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Yes, you DO need to step up, commit, and do your part. There is no magic pill - but this is as close to magic as it gets - and as easy and pleasurable as it gets. All of the tools, methods, and secrets are right here in Lola's books and online Portals. Make the BEST decision you'll ever make, dive in, and enjoy this path. That's really it!

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Just being with Lola is a powerful blessing that few will ever get to experience because she stopped offering private sessions except in the $1800 Mentoring Program - grab this rare and valuable gift because we don't know how long she'll offer this. But Lola knows this is YOUR TURNING POINT, and she wants to give you the best start possible - by being in her energy.

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People talk about goals and manifesting, but once I got my Large Self in the drivers seat, the car drives itself, and I'm just on the ride. Things go great in my absence.
Lola Jones