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  • This Book Can Transform Your Life


    This Book Can Transform Your Life

    Things Are Going Great In My Absence literally opens you to Grace, and ushers you into the First Portal of Awakening. Let Lola Jones show you step-by-step how to allow Grace do most of the work for you. You can stop chasing bliss and find it; stop working on yourself and start living life.

  • This Spiritual Classic has Changed Lives in 150 Countries

    People are sharing it all over the world and now

    This Spiritual Classic has Changed Lives in 150 Countries

    Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting is like no other book: you don't just read it, it works on you. The ten enlightenment initiations in it transform your spiritual and practical life. Let it guide you into the Portals of Awakening.

Single Copies of the Foundational Books

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Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting is your handbook for life. You'll read it many times, and get something new each time. You'll want the paperback where you can see it as a constant reminder even if you get the audio book. At book signings, Lola signs ten year old copies, dog-eared, well-used, and well-loved. Those people's lives have transformed---without work, therapy, constant seeking, processing, or healings.


FREE w/Portal 1!

FREE w/Portal 1!

Paperback and Audio Book, FREE with Portal 1 Online Self-Paced Course. Beyond the book, Portal 1 immerses you in a high field of resonance with powerful videos, audios, in-depth teachings, and eye-opening activities that steadily raise your vibration. It's the comprehensive step-by-step path through the first Portal of Awakening. Simply enjoy applying it as you go about your daily life, and feel your reality shift. Course can last from a few months to a year. You choose your pace.

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Audio Book

Audio Book

Hear it read in Lola's voice for a more powerful vibrational attunement

  • Lola's voice vibration gives extra energy. Feels like being with her in person.
  • Instant download after purchase; start listening right now. No shipping, no waiting.
  • Hearing it adds sensory input and gives extra energy.
  • Put it on your phone, listen on the go, as you work or exercise.
  • Immerse in the vibration and transform your life.
  • About 20 hours of super uplifting listening. 

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Lola Jones spiritual book things are going great

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Things Are Going Great In My Absence with Living Large

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Get both Things Are Going Great AND Living Large, the book that follows it, for years of spiritual evolution and personal progress. The second book takes you beyond seeking and working on issues, amping up your momentum with ease and Grace. You'll surf all emotions, fall in love with contrast, and use the incredibly powerful Effective Questions to expand, go higher, and create literally from nothing, from the Fertile Void. Only $49 for both.



People all over the world rave about this book

They write us about their experiences with Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting. It's not just information and concepts (who needs more talk?) It's an experience you can feel. It's a clear and powerful path that leads you to real, whole life transformation. As you'll soon find, this book gives you results in your everyday life.

Our readers say it best...


"Within the first three pages of reading I felt what I have always thought bliss felt like. It is a constant tingling sensation throughout my whole body."
Kathleen A
"I have thrown all my other spiritual books away!"
United Kingdom
"I'm reading your book and I'm thrilled about the marvels of Divine Openings. I've only started reading it a month ago but I already enjoy life so much more... wonderful. It brings peace not to doubt anymore, or care what others think. I just feel and listen to myself and my Large Self. Thanks Lola, for enlightening my life and ending my seeking." Love,
"After almost two years of Divine Openings, my life is absolutely different, and wonderful things are happening to me. I had struggled with depression for years, and now I'm pretty steady and get happier all the time."
"I just wanted to offer my thanks. I am starting to ‘feel.’ I have hated the word ‘God’; it made my toes scrape across the bottom of my shoes! After letting your words in about how to create my own ‘God’, well, lets just say I sat here with a smile and very much looking forward to building my new relationship with him/her! "
Austin, Texas
"I've only read half the book, and waiting before continuing, the effects were so overwhelming. I couldn't handle everything being so good so fast. I'm not used to being so clear headed and in control of my life. I'm realizing I have so many choices. The book empowers, sets me free. You are amazingly accurate on so many points. I thank you for the gift of grace."
Los Angeles
"I'm a non-woo-woo black woman, so imagine my surprise when driving to my office job at sunrise, and inside the blinding sun, a blond woman on a white horse appears. The horse rears up and she says, "I bring you Divine Grace!" I went online that night and found your website (how???) and there you were on your white horse, I'm not kidding you."
"Just sitting in my favorite chair this morn re-reading your book, feeling so peaceful & happy & wanting to go deeper. I NEVER see a movie or read a book twice. My short attention span doesn't allow for it (hehe). Re-reading your book again is like reading it for the first time. Going deeper is Divine! Gratitude and LOVE!" Love
Houston, Texas
"I know you said we would get something different with each reading, so true. I re-read it about three times during the first year of Divine Openings. Now, after Portal 4 and two years on, the book resonates with me now in a very different way. Very comfortable and familiar, like coming home. I know you'll understand." Deepest thanks. Love,
"Lola, I felt the Divine Opening as soon as I held your book in my hands!! Words cannot explain. Life is already changing and I now know I am the author. I was writing a drama and now my book is a comedy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All My Love,
Danielle Perrino
New Zealand
"I've done everything -- church, Reiki, chakra healing, spiritual healing, books, meditated, prayed, but with Lola's work I finally started getting it. For some people it's fast, and for me, it's been slower, but wonderful, perfect for me. Take it at your own pace and don't compare your experience to other people's. We each have to release our resistance as we are able to."
"Dear Lola, What an experience! Besides my business taking off like a rocket with help and sales, I've somehow started a Humane Society just by opening my mouth! This is some amazing stuff. Fabulous, stunning, thrilling, chilling, wonderful! Bless you, and thank you so very much... my soul dances. Love & Blessings to the High Heavens!"
Linda Manuel
Leakey, Texas


What will the book do for me?

  • Deep, personal connection with your Inner Source.
  • Deep peace, easier meditation, and if you stay the path: spiritual bliss.
  • Ease in love, relationships, family, finances, health.
  • Long-time issues, abuse, and hurts can dissolve.
  • Master emotions: sadness, anger, fear, hopelessness, anxiety, and depression lift.
  • Manifesting ease, confidence, security, safety.
  • Master the mind, discover how it creates 99% of your problems.
  • Claim your power, worthiness, creativity, unfold your innate super-powers.
  • Your awakening radiates, lighting up people around you.
  • There's no limit to what you can allow in with Divine Openings---and you choose your own pace.
  • Divine Openings is spiritual bliss AND practical life success.

What makes this book different?

  • Some teachers can change your life by touching you, or being in their presence for a while, but Lola Jones does it through this book and website! This may be unique in the world.
  • The ten enlightenment initiations literally open you by Grace.
  • Lola doesn't just talk about spiritual concepts---the book gives direct personal spiritual experiences.
  • The old spiritual paradigm was hard work---Divine Openings is ease, enjoyment, and life fulfillment.
  • You don't have to work on yourself---just enjoy, practice, and good things unfold.
  • With each reading your consciousness expands, and you can let in more.
  • Major awakenings can come quite rapidly for those who allow it.

How can a book do all that?

  • Grace can do what we humans cannot do with mind and intellect alone.
  • The ten Divine Openings in the book bathe you in Grace.
  • You become your powerful Large Self, in the flow of Grace and good. As long as the small self is "living you", you are limited, you struggle, and happiness is fleeting.
  • You'll be guided to go within for the truth. (In Portal 5 you'll become your own teacher.)
  • The years of seeking are over. This is the last spiritual growth and personal development path you may ever need.

What truths will it reveal that I've never read before?

  • When you do your 10% and get out of the way, Grace does 90%, it actually "works for you and on you."
  • Working hard toward enlightenment prevents enlightenment.
  • "Focusing on your issues" creates more issues.
  • People struggle with "manifesting"... but the cosmic joke is that everyone is already manifesting all the time. You'll learn how you're doing it, and how do it more consciously and deliberately. (You get it more quickly starting from, "you're already doing it.")
  • Lola debunks New Age spiritual myths. Get ready to drop "metaphysical baggage," misinformation, and spiritual myths like: karma, learning lessons, astrology, signs, finding your purpose (you'll love the answer to this one) and "working on yourself." Lola won't waste your time with worn out cliches that don't work.
  • You don't need "healing," processing, cleansing, or clearing---you simply need to wake up and be your Large Self, your true self.
  • Your Large Self doesn't have any problems or issues---your small self does.
  • You don't need more mental information---you need real experience.

Are you still seeking after a long time on the spiritual path?

  • Have you tried all the books, courses, modalities, sessions and healings, and still aren't free?
  • Do you enjoy a great spiritual life, but money, relationship, or health is still a struggle?
  • Have a spiritual connection, yet want to go much deeper?
  • Want to find a more personal, nurturing, friendly oneness with Source that you can FEEL and chat with?
  • Want to make a powerful difference in the world, or discover your gifts and talents?
  • Healers and counselors, your gifts magnify with Divine Openings.

Are you new on the spiritual path?

  • Have you been seeing signs like 11:11 that it's time for you to delve deeper into who you really are and what's beneath the surface of life?
  • Would you like to create your life rather than react to what happens?
  • Are there things in your life that you're discouraged about, or weary of?
  • Ready for struggle, suffering, and drama to end, and blissful living to begin?
  • Tired of old-school therapy, life coaching, and superficial self-help books?
  • Not sure if you believe in the Non-Physical or spiritual dimensions, and want actual experience of it?

How did Lola come to write this book?

Many years ago Lola Jones was leading corporate and personal growth trainings. A secret desire welled up from deep within her: to write a book that changed lives dramatically, that initiated spiritual awakening without ever meeting her. She had no idea how, and she doubted it was possible. Sixteen years later she spent 21 days in complete solitude and silence, speaking to no one but The Presence, and her own spiritual awakening happened. She wrote this book.

A friend built her a website, people started sharing the book all over the world, and thousands sent notes about the dramatic life changes and spiritual experiences they had from just reading this book. Those who continued on the path found their whole lives were transforming: love, money, family, health, clarity, peace of mind. Lola was amazed: this was the dreamed-of book... and it was working as in her vision.

Where the did the title of the book come from?

Lola heard the title in her mind, and laughed to Source, "That title is way too long!" But she listened, and later marveled at just how prophetic the title was. Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting was perfect. She did get out of the way and let The Divine do the heavy lifting "in the absence of her small self." Indeed things did go great. Her books and online courses help people mostly in her absence, so there waas no need to give sessions to everyone, or travel much to teach.

Who and what is author Lola Jones?

Lola would tell you she's an ordinary person Graced with a profound gift to transform lives. If you met her in the grocery, she wouldn't mention what she does, she'd ask you to come over and dance in her living room. She never wanted more travel or notoriety, preferring to live a mundane life and quietly serve the people who find her. Sometimes at night, her light body visits students who've been deeply immersed in Divine Openings, and they report transformative experiences. Lola prefers not to label what she is or does, but simply remains in awe and appreciation of it. She and her partner live a low key life in the mountains outside San Diego, in a tree-house-like home near lakes and streams, surrounded by flowers, hawks and hummingbirds. She now calls herself "semi-retired," but will happily serve people until she transitions from this body.

How can I get support and reminders while reading?

Get support emails from Lola while reading the book.

Is there a money back guarantee?

YES! We've seen the satisfaction with this book and we make this offer: Use this book regularly and exclusively, and after 6 months, you will notice a difference in your life, or you may return the well-used paperback book, with a copy of your dated receipt from this website, and get a full refund, not including postage. Valid for paperback only. In all these years, no one has asked for the refund!

Video introducing this spiritual classic

Things Are Going Great In My Absence In Spanish!

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Things Are Going Great In My Absence

The book that started a worldwide awakening

Now you can make a quantum leap out of suffering and struggle—into a bright, happy, fulfilling, new life. You’ll feel powerful energy as you effortlessly absorb the vibration of this book and experience it in your life. Get bulk books at our cost, see audiobook, learn more. Or get the paperback now, $26.
 quantum leap out of suffering and struggle

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