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Video Message from Lola

Video Message from Lola

05/08/2021 - 11:41 Submitted by Lola Jones

Are Your Love Pipes Open?

A video message from Lola about what could be contracting your energy field, and how to free it up. Plus upcoming opportunities to grow and expand.

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The audio

Text of video, with your Life-Changing Key: 

Mom was here for 10 days and we laughed so much our faces hurt. So many inside jokes. Scott adores her too.

She said it was the best time of her life.

I said, "You should get out more."

She laughed. She couldn't during the whole pandemic.

We missed her so much the minute she left. 

That relationship wasn't always nearly this great.

If there's ANYONE you've closed your love pipes to - exes, siblings, etc.  
(dead or alive) it's limiting you in ways you cannot imagine.

It contracts your own energy field.

I do a checkup on myself often - are my love pipes open to everyone?

Oh I know... it's not sexy.
It's not exciting metaphysics.

Not to mention the mind has huge resistance to doing it.

I used to be surprised how many people procrastinated on that part in the first book and again in Portal 1... and never did it!

I've seen people leave their path rather than do it.
But there's no work-around.
No amount of esoteric practices replaces it.

Finding peace with your parents
is one of the foundational Keys that gets you those
miraculous Divine Openings results. 

ūüĒĎ ūüĒĎ ūüĒĎ

Once you open those love pipes, you'll wish you'd done it long, long ago. I don't call if forgiving your parents, I call it spiritual freedom for YOU. You get a rise in vibration and you retrieve massive emotional energy.

It's such an immediate relief. Seems easy after the fact.

It's so stunningly dramatic how it changes your life.

If you've been putting it off - hey, life is short - do it now.

Need some Grace help?

In the recent You ARE Love Webinar Series I gave a meditation on this that was so powerful I posted it in Portal 1 as a free gift upgrade for you members. It's called: Parental-Vibration-and-God-Meditation.

I give it to members because:

a) It feels so good to keep upgrading all of the courses with the new energies - forever.

b) Your commitment makes me love rewarding you for it - forever.

c) As a man said in a session this week, "You just keep getting better at this, don't you?"

Heck yes - I'd quit if I didn't - forever. 

The principles don't change, but the energies keep amping up.

Or maybe I get better at allowing them in?

You can too.

Love and Grace, 


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There's nothing like the energy of being live with Lola!

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Lola was pondering, "Which webinar series am I most excited to give next?" The answer was Goddess! It's been over a year since the last one, and that was before the newest energies came in. This series will be even more powerful than before, and there were raves about it then.

There may not be another soon, so juice up your feminine power and allowing with us.

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Thank you!

Thank you for your support during the pandemic. Being with you in more free Portal webinars has been fabulously fun. Sharing your lives, experiences, and triumphs uplifts us all. 

Your enthusiasm for the many Special Topic Webinars and Virtual Retreats supported Divine Openings through this time of no in-person retreats. 

Having more personal online contact with you has been so wonderful that I'll keep offering all of them, long after the pandemic. One of its many blessings!

Members ONLY: Post on the Forum and rave with us about your "blessings of the pandemic". Focus on that and you'll find more!

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