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How to Upgrade to the Lifetime Package

Lola Jones spiritual online study lifetime

Save with the Lifetime Package and Secure Your Evolution

We created the Lifetime Package in early 2020 when we launched the new website. Some of you only have a Portal or 2 or 3.

Why is the Lifetime Package a must-have? 

  • There is so much material, an excess really, and as quickly as Lola adds media, you'll never finish it all! It's truly more than enough for a lifetime of evolution.
  • You can enjoy Portal 5 anytime, and it's the very best Portal. You don't have to finish the previous Portals to start using Portal 5. There are 72 meditations (as of late 2021) in Portal 5 and more coming all the time. Enjoy the meditations for every purpose or simply for pleasure. There's an in-depth witnessing module and so much more!
  • Other than the Portal 5 exception, please do the Portals in order.
  • When you commit to something in a big way, you tend to stick to it. Once you've paid for it you'll want to get the most value for your investment. You're unlikely to get distracted and lose your way. 
  • We will match you with a few people in the community if you request it. Email The Mentoring program "tribes" have been fabulous for giving people a like-minded virtual community to meet with monthly (or more often.)

If you have some Portals, but still want some savings...

... and that satisfied feeling of having them all at your fingertips, here's how the upgrade works:

  • If you own Portal 1, upgrade to the 5 Portal Lifetime Package for $899 USD.
    Saves you $227. (Separately  purchasing 2 through 5 separately would cost $1126.)
  • If you own Portals 1 and 2, you may upgrade to the 5 Portal Lifetime Package for $699 USD. 
    Saves you $98. It’s like getting Portal 3 free + some! (Separately purchasing 3 through 5 would cost $797.) 
  • If you own Portals 1- 3, you may upgrade to the 5 Portal Lifetime Package for $600.
    Saves you $108. (Separately purchasing 4 & 5 would cost $708.) 

People often ask which webinars it includes:

  • You get all of the Portal 1 through 5 webinars. That's about 12 webinars LIVE with Lola per year with the Lifetime Package! 
  • You get all of the MEDIA from the Special Topic Webinar Series' Lola gives, (except Money and Healing Webinar media goes into the Money and the Health Courses.) So you get 90% of the media (audios, videos, and text pages) from the many, many Special Topic Webinar Series' Lola gives each year. It's hundreds of hours. You can't even absorb it all! 
  • Attending the Special Topic Webinar Series' LIVE is not included in the Lifetime Package. Why? Because the Special Topic Webinars are like group sessions, and participants are happy to pay to enroll to get personal attention and coaching from Lola. The group sizes are limited for obvious reasons. 

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Ready to upgrade to the 5 Portal Lifetime Package, have your evolution paid for, for life, and save too?

Ready to upgrade? Simply send the correct amount (shown above) to, using Paypal's 'Send Money' tab. You don't need a Paypal account to do it. Attach a note saying, "For the Lifetime Package upgrade." Gabi will see your payment and add all the Portals to your Account.

Or you may go to and send money to a different email:
Send Gabi a note at saying "I sent money through Wise for the Lifetime Package upgrade."
Gabi will see your payment and add all the Portals to your Account.

Now go slowly through the Portals, savor, and enjoy!

You'll NEVER catch up with all of the new material Lola adds!

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