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We are thrilled and touched by the appreciation from many thousands of people in more than 150 countries whose lives have been graced by Divine Openings.

Everyone is different, and results vary by individual. We offer some of the notes that people send us, not as guarantees, but to inspire you, to show you what's possible with Divine Openings when you really commit and open wide to let more Grace in. (Some personal details have been removed, but otherwise, these are as sent to us.) Enjoy.

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you give and do. It's changed my whole life, and my family's too. Everything comes so much easier. Love you.
Dear Lola, I am so happy having joined the Intensive Coaching Series. Finally I could feel and move heavy energies I couldn't feel before. I am so excited what will happen next! Thank you!!!
I want to rave about the powerful online virtual retreats here. I attended the July 22 Retreat and my Long Covid symptoms were fully gone afterwards!!!! In the wideness of the stillness everything is possible. Even Miracles - for everybody: During this 3 day virtual retreat my beloved 14 year old dog Yodah suffered some kind of stroke and to be honest: it didn't look good... I felt my energy tend to fall down the instrument panel and feelings of fear and panic set in. The emergency doctor couldn't really do anything and advised us to wait. We took our sweetheart home with us. Puh....breath...
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Parvana Petra Deppe
Lola, you have rocked my world. My life is unrecognizable from how it was a year ago. There are so many changes I could share about work and my relationship with my husband.... but the thing that most thrills me is that Divine Openings really IS fun and pleasure, not work. I at first thought it was all too good to be true... but it's true. I mean, I do my part. But Grace really does do 90% when I immerse and enjoy. I love you.
Hi everybody, I want to share all these wonderful results I am experiencing during this time. Many things are coming to me in a new way. The best shit is that my health is getting better and better, it is so amazing! I move the stiffness in my body as much as possible moving my spine, doing crazy movements, getting up in time and being conscious of my feelings. I went to Austria a few weeks ago for my holidays and I was enjoying flying/paragliding and waterskiing, that would have been impossible one year ago!!!! I am looking forward to more expansion, more softness, what could be next? We h...
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Evelyn Quednau
My life has changed tremendously with Divine Openings. Most of the time I just feel good. My fourth retreat in May 2022 took me to a whole new level and is still having an impact. I am deeply grateful to you, Lola, for the path you enable with the books and portals. I'll stay tuned!!
Bettina von Roell
 "I'm doing my music now, writing songs, performing, and I'm so grateful to get to play at your retreats. Life just keeps unfolding, getting better every year. 10 times more income in May than in April. Plus I was able to easily help my friends in Bali. I intended to raise 10,000 Euros for them and to my surprise 50,000 Euros came in. Thank you for changing my life!!!
 "Update on that licensing deal I mentioned that I turned down: I ended up getting paid double the original fee and had to do half the work they originally proposed... they also want more designs as well as book ideas!! Very cool! Just letting it all unfold with ease and fun!" Much love to you,
 "I just wanted to say hi and OMG... I've been going gung-ho for a few months now, bought this business course, and today I was offered the job as acting President of the company I am consulting for. I don't know if I will take it, I'm stunned at the moment... but I think it has a lot to do with this business course. Holy Cow!"
Beth Pavur
"Man oh man! Easily making money monthly targets, being approached by dream magazine to be on the front cover, collaborations, a distribution deal, workshops and teaching invites, bustle, joy, inspiration, fun :) ... and oh my goodness, how much my business vibration has grown! Beyond what I had ever conceived... words don't even come close. Thank you so much!"
 You can easily spend a year in Portal 1, there is so much more in it than in the book! I have become very aware of vibrating things that I’m not even aware of… Perhaps a lot is habit? Or an ongoing story running that I’m not consciously aware of? But I can now really feel in my body when something is out of alignment with my Large Self. Now I know I don’t have to analyze it, just feel it. But I just wanted to tell you I’m doing good :) Thank you for all that you do.
Andrea K
"I've done everything -- church, Reiki, chakra healing, spiritual healing, books, meditated, prayed, but with Lola's work I finally started getting it. For some people it's fast, and for me, it's been slower, but wonderful, perfect for me. Take it at your own pace and don't compare your experience to other people's. We each have to release our resistance as we are able to."
"I'm a non-woo-woo black woman, so imagine my surprise when driving to my office job at sunrise, and inside the blinding sun, a blond woman on a white horse appears. The horse rears up and she says, "I bring you Divine Grace!" I went online that night and found your website (how???) and there you were on your white horse, I'm not kidding you."
"I've only read half the book, and waiting before continuing, the effects were so overwhelming. I couldn't handle everything being so good so fast. I'm not used to being so clear headed and in control of my life. I'm realizing I have so many choices. The book empowers, sets me free. You are amazingly accurate on so many points. I thank you for the gift of grace."
"Just sitting in my favorite chair this morn re-reading your book, feeling so peaceful & happy & wanting to go deeper. I NEVER see a movie or read a book twice. My short attention span doesn't allow for it (hehe). Re-reading your book again is like reading it for the first time. Going deeper is Divine! Gratitude and LOVE!" Love
"I know you said we would get something different with each reading, so true. I re-read it about three times during the first year of Divine Openings. Now, after Portal 4 and two years on, the book resonates with me now in a very different way. Very comfortable and familiar, like coming home. I know you'll understand." Deepest thanks. Love,
"Dear Lola, What an experience! Besides my business taking off like a rocket with help and sales, I've somehow started a Humane Society just by opening my mouth! This is some amazing stuff. Fabulous, stunning, thrilling, chilling, wonderful! Bless you, and thank you so very much... my soul dances. Love & Blessings to the High Heavens!"
Linda Manuel
"I'm reading your book and I'm thrilled about the marvels of Divine Openings. I've only started reading it a month ago but I already enjoy life so much more... wonderful. It brings peace not to doubt anymore, or care what others think. I just feel and listen to myself and my Large Self. Thanks Lola, for enlightening my life and ending my seeking." Love,
"Within the first three pages of reading I felt what I have always thought bliss felt like. It is a constant tingling sensation throughout my whole body."
Kathleen A
"After almost two years of Divine Openings, my life is absolutely different, and wonderful things are happening to me. I had struggled with depression for years, and now I'm pretty steady and get happier all the time."
"I have thrown all my other spiritual books away!"
"Lola, I felt the Divine Opening as soon as I held your book in my hands!! Words cannot explain. Life is already changing and I now know I am the author. I was writing a drama and now my book is a comedy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All My Love,
Danielle Perrino
"I just wanted to offer my thanks. I am starting to ‘feel.’ I have hated the word ‘God’; it made my toes scrape across the bottom of my shoes! After letting your words in about how to create my own ‘God’, well, lets just say I sat here with a smile and very much looking forward to building my new relationship with him/her! "
"After doing Divine Openings I didn't think our relationship could get better, but after buying your tantra course, 3 weeks later ... the bedroom heated up even more." D. Ledesma. San Diego, CA
"I started taking Lola's course a few days ago and am just loving it! Yipeeeee!!! Last night, I received my first Tantric Divine Opening from the course and fell blissfully asleep afterwards... Today, I am feeling sooooo mellow, relaxed, calm and peaceful as I go about my busy day, taking time to enjoy and savor everything I do."
Harmoney L
"I have been reading Lola's book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence for two years. It has helped me change life in a smooth, non- damaging way for all involved. I have had almost a year to myself and I want to attract someone on a similar path as myself. This is perfect!"
"My sex life is now completely, amazingly better than before this course. It is astounding how much I opened up. I still haven't finished this course because there's so much in it, and it gets so intense I need to take a break to get ready to let more in. The most profound thing of many things I got is that "I create it, not the other person." The other person just has to be reasonably on my wavelength for it to be great."
"Portal 2, how phenomenal it is! It makes the ebb & flow just that much more delicious! I realized just how much love from a maternal figure had been missing in my life & how grateful I am that it’s been “showing up” in my life through you!!!! I choose to inspire (rave) myself to move up another step just to see what more is there. With less speed bumps/negativity I’m feeling the difference ... I want to play, play, play & my self-esteem has majorly returned (obviously)!!!" Love,
"I feel like I woke up AGAIN. I'd lost my favorite jacket somewhere. Today, after two years, I declared I was going to find it. I KNEW I would. I not only found it, but it was stored with a brand new sweater, swimsuit, and winter hat.The location came to me in a very short time. I only looked one place. The pure joy I felt was more about realizing my power! My cousin tells me that I have super powers:) THANKS!!!!"
"Portal 2 is super cool. I have noticed a difference from Portal 1... I did the Divine Opening with the picture of you at a 5 day yesterday. That was trippy, in a good way :-) I am up to week 4 in Portal 2. You were right, it is very fun and lighthearted. Effective Questions are awesome! I'm enjoying it very much. Have a great day!" Best,

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Comparing yourself to someone else, whether material possessions, body, spiritual experiences, or intellect, robs you of happiness in the now, and causes you to miss your own gifts and devalue your unique life.
Lola Jones