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Old paradigm therapy can go on forever, processing issues one at a time for years without ever getting happy, enlightened, or fulfilled. Divine Openings sessions catalyze dramatic transformation in just a few sessions.

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Learn all about Divine Openings sessions, how they work, what's possible, the many benefits you can expect to get.

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Interactive Webinars with Lola

People are getting session-level results in these webinar series' with Lola. All you need is desires and intentions and an open, allowing vibration. Learn more and register

1 to 1 Sessions with Lola Jones
Lola is offering very few sessions at this time, and ONLY for people registered for all 5 Portals of Awakening (the online courses.) The 5 Portals are designed to give you everything you need and it is all that's needed for most people.

If you have circumstances that you believe warrants sessions with Lola and meet all of the session requirements, please email

We also recommend the Mentoring program for those wanting individual attention from Lola, as well as group interaction and regular webinars.

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Donna Wetterstrand is currently on sabbatical, please contact another Guide for support. 

Experience the Magic of Small Group Calls with Donna Wetterstrand, our Master Mentor