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Navigation hints for English users

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1. Navigation hints for English users

Hello, my dears!

Much of this 180,000 page website is in English. 

We moved most links to the footer for ease of navigation.

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2. Please use the language selector at top right of website

If you get stuck on a page that is not available in the language you want, the language selector won't help you. So click the Divine Openings logo at top of page, and then change languages.

spiritual phone menu

3. Notepad or phone

Lola highly recommends that you do your spiritual study on a notebook or laptop. A phone is far too small and texts distract from your immersion. It literally shrinks your experience! 

You can use your phone on the go, but please use a larger screen when at all possible.  

The menu will look like three stacked lines on a small notebook or iPad, or on a phone. It’s called a hamburger menu. It hides the menu to save space. When you click it, the entire menu opens and everything is there in one list: login, language selector, cart, controls, etc.. 

The footer does not change on phone or notebook.

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