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Virtual Retreats Live on Zoom w/Lola Jones (English, or English/German)

Now Virtual Spiritual Retreats - as Powerful and Effective as In-Person

Heal, Indulge, Enjoy, Deepen, Evolve

Even if you've been to an in-person spiritual retreat with Lola, you'll be wowed by the transformation that happens in the new Virtual Retreats online.

Lola had asked the Presence for more potent energies that would give you what you need without the risk of travel and large groups. It came. Even the physical healings have experienced a quantum leap. Energy healing is miraculous.

What's possible? Anything!

But all too often the physical life dominates all of our energy, focus, and time, and we don't take time for our own growth. Who takes care of YOU if you don't? 

Diving Openings Retreats set up the ideal conditions for more profound spiritual experiences. These Virtual Retreats allow you the space and time for intense, pleasurable focus, and Lola gives you warm, personal support for your specific needs, and gives you a giant boost in your ongoing evolution. 

July 21, 22, 23, 2021, 10 am to noon Pacific time

Full details, what people are saying, hear a sample audio, and register, see Virtual Retreats.

testimonial for Lola Jones

Read what one participant said after the February 2021 retreat:

"Hi again Lola! The February retreat just ended... every retreat gets more and more amazing!  They really do!  In between the sessions this weekend I have been watching and doing the activities from the January retreat and getting so much out of them.  I spent more time in a peaceful "no mind" state during this retreat than any other.  I agree that continued immersion makes a huge difference.  And despite some contrast that happened on Friday before this retreat started, things smoothed out as much as they could have which surprised even me a little. 🙂 Miracles big and small are a normal part of my everyday life now! ... Thank you again for the life changing "play" that you do!  It has had such a positive effect on my life over the years and continues to leave me more in awe all the time.   I LOVE being on this ride with you and the others! Lots of Love and Appreciation ❤️ "
Donna  XO

Full details, what people are saying, hear a sample audio, and register, see Virtual Retreats.

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