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May 2017 Newsletter / Why People Love Drama / Free Video: Short Meditation for Busy Days / MORE!/

May 2017 Newsletter / Why People Love Drama / Free Video: Short Meditation for Busy Days / MORE!/

02/01/2020 - 12:11 Submitted by Lola Jones

Meditation, and an article: Why People Love Drama

With Divine Openings, you usually don't need super long meditations to fly high. This short video's a free gift for everyone, and there are more short meditations in Level 4 Online: Jumping the Matrix, and more always coming. Our intention is for JTM to be a lifetime of evolution for you, so JTM members get all of the freshest new material. Of course new people begin with Level 1 Online and the book. See all online courses.

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Why People Love Drama

by Lola Jones
Pretty early on, if you've let in Divine Openings, you simply lost the taste for drama, suffering, and conflict. You naturally lose your taste for low vibration as you get used to how good high vibration feels.
Now you might wonder why drama appeals to anyone. Drama, conflict, and lower vibrations are particularly rampant right now in politics, media, and pop culture.
Let's take a compassionate look at why.
1. Intensity makes people feel alive.
We humans have an innate need for intensity: stimulation, change, contrast and challenge.
Ideally we proactively choose to meet those needs with high vibration choices.... but if we don't, it will come to us in a less enjoyable way, through drama. It can be a downward spiral.
Drama is a low vibration, crude-yet-effective way to get those needs for stimulation, change, contrast and challenge met. The adrenalin rush of drama is addictive, like a drug.
We may think we want total ease all the time, but we don't. We need stimulation, change, contrast and challenge. And if we don't create enough high vibration stimulation for ourselves, it's all too easy to unconsciously let drama, problems, setbacks, scary stories, or even drugs or violence fill that need by default.
2. If there is numbness, it takes a harder jolt to make that person feel alive.
When we're in the flow, and feeling, we choose to challenge ourselves voluntarily. When we're not in the flow and numb to our Instrument Panel, challenge seems to force itself on us, throwing us into drama.
The trouble is that numb people don't know they're numb. They say, "I cry, I love, I feel!" But they're not feeling everything; that's why they get blindsided--because they couldn't feel things coming. When the Instrument Panel has been turned down to prevent feeling and knowing painful things, subtle guidance cannot be felt, and it takes something extreme to make us feel that intensity we need.
Drop the judgment, expand into Large Self and compassion, and offer Divine Openings.
Apply it to your life: How can you create high vibration change, contrast, and
challenge to stimulate you and enrich your life?
This is much easier to do once you've read the foundational book: Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting.  With Divine Openings, we experience what we whimsically call "high class problems." That is, we invite challenges, and adventures rather than default to drama.


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