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Anita Kriz

Divine Openings Guide
Erlengrund 28
6971 Hard/Austria
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Mobile:+43 676 728 5790

  • Wouldn't it be nice to know that you're in the perfect place right  now?
  • Nowhere to go, nothing to become, nothing to find or accomplish!
  • Just to be, where and who you really are.
  • Could it be that easy?

Divine Openings in Austria and worldwide, by phone and Skype

As a professional LifeEnergyCoach for more than 2 decades, I experienced many methods and teachings. Divine Openings adds them all up for me.

Divine Openings has helped me remember the person I really am.

In October 2014 Lola Jones certified me and my husband as Divine Openings Guides.

The foundation of my sessions is to help people better understand the precious principles of Lola Jones’s book "Things Are Going Great In My Absence" and to implement them in their personal life. All of my clients have to have read this book as a precondition for my sessions. 

One-on-One Sessions (1 hour in person, by phone, via WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom)

Anita's Offerings

One-on-One Sessions (per 60 min):

Initial series of 3 Divine Openings sessions: €300
Follow-up single Divine Openings session (after your initial series of 3): €100

Single Sessions English

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Lower emotions and vibrations are supposed to feel bad! That Instrument Panel reading tells you, Hey, you're separated from your Large Self!" Divine Openings reminds you where your Instrument Panel is, and how to use it, and you can navigate anywhere you want to go. It's really that simple after all."
Lola Jones