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Spiritual enlightenment video, uplifting, life changing Divine Openings

Enjoy some uplifting, enlightening, streaming videos and audios.

Experience a taste of Divine Openings. These are relatively old. Our newest, longest, and best videos are reserved exclusively for members in the online retreat courses.

Divine Openings Intro Video

Causeless Bliss Video: Catch the wave of Causeless Bliss that hit the folks a the 5 Day Silent Intensive in April 09 at City View Ranch. We know that when you're in suffering, other people being joyful can downright annoying, or even painful. But this is important for you to note. If it annoys you instead of uplifts you, feel those feelings. Let it bring up and move the lower emotions that aren't so funny. Once you read Things Are Going Great In My Absence, you'll be laughing along.


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From A Live Course
These are videos from 2008--we put the new videos, which we add yearly, in the online courses for our committed members. Feel and experience a few minutes of the live program. Each course is unique, and the content is driven by Lola's intuitive sensing of the audience's needs, and by their questions. As we evolve, the courses are becoming more and more playful, light, and fun, with music, movement, singing, nature, outdoor activities, and celebrating life. This is the talking part.

Just let it wash over you, and feel. The intellect can NEVER get you there, and you're getting more than the words.

Log in, let go, and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. 


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Another spiritual enlightenment video 1 hour, Lola teaching, streams with one click.

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