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These notes let you know it can happen for you too.

Re-reading book and finally really got it about small self and large self and how much my small self was running the show... it is changing.

Lola, Beverly and I had our first hands-on with you at an expo around October of 2008 then another about 6 months later at the Wellness Expo in Austin then the wonderful 3 hour intensive at City View Ranch that following Monday or Tuesday. I have been out of touch the last 6 months due to a great new job that fell in my lap, I am still in awe of the way all that took place. When I do a reality check the Divine Openings are crystal clear thanks to you. With all that being said I am in a great place to launch into your 1st online course. Then to the Matrix. It feels great to be beck in touch with you and all that make Diving Openings happen. Love, David

Hello. I have been doing divine openings for about three months. Mostly from the book but also the virtual intensive. I have also been playing guitar for most of my life. The last two times I played guitar in public people have commented that they sensed an energy from my playing. Last night I played for some friends and one of them said she could feel love coming through my playing. I have always gotten good feedback but never anything like this. The only explanation I can come up with is that it is the energy of Divine Openings that people are sensing. Thank you. Love, Mark

Dear Lola, you are a beautiful light in our world.....I'm so thankful that you came into my life and showered me with all of your Divine Love and Wisdom..........yeah!!!  and big hugs! Janice Marie, Speaker, Author, Coach, Teacher

Hi Lola, I'm doing great! Old low vibrational energy is still moving, but it's at night the past 2 weeks or so. I'll be dreaming of things that evoke fear, anger, irritation, and other low vibrations, then I'll say to myself, "Wow, I'm dreaming and energy is moving".  And usually something like, "This certainly makes it easy", or something along those lines. They're very real dreams most of the time and it sometimes takes a bit for me to realize I'm dreaming (I dream in color, too), but I don't remember the details or story of the dream once I get up in the morning. It's odd, if I get up in the night, I know I'm remembering the dream, and thinking a bit about it, but by the time I get up for the day, I don't remember the story, just a sense that energy moved through. It's certainly easier than it was the first couple of weeks. I usually remember the type of energy, but I don't even remember that from last night.
Oh, and when I woke this morning around 4:30/ 5:00, I could almost see perfect - could read the name of the book on the nightstand, and see the pictures, and read the clock. I thought of getting up, but decide to rave about it. I fell back to sleep, sort of, then got up a bit after 6 with my old eyesight. I know my eyesight's improving, but that was the most significant improvement so far. Very cool.
Another change was confirmed by a friend. I drove us across Houston a couple of days ago. Now she's ridden with me across town a couple of months ago and knows that I would get agitated and frustrated with other drivers, especially those that drove slower in the left lane. This time, she commented how much calmer I am and more "up" through the entire drive. At one point when we had just started back, I dropped to a lower vibration like irritation, but recognized right off, took a breath, relaxed, and was back up to feeling good again.
I realize when I drop pretty quick, and just take a breath, relax, trust, and I'm back up again.
It's going great for me. I'm looking forward to the 5 day. I hope you'll be able to introduce Penny's work, too.
Oh, one other thing, the last few weeks I've been really drawn to my rocks. I have lots of rocks that I've picked up over the years on my travels. I've found myself rearranging them, cleaning them, bringing more in to the inside shelves, just handling them and appreciating them. I don't know what it means, if anything, just find it interesting ad thought I'd mention it.
Looking back on what I wrote from the Level 1 class, I see I've received many of the emotional type things, I'm still letting things go, and I'm still looking forward to the more physical things and those things that involve other people. I am enjoying each of m days so it's not a big deal, I know it'll happen.
Oh, one other thing that recently happened that made me realize that I am opening up and receiving. Many, many years ago, probably in my mid 20s, I had wanted to live on an island. I thought about that for several years, but it didn't come to pass and my life continued with changes that has now pointed my desires to ranching. But, just a couple of weeks ago I received information on a job in St Croix making the same money as I do here. I did turn it down because, one that's not really my interest these days, and the cost of living is more than a third higher than the average in the states, so it would be a decrease in income. About a week after I said no, I realized it was the manifestation of that long held desire from my 20s. Sometimes it takes a while to have your desires come to pass if you aren't open to having what you want. Pretty interesting and made me realize if it's something I really desire, it will be offered eventually. Also made me realize how much more open and accepting I am today versus years before.
My cat, Watson, developed crystals in his urine and got plugged. After a week at the vet, he seemed better, but the day after I got him home, I knew something was still wrong. Turns out the crystal situation was resolved, but in the extra to see if it was an issue the vet found he has arthritis in his back above his hind legs. That we can deal with as it's not life threatening, but his urine wasn't concentrated and the vet is concerned there may be early stages of kidney failure. We go back on Tuesday to recheck the urine and see if it was me giving him so much water to ensure no issues with the crystals, that I flooded him, or if it is kidneys. I'm focusing on the good news and believing I just flooded him with all the water I added to his food. We shall see.....

Well, that's enough for now. I was reading your blog and feel the need to rest. I can feel the energy flowing through very rapidly and I'm vibrating a good bit. This sometimes makes me want to close me eyes and just feel it, so I'm going to do just that.

Thanks for sharing!
Melissa Cheney, Divine Openings Giver in Houston

Hi Lola, I am finding that most days I feel deep and still inside, although I can still function and get on with life, empty but still full if that makes sense, desires are there but not consuming every moment of my day with fear or worry. I feel that I am coming to the end of an era of work and moving into a very different place I can't wait for the 5 day! In terms of doing the Master Initiation I would absolutely love to do it. Whilst pregnant I had a few fairly scary awakenings in the middle of the night ful of fright that I would die, after the first few I wanted to go deep into that feeling but they did not come back. When they did the initial fright took over and by the time I wanted to dive in the feeling had disappeared.
I know that you have suggested waiting a year before doing the mastership but is there an option to take that initiation on the last day of the 5 day and not use it for a while. I am really keen for this and feel very called to it, if I feel that I am ready would you consider it. My internal being is just calling out for this, I feel so ready for it, it feels like I have not been ready for anything else in my entire life as much as I have been for this. I am absolutely raring to go...broom broom.

My crown tingles constantly and my hands and body are getting hot just thinking about this and writing to you. My intuition is getting stronger, maybe I should rephrase that, my faith in my inituition has increased and I am in daily communion with Divine Source.  I do have a way to go but absolutely know without a doubt that from March 10th things are going to amp up for me considerable and as such I am preparing myself for it being Silent more and more each day. When I yawn or stretch I feel a wave of electricity type feeling move from my crown to my feet, I can also hear in my right ear my blood gushing around.
I have been having day dreams  for weeks now about running doing 5 day courses and the feeling is so strong I can't see myself working with my company past a few months after returning from Austin. I am constantly thinking about were I would hold the course how many people would attend, my brain is going into overload with creativity I love it! It is so exciting, and I am not even working on it it is just coming to me! I feel like on March 27th I will be meeting my MAKER how fantabulous is that........
With love and excited anticipation, Mona, Divine Openings Giver in UK

Your Art work is very peaceful and I definitely feel the energies from your web site! The first morning that I read from it, afterwards I took a walk by the river. A bald eagle flew straight overhead. We do not see many of them here in Oregon. It set off so many amazing feelings in my heart and I know that this was connected with these wonderful energies that you send forward. Thank you again and I am looking forwards to my journey.
 Lots of Love, ~Christine

Is it possible to have very visual answers to problems or issues? We have been having money issues for a while and last night I clearly saw a wheel barrow with money going by my door and going by and then later I saw  the same thing but this time the frount was open and the wheel barrow coming down the walk way,or am I going crazy? Blessings Diann (Lola wrote back: Oh, my dear, you are not crazy. Everyone who is removed from the knowing of absolute abundance and is not letting it in is crazy. You are becoming sane....... ha ha. Thank you for sharing this moment of crystal clear reality. You made my day.  Love, Lola)

Hi Lola ! 60 days already ... more like smooth gliding sail for me ... Two months ago it would have been hard to believe, yes?

Am I soaring to new heights ? Honestly, I don't know ... Do I love each and every moment of my life ? No, not all of them, but more and more of them ... And I wouldn't have found it hard to believe, as I always have high expectations when I enter such a process. The weather has been gray and wet all the time for weeks here, which isn't very enjoyable, nor stimulating. Yes, I feel the resistance in impatience, even though I never was the activist type. Not finished the book yet; about 15 pages left. Yes, I read it very slowly. I also experienced three of the "Diving In" audios. I currently feel a lot of muscular tension, especially in the neck area, and I believe part of it comes from my resistance to this speeding up ... Maybe I should skip my DO this week. Another part of the tension comes from an old project that doesn't manifest. The fact is we are four persons implied in that project, so the manifestation, or lack of manifestation is the result of our four energies combined ... Maybe I'll register for Level 1 online course, then for JTM after I've finished the book. In fact, I'm dying to register for the 5 days Silent Intensive of January, but the money needed isn't flowing in; well, l read the deadline is for 18th December. Let's wait and see.
Oh yes, I do feel that love from you and The Divine. Thank you, Lola.  Marc

Lola, I loved our time together today.  Whew!!!! in so many ways.  Sitting in such sacred energy and just enjoying being in your presence, looking into those eyes.  Did you get the feeling you were looking in a mirror except I was reflecting the chocolate flavor or you?  (or capuccino) It's amazing.  AND the powerful shakti blast (please excuse the label, as it doesn't really need one).  I had to go straight to Sonic and order a large cherry coke and just sit in my car.  That is the way to roll!
Thank you for all your gifts,
Until next time which I hope is soon, ~ Giselle

Hi Lola, I would say sorry to hear about your father's passing but that would be a lie.  I do deeply feel for your mother's loss of companionship.  Has he communicated with you in any way you may have missed (or maybe you have not missed).  I was just telling Steve this morning how sometimes we miss messages that make life absolutely magical.  We receive vitamins from "Life Extension".  We have been doing so for about 5 years so the UPS person knows us very well.  About a year ago we received a phone call from someone who did not know us but they were calling because someone had "incorrectly" delivered a package from Life Extension to the condo of a friend of theirs who had passed away two weeks before.  They said they were just there for the day to come and clean out the condo for their friend and they called for us to come and pick up the package.  In 5 years this is the only time a Life Extension package has been delivered "incorrectly".  I love life and I hear death is even better.  Take care.  Much love to you.

Just verifying that you sent my 3rd Divine opening to me while I slept last night. Something must have happened because I had this dream (I've been asking to be shown exactly what it is that I will love doing, what will plunk me into my "maximum" flow) and in my dream I knew that I should be a communication medium or a corporate medium (medium was the word in my dream, don't know if this was right...maybe supposed to be mediator or a medium mediator ha).. someone who sees things beyond the senses and can help opposing people/teams or whatever work out problems and conflicts. This was very clear in my dream...(oh and of course in my dream after identifying it my husband got scared and I got scared of some evil force... "heavy vibrations" that is ha ha)  not quite sure what it means in the light of day, but I'm going to ask for more clarification tonight.
Thanks Lola!!
Love, Michelle

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Dear Lola, I am reading your book for the second time. It has had a profound effect on me or so it seems! After receiving today's email I just wondered if there are any Divine Opening Givers in England? Love Hedy Rose

For years I had NO money coming in, and living with others around me in the same boat, reinforcing it, and me thinking there MUST be some way through this. I decided I had to find it. Things got just enough better to let me find your site, but still, I couldn't afford it, I had no credit or even a bank account!  I thought, if this is real, I should be able to feel this, access it somehow, even this far away, there is no distance really, and I reached out to you through your picture and site. I got a tremendous headache, but I also knew, OK, this is not bad, this is it, the pain is no big deal, just let it go through, it will be OK , you got it!  I read the rest of the site, meditated, did my best to know it was real. Not long after that money did come, enough that I could be more comfortable, and have a few things I liked instead of just the bare minimum to survive.  And Then: I also read in your newsletter about your "headache", and how you said about the same thing I was thinking, just go with it, its OK ('sometimes it' Ok to feel bad") and I laughed and laughed! To me, this was The Divine's way of saying " well OK then, get it?" Yeah! I did! LOL! And I saw your  Name : LOL-a Jones, in my own spirits humorous pun vernacular, translated to " an addiction to Laughing Out Loud". Maybe it's your" indian name", who knows, but every time I see your name I remember that.
So it was funny again but not really a surprise when I get your letter in my email about healthy chocolate!  Let me let you in on the joke too.
 About the same time I was getting all these messages about the future, I was feeling my power slip away, and one of the last things I told myself, and all my friends who thought I was going nuts, was that I would know I was getting my powers back and the battle was won when chocolate was a health food, not just good for you. D. Swiger

Dear Lola, I am reading your book for the second time. It has had a profound effect on me or so it seems! After receiving today's email I just wondered if there are any Divine Opening Givers in England?   Love Hedy Rose

I just wanted to check in and let you know that I am doing great.  I am reading your book and all is well.  Just got an unexpected win - my mother's insurance reconsidered a large claim we made and got a check for her for $48,000 and about $2,500 per month going forward for as long as she lives. Jay and I are taking our holiday vacation starting the 10th through the 17th.  I am re-reading your book and will sign up for the "jumping the matrix" online course upon my return. Will check in later this month. Thank you for everything. Sincerely, Shari

Dear Lola, Thanks for checking in with me. I do appreciate it as often when you buy a course, you don't hear much more from the organizers. With you, you continue to support us. I am loving my new way of seeing my life and everyone else's, and I love the freedom of doing nothing but savoring the waiting, knowing that all I want is on its way to me. Sometimes things from the very bottom of my list of dreams for the future pop to the top and I get it. Surprise, surprise! I love that.

Thank you for a great group call last week, and I really enjoyed being able to talk to you live. The things you said about headaches, tension and softening really spoke to me, and I am staying conscious to the old habit of holding tension in my body by striving to do things and not just be. Your answer to Anand-Sara's question was great for me too.

My house just went on the market about 3 weeks ago, and my dream is to sell is quickly, move into my new place and then come to your 5-day intensive. It may not happen in that order and I also have jury duty at the end of December, but I let go, and am just watching to see which order the universe is going to give me it all.

Many blessings at this time of Thanksgiving, Grace


I would like to thank you very much for the online course which I am currently doing. I have some amazing breakthroughs. Thank you so much.  Love & Blessings, Helga Watson

Lola, I just wanted to thank you for being you and all that you've done and been through.  I'm on the second week of Jumping the Matrix and "WOW" the energy is powerful.  Thank you for this marvelous course.  If I forget to spend time in the energy, it reminds me - usually when I'm on the computer. I've been cleaning the house most of the day as I'm having friends over for Thanksgiving Dinner and bridge.  I've had music on all day and have been on a continual high. Is that right, that I saw on the course that you and Michael split up?  If so, you both have my condolences.  My best to both of you. It has been almost 9 months since Keoki moved out the second time.  We have a great friendship and I have not missed having a mate at all.  Maybe someday I'll want a relationship again, but not now.  I'm just happy with The Divine and my wonderful 2 kitties! I just want to thank you for all the emails, tips/suggestions.  You've done a lot this year and I'm grateful for all of it and most of all grateful to know you! Lots of love, always! Pat Thorpe   P.S. Give my love to the animals, too!   

I started the jumping matrix course last week.... a few weeks ago my gold watch and my kitchen clocked stopped working.  Yesterday my silver watched stopped and today my living room clock stopped.  I have absolutely no idea what this means but it's interesting!! Ok, that's all.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Cari

I realized (after waking up with an audible scream) that my vibration is raising really fast with zero effort and it apparently Scares The Hell Out of Me! Thank-you Lola. Love, Michelle

Hi Lola,
First off - I listened to the first 'intro to the matrix energies' audio on Tuesday, and the energy hit my head like a jackhammer during the divine opening. I felt soooo much pressure I wanted it to just go right out the top of my skull, but it felt like it was just building building building and that my head was going to pop open like a ripe blueberry. Oh - and during this, I felt the energy of deep deep grief moving up too, and my face contorted into a grimace of extreme grief/sadness, as if I were crying my heart out - but no tears, just the muscular manifestation of what crying looks like. And then my face shifted into more of a yelling or screaming look - still grief. Just deep deep despair and grief.  That night I thought I would sleep really well, but I woke up at 3:30 ish and could not get back to sleep (the next day I realized in Chinese medicine the hours of 3-5 are Lung][grief] and from 5-7 are Large Intestine[letting go, assimilating].)Number two - (speaking of large intestine : )  ) You must be getting tons of this kind of email right about now, but I feel like there are two of me in one body (well, duh, there are). One part of me looks at my negative bank account and says "hmm."  (thats about it)
The other part of me says "AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" (that's not 'ah', that's a scream.)
And so I keep moving in and out of these positions.
The story I have in my brain: I've never been this deep in a financial ditch. ever. I have no job because I quit working for my boss, and I have no clients because my phone ain't really ringin' off the hook. Maybe I made a mistake trying to do what I love for a living. Maybe I suck!
The feeling: frustrated, angry, fearful, sick of barely scraping by.
Do you have a couple of seconds to throw any words my way? I'm all out of soothing for myself today. with love,
camille and her colon

I just wanna write about some stuff that has been happening to me these last 60 days since starting divine openings,
It's been a really wild ride, some really blissful moments, and some hairballs, I'm trying to stay positive, I had a lot of change happen to my life, many things just fell out of my life like friends, and even though I'm not meeting them as many times as I did, I'm trusting that everything is going the right way.
I had so many hairballs, but I'm trusting that these too are just energies moving out of my life (:
I'm Flowing with the process     Yonatan Katz

I do not know if i have to contribute it 100 %, although anyway............since  reading your book   i found the  love of my life ! She is everything I ever dreamed of  and would nearly never thought it would be possible to meet a woman like that ! Greetings, Marc

Hello and good morning, This is Maria again.  I have a few things to let you know about that is happening with me.  sometimes i feel like I am sinking and other times I feel as though I am floating, not all of the time, but just maybe 4 times each since I listened to the audio from the 27th of October, I had looked around as this was happening and it was apparent that this was actually taking place.  New things are happening -- just this morning, I was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden in the left corner of my left eye a metal box turned upside down appeared from no where and it was up towards the ceiling, the lid just popped open and I began to feel very ill, like I was going to vomit.I have been hoping to be able to quit smoking, but when I think about smoking, I do not want to.  Is this stuff normal?  It must because I Have never experienced anything like this before, but I need to know how to control it, I do not want to be in any danger if this happens while I am driving.  LOL.
     Something else that I wasnt sure if Penny had mentioned to you, while Nell was down at your 5 day, on that friday, Jim, Penny and I were standing in a parking lot outside of her business, this is when we all 3 grabbed hands and thought deeply of Nell, and when we opened our eyes, we saw a major miracle, many swirls of energy through out the sky, how intense was this!  I can only say that since I have been involved with you and your book, many things have taken place and I just love it.  Thank you so very much.  Maria from California

"After much thought w/the Divine I have decided to take the level two instead of the matrix. I like my step by step pace. Sure looking forward to it! Then the 5 day, & then I'll be Jumpin' for sure. I've been wanting for this all my life and I intend to savor every bit of it:)  Feedback from the audio with Michael:  I felt that swirling in my chest for the first time, very wonderful:) Your powers are changing Lola! I was on the Oct 27 call and the power was amazing. Incredible you can get so much from the audios also! Many thanks to the whole team!"   Penny - the one in northern Calif ;)

Lola, Carey and I keep laughing about this whole thing.....she called me a Hoover because she sees me on your site all the time and I am just watching all these wonderful videos...She said I created this because I love it soooooo much. See it works !! But I would actually call myself a Groover because I do love every minute of it and each and every word.
In my acupunture session I had a big break through..........The Liver represents old stored resentments, frustrations, and anger.....I told my Dr.( who has read your book and has had several Divine Openings from Carey) that we could say the Liver has alot of old STORED STORIES !!!!  And she totally agreed. You will be meeting my Dr. next year...she plans to attend a 5 day...hopefully one in the Spring if you have one then. Her name is Dr April Gary.  Thank you again Lola and my favorite saying of yours on the last video that I listened to in Level 1 was. " I AM WORTHY OF SO MUCH MORE". That line really sent a Rave through my body. Liz

I feel so blessed to have met you and know you a little better. I have an incredible story to tell you. I'm raving!!!!! About a year ago I got a hold of your book. I then went on line to buy it and started reading it. At that point in my life I thought I was going to die, or at least wanted to. I just broke up with the love of my life, Micheal. I remember clinging on to every word of your book. I so desperately wanted to feel better but I didn't know how. I was in a very low vibrational state. I read the book in a few days and decided to sign up for the level one on-line course. The first things I learned were, where my emotions were on the instrument panel and to write down everything I wanted. The first thing I wrote down was that I wanted restoration in my relationships. Micheal's name was the first one I wrote down. Since then I have read your book several more time and have had a few private phone calls with you and have had the privilege to go through the 5-day silent retreat and to help with one. I have felt so happy and have been enjoying life. I have been giving Divine facials to people and have seen first hand what Divine Openings have done for me and for others. I always knew that the love I shared with Michael was Divine and cherished it. I have not heard from him in almost a year and have not seen him around either.

It was just the other day I fully surrendered my heart and let go. One day after I let go, He called me.
We met and it was like we were never apart. We were both on the same vibrational level.

We shared our spiritual journeys and laughed when we realized that they were the same! Being with him feels so different but yet the same. Today I have been reunited with the love of my life. I have given him a Divine facial and he had what seemed like jolts of energy run through parts of his body. Through his one arm at first then when my hands were on his head he jerked like he was just shocked. He could only explain what it wasn't. He said it wasn't like starting to fall asleep and you catch yourself and wake up again. He explained it as electric shock. Have you ever heard of this? Can you explain in your words?
Thank you my dear dear mentor. What you have taught me and have given me has change my life forever! And I know that I will always be happy because you showed me the way to my Divine within!!!!!  I love you, LeAnn, Erie, Pa

Hello Lola, I send you and your family a loving embrace.  I have been in that place of loss, and I have experienced the feeling of relief you can now sink into and rest. No matter how much we prepare ourselves for the inevitable, unexpected feelings and emotions do arrive.  How lucky you are to be in the space that you are in, with the knowing you have, and being willing to share with others.  That familiar twinkle that once was seen in Dad's eyes beaming upon you with pride.  How wonderful your words are, and the feeling I felt when I read them made me more consciously aware of how beautiful life is when we can just sit back and watch without being affected (infected!) with anything that  'brings us down'.  That every moment and every experience is simply an opportunity to absorb the goodness (nutrients) that encourage our growth and well-being. Earlier this year I wrote this which was in response to an exercise shown to me by a tutor.  (an amazing person).

It's about looking at your life from a place of relaxation and rest

Sinking into my 'Ah Chair'

I sink into my comfy chair, invisible to others, but to me it is there.
And from my 'Ah Chair' I view my world.
The world I see.
Very important to me, the world in my space; in front of my face.
And as deepening relaxation grows, and I am able to 'open' and let go,
the wider my vision seems, the picture before me, like a dream.
I look, and observe, and see, the truth in front of me.
No thought is thought, no feeling felt, all tension simply melts
as a smile breaks open upon the face that I cannot see, yet is my world's view of me.
And as I smile, my world smiles back, and I enjoy this moment of freedom, experiencing love, acceptance and well-being.

With love

Dorogaya Lola,
I love you and your groovy self!  I love the messages in your newsletter and the energy from just the page of the jumping the matrix is fantastico!  wooo hooo, girlfriend!  You go girl!
Starting up doing Divine Openings has been slower than I expected but its all good- all in perfect timing I am sure.  Have been dealing with some drama around me but I am so, so, happy to report that since I've said, "no more Drama.  I want a peaceful, loving community around me" those friends have either stopped calling :) or their lives have actually gotten calmer- with their circumstances smoothing out and new people have been showing up.  I love it, love it, love it!
We've also been starting to house hunt as well.  My husband keeps finding different places to look at- getting that energy going but the odd (or not so odd :) thing is that I keep finding all the things that I love about our current home.  I love it.
Alright my dear, off to go play with a toddler and some kindergartners today.  It was great to hear you the other night on the group phone call.  What a fun call!
Know we are thinking about you and sending good energy your way-
Blessings to you!  Give Honey a hug for us-
lots of love,

Yo,yo yo, girlfriend!!
Ok, something finally gelled in my brain last night!! I do create my own reality. OMG! How many times have I heard this, but it never clicked. I was so excited to finally GET this!
I saw the huge dam that I had constructed that was literally keeping everything good from coming into my life. When I removed the flood gate, everything I have been wishing and waiting for was released and fell in torrents, washing over me and pushing me along in front of the flood waters.
I saw how I was keeping love at bay. No one could possibly come into my life while I kept everything jammed up behind the dam. I wasn't letting love in.
Now I realize I just have to surf with the flow and not block that flow with my attention to what isn't here yet. I know I have kept it all piled up behind the flood gate. Yeehah! Surf's up!!!

I am reading Lola's book and doing the online course.  It's wonderful and I had a huge opening when I watched the Level One videos.  Many blessings,

I was sent your link by someone who I really trust his opinion and so I looked at it and really felt energy. I have been getting oneness blessings weekly for almost a year and also been doing the release technique (sedona method) fairly steadily for three years. I've felt the two work together well and yet I haven't had the huge shifts I have been looking for. I slowly read the first 31 pages (wonderful) and did the first Divine Grace. Very strong energy moving  and a more open softer feeling on some stuck energy I have been feeling. I got an experiential sense of allowing more without efforting.

I am assuming that since you are not doing the oneness blessing you see yours as being a quicker, cleaner, higher method?

Don Bugler 206-632-1358

"Many times I felt like people who I love were inside me and I could feel their love for me also. It was an experience to cherish. Thank you for all you've done."  Ana

"My body is changing from within.  Sometimes I can't eat foods I used to like, and I don't want those foods.  So I am losing a bit of weight now too.  My digestion throws fits if I do insist on eating some of the foods I know my body does not want! " Edith

"THANK YOU....I totally love you and your work...I AM getting it."
Janice Cameron, Canada

"Thanks for keeping up with me, as I probably need supervision (just kidding). Well, after much groundwork and trial and error, everything is falling into place for my business. I'm retired, but like all intense people, retirement means just having enough free time to start another business.  I've search for a teacher of my kind of spirituality.  I know this is "it".  Nothing else has ever felt this way for me.  I know that "it" is going to happen for me... enlightenment.  Thank you for your work.  You've shown me a way to what I know in my soul is truth.  I'll meet you some day."
All my love and gratitude, Kathy

"Thanks! I've been enjoying both the book and the self-paced web course. My relationship with God has moved to a dimension of even greater tenderness and intimacy." With gratitude for you, Rob

"I gave the book to my mom in Georgia who is 78. She called me yesterday all excited about her 1st Divine opening. What she explained to me was that she felt a pulse run through her whole body, even in her finger tips. Then she saw a light around a black hole, she explained that things were going into the black hole really fast, and then it closed up and disappeared. It is going to be fun to keep sharing these experiences with my Mom. I am giving a book to my daughter Rachel, 24. You will be touching the lives of 3 generations in my family." Carey Waters, Corpus Christi, Texas

"I know you've heard all this before but, your book is absolutely amazing as you are!  I am seeing some change right now; there are still obstacles that I need to overcome before I can truly be One w/God/Divine.  I am feeling a lot more happiness, joy, & ecstasy.  I get totally excited & happy for no reason whatsoever.  I truly believe that it is a start.  I do still have daily angered moments but nothing crazy - just to where I get mad or yell at my boys or get aggravated.  After that happens, I realize that maybe I should have handled the situation better w/o yelling and cussing!  My husband and I have a code word - it's "the Book" - to where we say it when one of us are crabby or aggravated.  Then we smile as we say it and laugh a little because we both know what it means."  Sincerely and with love, Julie

Dearest Lola, I am beside myself with such joy!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so very grateful.  Even though I will have to wait from November to January, I just know that the time that has been given me will be enriched by my deepening into the Level 1 lessons, and perhaps even Level 2!

I am also so jazzed and excited about your new expansive book and work.  I love that I have found you.  I was talking to my dear friend, Grace Goldberger, and saying that we are riding on your coat tails, being lifted, as birds, soaring on the sweet winds of the strength of your updraft, until we can soar on our own.  I am so grateful that the Divine has brought you into my life exactly when it did.  It and you are miracles in my life.

Much love and blessings,


Wish I had time to tell you what all is happening here.  Things are moving so fast, it's hard to keep up -- yet there's no sense of stress or even a need to hurry. Hmmmmm!
So I'm just going with it.  Love, Cindy

Hi Lola, Thank you so much for the group call/opening last night....sometimes I can really feel a lot of energy moving, and I sure felt it throughout that whole call! I'm very excited about the "Jumping the Matrix" information as well, can't wait to hear more.

Remember a few months ago I asked your permission to share the altimeter with groups of women at the YWCA as part of a volunteer program I was putting together? Well, we finally got organized to deliver a small workshop we call "Treasure Hunt for the Authentic Self" (authored by a friend of mine who is just starting your level one course - Barbara Layton). Anyway, as part of the workshop, I introduced the women to their own altimeter - just a really basic intro, most of these women have never done any kind of self-awareness stuff. I got hugely positive feed back from the women. One women said, "I feel all excited and I don't know why!" They were all lit up just after spending a few hours with me......really, really a wonderful experience for me, never mind for them! I am giving the Board of Directors at the YWCA a presentation on it because they are now thinking that I can help them develop an entire life-enrichment program, staffed entirely by volunteers who will deliver the small workshops I develop for them. In other words, I will be training the trainers. Cool, huh?

The implications of the ripple effect are huge. Because of your work, I'm lit like a bulb most of the time; I went in and lit up the volunteer staff at the Y, who want me to light up the management, and the end result is that the women most in need of some light are going to have the opportunity to get it!

There's nothing I would like more than to see some of these women show interest in your book or courses. Because the workshops include women from all cultures and religions, I feel a little hesitant to present the material in the spiritual terms I feel most comfortable in - I'm sure that will develop over time. For now, if I am able to create a little bit of one-on-one time with each woman, I can personally recommend you rather than do it through the actual workshop.

Thanks again, oh so much, for being so open with your material - a very small part of it is having a very big impact up here in western Canada!
Lots of love, Donna Wetterstrand (from Lethbridge, Alberta)

Dear Lola, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  for all you are and all you do.
I missed the DO call  as i was doing a 14 hr road trip hauling my horse from Vt to Va yesterday. The trip was great.
SOOOO happy for Miss Tammy and just now downloaded the music.BRAVO !!!
I love it, love you too
Polly P

Hello Lola. Your book is absolutely wonderful.  Gems on every page. I love it.---
What a great title. I only received it a week ago and I'm seeing subtle changes already I would love to visit Austin or Sedona for a five day retreat early in the new year but in order to get the best from the retreat it may be soon. I would need to talk to you first. Thank you for this lovely gift. Rennie Jones

I absolutely LOVE your book!!  I thank Divine Presence every day for inspiring you to write it.  Love, Mary

Hi Lola, I bought your e-book and had my first divine opening on 6 October and had such a wonderful experience a few days later I wanted to share it with you. I work regular weekends at a sacred well in England.  So on Saturday 11 October after I had opened up the office I had my usual walk-about to check everything was ok and to say ‘hello’ to the garden before the visitors arrive.  It was the most beautiful morning, a golden light, blue sky and the feeling of such promise of being a wonderful day.  Now I always feel this, regardless of the weather, the energy of the well and gardens is well known, and visitors come from all over the world.  I absolutely love the place and am honored to be part of it.  That day, as I was wandering around I felt there was such heightened energy but it was so still, so profound, almost zen-like.  I had a big grin on my face all day while I was in the office, covering in the shop, helping the volunteers and during my regular wanders around the garden.  I couldn’t stop myself from asking other people what they felt of the energy, and they agreed they felt it too.  Regular visitors said it did feel different.  I was well and truly plugged in that day (and night!), and the next day, but not so intensely.
 I write poems, thoughts, and insights all the time, and this poem came a day or so later.  As I read it I get the feeling of awe come back.  Over the last couple of weeks I have been reading your book, have bought the diving in audios and am feeling rather wonderful; thankyou.  I am beginning to feel that it was my ‘opened up’ consciousness that was able to sense the energy, which is always there.  As I work one weekend in four during the low season I haven’t been to the well since, as I live some distance away, so am looking forward to being there again in a couple of weeks.

The Being of the Well breathed out, and let forth a gentle sigh.
Into its depth, stillness and empty space fell I.
And everyone to whom I spoke, something in them also awoke, and they felt its peace, its calm.
A palpable, ‘touchy feely’, ‘yummy’ substance, like a gentle balm, that caressed the skin, the emotions and the mind.
I felt myself unwind, and spiral into ecstasy, a wonderful feeling space; amplified by the energy of this sacred place.
Divine Love had opened up, and made its presence felt in a most amazing way.
Under Grace, I was experiencing something special that day...........
With a smile upon my face, I kept asking others ‘Have you felt it too?’
They had, for all of us, it was true.

With much love and appreciation for you and your work. Marion Poole

"Life is unfolding around me, ever since I did the 5 Day Intensive.,, like a marvelous garden of possibilities blossoming after sweet rain and warm sun. Everywhere I look- I see major forward movement, so many ideas are sprouting up, along with the motivation AND SUPPORT to make it happen! Life feels like a magical wonderland of ease, clarity and prosperity. Anything "negative" seems to correct itself quickly and brings an ever greater good. Thank you Lola, for sharing such a Gift with us all!" Lyndy Sophia- Director, The Wellness Connection/Nirvana Pointe Wellness Retreat.

I find I'm amazed at how things just seem to keep lining up, and then I laugh at myself for being amazed and just appreciate all the good stuff! Sometimes I'm surprised by body doesn't just burst at the seams because I'm so full of energy and happiness. Live is good!       Melissa

I am working on my little art project this afternoon, Cookout At Lola's. Had a good revelation this week. I was reading Eat, Pray, Love. Have you read this gem of a book yet? Anyway, I sooo could relate to her traumatic relationship, her soul mate story. Chapter 48 drove my own lesson home in a big way.  Richard from Texas explained what a soul mate comes to do for off a huge layer of skin, show you what is holding you back, introduce you to your guru, then hit the road.  It has helped me understand my connection to Kink Free Hose Boy and let go so I can move on...finally.
People have noticed a big change in me since I have been home, especially Hose Boy. I have this need to share this gift, so if you want to post me on the site I would be eternally grateful.
I have had some contact with a few people who are reading your book and want to talk with me about it. One lady is interested in me coming to her town and talking to her women's spiritual group about it and giving DO's to them. When I get a little closer, I will order some books to take with me.
I have given DO's to my step dad and your book. He said he is doing better with respect to my mom. Things aren't bothering him as much and he is better able to let things go. Penny, Divine Openings Giver in Ohio

Hi Lola...
I wanted to share two things with you that are AWESOME!!
At the 5 day retreat, you had your dry erase board marked with silhouettes, demonstrating how grace flows in... you had one with a skinny pipe coming off of the head, and the other one, that received divine openings, with more of a funnel shape on top of the head... And then you mentioned headaches... I have always had bad, reoccurring headaches... even 800mgs don't touch it, and the meds stronger than that don't do anything either... so, I would just have to deal with the pain.  Well, now when I have a headache, I envision my pipe on my head expanding from a normal pipe to a funnel, to then a flat 180 degree line and my headache pretty much goes away instantly - if it's a super bad headache, I might have to focus on this for a few minutes - but it has not failed me yet!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

Also... another awesome thing, is that my sweet tooth is pretty much gone... I can't eat some things I used to love... now it's like... uh ewww... hahahaha!  Love, Nell

Hi Lola, Thank you so much for last evening!  I am enjoying a renewed sense of trust that all is right with my world.  I especially appreciated your comments about Spirit knowing better than we what is truly for our highest good ... and what would bring us the most joy.  One of my 'issues' regarding the manifesting 'rules' has been having to articulate in detail what I want.  My experience is that I am often provided something more exciting than what I could have imagined! I also whole-heartedly agree with the idea that if something is difficult, that is a message that I'm on the wrong track.  Ah those Puritanical values of hard work and sacrifice!  Thank you for validating what I have been sensing for years!!   Love, Dianne

Dear Lola, I am doing your first online course and was introduced to your web page by my dear friend Anand-Sara who will be doing your next 5 day intensive. What a darling she is and how grateful I am that she kept pointing me back to your book and web site, and finally to buying your online course. How I would love to do the intensive with her, but am selling my house so will have to wait a little. But I am already raving about joining you for one of them and I can't wait to see you both, your animals and wonderful piece of paradise!

I wanted to share with you that I used to rave a lot but recently some challenges had taken me out of that frame of mind. Even though I know that appreciation is where I need to be to attract more good, I couldn't get there.

I have been watching your rave videos and they did the trick. All the things I used to love, the animals, trees, nature etc. and then all the good I have in my life suddenly came pouring back to me early this morning. I had woken up with my head full of worries, and knew I needed to see you rave. After 15 minutes of just not feeling like raving, I switched my computer off and started to walk around my house and watch the sunrise.

Next thing I knew, it was flooding back and I started to think about nature, my gorgeous daughters, my wonderful mate, fantastic boss and job, my great realtor and super home that's going to sell in a heartbeat. All the work I have to do around the sale will be a breeze and will flow as it has so far. My realtor, after asking him if his price is negotiable, had already offered to take 5% instead of 6 without me saying another word. How powerful was that? So I know I am on track and just need to keep my nose pointed up. Thank you so much for your inspiration and joy.  Warm wishes, Grace Goldberger

Hi Lola! I am so glad I was able to connect on that group call. It was very reinforcing and soothing word wise. Vibration wise WOW!!!! As you might remember, I began feeling the vibration right on the phone. After you got the other people who were divine opening givers to join you at the end, I was buzzing all night. I don't think I fell asleep until the morning. I'm not sure where I am but I have realized that there are a few changes I have to make such as the time I go to sleep at night which definitely affects my ability to keep my vibration up if I go to sleep too late and feel too tired. I think I am operating from a more consistently higher vibration although I am surrounded by others dealing with fear from the financial situation and lack beliefs but I think I'm holding my own for the most part and maybe even keeping them up for all I know. In anycase, I truly appreciate your emails, calls etc. Where is the audio you mentionned about diving in?
Jennifer from New jersey

Hi Lola, Thank you for the blessings ! I am now at page 47 of the e-book. What can I say ? .... WOW ! So much power, clarity, simplicity, ease and evidence, all this with a sense of gracious flow ... I felt a lot of tension during the last two weeks, due to personal circumstances, and it has considerably decreased. I often laugh while reading, and often say out loud : "of course, that's right!" which I usually do when I discover teachings that carry a high truth vibration. Kind regards, Marc

Hello, My name is Bryan Johnson. I became an affiliate for your program a few days ago. My wife Maria Hartman is currently doing your online course. I love to see her happy. I noticed big changes in her do to your course that I wanted to start promoting it. My question is would it be possible to build a social network around divine openings and Lola. I would manage the sight and everything would be submitted to you for approval. I feel it would be a great way to get her message out to many people. I believe it is a program everyone should at least take a look at and to at the very least read the book. My sister in law and niece are also in the program. Nell just got back from the last 5 day. She said it was just absolutely amazing. I now want to send my wife to the next 5 day.
The sight would allow people in the network to have there very own page and let them see and to become friends with everyone. It would be a place for everyone that are practicing the works of Lola and for people who are wondering what is it all about. There will be groups to put discussions and people will also be able to post events where everyone who wants to attend an event can be online together at the same time world wide. Well I would love to be able to share Lola’s work in this way.    Thank you   Many Blessings   Bryan Johnson

Thanks for getting back with me- I have actually been feeling rather calm and beyond the drama- just coasting along- and avoiding my taxes! I am realizing that I need 2 people to help me- one for office management and another for marketing, plus- one for cleaning. There is no way for one person to do all of this. I know- I have been trying to do that all, plus the emails/calls and all the trainings/creatings. Glad I am finally letting in what I need! I just dialed the wrong number- and this woman hands me to her brother- do not ask me why- and he is the partner of a woman I know- he is a PhD, who is a life coach here and is setting up this Master Mind group- he referred me to an accountant, bookkeeper, I already found a computer tech, and advertising helper from people in my classes/sessions. I mean how weird it that?! It was a wrong number I dialed and it turned into that- this is part of what I mean is happening here- it is very groovy! 2b continued…. LSophia

Just finished participating in our company's annual health fair where they prick your finger , take your BP and waist measurement.  All of my numbers except two  were going in the right direction.....  Total Cholesterol down 40 points, Good Cholesterol up 16 points, Bad Cholesterol down 40 points, Triglycerides down 70 points,  Blood sugar down 11 points!!!!!!!   Waist circumference is up but I'm pregnant so I'm not too concerned.    I have no doubt that allowing more of the Divine presence in my life has changed things for me.  Marnyka

Hi Lola, Just a quick note,
Things are good..... Let me explain, then again some of the stuff is hard to put in words...

As the holidays came and went everything went effortlessly right into our show season......  Though the industry as a whole has been hit hard..... even we were looking at a huge loss in revenue 20-30% just a few weeks before the first show....

I stayed calm and steady...... somewhere there was a knowingness all would work out...( no biggie deal )  I kept going forward as if things were normal.....( what ever that is ) and it did work out !!!!!

Out of the blue or should I say void / nothingness our phones started ringing off the hook..... several hundred thousands of $$$$$  in just a few weeks flooded our office ......  where the industry is 20-30% down this year , we sold out every show after the first 2 were done....  some also experiencing record attendance ...... there is more to it , just hard to put in words.......     and all this because I did NOTHING.....

As  far as personal experience...... small awareness of staying calm and relaxed.... if anything, I still get in my own way.......   5 days will help fix or should I say align that .....

My sister Stacy is doing fine........ still has some big swings on the chart, but keeps going to the book for nose pointing adjustment going up.....

I believe she will be in the later 5 day this summer with you, ( I told her it would be my gift to her)..... my brother who is also half owner with myself has now also started reading the book and is very interested in taking this to a deeper level......   ( Holy Shit the whole family is soon to be somewhat mindless ) hee hee......

(hee hee aka a lolaism for laugh my ass off ) okay back to the note

I may give you a call today or this week to touch base and say Hi..... I do look forward to the 5 days event....  just got to a point or at least getting to a point that I am coming to relax, with no demands or
expectations......  That what ever I experience,  now will be perfect whole and complete for me..... we have heard about the needing to truly let go and surrender...... easier said then done..... I think that in itself, or should I say my
little self will be the big meltdown of resistance..... of course I am just guessing at even that......

At any rate, take care and have the warm weather ready for me.... remember I am in Minnesota at the moment....
Nick Cenaiko

P.S. just realized, so much for being a quick short note..... just think If I had something to say !!!!!!!

Dearest Lola, I know you said that everything happens differently for everyone and not to compare experiences and I have been savoring the waiting but..........OMG!!!  Things are really moving fast now.  I am so excited. We ended up doing an additional taping just on Divine Openings.  The camera crew was so enthusiastic about it, they were asking for Divine Openings on the spot.  I didn't have any of your books with me, so I got their numbers and will be scheduling Openings for them very soon. 

Just as we were wrapping up the taping, Rev. Jane asked if she could give me a message.  She said she was being told that I would be "speaking in front of large groups in colleges specifically about Divine Openings!!"  How coool is that!!

Next bit of news.....I met with a gentleman today that wants to set up a facility to teach various healing modalities, wanting me to teach with him.  When I explained to him that my passion was in giving Divine Openings, he got so excited, he made an appointment with me to do one for him this Thursday.  I teaches and does Quantum Touch Healing and I told him that Divine Openings would be better than Quantum Touch Healing on steroids.

I can barely think straight right now.  I haven't eaten when I get my bearings, perhaps, I can tell you more.  What a wild ride this is! Much love,  Linda 

You have changed my life Lola. Bonnie Fournier

I am very busy with my work and other activities at the moment. Life has been quite good and going smoothly, i no longer bother about those things and people that were once very irritating to me. I've been surrounded by very loving and kind people lately. May be it's because i have changed my perceptions about the world and people and so my judgement about them and hence the world around me changes with me. I guess so.
I have not seen Conny and so i have not seen the 1st painting yet. i think she has not "grounded" after soaring so high up there, i told her to call me when she is "grounded" and i have not heard from her yet.
Glad that you like the necklace and shawl, i can imagine they look nice on you.
thank you and love you too. Wei Ying

We had our 40th high school reunion last nite was magical.  The best part was that everyone kept starring at me and couldn't believe how young I looked. It was truly the Divine Openings working...Liz

Hi Lola,
I've been trying to think of what to say in regard to changes I have experienced since the Seminar, August 30, and 31. There have definitely been changes.
Whenever I do a Divine Opening or read a lesson, it sounds like white noise opens up on the top of my head. I get this at other times too especially when I go to bed..I'd probably call it a download based upon what you have described. What you seem to describe as a VOID seems to fit where I have been for some time. I was unwilling to say I was depressed although that could be true. Rather it is a feeling of being disengaged from people and events which I guess maybe I was going through the motions of living with but really not wanting to or having anything in common. The Void seems to be this space which has not been filled and although you talk about it as a space to create, the feeling to create such as a desire to have or be or excitement isn't there. I'm not saying there aren't things I want at all but it is as if I'm halfway to them. I try to imagine having some of them and feeling it. That's a BIGGIE for me, the Feeling part...has not been programmed into my repertoire. So I feel most of the time, just there...this state of inertia. Things leaving but nothing new to look forward to. On the other hand things that previously bothered me or concerned me are falling by the wayside. Some of that is good and also I have received help from outside sources for certain bills etc., that I would not have been able to pay. Physically, my body has gone through some weird stuff, a stiffening up of my legs so I have found difficulty moving is one of them. Other  things I just remind myself that energy is moving, ie.,headaches,bleeding,etc. I also use Qigong which I have done for 10 years and since you mentionned meditation and yoga to be okay, I've kept up this practice which also raises my vibration which goes very low. I've also received some nice surprises...some in the form of unexpected money, or things I wanted on the spot given to me. In writing this, I feel like I'm all over the place. If you have a chance to respond, I would be relieved to hear something regarding the physical reactions in particular.
It sounds like things are going well for you. Take care,
Love, Jennifer Pruden

Dear Lola
My dear old dad passed away this afternoon...I had felt the need to send him blessings last night and today and I trust he is in the warm embrace of the presence.
Being with you and the other members of our Divine Openings group was such a blessing for me at this time.
You have my grateful heart,

Hi Penny!
I Knew it was going to happen! years ago I said" I will know for a fact things are finally going my way when CHOCOLATE BECOMES A HEALTH FOOD! NOT JUST GOOD FOR YOU, BUT AN ACTUAL HEALTH FOOD!
My heart is jumping up and down and cheering, this is the sign, the unmistakable one I asked for, that was to ANNOUNCE THAT TIMES WERE INDEED FINALLY CHANGING FOR THE BEST!

When I made this statement we were still locked into the "if it tastes good, spit it out, it's probably bad for u, no pain, no gain" sort of mindset we'd all gotten used to.The first Sign was actually Lola herself, for I also has visions about a woman who had the gift of DIVINE GRACE AND WHO COULD TRANSFER IT JUST BY BEING NEAR. Some of the people who heard me rant about it then are probably drop-jawed now! If not, they soon will be.  i haven't had time to get an email to Lola yet, but I'm guessing you will want to share this with her, hope so, she is a sister of mine no doubt! I am not at that level quite yet where its effortless but i am applying the method as well as i can, trying to keep that nose up! As i see it, Lolas name means: "a LOL("laugh out loud") addiction ("jones"), which makes it a very healthy one.So much more but for now hope to hear from u soon but i know it will b when the time is right.Hugs!~Ocean

Dorogaya Lola,
So glad to get your note and I was so glad that I was there to be a part of the 5-day- very fun!  It truly was a special time.  Everyone around here can just feel the good energy since I got back- my family, friends, neighbors.   I love it, love it, love it!
It was great to see you, giggle with you, and see your shining, beautiful face.  Thanks again too, for opening up your beautiful home and sharing it with us all. 
It was great to meet Carey finally, do the massages together and have everything else cooking/setting up/cleaning up work out so smoothly.  I am so happy that we were able to get to everybody for bodywork too.  Thanks God, for working that out!  And to hear Tammy sing in person- wowza!  We are all so powerful and very blessed.
I feel like I am opening up to sooo, sooo much more goodness in all areas of my life.  Yipppee!
lots of love to you, dorogaya!  give my love to Honey and the critters!

I just wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know how amazing the 5-day was.  I'm sure the good stuff is just getting started.  I started crying to my fiance this morning about my wrist and then *poof* the crying and sadness was over in about 30 seconds!  I told him, "I'm fine now.  I just needed to get that out." I think he was surprised by the abrupt change.  It's funny.
Also, I wanted to say bye since I did not get to last night- I wanted to get on the road so I left after giving the divine openings.  So, I wanted to give you a cyber-hug and say goodbye (for now)!
Thanks again for this amazing gift!  (A co-worker just came in and asked me why my eyes looked funny. Ha!!)

Sweet Lola,
Thank you so much for sharing all that you did during the 5 Day Silent Intensive last week in Austin.  My dearest friend Liz along with Christine attended. They have returned so renewed and exhuberant.  They are simply beautiful and I have never seen Chris' eyes so clear.  They can't stop bubbling. It was exactly perfect for them. I am blessed by their sharing of events and experiences.

I look forward to attending one of your upcoming 5 Day's myself.  Your book is wonderful and I just enjoy moving through each day.  Even my 4 teenage children feel the pressure relieved in their lives as we move along differently since the book.

Thank you so much.
Love, April

Thank you being the wondeful happy conduit you are of God's wonderful grace.  Your very essence ouzes tranqulity and peace. I feel one with you and the flow, I too like waterfalls and moving steady flowing water.  The other night in my tossing and turning I saw the a vision of blackness, turning to an undiscribale vivid midnight blue (unbelievable colour) and as it played dots of light (yellowish, white, luminous) appeared and started to grow slowly and as they reached a size (maturity) they appeared to pop (like popcorn does) and shoot forward, in turn touching other dots which lighted up and started growing and doing the same.   The light started to get so bright, then sparks shot across the panarama infront of me doing the same again.   I was told that this was your work that was achieving this.  Your obediance and open conduit to the Divine was what the vision was about, as you encourage others to see the Large Self within and grow they to will change others  to make the world a better place.  You are right things are moving a lot quicker now.

The next day I watched part of the mini intensive where you mentioned you don't like onion layers (Idon't either..too painful), I loved your opening, unfolding, growing vision instead.
I will continue to open unfold and grow by letting go and letting the Divine do the heavy lifting.
Thank you again
Abundant blessings to you and your work
Maureen Morris

Hi dear Lola,
I am grateful for your truth filled letter and insights.  And such a blessing about your father's brakethru.  I so claim any inner tears that can come forth to help me cleanse and sweep out old core issues.  Divine timing happens for sure!  I look to finish my book and recieve my divine opening as all my openings come forth.  I am moving for the sixth time since Jan. 2006.  Having a comfortable place to live and financial support ---- yes!   I am creating my ever expanding new life in my void right now.  I trust and take action and let my God do the heavy lifting.  Yeppey Yep.   My inner muse is ready to come out! Much love and God bless you, Magdalaena

That day I met you, and I sat down in the white plastic chair across from you at the expo. I thought " she is going to give me a reading." But, to my surprise, I felt this surge of energy starting in my legs, I thought, "Am I cold, or nervous, why am I shaking?" Then, I felt another more powerful surge start at my head, my crown chakra opened up so big, all I saw when I looked at you was a blur, I saw your lips moving, but I couldn't tell you anything you said to me that day. The vibration moved down through my body, stopped at my heart, and then to other parts, and flew out the bottom of my feet. All, I kept saying when I looked at you was, "Oh, My God" , over and over again. You never put your hands on my head. It all ran through you straight to me. It was the most incredible experience. Carey

 Hello, Thank You for writing your wonderful book; Things Are Going Great in My Absence.
I love it!! & I love you for making this information available to everyone,
I call it "my blueprint to enlightment." I was hoping you could tell me how to
access the printable version(as mention in the book) of Your Instrument Panel on page 86. thank you again & happy trails, Karen Galvan

After leaving you, the thing that stuck out the most for me was that for two days after I was pretty much game for anything. It was  quite a different space for me to be in. If my friends who picked me up had a suggestion, it was always, SURE, why not? I am NOT NORMALLY EVER LIKE THAT! I'm afraid coming back here was challanging and still is. My parents continually talk of not having money and pressure me to get a job. I feel at a loss with this for some reason and often feel myself dipping but lately it is a different dip. So maybe that's something although I wish I could figure out how to be helpful. I just have had it looking for just any job. I can feel the resistance. Anyway, other things have popped in that I have asked for without much thought. I also came across a guru online last night explaining Grace Light. His name was Daittatreya Siva Baba and he gave a demonstration at the end which was like the Divine Opening> I thought that was pretty interesting. I'll take it where I can. I really loved being part of the group although in retrospect, I realize that alot of it went by me that I don't remember so I hope the tape goes online soon...BUT NOT THE DANCING!!!!
Sending love and good energy,

We have been recieving nothing but wonderful news, we no longer stress about finances, we just go with the flow, how awsome.  We are already discussing the 5 day with Lola.  We have had periods of anger and it lasts for several hours, but can not pin point from what direction it had come from, nor are we lashing out at anyone, its weird, never experienced anything at this level before,but just like you said, just go with it and it goes away faster than you can imagine.   Lola, you are very wonderful, thank you for all that you do for everyones life that you touch,  ( Wow, what a difference).  I see big changes for many people, how awsome.  Love and Namaste, Maria and Jim from California

I am grateful to have found Lola and Divine Openings and to not be spending time & energy looking for some missing puzzles pieces anymore, now seeing the pieces were all there and they can put themselves together without any effort on my part. That's all for now!! Love, Mindy

Today I am going to rave about the fact that I found this site.  I am grateful to have the awareness to at least start dipping my big toe into some of these feelings that have been in the drivers seat for years!!   I did it...I went "there" that feeling...and then I asked for help and arrived...right on time!!!...:)   I am sooooo grateful that I am in this...that I am open to it...that I am aware as I can be right now...that I am doing the best I can...that I am having this experience.
I am sooooo totally grateful for my son.  When he wakes up in the morning he is such a happy little guy...I adore every single cell in his little body.  I am so grateful that I know what I know about health and that I have a passion for prevention.   I am so grateful that today I have a day to myself and that I have a desire to cook heathly foods and that my son will eat my yummy soup loaded with vegtables!!  I am grateful that he takes the herbal concoctions that I make for him...he is such a brave boy!!  haha   I am grateful that I love to learn and that I have a researchers mind when it comes to health.
Today I am grateful that the housework is "good enough"  for today!!
I am grateful that I am off to play with my pictures and have some creating fun for a few hours...
Thankyou, Hugs, Janice, Canada

Aloha Lola,
     Thank you so much for your message today.  I can't describe to you how many questions you answered for me and how I understand somethings happening just a little bit better.  I am also aware of some things changing in my life that I am not so sure would have happened or that I would be aware of previously.
     I receive a lot of E-Mails from Personal Development leaders.  So much that I don't read all of them.  I seem to be guided to what I need at the time.  I found you and your book as I joined the Blessing experiment about a year ago and you and Kate did a tele-conference soon after that which lead me to your book.  I am now doing her 90 Day Blessing Experiment for Prosperity.  I feel so blessed to have found both of you.  
     Again thanks for your message today it meant so much as I find I do still go into reaction about the events in the world and in my daily life.  I am just able to move on to a better place much quicker now.  God Bless you and all your work.
Mahalo, Colleen

Hi Lola, Thank you for the kind words.  They are greatly appreciated.
I had a Divine Openings session at your booth for World Wellness Weekend in June.
I wanted to share something with you. Last week I was being assailed by negative thoughts.  I know, instead of allowing them to flow through me, I kept resisting them.  I said all sorts of prayers to make them go away, but nothing happened.  Then, your spirit came to see me.  The assault stopped.  I was at peace.  It was a miracle.   I know it was your spirit because I had a vision of you and your long, curly hair.   Thank you. Caroline Guzman-Hayek

Thank you thank you for the newsletter brought tears to my are so inspiring and grounding all at the same time. i feel blessed to have stumbled upon you and look foward to the day i can finally meet you in person.
 love, peace , and more happiness to you,
erica santiago

Dearest Lola,
I guess I don't have to say this to you...but words just don't suit my conveyance of the deepest gratitude & river of love to you for putting yourself out there as steps in that river for all of us. I know you will embrace all my sincere intent w/o the written part! (pause to absorb!) Also, a tender note: of the cherished few girlfriends in life with whom I have always had soul deep bonds, one, my beloved, old, college best friend Penny Dietz, is coming to your intensive (unless plans have altered) She tries so hard in life, she has been out of step in love for much of it. Like your dad, she had a crusty exterior to alot of people. Like you, I have never been fooled by it. I suppose I tell you this to lay a bed of goodwill for her to you & I'm laughing b/c I highly suspect that it is unnecessary at all! She is so open to me & I know how great a gift to me this has been from her all these 30 years. Enjoy your time with her. You will feel so safe w/ her, she is such an honest person.
  She sent your stuff my way & I am just soaring with it, thank the Divine! My husband ---the surgeon, the agnostic, the stuck-in-negativity & pain person of all the years I have known him.---is turning inside out, and he is not even readking your materials, I am! How's that for a bolt of lightning arcing from you to me to him, ha! big smile! Our lives are changing & never would I have said this could happen. Thank you from all my soul...
May divine love flow all around & thru your wonderful being this coming week & ever,
Jay Hohl

Thank You so much Lola !  I love you dearly. Hi and love to Crystal too.  Polly Peterson

September 22, 2008   Dear Lola, As I keep on reading the book the more I am enlightened. It has become a part of my life. Life really has become easy and enjoyable. Take Care, Sr. Nellie,op

Hey Lola,
Thanks for blogging about the Deva Premal & Miten concert, It reminded me to check my area to see when they would be around. The date happens to be when my meditation group meets, I think we'll have a field trip and go to the concert.
I know you are prepping for the next 5-day, I have to tell you I have felt this energy so strongly, alot of old ways of thinking were coming up, but they vanished quickly after I rode through it. Funny, Interesting and Amazing!
Lots of Love and I think of you Often, Zina

Dear Crystal and Lola, Loving Greetings of Peace and Joy from the Phillipines! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to experience and hear the week 1 video/audio in the Level 1 intensive. Is it possible to make the sound a little bit louder so that it could be understood.It's full volume here but still it cannot be heard.
Today, Lola is the burial of my brother in law. What made us happy was he was back to life for ten days and it was such a beautiful moment for the family. There was so much love for each one.
I believe that there is so much transformation in me now again due to Divine Openings.I just find myself always happy and life has become enjoyable. My relationship has improved so much.I become more caring, sweet and friendly and very trustful to the Lord. What I asked is being answered immediately , some come at an exact moment when I need it most. That's why many are asking me to pray for them.My sister (nun) friend Sr. Esperanza Clapano wanted to name her Center as Wholistic Divine Openings Center. It will cater to the many needs of the people here in the  Philippines- a time for peace and quiet, healings and others.She wanted me or is challenging me to be the first one to give the first 5 day intensive. I keep quiet  but you know Crystal and Lola this is exactly what i dream for our people. Just like you I also want to touch people's life so as to make it a little bit lighter just like what I am experiencing now- always inspired and happy. I always say, this is it.Why only now at 53. I remembered Lola's flowering life is also at 53.
Today I feel I am just starting life.There is so much hope, excitement, amazement, play and joy. Thanks to all of you there. I'm praying for you.Please do pray for my sisters Remia, Edith, Dolores and Lydia. My nieces Lorilie, Rose, Irene whose b-day will be tomorrow and my friend Richard.Also for all my intentions.Please also include Greg, Pong , Richie and Michael. Until here Lola and Crystal. I will keep on hoping for the right and God's own time for my 5 day silent intensive. While waiting I keep on meditating and experiencing the content of the book. It's really heaven here on earth.Thanks to the Divine Openings. My sweet kisses and my warm embrace to all of you. Sr. Nellie,op

Well the Sunday I came home from the live course is when it all began really and it has been amazing things ever since.  I feel like I can almost see other peoples spirits and know what they are going through before they tell me.  And my prayers are being answered almost immediately for the ones I am praying for (not for me personally) at the moment but great things are coming I know that!!!!  I will try to get here early and go into more detail oh my dreams are freaking amazing.  Thank you so much and I thank God each day for you my friend!!!!  I know things are amazing around you!!!  Vicki, Kerrville, Texas

FROM A DIVINE OPENINGS GIVER: The facials I am giving seem to be amping up even more. I'm feeling more unconditional love for people. Accepting them were they are at and not expecting them to DO anything.
I am focusing on what makes me feel good and what I want in my life. I'm staying focused on the desire and not the little obstacles along the way. I'm living in the moments.....most of the time, Ha Ha.
I gave "the book" to my ex-husband(the father of my kids) and he has given it to his wife. They have been on your web-site as well. He has asked me several questions. I also sent a short email to the man I broke up with last fall. Saying that all is well, hoping all is well with him and that my only intention with the email was to send all the happiness to him. He is not in a place where he could recieve it but it was something I needed to do. Spreading the love......
Also, still spending time with my new friend. Getting to know him and enjoying the moments.
I am soooo jealous you will be in Sedona. I am just spontanious enough to buy a plane ticket and come out and meet up with you all.  You and what you have shared has made a tremendous change in my life. In my body, spirit and mind! Amazing!!!!  Thank you again, with much love,  LeAnn

Thank you for responding and for the confirmation. This woke situation me up in 2 ways. First, I realized several years ago that whenever some problem comes up, the first thing I do is call a friend to talk to about it. I had that urge yesterday, but didn't, knowing that it would just add more energy to it and to the fear. In addition, my 2 closest friends have been quite negative lately and I knew that wouldn't feel supportive. I did decide to call my minister because I knew she'd be the voice of reason. She suggested that I get my Esther Hicks book (Ask & It Is Given) and use one of the "tools" in there. I couldn't find it last night, but since I woke up at 5 AM I had plenty of time to look this morning. The exercises I skimmed through didn't feel right until I got to the one called Turn It Over to the Manager. I know the manager, so that's just what I did. By bedtime last night, I was up to angry. At this point, I was feeling hopeful........and I went into work calm.
Second, all my life I've sat and waited to see what others would do, then go from there. This morning at work it popped into my mind to take action, to contact them first and resolve it. Now I feel more empowered. So thank you again for confirming all of this. And I even feel like it's all turned around already. Thanks to Joanne's and your loving support, I feel more sure that this IS all working out with ease and grace.
SO here's some more good news:  I think I told you in Canada that I was getting a new wheelchair. I got it last week, and it's beautiful, shiny and PURPLE : ) And I can't wait to pass it on to someone else who needs it for a  while.
Blessings, Cindy

Hi Lola  
I"m in Seattle battling Lyme disease( my daughter Lauren) and all the right people are arriving in her path to help her... One of the leading lyme doctors moved here within a week of Lauren moving here.. Divine grace! Also both me and lauren's ex boyfriend told her on the same evening 3 mos. ago we thought she had lyme and we were 1500 miles apart and had not spoken about it previously  Its all good when you let it in,Thanks for being you and being so present!
love  Cathy McGlory

Thank you so much Lola!  I did  another diving in this morning with great results - it is wonderful to hear your voice!
with love, Sandy

I have spent my entire life thinking there was honor in suffering and hardship, so I've created a lifetime of suffering and hardship. I thought it was the only available route.  Life is hard, so all that can be expected is that I "make the best of it." Realizing that it can be easy is kind of life shedding a thousand pound weight vest, like waking after a long and difficult journey and finding that I was at my destination before I even began.
Disrespect reality - I love that!  And it's probably the most powerful tool currently at my disposal.  I've created a very challenging, heavy reality and when I first owned that I created it, it was a bit of a shock. How and why in the hell did I create this?  I sat on my bed looking out at the desert, crying at all this "barrenness" that I had created.  So, when I found the "disrespect reality" part, it was like a breath of fresh air.  I could breath again, hope again, and start the creation process anew!

I went to Jerusalem yesterday.  It's usually a 1 1/2 hour bus ride but, depending on several variables, can be much longer.  Well, yesterday the bus had mechanical problems and the AC wasn't working, so it took us over 2  1/2 hours to get to Jerusalem.  It was over 100 degrees outside, so you can imagine the heat in the bus.  When I returned home, I asked my husband to pick me up in Kiryat Arba, so I wouldn't have to wait again in the heat for a ride.  He called about the time I arrived in Kiryat Arba to tell me he was stuck, the army had closed the road as Arabs had been stoning cars.  So here I was stuck again.   So what did I do?  When I wanted to focus on the current "reality" or feel bad, I would literally turn my body and begin to think of comfort, convenience, resources.  Although I don't yet have a specific image or details of this new reality, I know how it feels -- and comfort, convenience, heart connection, ease are key components.

I've finally let myself off the hook!  I want comfort! Suffering may produce "saints" but I no longer want to be a saint; I want to be a fully alive human being.   I'll leave the self-imposed suffering to the sainthood order, because I'm now choosing a new path. Doing things just because they feel good, what a radical approach to life. I've spent my entire life doing things because it was the "right" thing, or because this is what I "should" do or because this is what is "expected."  What a relief to drop all that!

When I first thought about what I wanted - it was such a novel question - I honestly didn't have a specific answer. But even if I can't define the specifics of what I want just yet, I can feel it and it feels good. I think feeling IT  is a good start; perhaps the feelings will begin to give way to shape, color, lines, and clarity.
Awakening in Israel and excited about Divine Openings!
All the best, Yael (aka Kelli in Texas)

Hey Lola, Just a quick note to give you some feedback on level 2: I am doing week six, but what I've been doing for some time is reading the lessons one week at a time, and doing the openings when I feel ready to do them, which is usually more than one week apart. So the openings and the readings are all askew, but this seems to work really well for me. In fact, I  bought your virtual intensive with plans of pausing the level 2 stuff for a few weeks; I just thought it would be nice to change it up for a bit, watch some video instead of reading; but the energy is big and moving now, and I think I'll just surf level 2 for a while! (Did I tell you the energy is big and moving? It's more like BIG and MOVING!) I'm having a ton of fun!
As always, thank-you for everything, that wild and creative joyfulness that you bring is so amazing!
Lots of Love to You, Donna Wetterstrand

Dear Lola,
What can I say, life is good.  Real good.  No, wait it's fabulous, amazing, exciting...can I go on.
It's been a while since I wrote with an update.  March was the last time, giving you an update after the live phone call we did in February on money issues.  I am pleased every time I go to your site to still see it in the sidebar.
Memory jogger...I was pregnant and I am friends with LeAnn.  You already know what an amazing person she is.  LeAnn been in my life for a bit over a year and I must say I was manifesting her before I knew what that even meant.  She is such a treasure.  She threw me a little baby shower in June and gave me a Diving Opening facial (totally amazing as you know) as a gift.  I had to wait until post-baby of course but when I finally went to get it in August, I experienced a shift.  During the facial, I knew the Divine Opening was coming bc I started seeing lights with my eyes closed.  It was like a flashbulb popping.
I went back to your book and found the part on "Signs of Enlightenment" and I felt a shift within a day or 2 of the Divine Opening.  Nothing seemed to be important enough to get upset over.  Anger towards other people dissipated.  A relationship that has always been rocky with a certain family member suddenly leveled out and is almost fun now.  Even the relationship with my 5 year old, who has always been my challenge, shifted.  I can't find the right way to put it into words but I am very sure you will understand what I mean.  And the list goes on and on.
Here are a few big things related to my pregnancy I'll share bc they were significant in adding to my shift.  I spent the last 2 months of my pregnancy (from April 24th to June 24th) in and out of the hospital and during 1 visit at 34 weeks, we tried inducing labor.  After 30 hours of meds, I went home still pregnant.  While I was in the hospital I feared the NICU (which was on standby) and a C-section.  I kept telling myself to be positive and prayed for a healthy baby.  At 1 point, I was crying and told my husband I couldn't make any decisions, he had to or someone else had to.  Well, between God and the baby, someone made the decision and I went back home. I was not progressing and had the happiest baby on the monitors the staff had ever seen.  I was then on course for 2x week monitoring.  At 38 weeks, we again made the decision to induce.  Again I prayed for a healthy baby.  My other 2 children were also induced (1 late, 1 early bc of problems with the late 1) and were born 24 hours later, so I knew what to expect.  What I didn't expect was 20 hours of labor and the baby then in distress.  We finally had to do a C-section and I was pissed beyond belief.  Had a few choice words for God and everything.  And I was scared.  I've had surgeries before, but never one with an incision.
Once the baby was out, my doctor told my husband the cord was around his neck.  That attributed to the distress in labor.  I saw him for a second and he was very pale.  The baby needed monitoring in the nursery for several hours bc he kept "forgetting to breath" as the nurses put it.  My husband went with the baby so he could be with him.  It was torture for me.  I was still mad at God but grateful the baby was out.  Once I learned about the cord issue though, my questioning stopped and my belief strengthened.  I wanted a healthy baby and I had one.  After talking it over with LeAnn, she helped me see God gives us what we want but he doesn't necessarily dictate how it will come about.  Had we continued with labor as it was, we may have lost our precious son.  He is now 10 weeks old and a joy.  I don't know if I have boys for a reason or if that's just life, but after growing up in a crazy house with only females (my dad died when I was 7), I feel a healing being surrounded by 4 men.  I will admit I have NO IDEA how I manifested my husband, but I think he's the greatest man in the world and the best father.  And I have 3 little boys who worship me.
I have written a personal mantra for myself I repeat every day.  It gets me going and helps me focus on what's important.  I start by "thanking God for this glorious day" (a tip from our phone call in February) and "thanking God for the wonderful things that will happen to me today" (a tip from LeAnn) and a few other phrases.  I have an expectation that each day will be filled with wonderful things.  And each day, I carry around my little notebook and write down the wonderful things that happen.  Every day is an exciting adventure because I choose to see it that way and I expect it to be so.  Some days it's a great day with my kids and a nice phone call with a friend.  Other days, there are up to 10 things on the list for that day.
I am also manifesting stuff all over the place from old contacts with college friends to a simple plate of perfect white rice (a silly but fun story).  Now whenever I manifest something with no effort, I call my husband and my sister and sometimes LeAnn and yell "WHITE RICE" and they know what I mean.  I have my husband coming home from work and telling me "white rice" stories.  It's a riot.  All "white rice moments" go on my list every day too.

I wake up with such excitement most days bc I know life can a wonderful thing and it is.  I finally "get it".  I finally understand how emotions move and how to let them move.  When I get mad about things (usually at my beloved husband) I try to put it in perspective.  Ok, so LeAnn sometimes kicks me in the behind before I see it.
My point is, I am getting there and going higher and feeling it!
The one sticking point for me continued to be financial but again I am seeing progress up the scale and even witnessing shifts in my perspective on that.  I now know that the Universe will match my vibration on money and we will have all we need and want.  I have ideas and plans for things I want to do that I enjoy and that I think can make us income.  I also know income will come from other sources I haven't even thought about.
After reading the Secret I understood that "the Universe will move people, circumstances, and events to give you what you want".  Now that I'm living it for the last 8 months thru Divine Openings, I can look back and see how things have changed to provide for us.  I cannot begin to imagine what I will see when I look back to now, 6 months or a year from now.  It's too exciting to even think about!!  I don't even speculate any more bc the possibilities are beyond me. I love going back to the site and I keep the book on my nightstand.  Every time I pick it up, what I read has even deeper meaning. Well, I know this was long and I hope you enjoyed reading it.  I have been wanting to write for weeks but timing is everything around here and right now, time is up bc someone wants to eat! I would love to see some of this on the site, but please don't use my last name.  Thanks. Nicole

September 5, 2008       Dearest Lola Jones, Loving Greetings from the Philippines!
 I'm sorry Lola for responding just today. I'm now here in Mindanao-one of the regions of the Philippines. Miracle of miracles Lola I have visited my brother in law yesterday and hopefully we will check out of the hospital within this week.Again I really attribute it to Divine Openings and to all of you there and of course my Congregation who is always there for me and my family.  I don't know how to thank God enough. With all the transformations  happening to me and my family I really feel I'm in eternal bliss.
I now have the ebook sampler and I brought it here in Mindanao . I gave it to my family first and my relatives. This coming Sunday I will share during the mass so I will be a willing mouthpiece of divine openings and will be speaking really through experience. Thanks again, Lola my sweet embrace to you. Yesterday I asked my sister Edith about her experiences on Divine Opening and  she said- she is more calm , no more worries and more hopeful.. When I saw her I see a very young looking sister and more grateful about life. Thank God. My niece Lorilie which I asked you to pray is also very thankful. She deeply felt how God truly love the family. And the most beautiful thing is the family becomes united. The sickness of my brother in law becomes a bridge to unite  the family-again through Divine Openings Lola.. Thank you. Allan who is very faithful in helping the family cried when we are having our prayer time as he opened up all his heart's  content. I gave him too, the sampler.
Lola, words will never be enough to let you know how much the Divine Openings have guided our lives. I always say, this is it- why only now? Is it because I am more disposed now? I believe it is because your book  has given practical step by step ways of reaching the highest peak of the instrument panel and I notice it is my Larger Self, my Beloved Jesus in the driver's seat and I am enjoying life to the  full while in the back seat. I had prayer session with my students, I felt I was really enlightened. I started at 7:30 in the morning and ended at 1:30  in the afternoon straight-again it is because of Divine Opening and I am really enjoying everything now. As what you have said: Life is an experienced not a problem to be solved.
Tomorrow Lola I will be conducting the Culture Development Workshop. Please pray for me and all of us here. By the way Lola, may I also include in your prayers, and healings all the members of my family especially Lydia, Remia, Agustin, Francisco, Edith, Calixto, Dolores and  all my nephews and nieces especially jun jun, rose , Lorilie ,macris, weng, greg, mike ,liza and richie. Thank you so much Lola. I llove you Lola you have touched my life to the core and now my family and  in due time the rest of the  people here in the Philippines. Please pray for my family Lola and all our needs. My bear hug to you, to Michael and to all our Divne Openings Giver.
Sr. Nellie, op- your cute beautiful sister {nun) friend here in the Philippines.

Dear Lola, Good Day!  Thank you so much for finding time to know me more. Yes, Lola, Michael is right, I am a Nun- a Dominican Sister of St. Catherine of Siena- an all Filipina Congregation based here in the Philippines.I'm 53 years old and presently assigned here in our Motherhouse in Quezon City.Most probably I am still the first one in our Congregation to read your book "Things are Going Great in my Absence" and the first one also to be convinced since I have experienced it myself. I am just so grateful, amazed and overwhelmed by what Divine Openings  have done to me by simply reading and living what I have learned from you.I am just excited up to what extend  life could go far if I could avail all those things being offered. At this point in time I thank God with you Lola for that very special gift bestowed on you and for giving others the chance to experience God intimately.  I too have the same dream to uplift the life of others, to make them realize how special they are just like you only we have a different lifestyle.
To be honest with you Lola I don't have the guts yet to ask our Congregation to send me at our expense because this things is not  in our budget. That's the very reason why I mustered so much faith and trust to open up to you because I believe you can help me  and hopefully in the near future I could be an asset to, to whoever God would send me.
The other day when I called you it was 7 am Philippine time I was told it was around 9 pm US time. Before I called I had in mind to ask healing gift from you because my brother in law was in coma in the hospital. Although I was not able to say a single word since it seemed it was an answering machine I was still happy I heard your voice. Two days later Lola I am so happy that my brother in law  opened his eyes and he even received Jesus in Holy Communion. It's a miracle, I still attribute it to Divine Openings and all our prayers, too.
By the way, the ebook attachment you are saying cannot be open only your picture (is it the front page)? With the other questions you have like when i will be initiated i will give Divine Openings, yes I am very much interested.It will be given to our Congregation and to those who need my help here in the Philippines there are many people who are really in need.Please make our load a little bit lighter Lola, please. Do they read English yes Lola-our schools use English as medium of instructions although at times we speak in Filipino to  make it clearer for our audience.
I am happy with my life now Lola. Can I say I am in the highest level in the instrument panel in terms of all other areas.
Until here, Lola please do accept me as one of your beautiful nun friend in the Philippines. Just sending you this e-mail is already very uplifting for me. Regards and make me a friend to Michael, too. I still hope that God will find a way to make our pathways cross -I believe the right moment (God's moment ) will surely come in my life. Please include my family in your prayers lola especially my niece Lorilie and her Father Calixto (my brother in law).
Love-my bear hug for you and Michael,  Sister Nelita G Sumagaysay, O.P.-Sr. Nellie,op 

I'm writing a little note to let you know what is going on with me.
I am busier at the salon with Divine facials because I said I wanted to be. It is amazing to me how I'm feeling lately. It is so much easier to live in the moment then ever before. I am able to enjoy each moment as it comes with no effort. I am having fun with dating. Taking it for what it is and if it feels good I continue if it doesn't I stop. A lot of opportunities are presenting themselves to me and I'm doing what feels right instead of analyzing what I should do or take and do what other people tell me I should do. I feel free.......  Love and hugs to you, LeAnn

Hi Lola,  I've been reading your book and have reached the dragonfly picture.  Your paintings are awesome.  To date I've felt some subtle changes but experiencing some resistance.
I find it funny that the opportunity to retell some of my old "story lines" have been coming up and
Noticed I really am tired of them.  Sometimes I realize it before starting, sometimes in the middle of the story and mostly right after repeating the whole thing for the umpteenth time.  Once I realize how boring it seems now, I make the statement that I don't need this kind of drama, this kind of victim story anymore.
Funny thing is I'm experiencing lots of muscle pain in my lower back and behind my knees which makes walking, standing and even sitting uncomfortable at best.  So I'm thinking this is old "stuff" being released and just give thanks instead of complaining...usually after complaining first and realizing I shouldn't be complaining. HAha
Anyhow, thank you so much for the guidance and for the book and art work.
My home computer is having internet access problems so I can't access your website at the moment.  I'm thinking there's a reason for having to wait.
I'm at work and have to get to my job.
Just wanted you to know I am reading and getting really good long as I pay attention.
Love and Blessings to you,

Hi Lola!  my life had changed dramatically since starting Divine Openings. And even now! It's like having a new life. New, juicy, fresh... New opportunities unfolded and I coughed up masses of hairballs.
Now I'm just at the edge of kicking off my own coaching business (or I'm even right in the middle of this blast), I'm completely thrilled thinking of my upcoming classes and groups.
I was asked to write a daily inspirational blog for the coaching company I got trained at - and even be paid for it. That was a thing I couldn't have even imagined half a year ago! But to be honest: writing my own blog that gives me opportunity to share my inspirations and draw lots of curious and interested clients to my classes.
I am so thrilled to have now the opportunity to bring "my message" to the world, to let the Divine express itself through me! And your book, your audios (the soothing one literally saved my life during a holiday visiting my parents) and your online-courses have made such a difference in my life. Naturally, I'm still evolving (*lol*), there are still speed bumps and hairballs in all sizes coming up. There are still some major issues, but it's in no relation to the mess my life was before.
You really helped me to understand that life is meant to be easy and fun and you also helped me to create an intimate relationship with the Divine.
I love your style - down to earth, always at the point, humorous, brilliant, sharp. Really divinely inspired. You were somehow a paragon for me - you showed me how to connect being down to earth, communicating in a "worldly" understandable language, to heaven and the Divine. I can't express it better...
You were an example of how I wanted my life to be - fun, inspired, blossoming, ever-enfolding. A terrific ride, either on horseback or riding a wave... and my life has become much more like that.
I honour you and your work deeply and am very grateful for having had the opportunity to get into contact with you and your work. I am curious how your work will enfold further!  In deep love and appreciation, Marjukka

Hi Lola, Thank you so much for your note, too funny b/c I ALSO have been thinking about you b/c I heard the Expo commercial on radio just this week, told a friend "lets go!" and already told her about you and she is planning on a divine opening on Saturday! We will stop by in the morning so looking forward to seeing you and Michael again.
Things are going well for me, both Mary and I have continued on our spiritual growth path since we met you last fall, taking night/weekend classes at a local metaphysical store that I've really enjoyed and continue to have great fun and learning experiences. Both Mary and I are still in the corporate world that keeps us very busy during the week but I can say at least for me it has been ALL GOOD and both of us have come so far after losing our husbands.
Can't wait to see you Saturday, to see what new artwork you may have and I may even get another opening, can't ever have enough divine energy!   Love, Amy

Thank you for referring people to me. People are having phenomenal results
with their healings.
  My Mom 79 has a slight case of osteoporosis.
I did a healing for her, the pinching, aching, irritating pain in the middle
of her back has disappeared since her healing 2 wks ago. She said she
scrubbed 2 bathroom floors on her hands and knees and had absolutely
no pain after wards, amazing !
  My father has been able to still turn his neck farther than he has been able to
in almost 10yrs  due to arthritis.
  Not to mention RW getting stung by a Stingray in the soft part of his ankle (painful)
and had absolutely no pain the next morning or after. He was able to be on his feet
all day the very next day with no pain killers !
  I am looking forward to doing more healings and I love how the Divine Openings
helps them let go of the emotional cause of pain and illness as well.
Love,    ~Carey~

Hi Lola, I'm reading your book for the second time and I must say I am enjoying it even more than the first time I read it!  You were right.  Each reading means more, hits deeper, seems more profound than the last.
I am also doing the online intensive.  I've decided to do one video a week as that is what I feel is best for me.
I have experienced many wonderful changes since I began this journey.  For many years I was a seeker and never found.  When I stopped looking, I found you.  Since then, many things have changed for me.  I see things in a different light. I am able to watch the intense emotions of others without having to attach myself and be drawn down by them.  Yet, I can still be understanding and loving.
Recently, I suffered a financial setback, but it didn't upset me.  I knew that what I needed would be there for me, and it was. I received an unexpected income tax refund!
I was bored with my job and an opportunity came up for me to work for the summer at another location.  My travel expenses are paid and I'm having a wonderful time.  I return to my 'old' job at the end of this month, but that's okay.  A change really is as good as a rest sometimes.
You'll think I'm nuts, but as I was driving home yesterday, I saw 'I love you' written in the clouds.  It was like a bumper sticker where it says "I 'heart' U". I laughed with joy when I saw it.
I'm at peace most of the time now and loving my serenity.  I don't have to 'be in charge' or 'prove my worthiness' to myself or anyone else.  I am letting go and letting God.  Bless you for bringing this to me.
I am delighted to make your acquaintance. :o) I heard about you in a somewhat curious way. I belong to an online recycling community and for some reason started correspondence with one of the others members who in a conversation shared that looking at your pictures on the net was changing his life. After we met, I realised that learning about you was in all likelihood the sole reason for his and my meeting...well at least for me. And yes, I am aware that it is said "when the student's ready, the teacher appears". Jackie, Australia

Something fun.......RW lost his Truck keys. He searched everywhere.
I stood in the middle of the room for a few seconds and closed my eyes,
and asked, where are the keys ? I saw in my mind laying in the gravel. I then walked
outside toward the end of the driveway, and their they were laying in the gravel.
I use to be good like that yrs ago. I am gett'in back.....its fun ! The Divine Openings
is helping me free my mind of the clutter and everything is getting clearer and clearer.     Love, C

If you had come across as a guru-type, I never could have been interested in your book, website or any of it. But you're so authentically YOU that all the rest just works.
I have been so changed by the 5-day, and so much has been happening that I haven't had time to sit and write about it. Last night I was listening to an audio where someone said they wish they had journaled more during the changes, so I am more determined to take some time to do this in the next few days before I start forgetting. It will probably be long, but I'll send it on to you when I do it.
Here's one thing I can't wait to tell you: On Sunday I'm going skydiving.......a buddy jump, of course. Whooooohooooooo!
I've been wanting to do this for at least 10 years. If anticipation is half the fun, then the actual event will be....................too great for words!!!
You go, girl!  This is an awesome adventure! Corporate America needs a shake-up (wake up), and you're the one to do it. You have much more than your foot in the door. You have real connections. This is so great! And you won't be doing it alone........all of us whom you have lifted up will be there beside you. The energy in that meeting room will be phenomenal. It's my honor to support you in this amazing quest. It's time for the world to change.
Blessings, Cindy Walk (PA)

Dear Lola,
Wonderful things are happening like crazy and I love every minute.  I have asked and the Universe is answering.  Well a beautiful home in Seattle has come up very close to our daughter but we would have to sell our first beautiful home in Phoenix in order to afford it.  How can I have both? Love and Happiness Jackie Doerr

Dearest Lola and Crystal, My experiences have been so incredible that they would curl your hair.........oh your hair is already curled..........ok straighten it. I have been traveling (so have not had time to write) and also going through many life changes and it is incredible "the Tears Streaming Down Your Face" experiences that I have been having,  but not surprising, as I have been very open and allowiing.  I will write more tomorrow and begin to share.  You better be sitting down!!
My vibrations are very high in all areas and going right off the map.  Ken

Dear Lola, Reading your book Things Are Going Great In My Absence has been a life
changing experience. I've been a seeker over the past 10+ years, reading&listening to maybe over 1000s books,
cds,dvds combined, attended seminars after seminars. Learned and taught over 10 different
healing modalities, ranging from EFT,hands on healing, spiritual healing, NLP, traditional
chinese medicine ( I'm a chinese ), tai chi, chi kung, etc etc etc I am amazed at lots of the teachings & stories in your book, but the life changing part is not about reading and learning them intellectually. For some strange reasons,
within 2 weeks of reading your book, events after events happened letting me experience
the teachings in my personal life, and I "get it" in all levels of my being !

For me, 2 weeks of reading & receiving the divine openings has helped me
integrate,mastered,experience many of the contradicting concepts that
confuses me in my past 10 years of seeking,learning and teaching. And
for the first time in my life, I felt the war within me has finally came to an end.

For the first time in my life, I can finally stop healing my "perceived" wounds
and start living this amazing life that's given or giftven by god.

For the first time in my life, I can finally stop seeking for god "out there" in books
seminars, courses, religion. I am so happy & blissful about the way I am, life is and things are
now,was & will be.

Now I "KNOW" in my heart of hearts, what is permanent & what is not, that
I dont have to hang on,bounded by or stuck in any limiting beliefs. And yet at
the same time, I can also fully enjoy being stuck,bounded and limited by them
once in a while because I have stopped judging them as good or bad.

I can finally drop the heavy burden of seeking for enlightenment,
working hard as hell for spiritual perfection. Now I KNOW deeeepply that
working and seeking will not get me there. And "there" is just another illusion
because life is always evolving, expanding & changing and the
"perfected state of enlightenment that will not change forever" is probably
just one of the many illusions created by the ancient mind based on
fear,guilt,need,desperateness and other similar qualities.

Life is good now, hahahaha !

I can go on and on, but words cant fully describe the benefit I've gotten just by
reading the book and receiving the divine opening in through the images in the book.
I hope you can feel all my feeling that even a billion words cant fully describe,concentrated in this one word,
"THANKS" Warmly, Raymond

PS- I honestly wished that I could donate more, but I'm going through some "perceived" financial "difficulties"
and I know I will be so much better very soon :) Anyway, I know you understand and furthur "explaination"
is probably an insult to your intellect. ( just joking :D ) But again, with all my Heart, "THANKS" !!!!!!!!!

Dear Lola,

Thank you so much for the free update!  I am on my third reading of the book, and I am in a different growth place each time.  This time, when I read the part about clearing up relationships, I asked my Divine Presence to really help me to forgive and release both of my parents from the pain that seems to still be with me from the past.  I felt moved to put a photograph of my now deceased parents and me on my desk (before, I had it in an out of the way location, because I didn't want to be reminded of my negative feelings towards them).  

I have been on a major de-cluttering project for the past 2 weeks.  As I was going through each and every file folder in my filing cabinet, I came across a file labeled "Memories".  In it I found letters that my mom and dad had written to me while I was in college.  All of a sudden, this uncontrollable wave of tears and sobbing came over me, but they were tears of feeling so much love for them that I hadn't felt in so long, and tears of feeling their love for me, which I had forgotten about.  In that brief moment I felt healed.  For whatever happened to me as a young child that I had felt so unloved and abandoned for, there were years and years and years that I was reminded of how I was loved.

I don't know if I will ever stop re-reading your book!  I can feel the movement in my being with each read.
Thank you so much, beloved Lola!!!  You and your work have been a series of turning points in my life.  And, I am so grateful. Infinite love and blessings, Anand-Sara

I love love love the "Things are Going Great in My Absence"'s working wonders already!  Kristina Deasey

I feel comfortable asking you this because I know you believe in the power of secksual energy (I'm misspelling on purpose in case your spam catcher catches certain words) as  a creative and divine force.  Today I was tuning into my large Self/God's energy and really letting it in, intending to be as receptive as possible, and I felt what I can only describe as an org asmic feeling - gentle and powerful at the same time, and not localized.  Was I feeling the Divine Presence, or is it more that something is being shifted in my body to release resistance?  This is actually the second time this has happened - once during a divine opening - so I'm just wondering what it is. Anon

Hi Lola, I don't need a response from you, I just wanted to share this with you because it's your work that has made this kind of thing possible for me: I had a WOW experience with a wild hawk during a day of silence this last Saturday: I went for a coulee walk, lots of gentle, small hills to walk up and down. I was all alone out there, singing out loud a little song about climbing one step at a time up the altimeter, and then just floating down like a bird riding the air currents - so I was singing the up part as I climbed the coulees, and the down part as I was descending - the whole thing feeling like the gentle ebb and
flow of feelings, the rhythm and pulse of life - and a hawk (4 foot wingspan, at least!) flew slowly into my space until he was about 15 feet away, right beside me, just riding the wind. He was actually kind of chittering too, not like the usual sharp hawk sound at all, just like he was singing with me! He moved closer and closer until he was flying directly over me about ten feet above my head. This
went on a few minutes, and when I would start to feel scared, he would just veer off a few feet until I felt comfortable again and then come back to flying over my head. It was in incredibly moving experience. Not my first hawk experience, but definitely my most intimate. (Hawk may be my totem!) Love to you, Donna Wetterstrand

Hi Lola, get some rest!  Those were your parting words after the group session last night, and you were so right!  I felt the energy immediately come through my crown chakra, lingered for sometime around my third eye (hope this helps with clarity issues), I also noticed a lingering around my solar plexus, continued to travel throughout my body ending in a tingling sensation that buzzed in my feet all night long!  I'm still buzzing!  We had been talking about how this divine opening energy was different than reiki energy and I had commented that the reiki energy is dense while the divine energy is lighter, I would like to add that the Divine energy is pure sweetness.

I so look forward to future divine openings!  Many blessings, Colleen Jones, South Carolina

Hi Lola, I wanted to share my experiences with you since doing the divine openings in your book. When you said the problems of the past were just gone, weren't joking. It is exactly what has happened to me. I have in the past had some issues trusting people due to past hurts. I am building a business and was petrified someone with more assets would steal my idea before I could get it off the ground completely. I've also had issues trusting men, having been hurt badly in a 13 year marriage that I left 4 years ago. I've also struggled with money and feelings of worthiness due to childhood trauma...Lola...I have to tell you....It has all been dissipating....It isn't that I am dealing with the issues better...It is that the roadblocks are GONE!!! I had a part time job that is extremely lucrative fall into my lap. And I was hired solving my money issues about my business. I no longer have any fear about someone stealing my idea. I just don't care. I know that God will supply for me. I am on my path. What anyone else does won't affect me a bit. And my heart is open and ready for love. I am so grateful I could cry...Seriously....I love you, Lola, with all of my heart, for the relief and joy you've helped bring to my heart and my existence. God bless you.
Much much love to you,

Love to you, Lola, I understand that you want us to share our experiences but to me it is all just "telling stories",  I am gently gliding through so many thing that before Divine Openings, I am sure I would work my way into the hospital by now.  How amazing a change in perception is!! After I "!! EXPERIENCED !!" the 5 day with you and Michael at the end of March, I now feel as though I am living a life of presence.  I can day dream but I am becoming more and more cognitive of where I am at any given moment.  It sure does pass the day!!  My day seem to move as quickly as my thoughts and emotions. My 90 year old mother came home from the hospital last Wednesday after having the last possible stint put in her heart and still having a leak in one of the valves in her heart.  Her heart is working at about a 40% capacity.   Long story, short,  previously extremely strained relationship has turned to caretaker/patient.  When you said that our mere presence with people can create change.......sure showed up in this house!  Some elderly people have a hard time releasing the past and allowing their feeling to flow.  Don't we know what that is like.  Her emotions are rising and she doesn't know why........I do though.  I showed her you book shortly after I came back for the 5 day......but she didn't pick it up.  I figure at this stage maybe it is the best thing to soothe her and love her.  She seems to be responding in a more positive way.
Feeling of the Universe swirling around me, orchestrating  my future are present with me quite frequently now and I am thinking their are a lot of thing perculating for me.  Anxious to watch the unfolding. Much love and gratitude to you and Michael, Linda, Erie, PA

Lola, Just had to tell you about a very interesting experience today.  I was at the office today, a few things happened and then I was feeling really angry.  I noticed it- thought- "drop the story.  Just feel it."  Imagined my large self holding me, feeling the anger.  Went to the ladies room- just to simply be with the feelings.  It still remained and I kept feeling it- off and on for the next three hours.  Around 3PM, I had the thought, I am done with this job.  I need to find another job and quit this one.  I am done.  I thought, this anger is here to move me and I am going to move.  For the rest of the afternoon, I simply noticed what I was feeling- tried to stay out of any story as best I could- just kept feeling things.  On my drive home I thought, what if this weekend, I meet someone who, out of the blue, offers me a massage job at a wonderful spot here in town? What if I connect with someone who just loves my energy and just has to have me working in their salon/spa/massage practice?  I thought of all the great things the company I work for has done for me- for our family, etc. and I thought, I am done.  When I arrived at home, an agency that I had worked with 20 months ago, left a message on my home machine. They want to talk to me about a new job opportunity.  Bear in mind, I have not had any contact with the agency since last November and yet they called.  The position has nothing to do with massage but boy oh boy, the energy for a new job sure is moving.  The agency left the message at 4:20- only an hour and twenty minutes after I made my decision.  Isn't that amazing how the Divine works?  Talk about speedy- wowza!  I don't know if this opportunity would be a good fit or not but you can bet that I am going to call to chat about it.  I love miracles!  and I love that the Divine is answering my requests oh so, so, sooooo quickly! I just love it!  and I know that I am going to love, love, love (did I mention love? ;) my new job too when it arrives.  It is coming!  wowza! Blessings and such goodness to you! love, love, love,
ps- this Divine Openings sure is good stuff!

Ken has worried about how he's going to service all the pools he has without the truck our son took with him when he moved, and looked into renting a truck for some period of time ($40 per day!!!)  Sunday we were floating around in the pool and I (gently, I think!) pointed out to Ken that the misery and disappointment is just flowing off him, and has been for some months now, and that he should consider finding some things to be happy about.  He understands the concept of attracting more of what we're projecting, and I really saw him make a shift in his focus the rest of the day, away from the drama with Matt and toward some things that he could be excited about. Guess what?  On Monday, Ken's uncle, who lives in town, said he has a pickup truck that he isn't using and told Ken he could use it FOR FREE for as long as he needs it!
Ain't life grand????  I miss you!  Cindy Sehr


Things are getting freaky (good) here after the group calls. I can't even imagine what it will be like after a total immersion of the 5 Day! I keep getting verklempt... you know, all weepy and kinda choked up with emotion. Everything seems to be pouring forth from my heart, throat and eyeballs for some reason. All in a good way, though!
Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. Love and gratitude and  much verklemptitude, Penny

Just a quick note to thank you for the level two course - I've just started the second week, and it has brought me peace.
I have been in fear - stalling? backsliding? numbing out? what's going on? ...and now..... I understand that the ebb and flow of feeling and connection have a larger rhythm that my small self cannot perceive. Each day has a soft in and out rhythm, but so does each week, so do the months and years, and in the end I know I will look back and see the ebb and flow in the larger beat that has been my a heart beating. So right now, right at this moment, I am in the middle of a soft exhalation. Nothing to worry over, nothing to resist, just to settle in and find the beauty of the rhythm. This kind of connection is not the exhiliration of accelration, but instead the quiet sweetness that I have often felt in my life.....a deep appreciation for this human life and its ups and downs, where beauty lives not only in bliss but also in sorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Donna Wetterstrand

Hi Lola,    Yes, I have finished your fabulous book, "Things Are Going Great in My Absence"!   I loved it!   I don't like to sit at the computer for on-line courses, so I will read the book again - but when is your next book coming out?   I love your website and newsletters.   What I am wanting to do now is to create the cash to attend one of your live Divine Openings seminars.   Thanks soo much!      Namaste,    M. McCoy

Hi Lola, Thank you so much for the call last night; it was wonderful.  I’m glad I got to share a little with you of what has been happening because it’s been amazing.  When you asked me if I had a physical healing I hesitated and I do believe I have, but I just wanted to clarify.  I guess you could say it’s more of a behavior healing which in turn affects my physical condition.  I have been overindulging on both food and alcohol due to a lot of stress in our lives and I was losing the battle.  Just this past week I prostrated (never even heard of it before) writing everything down and turning it over to God as you your book instructed and I can’t explain it,  but I do believe I’m in control.  And I really appreciated it when you said to another caller than these things are gone and will not come back.  I too was worried to feel too confident – like I had really licked these problems and they were over, so it was reassuring to hear you say that.  The Divine has healed me and it feels good.  I will have to work on really believing that it is for good but I’m sure that will come in time as more and more things are revealed.

Hey Lola- I am still amazed at all the wonderful things that are showing up- so much has changed in my life, in all our lives since starting with Divine Openings last November.   Blessings & goodness to you, Michael, and all the critters,

love, Laura Witonsky, Divine Openings Giver

Lola,  I enjoyed listening in on the call, I learned a lot. And it helps me grow as a giverto hear your coaching ,it is a real joy.

  The first call I was on since being a giver was a couple of weeks ago. I decided
to give at the end of that call.
   I wanted to share with you that tonight I decided to receive. It started out much like
the others, with the energy flowing through my body, and the pulsating I feel at my
3 rd eye. But, then I could see something this time, I saw a figure holding a ball of light, as I got closer, it felt like it was Jesus. The ball of light he split into 2 and held
one in each hand, holding his hands out to me, I put my hands on top of his. And we stood their like that for a few moments. Then I saw him with a bright light around him,
that glowed so beautifully, it was so incredible, words can't describe. While he stood
there he held his hands out and from the light a dove flew out. I was breathless, and awed by the experience. It was so real. I felt such peace, I don't know what to say , but thank you.
Loads of Love,  ~Carey~

Then she wrote again: Oh are not kidding about the experiences. By 8 am today I had a phone call someone wanting a Divine Opening. Lola, the words just started flowing, it was pure Grace. They felt the energy flowing before I had even done the Divine Opening. I will tell you this, the call last night gave me more insight and helped me with talking with them over the phone. They had an awesome experience. I laid down for 15 min, and the phone rang Another person wanting a Divine Opening ! It was interesting how ea. call went The first call was much softer, and sweet. The next call was giddy, and lots of laughter. I love doing this ! Like you said, "Effortless Effort" You will like this, one said, they loved my innocence. Isn't that beautiful ?
  I am really happy you are in my life too. Love you ,

Hi Lola,
First of all thank you for your wonderful book. Your egoless approach to enlightenment has been a real gift to me. It is such a gift to "not have to work at it" anymore! I learned about you from a blessing response I got from the Better to Bless website. When he sent me the email I had an amazing reaction of bursting into tears of gratitude and crying for 10 minutes, in the bathtub so no one would see! So if I had that kind of a cathartic response to the email, it was a message to me that I should pursue the course with you. I started with the first chapter back in February or so (I'm not sure now exactly when.) But Lordy, every darn issue in my life has been walloping me since I started it.  It feels like I am going through my Armageddon. Is this normal? I have gone to doing only one chapter of your book every two weeks (I think I am only on page 104)...  With this roller coaster it is hard to keep up hope that there is a light at the tunnel. Since I started the openings I have been very ill (my chronic fatigue syndrome being processed), had a major financial meltdown (started the Prosperity Experiment to try to get my nose up), my son is homeless and was on the streets and is currently in jail (dealing with my guilt, anger, and sending him blessings) and I got sexually assaulted (re-meeting incest stuff). I tried to just feel the feeling without putting a story on it, but I still got flu symptoms and a kidney infection in dealing with the sexual assault. I have been feeling lots of the feelings I had squashed down as a child, and reading about soul retrieval (my husband studied shamanism under Michael Harner) which helped me spot lots of the childhood issues that keep me off kilter and sick. I did reach out to resolve the cut-off with my mother, I'm just waiting to see how she responds. I have realized how much of the time my baseline altitude gauge vibration is pretty low and disempowered. I know that the raising of my frequency is my task now as the earth moves toward 2012. Doing the blessing webpage helps, too. I do believe all this quickening is being instigated by your book. I don't feel anything from the photos in the downloaded book. But I was having a really bad day, and went to watch the introductory video on your site. In the midst of it I felt the rush of warmth and joy as the opening happened, an amazing contrast and very evident to me that there is "something to this."  I just sat there and rode the light for a few minutes after the video.  I really do want to follow through on the enlightenment process. How do I smooth the pace and make this a little more fun? Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Warmly, MarCia

I'm currently listening  & loving the audio divine openings on my ipod -  in particular the recent "Deep Despair Old Feelings" - the woman's honesty & courage, and Lola's gentle encouragement is breathtaking & uplifting in it's beauty. Looking forward to doing a five day intensive sometime soon. Much love & thanks to you all, Catherine Edwards

Hi Lola, I just had to share this with you.  I picked up a stray dog Thurs. and tried Animal Trustees & SPCA w/no luck. All the no-kill shelters were full. I put calls & emails into some foster places and needed to find a place to put her while I was waiting to hear back from them.  So I put her in a friend's backyard.  That was the day that big storm came through, so after the storm, I go back out to check on her and she's gone!  I think she had somehow bent the chainlink gate w/her head and squeezed her skinny little body through.  I was pretty upset & drove around for a while looking w/no luck.  Put an ad on craiglist looking for her (not sure what I was planning on doing if I found her!) and went to Town Lake Animal Shelter the next day to see if she was there.  Nothing.  Was feeling really yucky, "what if she got run over by a car" etc. etc., but I pretty much put it in the God list and said "someone wonderful will come out of her getting lost".  So yesterday a lady calls to tell me she thinks she has the dog.  I talk to her today and she says the dog is getting along great w/her cat and her dogs & she's been walking them everyday together.  She has fostered a lot of animals in the past and says she wants to foster the dog until we can find a home for her.  We are splitting the cost of the shots/medicine for her to help get her adopted.  I got a little teary talking to her because it was just such a perfect example of how GREAT letting go works.  There is no way I could have orchestrated that myself, I was hours away from taking her to Town Lake if I didn't find a place for her, I felt like I'd tried everything.  I will keep reminding myself about this experience when I need some help letting go of other things.  Love, Mindy


Hi, Lola - it's Wendy from the one-day intensive in ______.  It's taken me a little while to feel like I was "ready" to sit down and write to you; what an adventure it has been since our Divine Openings that day!  'Adventure' is putting it lightly (& nicely!).  I know you are terribly busy, so I will try very hard to keep this email short; it will be difficult!

Within 24 hours of the one day intensive, my world went upside-down, and in a big way.  Things just exploded, and not in a nice way at all, in a mere matter of 24 hours.  The thing I was working on that day when we did the Diving In came to the surface like the next sequel to Jaws!  It was terrible, Lola.  You wouldn't believe it if I told you what happened, and I am not about to bore you with the hideous details.

Everything came to a point where all the things I was keeping squashed deep down inside, the fear, the worry, the doubt, being manipulated, my secrets, etc. (the list really does go on and on!) were brought out into the light of day and there was no denying any of it.  It was the scarriest feeling in the universe, and I didn't think I was going to survive it.  BUT, survive I did! And not only survive, but I am actually feeling a little "flourishing" starting to happen.  Amazing.

On Friday night, just a couple of days past the one month mark since the Divine Opening, I had an experience that was beyond words.  I had gone to bed (by the way, I have been VERY exhausted!) and managed to doze off for just a few minutes.  I have been practicing "raving" everyday since our class and had just had a nice session of it before I drifted off.  All of the sudden, I was fully awake with a sensation of being about to burst - I thought I was having a heart attack or something - really!  Anyway, I had to get up, and as I sat with the incredible sensation I was having, it just got bigger and bigger - so expansive!  Tears began to stream down my face and I was filled with such love, pure, beautiful, Divine love to the point that I couldn't tell if I was even breathing anymore.  I honestly thought for a second that either I had died or I was certainly about to!

I think the words 'orgasmic rapture' is the only thing that I can come up with that is even remotely, crudely close to what I was experiencing.

The realization of an innate, Divine presence flooded over me; it went on for more than an hour before I actually had to say 'enough!' and ask the Divine to "turn it down"! The tears, however, kept on flowing through the night.  The whole experience resulted in the weight of a lifetime of unworthiness, guilt, shame, fear, deception, and on and on, being lifted off of me.  I have NEVER experienced anything like this - ever.  I am more free, at ease, and peaceful than I have ever been in my entire life since I landed on this planet!  That's a HUGE statement for me to make, but it is true, nonetheless.  I never thought that such a thing was possible for me, but it has indeed come to pass.  What a Divine miracle!

I have no more secrets today.  Although I have some things still to walk through before the nuclear explosion is cleaned up entirely, I do not fear it. I have a sense that whatever happens will be a gift of Grace and will turn out just the way it is supposed to.  I do not feel threatened, intimidated or afraid.  All those lifelong feelings that were so familiar to me until mere days ago have been replaced with an honest sense of well-being, comfort, love and happiness (yes, I actually said "happiness"!).  The biggest thing, I think, is that I do not feel alone anymore.... the Divine is right inside of me, IS ME, and I KNOW this now!

All these words pale in comparison to what I am feeling - there is simply no way, as a human being, that I truly describe what has happened to me.  Talk about Grace!  You ought to hear my daily ravings now!  :-)

Well, I just wanted to thank you, Lola.  You know, I have to admit that after all the searching and healing and blah, blah, blah that I have done all my life, I had some serious doubts about whether all this Divine Openings stuff was true.  I don't doubt a thing now!!  The Divine Opening process, and the sheer terror and pain that quickly ensued afterwards, has been the most incredible, beautiful gift I have ever received. Jumping way ahead, I want to come to the next Intensive you have after the first of the year - it's on my list!!!  I've never been to Texas, but I think it's time I go.  Please let me know if you have any tentative dates scheduled for next year as of yet. Also, Lola, I think I would be interested in having a phone session with you for a Divine Opening, maybe in the next month (after I get through the rest of this stuff!); could you let me know how that works? On a more "mundane" level (hee-hee!), I owe Michael a phone call about the magazine sales.  I swear, I have no idea what possessed me to start talking business 20 minutes after my first Divine Opening!!!  I guess I was just a hard case...  At any rate, I will be in touch with him shortly, if you would be most kind to pass that along. Sending you both the deepest gratitude my heart can muster, and all the love & light I can dream for you, Wendy Emory


It's an amazing book and has made changes in my life already. Looking forward to meeting you and Michael. Love & Light, Shirley  ^i^

Lola, OMG! Something must have finally sunk in!!! (Or opened up, or what have you) I feel better than I have in a year with respect to "He who shall remain unnamed". Just a little anecdote. The last present he gave me was a kink-free hose. I think you can appreciate the irony. I am ready to join you for a 5-Day, perhaps when it is not so hot in Texas. I can't thank you enough for sharing your gift with me. Love and gratitude, Penny

Hi, I am doing the book.  I received it last Saturday, July 5th, and dove right in.  I've had a wide variety of experiences since (and here it is, only Thursday, July 10th!!!).  I'm a Reiki Master - have been for 15 years - and am used to working with and experiencing energy.  I know I'm receiving profound benefits from your work.  One thing I want to share is that I feel moved to look at the first piece of art, the angel, about once a day.  I usually do so right before I go to sleep at night.  I just love looking at her and feeling that deep, deep peace and sense of unconditional love that emanates and radiates.  I know I'm also deepening that first Divine Opening each time I do this.  So far I'm fine with taking in all that energy.  I'm assuming (since it is my intention that I am guided, guarded, and protected at all times) that I will no longer be drawn to looking at that painting if doing so becomes more than is appropriate for me.

I did want to share this because I've noticed your statements that, with the energy levels being what they are at present, it may be too much to do the Openings weekly.......that perhaps it's best to do them at two-week intervals.  This daily viewing seems to be what I need to do.
One major shift I've noticed as a result of this is that I'm very much aware that I must find another job.  I work in a homeless shelter, and the negativity, drunkeness, and constant violence - both verbal and physical - are simply waaaaaaaaaay too much now, even though I shield daily before going in.  I had become almost numb to it I think.  That's no longer the case.  I am now attracting a much more suitable work environment for me.
Thanks so much for your work and the book.
Blessings.........Jaci Sivley

Dearest Lola, My name is Victoria Lorelle Hickman and though originally from the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia (which is on the south east coast). I am writing this evening to express my gratitude to you.  Your website lifted my spirit and made my heart sing and for that I must thank you. 
Much love to you and your dear ones. With much love, light and gratitude, Victoria Lorelle Hickman 

Hi Lola, I hope you are doing wonderfully. I appreciate your taking the time to follow up with me. Thanks also for the terrific 4th of July party. I had such a blast.
   I've been doing the divine openings in the book, reading slowly before bed, and then resting to assimilate before sleep. I love your work and feel so grateful to be exposed to it.
   Would it be possible to schedule a private session after you return from your trip on the 21st? That following weekend would work for me. There is one area of my life that I really would like to improve and I am thinking an in person session might be wonderful for me. Let me know.
   I am sending you much warmth and love. Thanks again for all of the wonderful work you do.
Deanie (DeHaven)

Dear Lola,
  Oh it is a lovely adventure of life that I am on, and have been enjoying the ride.  There are good days, and then some dips into lower vibrations.  However, the dips are part of the adventure and I know that they will pass as i fully feel the feeling until I  free up and tilt up to higher vibration.
 What used to happen more often is that when I would be around others who were vibrating at a lower emotional level, and coming up with some pretty chaotic stories is that I would have a hard time disengaging and remaining at a higher level (I work as a hospice nurse).  Through this work, and Divine Grace I am more often able to step back- realize that this is not how I want my vibration to go and say 'this is a mistake, this person is a divine being playing out a chaotic story."  I am letting go of playing a part in there story.  I am more often able to stay grounded and keep peace in my heart.  The great thing is, the more often I am able to do this and maintain a sense of humor- the less chaotic situations I encounter.  It is still a work in progress.  Also realizing, it is not my job to 'fix' everything.  I can offer to help, provide support, but the end of a person's journey will be played out how it is best for them.  I will fill myself with Divine Grace and let my larger self guide me... and this is working out better and better :)
   This was so cool want to share this meditation/communing with my Divine Self that I had.... As I sat there letting go this vision came to me.  I had such a realization that my female and male aspects were so equally important.  Without the strength and tension of the masculine side how would I jump up in vibration from one level to the next... and I saw myself jumping up the mountain from one ledge to the next.  Then as I got to the next level the feminine side so appreciated the view and was able to dance a flowing vibrant dance of victory.  And so it went for a while, and I fully felt the beauty of the masculine and the feminine within my Divine large self.  The soft, the hard, the cool, the fire, the sunshine, the moonlight.   Next, I realized I was so ready to move to higher levels of Grace and acceptance and vibration.  I saw my smaller self as a child and the Divine large self as the Goddess she is took the smaller self and just loved her up and said "ARE YOU READY NOW?"  OK, hold on ...and she put the small self into the back seat of the racing care, belted her in safe and sound, put pillows around her, tucked in all safe and sound.  The Divine large self got in the front seat and put her race helmet on, put on the lip gloss, the whole Goddess race suit and.vrrrrrrrrrrmmm, put that car/ rocket ship in drive and nothing is holding us back now!!! It is an amazing ride, can hardly wait to see where my Divine self sets the nose of this ship to... it will be up I know that.
Blessings, Susan Gebhardt

July 16, 2008
Dearest Lola Jones,
It has been my greatest dream to keep in touch with you and to see you in person. I have so many reasons for doing so. But before  anything else I'm Sr. Nellie G. Sumagaysay, O.P. I got hold of your  book last February 11, 2008. During that time I was processing my papers for a vacation abroad but it was not materialized. Anyway, since that time almost five months already many wonderful transformations had happened in my life. There was no single day that I did not read your book.I have also bought the CD on diving in. I have read the book for ten rimes already cover to cover. and each time I read it especially doing the divine opening something great really happen. I even had a fifteen days retreat using the book. Really many miracles just keep on pouring in.
Here's my beautiful experiences which I hope you could share with others:
    I just find myself always smiling and laughing. Life has become very light for me. I feel inspired in doing my daily task. I was able to control myself and I have so much awareness in my surroundings.
I have gain many friends and my students are very happy  with my teachings.I  become young looking , healthy and beautiful inside out. I also become very sociable and very sensitive to the needs of others.Lola I realized I have psychic gifts, because I have mystical experiences and some visions. there were many moments that what I dream came true or I ask the Lord to make me dream and it happens. I have that greatest desire to develop more myself, to explore my God given gifts which have started to flower nowadays. Lola I wanted very much to attend your five day intensive and hopefully become  a divine opening giver. I hope to help more people especially here in the Philippines which is a poor country. My only concern is my financial needs. Will you give me a chance to fulfill my dream to really see you in person? If I was being transformed by just reading your book how much more if I could see you in person? Lola please help me make this dream come true. I'm here in the Philippines. I hope you could share with me  your overflowing, bountiful blessings especially financially.  I hope to hear from you.
Love you very much and my sweet kisses  Lola,
Sr. Nellie,op

Hi all:
We were at a family picnic today. Just had to share that my younger sister was so adament that I had gotten a face lift.  She told me that I looked 10 years younger.  I showed her Lola's book and told her that I was letting the Divine do the heavy lifting for me. My brother said to me that he didn't know that I could be so much fun.
Thank you, thank you Jo-Anne and Lola for changing my life!!
We can't wait to hear about the 5 day retreat.
Love     Betty

Hi Lola, Well, it has happened. I don't know exactly how it happened; but I couldn't care less for "how" it did. I've reached "total bliss"; I don't feel comfortable slapping a label on it, but that's the best word I can come up with. The EFT I've been using relentlessly on myself for over a year, your book and the Divine Openings that occur "through" you by God, and the Ebook that I've attached to this Email; has paid off. The Divine Openings caused a significant shift in my mind, and have prepared me for this. The EFT has also contributed; but reading the attached Ebook, flipped the switch completely. For three days now, I've felt nothing but complete peace, and intense happiness. Each day has progressively gotten better. Today, my body is buzzing, and it feels almost like electricity tickling the surface of my skin. I feel like I can almost leave my body. My body can't possibly contain anymore; I'm already busting outwards. It's pouring out of me, and people look at me in wonder. There is no longer fear, no doubt, no anger, no resentment, no insecurity, no anxiety, no depression, absolutely nothing but complete peace and happiness. Like I said, I feel that my body can't contain me. I give all credit to God. I know without a shred of doubt, that I will get everything I've ever dreamed of; as long as I continue to give God all the credit. If this is what you feel, I can now understand what it's like to be you. God helped me by helping you help me. Thank you for your contribution to this; but like I said, God gets all the credit.
Love for all Humanity, Serge Ouellette


To be honest I was very skeptical that this could generate on "purpose" something that had happened before seemingly by "accident" however in reading the first pages I felt the familiar buzzing in my head that I'd felt before.  I read it cyber cover to cover and contemplated the first art and well...ok and the second and third.  I'm able to handle a large flow and am familiar with this so it isn't scary and I allowed myself to sleep long periods of time yesterday in the Silence.  Then just in the last 30 minutes awarenesses of how I've been resistant to receiving came up strongly as I have friends in my life right now that give to me so freely that sometimes I feel a wall go up because I just don't know how to take it all in.  I asked God to soften that in me and then that opening download happened again immediately and He told me, held me and showed me exactly what to do.  I felt an old addiction urge rise up during the influx of the energy and was "told" how to handle it and I was comforted to a degree never before felt in this way.  I just experienced God in a much more intense way than ever before.  I surrendered more than before and experienced a surging need to write even as I sobbed and yawned and released.  I started in my journal and God wrote back.  I've never experienced automatic writing before - what an awesome experience.  All for $22 :-)  What a deal!  Thank you for sharing your Light with all of us.  Thank you for the book.  Thank you for helping me remember my way Home as I'd gotten lost lately and for helping me learn how to access this amazing connection consciously in my daily life instead of just on retreats.
Blessings to you, Michelle Wolff


Dear Lola, this is just a note to tell you how I am doing with your book both personally and with doing the translation of it to German.  I am taking both very slowly still, savouring every page and letting it work on me. During and after the three Divine Openings which I have done so far, I can feel both my third eye and my crown chakra working intensely and at the moment I long for a lot of rest. Therefore I am cutting down for a while on anything unnecessary (which would anyway distract me). :-)
On the outside, like finances and work, I am struggling a bit at the moment, but on my inside a lot has changed already: I feel a nearly permanent sense of calm peace or at least relaxation and I am always very aware of where I am on my instrument panel. This is incredible for me. What astounds me most is how easily I can accept where I am, even if it is what I would have called bad before. I am absolutely fascinated by this work! :-)  I spend a lot more time communicating to the Divine within me and I can feel how the relationship is starting to take on a clearer form - it is still changing every day and so exciting to see where it is going! :-)
I am truly enjoying being just at the start of this journey. Sometimes, I feel quite low, feel I am so stubbornly blocked that it frustrates me, but isn't impatience a tipping point? :-)
As for the translation my feeling is that I would first to like the book work a bit more on me and wait for the texts to come easily to me. I am so very keen on doing it, but I have only got around the first few pages and feel I need to be patient for the right moments. I cannot really tell what I am waiting for, just that I have to wait a little bit. I hope you are okay with that and you know how much it means to me, to work with your book! :-)
Thank you so much, as well, for the great support through your website and newsletters - I looove the pictures, both the art and the photos of intensive participants shining! 8-)
One day, I too would like to enjoy your five day intensive, but for now I feel again: all in good time.
Lots and lots of love from Germany,


Good Morning Lola: What a glorious morning it is in Ontario.
I have just checked the Weather Network and they predict a fabulous week for the Divine Opening Session. My adventure has been a surprisingly smooth and gentle climb up the Control Panel, with plenty of drops and climbs. I have awakened each morning with renewed excitement for what each day will bring, instead of doubt and dread. I have obtained a promotion at work and a subsequent raise in pay, my supervisor has changed to one that is more responsive and supportive. Everything I have been asking for! I bought a couple of Lottery scratch tickets on Sunday and won 70.00, I also have a subscription to a Lotto advance, where I don't have to remember to play my numbers every week, they do it for you. Well I checked the mail on Wednesday and there was a check for 68.60, not a great amount of money but hey it is a good start.  Things are getting better and better, I can feel the difference in the way I interact with people and their responses to me as well. I have noticed that I keep myself a bit apart from my friends that are smokers as their smoke seems to bother me a lot more than it used to. I am so looking forward to our week together!  Laughter Sherie D. Garrison

Hello Lola, I am so glad I found your website. Many things are happening but one of the most intense was watching your audio from the August session.  When you opened your eyes and looked at me the feeling was so intense it startled me and even scared me a bit, which took me by surprise.  I will begin journaling so I don’t forget everything that’s going on. I am so excited about the journey and adventure that awaits!    Linda Morris

(From a man who took the Jan. 08 5 Day Silent Retreat:
Things are going very good with me and are constantly shifting into higher. vibrations. Most places where I go or work is gradually raising it's vibration a few people at a time even with the economy and oil prices. Some areas shift more rapidly than others depending on the resistance. It'll be good to start my first web page with you and Divine Openings. I can also feel the energy build up for the next initiatives.   George :)--

How you doing Lola, Ismail here, i am very please with whats happen with divine openings it feels really cool to be able to come back to the real me,i am still taking it slow, the video on raving is really good i am going to do more of that this week if you remember our chat we had on the phone am working on starting a centre in the south of tenerife last friday just gone, i had a meeting with a owner of 80,000,squ meters on land, he has said that i can have the land to build the center on. there more to it than that  but things are going in the right direction
thank you lola
lol     Ismail

Thanks for helping me realize what I can do just by letting things go and having positive beliefs in myself to help shape the world around me for a period of growth,opportunity, and the freedom to be goofy, creative, playful, sometimes sinful, and just to be myself without wasting a single bit of energy caring what others might think of my actions.  Ken

I wanted to let you know how much who you are and everything you do is appreciated.  So so greatly appreciated in every way.  Bless you for giving me a Father for this Father's Day.
Love, Joey

Hi Lola, The meeting with the doctor went well today, he was receptive. After I spoke with him and told him my experience, he asked me to give him a Divine Opening. So I gave my first formal Divine Opening! My hands were on fire before he asked to be given one, so I knew it was going to happen. He is excited about your book, and he will see about purchasing some to have available in his place, he wants to read some of it first. He wants me to get some brochures, flyer's made up to advertise. What should I do about that?  He also wants me to put them in the Vegan cafe near by.
  Later this evening I also did my 1st Phone Divine Opening and will be mailing your book tomorrow, they had a phenomenal experience, he felt a lot of energy running thru his body and an opening up (by the way this was given to my brother in Va. Beach Va. who is a mechanic for US Air) what was also experienced was the body felt lighter, like it was going to lift right off the couch, He also said his eyes teared up alot. My brother was so blown away he ran over to the neighbor lady's house to tell her about it. I wasn't going to charge him of course because he is family, but he was so impressed, he is sending me a This is fun....I am on fire! Thanks, Love Carey

Thank you for this e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I know why I got so angry last week - for no reason!!!! I drove to work saying, I'm pissed off.  Yippee!!!  And I waved at people and laughed!  By the time I got to work, I was hyper and happy and created nine detailed brochures in record time.
Also, things are moving so quickly.  In many areas.
I have been tingling a lot too.  Crown chakra.

THANK GOD FOR YOU.   Let me say again:  THANK GOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!        Stace


Thank you so much for coming to Montana and giving your wonderful workshop. I have spent the last two days deep within getting to know my real self and am overwhelmed just thinking about the difference I feel. Misty, Montana

Hi Lola, It's been a while since I've gotten an email from you and thought I'd check in and let you know how things are going with me. . . . which is fantastic in spite of some things.  I am so calm and peaceful inside and so grateful to The Divine and to You for it.  We're almost
through with Jim's CD (her deceased husband), maybe by next week we'll have mixed the last song  and there is still so much to do. But I am so calm.  I just feel it will all get done when it gets done.  Interviews will come together when they can, people will return calls when they can, etc, and all I have to do is the best I can and stay out of my own way.  I'm letting G-d do the logistics of scheduling.   I tried and it didn't work out so I've let go and feel much better about the whole thing.  Same thing with the graphic artist who is doing the artwork for the cover. Still haven't heard back from him but I sent pictures, music, info etc. I did what I could do.  So, I turned that one over to The Divine as well. It's like I feel my job is holding my dream and not losing faith that it will come true.

I've had great dreams as well. The one I liked the best is: Jim and I are watching a show.  We have seats in the balcony.  During the intermission we go to get something  and we get separated.  I start walking back to our seats first. . as i walk down the aisle, people are looking at me and a bun falls from my purse and rolls onto the stage.  I'm chuckling to myself  - and look back and see Jim coming towards me.  He has a huge and I mean huge square loaf of bread in one hand and a smaller (yet still huge) loaf in the other.  I wait for him to catch up with me.  We go to our seats but Jim wants to find us better seats where the acoustics are better.  We are very happy. I saw when I checked in it said welcome back.  I never went anywhere.  But thanks anyway.
oceans of love, Evy

Your book has helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life and I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. With much love and gratitude, Penny Dietz

So far my experiences with divine opening have been varied; initially, slight pain in my arthritic toes, increased night sweats and jaw tension and have started to detox. I find it much easier to appreciate the small things in life. I have noticed that my sense of smell has increased I’m really enjoying the smells of the trees, flowers, grass. I have had a couple of Bliss moments, once I was shopping and laughing so much I thought I was going to have to leave the store. Next time I was with my daughter and I was laughing at nothing she turned to me and said “ARE YOU HIGH?” I laughed and said YESSS.
I am planning on expanding my business. I am looking for a more public location. I will offer the same services I do now as well as teach Yoga, give women’s empowerment workshops, as well as a bunch of other fun classes. I am going to be a Bliss facilitator; I’m very excited about it.
 I want to come away from the retreat with the ability to give divine openings. My passion is to share what makes my life better, share the Bliss.
Take care, Wanda, Ontario

I wanted to let you know how much who you are and everything you do is appreciated.  So so greatly appreciated in every way.  Bless you for giving me a Father for this Father's Day.
Love, Joey

Hi Lola, The meeting with the doctor went well today, he was receptive. After I spoke with him and told him my experience, he asked me to give him a Divine Opening. So I gave my first formal Divine Opening! My hands were on fire before he asked to be given one, so I knew it was going to happen. He is excited about your book, and he will see about purchasing some to have available in his place, he wants to read some of it first. He wants me to get some brochures, flyer's made up to advertise. What should I do about that?  He also wants me to put them in the Vegan cafe near by.
  Later this evening I also did my 1st Phone Divine Opening and will be mailing your book tomorrow, they had a phenomenal experience, he felt a lot of energy running thru his body and an opening up (by the way this was given to my brother in Va. Beach Va. who is a mechanic for US Air) what was also experienced was the body felt lighter, like it was going to lift right off the couch, He also said his eyes teared up alot. My brother was so blown away he ran over to the neighbor lady's house to tell her about it. I wasn't going to charge him of course because he is family, but he was so impressed, he is sending me a This is fun....I am on fire! Thanks, Love Carey

I found a hypnotherapist and went for a session. She took me into a deep trance and just as she got me to go through this door I was greeted by this Beautiful, Magical, Inspirational, Loving being who presented me with a vibration of pure love a smile and a Crystal wand it was so surreal and then off with the mist she was gone and I came out of it. The therapist told me for 8 more sessions and 19 hundred dollars later she can help get rid of this block. I was not going to fall for that I do know the guidance is within us all and I just need to be patient or something. In an instant my thoughts were this was one of my Spirit Guides who woke me many years ago to tell me her name Crystal Dawn so I thought that was her showing herself to me, I was in awe for the next 2 days. Then I got an E-mail from Kate Nowak announcing her new blessing challenge and introducing her friend and as I scrolled down I seen the picture of you and Oh my God you were the vision I saw in the trance state.
So of course I went to your website and I ordered your book and have read the e-book starter and waiting patiently for the book to arrive.   Gay, Alberta, Canada

Good morning, Lola. Just a quick message to let you know I finally get it!!  Wow!!  Mentally, I have understood the concepts, but I must admit, it has been abstract.  This morning I asked the Divine to help me go beyond "understanding" to actually "feeling." .... Well, we do get what we ask for!!  Yesterday I received an email. The short note was touching and I felt the urge to send love to Melissa, her husband, and the grandson.  My Gosh!!  I'm sure you are familiar with the feeling, but the power of the love and warmth was amazing!!  I have no doubt that the powerful feelings were sent and they received them.  Wow! I want to practice this more!!!  I think I'm on my way. Thanks so much, Katherine

I purchased your Diving In audios yesterday and did one of the tracks last night (money, of course!).  I go so relaxed and felt like I left the earth plane for a little bit while listening to your voice.  Really amazing!
I was wondering about the use of adjunct therapies such as the Bach Flower Remedies... what are your thoughts?  Are they helpful, hurtful, not necessary? Just wondering.
Thanks for all your help!  Only a week to go before the workshop in Bozeman and I JUST CAN'T WAIT!!!  :-)  Love & light, Wendy

Lola....thank you....I sound like a gushing teenager, but I am on the verge of joyful tears all of the time....I did the second divine opening (from the book) last night and it was amazing....I feel like a dog that has waited all day for it's master to come tail is wagging and I am bursting with anticipation!!!  Thank You....see you on the 4th!!  Love and gratitude, Lori

Hey how you doing lola, I have just got a few more pages of your book to read
WOW that's all i can say, words cannot express how going though your book has made me feel
i am 49 years old and i have had some things happen in my life that i have chose to forget  but reading your book has bought  back memiors to me like there happen yesterday
for example     when you talk about divine openings i had a divine opening when i was about 21 and at the time i lived in england i won't go into the story here but i will say i got help from the divine
and what a feeling that was. the thing is i never really talk to anyone about what had happen
and after a while i put it out of mind like it did not happen
back then there was not any body i could talk to about it untill now
i give thanks to the divine for leading me to you and your work

Hi Lola, A few months after the 5 Day: I don't know if you can feel the vibrations through this email but if you can you won't have to ask how I am!!! Life is so grand!! The Divine in me has presented so many possibilities in my life. I have so many choices today. All good!
I have put intentions out to the universe and the thoughts and feelings that come are amazing. I do what feels good each day. I am not limiting what God can do. I'm on a wonderful ride!!! Not sure where and how, but it doesn't matter.....It's coming and a lot is here already!
I am still willing to drive to Toronto to help with the 5 Day. Let me know what days and I'll book the hotel. I can't wait to see you and Michael. With lots of love, LeAnn, PA

Hi Lola, It's definitely been smooth sailing. It just keeps getting better and better, and I am enjoying just going along for the ride. I love how my letting go is affecting those around me too - an added bonus indeed! People remark how peaceful I seem, my relationship with my 4-year-old daughter has become so much more fun & relaxed, and my relationship with my husband has improved immensely. Everything seems to be clicking into place as life just glides along fairly effortlessly.

Thank you so much!!! Much love, Kelly

Hi Lola!  I have been having some fun....My attitude has shifted big time...I have had some real moments of joy....a couple of outbursts of fury(scary) and have noticed that I am tuning out a lot of the garbage.....I wanted to write before now and let you and Michael know how appreciative I have felt....the night in your home was like being are wonderful when you beautiful and out in your yard I felt like a kid and felt like crying (with JOY) a couple of times!
The wind in the trees was mesmerizing, I can still hear it. Thank you for opening up your heart and letting me in.....see you soon. Big bubbly laughter, Lori

I thank God everyday for directing me your way. Love you,Polly P

Dear Lola, This has been a wonderful time.  Your book is pure Satsang, and I cannot read it without the experience of the Light.  Every moment is a new adventure.  I was a little distracted by what appeared to me to be your pushing Amma and Bhagavan away, as if They could be some 'Other" in the context of Enlightenment, a contradiction in terms.  However, your work is in my experience the genuine article, and valuable to anyone this side of undifferentiated Unity, and Satsang is Satsang Who ever one might be.  I am a Deeksha giver in Sai Maa's activity, so my interest at the moment is living in the Vastness of the Silence, and being available to what flows through.  The clarity of the Nadis is a factor in the transmittion of deeksha energy, but as with everything else Grace chooses  It's expression.  It is wonderful to be along for the Ride.  Thank you for all the Good that You Do. Love
Herman Gaddy

Hi Lola, It has been great since last Monday night, so many great things have happen to me too many to write about.  But, I will mention one that blow me away.  Wednesday I had three people, two I know One stranger, said I was glowing.  They couldn't understand what it was they said "Is it Your hair or your shirt" I knew what is was, but I just laughed.  Thanks,
 I am reading your book and it gets better and better.  When will you have more live classes at the City View Ranch?  I have a niece who is interested.
Thanks to you
Jackie Dugas

Lola.... I'm in love.   The crane painting /poster/ has arrived today, and I already got a frame for it. I love it, love it, love it.  The colors are so vivid and sparkling, the lines of the cranes divine and they just seem to be alive.  We have some cranes and blue heron who live in the wet land marsh by our house and this picture is a beautiful reminder of the wild life I love.  I took my African Grey Lucy up to the painting.  She turned her head one way and then another and then another so she could see the picture from all angles- she approves also :).  I love the purple in the picture.. and the green... well and then there is the red... oh and how about the bit of yellow..... OK then- I guess I can just say I like  it all.
    This painting will provide a life time of beauty, and Divine Grace just flows and flows outward in ever expanding waves of Grace and beauty.  My husband loves it too, he will benefit from walking by the painting also and that is so great.  I can feel myself being lifted to an all time new High!
   All I have left to say is "What absolutely amazingly good thing is going to happen to me next".  ... this is a little phrase my friend came up with to help keep our noses pointed toward the positive.  I like this saying, and it gives me a lift to say it.
   Thanks for all you do.  Susan Gebhardt

Hi Lola and support people! So much has happened so fast that I can barely even articulate it. It's too much to actually think about, so instead I have made myself a huge vision board with thoughts, hopes and dreams, prayers, and thank-yous plastered all over it in words and pictures. So every morning and evening, I spend a few minutes either gazing at it in amazement or kissing it all over! (The kissing feels really good!)
     And Lola, don't be alarmed, but I have put your picture on my vision board and I thank you every day for your generous spirit. I am just so grateful that I found your work on the net. Why, why, why doesn't Oprah know about you? Your work is the obvious next step to the Tolle stuff because of it's practical, down to earth, how-to accessibility. I can just imagine a diving opening on the Oprah show! I'm sending you love........Donna Wetterstrand

This Divine Openings Giver had some worthiness challenges, even after the 5 Day, but these emails came after the breakthroughs she had in the months following:

Goooooooood morning Lola-
.... just wanted to share some wonder-full, beauti-full, things that have been happening since last week.  Isn't that amazing how so many things can change after a Divine Opening? ;)   Well, I've been facing the feelings- not trying to make them go away.  Wowza.   Yesterday, I had some great miracles happen.  In the morning a few hours before my workout, I set the intention of going a new running distance.  I completed the workout ease-fully and have set the intentions for new workouts that will stretch me again- moving beyond previously held limits.  Later, I had to call a friend and it's been pretty glitchy for me in talking/being with my friend. Right before I made the call, I simply said, ya know what, I am done with this glitch!  If I want to feel mad again, I can.  If I want to feel anything else that comes up, I can.  But right now, I am done with this glitch.  Called her up, and it was great- glitch free!  The glitch is gone!  woo hoo!
Then while I was at work, I realized I had saved changes to three different documents incorrectly- totally messed up the docs.  It would take about an hour to fix them all. I started to say, "I hate..." and then immediately changed it to: "I LOVE this!  I love that I create my own reality!" I closed out of the windows.  I started to think about the next steps that I would need to take to repair the docs.  and what do you know, when I opened the documents again, two seconds later- they were back to their original condition- NOTHING was wrong with them.  I didn't have to fix anything!  Thank YOu, God! wowza!
Here's the best part yet.  This morning I was doing a bike workout.  I've recently been reading Joe Vitale's book, "The Attraction Factor." The nice thing about stationary bike workouts, I can read and bike at the same time.  In it, he talks about feelings/beliefs around money that have been holding us back- going to the heart of the feeling (a.k.a. dropping the story, feeling the feelings).  I uncovered "I am not good enough to be loved".  I've "known" that feeling for years- goodness knows, my head has certainly been aware of it- but today, TO DAY, I actually really FELT it- without any story. 
What happened was amazing, I saw two babies in my stomach come out and sit in my lap.  One baby was plump, glowing with this white, golden light.  The other baby was thinner- almost gray.  I realized that the golden baby was me and that the other baby didn't belong to me.  I realized who the gray baby belonged to and that she also got the message that she was not good enough to be loved.  My large self was holding me, and those two babies the whole time.  At first, I thought about sending the gray baby back to who she belonged to- but then I thought no.  Let's send her to the Fertile Void.  I wrapped her up in a pink blanket, full of love, surrounded her with a beautiful pink and white heart and sent her with such love to the Void.   The golden baby stayed in my lap for a bit and my Large Self just loved and loved her.  Then the baby got to playing. I could hold her close to my heart, then she checked out being on my shoulder, then sitting up on both my shoulders.  The next thing I knew, she transformed into a little girl of about 4 or 5 years old.  Then this little girl was sitting in the back seat of a car.  When I was around that age, an incident happened where I was sitting in the back of the car while my father was driving.  But I was not back in that story- I was simply with the little girl in the back seat of that car.  She had a gash in her heart and there was some blood on her chest.  I told her that I would never leave her and that I would be with her always- all ways.  I told her that I would sit with her and feel all those feelings- for as long
as it took.  I was not going away.  I could feel how my dad was told that he was not good enough to love- how what he was doing was out of fear/anger- just being scared.  And how that had been handed down to him when he was a child.   I told the little girl that I would stay with her until she was ready to get out of the car- however long it took- however long that may be.  A few seconds later, she turned to me, looked at me- opened the car door and got out.  Instantly, as soon as she stepped out of the car, a huge white light came from out of the sky, beaming its love and beautiful energy down onto us, onto the car, every where.  It was like the sun shining love.  I could see the girl was whole again- radiant.  And I felt that Love in every part of me- I let it wash down on me, in me, through me,
through every part of my body.  I spoke to every part of me and said I am good enough to be loved.  And FELT it, and asked for more, and more Love literally showered down on me- I could "see" it coming right on down- loving every part of me, my head, my heart, my arms, my belly, my thighs, my buns, my calves, my feet, down to my toes.  And then, I (my Large Self) saw the golden baby again, the little 4 or 5 year old girl, the 11 year old girl, the 13 year old, the 19 year old, the 20 something old, the 30 something old, and me today.  And She told us all- "YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO BE LOVED.  You ARE soooooooooooooooooooo loved, lovely, loving!  And I LOVE YOU- all of YOU."
Eighteen miles and one hour later.....voila!  I am letting in the love today, tomorrow, each day.  I am letting in more and more love. Thank you, Lola for all your support, for doing Divine Openings, and for standing/giving/being such love.
love to you, dorogaya, Lola!  I am sure you will have a blast with the 5-day.  I know I will be there in spirit, sending such good energy and love-    Laura W., Wisconsin, Divine Openings Giver

Then she wrote: Hey Lola, Just wanted to say hello and give you a quick update.  Hope you all had a great time in Montana- it is such a beautiful place.  Since our phone call, things have been flowing along. Things are going so well with our boys- yippee!  I've backed off and we've been having such fun- more playing, more dancing.  My husband is getting so
steady in his own beauty- he is vibing in a whole new way.  Money is flowing in- it is arriving in different
ways plus we just got excellent raises at work.  Yippee! Out of the blue, people have been popping up,
asking for bodywork sessions.  Mind you, I have done no advertising.  I decided last night to print out new business cards- keeping it simple- and listing Divine Openings on them only.  I am excited to see what will
be showing up :)  Thanks too, for the new flier posted on the website- really helpful!  and out of the blue,
an old friend (we've known each other for over 25 years) called.  She had changed her number and I
hadn't spoken to her in about two years.  It was so great to chat with her! Training is going well too- it is so interesting to dive in to feelings.  It has completely changed my workouts and my breathing- what a different way to
exercise.  Yesterday, I cramped up while running and I just said, okay, I accept you, I hear you, I feel you. I asked my large self to hold the cramp and all of me.  Two minutes later...the cramp had dissolved and my breath was flowing again- and I was able to continue running all throughout this- amazing.  Only two more weeks until my first sprint triathlon-
very exciting!  and now of course, I am starting to think about longer distances.....wanting more :) Have a great time in Toronto!  Please give my best to Joanne and Leann- I am sure you all will have such a fabulous time together! Blessings to you, Michael, and the critters, love,love,love, Laura

60 Days In: Wow! Lola, I just got done releasing my old boyfriend and was asking for my higher self to take care of certain situations with others.  Thinking I would never find real love and the next thing I know this man came into my life without me finding him.  He is everything and more I ever imagined or could imagine.  It is going to take me on a trip to the tourist area of the Mediterranean but in the end he will move to America with me. Wow is all I can say.  I need to continue reading your book.  Still not done yet, I have been going slow in taking it in. Teresa Dryden


It was just delightful to meet you the other night , it's so generous of you and Michael to open your lives , home to strangers!! It was lovely to see someone standing fully in their power and completely shining out their light as i am being called to do.
You remind me so much of myself it is amazing, the wild curly blonde hair, I paint , I have a horse, similar humor etc... The universe totally knew who to reveal to me to encourage and inspire me as I am reaching out to fully embrace my own essence and power!!!!  I have been beautifully in the flow but there has still been that" who me ?",, "you want me to do what?" part of me terrified to embrace my full magnificence!! i truly feel coming to see you just helped to release that last part of me trying to cling to the rock!!  Today i have been having mindblowing visions and downloads of me speaking to groups of people, i could hear what i was saying, it made perfect sense and i was really funny!!!!  I loved it at first, then realised the full impact of me doing this , tried to turn it off but the' dvd 'was on i couldn't find the remote and my speech just kept on playing!!!! But i received a taste of the real me, kinda panicked for a minute, then received the guidance to just start writing stuff down , this is a process, I'll get my signposts along the way , it will all develop over time!! So very exciting , am just going to point the nose of my plane up and hold on for the ride!!
Big loves, Helen  Shaw ( tall blonde with New Zealand accent , I came to your 3 hour session this past Monday!)

Lola, First of all, thank you for all your tremendous work. The book has been everything I was looking for and more.  So much has happened since opening it the first time that it would be virtually impossible to tell you everything.  And, YES, it is good to appreciate.  For the first time I'm living life and enjoying the current time and place; I'm loosing the concern about what the future will bring.  I was one of those who experienced feelings of "being on the wrong planet", and who kept trying to "bypass" the process and felt like a hypocrite when I slipped downward again, (after all, I have believed in many of the principals for decades - what's taking so long, what's wrong with me, etc?).  It was also very difficult to handle anger.  It seemed alien to me, so it wasn't properly vented - and then could be volcanic.  Taking the pledge to go easy on myself launched me in the right direction.  There is no way to express the absolute relief after being freed of guilt and disappointment about the past. 
Here's are some of the events that have taken place since beginning the book:
* I HAVE A NEW JOB!!!!!  I went from being a commercial real estate agent relying on commissions that weren't coming through to a a salaried position with a developer.  The transition was very smooth.  Feelers had been put out to other companies through my connections, but nothing gelled.  This time everything was smooth - it felt great.
* MY HUSBAND AND I ARE HAVING FUN- comments don't bother me the way they used to.  He is a very loving man with his own strong opinions and belief system.  He doesn't believe we exist beyond our physical life here, so conversations can be quite interesting.  However, he is one of the most "in tune" people I have known.  Most interesting......
Best of all is knowing I'm on a steady course.  Even with little hiccups here and there, there is the overall feeling of forward momentum.  Dropping down a degree from a high altitude feels the same as dropping down several degrees from a lower altitude, a basic concept that helped seal the deal for me.
Just before reading your message the link to your website was sent to a dear friend with the hope that she will find it as uplifting as I have.
Thank you again and have an absolutely marvelous day,  Sallie B.

I feel really, really alive today. Thank you so much for the group session last week. I didn't mention it on the call, but I had ordered the "Diving In" information. For some "odd" reason I chose to do the trauma and abuse even though I didn't have memory of ever being abused in any way. I didn't feel much in doing the session--I didn't know what to feel since I had no memory of anything. The next few days were not pleasant. I seldom ever fly off the handle temper-wise, but I did twice with my husband and continued to feel a low vibration until after the group session. That was my reason for  registering for it.
You really unlocked something with deep roots!!!!! I'm thinking the abuse in my past must have had something to do with slavery or oppression or something like that. I have gone to counseling and had Rapid Eye Therapy and any number of methods in the past to try to get past the work/home thing, never with any relief.
Yesterday I did the anxiety to excitement Diving In. Again not much happened in the session. Later yesterday afternoon I experienced quite a bit of anxiety, not to the level I had earlier this year when I started my new work with Hilton Johnson Productions, but enough that my head was spinning and my heart beating fast. After dinner I went outside with a cup of coffee and just sat doing nothing on the patio. In just a little while I was totally relieved.
Before I went to bed last night I followed your instructions about writing down our cares and needs and giving them to God to take care of for us. I used mind mapping to do the exercise. It was amazing how much I wrote on the paper in the mind mapping. I put it on the bookshelf, went to bed and slept very soundly. I woke up this morning with the song, "How Great Is Our God" on my mind and in my heart. I'm excited about my work and know that life is good and my future is secure.
Thanks so much!!     Mary
P.S. I want to follow your programs and attend a live Intensive some time in the future so that I an help other people the way you helped me.

My Divine Openings experiences, Really Quick: Simply feel a LOT better, Super improved health!, greater sense of self-esteem, deeper connection with God, Improved creativity and clarity of purpose, and lots of other little miracles.  Joey Mauro

hello Lola,you are asking about the effect of the cranes??Well I have not done No10 meditation in the book even thou I did all the others and red the book 2x so far.

 as I was reading thru your newsletter the cranes kept popping up and suddenly I got very tired after about 30 min. I just had to go and lie down even thou it was morning.
I got sapped out instantly and was well gone for half an hour,remembering seeing images like dreaming,but not.
When I came back I felt very empty but peaceful, my day went that way and I was thinking that I had vasted my day,but not feeling like having done just that.
Today, the day after my morning meditation, went like,even thou no issues are coming up right now I deeply and thru all of my chakras, I tempted them with all sorts but it was peaceful, empty, quiet.
I had to write to you even thou I don't feel like doing it, it is just something I do, because you are interested in the reaction of the cranes. I have not wanted to do the No 10 picture med from the book, Maybe it isn't for me,so I'll leave it. Keep you informed of the happenings,of course the cranes are there to look at me and I do they are almost mesmerizing. Love and Blessings, Annamarie

Hi Lola, It's interesting your email should arrive today...that's enough to make me smile!!  It's been an interesting 60 days.  Most have been good, several have been very is a challenging day and it's work to keep the altitude up. When I first began this journey, I was flying fairly high and truly enjoying the very subtle changes.  There were distinctive changes that required me to reduce my hypothyroid medication.  Right now, though, my system is so out of balance, I'm working to keep the altitude out of a nosedive.
  It looks like I'm one who will get to know the Divine very, very slowly.  There have been no lights, no indication of any energy at my crown, and my conversations seem to be very one-sided, but there are glimpses of something that keep me going down this road.  I continue to ask the Divine for help to remove resistance; I open my hands and will come in time.  Even though my physical balance is way out of kilter and bouncing me around, there's no need to complain.  When I take stock, my blessings far outweigh everything else.  It's a good day.
Thanks for checking in...I hope to see you Saturday at the Wellness Weekend.

While doing this online course....the 21 "everything is a blast" mentality is coming back to ME!!! Darci, Bozeman, Montana

I have got good job, so one problem is solved , since our sessions : ) ,,,, still looking for Mr Right : ) hope things are OK with you!!! keep in touch. blessings & love. Azima

Divine Openings summarized - Having the 'Instrument Panel' on the bulletin board and in the past few months "walking" myself up each time I stumbled and especially the once a week Divine Openings - 15-20 minutes of pure bliss following each one that began to last longer and longer and longer. With much love and gratitude, Teresa Anton, Pekin, Illinois

Hello Lola, I have been savoring your book and online course for the past six weeks and it has been a wonderful confirmation on many levels.  You have found simple words and examples for one of the most difficult topics to understand in our journey through this life time.  The journey to conscious living – sounds so simple but so far has eluded most.  Few have found the tools to master this journey much less be able to share them in a way that allows others their “ah” moments and more importantly allows them to be their own “Guru”.  I commend you for flowing through this perception in such a way that many others can utilize.
 I’ve done work where as you say, “They quickly forgot how bad they were when they came and complained about no change and we would have to go back to their chart and remind them of the symptoms they listed when we began”.
Your body of work has come at the perfect time for me as I was at an “in between place” in my life.  This was a perfect reminder of the simplicity of life and how difficult it has been for us to recognize our own magnificence. Since being exposed to your work as well as several others I am well now armed with the simple tools that are helping me to unfold the next exciting chapter in my journey.
We are at a momentous time in the history of this planet and the evolution of humanity.  Your contributions are so needed at this time so please keep in the flow and continue to share your truths with all who are interested.
 Someday perhaps we will meet in person and have a wonderful reunion.  I look forward to that time.
Peace and Joy, Nancy Lee

Hi Lola, The first two Divine Openings, I thought I'd be Super Man, and did them both in one day. Well, the next day was very intense, as I felt incredible anger; and the feeling it gave me was that it was old energy. So I knew it was caused by the Divine Openings releasing something stagnant; because I've never ever felt that much anger. Needless to say, it was a very bad-feeling day. And since then I've been doing one Divine Opening per week, then moved them to once every five days. I've read the book twice already, and I'll keep re-reading it; till I reach Enlightenment, but I'm reading out of pleasure with no objective. My impression of Enlightenment, is that it is a gradual progress. In my humble opinion, you just don't flick a toggle switch on the back of your head, then the light comes on and, there you go; you're now enlightened.  I think the divine openings build up the Divine Energy within you with Divine Grace, till you eventually cross a threshold, where there is no turning back, even if you wanted to. But that would be absurd; no one wants pork, when they can have steak; not in my case anyway. So when I look back to the beginning, when I first started divine openings, and compare how I was then to how I am now, I'm aware of the difference. I'm more stable emotionally; I no longer have very strong emotional reactions to things that wouldn't bother the average person (what is an average person anyway? That could be debatable. I really feel uncomfortable using "labels", and words that convey "completion"). I think energy has no beginning, nor an end; it always has been and always will be. That concept is a little challenging to the human mind to make sense of; which is in human nature to make all things make sense. I noticed that I'm more calm and grounded. Also, my mind is beginning to receive information, seemingly, from a new source; a source that's more deeply ingrained. It has a feeling of unfamiliarity to it, but a very comforting feel to it; it feels that the information is "indisputible", and firmer. It also feels like a stronger source. I'm trying my best to analyze it, to convey my perception of it all (only for the purposes of this email). I'm beginning to feel a strength building slowly, that I haven't felt in a long time. I used to be a more introverted person, who had a difficult time bringing up the words fast enough for my mouth to speak them. Now, I can talk, but there isn't a time-lag, where I usually sat and pondered on the right words to say; the words just keep flowing as I speak, and the source is never exhausted. Well, that's the overview for now.
 With Warmest Regards, Serge Ouellette 

I want you to know how incredibly much I love Soul’s Dance in my home office, and how much impact having the picture there where I see it all the time has made in my life.  You are a blessing in my life, and I am grateful to beyond belief.   Christine Rousseau

I listen and saw the new video and it is heart goes to you and all those people talking to you.  my journey ,even before i met you is evolving and now i can say...meeting you and reading your book and taking courses ,confirms  more ...that I am loved,i am Blessed and Blessings and Grace is abundantly flowing. I am more open and my feelings ,my actions are more full of love and matter what it is ,because i know things will be alright.
i am sooo Happy! God Bless you Lola Jones !
With full of love, Raquel

Ola Chica Lola, You know that joke about a man and a flood?  No, not Noah!  (((wink)))  (This stuff just comes out!)  The man who was sitting on his roof top praying to god to be saved as his house bobbed along in the floodwaters? 
I'm happy to say, I got what I needed handed to me without effort, after looking for job answers for naught.  I'm getting in the canoe!   The Artist's Studio and Cottage at the Farm at South Mountain, where I've been doing a little teaching, volunteering, and who sell my handmade cards (and is giving me an Artist-in-Residence spot next year) has asked me to manage the gallery and gift shop!  It's for a percentage, it's growing, it feels right!  I'm letting go and letting the Divine to the Heavy Lifting!!!  blessings and continued gratitudes! Julie

hello:)  You don't know least not physically:) I am Erica. Robin Steele is one of my yoga students, and after a session one day weeks ago, she showed me your book. I was intrigued, and I began reading it. I have visited your site often since then. and life had already begun improving from my meditation/yoga practice.....but wow....after some crazy-ness, when my spiritual guide (you) basically became human and delusion left me, I realized.....your book came at the perfect time and had all the things I needed to hear to help me see that I am ok! Nothing is wrong with me or what I am experiencing....and that in fact the crazy-ness was a beautiful gift to be thankful for, as so many things have opened up for my life since I decided to go out on my own and apply/experience all that I learned from that experience.
Unfortunately I  have not had an opening schedule wise to check out one of your courses and get to meet you in person.....yet....
But Thank you for the love! It reverberates in so many directions! Its great to see you on line and watch you living fully in each movement/breath... thankyou:)
I hope emailing is ok....often times I feel inappropriate emailing someone I dont know:)   have a great weekend!!!!!     big fat hug:)    Erica Santiago

Hey:)  Erica again.... I must share with you!!!! Last night I got a big job opportunity that I had been focusing lots of energy on...and I sent out a mass email to my it, I said " my spiritual guide says...." and quoted you from your book. and now, today you have sent an email out to me and I am corresponding with earlier when I said you dont know least not physically.... it is an after thought how profound that actually is!
i am excited!
~erica~ is what i sent out:)........
Hello family, friends, loved ones:)
I have wonderful news to share with you all!!!!! I have officially been offered the directorship of Tapestry's youth company, Visions and Rhythm!!!!!!! I am so excited I think  may explode!!!!! What a wonderful year this is! So, on top of wedding plans, I will now be fufilling a life long dream! spiritual guide says    ' when things start to feel like hard work, you are probably adding resistance on top of resistance. Take a break and reconnect in silence. And than step back and allow grace to do the work.'  I am just amazed....God really does have an interesting sense of humor:)
 So this weekend, i charge all of you with the task of having a drink and toasting the magic at work in this world!!!!!
 i love you all and am sending a big fat hug right now....close your eyes;)      ~erica~

Lola, While on vacation, (my husband and I were celebrating our 29th in Jamaica) and you know things don't ALWAYS work out perfect, but I'm a big planner, then I like to go with the flow in out and around  those plans. People usually laugh and ask why I'm not sticking with my original plans I make, and I tell them  I  just want to know what's all out there, then I like to mix it up.  Usually I laugh when things don't work out how I want them too, but one day in Jamaica, I realized things were just not going right, or so I thought. things had gone awry.  The hair dryer in the room didn't work, the safe box in the closet wouldn't lock, my seaweed wrap had to be canceled due to the therapist being ill.
FINALLY thank goodness, I realized that maybe it might be me. HA. I decided to just let it flow.
I realized it might of been me getting in the way. So, I stepped aside.
So, thanks for your story, you can see why I got kick out of it. I thought you'd get one out of mine.
The rest of the week went beautifully, as I learned to let The Divine take over. It was just what we needed.
No problem ,mon. Cathy

Dear Lola, You could not have said it any better! I have experienced something
along the same lines and every time I let go and let God (the Devine) things
always turn out better.  Thank you for being you    Lisa Lienne

Dear Lola, I wanted to share with you something very funny that just happened.  My son makes his First Holy Communion tomorrow, and I had ordered some presents for him from a Catholic website in the US.  I ordered them more than a month ago, knowing that it is sometimes difficult getting things through Swiss customs.  After receiving nothing all this time, I contacted the customer service department yesterday and they told me they had shipped my goods earlier in April.  So that meant they were stuck somewhere in the Swiss bureaucracy, and from experience I knew that it could take forever to get them.
As I went to sleep last night, I tried to stop myself getting angry and upset at the thought that the gifts I had wanted to give my son would not be arriving in time.  I tried to calm myself and thought about turning it over to the Divine.  Then I thought, it's not really fair to dump that one on the Divine at such late notice - even the Divine can't move a parcel through Swiss customs in 12 hours.  So I deliberately decided NOT to ask the Divine to make the parcel arrive by today.
Lo and behold, I got back to my office after lunch and a big box was sitting on my table!  I started to laugh.  I think the Divine has a fiendish sense of humour, because obviously the message is, yes Michelle, you should ask for whatever you want because the Divine CAN move a parcel through Swiss customs in record speed and yes, the Divine IS more powerful than Swiss customs, as difficult as it may be to imagine such a thing!
I have just begun the Level 2 course because I felt as though I wanted to keep going with this.  I was one of the silent listeners on the Group Call the other night.  Something held me back from speaking, although it could have been that it was 1.30am in Switzerland, so I was in a fairly passive state.  I will ask my question next time I join a group session.  I have been quietly expecting fur balls but haven't really had anything serious - which is a bit disturbing because I have a LOT of issues.  But two weeks ago I was suddenly struck by the feeling that I couldn't stay in my job much longer, that I wanted to go home to Australia and run for politics, and that I'd had enough of living away.  The feeling still lingers, but at least I can function again at work.  Anyway, what I don't know whether this is a fur ball or a nudge in the right direction.  I am one of those people who has done "geographicals" in the past - moving countries repeatedly to escape problems with the promise of a happy new future etc.  So I am aware that whenever I have the urge to move and daydream about doing something bigger and better, I need to be alert to this being an illusion that keeps me stuck in my own small self ways.  I am staying with it for now and looking for signs as to which it is - fur ball or nudge.  But I don't know.  That's what I will be asking about on the call, and that's what I've been asking the Divine for some clarity about. Thank you - I am so happy that somehow I was led to your site.  Michelle

Hi Lola, Boy you can really hear the tension and anxiety there in my voice in the session you recorded.  After the divine opening I slept for about 21/2 hrs.  I'm still feeling very peaceful. :)  I also asked the divine to help me feel and release this stuff while I sleep. Thanks again.  love, Julie

Dear Lola, It hasn't been a full week yet since the first Divine Opening, but I just couldn't wait any longer. I was very hesitant to do it as a picture of Buddha, but I opened my mind to not let my past programming stop me from receiving. In the first part of it, my mind went many directions. Toward the end it settled on money--lots of money coming to me. My body twitched some and my head moved from side to side. The ending thought was, "My financial future is secure. I will never worry about money." I journaled the experience and will look forward to where it goes from here. I haven't received the book yet and I'm on the third visit to the free on-line course. I have visited your site several times. There's something magnetic about it.  Many thanks, Mary Benton

I wrote a couple of days ago about my 2nd Divine Opening being about a LOT of money coming my way. I now see myself as successful at what I do. There had been a big blockage there coming from "being a woman" and fear of success. Both are gone and I made a list of several things I intend to do right away. Also, a mentor has come into my life to show me step by step how to achieve the goals I've set. Pretty awesome. Thanks!!!! A while back one of my friends sent me another wonderful horse u-tube presentation. I'll have to go back and find it. You will like it too. It's about a girl and her horse.
Mary Benton

lola...thank you,your book is amazing!!!!i had a heavy heart a little while ago,my dog shayda had been operated on yesterday,she had 45 percent of her bladder removed and she seems to be healing ok(waiting for test results)but i got sad,so i picked up your book and it put me back in line and i started to remember all the special moments about when i take her into the woods and she likes to run ahead of me then come back with excitement,tail wagging.smiling to show me the way to go(i sometimes let her choose what path she would like to go)or the time i was at the park and she was sniffing the air like she was saying hello to something and i was on the phone with alecia i asked alecia what she was doing and alecia laughed and said shayda is saying hello to some fairies!!and the way she is so gentel with children anyway the book is beautiful and easy, you sum up so looking forward to coming for your talk at wellness weekend,will the cottage be available?if not my friend tonya who may be away might be able to let me stay at her place .i would still love to see if i could rent it.thanks again  love, james

Lola, I love your follow up letters Lola, and I am enjoying the wonderful results of the book and audio downloads, and am looking forward to more. For now, my husband and I celebrate our 29th year of marriage and we're off to jamaica for the week, so  I will be in contact after!
thank you for many blessings, and I am literally breathing them in and enjoying life, and sending more right back to you! thanks! Cathy

Dear Lola, A very lovely early morning to you! I am stabilizing and  just sooo fine. no words can describe it! i got a kick from so much Happiness and a joy ride..! The feelings are awesome. i am full of gratitude and i know that everything is alright. my prayers became more intimate than I can describe....conversation to God..
you are a blessing and i thank God for you always!  much love,  Raquel

Hi Lola, Thank you for writing and asking and also for some helpful advice thrown in.
 I am on my third week and am enjoying the book very much. Nice easy reading and a nice slow pace works well for me. Its also nice that you keep everything so simple, my mind likes to complicate everything so its nice that gets bored and gets out of the way it helps me focus more on my feelings.
 I have been noticing some changes inside myself. I am less flustard but outer events. Work was always a big source of struggles with me. But I am finding that I am letting go more easily and just feeling the feeling and shutting the chatter off.  Sometimes such as today while I was driving to a job out of town I noticed I was smilling and I had no idea why but I found myslef just thanking the Creator for the smile. There was a nice gentle feeling inside me that I havn't felt in a long time.  I also noticed that since I started I got a raise and moved up to a full time position with my job and today I started to wory about bills etc and wondering how on earth I was going to get a head and also move on to a job that matches my desires. I suddenly stopped and shook my head and like a thought came from someone else I realized " Hey I just got a raise and am feeling good inside and everything is just fine and can only get better" Thats a big change for me. I also orderd the videos which I am also listening too. I find them helpful in guiding me through the process.
 So though I don't have any big time miracle storries to tell I am okay with that, its like you said who needs it. I like smooth and easy. lol Anyway will keep you posted on how things are going and will join in a phone session one day soon so I can get that little extra boost.  I am also thinking about going to the seminar your having in Toronto this summer. Will have to see how things are going but hoping it will be possible. Thank you, Terry Willick 

Dear Lola, a couple of nights before finding you on the internet and ordering your book Divine Openings, I woke up and had another vision. I go through periods of having them and periods of not having them, and am able to work out for myself what they mean to me. The vision I had was a word this time. It was quite large and floating above the foot of my bed in bold red. It was simply YES
I didn't get what it meant until I read the Ebook I received with my order.
 "Say YES to everything"
 The night I began reading it I had the most wonderful dream but the only thing I can remember is how loved it made me feel. It felt like something was being passed on to me that was very precious. The memory seems very vague now but I know at the time it was strong and made me feel cared for and safe. I can't seem to put it into words.
 I have just finished reading the Ebook and loved every bit of it. It has made things so much clearer for me. Life is meant to be fun hey!
 Much love ALL WAYS Vicki Grech from South Australia.

Dear Lola, hello to you too.!   i do agree that i am experiencing wonderful things and awakenings and high vibrations just reading from your messages, courses and listening to the audio's .
these past 2 weeks, i am truly joyful,and the inner peace is so sublime...un describable!. even my patients and the nurses and those i encounter can feel it...ahh...the power of Divine just flow smoothly and wonderfully.
your voice, such a soothing sound to hear. don't you know i go to sleep when i hear you talking a lullaby...i am always a good sleeper and much more now...
i promise myself to see you personally one day and attend the 5 day retreat and to hear you talki to me. too....i might cry! ( i am like a kid) so much joyful!
you are a huge inspiration and awesome person.
i read about you one time...i happened  to see your site while surfing the web  last year...of course i read , and didnot pay attention to it,.now, i were brought to is the Divine! amazing.!
God Bless you my dear lola,
until next time...Love, Raquel

“I want to thank Lola for being so moved to share the Divine Openings with others.  My daughter and I met her in New Mexico at the Wellness Weekend.  We took her Monday night class and I have been in such a wonderful place ever since.  The long "search" seems to have ended and now, as she says, I'm not working so hard but finding focus and peace.  Each day little miracles occur.  Some days are not so happy, but I understand what I'm going thru and letting go.  It's just amazing.  I am hearing the Larger self talking more then the Little self ... this is a real swtich for me.  The chatter in my mind is almost gone.  This was such an issue for me as it would keep me up at night because I just couldn't seem to TURN IT OFF.  I have been told I have been "connected" but have really never felt it until now.  Now if I could just get the Divine to take away my seasonal allergies I would be thrilled!!!  Elise Kraf

Hi Lola, I thought the session was very refreshing, and flowed naturally and effortlessly. A few months ago, the thought of my voice being recorded, I would have felt like a deer caught in the headlights, and got tongue-tied. During our session, I tried to let you say what you wanted, without interrupting and breaking your train of thought. But I just want to say a few things I wanted to say in our session.
 I forgot to mention something else. Before Divine Openings, and my entire life, I've always been tongue-tied and had a very hard time expressing in words what I wanted to say. I think some anxiety may have caused it. Now, after 8 Divine Openings in the book and one on the phone, the words come to me naturally, like I'm reading a book in my head. It's like something opened up inside my mind, and the words are coming from a different source. I don't even think, beforehand, of what I want to say; it just flows out, like playing an instrument (I play guitar).
 I regard this whole experience like a movie you allude to in your book; The Matrix, which I think was a paradigm-altering concept for me. In the movie, Morpheus puts his hand in front of Neo, and presents two pills to him. If he picks the blue pill, Morpheus will wipe out his memory, and return him to the only reality he's ever known. But if he takes the red pill, Morpheus says "I'll show you how far the rabbit's hole goes". And that's in essence what I'm doing here; I'm taking your red pill, to awaken to reality as it really is, and with it, a new consciousness. 98% of people never discover "reality" as it is. Warmest Regards, Serge   

Hi Lola, Thanks for your continued letters of information and follow up with me. I have been enjoying your book, and your audios which I ordered (diving in) about 10 days after I received your book.
I have no adequate words to describe what I've been going through, yet, so I am just enjoying, enjoying enjoying it all. Basically, I believe that I am in heaven. I am so positive and full of encouragement and at ease.
I have shared your book, and  and your website with my family and friends, and continue to do so. They seem to be inspired as I speak to them. I just can't help giggling, alot.
Some of what you speak of, I have encountered before, I am a christian full of the spirit, and very open to the spirit world, but now your teachings have taken it up a notch or several! for me. Also, I love the vibrations theory, fact, and I feel like I"m getting answers , to the now, and some things I have experienced before.   
For now,  I am truly just diving in, and loving life. I ingest everything, break out in laughter continuously.
 I find myself suprisingly light hearted , and playfully giggling with the Divine in a teasing way.  (how wonderful is that?!!) The nose of my plane is up. I love that theory too. I even enjoy the things I don't want to now, by diving in instead of pushing them away, and you're right, they do dissolve. Who knew?!
Amazing. This is a great stepping stone for me. I am thankful for your products, and what you are doing.
One amazing thing that has changed, among many subtle ones, is my dreams. I always had wild crazy colorful running to or from something or someone, or looking for someone dreams.  Now, I do not. Just like that.  I have fun , loving, teasing, giggling, ecstatic with other people dreams. Once as I was waking, I felt a friend beside me nudge me and I woke up giggling!
Thank you Lola, I am truly enjoying your works and I hope to meet you soon, Your methods are comfortable and so easy to share! . .....thank you- Continued love and ecstacy!
(I LOVE that chart!) Cathy Merry Luffy

Lola! I forgot to tell you something great. Your forgiveness part of the book. I truly thought I had forgiven (and why forgive when who are we to judge and it only is OUR reality and hurts us?!) (ingenious!) Anyway,I thought I had really forgiven everyone I had ever held the slightest grudge against, & how silly that seems now to hold them! How unnecessary! Anyway, I had gone to spirit filled church services where pastors actually made people in their church break down and cry when he talked about forgiveness, and I too had revelations and forgave others I had forgotten about. YOUR book brought EVEN MORE instances to light. LITTLE things, LITTLE grudges I didn't even know were there! Anyway, it brought out MANY. I had to laugh afterwards, thinking how grudgeful I really was about things, when I acted as though I didn't care about many things and they didn't matter. I was actually holding little tiny grudges! Building bigger and bigger walls of resistance!
So, Lola, from someone who thought they couldn't put into words what was happening, I guess I am doing a pretty good job of it ll!  LOL.
I wanted to also make a comment about the way you say "be gentle with yourself. "
That is so very intensely profound! The world needs that.
Lola.. Another great thing has been the whole "ecstasy " part. And for no reason!
The Divine is wonderful to me, and always has been. Now I just see it more.
thank you, to you, doesn't even come close!
Cathy Merry Luffy
( I have now changed the spelling of my name from Mary to Merry.  I am going with the flow . Most people laugh and ask me, "what's the name of that book you are reading again? who's the author?" I tell friends that I decided to give God a new name, since you call our wonderful spirit " the Divine". They may laugh and think I'm crazy, but inevitably the question comes..."What's the name of that website again?"  I just keep referring them on!
I wish you much success , continued thrills, happiness , love and ecstasy!

Ola Lovely Lola! Sending a big Cheesie Cheshire CAt smile filled with ‘eeps” of love and gratitude! You are a treasure and a blessing!  Thank you for all the love and light, and joy and laughter.....!
As you gave the Divine Opening I was aware of my feet ...and I saw in my mind’s eye, the hands of Jesus washing them.  The sensation of a breeze softly blowing around my ankles and feet started and continues even now at 10pm.  I keep walking into the bedroom where there is no breeze from windows, open doors, etc ...and it’s still there.  Sweet!  And intriguing.  I love being intrigued! 
 “Grace happens!”  (I see possibilities for that phrase!)   ~  Walking my dog friend, Kanue,  (did you hear him while you were giving the opening?  He sensed the energy!)  we ran into the neighbors walking home from Amelia’s (eep) second grade musical.  Her class had sung some Dr. Seuss inspired songs and she sang me a couple of refrains.  I’m gonna have her teach them to me!
Blessings abound, love, Julie

Dear Lola, My last day in the corporate world is on June 20th and I have been talking to everyone in my life about going to Austin Texas after June.  I am awaiting for your next date and it is to the farm that I look forward to in my dreams and my thoughts.  Going to Austin Texas is now not an option and its a venture I look forward to - What's next for me ?  I don't know as I left it to the Diving.  However I do know what will be a "nice to have"and told the Divine that.  Its been a real roller coaster for me but since I have had my breakthrough - I have been on high and in the purple above the blue - I think the blues have been with me to prepare me and everyday I take each day in the NOW to be a blessing and create a sense of achievement even though I have been slowly sidelined in the office to handle some projects all by myself.
Its both a humiliating and a humbling experience.  But I do think its an opportunity to showcase my resiliance and tenacity to get the job done in the best possible light working single handedly.
I have completed the first level online course, ran through again and re-reading your book and yes, re-reading your book this time round brings new meaning and some places I find myself going YES, YES that is how I feel and YES it can be different.... I tried once again diving into the bad feelings and experiencing it and this time I manage to just surrender and get into the feelings and focus on the feelings deep down feeeeeling the bad vibes until it goes away. 
As in the movie - Pygmalion - you could say "By Jove she's got it !!" Everyday is a new beginning for me now-  I am more aware of the present.  Of course I do tend to go auto move and when I do catch myself - I get myself back to the Present and stay focus and appreciate all the happenings and people around me. 
My short and first silent retreat was memorable for me - I went on a spiritual 2 day Silent Retreat 2 yrs ago in Malaysia ( a Catholic one ) and everyone had doubts as I am such an outgoing talker but surprisingly I  love the silence and the inward thinking - its so good to stop and soul search and reflect.  Reflections are so cathartic and it brings tears to my eyes when I think how most times I am just too hard on myself and have such high expectations of myself which in turn create the negative vibes from others and to discover in that retreat that God loves me. 
I will be meeting up with Wei Ying this weekend - she's had quite a homecoming but stories aside, she gets so excited when she speaks of the diving openings and her retreat there with you.  We have been speaking on the phone and between both our busy schedules we just feel so bonded.  She is talking about a business opportunity to translate your book to Mandarin and I think its a super idea as we can also emulate your website with a Chinese website as lots of Chinese in Hongkong, China, Taiwan  and parts of the  "Chinatown" world will be able to experience your Divine Openings.  Isn't this idea amazing ???
I am sorry I won't be able to attend any of your parties- Sounds really fun to  be living in Austin Texas.  All that energy and fun!!!
I shall visit you again this weekend via the second level of the online course.  I feel your Divine intentions and I know you think of everyone of us in the world  everyday and its great to know you care.  Love and Hugs Conny 

Anyway things are moving, my first inclination was to say slowly but they are moving at the pace I need it to. I have been processing alot of inner stuff about accepting that others may not be willing to accept my point of view. And if and when that happens everything is still ok. I have to say I have never been more comfortable in my own skin, and that is truly a blessing. I connect with the Divine on a daily basis and have some incredible, automatic writing coming through. And lots of clear insights and information to review and look at.
I have started teaching a meditation group, and offer D.O's at these meetings, I have 12 regular students. It feels amazing and so loving. I recently gave a D.O while my hands were doing the electric shock thing and a few hours after I got an email from the woman who received it and she said the top of her head where my hands were looked sunburned, her scalp was all red. She said it didn't hurt, and she felt light and weightless. Cool Huh?
I am scheduled to give a free talk at next week about D.O's at my local community center, I have the room scheduled for 2 hours.
Next time for sure....Lots of Love from Jersey,   Zina, Divine Openings Giver

Hi Lola, I just finished the Diving Openings in Things Are Going Great in My Absence.  The energy was incredible.  I had to go slower than one opening a week -- I found myself moving very quickly.  I would look back at things I did just a week or two ago and say to myself, why did I handle it that way when I know it could have been handled like this ..... then I realized I wasn't in the place I am now a week or two ago!!  I feel less stressed, more like I am floating through life -- not all the time, but more and more.  I usually have a very hard time asking people for things or asking for help, but I am taking the plunge and asking for a free trial of Level 2. Thank you, Eleanor

Hi Lola (!!!), God your emails are always so timely! You help me so much to reclaim the wonder that was lost from my childhood and understanding and reclaiming my instrument panel. When I feel the way I felt reading this email I said to myself, my god I must have been a child, because this feels very care free and child like!! I just love the idea of “unlimited do-over’s” and not taking score. My small self and I have been wrestling over that one, too!  I continue to prostrate for me and the small self to let go to the Divine, for relaxing and letting it in and stop resisting, but, this email and the diving in I did this a.m., opened my heart up just that much more, and once again I feel a renewed shift in me.
God I love feeling like this, and remembering who I really am, AND dropping the small self. Geez what a win that is for me just to do that!  I also continue to ask for direct Divine knowledge of what’s possible and true for me right now, while laying the old concepts/role’s down. I’m on my second read of the book and I’m appreciating that I’m not near as gripped this time around as I was the first time. I’m able to appreciate the book so much more from a different place. My Large Self reminded me that my numbers (credit score) are different; what I used to tolerate feels more intense now, than it used to feel, despite that I’m still having low vibrations/nervousness. Talk about flipping a subject to RAVE about!!!
There have been moments though when I’ve nearly called you for help, but I’ve set down at the edge of my bed and would hand the small self over to God and there would eventually be relief. In the book you talked about the dream about collecting your luggage that was left at the airport some months after you got back from India, and the realization was that the small self didn’t want to give up its dominance. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s I’m going through. This issue got me to prostrate, where as I didn’t before; now it’s even pretty comfortable for me to lie in that position when in the beginning it was not. I’ve been going in deeper to the core of my neck/spine to get relief until I absolutely change the vibration on that subject and I’m more aligned with my Universal Self. The picture I sent you for the healing group, I printed a copy for myself and I’ve split the picture in two; me as one photo, mom and dad as the other. In all honesty when I sent it I was hoping that they’d get their shit together and be easier to be around so that it would be easier for me to get my vibration up. Well I realize now that was old co-dependent ways and staying powerless; so I’ve set the intent to be able to be powerful, just no matter what. I have to remember like you told me … “when you’ve finally realize that you’re on the ride, you’ll settle in and settle down.” Thank you for the money/economy emails too, I got such the tune up from reading both of those and some wonderful E. Q’s too, to ask myself! Lisa

Dear Lola, Greetings from Malaysia.  Tuesday 15th April is a great day.  Yesterday was even better !
I am on week 6 of your Level 1 online course and have been in a very deep deep depression for the last 3 weeks.I am the Assistant Vice President of Marketing in a company and have been the deputy of the Senior VP of Marketing for the last 5 years. Together we build the brand and the department to a " can do" standard, grooming efficient and productive staff. 
My  story is that I have been made a victim of a mutiny of staff in the marketing department.  A ring leader who resent my presence has been trying and successfully manage to get the whole unit head to threaten the Senior VP that each and everyone will resign if I am not removed.  They all say they want to report directly to him.    My boss fell for it and started to make it all about me.   
To cut the long story short, I was able to get some evidences of insubordination, disrespect and a conspiracy mooted by a ring leader in which I wrote a long letter to the Human Resource Director and my boss and subsequently resigned anyway.  3 weeks from the moment my boss told me the team wanted me out to my resignation, the whole time the unit heads started devising cutting me off all emails, all jobs and took it upon themselves to ignore my instructions.  My boss was aware of this but did nothing.  I was getting more and more depressed but gathered courage to act and behave as normal in the office and trying to get certain jobs done on my own.
Meanwhile, I was getting divine inspiration by listening to your audios and continuing with my level 1 course and the one that hit me most was - Disrespect Reality. You know something Lola, I was the one who told you that I don't know what Divine Openings feel like as when I closed my eyes, I keep having images and thinking thoughts.  But after going through your courses and the many audios - On a Sunday I told myself all this is not a reality  - this is not the reality and I can choose to change my life and my circumstances and the NOW.  So focusing on the NOW, on Monday 14th April, I wrote a letter to the HR and my boss and told them that Monday, yesterday was my last day.  It felt really good and brought tears to my eyes that I am in control of my life and that I need not be in a place that I do not want to be .  Disrespect Reality.  As you can guess, all hell broke loose and many were shocked out of their system as they were in their comfort zone. 
I am exhilarated and love the living in the NOW.  I don't fear the future even though I do not have a job to go to.  I don't even know what I want to do with my life after so many years in the corporate world and being 52 yrs - seems too old to start anew in any firm.  Still who cares eh Lola !!!  Live in the NOW - Create the NOW - Take control of the NOW Focus on the NOW and disrespect the reality - Make changes, Make choices - its up to me and my source is me and my Large self.  I threw caution to the winds when I made the decision to leave on Monday and it feels really good to do that.  
Some sessions later with the top management,   I agreed to assist the management for the next 3 months working with the team and continue  handling a multiple of projects until June.  By end June I would be able to complete some  projects and see through some changes which I have iniitated.  That will give me some self job satisfaction.
What's next after June?  Ohh lets see - planning for a trip to Austin Texas is one of the plans in the pipeline and as for my next career opportunity - this is just too heavy for me so I have left that to the Divine. I'm busy focusing on the NOW. 
I thank you Lola for your  teachings online, your audio  sessions which I listen everyday, your website, your book which I read and your newsletter and I thank you for sharing your experiences.  Did I tell you that on a good day I am in the blue and yesterday and today - I feel Hopefullness, Seeing Possibility, Self Esteem and Courage.  Thank you and May God Bless You and Michael Always.  Love Conny

Dear Lola - you don't know me (yet), but somewhere I found your site and have you on my laptop. thank you for the wonderful messages and encouragement - I like all of that I can get. Sometimes I forget who I am, and reading the great stuff on your site reminds me. I love the idea of not keeping score unless I want to, and right now I'm giving myself a big point just for taking the time to contact you, to let you know I AM ONE MORE PERSON WHOSE LIFE YOU ARE AFFECTING FOR THE BETTER. And, I am practicing smiling while I write this! Vaya con Dios, and keep on being free, Greg Quadlander

Hi Lola... I finished the book for the first time (finally) about 2 weeks ago.  Took me almost a year but there were several months that I didn't read it. 
Yes, I have noticed subtle changes but they are hard to "explain".  I laugh about it to myself.  I can't explain what has changed, what is different, I just "know".  I can't really think of much to write to you about.  Me, at a loss for words, that is something new...LOL  I have taken the book to work with me to read while at lunch or to steady myself when the negativity of the office moves me in a direction I don't want to go.  Someone asked me what I was reading.... I showed them the book.  They asked what it was about.... I didn't have an answer.  How do you describe something that is "indescribable"?   I do know for a fact that drama is something I avoid.  I'm sure some of my friends think I'm turning against them because once the drama talks start, I'm out of the conversation, whether it is me getting off of the phone or changing the subject or just shutting up.  I have no desire to be a part of it anymore. 
Something that helped me, as far as "tipping the nose up" is that every time I started to feel myself sliding backwards, I would smile.  Whether it was an outward smile or just an inside smile... I smiled.  Whenever the hint of me going someplace I knew was my small self.. I smiled.  It works great. 
I would like to ask you about "diving into" emotions.  This is the one area that I feel I am "not getting".  Or maybe I am and I just don't know it.  The ending of my marriage, 3 1/2 years ago is the basis for every negative emotion I have, feel, allow to control me.  Sometimes I am amazed at the slightest little thing that will bring that entire "emotional circus" back to life.  But again, it is much beter than it was 6 months ago. 
I have started the book for the second time this past week, along with the online course.  I eagerly look forward to my Large Self doing the driving. Thanks so much. . .  I also look forward to the day when my goal of living in Texas comes true, I'll stop by for a visit.   Gratefully yours, Pam

Two days later, she wrote:
Hi Lola, I purchased the Diving In audios this morning.  Loaded them to my MP3 player. 
First thing... as I started listening to the "How To's"  The first sound of your voice, my scalp tingled.  This lasted about a minute.  I had to go back & listen again because I missed what you were saying, I was too freaked out about the tingling! LOL I listed to Soothe The Heart.  I dove into the hurt & pain of my divorce, without the drama that I always attach to it.  I cried so hard I was sobbing.  What was so different about this crying session? I felt the pain washing away.  I wasn't doing the "woe is me, Why me" dialog as I usually do.  There was no blame, no "what if", NOTHING.  I just felt it.  I never thought about my ex once.  I cried for about 5 minutes ( I think).  The calmness gradually came over me.  WOW. 
Love, Pam

Then she wrote:
Hi Lola :-) I hope you don't get tired of hearing from me...LOL. The last couple of days have been amazing.  I can't seem to stop smiling. The time when I talk to the Divine and my Large Self  is when I am in laying in bed, unwinding and getting ready for sleep.  For months, off and on but constant for the past couple of weeks, I have what I call a stress knot in my left shoulder blade and pain in the left side of my neck.  Chiropractor helps but it always comes back within 24 hours.  Last night I focused on the pain, asked the Divine to massage the tight areas, realign the vertebra that always moves because of the tightness.  I asked to be shown what I was holding back that was coming out in this area.  I drifted off into sleep.  When I awoke this morning, the pain was gone.  It has not returned all day (which is a first).  I'm not sure what I was holding in that area but something definitely moved out. 
Also Sunday I listened to two sections of the diving in audios.  It was too much.  I didn't sleep at all Sunday night, I tossed & turned.   My small self was having a grand ole time.  I went WAY down on my instrument panel.   Monday morning I spent some time realigning myself. 
The biggest news is that today I officially became a college student again !!!! WOO HOO.  I am working on my Associates degree and then will move on to a Bachelor's degree.  I have not had enough confidence in myself in the past to actually believe that this was possible.  I had taken a couple of classes and then convinced myself that I was wasting my time.  Today on the way to the college to speak to an advisor and enroll in classes for summer and fall, I was nauseous.  My small self tried hard to convince me to turn around and not go.  Financially, I'll figure out a way to get it done.  But actually I am not worried about any of it. 
Lola, I will be forever gratefully that you came into my life when you did.  I still have a lot of work to do but the progress that I have made so far is simply amazing.  Again I will say, I can't explain it but I know this is not a fleeting, temporary feeling.  It feels normal. 
Big hugs to you... ((((( Lola ))))) Love, Pam

Dear Lola, This has changed my sister's life and I'm now seeing the effects it has on mine.  I've been borrowing my sister's book until I finally purchased my own today.  Thank you!  I've done three divine openings and I stopped but it just kept flowing.  I was "busy" and just didn't take the time to buy your book. 
When I bought the book tonight I saw your free 1 week trial and watched your video. 
I was down by the lake this evening (Lake Erie) and I took in the sound of the water flowing from a stream into the lake and it was soooo soothing!  After watching your video tonight, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and just cried.  It was a cry for God to thank him for all that I have and as I write you now the tears are flowing. 
The story has been something I've been living in.  I have 6 years sober at the end of this month and I'm writing a book about my journey in recovery.  I've had a dry spell for three months and I'm not sure what to think about "my story" but I always knew I was going to write and 6 years ago it became apparent that it was on sobriety, bi-polar and my father.  My sister's joy has made me realize that I need to by this book and focus on GOD's love and all the joys I have in my life; my sister, my sobriety,  my boyfriend, my job (that I hate), my life and my health.  I could go on but right now I'm filled with peace. 
I did reiki on my hands while I meditated on the 4th divine opening about 1 hour ago and I couldn't resist watching your video.  My vibrations are higher and I know I'm OK!  Right now at this moment typing the keys on this keyboard, I'm grateful I can spell.  Love is just pouring in me from God.  I pray for world peace on a daily basis when the time is consecutive and I know the world is at it should be.  I think I have rambled on enough and I needed to, thank you for your inspiration.  With Love, Michelle

Thanks Lola--I can't tell you how much I'm loving the Divine Openings process and your book.  I just ordered a copy for my grandfather and was thrilled that it came with the Divine Art download. With love, Sarah

Dear Lola,  What beautiful work you are doing!  The artwork, too!  As an artist myself I  delight in seeing how the Divine Grace shines brighter than even the images themselves.  I think you could paint a dead duck and it would still be a painting of Divine Grace!  (((wink)))  Perhaps I'll be able to do that, too!
I have been conscious of the workings of Grace in my life for a long time now.   One of my 'mantras' since December 2006 has been “I am bejeweled in Grace!”  I experienced some powerful changes just holding that intention. 
I am delighting in the blessings of these Divine Openings and experiencing a combination of immediate energetic releases, and more delayed and subtle ones.  Overall, I am experiencing an all-over tingling vibration in my body ( :  and noticing the ease of my breathing ~ breathing like a baby is so much more fun than bawling like one!  I think half a dozen people told me how good I looked today!  I have renewed faith and hope in achieving my dreams!
This is huge for me as a woman who moved through cancer, clinical level depression/anxiety disorder, EBV, and hepatitis C (and menopause LOL) into wellness.  I look forward to having even more energy and focus as I explore my new horiZENs ((( my new word?)))   And actualize the vision (which I wrote 6 months ago before beginning Divine Openings) I hold for my life as follows:
I reach for the STARS inspired, guided, and sustained by my deep & mystical connection with Nature & Spirit!  I ‘paddle my canoe’ blissfully down the stream knowing LIFE is but a Dream or a Magic show!   
I live in boundless true prosperity, peace, joy, and passion with the love my life.  I practice Voluntary Simplicity.  My creativity flows, my artistic success glows as I generously share my gifts, talents, and blessings with the world. I lovingly celebrate a Legacy of Beauty, Truth, Hope, and Peace for Mother Earth and ALL her children ~ ‘whilst and at the same time’ inspiring others to do the same!
I am Self-actualized!  I fly on the wings of Beauty, Grace, and Truth!
Thank you for your blessings and love!  and Divine Openings and Grace!
Blessings and gratitude,  Julie SuZaNNe “Jaguar-Woman” (meow-wink) BroKKeN

"Hi Lola, Thanks for your continued letters of information and follow up with me. I have been enjoying your book, and your audios which I ordered (diving in) about 10 days after I received your book. I have no adequate words to describe what I've been going through, yet, so I am just enjoying, enjoying enjoying it all. Basically, I believe that I am in heaven. I am so positive and full of encouragement and at ease. I have shared your book, and  and your website with my family and friends, and continue to do so. They seem to be inspired as I speak to them. I just can't help giggling, alot. Some of what you speak of, I have encountered before, I am a christian full of the spirit, and very open to the spirit world, but now your teachings have taken it up a notch or several! for me. Also, I love the vibrations theory, fact, and I feel like I'm getting answers , to the now, and some things I have experienced before. For now,  I am truly just diving in, and loving life. I ingest everything, break out in laughter continuously. I find myself suprisingly light hearted , and playfully giggling with the Divine in a teasing way.  (how wonderful is that?!!) The nose of my plane is up. I love that theory too. I even enjoy the things I don't want to now, by diving in instead of pushing them away, and you're right, they do dissolve. Who knew?! Amazing. This is a great stepping stone for me. I am thankful for your products, and what you are doing. One amazing thing that has changed, among many subtle ones, is my dreams. I always had wild crazy colorful running to or from something or someone, or looking for someone dreams.  Now, I do not. Just like that.  I have fun , loving, teasing, giggling, ecstatic with other people dreams. Once as I was waking, I felt a friend beside me nudge me and I woke up giggling! Thank you Lola, I am truly enjoying your works and I hope to meet you soon, Your methods are comfortable and so easy to share! " Thank you.  Continued love and ecstacy!   (I LOVE that chart!)   Cathy Merry Luffy


Hi Lola, I thought the session was very refreshing, and flowed naturally and effortlessly. A few months ago, the thought of my voice being recorded, I would have felt like a deer caught in the headlights, and got tongue-tied. Before Divine Openings, and my entire life, I've always been tongue-tied and had a very hard time expressing in words what I wanted to say. I think some anxiety may have caused it. Now, after 8 Divine Openings in the book and one on the phone, the words come to me naturally, like I'm reading a book in my head. It's like something opened up inside my mind, and the words are coming from a different source. I don't even think, beforehand, of what I want to say; it just flows out, like playing an instrument (I play guitar). I regard this whole experience like a movie you allude to in your book; The Matrix, which I think was a paradigm-altering concept for me. In the movie, Morpheus puts his hand in front of Neo, and presents two pills to him. If he picks the blue pill, Morpheus will wipe out his memory, and return him to the only reality he's ever known. But if he takes the red pill, Morpheus says "I'll show you how far the rabbit's hole goes". And that's in essence what I'm doing here; I'm taking your red pill, to awaken to reality as it really is, and with it, a new consciousness. 98% of people never discover "reality" as it is. Warmest Regards, Serge

"Hi Lola...   I finished the book for the first time (finally) about 2 weeks ago.  Took me almost a year but there were several months that I didn't read it.  Yes, I have noticed subtle changes but they are hard to "explain".  I laugh about it to myself.  I can't explain what has changed, what is different, I just "know".  I can't really think of much to write to you about.  Me, at a loss for words, that is something new...LOL  I have taken the book to work with me to read while at lunch or to steady myself when the negativity of the office moves me in a direction I don't want to go.  Someone asked me what I was reading.... I showed them the book.  They asked what it was about.... I didn't have an answer.  How do you describe something that is "indescribable"?   I do know for a fact that drama is something I avoid.  I'm sure some of my friends think I'm turning against them because once the drama talks start, I'm out of the conversation, whether it is me getting off of the phone or changing the subject or just shutting up.  I have no desire to be a part of it anymore. 
Something that helped me, as far as "tipping the nose up" is that every time I started to feel myself sliding backwards, I would smile.  Whether it was an outward smile or just an inside smile... I smiled.  Whenever the hint of me going someplace I knew was my small self.. I smiled.  It works great. 
I would like to ask you about "diving into" emotions.  This is the one area that I feel I am "not getting".  Or maybe I am and I just don't know it.  The ending of my marriage, 3 1/2 years ago is the basis for every negative emotion I have, feel, allow to control me.  Sometimes I am amazed at the slightest little thing that will bring that entire "emotional circus" back to life.  But again, it is much better than it was 6 months ago.  (She got the Diving In Audio set and had a huge breakthrough!)
I have started the book for the second time this past week, along with the online course.  I eagerly look forward to my Large Self doing the driving."   Gratefully yours, Pam

Dear Lola,
So much has filtered since my first encounter with you at The Expo in Austin.  There, I walked in the door and immediately saw this woman with a HUGE aura and just had to meet you.   Totally trusting my instincts, I had my first Divine Opening.  After a wonderful lifting in my crown region, I felt like my head looked like Marge Simpson's hair-do all week!!!   I have been processing a lot of anger as you mentioned also sadness and letting go of my old life.  It has been rocky but I am staying the course and am grateful for your supportive e-mails. I am writing however to tell you a beautiful recount from my sister from last night.  She was putting her son to bed when his nylon-ish PJ's frictioned against the bedcovers which caused sparks.  He loved it and said : "Mommy- look at all the magic."    He is 10, probably a Crystal Child and often channels.  Really.  Well, his legs shake and tremble when this happens and the entire bed lit up with the extra energy.  Amy said the sparks greatly increased and lit up the room.   He said : "Mom,  someone is here to speak with you.  It is your Dad and I' ve never seen anyone made of so much gold!   I can hardly bear  to see it.  He said you have lots of gold too and so does your sister Judy.  He wants me to tell you to please hold on to all your gold.  I want you to keep all your gold and magic.  You are going to be fine." I will see you again on Feb. 23 and can already feel the laughter!  Love, Judy Allman


This one expresses the playful, brilliant, creative genius that begins to replace the SERIOUS old paradigm of "working on yourself": Dear Lola, "My continued thanks and acknowledgments for this "work", for the beautiful ways of Grace that you are blessing us with.  I had the impulse to hop in my little 1990 Nissan pickup last night and road trip it from Phoenix to Austin ~ the full moon would have been perfect company!  The moon has set, the sun is high in the sky and here I BE pondering the road trip, perhaps doing the live phone sessions, private phone, noting, dare I say it, (I dare, I dare) my ~ EEK! ~ slender funds ...don't say lack, don't say lack ...well that's just adding resistance to resistance and my “oh silly me” fear of doing it wrong, not being enough ~ and “this ‘ain’t what I wanna be sitting in” ... as you can see “I’m movin’ on up!”  Humor rocks! So, fears be what they may, or “those KIDS in the back seat of my mind”.... I’m inspired to name them Larry, Moe, Curly, and their little sister Curly Sue.  Larry keeps ranting about how I’m doing it wrong, not this enough, that enough.  Moe bemoeans not having ‘moe’ money, ‘moe’ energy, ‘moe’ whatever...

Curly, (the once bald from chemo) is ‘yucking, yucking, yucking’ on about the stumble-over-fall-down-pick-herself-up-dust-herself-off  ~ rinse ~ repeat immune system issues.  (Hep C, EBV, currently respiratory and food allergies, re: dairy, nuts, garlic, gluten intolerance/Celiac Disease and the associated gall bladder/digestion/mal-absorption of nutrients issues like fatigue, and muscle pain/cramping).

And Curly Sue?  I’ll keep her in the front seat.  She’s a lot of fun and childlike innocence, sweetness, and giggles. I know Divine Openings is working.  Re-reading part your 1-week free online session reminds me to be patient, that this is a process.  “Slower is faster.”  (FYI: 'eep" is a special word my little angel 7year old neighbor girl and I play with!  Always raises the energy!)" My gratitude again, Julie  

"I just wanted to share that many wonderful things have happened since I started reading your book.  I've been able to feel emotions deeply and release old things that come up without work or processing.  I feel an upward growth in consciousness and am able to understand truths better.  Spiritual books I've read before are fresh with new insights.  My diet has improved and I'm taking better care of my body/vehicle.  I'm meditating more deeply and restarted doing artwork with the "eyes of faith".  There have been so many synchronicities. Previously, some 
interactions would leave me feeling bad for weeks and months but now bad feelings go away quickly -- like the next day!" Thank you for everything Lola,  Love and Aloha,  Nora, Hawaii  

"My connection with my Divine grows daily. Don't know what to say as I am filling with energy as I try to write you. I have come a very long way since I started your book 3 weeks ago, and things are going great when I don’t get in the way!!!!! I do find it very intense at times... I am waking with ideas to get my life moving away from issues, and ideas come to me when I stop and have time out. I so love myself more now and I have still only got to my 2nd divine opening in the book! Thank you seems unsuitable ...can't say how I feel. Wonderful doesn’t come close anymore. I am learning so much and am so calm. I am having that effect on people I deal with." Peace, Love ‘n Hugs, Eric 

"O.K. I know, I know... when I thought I was stuck you told me it was going to happen. Well, let me tell ya what has happened in just two short weeks. I started reading your book doing the online course two weeks ago. After meditation I had a feeling that my head (crown Chakra) was literally opening up. It was a feeling like my head was expanding. So much that I had to put my dinner down and just be with the moment. So powerful. One of the nights, in second week, I was coming out of meditation and I saw a burst of rainbow color and a feeling all over my body that was releasing. It was only for a couple of seconds but a feeling that I will always remember. Not orgasmic, a lot better! " LeAnn

"Thanks for being a blessing in my life!"  Judy Henry

"Thanks for your continued letters of information and follow up with me. I have been enjoying your book, and your audios which I ordered (diving in) about 10 days after I received your book. I have no adequate words to describe what I've been going through, yet, so I am just enjoying, enjoying enjoying it all. Basically, I believe that I am in heaven. I am so positive and full of encouragement and at ease." Cathy Merry Luffy

Dear Lola,
I have been searching for answers to life for the last 15 years.  I have done numerous vippassana courses and learnt all kinds of alternative energy therapy techniques.  I came across your site last night and it all just clicked into place.  I know that I’ve found it! So thank you doesn’t even start to cover it!  I immediately sent for your book and joined the course.  While listening to the first Audio, I was bombarded with energy - quite pleasant, but a bit tiring! You are the most down to earth but "up there" being I have come across,  I am truly grateful.  Lucy
Lola, When I started the online course, less than three weeks ago, I was asked what are the things that I want and write them down. One of the major things that I wanted was restoration in all my love relationships. I put my boyfriend's name first, because we had just broken up and I was most devastated from that, since it was most recent, then i put my mom's name, my sister's name and then my brother's name last. Just last week I wrote down in my journal, after listening to one of your audios, that I want to be right with those people I just listed. O.K., I need to tell you that my brother has not spoken to me in two years because I divorced my kids father and he didn't approve of my decisions and couldn't "forgive me". He is extremel y religious. Well, guess who called me on Christmas Day? Yep, My brother. It was a very pleasant and loving call. I was very accepting and was myself and told him I was happy to hear from him and that he made my day. He asked if I had the same email and said he wanted to keep in touch. Now, you know, I wasn't surprise. But it did make me realize that this is just the beginning of this wonderful journey we call life. Life, this new way, i should say. I am thrilled with this online course, your book and the group divine opening phone call on Dec.18th, that I listened in on. I'm excited to see what's coming next!!!!! Love and appreciation,  LeAnn


Lola, thanks for sharing this information with me.  I had an incredible opening after the first day of reading "Things Are Going Great....". I had moved to Sarasota to fulfill a dream I'd had since 1980 which was to re-enter  the healing arts.  I had enrolled in school in December (to start on January 9) and then "chickened out" late December.  I had let my small self convince me that I couldn't afford it, wasn't smart enough, etc. etc.  A friend of mine gave me your book for Christmas which I didn't get until January 1st.  I started reading it on January 2nd and on January 3rd I had a renewed sense of rightness in my original path and went immediately to the school and, thank God, they still had my spot available. Thank you for being a vessel of divine grace for me and all the others you have touched.  Joyce Dalbey

Hi Lola, I have never written to you since I bought and read your Divine Openings book.  Yours is the first book I read from cover to cover and really "felt" something truthful about it.  After reading it, I went through a period of bliss and knowing.  I really want to attend an event at your ranch either with the animals or a 1 day silent intensive (realistically a 5 day, but I don't have much vacation time or the funds to fly).  None the less, I accept to benefit from afar.  I was relieved to get your e-mail today because I have really been going through some very unsettling days for the past week (no-wonder) and today is the first day I have felt a lighter heart and can see the light at the end of the tunnel so-to-speak.  Please try to include me in any divine opening sessions you have because I do feel what's going on and I appreciate the help.  I can't wait for the next book/audios.  I have a life-long dream that I'm trying to help materiali ze and for the first time in my life, it feels attainable.  I am blessed to know you even from afar.
Thanks, Anne Smith, Northport, Alabama

I did feel alot of energy come through this past week. And wasn't sure what the heck was going on, but had something like more intutive breakthroughs. But, also had a hard time sleeping. That is what was making me  I felt pretty good and did move alot of old energy out. I opened your book and did the Divine Opening with your Angel picture and have felt much better since then. I even bought a Journal and started my daily list of what I am grateful for and my gratitude intentions, I feel changes already.
Love Carey, Corpus Christi

Hello, Beloveds! I finally have a moment to respond and rave about what's going on in my own life. I've been busy at work, and also busy about to move into a beautiful new home in deep South Austin, and I am excited and grateful to the Divine about that! A BIG thank you to Lola, Michael and Crystal for all that you did to facilitate this wonderful experience! I am most grateful to you all. I also coughed up some big ol' hairballs after I got home -- so much so that I wondered if I'd lost ground. But then Lola reminded us that this is just energy moving, and then those hairballs just started dissipating! I am feeling such wonderful love and peace! And even with the hairballs, I was still at the same time experiencing so much love from the Divine. I am learning just to relax right into
the love, experience it and enjoy it. It is with me constantly -- at work, at home, in the car. I am just tingling with it! YAY! WOHOO! YIPEE! :)

And, it is so funny, my boyfriend has really been frustrated with me the last couple of days, and now I realize why -Duh! The Divine movement in me is moving anger in him! This weekend I'm going to give him a Divine Opening! Anyway, I love you all very much and my heart is with you all in great
gratitude! Love, Kelly, new Divine Openings Giver

Lola, Well the newsletter article explains it! Whenever I sat at my desk the energy just drained out of me.  But now, for the first time ever, I could feel the negative flow of energy in my home office.  Problem was I never had enough energy to move it around or the knowledge of where everything should go.  But the week starting December 30th something changed inside of me.  I started searching the internet for Feng Shui tips and created a different floor plan.  Then the night of January 5th the energy just overwhelmed me.  I started at 9pm once everyone else was in their rooms (including my husband) and was up until 3am the next morning moving furniture around and dusting.  The funny part is my office chair is in the exact same spot it was before but just facing a different direction and I feel more alive. I know now that the energy intensity I started to feel around December 30th help push me to this new level of clarity. Thanks for the help! Misty

Hi Lola, in the time between Dec. 18 and Jan. 8 I was allowing myself to step aside and listen to my higher self. I noticed different types of messages pertaining to golf kept crossing my path, I have not played in over a year. I could not put this together, I have not had the time due to work. THEN my supervisor came up to me and asked if I would be interested in going from 1st shift (7:00am-3:30pm) to 2nd shift (3:30pm-11:30pm) due to they needed help there. I though absolutely not. I declined the offer. Then it hit me. I could now play all the golf I wanted. I went back and accepted the offer. I can enjoy the outdoors more and meditate more. It pays more also. It is so exciting to step back and watch the divine unfold in real time. You may not remember me at the expo in Austin Nov.30-Dec. 2 but you gave myself and Beverly a divine opening. You said I should go play some golf and have some fun, you did not know I played golf, and I thought right, when do I have the time. Well there you go, step aside and and enjoy the ride. Lola, thank you for all the good you do. David D. Austin, TX

Good Morning Lola,
I am in the process of the "divine" openings. I have had some really amazing experiences. However, I was hit as a pedestrian, 9/2/07 and was not able to do much for quite a while. Things seems to be working better now as I am physically healing. Just wanted to let you know that I am feeling the joy I felt when I was about 14 years of age. I have always been a very happy and light spirit, but sometimes life does get in the way as we allow others to cut us off. This definitely is wonderful. My question is this: I am still having some difficulty with a past hurt. Is there anything specific that I can do to totally let go? Thank you. Pat Pareja

I happened across Lola at a health and wellness expo about 6 months ago. At that point I received a hands on divine opening form Lola as well as receiving her Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting book. I did not understand some of the feelings I was having nor some of the synchronicities popping up all the sudden. Then after reading her book a lot of things fell in place. There is an astonishing chapter about diving in, like diving into your darkness/fears, that I got an abundance of relief from. Now I actually find it fun to run across what I perceive as fear and use Lola's diving in technique and still am amazed how well this works. David Daugherty, Austin, TX

Dear Lola, Thank you for your presence and everflowing energy. Jei Bi

Hi Lola, I have been growing thru a lot of change and I think more than one hairball has erupted all at the same time. The big thing was the sudden awareness brought to my face about how emotionally dependent I was with someone I love very much.  There had been a time when it was right and perfect for me to make him my "higher power" because I couldn't find my own connection with my Divine while going thru some horrific things.  The last 2 years I have changed a lot.  Suddenly I found myself in a painful confrontation with this person that revealed to me so much about myself.  Considering how painful and emotional this was for me, and I lost 6 pounds in just over a week while attempting to deal with it, I would say that in about 3 weeks I have come and gone over a major milestone, yet I see a new journey ahead.  I have a lot to digest and to accept about myself, and that I find it scary that I truly have no control over others....meaning that I love this man a lot, but he can act as he chooses!  I have never loved or trusted anyone before in my life till this man, and so this came as a shock to me that our relationship could be in jeapordy and it was NOT UP TO ME.  To say I freaked out is putting it mildly. I am doing well, and I am now beginning to job hunt and get my life on track in the regular world once more....... remember I took off for a year. The other thing I notice is that my body is changing from within.  Sometimes I can't eat foods I used to like, and I don't want those foods.  So I am losing a bit of weight now too.  My digestion throws fits if I do insist on eating some of the foods I know my body does not want!  And so it goes. My connection with my Divine grows daily..............and the big important lesson I learned thru my friend, was that I need to put ALL my trust into my divine along with all of my dependency.  Still, it wasn't pretty! That is my update for today Lola!

Hi Lola; I just wanted to say thank you so much for your emails.  My life seems so busy right now...I want to say is FULL....and I so appreciate these emails.  I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart...THANKYOU....I totally love you and your work...I AM getting it...:) Janice Cameron (Canada)

Lola, Thanks for keeping up with me, as I probably need supervision (just kidding). Well, after much groundwork and trial and error, everything is falling into place for my business.  We've acquired workers from Arkansas (and I live in Galveston), exactly as my partner and I had intended.  They somehow just fell into our laps.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Some of the most unlikely people have come into our business lives that have some promising outcomes.  So, business wise, something's working.   
  A lot of little things, too, in other ways.  I just try to be super aware, but not really vigilant.  I want to not to have to notice.  I want to just know.  Right now, I'm just being.  Kind of like "in training".
  I think I finally have either reached my limit on the frequency that I was doing Divine Openings, or something big is starting to move and it just took as many as I did, initially.  The last one I did has caused (?) me some irritability and anger for no reason for a couple of days.  I had no such symptoms up until the last Divine Opening.  I listened to a couple of your audio's (omitting the Divine Openings) and just listening sort of soothed it.  Right now I just seem here.  Calm.  Worry free.  I guess I'll know when I really get it, but right now I don't really think that I have.  Now I know what it means to "be the witness".
I found you through Joe Vitale on January 27th this year.  I read your book in 3 or 4 days, and I've lost tract of how may Divine Openings I've done.  Some thing about your web site has attracted and held me.  Something about this movement resonates within me.  As I mentioned before, I'm 62 years old and grew up in the time of the 60's and then became a medical professional.  I'm retired now (but like all intense people, retirement means just having enough free time to start another business).  I've search for a teacher of my kind of spirituality.  I know this is "it" because it is.  Nothing else has ever felt this way for me.  I know that "it" is going to happen for me...enlightenment.  Thank you for your work.  You've shown me a way to what I know in my soul is truth.  I'll meet you some day. All my love and gratitude, Kathy  

Lola responded to her: Kathy, What a lovely email!
Begin to think of yourself as unfolding INSIDE your enlightenment.
Being the witness and being calm are two of the major signs of it!
Claim it now rather than doing the mind thing of taking score.
You'll keep unfolding..... forever!


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