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We are thrilled and touched by the appreciation from many thousands of people in more than 150 countries whose lives have been graced by Divine Openings.

We share these testimonials to inspire you and show you what's possible with Divine Openings when you really commit and open wide to let more Grace in. (Some personal details have been removed, but otherwise, these are as sent to us.) Enjoy and note that everyone is different, and results vary by individual. 

We also realize how frustrating it can be if your experience is slower or more challenging. This Blog article is for those of you experiencing more resistance.

"I just want to rave about Portal 2 and how much it has given me. Now I'm doing it the second time with the intention to go higher. Each week brought something new for me ... the next week I would have the answer. "This must be amazing grace." I highly recommend Portal 2! A deeper peace & sense of well-being has been given to me... Thanks for being so generous!"
Penny Johnson
"You have helped me so much. I keep getting the "Diving Opening Fragrance" I first noticed when I opened your book the first time and when I signed up for an online course. This happened again after a Divine Opening while laying down to assimilate the energy,... it happens fairly often. Best Wishes to you and continued thanks and appreciation,"
Ron MacLuckie
"I'm having experiences with Portal 2 that are way higher and more profound. I was awake in bed for hours just communing with my Self... realizations and feelings far beyond what can be grasped mentally... utterly amazing. I spend a lot less time meditating but when I do it it's like me hanging out with Me. My work at the hospital is changing. I find myself saying things from nowhere the mind can go that make such a difference. The teacher is truly within me. The words don't do justice..."
"I would like to thank you Lola for all the great resources on your pages and in the online courses. I am done with JTM now and repeating parts of Portal Two. I love the Mantra videos! Just watched them last night and guess what - you appeared in my dream and told me to wake up. It was wonderful to meet you even though it was just in my dream... looking forward to meet you in person. Deeply grateful for your work! Thank you! With love,
"...having so much fun with the Effective Questions in Portal 2! LOVE it! I thought I'd have a lot of trouble coming up with 10 of them, but now when I read one of them and close my eyes to think about it, several more pop into my head that are just as delicious. You are a marvel! I also loved that this technique came from your previous corporate, life. How funny that you were preparing for this even then! Who'da thunk it?" Much love,
Cindy Sehr, attorney
"My intentions in Portal 2 are producing almost instant gratification, blowing my mind. Yesterday, after I wrote a 'god list' and day dreaming about everything I want, the word/feeling that popped in my head/body was ZING! like I jumped dimensions. Something drastically changed. Now, feelings flow with no resistance. The first feeling was borderline painful but I felt it so deeply, I actually enjoyed it just as much as bliss.
"I got the Living Large book and started doing Portal 2 Online Course again, and once more, it's brand new! Tons of new fun videos, more focus on let go, expand our pipes, focus on the non-physical. This is giving me a huge leg-up into the things I am calling in from my reservoir. Now all I have to do is sit back and relax...or jump up, have fun and enjoy the savoring. Wow, Lola! I SO appreciate you."
Grace Goldberger
"Hi Lola, A short note to tell you how wonderful (and powerful) I think EQs are! They're gems that work like a charm to get the mind focused on the joy, fun, excitement and possibility of life and creation. A true gem. THANK YOU!"
"I signed up for the advanced Portal 2 online course and wow! The time just flew by...I'm in the flow...and .... well, here I am, months and months later, and I didn't even realize how sweet everything really is! Thank you again for all you do, my friend. Love and Light to you and your family!"
"I'm in Portal 2. I have studied many spiritual paths for many years now and am finding this to be the most rewarding and fulfilling of all."
"I do not know what you put into the Module 6 Divine Opening!...within a couple of seconds of looking at it, the air whooshed out of my lungs. My eyes started watering. Now, I'm a lawyer and I "know" full well a photograph CANNOT change colors! but the art pulsed and turned from blue to purple, like a laser into my brain. It took several minutes to return to normal, and stop seeing the picture vividly on my eyelids. I LOVE YOU!!!"
Cindy Sehr, Attorney
"Dear Lola, I love the being that you are! I am constantly amazed when listening to or watching you... the words you express always seem sooooo very inspired. I feel immensely blessed that I bought these courses years and years ago... there is always new material and higher vibrations that you very generously share ongoing at no extra charge... the gift that keeps on giving." Much love and appreciation,
Grace G
"I am so excited by the expanded awareness and vibration that the massive content of the audios and videos have given me--what an awesome creation, I only ordered the latest one yesterday and I GET IT!!!!! WOOHOO!!!"
"I love listening to all the audios that come with the online retreats! It's like each and every one of them gives me a different angle on every blind spot I've had."
"Watching your videos for a few minutes a day is so helpful and supportive to my consistent progression upward. The initial Divine Opening from the first day of the online retreat was strongly felt. Thank you and love to you."
"I listened to an audio and absolutely blissed out for hours after a really bad beginning for the day. I'm not quite understanding how it works, but I'll take it!"
"Having still 3 days left here in Bali and enjoying life while I am at module 6 of JTM. I have very very interesting experiences ha ha ha and for the first time I can constantly FEEL I am The Presence in a physical body."
Sabine Faast
"Divine Openings is totally my Harry Potter style magic wand, no joke!"
Toggo, musician
"I can't thank you enough for the amazing spiritual and daily life experiences I'm having since I discovered your website. My world has opened up and gotten so much more fun."
"Thank God I registered for Portal 4. A complete turnaround in my relationship!"
"Severe menstrual pain and fibroids of 5 years.....gone now. Portal 2 was a wow, and you were correct, it's a whole new world yet again."
"...the depressed feeling I had my whole adult life in winter when the daylight got shorter... I have not experienced that at all anymore (which is SO huge).... alcohol no longer has a hold on me.... I have been raving to everyone about these two things. Apparently I was finally ready to let it in! ... I am living as my Large Self more now. I feel the difference I am putting out there with family, online friends and out into the world. I rave morning and night (and often in between) and one of the things that I am forever grateful for is you and Divine Openings. Thank you for all that you d...
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Donna L
"I've taken all the online courses more than once, and I have been having so much fun with what I'm calling money magic these days... that is money coming out of nowhere."
"One of the things so original and unique about Divine Openings is the recorded sessions. If you've ever taken a Divine Openings course, you know how incredibly valuable the session audio recordings are. They helped me lift my vibration on a steady climb. I have been having so much fun with what I'm calling money magic these days... money coming out of nowhere."
"There are no words to even come close to explaining how we feeeeeel about the painting we commissioned from you.... it truly is an extraordinary painting. We have chills LOL. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the deepest part of our spirits. We are so looking forward to our next painting. We are blessed beyond measure. EXTRAORDINARY LOVE comes from this painting."
Kevin and Denise
"I want you to know how incredibly much I love Soul's Dance in my home office, and how much impact having the picture there where I see it all the time has made. You are a blessing in my life, and I am grateful beyond belief."
Christine Rousseau
"A quickie RAVE: Yesterday I finally had my copy of "Gold Fish" framed. The customers including the gal behind the counter kept taking peeks at the poster. Finally ... the first gal commented several times how nice the poster was. I told them the poster was designed to invoke a sense of peace. And they got it."
Gina Ristow
"I'm overjoyed about my last-minute decision to purchase 3 large prints of your paintings. My apartment seems instantaneously lit up with triple the amount of light bulbs! The change in energy is palpable!"
Goldy Handler
"Lola, I am so grateful for your generous share in all aspects! It was the best decision I ever made to join the Guide Programm last year! So many things changed and I feel it hasn't even really started yet!" Much love,
"Dear Lola, Reading all the new stuff. It is amazing, and I love it. I was rewarded for taking it slowly, and now I am ready for anything. My work has lit up, my boss has become unbelievable, my friendships have lit up, I have new friends that like to have fun, my living set-up has gone through the roof... my home is so gorgeous, and it feels like my family are finally seeing the real me. I am savoring the wonderful things that are on their way to me. Like Donna says, I get all juiced up just walking across the floor. That's how I feel. I can't help myself loving everything. I so love and a...
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Lenna Diane Rombout

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