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Welcome back, friends!
Each retreat is different, so you will be delighted by the fresh, new leading-edge energies, processes, and meditations.  
We love having you return to go higher at each retreat, and your energy contributes to the vibration there.  

Here are the requirements to get the Returners discount. Register on this page if you qualify.We love having you return to go higher at each retreat, and your energy contributes to the vibration there.  
  • Returners have taken this Divine Openings 5 Day Silent Retreat before.
  • To get this much lower tuition you give service and help hold the high vibration. If you cannot assist, help hold a high vibration, and be a strong example of going within to the silence, please go back and register at full tuition as a "first-timer." (People sometimes prefer to do this.)
  • If you will be Certified at this retreat let Lola know.
  • Take the Pre-Retreat Course again. Many things change.
Tasks before and at the retreat:
  • Bring a large bunch of flowers that will last five days from a local grocery store. We have vases.
  • Sign up for Returner tasks on the list at the retreat. The task chart eliminates most of the need to talk.  
  • Everyone helps during the retreat: set out and put away food, help clean up after meals, set up the room for activities, and tidy up at end of sessions, and at end of day.
  • Don't make chit chat with Lola before, during, or after the retreat unless she initiates it. She is often in a deep state, not in the mode for idle chat.
  • Be an example to others. Go within, stay within, and be silent.  Once silence begins, talk with other returners only as necessary for tasks.
  • For socializing, arrive the day before, or wait till the retreat is over.
  • If you see anyone talking, ask them to respect everyone's silence.
  • Be responsible for your own reality, vibration, and experience. Dive in, take everything to The Presence. Annoyances, complaints, feelings are to be taken within.
If you are a Certified Guide:
  • Give Divine Openings only when Lola requests.
  • Reread the constantly updated Guidelines.
  • Do not give eye to eye Divine Openings at all.

Here are the new Retreat packages for returning retreaters!

  • 5 Day Retreat Sedona , w Deluxe room - Total Package $2899 
  • 5 Day Retreat Sedona, w Standard room - Total Package $2599 
  • 5 Day Retreat Sedona, w Sharing Saver room - Total Package $2499 

How to Register

The new Total Package buttons will appear here soon. For now:

  1. Register “tuition-only” using the existing buttons below.
  2. You will receive an invoice for the balance of the Package you choose.
  3. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request your choice of room.

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Here's the essence of freedom from unwanted emotions: drop the story, feel the feeling. Drop the story, feel the feeling! Honor and value the feeling. Don't judge it or make it wrong or want it to go away. Embrace it fully with compassion. 

Lola Jones