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We are thrilled and touched by the appreciation from many thousands of people in more than 150 countries whose lives have been graced by Divine Openings.

We share these testimonials to inspire you and show you what's possible with Divine Openings when you really commit and open wide to let more Grace in. (Some personal details have been removed, but otherwise, these are as sent to us.) Enjoy and note that everyone is different, and results vary by individual. 

We also realize how frustrating it can be if your experience is slower or more challenging. This Blog article is for those of you experiencing more resistance.

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you give and do. It's changed my whole life, and my family's too. Everything comes so much easier. Love you.
Los Angeles
Dear Lola, I am so happy having joined the Intensive Coaching Series. Finally I could feel and move heavy energies I couldn't feel before. I am so excited what will happen next! Thank you!!!
I want to rave about the powerful online virtual retreats here. I attended the July 22 Retreat and my Long Covid symptoms were fully gone afterwards!!!! In the wideness of the stillness everything is possible. Even Miracles - for everybody: During this 3 day virtual retreat my beloved 14 year old dog Yodah suffered some kind of stroke and to be honest: it didn't look good... I felt my energy tend to fall down the instrument panel and feelings of fear and panic set in. The emergency doctor couldn't really do anything and advised us to wait. We took our sweetheart home with us. Puh....breath...
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Parvana Petra Deppe
Germany - Divine Openings Guide
Lola, you have rocked my world. My life is unrecognizable from how it was a year ago. There are so many changes I could share about work and my relationship with my husband.... but the thing that most thrills me is that Divine Openings really IS fun and pleasure, not work. I at first thought it was all too good to be true... but it's true. I mean, I do my part. But Grace really does do 90% when I immerse and enjoy. I love you.
Hi everybody, I want to share all these wonderful results I am experiencing during this time. Many things are coming to me in a new way. The best shit is that my health is getting better and better, it is so amazing! I move the stiffness in my body as much as possible moving my spine, doing crazy movements, getting up in time and being conscious of my feelings. I went to Austria a few weeks ago for my holidays and I was enjoying flying/paragliding and waterskiing, that would have been impossible one year ago!!!! I am looking forward to more expansion, more softness, what could be next? We h...
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Evelyn Quednau
Business owner, Germany
My life has changed tremendously with Divine Openings. Most of the time I just feel good. My fourth retreat in May 2022 took me to a whole new level and is still having an impact. I am deeply grateful to you, Lola, for the path you enable with the books and portals. I'll stay tuned!!
Bettina von Roell
Legal Counsel

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