Thank you Lola for sharing all of your gifts with us and for the awesome webinar series!"  Marlene, Texas

"I already got more than enough out of this by the second meeting to make it worth it." Marci

"...last weeks call, so so powerful! You could feel a knot in my chest, when I was talking about my love relationship and there was so much energy flowing through my chest and solar plexus for about 3 days afterwards.  I am really feeling like my large self is in the driving seat now and I have really started to let go and open up to possibility about allowing my ideal partner come to me... my current man or someone new, it doesn’t matter, because I am now focusing on my happiness and not his. This webinar series has been so amazing and powerful, the most powerful yet for me. Thank you so much. Love, Louise

"My energy and enthusiasm has sky rocketed ...amazing and totally unexpected. I experienced my Large Self as a matrix throughout by body. This is a cutting edge series, thank you.” Evelyn, UK

Some webinars are posted in online courses.
Your registration is your agreement to appear on video and/or audio.
Please do not ask us when your audio is coming. We'll send it when we get caught up.