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Divine Openings Reviews, Testimonials from 139 Countries

To let you know it can happen for you too.

Notes from around the world

The passion and dedication we put into our offerings is all worthwhile when we get these wonderful notes from you.

Thank you

We are thrilled and touched by the appreciation from many thousands of people in more than 150 countries whose lives have been graced by Divine Openings.

Everyone is different, and results vary by individual. We offer some of the notes that people send us, not as guarantees, but to inspire you, to show you what's possible with Divine Openings when you really commit and open wide to let more Grace in. (Some personal details have been removed, but otherwise, these are as sent to us.)   Enjoy.

Eeee!!! I just landed another full intensive book coaching client! Goddess energy activated and my inner boy doing his job to support her!
Lola thanks today’s webinar was blissful. So soft and yummy. And I learned a ton! Bridget

I have been practicing my instrumental panel in Portal 1, and today I finally got that I really got it.  My husband and I went to visit his grandmother in hospice and she is on her final hours of life.  The whole room filled with light and joy.  I realized that since I have been minding my vibration it has changed my reality at the same time.  What could have been a depressing and grief-filled visit for his grandmother's transition turned into a celebration, with so much laughter and feelings of bliss.  We left there wiping tears of pure love and joy knowing that saying goodbye could be a beautiful encounter as well. We wished her well on her journey home and she smiled from ear to ear. We have never witnessed such a graceful transition back to the spirit world before. Thank you for your teachings! They work! Nicole P.

Even though I was late to the webinar, I immediately felt myself really falling into the energy vortex, felt so suddenly connected with the essence, no time to think, just feel and be in the moment. It seemed as if I was inside a cartoon...a "plopp" and I suddenly felt the expansion of my heart, wow! What a wonderful moment! I am looking forward to watching the webinar video and audio again.  What a precious gift, thank you so was such a wonderful surprise. Woweee. Love, Tanja

Dear Lola, I send you a giant "THANK YOU". I talked to my director in school today...he wanted to talk to me because of the last conference. Before our talk, I had the feeling, that this wouldn`t be the reason for our talk. So I asked him, what would be the real reason. Then, he started to cry...telling me, that he wanted to quit his job...he talked very personally and honored me for my "shining". Wow, this was really touching and I felt such huge energy inside and outside my body....really gorgeous.

I told him, that the same thoughts would have been inside myself as well (to quit school)....and I decided to stay in school....shining my light. So I listened to him, touching his energy and in the same time, I remembered your words..."My job is to keep my frequency high". And I did!!! Yeahhhhhhhhh! It felt to me so powerful and now, so many new opportunities come up, it is unbelievable.

He asked me to be his representative in case if he is not there. He told me, that he has recognized, that I spread so much positive energy and hold the "vibration" in school high. Funny, I realize, that there are really new opportunities coming up now, when I stay in school. That`s really wonderful.

My father is in hospital, he had a heart attack. I visited him in hospital and stayed there for about three hours. We talked about my childhood, his childhood, I told him some sentences, he said to me...but really without blaming him. No, I told him, that I really love him and everything that happened was completely perfect....He did his best and I really have compassion. He told me, that he feels sorry for his former acting. But he doesn`t have to!!!! I am really honouring him. He said, ok, we can`t change the past. I replied...we changes the past, we did it, it is possible. And I felt it soooo deep inside, wow!!!! ....he was a bit overwhelmed....but I felt, a weight was falling down from his shoulders. It was such a wonderful gift to be so close to my father...wonderful!!!!!

And, what a miracle....He reads your book, didn`t get a TV in hospital...just bathing in your words. Wow, Lola, this is sooooo wonderful.
Love you soooooo much, and send you my raving-vibrations! 
Feel hugged, Tanja

Dear Lola, My name is Elda. I’ve been following and growing with Divine Openings for quite sometime now. I couldn’t be more grateful i pulled you into my life. Maybe i get to see you in person one day over coffee or tea. Well anyway, Divine Openings inspired me so much especially where the phrase “moments of causeless bliss” showed up. I had to make a song out of it. When it finished i promised myself to email you about it and sending you my gratitude. 
The song is a special collaboration project with other musicians / crazy friends back in my country, Indonesia. I hope you in some way enjoy the song much loooove. Lola have a glorious day! Elda, Indonesia

This man wrote in great distress thinking he needed professional help. He was having flashbacks of a graphic sexual assault every night. Lola told Alice what to say, and Lola intended assistance for him. Next day he wrote: "Regarding the 'sexual assault', Yes it did happen again when I fell asleep. The only difference this time was that i witnessed it 100% with no resistance. It lasted less than 15 seconds and the entire ordeal was over. Thought the team might wanna know." Feeling light, P., China, name removed for privacy

Dear Lola, I just have been experiencing huge changes in how I feel. It’s all internal stuff, of course, but now I realize that takes care of everything. I love my job, my colleagues, and I wake up in the morning feeling that all is well and that great things are going to happen. (A change from the nightmares and fears I was experiencing in the past.) My relationships with my 4 brothers and my daughters is so comforting and loving, and with my friends who are not all in the same place as me I am accepting and appreciating. I seem to be open to giving and receiving tons more love. My girls are expressing more love and appreciation every day, call me up all the time... I know you understand that through the huge love you feel for your mum. I even feel an increasing love for my mum who was not at all loving towards me! How’s that?!
I have joined your July webinar about Purpose, Passion, and Aging, because I am thinking of what I want to create after stopping work. I visited a place in Oregon that I fell in love with and where homes are affordable. The people there were amazingly friendly, and I made a bunch of friends. Quite crazy, but folks just walked up to me to say hello! No more apprehension about it all, and I’m going again in August to look some more. I know the Presence will find me a beautiful place and allow me to feel financially comfortable about it all. My daughters have been really supportive about it too after initial misgivings, and one has even offered to help me move and drive the U Haul for me! I hope you don’t mind that I keep writing you. I know you don’t, ha ha! I seem to get a divine opening every time I do!
Much love and joy, Grace. xoxoxo

Dear Lola! I thank you so much for the gift of the webinar yesterday evening, the mentoring webinars, the retreat webinars and last but not least the money webinar!  It`s very helpful and supporting! And every time it is wonderful to see you! There is no question in me, therefore I am quiet. But I enjoy the energy, so powerful, and what you said that concerns me, helps me, is wonderful. Thank you for sending us the meditations! I am so thankful very often over the day  for you, for Divine Openings and for a lot of other wonderful things in my life, words are not enough to tell you, dear Lola, and this morning I was very happy. All the best for you, Much love, Sabine Mixforf, Germany

I wanted to give you an update on my cousin Jxxx.  Talk about numb as a fence post!  It took about three years (after the retreat we brought her to) but her vibration and self worth have increased ten-fold!  She is clean from all drugs, is working an awesome job, is in love an amazing man and is getting married! Talk about a turn around!! Thank you again for helping her.  I did not know the person she had become, but the old Jackie, my cousin, the one I grew-up with and close friend is back and I am so grateful and happy!! Thank you again!!  If you want to use this as a testimonial, please remove our names.  See you at the next retreat! Love, Vxxx

Thank you Lola! The meditation with the alternate self was literally mind blowing!!! What a scrumptious treat. Truthfully I think I’m still ingesting the experience. I was very tired yesterday and coming around more today. There was truly such a blending amazing contact.

I’m loving the increase in webinars to connect. From our enlightened business webinars to the guide webinars and the intention groups and the beloved guide tribes. These connections have brought Divine Openings into my heart and home in a very real life way. Kudos for the continued development of DO.

It was such a tremendous treat to be present and participate in the final ceremony (not sure what we call this) at the last silent retreat. What a powerful experience of Divine Openings. It had a profound effect on my experience of opening and the immediate depth of the divine. Marvelous to touch celestial bodies within the flesh of our beautiful receivers. With much love, Meg, Accountant and Entrepreneur

As the Divine Openings were having their way with me, my mind settled and I found it too quiet, too peaceful.  It made me nervous, I became concerned that I wouldn't be able to take care of myself in my "mindlessness".  Now that I am more adjusted to this quieter state of mind, I'm now finding myself as capable as ever, just not so interested in collecting more stuff.  I'm much more interested in what is going on inside.  As I become sweeter and can sustain my calm happiness, a little at a time I find myself more and more satisfied.  I feel my inner spirit encouraging me to carry on with your good work.  Thank you thank you thank you. I love you still - Shelley

"Pain from fibromyalgia is gone, I mean gone."  Jeanie, Washington

If you've "felt nothing' during your Divine Openings   spiritual healing awakening lotus, Divine Openings by Lola JonesIf you're having trouble or resistance
Same article in German: Loslassen

Since I met you: my relationship to all my family members gets better and better.
I have rescued my marriage.
I am not so over-busy in my work any more.
My english is better.
In former times I was in the survival modus, now I have an idea how life could be.
I do more sport.
I am more relaxed and softer.
I understand and love me more and more.
Your books are the best I have ever read and worked.
Nicola, Eye Doctor, Germany

"Dear Lola, About a week after our phone session I was invited to come to South Africa to present on behalf of "the Americas" at a meeting with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment - all expenses paid!!! I arrived today and have just awoken from a long nap. So looking forward to this adventure.  Just thought I would rave to you!!" love,  - Lynda

Also from Lynda:
hi my loves, i imagine Lola is in pre-retreat mode and might not get this message but I just had to share with you Part II in the wild and wonderful story of our unexpected media coverage.  This week BBC did a 2-minute video on us, and the story has now been heard all over the world! Our friend heard it in Switzerland and our other friend found a Croatian translation on-line, and we heard from a lovely parent who listened in the US, we're in Vanity Fair Italia and we've been asked to do an interview with a paper in India! I never imagined that our story could touch a chord with so many...And the responses have been truly heart-warming.

And I know I've said it before, but the reason I want to share this with you is that our story is a story of Divine Openings.  There were many moments when I would not have been able to move forward in this without the transformation and support that came from Divine Openings.  I can trace the journey through my recorded sessions with Lola! And the 5-day retreat also made a huge difference.  So I just wanted to share with you that the world is joyfully embracing what you helped me to create. Love love love and so much appreciation,    - Lynda

If you Google Lynda Collins you'll see that the media coverage went viral. (Right after this Lynda did become a Certified Divine Openings Guide!) Learn how

Dearest Lola, I have to celebrate  some of my newest evolutions, changes and experiences. To leave my comfort zone and traveling alone gives me always many possibilities to raise my vibrations.

  1. All “issues”  I had  last year , don`t exist any more. Same places, same situations, same outer world, but reality for me  changed totally .
  2. To be aware of my “Stories” is such a big key!!!! oh my goodness. So many Stories not surving me I am realizing now .
  3. A big familystory showed up after watching the coaching model video about this topic.
  4. I am going deeper and deeper in my larger being, knowing more and more who I really am...
  5. Oh and then the most intense experience I had,  has been an emergency while I was sitting in a restaurant. Suddenly a woman could not breath any more. Her face has been turned  blue already. Quickly I went to her, intended a divine healing and a big loving divine mother hug. Being instantly in my Large Self,  giving it all over to The Presence. Putting my hand on her heart and  talking soothingly. In this moment I KNEW I am able to help. I felt big big energy flowing through my body, goosebumbs all over, feeling blissful while my heart was bumping heavily. After maybe half minute, she was able to breath free and  she was able to relax. Wow what an experience, I am so grateful that I was there and that I could help.

Hmmm, Lola, I am still on Bali, just 10 days left, again big big  vibration changes have been happening.

Divine openings is the best that has happened in my life!!!!!!!!!!!
See you soon at the retreat, with love, Sabine, Germany

More from Sabine, who is really committed to her path and to uplifting others!

Dear Lola, I have to tell you this wonderful story. At the beginning of my Divine Openings journey my best girlfriend hated me for being with Divine Openings. With the time she found her way back to me and I was just  radiating, no talking about Divine Openings. After a while she started to ask . She was more and more interested in Divine Openings and since some weeks she is joining my divine events. 

Since she is in my space again her life  changed and  so much magic happens for her.
Here some examples:

  • Before her Husband was very  hard and evil and let her do all work  now he is  lovingly and helping. 
  • Before big family dramas with no contacts anymore , now the whole family is happy together again.
  • Before she was an artist, to shy bringing out her wonderful paintings, now she painting like crazy, having exhibitions and is selling! 

Now Ana is my best student and just some minutes ago she   was raving like crazy about the magic happening for her.... and now I have to rave to you! Thank you  Lola, thank you so much!!!!! Magic happens everywhere! I can`t say it often enough, Divine Openings was/is the best that could happen to me! Love  Sabine

"My younger sister was adamant that I had gotten a face lift. She said I looked 10 years younger. I showed her your spiritual enlightenment book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence and said I was letting the Divine do the heavy lifting for me. My brother said he didn't know I could be so much fun. Thank you, thank you for changing my life!" Love, Betty, Ontario, Canada

Dear Lola, It's been a while since I wrote, and I wanted to update you. I have had ups and downs, but am appreciating them all. Stories about your own experiences have encouraged me to stay the course, and keep on lifting my nose up despite the many times I have to dive in and choose a better feeling. Raving has helped me a lot, and appreciating the good things that have been coming into my life also helps me keep my vibration up. I am still aiming at being unsinkable, and I know that is coming.
I did have one big (internal) meltdown kind of triggered by my daughter's wedding, and happily afterwards I had a few days off work. So I just  stayed home or went out into nature, got out your book, and listened to your audios until I was back on track. It was actually a divine time, and probably the first time I really wanted such a big block of time for myself to be alone with the Presence. I ended up being grateful for the awful way I felt because I learned that going inside is all I need. It was probably the biggest change I have ever had in how I feel.
In one of your audios you agreed with a woman saying "I wish I had known this 30 years ago." For me it has been longer than that, but yes! at least I am awakening now. My intention is to live from my larger self more and more, and know I am creating all I want. Thank you so much for guiding me. and thank you for all the additions you keep making to your website that help so many people. I love listening to your audios. You are adorable! And very funny!

Then... my daughter called me and we went hiking together for a few hours in the pouring rain. She loves the rain like me...well, I raised her that way! It was lovely to spend the time with her. She talked to me about all the things she felt at her wedding, and was really loving and appreciative. She also was feeling insecure about certain things. I was amazed that she always feels she can confide that personal stuff in me, and I"m grateful that I know how to talk to her now about loving/soothing herself and being her own best friend...just as you teach us! What a difference to be able to listen to someone and to be able to give them some tools as well as unconditional love and acceptance. I told her about the mind being an error-seeking missile, and that you don't need to listen to everything your head puts forward! She hooked onto that idea, and saw the truth in it! Also told her about your book and she may be open to reading it now. Either way, even though I wasn't parented exactly in a positive way, I am so thankful that I have been able to let the Presence parent me, and then do a better job today with my girls.

I have just been listening to the audio with the women whose mother had rejected her, and every additional session I hear from your site seems to add another level of comfort and awakening to me. Your website has been like a second home to me, and I thank you so much. I am sending you much love, Grace

From a Certified Divine Openings Guide in Germany:
"Nach der letzten "Going Deeper" Webinar Serie hat eine deutsche Teilnehmerin geschrieben: "Liebe Lola, ich möchte mich sehr, sehr herzlich für den letzten Teil des Webinars, das gestern Abend stattgefunden hat, bedanken! Ich habe ja kurz erzählt, dass ich für zwei Wochen mit meinen beiden Söhnen in Brasilien war. Das war einfach wunderbar. Schon wie sich alles im Vorfeld gefügt hat, so leicht und so schnell, dass ich kaum hinterher kam. Das war alles Göttliche Gnade, und ich war einfach im flow. Als ich nach Hause kam und so im Alltag war, war da erstmal ein Auf und Ab, aber heute vormittag gab es viele Momente, wo ich einfach nur glücklich war. Und vergangene Nacht habe ich das erste Mal seit Wochen ziemlich gut geschlafen! Innigen Dank, liebe Lola, überhaupt, für alles!" - Sabine, Germany

"Dear Lola, i have to rave about one of my patients (I am a nurse). She got a bad health diagnosis and feeling very down. So I offered her a Motherhug and told her about Divine Openings. She felt so soothed after the hug and she bought the book immediately. On another day I gave her a session incl. divine healing and Divine Opening and after her week at the hospital she said she had the best time of her life. Although she had a big operation etc she is still doing great! Isn`t that wonderful?"  Much love , Sabine, Certified Divine Openings Guide in Germany
Learn how one becomes a Guide  - You might perform these miracles yourself!
You can be personally Mentored by Lola Jones

Dear Lola and team, After a long while where I wasn't connected with Divine Openings content (a few months), because of an apartment move and big physical changes which are very good and positive but took much energy to get acclimated to, I had a dream where Lola was there, and it reminded me that I have to get connected again to the DO energy.
I wanted to say about one video that I saw on JTM where Lola guided to connect to the wiser, older self. And I have to say that it was very impactful for me in a very positive way. I clearly felt my older self's energy and him comforting me and giving me huge love, almost made me cry, and also adjusting my energy body and opening up all my chakras. Also giving me messages, very very clearly, connecting me with a much vaster and universal energy. And Lola's guidance really helped. So I wanted to say so much thank you!!!!! and bless you dear Lola :) I hope to connect with you and your energy in the future.
Thank you and keep up the amazing bliss you are giving to the world.
Yonatan, Isreal
Divine Openings is my rock, my one always-reliable system that survives every latest self help system, book, inspirational quotation  etc etc - and I should know because I was always buying the latest one; I think I have kept the self help book market in business for 20 years or more!!! Enough of that. Divine Openings has everything I need and it is so simple and understandable; I can't recommend it more. If I let it, it will change my life. Thank you. Mrs. E Griffith (contact info removed)

Hello Lola, It was amazing to me when I dreamt about a white woman I did not know. It was such vivid dream and it really made me strangely happy. In the dream I was heading for a room full of collections agents whom I had been fighting with about the arrears I had on my account. As soon as I entered the room, I saw you and was so happy that I threw the knife I had in my hand away and began to hug you very tightly. I told you I was very happy to see you again.

2 days later, I was on google trying to find a loan and I came across your book and started to download it on my phone. I have been reading the book and was amazed about everything in it. Thank you so much for realizing how much I wanted and needed to be helped and taking the time to help me and give me a mother hug in my dream.  Meme Fortune, South Africa (phone number removed)

It's voodoo I tell you! Haha....I'm in an alternate universe at work.  All because I came back to myself and shifted my focus and my vibration. Thank you, Camille, California, student of Divine Openings for many years

Thank you again for your vibration, I always ask to be held under yours until I can hold my own. My girlfriend who actually gave me your book prays the same thing for herself and both of our lives are changing greatly! I have to say that I love the truth you tell. It's funny cause things that were taught to me by others, that didn't settle right or make sense to me are all things that you expose as spiritual myths, like past life karma that needs to be paid, of your soul coming here to learn lessons! Everytime I read what you say about those myths, I scream with joy and exclaim I KNEW IT! those 2 myths never seemed correct to me, they felt heavy and oppressive to me. But growing up where my dad was a pastor and EVERYONE around me told me I was wrong and my thoughts were witch craft, its very easy to set my thoughts aside and conform to everyones beliefs. I can't express in words how freeing it is to me to read your book. My life has already changed soo much and I just started on this path in January! I can't even imagine where I will go from here! Along with how fun it will be getting there! Thank you again so very much! 

Lots and lots of love to you!

A few days later: Yesterday I received employee of the month award , which is huge deal ! And I went to the oral surgeon for consultation on my tooth, and what was originally told to me would cost me 6500 dollars and I had to pay it all up front . Nope! It’s going to cost 2000 and I only have to pay 600 up front. I did my 10 percent , which actually only felt like I was doing 2 percent and bigger self did the rest !!!! Miracle after miracle! 

Andrea K.

Dearest Lola, today is my Birthday and I am so thankful that I am living life happy, enjoying what is , being part of a wonderful world with wonderful people. Thank you so much bringing Divine Openings to me and the world, YOU were my angel saving me!!!!!( ….yeah I know that I did it , but anyway ;D

I am cruising along, fresh, full of energy and enormous power since I did realized I wanted the healing too bad. I  did get angry about my large self , getting my power back, let it go, (not looking for solutions any more) and guess what? Here it was ! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sabine Faast, Germany

Short email here to offer gratitude for your book and the mp3 recording of it. Just a newbie here but received more in the past few days of your book and recording than in all my years of “spiritual questing”. I am a former LMT. After breast cancer last year I am following a new path. Claudia L. G.

Lola Jones spiritual newsletterThings are going well for me and one opportunity blossoms into the next on a constant basis. I have been dancing tango for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. I met a man who is an incredible tango dancer and there is definitely something brewing between us. And I've snuggled into a very comfortable work life that has all kinds of variety, flexibility, and enjoyment. My sister had a baby in April so I'm an auntie now! This new little addition has brought my family together in such a beautiful way. Things really have bloomed and grown in unexpected and magnificent ways. So subtle but so satisfying.
Love, Adrienne

Dear Lola, Thank you, thank you, thank you! I read your book over three months. It was the first book I ever read over such a long period of time. Something inside me guided me to take it slow. I usually gobble literature down in hours but always closed the books dissatisfied, hungry for more. Not with this one. It was like eating something incredibly delicious and I wanted to make it last as long as possible, savouring each bite to get all the flavors. I signed up for the online course then. The Diving In audios are a total blessing. I got stuck in grief, but then let go after doing one of the audios, crying the second you started talking. It was a roller coaster of unwinding emotions, incredibly intense but feeling carried through the whole thing, knowing I would come out a different human being. This was the biggest shift ever, ever, ever! I tried so many things, working hard to get over the traumas of my childhood over so many years and nothing had helped. I finally managed!!! Gosh as I am typing this pure joy and happiness is rushing through  me in waves. There is no story anymore. I am connected to feelings I had longed for. I never used to be able to connect to pure joy, safety, appreciation and so  much more. I had nearly accepted that feeling just okay is something I can live with. I am so glad my larger self kicked my butt and sent me to you. I am so excited! I totally love it. I keep jumping through my living room, dancing around, and each time my dogs join me sharing this display of joy! It just feels fantastic! Thank you so much.    Warmest regards, Michaela, Germany

Dear Lola, This week I accompanied my mother to the hospital for major surgery. We're back at home, and she is doing fine. Divine Openings has made an enormous difference in the way that I am affected by life challenges. I love my mother a lot, and what could have been a difficult time has been just fine. In the weeks before the surgery, I felt very little worry--and I am one who was a chronic worrier in the past, especially concerning my loved ones. During the night before the surgery, some fearful thoughts repeatedly came into my mind, but it was easy to recognize them as thoughts and they didn't even have enough power to create a reaction in my body. The whole time we were at the hospital I felt very present and able to be there for my mother, and the only time I even felt nervous was while we were in pre-op, for the hour or so before the surgery. It was wonderful to feel calm, present, and capable of handling an unfamiliar situation. Thank you, dear Lola, for this beautiful gift of calmness.

Love, Alicia

Everyone's experience of Divine Openings™ is unique, so keep track of and appreciate YOUR experience rather than expecting these exact things to happen to you. Your experience may be subtle and gradual or rapid and dramatic, but the subtle experiences work just as well in the long run.  It expands with each Divine Opening, and each passing day that you apply it to your life in a soft, easy way.  


"Dear Lola,  I was fortunate enough to discover Divine Openings in 2009....I met you that year in London where you gave me a Divine Opening...wonderful! Have read your books and am so grateful for the continuing positive impact this has had on my life. This picture reminded me of divine openings. have provided the 'ladder' to reach a higher and lighter ground....  Thankyou for sharing all your brilliant insights. I hope to make ii to a retreat one day."  

Love,  Helen Webster, UK

"Wanted to rave about the new level of what I call Self-Source I've found.  It's a new level of confidence that comes with knowing even more fully that I'm the Divine and that it really actually totally is ok to act like a human sometimes. Also had a little session chat with Donna the other day because I had some diving in questions, but what ended up happening is that she encouraged me to honor my natural play tendency - I think I just unloaded the elephant I've had strapped to my back for years!"    CG, San Francisco area

(From a native German speaker) Dear Lola, …..slowly I become more and more  familiar with my amazing experiences with ‚Divine Openings' …..  hooray!

When I started in 2012 and looked in your eyes, it was clear for me, that  I’ve got all I needed for my life in this retreat.  Dear Lola, your wonderful, humor-loaded Lectures, the many mp3 course audios I heard day by day, the shifts in your life  and your trust and standing during  your  several life-changes, which you shared with the whole community,  all that encouraged me to live my life leaded hand in hand with the wonderful presence, and connected me slowly  with long forgotten and hidden aspects of my soul.  Thank you so much!
As a Medical Doctor and Psychotherapist I treated people for 25 years. I worked many years with different wonderful modalities, but in the end, forgetting myself for too long times, I felt completlly burned out when I came to the first  retreat in 2012. Afterwords the frequence  of patients recieving  help from state-owned health inssurances-dropped, and finally, I made a big shift and changed to work with immigrants for about 1 year. That cleared up my mind and I’ve got enough distance to my old habits. 
2017 we, my husband Beat, myself and our dog Anton left our house, went to a smaller town and into a small and very comfortable  appartement.  So we left  very much old stuff behind us.  
In August 2017  I remembered my profession as a medical doctor again, which was new for me,  but now with this new background of Divine Openings and soooo much grace——— the heavy liftings  of 90% for the presence   and only  10 % for me to do!
On 20 of August I waked up in the morning, and  remembered Brigitte Gleich. 20 years ago we gave lessions  for young medical doctors.Then 20 Years later,  2013 I met her  again in one of your  Divine openings retreats in Germany. 
I made a phone call, asked her secretary  to get  connected with Brigitte Gleich. The secretary said, ohhh,  Hilda Hadorn, are you Hilda of Divine Openings? I am Beate Iding, I work here as Brigittes secretary.  
Brigitte Gleich engaged me in her Office,  with three other medical doctors of different spezialisation, and three young psychotherapists .….  and now we are  three „young" ladies with Divine Openings background.!!! 
Dear Lola, thank you for listening my story! I am so glad and happy now and enjoy to live and enjoy to work again in my profession,  and to share my  life with my family, with  friends and  with the big family of Divine openings. I’m looking forward very excited to the next retreat and to a wonderful experience  in Oktober!
Thank you  Lola, thanks to all my teachers on this way, thanks to the wonderful presence, thanks for so much grace I’ve got in my life.
Hilda, now a Certified Divine Openings Guide using Divine Openings with her patients.

Sabine is German. English is her second language: "Dear Lola, „Oh Lord I am wasted and can`t find my way home…”  this Steve Winwood song I sang some years ago… now I found my way home, with your help!!! Your book found it`s  way magical to me . Somebody left it …. Now I am second time visiting your retreat, being in Level 2 and going through the certification program… Lola you helped me to help myself. That’s so grate!!!!
Divine Openings is the best what happend in my life.
Since then, I am unfolding constantly, sometimes quickly sometimes slower (depends on my resistance…) in every part of my life.
Being a happy woman now, my heart opens everyday more and more …
I am looking forward to see you next week in Rosenheim and Chieming. J J J
being very grateful,  much love,   Sabine Faast Munich, Germany

The level at which I'm operating now is because of Divine Openings, period. Lola, it's not a testimonial, it's a fact! I never, ever forget why I'm flowing the money I am now, and it's because of the expanded version of my life that I'm living because of Divine Openings.

As a beginner business person, when I thought that it meant "valuing" myself, I kept very close track of my time and my reimbursements. As my own inner valuation grew, so did my value in the eyes of others, and now I know that I will be compensated, always. I just let go of how or when. It feels so much better to me than keeping score.

It's bizarre I know, but true.

Donna, successful businessperson, Lethbridge, Canada

Hello beautiful sisters. I'm so delighted to be a part of this peace train. I to am settling back into an office environment and family time which was fuller than I'd imagined since my brothers' family surprise visit was added to my sisters family visit. Yes. Feeling the depth of spirit and body graciously moved in the 5 day retreat and also the journey of old feelings. Living the opportunity to breath into those places of doubt, self and the perceived doubt of 'other', or even disappointment. It is a journey within that travels down, following a tranquil path, gathering the essences of self, to the space which holds those feelings. To 'be' there with the divine and breathe into what exists there, dive in softly, and find me emerge from the darkness. We both exist in that place, and breathe each other in, look into the eyes of the other, the patience and compassion let in ultimately envelopes a deeper tranquility. Moaning becomes owning. As the poet David Whyte quotes, "You do not have to be good, you do not have to walk a hundred miles to repent. You only,only, only have to let the soft animal of the body love what it loves. And we know to dive in, to be there. Sooo much space in here, so precious to create more by diving in, feel the integration happen. It is the greatest gift.  Love you all. Meg McKeon

Lola, thank you again for such an astonishing, life-changing retreat.  On the drive home from Montecito, I saw a license plate that said, "And melt."  I thought that was perfect!  Every day I practice melting more and more, as well as letting my eyes be "windows" to take in the world.  The letting go, combined with the rush of feeling completely fulfilled, is incredible.  My only "challenge" is staying open to it all, and allowing it to flow as fully as possible.  I've also noticed that my busy mind is now very preoccupied with Sanskrit chants -- Om Namo Bhagavate is in heavy rotation of its own accord, which I love.  I'm far happier to let that simply "play" -- big improvement on the chatter I had going on before!  Thank you for introducing me to so much new music.  I am enjoying replaying the songs over and over, and savoring the depth of the experience -- they still bring me to sweet tears. Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!

Much love to all, Jennifer

I have landed on earth. The divinity has taken over me completely. I am hollow and empty and 100% pure instrument of the Divine. I cannot stop dancing and experiencing music. I can time travel to different dimensions in my mind and I am there past or is now beautiful. All knowledge and answers come from within me...
This just happened yesterday...I experienced pieces for past several years in and out but this time it's 10x more powerful and I know it's permanent...

Love and Blessings,

Hi there, lovely Lola,
Thank you for your Divinely Inspired book.  I am savoring every bit of it and things are changing, fairly quickly, actually.  Internally, which is what I am focused on!  I’m sure the external will come in good time, but I am having so much fun with the internal, it doesn’t matter when the external happens.  

I had to share this with you.  This morning I woke up at 445 and went upstairs to take a lovely bath in candle light.  The moon was right outside the bathroom window and she was so big and so beautiful.  So I talked to her for a bit.  She spoke to me and pulled me in with this beautiful, loving, mother energy and gave me an all-encompassing hug.  I could feel all the love and adoration She and Source has for me and for all of us.  And She was so strong and powerful and at the same time caring and compassionate.  I bathed in that hug for awhile.  It was a beautiful experience.  

I told Korey (my lovely, amazing, fun, loving, awesome partner) about it soon after it happened, around 6am, using those same words you see above.  The emphasis for me was the mother energy and that beautiful hug!  Later in the day, I opened the book and read until my next Diving Opening picture.  Guess what it was?  A “Divine Mother Hug” Opening!  I’d never even heard that term before and wow, oh wow, that’s what I had experienced so powerfully this morning!

Ha!  I have been riding on that high all day.  What a beautiful world we live in:)  

I hope you are having so much fun and loving your beautiful life and enjoying your beautiful self.  I so appreciate you and your work/play.
Big love,

My Ozzie moved over to the non-physical on January 14, 2016. While I miss his physical presence, I adore the warm and loving feeling I get from him being with me all the time. I was so alone for so long while he was going through the dis-Ease.
Of course, I find myself going to some dark places with the "what ifs" and the "last times". Oh how the mind is a wrong seeking missile. I cry a bit and tell her it's ok because he's here! I felt a poke, I've seen pennies and feathers, I've heard the songs I played for him during his transition. I have random communications from friends and family at just the right moment. I feel my honeys love and it comforts me and brings me peace.
I don't need a Xanax if I tap into the presence. Sweet soft tender love that surpasses understanding covers me like a warm blanket. I do know the meaning of unconditional love because I feel it. If my small self goes "but you said this or that and yelled in frustration during the dis-Ease". My Large Self softly whispers "it's ok - I forgave you the moment it happened". That's what Ozzie said to me after I would bellow out I'm So Sorry after.
I'm so blessed to have Divine Openings as a way to live - to be tuned into the right frequency to hear my Baby. All because I make a choice to keep my Vibration High with Loving thoughts.

Thanks for all your love and support! Kathy McGrath


You've been asking.
Life has brought it to you.
Say yes and let it begin!

Most begin with the book

"Ok, something finally gelled in my brain last night!! I do create my own reality. OMG! How many times have I heard this, but it never clicked. I was so excited to finally GET this! I saw the huge dam that I had constructed that was literally keeping everything good from coming into my life. When I removed the flood gate, everything I have been wishing and waiting for was released and fell in torrents, washing over me and pushing me along in front of the flood waters. I saw how I was keeping love at bay. Yeehah! Surf's up!!!" Penny

To Lola's assistants she wrote: I just wanted to send a note of thanks for all your help last month regarding my faux-pas with my order.  I received my newest order and am so pleased!!! I really appreciate your great customer service and follow-up, which helped me to get my books and get back on track with my personal development.

Hope you and Lola are enjoying a great week! Wishing you both a fantastic weekend ahead!
Big hug, Dale Cecilia :)

P.S. I feel as if Lola is the "motherly wisdom" I have always longed to be inspired by and raised by.  I thank Spirit for her and her courage to share what was/is inside of her. It has made a huge difference in my life. I am growing up/ evolving in ways I could have never fathomed.

Upcoming Events with Lola Jones


"Love and Blessings Lola.  All is truly well. Thank you for all you give to all of us and that we in turn give to others.  This is the way of the Lord." Debra Ann of Nottingham, NH.

"Thank you so much! Your review of my book is very kind. I am so excited and it’s all down to Divine Openings, I cannot thank you enough for what you have helped me give back to me." Sally x (after her first novel was taken on by a publisher, and Lola wrote a rave review of it.)

"Thank you so much for coming here and giving your wonderful workshop. I have spent the last two days deep within getting to know my real self and am overwhelmed just thinking about the difference I feel." Misty, Montana

"All I have left to say is "What absolutely amazingly good thing is going to happen to me next?"  ... this is a little phrase my friend came up with to help keep our noses pointed toward the positive. I like this saying, and it gives me a lift to say it. Thanks for all you do."  Susan Gebhardt

"I had a wonderful session back in June (eight months ago, when I couldn't get pregnant).  I wanted to let you know that I'm due this month!  We're expecting a little girl and couldn't be more excited and happy. Thank you again." With love, Sarah

"I just wanted to rave briefly about how amazing the website is. It just keeps getting better and better and I am always finding new and exciting info. and updates on it! I really can hardly believe how much material is on the site! I am so fortunate, as we all are, to be involved in the creation of this!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Much love,

"So much has happened so fast that I can barely even articulate it. It's too much to actually think about. Why, why, why doesn't Oprah know about you? Your work is the obvious next step to the Tolle stuff because of it's practical, down to earth, how-to accessibility. I can just imagine a diving opening on the Oprah show! I'm sending you love." Donna Wetterstrand, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

"Girl you are some kind of miracle worker.  I felt so drained and tired and now I feel like a million bucks.  I feel so much peace.  You are the real deal. Looking forward to working with you on future music and sharing the stage with ya!" Mary White

My easy button makes me laugh.  This morning it went off three times all by itself.  Some days it doesn’t go off at all but typically it sounds off one to two times a day, once right before my fingers hit the button.  Our registrar used to hate it but now she genuinely claps every time we hit it or it goes off by itself.  No one has heard it go off when I’m not in my office.  

I’m a high school counselor and it is interesting to see the reactions of students.  One student asked if it had ever gone off at a bad time, like during a parent meeting or when a student is crying, but it never has.

Today one of my counseling colleagues, who was initaially resistant to the new tone I've set, “admitted" that work really IS better when we focus on the positive.  The other counselor is now reading “Things are Going Great in My Absence” and is talking about getting his own easy button.  

Since I’ve been back from the 5 Day, my principal told me that I’m significantly different and that the changes in me have caused her to be a better leader.  She now sends me texts that include an upward pointing airplane.

I am so grateful for Divine Openings.  It is not only changing my life for the better but also positively impacting the staff and students in my school.

With deepest gratitude,

"After the 5 Day Silent Retreat my doctor says I do not need to take any more medicine. I AM SOOOO HAPPY AND SO KNOWING HOW IT ALL WORKS!!!! I absolutely LOVE this New Debra Ann of Nottingaham, NH"

"Dear Lola, I am surfing on the appreciation swelling up inside me, yet is almost too much to bear. I went to the website and there you were with big shining eyes, The Divine looking right at me. Thank you so much... for providing the one place in the world I can go to to be continuously uplifted. Everything that comes from you is so pure, so simple, so powerful that it has proved hard for me to let in at times... but now I am really committed and am really getting it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO, AND THE WEBSITE, THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ALL OF US. I am elated and tears are running down my face with pure gratitude and wonder and awe that I am loved this much... Sending so much love and appreciation your way. Love you. I AM LETTING IT IN. I can't thank you enough for all the audios, videos, our sessions and the amazing First Aid Retreat for Analytical Mind. That plus my renewed commitment has done it for me." Siana Riley, Phoenix, AZ

"The migraines I've been suffering with 1-3 days out of every week are gone! What a miracle THAT is! I've learned what was anchoring them in my life. I've just finished up with Level 1 Online. It was amazing! ...I started experiencing the Divine Energy from each audio I listened to. My listening switched from fixing myself to letting go and immersing myself in the love that pours forth! TRULY! WHAT A BLESSING! ...I've had so many of my questions answered along the way. I'd ask my larger self a question and then the next day get it answered in an audio." Cindy S.

Dear Lola, It was just over 7.5 years ago that I sat the 5 day silent retreat with you in Canada on that horse farm... I wanted to write and say HELLO as Divine openings never left me and life took its various twists and turns and I knew formally working as a Divine Openings giver wasn't for me at the time... I certainly feel connected to the energy. I recently purchased and downloaded your audio book version!  How exciting that you did that... I loved the updated beginning and just did my first DO last Sunday....I can already feel my expansion and new circuitry coming on line. I have a very strong connection to angels and the non physical...all that to say that revisiting your book has lit me UP!  It gives me such joy to play with it again...
I have decided to re read the book cover to cover doing it in order and doing the Divine Openings once a week as they appear in the bookI am in CT and I can flash back to the first time I spoke to you when I was living in Nassau Bahamas at the time and Kelly Canull introduced me to your work.
Anyway my dear...I have Level 1 and Level 2 and the audiobook and the Diving IN and the Body Scan audios to play with and I am just going to go how I am guided....Some day I will attend another retreat and will be honored to be there.  I know I considered one a couple of years ago and had resistance around cooking and working the event.  I don't have that anymore.  Let me know if I did return would I assist or would you require that I sit as a participant again?
Do return retreaters get a discount? (Yes)
I love that you are in CA and found your amazing love and still ride your horses....I love tuning into your smile and your light just by writing this I feel a wave of love and joy!  Of course hearing your voice is fun for the audio...WELL DONE for completing that...A huge accomplishment!  I am well aware of  the time that took and it really has been such a gift to me as I move around a lot and find it hard to make time to read....I am making much more time for me now and I am loving collaborating with The Presence.....receiving my first divine opening as per your instructions last Sunday was profound...and it just felt like HOME....
I look forward to playing more with you and the website... and this was all instigated by your latest news letter about'What are you Immersed in?' Loved every word... Love you TOO....  Blessings to you... Namasté   Kristine

"My Divine Openings experience has been pretty awesome... I have a strong sense of inner peace. It manifests in many ways, but the strongest is out at work. There is a lot of change and uncertainty out there and with it a lot of negativity. Before, I would have gotten wrapped up in it and spent a lot of time uselessly worrying. Now it is what it is and I am at peace with it. Another great thing was changing God from a father figure to a friend who loves and cherishes me. It is so much better receiving Divine Grace as a loving friend than as an undeserving child. Also, I have been much more able to focus on the things that I am thankful for, only occasionally catching myself thinking about lack. Which I turn around pretty quickly. One other thing, I work a rotating shift that rotates really quickly and for years have had trouble sleeping. Since I started Divine Openings, I am sleeping much better." Mike Smith

"'I'm still in a very very special place!! I'm sleeping so deeply that I'm feeling rested and refreshed everyday!!! I have no words to describe our encounter. It was so powerful that it's so easy for me to go back and recreate it. It was in our 'moments of silence' when I felt the Divine Presence. I feel that some information is been download in my body since I left your beautiful presence. I know in my heart that this is just the beginning of something that I have been waiting for it to happen. I'm so thankful." Ixora


We've never heard anyone complain they got started with Divine Openings too soon.
It's always, "I wish I had known about this when I was younger."


"I started looking at some other modalities, and the Divine just told me I was running around scared to different things instead of going within. So in the past few weeks I have been trying to go within more, and in the last week I started reading your book again and listening to audios from both Level 1 and Level 2. A lot of powerful realizations have really hit me as I've been rereading the book and listening to the audios." Kelly, Texas

"I have only done half the openings in the book, and am waiting a bit before continuing, because the effects were so overwhelming, I couldn't handle everything being so good so fast, although there were some down trends, but mostly up. I am not used to being so clear headed or being so much in control of my life and realizing I have so many, many choices.  It's taken some acclimation. The book is wonderful, it empowers, it sets me free.  You are amazingly accurate on so many points, and I thank you for the gift of grace." Angela

"I just wanted to offer my thanks. I am starting to ‘feel.’ For the majority of my childhood and all of my adult years, I have hated the word ‘God’; it made my toes scrape across the bottom of my shoes! After letting your words in about how to create my own ‘God’, well, lets just say I sat here with a smile and very much looking forward to building my new relationship with him/her! I love reading your book… again, and again, and again. Thank you, for helping me to begin the journey of opening my mind, heart, and soul; that really doesn’t begin to say enough but I promise you it is said with love. My very best wishes to Lola, and of course the whole team." Jason

"All the things that have happened (since September 2009) are unbelievable! If I could just name a couple: I stopped smoking one day somewhere in September 2009... Never again since that day have I craved or wanted another cigarette. It was amazingly, mind blowing, unbelievably easy, and it still is to this day! My relationship with my boyfriend for 7 seven years now... Looking back on it, we were real drama fanatics… but at a certain moment it all started to change, I started to change, and he changed with me on some level… Our relationship is changed unrecognizable and keeps on changing for the better." Else, Belgium, after reading Lola's spiritual enlightenment book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence.

"...I miss you and Divine Openings! I had stepped off the path a bit and got stuck in seekers energy. Geesh...what was I thinking? I know better! Despite this, however, I am moving forward in a beautiful direction now." TJT

"I have been doing divine openings for about three months. Been playing guitar for most of my life. The last two times I played guitar in public people have commented that they sensed an energy from my playing. Last night I played for some friends and one of them said she could feel love coming through my playing. I have always gotten good feedback but never anything like this. The only explanation I can come up with is that it is the energy of Divine Openings that people are sensing. Thank you." Love, Mark

"I am reading Lola's book and doing the online course.  It's wonderful and I had a huge opening when I watched the Level One online course videos."  Many blessings, Melinda

"Awarenesses of how I've been resistant to receiving came up strongly. I asked God to soften that in me and then that "opening download" happened again immediately, and He told me, held me and showed me exactly what to do...  I just experienced God in a much more intense way than ever before...  I started in my journal and God wrote back.  I've never experienced automatic writing before - what an awesome experience...  Thank you for helping me remember my way Home as I'd gotten lost lately, and for helping me to access this amazing connection consciously in my daily life instead of just on retreats." Blessings to you, Michelle Wolff

"I had a pretty amazing dream/experience that happened last night... after reading Lola's book for the third time....really taking it slow and enjoying it, letting it sink in deeper than I had before.  Some subtle things were happening around it, realizations, insights, etc...nothing dramatic at all.  Then last night I had a dream...but it felt so real, so vivid....I was somewhere that I didn't recognize, but suddenly there was Lola....she came and stood right in front of me, and told me to look into her eyes.  She said she was going to give me seemed like this was part of some sort of initiation that was happening, there were other people she was right in front of me and I looked into her eyes....and saw, well....I'm not sure I can describe was like through her eyes I saw into another world, another dimension....her eyes were very intense, with a light I had not seen before....what I saw there I can't really remember so it is hard to describe, but after a few moments I broke the gaze and came out of it, and was woozy and felt completely disoriented, like I was going to faint from what I had was pretty wild!  I've been thinking about it all day and just wanted to share it with you.  Never a dull moment.... :)" Beth

"It's so nice to actually love life and smile so much that sometimes my face hurts!  I used to be depressed for months at a time and used to think happiness was a myth.  Thanks for helping to see the light, that deep down in my heart I knew existed, but lost hope in finding it again." Love, Nell 

"I remember being STUNNED at what you did with (a woman) in that session recording (the online courses include hundreds of such recordings.) I had never heard anything remotely like it; and at that point I had done quite a bit of therapy, lots of education in therapeutic styles, worked suicide crisis was the mastery you demonstrated on that audio that persuaded me to wipe everything I thought I knew right off the board. In a world filled with spiritual enlightenment paths, I still thank my lucky stars I found you and your work years ago. These days, I get juice just from walking across the floor. I love you, and you are so much fun!"  Donna Wetterstrand, Lethbrige, Alberta, Canada

"I'm so excited to tell you all the wonderful things going on in my life! It is ALL due to what I have learned from you!" Lots of love and hugs, LeAnn, Pennsylvania

"I've jumped the business matrix, Lola. I haven't had sales like this since, oh, I forgot, I've NEVER had sales like this! The other day, we actually had to lock the doors and take the phone off the hook so we could have a 15-minute dance to celebrate the flow. I'm owning my success in a big way." Love, Donna Wetterstrand, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, after taking Level 3, Jumping the Matrix

"If I hadn't experienced it I would not believe it, although I am wide open to pretty much anything. I've experienced so many very physical miracles. In fact, I told my husband that if someone told me I was going to grow another arm, I'd just start altering my T-shirts. But those Divine Openings/downloads are something else, and I seem to be very receptive to that energy." Love, Sylvia

The "everyday" practical life miracles are most valuable. We do not encourage chasing flashy metaphysical experiences like this next one, but Lola definitely is a catalyst for them if that is what is right for that person:
"As you gave the Divine Opening I was aware of my feet ...and I saw in my mind’s eye, the hands of Jesus washing them.  The sensation of a breeze softly blowing around my ankles and feet started and continues even now, 7 hours later. Sweet!" Julie, Arizona

Life has been awesome and getting better every day since my first Divine Opening in April.  As you suggested, I came home, was simply BE-ing happy, grateful, and joyous.  Things did take a tremendous shift – all for the better! By now, I’ve released 240 pounds!!!  40 pounds from my body, and about 200 pounds of business partner!  That’s my attempt at humor.

My life has gotten so incredibly better in the last few months of Divine Openings!  Now, I’m being asked to speak in front of our real estate investing group regularly, to share my successes and tell them how I got there.  I always smile to myself, and think how grateful I am for my divine openings and, of course, to you!  Several people have shared how inspiring I’ve been to them.
Lola = Laugh Out Loud Alot. Yay, let's do more of that. Stacy, Realtor

Hi Lola, Thank you from bottom of my heart for coming in my dream as an embodiment of the divine and giving me a hug. I slept with the intention of a divine mother hug and within minutes I had a dream with you giving me a hug. I am ecstatic. Cant wait to hug you in person in Ojai :) Thanks, Amit Jain

Remember our last coaching call, where you helped me create a space for someone special in my life? Well, BAM, a few weeks later I fell in love with the most amazing girl...while I was in Norway! My first real, authentic romantic relationship since I was like 15, so it's a pretty big deal for me. Damn, Divine Openings is totally my Harry Potter style magic wand, no joke!

On that note, my girlfriend got all fired up when she read about Thing Are Going Great. She's waiting for her book to arrive... just dying to sink her teeth into it.

Let me know, thanks, and mucho love from me!
Toggo (^_^)

Thank you Lola. There are lots of rumblings within me to be sure. I am one of those smart people who has a harder time with this stuff - as you are so well aware. Right now I also have so many interests and people wanting my attention. I am asking the Presence for guidance several times a day as I clean my pipes, understand my own value and power, and figure out what all I an let go of. As I have built a rather complicated life for myself this is a bit of a task, tho one I am grateful to be having.  Love, Rox

Kristi was a police officer with a dream to own an equine therapy retreat. Now she has it:

Dont know if you remember me or not, I'm Kristi Rockley, I took your week of trainings (retreat) several years ago at Jo-Anne Eadie's horse farm and then we re-connected in texas for lunch when i was taking a linda tellington jones training.  My ranch is about an hour from where you will be (next month) and i wanted to extend an invitation to you to visit and meet my amazing herd of 9 healers and teachers.  It has been several years of incredible happenings to get to where we are now on our own 100 acre slice of heaven as our herd has come together.  I hope you are well and just drop me a call or email if you have time or are interested in connecting while you are back in our north.

Take care,
kristi, Canada

I can't thank you enough for the amazing experiences I'm having since I first discovered your website three weeks ago!

The energy I felt coming from the webpages was so strong, I couldn't believe it and ordered the book immediately. I then went back and explored further and read the first 35 pages from your book which I downloaded. I have to pace myself so as not to rush to finish the actual book (I'm nearly done now). I have now done three Divine Openings (two from your fabulous artwork) and the photograph of the Divine Openings Givers. The first time I deeply gazed at the first work of art in the book (online) I felt heaviness on the top of my head which started to run down to my fingers and toes which were tingling after the two minutes. I then closed my eyes (while sitting at the computer) and really felt an enormous amount of energy all through my body. After the 15 minutes was up I felt so exhausted I had to go and lie down! 

The second Divine Opening was the Buddha painting and after the two minutes of looking, I immediately went to lie down and promptly fell asleep for half an hour. I woke up refreshed and more energized.
Finally, I am starting to feel a bit more stabilized, and I am trying not to be so hard on myself - to just accept where I am right now and try to go with the flow. I have wonderfully supportive friends, family and two amazing teenage boys who make it all worthwhile. And now I have YOU!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and best wishes. Marcia

Dearest, dearest Lola,

I am finally free, and I'm so excited that I want to shout it from the

I'd been searching for almost 10 years, and getting closer, but always
missing something, and you gave me the final piece. I'd never heard (or
been able to hear) the piece about diving in, and it's made all the
difference. And I'm SO relieved to be able to give up the seeking :)

I bought your book back in late February, and I've been doing divine
openings weekly since then. I have your instrument panel stuck up at home
and at work, and my vibration about money (my last piece to fall into
place) has completely shifted in the last 3 1/2 months. It's been
fascinating to watch.

And now that I'm no longer afraid of feeling bad, I'm not afraid of
anything. I'm breathing, I'm here, I know I can handle it, whatever

Diving in has given me direct, concrete, undeniable experience of feeling
bad, but having something constructive (yet effortless) that I can do to
cope and ultimately feel better. I now know that if I can have the
courage to hold on and and just sit with anything, I'll be fine.

Now when my small self tries to use the threat of feeling bad to prompt
me to take action in response to a lower vibration, I can laugh and say,
"Bring it on. I am not afraid." and not react.

And I had this whole, magnificent light bulb moment in such a quiet,
simple space. No lightning bolts, just a new idea that snuck quietly into
my head, and now I am revelling in the enormity of it. Wow.

This feels like the biggest, #*!@*$! shift I have ever had, and it feels

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I'm looking forward to seeing what unfolds from here.


After coming off all that medication cold turkey (I know, not recommended) all the fear I had about not being able to concentrate and so on is totally washed way, my concentration levels are better than ever!   ...I have noticed my anger and impatience rising and have just asked myself how to let in more patience and relax more, your soothing audios are great...thanks you!

So thats just the physical stuff...on an emotional level I doing great as well..thing have been a bit bumpy, I have cried, laughed, been really angry, stressed, worried  but I can recognise those feeling now and just be with them. Like you say anger is a great catapolt up!!

I really hope to get to your retreat in Germany, I've put it out there, and hoping that the money will happen, if not, another time....patience is coming..........I would really love to be in your presence....:)

Oh.... I forgot to say, well to be honest there is soo much I haven't said  but on two occasions when I spoke to someone I sounded just like you, just the way you say things to others, it was weird..but good, it must mean I am connected to you as my teacher....

One last thing....thank you Lola for bringing this all down to earth and not sitting silently in the corner with it.

I have cried with pleasure and thanked you over and over for bringing all this to be honest I  had had enough of felt as if I had been seeking all my life as I knew there had to be more than what was shown or seen.....I was right................ and so I will be forever telling all those who ask, need about your book and website...I have already told a few but want to integrate more before I say more....

thank you, thank you, thank you.....................................


Dear Lola, Just wanted to let you know a couple things. Today is the marker of 3 months and 3 days since I started doing Divine Openings. Not that it matters, but I just noticed this morning, and the number 3 has always had significance in my life, Born on the 3rd, the 3rd child, gave birth to 3 children, successfully divorced 3 times....You get the picture! haha.
The last 3 months have been a roller coaster ride of bliss and humongous hair balls! I had a dream last night that I was at a huge house party. there was live music, dancing, food, laughter and YOU were there! You said I'm going to spend the whole night, OK?

Thank you Lola! I'm "at the Party!!!!!!"

LOVE~~~ Leeann

Dear Lola
I am a big fan of your group calls.  I experience big shifts and really positive results in the weeks following, but I specifically wanted to thank you and the divine for the very direct answers I get to my questions.  For the immediate result to the love call, wanted to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for this softly budding relationship.  Many thanks Lola for helping me open up to love.
Deenie x

You know you've really "gotten" it when you can be in the middle of the deepest sadness and feelings of rejection, but the Voice of the Presence is speaking so clearly in your head of how loved you are that the emotion becomes the most beautiful experience of any there is.  And then 20 minutes later, you are splitting a gut laughing with a dear friend.  That's what my day has been like today, and I just wanted to tell you that I DID IT!  I've made it this far and I'm exalted.  I had still been focusing on what "stuff" I still didn't have, but what I've realized today is that I have manifested around me an amazing vortex of incredibly loving people who GET me and value me in ways I hadn't been valuing myself.  And now I can feel that love pouring through me and I am overwhelmed by it.  This is what worthiness is.  I didn't know I had been feeling so unworthy, but now I know that all of this is here for me.  All of these experiences have been to show me how loved I am. 

I wanted to report this to someone I know will appreciate it.  Thank you for showing me.  Meanwhile, in the physical world, my showcase went magnificently last night and I felt an incredible power coming through me as I gave my monologue (I played a child who was being picked on at the science fair, and I came into my power and told everyone that I did my best and that I'm awesome no matter what anyone thinks!  A very fitting role, yes? ;) Adrienne

Later she writes:
Lola, It's been a while since I updated you on my unfolding.  I've let in some wonderful things in the last few months!  I finally moved out on my own, which is the biggest thing and was sort of the hub for many other wonderful things to unfold.  I'm now living in Ithaca, NY, which is a beautiful small city in Central New York.  There are hills and waterfalls right in town, and forests surrounding it.  It's filled with new people to meet and places where fun things are happening.  It's like a smaller version of Austin in terms of the feel of it... very arts and music oriented. I have a wonderful roommate, and there are frequently several boys making music in my living room!  I have been hosting weekly movie nights, which delights me to no end.  It feels so good to have a home that I have created, that I can bring people into and make them feel welcomed and loved.  

I'm in my fourth semester at The Actor's Workshop, and my acting is developing so wonderfully.  I'm now learning how to create characters with backstory, and relationships with other characters, and intentions within those relationships.  I get to write and participate in my own dramas without having to create them in my "real" life!  HAHA!  I think this is what every human secretly desires... to be able to dive into and experience the dramas and traumas of human life, and then, after a short while, step back and dust off your hands and skip merrily along until the next.  Perhaps this is how Source feels about being born again and again.

Another wonderful manifestation:  today I acted in my first TV commercial!  It's for a local insurance company, so it was a small production, but very fun and a good start to my career :)  I am satisfied and looking forward to seeing the final product.  The script was really goofy and funny, and I had a good time laughing the whole time.  I always have such fun on film sets, I always seem to find myself in the midst of the most wonderful co-creative dynamic.  

I really love my life, and I'm letting go more and more each day, even in the moments when I feel melancholy and raw.  It's all so good.
Love you, take care.

A more advanced report from Level 3, but these things can happen anytime, or not:

Hi Lola,
I would like to tell you about two experiences that happened to me in this last week firstly I was doing the eye-to-eye divine opening at the end of module 3 JTM as I was looking into your eye's in a relaxed state your image started to change you became younger and the image brightened up then it darkened and you became older this happened for about a minute changing from one to the other then I saw two images of you on the screen the more youthful image on the left and the normal one on the right as this went on I had a build up of energy in my solar plexus then my crown the second experience happened last night I was laying in bed listening to a meditation tape with my eyes closed when I heard this rumbling sound it got louder and louder and the bed started to shake and lifted slightly this all happened in a matter of seconds, this surprised me as my bed is a solid oak double which I struggle to lift at first my thoughts turned to a earthquake then I realised that it couldn't be a earthquake as my bedside tables had not sustained any damage the lamps and ornaments were normal so all I can put it down to is my large self giving me a message, afterwards I had a very pleasant nights sleep.  I look forward to more messages from my large self!

Best wishes,
Dave McLean


Hi Lola,
I just wanted to share some of the things that have happened - er, I've created - since beginning Divine Opening. I don't know if I would have gotten as much out of it (or maybe just not as quickly)  if I hadn't signed up for the online courses. I used to listen to the audios when I worked out, instead of music, and I found them to be tremendous training wheels.
When I first started divine openings (2008), I was in a high enough vibration to quit working for someone and start working for myself (was given $10,000 to start my practice), but not quite high enough to sustain it well, so I wanted a job to supplement my own income. I created a half-time job that includes vacation pay, benefits, and is supervised by a woman with a similar view of life as mine (priorities and such. she did let me take 5 weeks off!), AND is only a 10 minute WALK from my house. I liked it so much I didn't quit until a couple of days ago.
used the "get pissed off at god" "technique", then went out and had fun to create $3000 without doing anything. (this was 2009 or 2010) so cool! nobody had ever suggested that, let alone bother to tell me anger is a powerful tool to raise vibration!
attracted a situation where I receive whatever funds I need to take any classes that are truly in alignment with me (no spiritual seeking stuff, don't worry), as well as all of my herbs from my Chinese doctor paid for (my body responds very well to the plant world) (2011)
recieved an all expense paid 5-week vacation to India, plus the funds to cover bills and such while away  (2011)
received a new car (2012)
received money for a car for my sister (2012)
received an offer to be sponsored through Chinese medical school - full tuition, and I would only have to work as much as I want to.(2012)
Since the February 5 day, I was so high, I raised my fee to match :), and now I can work even less and still put away some savings. plus it's attracting more clients, and more clients who are in a high vibration! (2012)

My mother and sister are truly getting along! My sister actually called to tell me how much fun she had with my mom. They spent two whole days together, and no fights. (this is a miracle) (2012)
I've been wanting a completely optically pure natural quartz crystal sphere (it's a pretty close representation of all and nothing at the same time, and I like circles). These are rarer and rarer, but I received one (paid for) within two weeks of speaking my desire to a friend, who just happened to know somebody who's connected in the rock world. (2012)
There are of course other things, but these are the major ones off the top of my head :)
I wanted to thank you for putting your methods/view out there - my sister is resistant to trying it, but I sneak it in when she calls me with bumps. she's learning.  I have never given her a divine opening because she's afraid it will throw her life into a mess, so I just beam.
Thank you thank you!  Had so much fun this time - it was a different experience for me than the February one. Something clicked, and your unwavering, rock-solid refusal to see anything needing to be fixed in any of us beings reached deep inside me, catalyzing that solidity within myself. I can't wait to see what happens next.
love, Camille, acupuncturist

This is an exchange between two people about Divine Openings:

Divine Openings relates to ALL religions since they are all from the same Source or Divine Presence.  I have not been seeking enlightenment long, therefore I am not well versed in how Lola Jones is different etc.  I can tell you one of my more amazing experiences with Divine Openings so far.  This is the one experience that actually sold me on the book.

I am an engineer and project manager and I work for a small engineering firm for the subsea oil & gas industry.  There is a guy at work who, for the last 8 years, I did not like, and I mean that I would foam at the mouth when I talked about him or had to deal with him.  (as a side note, even writing what I used to feel about him is difficult)

I got this Divine Opening book, and read up to the first divine opening, not realizing what I was absorbing, and the very next day at work, I no longer had that pit in my gut about this guy and actually worked with him that day to finish a project. 

That might not seem like a big deal to most, but I did not talk to, much less work with, this man for 8 years and we work in the same SMALL office. 

It is not that I am numb to the feelings I had, they are just gone.  It no longer matters to me, I even joked with him that day and continue to do so now.  I also have a 14 yr old daughter who just being 14 is a hand full.  Before Divine Openings, we ALWAYS fought and I had such a hard time controlling my anger when dealing with her, and now I am much, much softer with her, and she is doing Divine Openings now as well.

Lola takes the idea of becoming enlightened, breaks it down into a manner I can understand, I mean I am an engineer right?  I have a HARD time with feelings....but I digress, Lola actually teaches you how to do it, become enlightened,  by creating a vortex of energy, or a direct flow of Divine Energy and Grace, which allows you to experience the bliss that you get when you are enlightened and she teaches you how to do that as well on your own so you do not need her anymore.  By creating this vortex of energy your energy begins to move and that is what you all want, your energy moving so you get to the feelings of love and appreciation, freedom and empowerment, knowing, joy and bliss all the time.

I have a hard time explaining what it is Divine Openings does, if you read her website, there are much more eloquent descriptions. 

I do have a warning though, FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS in the book and do not do more than one Divine Opening every 7 days.  Your body needs the time to adjust to the increase in vibrations, trust me I did to many recently because I thought that I could handle it and I now feel as though I am in the soup and Lola calls it. So now I am only doing Divine Mother Hugs this week, which helps to relax and sooth me.  Now here is the really cool part, you actually FEEL the energy as you read the book or listen to a Divine Opening.  You can receive a Divine Opening many different ways, through the art in the book, through Lola's music, via a phone conversation, or in person. 

If enlightenment is your goal, then this book and Divine Openings is a great and fun way to get there. 

I am waiting for Lola to finish the audio book for my husband.  One of the 'rules' Lola has is that you MUST read the book before you can continue with the more advance stuff, so that you have a basic understanding and an introduction to the language she uses.  I completely agree with that thought, because once you do 1 Divine Opening, it keeps working on you, months later, even if you do not feel it.  It took me about 4 weeks to finish the book, which has exercises for you to do, things to think about, etc

I hope this has answered your questions, please feel free to call me, I am much better at talking than typing, on my cell if you have any other questions and to just let me know how the book is going for you.  I have decided to become a Divine Opening giver and am now on Level 1 and will complete Level 2 and a 5 day intensive.  You might not want to go that far.  What I have learned from Lola is that there is not ONE right path or only ONE way to enlightenment, whatever works for you is what you should do and this works for me.  Hopefully it will work for you too!
Love and Light,

Her friend responds to her:
Hey Virginia
Just thought I will share with you. Its now 2.5 months since I started Divine Openings. I am so glad you replied to me and showed me the "way". Its been amazing. Life is soo much better. I am on my Level 1 online course now and my wife is almost through with the book. Our lives have turned around on its head.
Can't thank you enough. Let me know how is it going with you ?


I'm experiencing new ways of being all the time, and I KNOW that it's because your work set me free. I love you and what you do so much. Donna


Hey Lola! I just got an e-mail from Noriko, she shared her Divine Opening experience with you in Ojai from the other day. Holy crap, the energy she received must have been huge, because when I read her e-mail (and saw her pictures), I was literally flooded with bliss - it felt like it was pouring out of my computer.

So thanks for the indirect boost - coupled with the Opening I did two days ago from
your book it took some major blinders off my eyes. That's all! Lots of love to you, have a wonderful day!
Toggo (^_^) 


"Thanks. I have no adequate words to describe it yet, so I am just enjoying, enjoying enjoying it all. Basically, I believe that I am in heaven. I am so positive and full of encouragement and at ease." Cathy Merry Luffy


I have had my miracle that you suggested before I came to your Retreat could happen (healing of Parkinson's disease).  It is continuing to happen even as we speak.  It is gradual.  Happening from hour to hour on both the physical and the mental/emotional aspects of myself and of course the spiritual levels as well.  What is most noticeable to me is the physical since that has been so in my face.  The more I look for the miracle the more I experience it.  Of course.  AlLandra

"I have only done half the Divine Openings in the book, and am waiting a bit before continuing, because the effects were so overwhelming, I couldn't handle everything being so good so fast, although there were some down trends, but mostly up. I am not used to being so clear headed or being so much in control of my life and realizing I have so many, many choices.  It's taken some acclimation. The book is wonderful, it empowers, it sets me free.  You are amazingly accurate on so many points, and I thank you for the gift of grace." Angela


Instead of sending you words to express the joy I've found through Divine Openings, I thought I'd share an album.

Thanks to everyone involved including myself.  LOL!  I've been teaching English in Korea, and I wanted to share my fun
life with you.  I'm planning to move back to the U.S. this summer, so I hope to do the 5 day before I start my next adventure in America. Being away for so long (8 years) has given me a fresh perspective on home. 

I view the U.S. as a giant amusement park, and doing Divine Openings has only enhanced that. Hope to meet in person someday.
Love, Sandy (at left)


Dear Lola,
I have been searching for answers to life for the last 15 years.  I have done numerous vippassana courses and learned all kinds of alternative energy therapy techniques.  I came across your site last night and it all just clicked into place.  I know that I’ve found it! So thank you doesn’t even start to cover it!  I immediately sent for your book and joined the course.  While listening to the first Audio, I was bombarded with energy - quite pleasant, but a bit tiring! You are the most down to earth but "up there" being I have come across,  I am truly grateful.  Lucy


Simple little toast to our son who now has 1.2 million hits on Facebook and coverage on CNN.   The Nancy Grace Show is now honoring Frankie on June 26th - too much!   It is so nice being out of the way!  Much Love, Sharon Toner


This from someone who struggled for a while, and then had a big breakthrough after a session at the Jumping The Matrix level: Thankyou sweetheart - and you'll never guess what, I've been offered a second recording contract for another project! Two deals in as many days, how cool is that???!!!! I'll tell you more as details emerge, this second one is confidential for the time being. With a US record label.
I love you!  X x X x X x X   A from UK (had to take name off due to recording contract pending!)


Dear Lola, Thank you for everything, and I just adore you!

Funny story about my work world. When I first started work for my current boss 10 years ago, he had the reputation of being the worst person in our building to work for. His last exec ran out of the office screaming!

Yes, admittedly he used to be a bit of a challenge...well, put it this way, looks like in the past I may have had a thing about authority, or about how hard you have to work to please your employers.

Nevertheless, fast forward to now. He has just turned into the sweetest person you could imagine, and loves to stop by my desk and rave with me or just have a really good laugh at life. Ten years ago he used to complain regularly, pile work on me, and watch I didn't waste time chatting with colleagues, or leave work early. Now he often invites me out to lunch, and orders me wine and my favorite dessert. He and his wife buy me a couple of outfits every holiday season from their tailor in Hong Kong that I design and choose the fabric for, and so I always have fabulous work clothes. He gives me box seats to the opera or symphony when they can't go, and has even started doing tai chi because I love it so much. (In the past he used to grumble that I had been to tai chi, and he wouldn't be able to get any work out of me that day!)

Finally, when I got back from meeting the other Divine Openings givers in England last September, and we all instantly had such a warm rapport, I asked the EQ "What would that feel like if my relationships with people at work were all so warm and supportive?" It's amazing. We've all started sharing, supporting and caring for each other, hugging, and sometimes going round to each others' houses. Others come by our floor just o chat with us and feel the love! One gal said she really wished she worked on our floor.

Isn't this a crazy world? I would never have thought such a thing possible, and that I would have so much fun at work. I think that would belong in the category of writing down things you want that you would consider impossible. Dream wild and big.

So when I look around me, I do believe you don't have to work hard, that there IS such a thing as free lunches, and that all kinds of goodies can come to you when you start to vibrate in that happiness/prosperity mode, and that you can have great relationships with EVERYONE if that's what you want.

Lots of love and blessings,


I love all the great stories from the other Divine Opening retreaters!!!! So when I got a chance to talk to my husband, who minded the store while I was at the retreat, and he had a wonderful week. He sold more stuff than our busiest week in Christmas and I just got done with great day... Wow what an amazing boost for our store.

The morning I was suppose to drive home from Ojai, I woke up late but really wanted to be home by noon. I thought about and forgot about it. I left Ojai and made a 6 hour drive in 4 hours and 45 min and arrived home at 11:45AM and I never went more than a few miles over the speed limit.... I was amazed I had to even calculate the time three times to make sure I had not miscalculated.

When I arrived home on Sunday I went and got a new stereo system that we had been wanting for 3 years so I could dance in my living room and I rearranged the living room which I had not changed since I bought the house. Just because it was time for a little bit of change.... and I am so happy. More happy than I have been with it. I even sat in it for most of the day yesterday which I never go in there when my husband is not home. It was like all things deal with change were good (never the case before).

Then today I woke up this morning thinking wouldn't it be nice to have some extra money to pay of some bills and go somewhere fun. Then forgot about it. This afternoon I just got a large sum, I mean large sum of money from my Dad....  I went to my workout at curves and a complete stranger walked up to me and told me she had never seen somebody so happy and she was just having fun watching me.... WOW I don't think I have ever heard that....

I am still as happy and at peace as I was the day I left but now I am seeing the tumbling results of it.... I am so thrilled and I can't stop laughing about how easy this truly is. Oh, and I have two people that are interested in going to the retreat just because I am so happy. Heather, metaphysical book store owner


Dearest Lola Jones,

I will attend my first 5 Day Retreat this January, after two years of wonderful reveling through your two books Things Are Going Great in My Absence, and Watch Where You Point That Thing, and coming home through the Level 1 Online front gate, the Level 2 Foyer and warm kitchen wear all kinds of good things were already cooking, and into Jumping the Matrix, the grand rolling estate full of gardens, animals, joy, unending peace, and creative exploration and unfolding.

I am so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have sat more than one 10 Day Silent Vipassana courses, I have read all the wonderful Hicks/Abraham books, and read more self help from Tony Robbins in my 20s, to Seth and Martha Beck in my 30s, to all the new thought writers from the 20s and 50s, to anything that came my way that might help me help others in my 40s. How grateful I am for the inner voice that always told me to listen carefully internally. Like you, when I sat the meditation courses, and homage was given to the teachers, instead, I felt just immense gratitude, and did not buy into the part that this had to be so much work, or that I had to give my power over to the teacher, the teachings, or a long wait, or that I was to expect storms no matter what, and that it would take many more lifetimes to reach enlightenment. I wanted it now, or soon, and I wanted it to feel good.

 I knew somewhere in me that it didn't need to be so hard. I got on my knees and asked the universe for Pure Wisdom, which is the only way I knew to ask for what I wanted. Then, one day, about a year later, I was meditating, and just like that, had a conversation with a light that was life changing, was filled with bliss, and never the same. Pure joyful, rolling, colorful, electrical, relieving, balmy, laughing, light-filled bliss. For several nights after that, I had dreams of water and rivers flooding. In these I was never afraid, though often drowning or being carried down a river. Day after day I was so filled with complete knowing that everything was okay, that this actually caused me to be concerned. For some reason, though I was deeply peaceful and happy, it was also hard to trust at first (Thank you for the small self analogy, that saved me!). My husband worried I had some kind of brain tumor that was pressing on the 'happiness' area of my brain, like a nun he'd read about! Which made me laugh. But I knew I had released my shackles and was just walking around feeling light, free, home, and a little scared (normal resistance).

Having moved from Seattle, I had manifested my dream of living in a beautiful place, even better than I'd imagined! - near two mountains, a mighty river, national forests, and where rainbows are normal day to day occurrence, and eagles and hawks fly outside my studio/office window. My relationship with my husband, already good, became even more harmonious, because I was never irritated anymore, and all my need to prove anything or explain much just vanished, but still I felt sort of shaky, like my treasure was unstable, or something I had to hold on tight to. I was temporarily afraid this glorious serenity, (still there even when something sad or upsetting happened), would vanish. Yet, there was another sense from the Presence that it did not have to.

I couldn't sleep one night, too happy for sleep! and normally if that happened, I would just stay there in bed, and relish life and the resonance of the universe and feel good, meditating, or thinking up good ideas, or writing. But this night, I watched myself leap out of bed. I wanted to know what had happened to me and I jumped onto the internet and searched things like "Spontaneous Enlightenment" and "Sudden Knowing" and "Suddenly Joyful!"  I opened your site first and recognized the voices of sisters and brothers and a community and a resonance and love that was home and I kept hearing, Yes, yes, yes, yes. I loved it.

The rest has been a deepening of that enlightenment, and full liberation from seeking, from that nagging notion that spiritual life meant work and sacrifice and allegiances of some kind. After I read Things Are Going Great in My Absence, my allergies, hayfever from since I was a child vanished. A neck problem completely healed. My husband got several raises and received tenure, and said, "That was so much easier than I thought it would be!" I quit a job as director of a well known Buddhist publishing house, and within days was offered a job paying much more consulting to 40 publishers in business and technology. (I'm a literature and art person, consulting as an expert in business and software! Anything is possible!)  I got a joyful amazing new perfect puppy, more chickens, planted 12 fruit trees, and expanded our garden joyfully. The tone in my journals changed from deep and introspective to playful, joyful, and fun and beginning to almost sound....well, FREE!

What joy! Oh, and of course you won't be surprised at all to hear that any relationships that were not joyful either changed and lightened or dwindled away softly. My love for my family members grew so that my heart broke for some of the tragedies they have suffered and it broke open into such love and calm. I prostrated for the love of my family. I made peace in my heart with an ex husband, who within hours suddenly called me about something to do with the kids, and there was relief and calm in his voice.  He didn't know what had happened, but felt it. I thought, I don't even forgive, there is nothing to forgive. We created this. How wonderful.

All three of my grown children - and this is the part that fills me with so much joy, have had HUGE expansions of success and happiness without even reading the book. Jobs came, perfect living situations came, one of my daughters met the love of her life. My son decided to travel around the world and this boy with his serious economics/business major is now in Brazil making hats and "hope grasshoppers' now out of palm leaf with new awakened friends supporting their travels by their own hands, and, raving for Skye, he has never looked more joyful. He'll even describe something that happens, which he created, and say, "Mom, it reminded me of that book you are always trying to get me to read! I created it!" He 'got it' transferred through love and my intent! Or this one, "Mom, I realized I never again have to live life in a way I don't want to. I can do whatever I want. I want to be joyful, I want others to be joyful!"  This and other things like it.

Even my hard core fundamental Christian father has been sending me light cartoons, funny ones, that show a happy softening in his views. Softening everywhere I go. Friends opening. Animals happy. My husband (a scientist who is committed to not reading anything that even slightly smacks of self-help!) last night, spread his arms out at the table and held one of my hands, and looked up with light radiating from  his beautiful grey and gold eyes and said, "Thank you Universe for this amazing beautiful wife, and this beautiful food, and please....harmonize it to our bodies!" Seriously! He said, "harmonize it to our bodies." And then he started to eat like it was the most normal thing to say. Happy transfers of blessings everywhere.

I began healing friends, with intent easily. (I was doing this in the past, but it didn't feel easy. I would always feel drained and tired. No more. Now I feel like a conduit for only Good and so nothing Good is draining. it is always enlivening, calming, and I feel free of the results now since Divine Openings. Some of my most cynical over-educated philosophically bent friends have also softened, and a few have begun to read the book -  they say, at first, "Only because you are the person who recommended it, but I'm not really into self-help, etc..." And then I see the changes in them begin, slowly at first. In one old friend, I have seen a complete beautiful joyful transformation and when she is ready to create it, she'll be at a retreat too.  Thankfully we support each other and celebrate our D.O. happenings together!

 I understand that the conscious mind work I had done for so many years was indeed helpful, and thank all those upon whose shoulders I stand now. And now, through DO, my enlightenment (that was scary, I honestly can't believe that now, but it was, breifly) has become a steady light, and peace that surpasses any words, the immediate and reliable sense of inner knowing and direction that came from my awakening, and the deep, life-altering sustaining joy learning to feel everything, to embrace it all, that your books and online retreats have brought me, and by ripple effect, and intent, the people in my life. Thank you, Lola from the bottom and middle and top of my heart. I am home. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Raving....

 I feel such a simpatico with the DO givers, you, Donna, Suzanne, Gabrielle, when I listen to the audios, and on the Bountiful Harvest Group Call, and I am so enjoying witnessing my steps toward ever more joy, and unfolding. What an adventure. It looks a lot like I will be following my compelling to go through the D.O Guides Certification program, and if it's right to collaborate with D.O. to "bring heaven to earth." I am no longer making endless pages of goals, but am instead, making mind maps with values, ideas, and enjoying witnessing the great details appear as blessing after blessing from the Presence, from the perfect Void. I would like to go through the Guides Program after my first Live 5 Day in January - planning to return to the next 5 Day Retreat, and having your blessing in my hands so that I can begin the process after the January Retreat. What do you think about that exception to the Guides Cert process?

What a beautiful, beautiful life, and I am thankful every day for it.

Thank you for sharing your maps, and helping me become what I always longed to be, a conduit for the Presence.

Having fun!
Love, Jill

This finds me doing pretty good as the year comes to a close...I put on my facebook page..."for all of you that beleive the world will end December 21st... "leave all your valuables with me"  For me....I believe our ending is: we have come to an end of the old ways and coming into new loving ways that we will present to each other.  We still will have alot of fun and laughter...and we give it to lifts our vibrations. I see the love people already have for each other... there will be more....and from those we didn't suspect.
I have moved into pretty much giving workshops with my singing now. Healing workshops... helping people to come from more love and singing it into their hearts with love songs to God and people..... just plain love songs and some of my own songs.  I still love that old time Gospel and a few Love songs of Patsy's...Like "Always" and "True Love".  Done with the pain songs...good old Patsy songs like..."Crazy" They have served their purpose.
This next year I will be trying to get into Expos and churches that are open to healing energy, like I had in Duluth...God really showed me the way it will be now. I want to travel with it.  So on I go in my singing and healing world.  Things were not ready for this till now...Hmmm...the New Way for me after the solstice.
I let go of Babysitting now and to just work with myself... for this and taking a couple new classes that I'm so excited about...I've put alot of money into clearing out my life to be a good healer and being attunded to higher and higher frequencies to God.... for the healing energy to come thru.  Oh, I'm not better than anyone cause I do this. I am equal to the begger on the street and equal to the President of the USA.  Anyone can do what I do. I just studied it as it's my forte... (I was always going to be a missionary since I was little)  I know Kathy Sevig was too) I beleive we are - just in a fashion we never thought could be.
There was some wonderful highlights this year for me...Our class reunion and singing my love into the hearts of people back home at the Saturday night recall of students.   Getting false teeth..3 sets for the top..but pretty close to what I want now. Lol!!! I can enterchange if I like one above the Having some minor operations..babysitting full on when I was well.
I am so grateful for so much....When I have traveled across the states...I do not bring furniture...God just gives it to me in the next place.  I give it to those who need it..  Orlando...Minnesota... Nashville...I've  had lovely apartments and the stuff just it is the same...I have no lack for anything. I've been so blest.
Oh yes - I need a car or this one fixed..but it will all work out.  God has the plan.
I am so grateful for you all in my life.
I wish you all a Wonderful Holiday and God's Blessings in all you do.
Ardyce Elayne

These next few emails, we show you only after a few of the more practical life transformations, because those more mundane miracles are very valuable, and we don't encourage chasing fancy metaphysical experiences. They find you when it's right. We share these next emails (just two of the many we get like this) with you only so that you know that these things do happen with Divine Openings. Please know that the flashier experiences are not necessary, and that you should never compare your experience to anyone else's, for to do so is to deny the unique gifts you receive. Lola doesn't have flashy experiences, nor does she seek them, but she definitely can be a catalyst for them if that is what is right for a person:

"Hi Lola - Not sure if you remember, but we had a Divine Openings phone session while I was incarcerated in jail last year. If you remember, I explained that I was convicted of a crime I did not commit. I had lost my trial and was convicted on a life in prison charge. As you can imagine, the verdict was a complete shock to myself, family and close friends. In our phone session you had guided me through (an exercise from your advanced course) 'Jumping the Matrix', in which we discovered a personal 'pivot point' where my life took a change in probability or probable outcome. We ended the session with a 'Divine Opening', which I strongly felt after I hung up the phone with you. Basically, the feeling of the 'Divine Opening' was so intense and euphoric that I had no choice but to go back to my cell and rest for awhile. Following the phone session, for the next 5 months I continued to visualize in a relaxed and happy frame of mind the person and life I had led prior to the 'pivot' point we discovered during "Jumping the Matrix". I put my self in the state of mind that I was actually that person and what I was experiencing in jail was just an experience I somehow fell into or created unknowingly... I also spent many evenings reading your book and meditating on the 'Divine Openings' along with clear distinct visualization of being free and happy with family, friends. As I write this to you, I have been released from custody. The verdict was overturned which I have been told by numerous attorney's is a complete miracle. Very very rarely does a conviction of life in prison become overturned without numerous appeals and many years of effort if at all. Also, this court situation is not quite finished playing itself out. The verdict was overturned, and we are now waiting for the charges to be dropped indefinitely which I'm sure will happen as I move out of the way and let my new life experiences flow inline with my new state of being.  Thank you so much Lola!"  Due to the sensitivity of his ongoing situation, his name isn't shown here.
Hi Lola, Finally I can gather my energy to write you.
First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you................a million times, for the wonderful 5day retreat, and the Divine Openings. I think my inner dialogue started during the 21 days prior to the 5 days to culminate during those 5 days. The 1st day of the retreat, as soon as the silence started, I started my dialogue. I was designing my Divine Openings. I wanted to feel the Openings. Since Lola was talking about channels, tubes being opened wider and wider, I imagined I had to feel it in my head. That evening when we had the first Openings I really felt my head, so that I had to lie down flat to let it assimilate. Then I wanted to feel my forehead( the front part of my brains). During the Openings the second day I clearly saw a Light illuminating my forehead, as a screen. The 3rd day I wanted to experience movement, and power. Indeed I felt something moving downwards in my throat. The 4th day I wanted to experience Life, Sea of Life,at my heart area, and I felt my heart opening. The 5th day, The most important day for me. I was not expecting anything but to experience the "grand" initiation. The moment I was put to sit on Lola's chair, I closed my eyes, started meditating. With my eyes closed I could see all my fellow participants, and in the middle of all of them appeared a larger person. It was an elderly man with a white beard and white hair. I felt the sensation of him being my father, at the same time I felt it was me. It was my Larger Self. Then he emmited a rod of white Light from his centre to my centre, and telepathically he spoke: "start transmuting and creating now".
This was the most fabulus experience I ever had, so vivid, I still see it. It is still with me. I not only felt the Presence. I saw It, and I heard It.
This is a major step, and breakthrough in my development.
This really was an initiation, because it just started, and I am learning more and more. My gratitude, and appreciation for you Lola, and Divine Openings.      Oswald  

I hope this finds you well! I wanted to share something with you....a pretty amazing dream/experience that happened last night.  For the last few weeks I have been reading Lola's book for the third time....really taking it slow and enjoying it, letting it sink in deeper than I had before...I am about halfway through.  Some subtle things happening around it, realizations, insights, etc...nothing dramatic at all.  Then last night I had a dream...but it felt so real, so vivid....I was somewhere that I didn't recognize, but suddenly there was Lola....she came and stood right in front of me, and told me to look into her eyes.  She said she was going to give me seemed like this was  part of some sort of initiation that was happening, there were other people she was right in front of me and I looked into her eyes....and saw, well....I'm not sure I can describe was like through her eyes I saw into another world, another dimension....her eyes were bluer than blue...and very intense, with a light I had not seen before....what I saw there I can't really remember so it is hard to describe, but after a few moments I broke the gaze and came out of it, and was woozy and felt completely disoriented, like I was going to faint from what I had was pretty wild!  I am not sure what to make of it, but I've been thinking about it all day and just wanted to share it with you.  Have you heard of others having this sort of experience after reading Lola's material? Never a dull moment....:)  Beth


Hi Lola, I know there's MUCH more to come, but I am fabulous for the first time in my life and I just KNOW it won't go away...ever. I am SO Happy that this landed in my lap- it has been exactly what I've been looking for since I can remember when I was 7 looking out my schoolbus window. So I know you've heard this a million plus times before, but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. This is such the biggest blessing ever and I Rave about it everday, and it just keeps getting better, I'm 24 and I'm so glad this came to me early. I have stopped seeking. I am in absolutely no hurry to get through this, Just living and loving life. Thank you for Sharing this with all of us!!!!

Kia ora Solar Lola :]

Wow! I had no idea why my life wasn't how I wanted it to be. No matter how hard I tried to do the right thing, the good thing, the charitable thing, my life got harder. I lived in service, giving of myself until there was nothing left to give. I thought it was what was being asked of me if I were to live in love and light! Hahahaha! You just KNOW where I'm coming from don't you :]

I was a passionate dance tutor, people flocked to my classes for the soaring uplift they got. When I danced or sang I was in alignment with All There Is, it flowed through me like a lightening bolt and anyone in the vicinity got their share by latching on. I was like a conduit. But I began to feel like it was my duty, I gave it away free of charge even though I couldn't afford to but I found it hard to reconcile my devotion to service with cold, hard cash. My business crashed but not quietly and quickly. It was drama-ridden and drawn out with treachery, skull-duggery, betrayal, emotional and physical break-downs - the full monty! I know you know why :]

I went to my friend and then spiritual teacher and told her I had had enough of searching and seeking. I was sick of looking for the next thing that just might be the answer to my prayers. I was exhausted on every level and my hands bled from turning over every single pebble......I wanted out big time. Her answer to me was to try this next workshop, this next advanced level blah blah blah............Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggghhhhhhhh. I wanted to run away to the hills and live like a hermit.

Within a week I found your website.

I read and read all the free material on there. I didn't have the money to buy anything. My business had left me $40k in debt. But one day I sold something to get the money to buy the book and that was that.

It's like you're the big sister I never had. It was like sitting down and having a chin-wag over a cup of tea and everything setting itself right.

For years I've known I am a teacher. My large self has always told me that and guided me along that route. But my little self takes great delight in stopping me from stepping out; 'Who do you think you are?' 'What makes you think you can help anyone else?' 'You aren't some enlightened yogi adorned with special powers, you're delusional.' It has worked so far. But the other day, this teacher I mentioned earlier came to see me for the first time since that incident. And something very powerful happened. She was telling me all about this healing seminar and that healing workshop. This new modality she's getting qualified in. She tried to get me hooked in. She talked about some trauma release programme she'd been following and suggested I do it. She told me all about some new 2012 predictions she had had first hand from a regressed client. She told me all about how her bad hip is getting worse and worse regardless of healing and how she thinks that someone else is cursing her.....................and I just sat there barely saying a word. And I could see everything as my higher self. I could see how she was perpetuating it all and actually loving it although I'm quite sure she would protest that. It was all like a giant wheel of regurgitation. I had NO inclination to buy into any of it whereas before I'd have been after it all like a butchers dog for a bone! And when she finally left after sucking up a great deal of my divine energy, my still and peaceful self said 'You are ready to teach. It's time and people are waiting for you.' And I just knew. No bells and whistles. No fanfare or celebration. Just a knowing that it's time.

So Big Sis :] Thank you. I know I still have a lot to learn but I'm learning like never before. We'll meet before long :]

Buckets of love, Dawn


Hi Lola!!
Thank you, I have been doing great in all areas. Lost inches, jollie has grown and I have 5 people in my 8 week intensive. 2 have paid in full, 3rd almost done. My new business has grown to over 50 people in the last 3 months and getting checks weekly. I was offered a position with the company to travel all over the U.S. to promote the products and get reimbursed for it. I have been having fun. David's health is doing great (he had relapsed a bit from his healing of leukemia, sounds like now he can let it in.)   I can go on too. ;-) Dinorah

From a Divine Openings Giver in Germany who is sponsoring a 5 Day Retreat there: Hi Lola, thank you for sharing this miracles with us! I wanted to tell you still that registration got a lot of energy amping up here in Germany already too. I have had several people telling me how much is shifting for them, since they signed up - for some even since they decided to sign up! And two of my recent sessions were some of those where the "problem" which made them call, solved itself as soon as we had arranged a date for the session. By the time we had our session there was nothing left to do, but rave and enjoy the yummy energies...

If that is what happens to many of the 5 day participants now then the 5 days are obviously so smooth and wonderful, they are just gliding through because the miracles already happened in preparation :-D Which makes these 5 days even more of a miracle, of course, and what a delicious one! I am soaring just thinking of our upcoming one and it gives me so much surplus energy, it is Divine NOW. Thanks again for bringing this form of Heaven onto Earth!
Love, Gabriele


...its been a long and incredibly fast 4 months give or take since i had three Divine Openings with Lola on the phone. It has been long since then because it feels like what has changed in me and for me would usually take yrs. everything excellerated at light speed, even faster than light speed.. my days and weeks have been a blur.. and today i don't even know whose life I am in.. lol... I never thought I would or could get to this amazing, calm, peaceful place, even being in the middle of a life that really in many ways hasn't changed alot on the outside, but there is so much i don't remember. i haven't been very good at writing things down to track what's different, but when i check IN with my Large Self... or go within... i don't reconize what I find... so much old stuff is missing and that's sooo cool. The most recent thing is that i noticed how resentful i still was after all these 20 yrs of wrking on myself, and now I can't find it! It's just changed. I also started a new job and on day 1, I was making one wage and on the 2nd day my wage went up $5.00. I was like wow, wow, wow... my life is so cool now... my next adventure is to learn to drive a standard vehicle.. i used to be so terrified of things like this. It's the small things/challenges (stimulation) that makes things exciting and when i accomplish that then I can do something else... and a bunch of those adds up to alot of living, and then I can say "I can" instead of all that "I can't" I used to say. Life is very exciting. My relationship with the Divine has totally changed. When i say thank you I have to immediately say thank me, cuz there is no outside-myself God thing. i have recently started seeing me in you. I can look at someone and i see the same light in them as is in myself. We are all one. It has become remarkably easy to feel things because i just give up fighting life/The Divine. i can find myself slipping into small self thinking, and change gears immediately. Even the tough stuff doesn't feel so tough and its all ok. i have so much to appreciate that I don't have to focus on anyone thing but sit in the midst of pure appreciation... and know that i deserve all of it. I say all of this in the midst of my son going into emergency surgery tommorow to check for lymphoma. I am scared. I feel huge change happening... what else can i do but let go and not take score. I have been doing the first aid for children course for about 2 weeks and this is what showed up. I have no thought about any of it, but i still feel soo very blessed and i suppose the feeling i am feeling is not aloone, but carried through. I feel like i am in my power, in a powerful place. Signing off, being with it all. Adrienne

My partner of 15 years left 2 weeks ago. Since he first intimated he wanted to leave 2 months ago, I've been listening to level 1 & 2 audios, diving in or tipping the nose up , keeping my heart open and when I couldn't sleep listening to Soothe Yourself.  Now I feel for the first time that its ok, life is moving, energy is flowing and there is so much more on its way even though my heart has broken in the last 2 months.  So yes - Divine Openings really works.  I know you know that but it has helped me get through a really tough time and emerge more faithful and trusting the other side. It truly is a miracle of grace and I'm awed by it. Peace & blessings, Jane


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Divine Opening you gave me on Friday night in London.  It was like nothing I have ever experienced before, I felt like I was melting and as you commented afterwards, my eyes were 'lit up'.  I feel as is something very strong and profound has happened to me, I was very touched and moved by it.

I am about halfway through the book now and am trying not to rush it, to savour it as much as possible.  I will probably embark on the online course soon. Hearing you talk and meeting you was a real pleasure, you're an angel! Much love,  Helen xx


HEALING: Hi Lola, hope this finds you well ! just to let you know that i got my results back for the mammography and all is normal!! thank you for your support and for Divine Openings!  be well, Louise x


HEALING: Hello Dear Lola, good news today- I noticed my blood pressure was quite low and I called my Dr. Goldberg's office. The nice nurse Jane was very impressed  -- and I told her about the Divine Openings 5 day silent retreat a few months ago -- and how I was feeling so much Calm and Love, and that I lost 7 lbs. that week by walking the 10 acre ranch, eating great food and being fed the super good energy of my teacher, Lola Jones. She wants to know all about it. Since I carry your books in the trunk of my white Honda I shall give her one when I go for a check-up on blood pressure.

I still laugh when I asked you what I could do to stop medication. I can still see your face. lol Anyway Lola -- the next doctor vist will be the end of it. Last visit my Dr. cut my medication in half! My blood pressure was so much lower: 130/85. The young pharmacists who has been attending to all of this gave me a High Five. I bounced out the store with glee (as top heavy as I am) lol.

Since I've been home my daughters are doing way better. My oldest, Shirley is almost thru reading your book and realizes what she has been attracting to herself. My youngest said she didn't believe in God before, and now listens to me about HIM, and calls to have me light a candle in prayer and then asked me to send reiki. I said "I don't do that anymore Sweetie. I do Divine Openings." She said whatever Mom -- please send it to me -- and so I have.

Many people tell me they get strange hot to warm blasts of energy around me and that it has helped them. Just these past 2 wks. I have been laughing like Joey did at our retreat -- I can't imagine anything else but Joy and Happiness.

I started your book for the 3rd time. I am soooo happy Lola.
I feel that very Special Man coming into my life in August!!!!!!! We'll wonder how we ever Lived Without Each Other. Wow!!! Wow!! Wow!!!
With Soooo Much Love,
Your Precious Student,
Debra Ann of Nottingham xxxooo


Everyone else in my industry is experiencing a down year, but the last trade show I put on sold out within weeks. Hundreds of thousands of dollars just started flooding in. People asked what I did to make that happen. I said "Nothing." Nick, Minnesota


The Group Call last night was GREAT!  As soon as we hung up the phone, waves of Roses filled the air, encircling me with Love, Joy and Peace.  Thank-You SOOOO MUCH for EVERYTHING!  REALLY looking forward to November and savoring every minute along the way.

Much Love and Many Blessings, Steph


I feel I have been back from retreat longer than a month because of all the things that have happened since then. Like a life time away.  I started receiving about 10-20 calls a day for a week, I was doing more massages than I have done in a year or two.... (I was only getting a few calls a week lately). I was asked to leave the place I was doing massages because of zoning and ended up in a beautiful spa (as an employee) in a good part of town.  I love it there. Life is moving fast yet I don't feel I'm doing anything.  I feel more at peace yet lots of changes. Thank you for a wonderful experience and for giving me my life back.

Rave, Play, and be Blissful, Dinorah Ledesma


Lola, You and Divine Openings have changed my life so much. I'm so grateful to you. I've been sending healing to many and have a separate miracle story to send you on that.
Love you to you and all your animals! Love, Pat Thorpe


I am thinking of doing Jumping the Matrix since I won't be with you in Austin, and it looks like it's going to be fantastic.  At the moment I am simply savoring the beautiful changes in my relationships and in the levels of peace and happiness that I am experiencing. Many thanks and blessings, Grace


Hi Lola, Once again thank you. I finished my module 1 and this is what happened during my chakras experience when my crown chakras open with the white light flowing litterally and clouds envelope my whole body or maybe it was like white immaculate smoke then a white unicorn appear and Im riding on it traveling across the universe that was awesome.
hugs love, Maggie


Dearest Lola, I'm having a really good time here, and having a lot of progress. things definitely are changing, but I'm able to let go and let the divine take me to where it leads me. all is well. Thank You (: and much Love, Yonatan


We started to get notes in other languages, even before the book was translated: Thank goodness google has a free translator online at

Cara Lola, grazie. Sono felice di poterti percepire bene e così viva! la mia vita è sempre stata magnifica e la cigliegina sulla torta è stato finire "per caso " sul tuo sito!!! La Grazia Divina mette sempre tutto in riga e in ordine. wow. Peccato solo che non capisco niente d'inglese e la traduzione del e- book non è proprio perfetta, ma comunque l'ho quasi finito di leggere e sono felice. Volevo solo dirtelo.  Grazie ti voglio bene. Elisa

Translates to: Dear Lola, thanks. I am happy to feel good and so alive! my life has always been magnificent and the icing on the cake was finally "by chance" on your site! The Grace of God will always put everything in line and in order. wow. Too bad they just do not understand a word of English and the translation of the e-book is not quite perfect, but I've almost finished reading and I'm happy. I just wanted to tell you. Thanks I love you. Elisa

Lola where are you? In my head?  Yesterday morning I was making a mental note to ask you does prayer work when we pray for other people. Then I get your email  and it is talking about prayer --- yikes. Today I am on verge of losing job and really down and thinking about throwing in the towel and hurting myself and I get this message: "if you are still alive then the game isn't over yet."    Kathy


Feeling even a bit better is VERY powerful, and changes the trajectory of your life each day. This email expresses the attitude that will surely, steadily change your life:

"Hi Lola, thank you for the email and thanks again for your fantastic book!  I am about halfway through the book now and am resisting the urge to go faster because I want to savour each moment of it as much as possible.  The changes since reading it have been very deeply felt; my external circumstances have not altered radically, but the way I react to them is different - I feel there is a presence I can tap into which is a great relief, a secure internal place I can go to and feel 'at home'. I also feel much more optimistic and hopeful about everything, I believe that everything is going in the right direction now and am excited about the future.  I am incredibly grateful for all these feelings, all of which have come about from reading your book - it is so powerful!"
Many thanks and much love, Helen xx


This is a sequence of correspondence between Lola and this person:

I was on the group call with Lola last week, and have a question. Prior to the call, I'd been doing Divine Openings for about 2 months (7 divine openings), and things were going wonderful - amazing, as a matter of fact.

After the group call, I felt completely showered in love for about an hour. But since then, it has been a struggle. It literally feels as if I'm back where I started before Divine Openings. That sweet, divine buzz I've grown accustomed to feeling, is gone, and my old stumbling blocks are stronger than ever. I keep doing Diving In exercises, but so far, no change. Is there any way you could shed some light on this, or give me some advice? I'm just so frustrated and discouraged by this, and I don't know how to get past this bump in the road. The small self part of me wishes I had never jumped on that call.
Thanks so much for your time, I really appreciate you.
Toggo ♥

Dear Toggo,
On the call, you hit something deeper and it's a great blessing. Every feeling is a gift, and we mustn't get attached to feeling only bliss. Stop resisting it and making it wrong, and your diving in will succeed. Say to yourself, "I hate these feelings, but I will be there for myself and embrace even those aspects of me that I do not like to experience."
Good things follow these deepenings.

(He went back up.)



Dear Lola,
Thank you so much for your wonderful advice. I will take it and embrace whatever comes my way. As I finished reading your e-mail, I was overcome by this amazing feeling of light "lifting" me from inside, accompanied by the calm knowing that everything I'm experiencing is perfect. Then came the slightly stranger part: All of a sudden I heard the (inner) voice of a computer-esque sounding female that said "Download complete".

It made me giggle & instantly flashed me back to a dream I had the night before the Group Call last Tuesday. Before I fell asleep, I still hadn't made up my mind whether or not to take part in the call. I fell asleep and had the longest, most amazing dream, where you took me through this very involved Divine Opening process that actually was a big pain in the butt.
However, by the end of it I felt amazing and filled with light, and the last thing I remember before waking up was saying "Wow, it's the process, isn't it? It's SO worth it". And you smiled and nodded. I woke up and knew I had to be on that call.

So when I just got hit with all this light and giggly energy, followed by the lady saying "Download complete", it felt as if the divine download that started the night before the Group Call just finished downloading, with the arrival of your e-mail. Pretty cool.
So thanks Lola, you seriously rocketh!
Toggo (^_^)


Since Divine Opening I am filled every day with constant wonder and amazement and gratitude now that I am on the right path.  My life is a joy every day.  Even on days when it might not appear to be (toddler is sick, baby is kicking me and it hurts, I’m tired, etc!).  I cannot imagine ever going back to "that place" of feeling so horrible and fearful and scared of money again or anything else for that matter.



On Friday morning, I felt so great!  I'm still "up" and reading the book helps so much!  I'm so glad I read it about four times before I ever went to 5-Day.  Now I'm reading it again.  I don't know how to say it, I guess reading it all page by page just makes me happy.  Hits me at some core. I opened it up again on Friday morning and wished I'd never let a day go by. Stacy Payne


HEALING: My own personal experience with Divine Openings has brought me such happiness and inner peace, improved relationships with my family members, and I have experienced a profound physical healing with my menstrual cycle.  Fibroids and excessive bleeding of five years, GONE within two months.  Jeanie Anthony

I've done healings on my friend who has hospice and we've now gone to lunch twice.. . also done healings on my friend with MS - she says she's sleeping much better,  have done some others but not gotten feedback - just sending out the energy. . . . . 

As for me, the numbness in my face is gone!  I had an app't w/ my dr. today and told him I was no longer eating my anger. . . . he loved it!  He said he was going to use that line on his patients!. . . . . 

Love you soooo much. Ev



HEALING: Miss Lola, I run a weekly healing circle and let me tell you that we are seeing miracle healings on a weekly basis:

Eye issues resolving

Lower back problem of 2 years resolved


....and I am talking 'in minutes' and with one woman with a snap of the finger.  I mean that literally. can it get any better than this?  Smooches and love, Erica


HEALING: Hi Lola, HUGE IMPROVEMENTS! YAY! I Want to be a Giver!

My Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and so on are all PERFECTI Yes their exact words! And I mean perfect for a young healthy 20 year old, lol, I'm 51.

I have gone from being stuck with only bus service to getting lots of ride offers!

I am off the depression meds, my case is closed!

Stuff like that, Great stuff! My Doctor is checking out your site~!

Get started on your own Divine Openings adventure

I've had some significant movement since receiving my Divine Opening with you live last week.  Bottom line, my faith and relationship with the Divine has been renewed. Although I am in major transition in my life, I am trusting that everything is reorganizing in a way that represents a quantum shift in my reality! At first I had some intense clearing of feelings and the result is much more inner peace along with old emotional pain dissolving. I am savoring times I feel bathed in higher frequencies. More and more I feel held and that I can relax into much more ease and abundance in my life. I also am thoroughly enjoying reading your book.  I love your unshakable faith, your playfulness, that you are a "powerhouse renegade," and how your wisdom cuts through to profound truth. I so resonate with your message of letting the divine take care of us in every way. Thanks again for being yourself in such a powerful way. I learn a lot from your modeling. Thanks also for the prep work you did that "tenderized" me to be receptive to the Divine Opening. Much Love, Naraya

My daughter lives in Austin and introduced me to your work, including giving me your book as a Christmas present.  It is what I have been searching for over 30 years.  Love, Faith

Hi Lola,
I felt I should let you know about my new bliss creating activity.  
The other week I was watching one of your videos of a retreat and saw the non habitual movement and I thought 'I'll have a go at that'.  I put on some music,  cranked the sound up and off I went.  The next moment I was joined by my three dogs (a Great Dane, a Springer Spaniel and a Terrier) the three of us happily galumphed around the room, they were jumping all over the place and between us we stirred up quite a dust and dog hair storm (housework is not my speciality).  All four of us were thoroughly enjoying it and I reckon if dogs could grin their smiles would have been as broad as mine.  I think we almost went out of the top of the altitude scale it was great.  It is becoming a regular activity and as soon as I crank the music up and get up they join me in great expectation and it is just as brilliant each time.  
I follow this up with some relaxation/meditation - the dogs lie down at this stage.  After this I feel as if my small self has taken a holiday and at these times I am aware of the world and my place in it and it is all divine, the dogs seem pretty blissed out too!
The dogs and I thank you
Love Alison

Hi Lola, I can't believe that it is over two weeks since the UK intensive.

What an amazing couple of days we had.  It was so great to see you and be able to sit there and drink it all in.  The energy was so beautiful and benevolent, uplifting and inspiring.  The group was wonderful, what a great mix of characters.

Well, in two weeks I have gone from feeling so connected and deep and still within, to being in that hurricane you were talking about.  My goodness, what a lot of stuff is coming at me, and I am finding it a bit tricky to stay 'in the eye' of this hurricane.

However, what I am noticing is that I am so aware of how differently I am reacting to the things that are coming up.  I have often been a 'spiritual bypasser', and it is so refreshing to say (well, yell!), I'm really stressed now...... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh - then smile and say 'I feel better now'.

What I have noticed is that I can't be bothered to make an issue out of things, which I definately would have done before, AND, the best thing really is that I can honestly say that I have been able to accept things without wanting to blame others and instead have felt compassion laced with humour. This is really BIG for me (in respect of my family).

Thank you so much for coming to see us in UK.  You really are a radiant being you know.

Much love, Marion

HEALING: I only recently ordered your book ... NOW:

Stuff can now show up in hours or days.

The "mosquito" ringtones kids download that no one over 20 is supposed to be able to hear? I hear PAST that range, to 21.1 kHz! I can't help laughing when younger people can't hear it! My pest defense bug chaser sounds loud to me (the only drawback).

The "numb" spot in my leg the doc said nothing could be done about is fine.

My ankles are normal sized most of the time, that's finally leaving.

I can hardly wait to see what comes next!

(Not worshiping the gurus sounds like one of those "tests" - after you know you are "Divine" as anyone, why worship another?)

Lola and Crystal, I truly love you both..... Words just can not describe..... p.s. Thank you for this evening's call. Sincerely, Geevani

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Hi Lola, While I was in Maine, I discovered my entire unpleasant past coming up and devastating me to a waterfall of tears.  It was truly scary, but I went with it. I later realized I was probably opening and removing all the psychological blocking that would impair my openings unless I went with the flow of the pain. Emotional pain that may appear again I suppose, but I'd rather get rid of it now and move on.  After two days, I was much better.  I think the change to do one opening every two weeks, instead of one week, is a good change.  I had originally read through the entire book and done two openings.  Couldn't stop myself, after all, it's very exciting stuff.
After my breakthrough of pain in Maine (hmmm),  I decided to read very very slowly as you first suggested. I read each word, and am not up to the first opening yet.  Each word has had a major effect on me.  I can see very clearly that I am changing.  I see and hear things I never heard or saw before...  words come out of my mouth that surprise me.  I am deleting all other so called "spiritual 'helping'" and staying only with The Lola Papers as I like to call them.  I find myself choosing not to speak, when before Lola, I would speak non stop on any issue.  Now I am silent.  Very unusual for me.  Do you like that? "B L." (Before Lola) Kisses,  Angela

Last Friday, I read the selected excerpts on your website, and when I closed my eyes at the end per your instructions, I perceived a marvelous clarity of my identity as not just a separate person but as an extension and embodiment of more. These are things I had heard and considered before, but this time it became personal to me. It charged me up so much that people were looking at me in a new way. When I got back from lunch, I immediately and without reservation ordered your book; what I would have considered an impulse buy before was now a vitally needed resource that I wanted to latch onto with both hands. I downloaded the first portion and treated myself to both the Divine Openings contained therein. A double whammy!

I have had deep anger issues for most of my life, since I was about three. I have been told that I need bipolar medication by my father (he is bipolar) and that I am a borderline sociopath by others. It has been affecting my marriage and career. But now, as I am writing this, it seems that I am writing about someone else. Over the weekend, I had moments of real happiness. My wife and I got along so well that she didn't know what to think and I enjoyed time with my son. After the Divine Openings, it felt as though a weight had been lifted from my heart, and I mean that literally: my body felt lighter and I felt and still feel like I am about to be lifted up. Over these last few days, I have at times felt ebullience and joy welling up in my chest that I could not contain. I feel an openness in my chest, throat, forehead and on top of my head; the upper chakras.

So thank you, thank you so much for doing what you do and being who you are. I can't wait to see what the future holds!      In happiness, Will

My first Divine Opening was in May. I had a wonderful physical healing, as well as even more peace in my heart. Everything is smoother, and I recognize I do not have any ambition to do anything or make anything happen. I am just interested in being utilized in the best way possible. Angel

When I first was introduced to Divine Openings over 2 yrs ago, I had been separated from my husband for 2 months. I went through what felt relentless feelings of hopelessness and feelings of being unloved, not good enough, at times it felt paralyzing. But, those feelings were coming up in layers and layers of past memories of other relationships gone wrong. I had once again brought that past emotion into this relationship and I wasn't even conscious of it at first.

I gave myself 6 months, the best 6 months I could ever have commited to just myself. I did struggle, no doubt there, but it got easier and lighter with time. It was as if I was going through detoxing from my emotional baggage. Sometimes I cried till I was hyperventilating, I had never done that before and it was deep stuff coming up. I just went with it and just loved and soothed myself, and requested daily from the Divine to give me whatever I needed to get rid of all this garbage. I did not make it work, and the struggle got less and less. Mornings when I awoke I would notice each day that I felt lighter and lighter in my heart.

When we finally did see each other again, I noticed he had changed, his words had changed, his looks had softened, it's almost hard to explain but their was a shift that had taken place in both of us. I felt I was meeting someone new, but yet familiar, for the 1st time.

While we were separated he told me he had surrendered too in his own way, in his own perfect timing, and had felt a peace that came over him like nothing he had ever felt in his life. I was in awe of it all. What I had requested from the Divine showed up in him as well, and I had no idea. That is a miracle.

I was so unattached to the outcome I was at peace if we were to get back together or not. If you stay unattached, the peace will come, that is what the letting go is all about. Their was no solution, or fixing I had to do, it was just surrendering.

The best part of all after 6 months of taking 100% responsiblity for what was going on within me that was showing up in my life and my relationship, I reunited with my husband. We have been back together now for 2 yrs.-- our relationship is much stronger, happier, and fulfilling. Our connection with each other and The Divine is what was missing and we have that now. The more I changed and let go, the more my husband lit has been awesome to witness this. My getting closer with The Divine brought him closer too.

I went from victimhood to empowerment, and I wouldn't trade or give up that 6 months , it was the best, the sleepless nights, the crying myself to sleep, the anger, the fear--I felt it all. It was worth it!

Love & Grace,

I had set an alarm to get up because I needed to go to a customer for an "emergency call." Most of my experience occurred in a point between wakefulness and dreaming. Call it lucid dreaming if you will, but the depth varied. I felt overloaded spiritually and mentally, not in a bad way, more like I wished for $1,000,000 and a genie delivered it into my house in $1 bills. I had what I wanted, but I was trying to make space and deal with it and suddenly my neighbor rang the doorbell and asked whether I wanted to come to our weekly poker game. At this point I remember thinking, "I don't want to get up."

Spirit Replied, "Then don't."

I said, "I gave my word."

Spirit Replied, "So? What do you want to do?" (there were concepts there of "Who do you want to be" and open paths in front of me to choose)

I said, "I want to keep my word. I can do other things later."

Spirit Replied, "As you wish." and I woke up and my mind began "clearing." (More like someone dug a path to my front door through the money.)

I'd always manifested by focusing on what I wanted intensely and accepting it. my old "teacher" didn't have much of anything in life and is quite unhappy, however he's confident that he knows Magic and Spirituality inside and out. For a while I had started accepting his idea that you need to envision what you want clearly and in your control and then let it go completely. Recently he started adding in "Wrap it in Pink Light before you let it go." I wasn't having luck with his way and never had and yet when I thought about Manifestation instead of just doing it I ended up failing at his way instead of succeeding at mine.

I was walking out the door when my daughter called out "Daddy you forgot your laptop." I debated telling her I had done so on purpose, then realized how odd it was ...she doesn't usually care if I take my laptop. I decided to thank her and take it with me.

I am glad Lola warned about was the emotional rollercoaster and how to just go with it. I was driving down the road and I heard something on the radio. I don't even remember what, but I suddenly burst out crying. I was driving down the road sobbing hysterically, wiping snot off my face, tears streaming down my face and Screaming out in Tearful Joy "I DON'T HATE MYSELF ANYMORE!"

I hadn't thought I hated myself, but there was definitely release. I do feel good and happy and worthy now, and I'm not sure if I did before. Everyone has moments of happiness, but I was looking to experience them outside myself. I knew how to do things to make me happy and how to choose to feel happy, but I'm not sure that I'd just been happy for a while. There's a difference. It really feels like the biggest part is that I used to fill lack with tricks I'd learned, but I don't believe in the lack right now.

When I got to the area of town with the customer I realized that I hadn't made a map and didn't know where they were. I went to call them and found that the number they had given me was their work number. After an hour drive I had no way to find the customer...

Oh wait. LAPTOP. I opened it up, used it to research the customers location. I showed up at their large Mansion, after 5 minutes had their issue resolved and a promise of a check waiting at their law office the next day.

As of this sentence we've covered almost 3 hours after looking at Divine Opening two... It was a LONG night. I'll cover more in the next update.


Lola, I am waxing my board because surf's up.... Wow, is it up, the wahinis are looking really fine. Here it goes... comes.... goes. Getting tubular, Polly


I am with you whenever I read your mails. I love them and the words and intention and clearness are as close to how I would put it if it were to be my place to do so.  I keep quiet, cause I am so far up that lovely manifestation scale and feel through life that I almost can say we are more pals on the inner than the outer, the outer would just happen as it happens, if not, fine.  So, much gratitude and love your way for being an ally. All is well and manifesting according to the play and tune of my Larger Self and upper vibes. Hope to play with you all some day and sing and dance some more and keep connected. Lots of love, Cappi, Bozeman


Thank you for continuing to send encouragement (we send out automated support emails after book purchases and course enrollments.)

I just came back from N.J. beginning the real estate process to sell our family home. Of course I am still reading your book. It enabled me to let go of wanting to control----I came home emotionally lightened. I am letting go and letting GOD . Thankyou. Karen


Thank you for all your encouragement! It's been a "wild ride" as you put it, but I think that's just old energy coming to the surface and leaving.  Mostly it's unexpected things happening like my brother having a heart attack here in Spain and me having to leave everything to go to the other end of the country to be with him and now having him home with us to recuperate. All very difficult, time consuming and tiring, but there were issues that needed clearing out and now we're getting the chance to give them a good airing and let them go!

When I do get overwhelmed, I remember to point my nose up, and it works!

I'm just excited to see what lies ahead, while taking it one day at a time! Thank you, Mahree


Wow, Lola, just wow.... I love that Divine Openings is a living path! From my experience, as my pipes expand and open, I grow and become more receptive and aware of information I have always known. I really have all I need, all I "do" is get out of the way and let it flow. It really is that simple. And even more important than simplicity is the power of stopping the search and being ENOUGH.

Your e-mail shows me how much the Lola Jones team cares for us, the participant community. Thank you for that. Already read and re-read the book 4 times as I wrote in a e-mail sent immediately after.  It is amazing, a true life changing! I use to visit the website regularly and have been taking part of the Forums as well. After finishing the Intensive Online Course I am positively sure I would prefer to take either a course, or retreat, but in person. I know the ideal for me at this point would be to advance more and more. I will keep re-reading parts of the book, visiting those websites under the umbrella of Divine Openings though.

Living in Gainesville, GA hope someday I will be able to go to Texas, or California. Your e-mail reminding all the options available was helpful.  Thank you. Love and blessings, Lena Nichols


Hi Lola Jones,  After 2 weeks and reading the book three times...yes, I got the meaning of the Divine Opening.

My life started changing and this is wonderful.  Now, the courses! 

In this meantime I will try to reach those people who lost loved ones through drastic means and who now are entangled in somber feelings and a conflict of emotions.  Knowing by  experience what this means I must find a way to give back helping others to live and to evolve.

Much love and gratitude, Lena

Hi Lola Jones, One month ago I was blessed on finding your website.  Already read and re-read the book four times and the result has been bright, real, life changing! Yesterday I started the Intensive Online Course -  finished it minutes ago. From this point I would take a Live Course, or Retreat, could I go to your place in Texas. I do not resist, my improvement has been great  -  I lost my son to suicide last March.  No stories, I know.

I keep my vibrations flying high and I intend to expand their positive effect on the rest of my lovely family. My heart says thank you, dear Lola Jones. Blessings and much love, Lena


Thank you for the insights. I have only experienced two of the Divine Openings.  I have read most, and am taking it slowly.  You are right on with my mind, I already "know" all of what you are writing so of course I go to my head instead of my feelings most of the time.  I am doing my best just to allow what comes. I found in my journey that I don't always get an ahah but notice when a situation comes up I am in a totally different place and find myself reacting or I might say not reacting as I had in the past.  I look forward to continuing the experience and was looking on line at the 5 day silent retreat for the future.  Love and Many Blessings, Janet


It is a fantastic brand new world! I'm soaring - literally! I just did the divine opening from Week 8 of the level 2 online course (the beautiful cranes!) and felt such power from the picture, that when I laid down afterwards, I felt like I was literally flying up - spiralling up and up. It was such an amazing feeling, I just smiled and enjoyed the ride for a full 15 minutes. I did that about two hours ago and I'm still buzzing from the energy - I could really feel my heart open and expand and I'm still up there in the bliss zone!! I seem to be able to take more and more energy without feeling too uncomfortable - whereas I slightly panicked in the beginning, now I just savour the moment and go with the flow.

Synchronicities are happening to me every day - I just smile and say "thank you" and know that more of the same is on the way. I'm enjoying the anticipating of even greater things to come. Life has never been better. Worries I used to have are dropping away little by little and I rarely stress too much about anything anymore.

I never thought life could be so easy. :-)

Love, Marcia

L2 is super cool.  I have noticed a difference from L1...I did the Divine Opening with the pic of you guys at a 5 day yesterday.  That was trippy, in a good way :-) I am up to week 4 in L2. You were right, it is very fun and lighthearted.  EQ's are awesome!   I'm enjoying it very much.

Have a great day! Best, Christine, Brooklyn, NY


Things have been soaring here.  Whenever things look like they are starting to not work out, I just laugh as I have already turned them over to the Divine.  I set my intentions when I wake up in the morning so I know everything is going to work out and it's going to be an easy day even if it doesn't look like it right away.  The CD got up on CDBaby, ready for downloading when I was told it was going to take one month~ it was ready in one day, the posters that the musicians names were left off, were put right on, it's like a magic wand is just being waved in my life.  Don't you just love it!  The only thing that is slow is the money thing and I know that will come too. There is a reason for all things and I just have to let my resistance down.  I've turned that one over as well. Wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.  much love, Ev


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You asked us to keep you posted on what we are doing with Divine Openings. I have been giving Divine Openings and physical healings to most of my massage clients at the nursing home and dementia care facility. It's not easy to gauge the results, because the clients have serious dementia, but one was striking: Soon after I got back from 5-day I had done a physical healing for a hospice patient. She is on heavy pain meds for terribly deformed back, and I don't know that any of that changed. What did strike me was her conversation. Before I left for Calif, her delusional stories ran to people tormenting her in the night, revenge on her enemies, and government agents watching her. When I got back, she started in with a story about doing cleanup for many guests: "But it was really nice doing something useful for a while, instead of just sitting here you ever want to take all your nasty thoughts, and just throw them in the garbage?" which is a thousand times more conscious and reflective than anything I ever heard her say. The next time I saw her she told me that as she sat by the nursing home door, she prayed for each person who came in, that if they had any illness or anything wrong with them, God would take it away.

I'd been hired by hospice to help families with caregiving in the last few days of life in May, but I hadn't been called out on a job at all. Soon after we got back from the 5 Day Retreat in California, we ended up sharing a job (which wonderfully covered my quarterly taxes for Sept!) It was absolutely great getting paid for what I had been doing as a volunteer, except more responsibility and challenge, and it was deeply satisfying work. Hospice caregiving is irregular work, but I have a sense more will be developing.

I feel energy fairly strongly when doing physical healings, and find it fascinating. At times for both physical healings and Divine Openings my signal that it's ready to happen is not only the sensation in my hands, but that the whole room gets charged with energy and  ''goes golden" with light.

I'm putting energy into inviting "regular" people to get Divine Openings with or with out massage now, and will let you know how that unfolds. I have been a fairly retiring person-- social circle of two or three friends, no website, lists, Facebook, and so on,  so a lot of building is from the ground up. On Tuesday I'll be at our Food Co-op alcove, and I'll have both my massage chair and  the Book and promotional materials for Divine Openings, with the intent of talking to people about it, selling the book, and setting up appts for Divine Openings in my office.  I'm in the middle of Level 2, so I won't be offering counseling now, but I can certainly talk to them and invite them to take courses. 

Much love and many thanks, Vicki

Hello, my name is Audrey, and I was a seeker *big grin*. Whatever the reasons or issues, it took a little while for me to realize that the letters after my name, and the certificates on the wall didn't make me a healer - my Divinity made me a healer.  And that what I was really receiving was labeling and packaging - and guess what? My Diviinity is limitless - no labels required.

I was/ am certified in other modalities. Do I use them today? Emphatically, NO, I don't need them, for whatever reason they don't flow from my being with the ease of breathing so they get tossed. If I am concentrating on a symbol or looking up a protocol chart, it disrupts my flow and feels like I just put the stopper in my pipes, definitely a big clue that I am in the way. If I have to study, memorize, "work" at something it's not natural, it's not my Divine Nature.

I am a massage therapist and it flows from me, without thinking or trying, effortless grace is how it feels. So it's a keeper. Have I picked up other knowledge since I began Divine Openings? Well yes and no...I was already an aromatherapist but I have fine tuned my craft. Cherishing and enjoying what I have is fun and excting for me - somethings are new, but I am not "chasing" information - more of a gentle expanding and incorporating. I have discovered a couple of CDs of chanting for meditation that "feel good". I don't need to memorize anything, say anything, do anything, I just let myself flow into the groove of the rhythm. And just be...

I stopped the seeking when I sat bored in workshop after seminar after class. I knew all the information presented, I had this or that already. It wasn't an ego trip that I was the all-knowing but a frustration that the wonderful, exciting enlightenment or miraculous healing  was information I already had. I saw it all as 3 day old leftovers, missing that I already had all the information that I sought. I got off the metaphysical merry-go-round.

And then I found you....three times in one day, as a matter of fact.

After reading all the articles and prostrating for the first time - I knew, this was it. Nothing to learn, nothing to do but stop doing, and a knowing that everything that's mine will find it's way to me.

And it has as it will.

So thank you, Lol, for being you. Thank you for being a conduit of clarity and thank you for letting go.

See you in November!  Audrey  the Wild Woman


The other night I had a dream that a bob cat, lion and lioness, a panther, a domestic white and tan cat and many monkeys where at my house with more on they way. I don't know which one had bells but I heard them again. I at first felt frightened  as the big cats tried to approach me, but felt somehow, that I was safe.  This dream was so vivid and colors so intense.  I felt really connected to these animals I felt they were trying to tell me something.  Maybe it will unfold for me later.

I have been so busy.  I have had many phone calls of people wanting massages.  I am totally enjoying my life and business so much more.  Divine Openings and hanging out with you for 9 days has had me high and bliss full, everyone keeps telling me I look different and that my aura has changed.  I have been playing more and not being so serious.

Things are not only going great for me but my family seems to be flowing and more bliss full.  We all seem to laugh easier.  Thanks for letting me experience first had and showing me how life could be. 

In the middle of all this wonderfulness I have experienced what I am calling injury replay in my body.  It seems that any injury I have had or painful bodily experience, has re-surfaced.  I am diving into the pain and after it is gone that body area feels better than before the pain.  When I was in high school my jaw got knocked out of place.  a few days ago I woke up and as I walked to the rest room my jaw began to move out of place. it lasted a day and a half now it feels great. Could this be a purging of old emotional baggage I was holding in the areas?

love and causeless bliss, Dinorah


Wow, Lola didn't waste much time on small talk with me - she went right to my core issue, powerlessness held in solar plexus etc. Very intense and amazing.
Love, Ada


Thank you again for everything Lola... It's so nice to actually love life and smile so much that sometimes my face hurts!  I used to be depressed for months at a time and used to think happiness was a myth.  Thanks for helping to shed the light, that deep down in my heart I knew existed, but lost hope in finding it again. Love,


I have had one other person in my life that touched me that was similar to you... well, out of the blue guess who comes back in my life... it was her... we will have to keep in touch because I think you guys could share a lot... you guys are alike more than I have ever seen two people... it is scary to say the least... there is more energy working here than I would ever believe...this is not by accident... whether she felt my energy or you had a hand in it...I am not sure... but one thing is for sure... both of you guys are just amazing !!  May peace be with you and if you ever need anything you let me know..   thanks   Cap


Sure do miss you and our laughing. I love the joy we share.

Since I've been back some things have just fallen into place that before the retreat just didn't - then there are other things that are still working themselves out.  I'm trying to stay out of the way, some I'm guiding, some I'm having input, and yet  I'm just plain ol' busy.

One of the most interesting things for me that I got from the retreat that has blown me away, and interesting enough that has affected my life, has been that it's okay to get angry.  That has been something I had always held in and not expressed.  Now I'm sore of letting my 'inner bitch' out in a good way - something most people

are not use to - especially from me. It's changing my relationships and I feel that's a good thing. I feel more authentic now.  So I really thank you for that gift although I don't know if some of my 'friends' would thank  you!

I found I was angry for a while - then I sat with it for a while and gave it over to my larger self and one morning, I woke up happy and joyful again.  It took a while but it sure was worth it.  So my 'inner bitch' and I thank you! (tee hee) -

Thanks Lola.  Bon voyage! Know you will have a fantastic time.

oceans of love, Evy


Thank You Lola, That was beautiful, I felt it in my heart and in my stomach area especially. Then I just sent love back in absolute silence and my face spontaneously spead out into a huge grin :-)

I still feel it in my heart especially and, once this message is typed will sink back into it until sleep comes.  Once again ...... big grin :-)



Hi Lola,

Finished reading the the book and already started living accordingly -  it is amazing.

Yes, I will take a course online.

My journey will be different  from this point on and in this meantime I will smile more!

Thank you, Lola      Much love, Lena


Just sending a huge smile your way! I got a very nice updraft from last night’s call-thank you! Since coming back from 5-day in April-that’s the first BIG upswing I’ve had-so I’m really enjoying it ! ! !  Love, Lisa


I had a breakthrough today, I was getting so absolutely paranoid about my current financial status, I've been living the high (or low ;) life a bit too much over the past coupla years and suddenly the money stopped! What made matters worse was that every approach I've made for a loan was rejected, (overspent during Xmas, black marks for me).

But I have already noticed the presence within your words, art, voice and videos, although I nose-dived into really deep depression after the first opening, really horrible nightmares... the works. But I brought myself back to re-read and today I said, 'Boy, you gotta get a loan before you can invest and make money, today's the day!'

To cut a long story short, I phoned my bank making very good explanations, but really trying to live from my Larger Self... they said I was borderline but they'd give it a go, I'll never forget it... as they were taking alll the details I just kept saying 'Stay in your Larger Self boy, then she entered the data and I litterally just prayed... & lo & behold... 'You've passed', she said, 'you can pick up the money tomorrow morning'.

Ha ha, I know this is all very materialistic but it was really winding up like a spring,  & a spring that kept snapping... it was like all I could see was the edge of a cliff, not the waves beyond. Later on the day I found myself saying to myself 'You been given a period of Grace, use it wisely'. I just caught the thought 'Grace' & I said 'That's EXACTLY' what it was!

So, I thought I'd share it with you, it has allowed my heartbeat to slow down again so I can start linking in more, sleeping better, being able to make plans & start concentrating better whilst I focus on the changes I want to make in my life.

Mucho Amore ( & Phew!)   P@x

Lola, That was really powerful! Thank you so much for the flow. It really feels good to allow the good in, especially when I hadn't realized I was blocking it. I know in my heart what my true desire is - giving it up to 'my Big Self' was such a moving experience! I continue in my happy state of receiving and letting go. I know all is well and I'm ready for that. I think for the remaining session if we could slide that into October I will have time to do some of your online courses. I feel so blessed to have come across your website and actually meet you in person. Your healing touch is amazing; I'm still tingling. I'm sure that means the flow is still on. Wow! Thank you again,

Love, Susan

I feel more and more at one with everything and everybody, with Lolas Book and the divine openings given through reading it, life is just becoming more and more harmonious,some things are still clearing through!and I am surprised by how far back into my childhood energies are clearing.I have a way to go yet but as Lola says: theres no rush,it not a race. Much Love and Light to you and Lola. Peace Profound Eileen



Hi Lola, wanted to let you know that I felt that electric feeling followed by a melting feeling then to total PEACE!! THANK YOU!!    Penny


I would be so grateful if you could help me with this. It's funny but a psychic has repeadedly told me I would discover a new spiritual direction in which I would not follow anything or anydoy but my own inner guidance. Your site makes me feel that this could well be the case. I so much empathize with everything I've read from your work and I can see from your videos the authenticity and real grace and the natural fun that emanates  from you and which were so natural to me too before this incident.

I send you my warmest best wishes. Patrick, England


Honestly do you know what, one cheeky man is selling your book on the UK  Amazon website for £98.00. I wrote to him to ask him if its a misprint as thats the only version on Amazon uk. Your reviews are on the american wesbite. I will let you know what he says.

Lots of love and kisses

Jagjit Kaur xxx


hi Lola! After our session I went home that night and wrote a song about my vision of a love relationship.  And it's up on Youtube already - can you believe it?!?!

 hugs, - Lynda


Hi Lola, I am Lena Nichols and I live in Gainesville, GA.

Just few days ago I found online your Divine Opening, and after watching the video ordered the book. Recently lost my husband, a grandson(20), a son and these losses are messing with me specially the loss of my son through suicide (!!!).

I will see the best way for me to have a closer contact with you,  or by pone, or going to one of your courses -  may be this will be  the most remote option for me to consider. 

This is just to say hi! from this far and to let you  know I am now part of your spiritual community.

Love and Blessings, Lena


Lola- it certainly has been wild- I have been afraid of what would happen next because every Divine Opening that I accepted seemed to create another wedge in my relationship with my fiance. Then I listened to your phone conference July 30th and all hell broke loose... it has been very painful and heart rending... but I realize it was prob necessary - in fact the whole flavor of that tele conference was talking about what to do with spouses who are wallowing, etc.. I should have known what would follow... 

Looking back, I can see how I contributed to attracting the lower energies towards the relationship... but I cannot say that I am at the point of bliss or loving every minute of it. It has been far too painful. It has helped a great deal however to "feel the feeling and let go of the stories"- that made a big difference in being able to try to climb back out of the pit this time. Thank you.  k



From a Divine Openings Giver: Wanted to share this amazing experience I had with a client last week. Initially, we were wading through a bog of resistance, allowing the mind to quiet its stories and focus on what the heart was steadily bringing to the surface.

As we spoke about the amazing potential of the Divine Physical healing, my friend began to soften and tears welled in her eyes.  "I want that...."  she whispered.

While on the massage table, I began by invoking my Beloved Divine and singing Om Namo.  With intention we began the Divine Healing, and the intensity of the Divine field grew brilliantly as we continued and the singing went on.  "Loka, samasta."

As we moved to the Divine Opening, the Divine Presence was all I could see, and feel.  With my hands on her head I began to shake.  My tears came strongly and flowed with power.

I held her hand gently, smiled a goodbye and let myself quietly out the door.

I sat in my car and sobbed, releasing mountains of grief and resistance.  I began to sing again,  "May all beings be happy" (Jeanie is a gifted singer and her music is available on this site.) What a joy it is to flow Grace.

I absolutely love this!

Thank you, Love, Jeanie 


Hi Lola, Many thoughts of gratitude to you for spending some time with me yesterday....subtle little shifts took place through out 

the day along with a few hairballs but the conversation we had came under me and helped me lift up and kept going forward.

One of the greatest things going on is that with everything that is going on...all the transitions and not knowing what is going to happen in our next experiences and not being where I wish to be in several areas  of my life know now how to be happy right now anyway.  With that ability

I know the rest of what is desired is on the way.  Your teaching has entered into my life at just the right moment and I feel there is no more searching to be done....just evolving and stabilizing along the way.

What you just wrote to me below is just right  for right now in what I am gave me a lift so thank you.

Much much love,




Thank you for this book and website. I have been on the path of sadhana for over 25 years in this lifetime, and am filled with gratitude for this book.

The impulse to God-Realization in my case has been rekindled by Things Are Going Great...thank you for this gift of grace.

Namaste  -Christopher Cooke 

Hi Everyone:

I had a dream the other night. I'll keep it brief...I was in a place that did not feel right. I was looking for an escape. Family members were there.
Lots went on, but just lets say....I saw the dream as a movement of old vibrational energy, habits, triggers, etc. But part of me was not knowing how to escape, or thinking I needed to do something, or find something.

I finally sort of gave up and sat in a chair. I looked to my right, and there was Lola, all smiley and she handed me a grey book. On the book were the words..."I AM..." (in white letters)

I smiled in the dream and instantly knew that I did not have to do anything. Just let go. Cool.

I looked over at Lola and smiled and said, "Hey, have you ever heard the 'I AM song by Guru Singh and Seal? So Lola, thanks .....and to everyone...I'm sure you will love it. It's one of my favs.

Peace Out....much love Catherine


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Lola, Thank you so much for doing your 5 day workshop at the Sea Ranch. The girl from Jamaica came by the office to check out of her house, and we were talking about the divine openings.  We decided to do it right there at my desk. It was really amazing.  While her hands were on my head there was a rushing feeling coming from my toes to the top of my head.  I also saw circles going around in the darkness with my eyes closed. After we were done, I just sat there for a couple of minutes.  When I got up from the chair, my whole body had goose bumps all over it, tingly little bumps even on my back and midriff.  WOW! I was higher than a kite and am still in this moment.  I get such relief every time I think about the experience.  I feel calmer and am ready for the next step.  I will be contacting your web site to enroll in a class.

Thanks to the universe for teaching you how to do this.

In love, Lynn Vollman, Sea Ranch Escape



My brain is going off like popcorn with creative ideas; I can sense and feel so much unfolding. The best of all of it is the heartbeat by heartbeat invitation from the Divine to infinitely expanding and deepening Presence. (bliss comes and goes and even watching the instrument panel work when I get off course is wonderful!)

All the best, much love, Vicki


Lola, I downloaded your Diving In audios and took them on a 4-day motorcycle ride on the backroads of Colorado last week.  Found several lovely spots in the woods to be with the Silence.  My mind got so quiet at times that I found myself "narrating" my life.  "Brad is looking at a pinecone.  Brad is touching the pinecone.  Brad feels a tight hot spot in the middle of his back, and tenses it slightly, steps into it, and spreads it around a little, feeling it.  Poof it dissipates."

Without the narration, my mind felt so empty it was like I could hear a constant "whooooooosh" noise, like the ocean sound you hear when you hold a seashell to your ear. It was the Trauma and Abuse audio that benefitted me the most I think.  I rode the feeling of Revenge a long way up. It was my first solo vacation in 5 or 6 years.  On Monday I couldn't get my bike running, so I bought a new one on Craigslist.  Had a flat tire, blew a fuse that left me without headlights at 10pm, and other fun things, and each of them was met with simple "hmmm, ok, what do I want to do next?". I'm having FUN.   Brad



Hi Lola, hope this finds you well ! just to let you know that i got my results back for the mammography and all is normal!!

thank you for your support !

be well, Louise x



Love and have a wonderful 5-day. I am there with you. Shane and I have both broken glasses this week - some sort of shattering of illusion or containers that appear to be clear or something going on!

This Friday, Shane and I have been invited to spend the night on the USS Nimitz - among the largest aircraft carriers in the world. We are invited to meet and film the crew extensively. I am so excited about the chance to co-mingle my divine openings energies. The world is changing in so many ways - who would have imagined a Vietnam War protester who graduated from UC Berkeley in the 70's to be invited on a US Navy ship for conversation and interaction????

Some of my friends do not understand but I see this as walls coming down and minds and hearts opening and consciousness expanding. We will be flown out there on a C-2 Greyhound cargo plane, then catapulted off the deck for the return flight home. I intend to film a Beach Walks episode on the 4.5 acre "steel beach" as they call it.

Love, Rox (Divine Openings Giver)



Hi Lola,

I've definitely been experiencing some physical improvement since our last session.  And I'm writing music like crazy - it's fantastic!!!  Also, I feel a sense of worthiness kind of "creeping" up on me...It feels close.  I'm getting lots of positive feedback from others but I notice that I have trouble letting it in...

The resistance seems to be a fear that it's somehow unsafe to really feel that love and worthiness.  So I'm holding an intention that that will melt away...I think when it does it'll be easier to get healthy and easier to go out and perform my music too.

love and hugs, Lynda{C}{C}{C}






I just have to share with you my experience because, well, it is just hilariously perfect.

Two days ago I did my second D.O. from the book.  As is predictable (although I didn't expect it, funny enough), I am drowning in intense uncomfortable feelings; things I thought were finished are suddenly rearing up again.  After blowing up at my kids this morning, I decided maybe I need to 'line up', so I went to your website and clicked on the testimonial page for those experiencing a bumpy road.  Wanting a little boost, or support, or added confidence, I suppose.

What did I find, but my own two emails after the first D.O.!  And the first was so similar to what I have been feeling this morning... and then my own words in the second email actually began to shift it for me!  I began to remember the feeling of that place... And then the total humor of the situation burst on me- here I am looking outside myself for support and affirmation and I get myself!  Here I am going round the same cycle I was in a week ago, acting like it was all so new and overwhelming!  Saying it like that doesn't somehow reveal the level of mirth I am feeling right now.  It just seems totally hilarious to me.  It's like when my mom went shopping online for a new house and found her own house (without realizing it was her house) and decided it was the most gorgeous house she'd even seen and could she possibly afford it?  So, jokes on me!

Here I am, thinking it's all so REAL! (and- low, deep voice- serious!)

This morning upon waking with the feelings already crashing in, I said a prayer: God, please open me up to the humor this day!

Ask and It Is Given!

Thanks for letting me share,

I hope you find it as amusing as I do!





Dear Lola,

I don't often write feedback, but here I would like to finally catch up now: thank you so much for your wonderful work and your daily messages on the website especially, they are one of the first things I look up each time I'm online and give me such a wonderful boost straight away :-) I have so many nice things to do (what a luxury problem :-)), I don't know when I am going to finish it...

Yet I feel perfectly happy this way. It is moving, it is working and love being a part of that in my own small way.

It is a new way of feeling, without ambition, and very sweet, free and joyful!

As I am a teacher and therapist working with energy healing (auratherapy mainly) I sometimes worried about a conflict of my work and divine openings. By now I am realising that I can adapt my work in a way to make it fit and it is absolutely wonderful to experience more and more depth and beauty within both. Auratherapy turns out to actually already display the simplicity of healing and a wonderful life, I just had a more complicated picture of it in my mind before. One of my beginner exercises, creating balls of light energy with various qualities according to your intention, has taken on a whole new level for instance. I used to give fixed structure to it but am now opening up more for what people receive when they do it and we all marvel at it. The technique is so easy a little child can do it and the healing effect is stunningly profound!!! I use it, for instance for cooling down fevers, treating head colds, stings, bites, bumps, burns, all these little everyday life ailments but also bigger issues obviously in my therapy work.

About half a year ago, I got tempted into a training with a collegue, which was very interesting and at the beginning very helpful, as well. After a while, however, I noticed my standard level on the instrument panel dropping slowly but steadily and I reviewed why that would be. I realised, the work I was doing with my collegue and learning from her had gone past the simple and straight forward aids into working again. That is when I solved my conflict of energy healing and divine openings: when I treat, like mentioned before, specific ailments like a sting or a fever and support as well as speed up the physical healing this way it works together so very well. It is as soon as I create a story around it and dig for more to heal that I slow down my energies and contradict the divine openings! Isn't this awesome? Since I realized that I can catch myself a lot earlier and I mind even less when people ask me to explain the blockages I treated and all I get from guidance is: who cares where its from, its about to get better :-J

So I stopped any other training now, however, I love my work even more than before and ravel in putting your work into my everyday actions along with it. So thrilled to have found a way to have both in my life! Sometimes it is flowing like a dream, sometimes I hit speed bumps again... you know that story, surely :-)

I am immensly looking forward to when I can come for the five day intensive, especially as I would love to hand it on better over here. But my Indwelling one smiles at me and teaches patience with the translation as well as the intensive. I know, when the time is right it will be even sweeter and deeper for it.

The "outer" changes since doing Divine Openings:

my seminars and treatments go easier and give both clients and myself more healing and pleasure, therefore filled up very well and expanded to Austria and South Africa even. My husband's work became more fun and better paid. We used to live (the five of us, I have got three children) in a 74 square metres flat and drive an 18 year old car. Now we drive a 5 year old car with seven seats (so much space!) and live on 146 square metres with a stunning, big garden and neighbours better than we could have possibly dreamed them! We still walk through this beautiful, amazing house with our mouths open and stroll through the garden raving daily. And money, the major issue before, just keeps streaming in!

Apart from these changes, I laugh a lot more, feel more peace, more serenity, more power, more love - I sometimes feel bursting of it all, it is so wonderful. I call it stretching the love and happiness muscles :-))))

Lots of love a warm, warm hug and huge smile,

Gabriele Kingwill, Germany


Am enjoying the web site and book, it has helped me enormously. I feel grace especially during yoga yoga but am then unable to carry it through into all areas of my life and am up and down all the time. Since visiting your site I'm a lot more consistent, like you said stuff just doesnt bother me as much and Im learning to let go of the story and feel it. I woke early last saturday and felt happy after feeling in darkness for some time , it was good ,thank you so much, love Ingrid.

Thank you for your reply Lola - it is much appreciated.  Strangely enough had lovely day today, ended up on a carousel near the River Thames holding onto my six year old daughter as we circled round together - felt a real sense of being happy and free - a very unusual state for me!   Am looking forward to continuing with your book and guidance.

with love,  Helen xx



Dear Lola   Things have been changing for the better. There are a few things that were already on the delivery truck that happened lately. When I said Why? the very next page in your book helped me keep the nose of the plane up!!!and told me why.    Thank You Cheryl



Dear Lola, thank you am looking forward to the course and assumed I was already registered for Friday. I intend to come anyway if thats ok and am well into your book so no worries there.If you could send healing for 40 years nausia would love it. If I need to go through official lines, will do.Am loying the whole thing its really happening for me. Thank you treasure. Spot on. Love Jill Taylor.


i Lola, thankyou so much for your message - I started to read your book a few days ago and am very intrigued and excited by it.  I have not had much experience in 'spiritual' areas before - but all through my life I have had moments of longing for something intangible or feeling close to 'something' but not really knowing what it is!

I did the first Divine Opening two nights ago and felt a sense of quiet calm and stillness; since then I have been experiencing some quite intense emotions relating to current situations in my life and am just a bit concerned - is is ok to feel like this or should I be feeling much lighter already?  I know I'm probably worrying for nothing just so keen to make sure I am doing this in the right way!  When I have read comments by others who have experienced the book I got the impression that a sense of being much freer and detached from worries is quite common;  I guess this takes different amounts of time for different people and I know this is very early days for me.

Thanks again for your wonderful book.  Any advice would be much appreciated!

with love,  Helen xx


i wake up feeling anger at bill collectors. i remember a saying, don't wish your problems would get smaller, you get bigger. so i felt how could i be bigger in this experience? be gracious with each call, ask about options, you created this experience. you created this entire experience.  the experience: for some time i have been helping a friend keep her home and now have used all my resources. i was angry at her, the bill collectors, then realized I was the one that jumped in. i read Things Are Going Great...about compassion and realized i had jumped into the water and we both were drowning. i dived in the feeling behind the story, felt sad, went deeper and took a dip in the purest feeling of unworthiness, and the tears flowed and flowed. what i heard within was that i do for others instead of taking care of myself; i think others are more valuable, i think taking care of them will take care of me. i dived in to that feeling, felt sad, tears flowed.afterward about 4 minutes, i said to myself, i forgive you, jenenne, for creating this experience (again). i prostrated asked grace to do the heavy lifting.  i wrote in my journal, i accept where i am today. i will take care of myself and allow GRACE to take care of others. 



Thanks so much for the session today.  It was lovely!  The divine opening was nice and very subtle.  It was very relaxing and I felt calm and soothed.   Your insights and guidance were very helpful.  I look forward to our next session. 

I will tune in and reach out to you when I feel ready for my next session.   Have a great 5 day in California - it's coming up soon!   I am looking forward to coming to one soon.  My goal is to attend the upcoming November 5 day in Austin.    Thanks again!

Much love,


p.s.   will today's session be in the level 1 audios, or will I need to wait for level 2?   whatever you feel is best, is fine with me.



Things started getting better (with my daughter) about the time I started Divine Openings and have kept improving. She's even taking care of my cat for the 5-day. When the car broke down today, she certainly expressed her frustration, but she blamed no one--a big change!-- and focused on a plan for fixing it; we had a good time talking about nothing in particular on the drive to her place. She has picked up some of the book's principles by osmosis--because it hasn't been the right time to discuss it with her-. She has suddenly dropped an ingrained habit of spending most of her conversations angrily disparaging someone; her clients have increased, and she's focussing on the positive. Thank you for the call, the book, and all of it! It is not only changing my life, it's changing things for someone very dear to me.

See you soon.



Great power.  After the Diving Opening I stayed on the couch in my office

for 30 mins, then went upstairs to a hectic house (wife, 2 kids, house

cleaner, and cook were all in action) and breezed through to the fridge for

a coconut water, played with my kids for 20 mins (90% non-verbal), then laid

on the bed for another half hour, then continued floating in bliss for

another couple hours while interacting with my family.

Big dramas at work today.  There's no quick deadline to respond to them, so

I'm sitting in them, feeling them, and I'm 100% calmer than I was this

morning when they first hit my awareness.

Thank you for scheduling me as a 5pm late call.  It was a perfect day.  Much

Love.  -=b.


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Dear Lola,

Hello!  Thank you for sharing your work and your gifts with us :)

I am surprised at myself for emailing to ask this question of you, because I typically go inside to get my answers.

But here I am.

After the first opening (from the downloaded first section of your book), I got a huge bliss experience of the all is well-ness- especially of myself, my husband.... it was wonderful.  However....

You probably know what is coming :)

Since then all my 'challenge places' have been super intense in my face.  My digestive troubles of the last 18 mos, which were feeling much better of late with dietary changes and gut cleansing supplements, has been intensified, yet different: short intense periods of pain; also body aches and huge exhaustion.  I developed a terrible headache yesterday, such like I haven't had in years (I used to get them frequently, but not for a long time).  And my irritation and impatience (and anger and more) with my children, a source of upset for me, has been much stronger too.

I am familiar with the art of being present to my feelings without judgement; I have a much harder time applying this to physical discomfort without feeling I need to 'fix' it.  It quickly goes to 'there is something wrong here', which is of course one of the fastest ways to get sideways of Source.  It is hard for me to practice with my children, because my feelings are often so intense, are triggered so frequently, and occur in situations that I typically perceive to need immediate response or attention.  With them I find it harder not to 'react'.

I have not yet received your book in the mail, so I have only been able to read the first section.  Perhaps the rest will answer some of these questions for me.  But I hoped maybe you would have a word of advice for me in this time of, well, coughing up a hairball I suppose.

I am also wondering how long you expect delivery of your book to take?  I live in Connecticut.

Thank you very much for your consideration of my questions.



She soon wrote:

Hi Lola,

It's all fine!!!

Isn't that divine?  (hee hee)

It's just all this stuff that is coming up super intense, and then is just dissolving as I am present to it without judgment or reaction.  Once I realized, oh it's just stuff coming up- because it was getting rediculous, Lola, every (literally) five minutes there was a new surge of emotion in reaction to a thought or a circumstance or a memory- how could I even try to keep up with or make a big deal out of all that!  It was so obviously moving up and out.  So I lightened up about it!

Now they are moving faster, and they are often just there for a few minutes or seconds.  There are a few places I seem to recurringly (is that a word?) get stuck- or maybe have a hard time getting out of the way in regard to?  I am looking forward to when those give way!  Wow! 

Have to say my Doubt Machine has been thoroughly reactivated by all this (I haven't seen that face in years!) and I find it so curious!  The 'not-doing-it-ness' (the it's-already-all-ok-ness of it) is pulling up all kinds of interesting beliefs that I am so happy to see sloughing off!  It all just fits so perfectly of my intention of inner rather than outer 'seeking' that has been my guiding 'work' (hee hee, if there is such a thing) of the last several years. Well, I'll stop rambling, but I was so shinied up seeing your email I had to share!  Thanks for providing the space!

Looking forward to where this journey will lead! 

P.S.  When are you coming to the east coast? :)


Anne (Akasha)



What can I say , Life is so different for me now, I went through huge emotional turmoil health problems, the illness is still here but I am on a nearly constant high for life, The Beloved that i have searched for so long is here and now in me,  through me this feeling is amazing, God is me, I am not God but God is definetly me, and my familly and everyone else. I am not Karima that i thought i was, i am much more but karima is fully included as a part of my Self, it is almost impossible to pinpoint what has changed but i am changed even reborn. thank you, Karima Mokhtar

These days I am feeling gentle electrical wave like prickles through the top of my head, and all around and through my body off and on and hear gentle high pitched buzzings in my ears sometimes.



Thank you Lola, for all your Divine Openings through your book and website.  My grandfather was also a Christian minster and the churches seemed so dead, so I became drawn to the charismatic movement and then the Assembly of God Church- but it did not take care of all the emotional agony I experienced throughout my life so I became involved in 2 different cults because I thought something was 'wrong' with me.  Things are changing for me now steadily during the past 4 yrs but it was really getting tiring doing all these spiritual trainings and still not feeling the union with Spirit in my life.  Your book and website opportunities make it easy to have access (without spendng gobs of money) to all the Divine Openings I want- and sometimes they just happen all on their own now...I'll just suddenly feel the energy coming on. 

The way you structured and run your Divine Openings service business help me feel 'supported' and 'connected' as I continue to learn to allow God's Grace inwardly on my own.

Blessings back to you multiplied (of course it already is!!!)!

Bev McCaw RN BSN, Wellness Facilitator

Beloved Lola, With every good wish for health, happiness and prosperity.

Thank you for everything you are doing - raising spirit and spreading love and light.

Love from Moldova




I wanted to thank you for your book, Things are Going Great in my Absence!  I was at first skeptical of your book's claims, yet there has been a subtle yet pronounced and profound shift in the way I perceive the world and I am more joyful and open than I've ever been.  You are truly helping to create a Heaven on Earth.  :)

All the best,

David Propen

328 College Street

Apartment 10

Burlington, VT 05401



By now the effects of the group call are blending with the energies of the 21 days, but there was energy moving last week that were related to the tenderness you were talking about. I found that I could deal with tasks which were unavoidable when I was tired by going softly into them, and not feel resentful or strained; I was more present with my nursing-home clients; I was even handling everyday tools with more gentleness. Sometime last weekend I watched the movie Rent-- they filmed it in the last week of a twelve-year run on Broadway. I loved it, and it really went to my heart. I was so full of energy, tenderness, and love afterwards I didn't sleep for a long time. I had no idea what the movie was about, but for some reason I picked it up at the library.

And last but not least, my daughter's truck's battery died today, and I drove her home. That might not sound wonderful. However: we've had a really really tough time from the start--things I have regretted terribly. She's 32 now, and over the last two years there were periods when she'd call and vent anger at me for hours, or fill my voice mail with hate mail and expressions of pain. Things started getting better about the time I started Divine Openings and have kept improving. She's even taking care of my cat for the 5-day. When the car broke down today, she certainly expressed her frustration, but she blamed no one--a big change!-- and focused on a plan for fixing it; we had a good time talking about nothing in particular on the drive to her place. She has picked up some of the book's principles by osmosis--because it hasn't been the right time to discuss it with her-. She has suddenly dropped an ingrained habit of spending most of her conversations angrily disparaging someone; her clients have increased, and she's focussing on the positive. Thank you for the call, the book, and all of it! It is not only changing my life, it's changing things for someone very dear to me.

See you soon.



Dear Lola,

Totally by accident I came upon your  website,

immediately I knew I love you and know you.

waching the videos and reading ,

I feel total resonnance with everything you say,

Were we together at Oneness U in Jan 2006???

Also I have been  to Deepening, then Level 2

in Sept 2006 and Oct. 2008.

It took me a while to get to-- allowing-- flowing  the feelings,

and loving and accepting the self.

I would like to be in touch with you--

let me know if you remember me ,

Its wonderful what you are doing,



I just read this today in the book ¨You are a front-runner for changes in consciousness¨. This is the second time I am reading it, and it came to me to take note what is happening in my life. Here is what is happening

1. I´m a front runner in the new world economic model, Commerce through capitalism.

2. My husband and I are a dual stay at home parent household.

3. I live in a foreign country, I´m from the US living in Mexico.

4. and I am so impressed with the tranquility in my life.

I am worthy of all of this and more!!!



Dearest Lola, 

God bless you! Just thought I'd let you know how I am getting on. I've received five Divine Openings now, and really love the outpouring of Grace that happens with each one. I couldn't feel anything the first time, but by the second I *definitely* could!

I relish the Divine Openings, and look forward to my weekly 'date with the Divine' so much that I sometimes wish the days would go faster. I also now meditate for 10 minutes a day, for the bliss of it, not to work or achieve anything (or I try to, some days I don't manage). 

I've found a nearby yoga class, & although I'm very excited about the good things and lovely surprises to come, as I have not yet noticed my life flowing better (though of course the fact that I've not yet noticed it doesn't mean it isn't happening!).  I keep reminding myself to be happy in the now, focusing on the moment. 

I'm getting better at remembering the 'drill' when I get a bad-feeling emotion, too. The more I practice this, the easier it gets. Sometimes the bad feeling (usually fear) is gone within *seconds* once I've taken it within. Yesterday my panic dissolved even before I had a chance to close my eyes!

I can't wait for the London event, I am filled with gratitude and love for you, and pray that God will continue to bless you. 

So many thanks, 

xxx, Angeline


Oh, Lola! I'm actually crying now and I can't really see the computer screen through my tears, but I feel compelled to write you back. Your support is so wonderful and I've been doing really well up until recently with reading the book and doing the online course and I've had several eureka moments, but I am getting soooo blocked! My legal separation from my husband is in the court now and we are waiting for a court date to tell our sides (more stories......) and to find out how much money we are each entitled to (yuck!!). My husband's claim is completely unreasonable and he is being nasty and mean. He seems to forget he has two children he needs to support. He is trying to squash me! I refuse to be a victim (I repeatedly tell myself), but I'm afraid I am sending out a lot of victim vibration. I'm trying not to get caught up in my story, but now I have to tell my story over and over - to my lawyer and now soon to judges. I can't get out of this vicious cycle - what can I do?

I would love to come and see you for a live Divine Opening, but I live in Switzerland - any suggestions? Many, many thanks. Love, Marcia


Dear Lola, Wow! I don't know exactly what happened but shortly after my rather embarassing breakdown (via email no less!) when I was blubbering away to you about my problems, something shifted. Now, I've been getting these shifts periodically, often after divine openings from the book or online course, but now the dam has burst and I'm really on a roll!. I'm nearly ready to open my own business and I'm acting and feeling like I'm already successful. I feel so positive and I just can't stop going forward. When I feel slightly negative, I just refocus on my new career and my new life on my own. And it FEELS SO GOOD!!!

So for the moment, I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing and I will soon register for the Level 2 online course. I keep re-reading your book - not in any particular order anymore, sometimes I just open it at random and read a couple of pages.

By the way, did you send me "something" the day I sent you that tearful email? As I was laying in bed that night, just before I went to sleep, I thought of you strongly and felt a lifting - a positive vibration. Hard to explain, but I think you know what I mean. Anyway, whatever it was, THANK YOU!

Love, Marcia



I am ever so grateful for finding you and Divine Openings.  Thank you for shining such a brilliant and beautiful light into the world.  This beacon of energy is remembering me as I truly am.  I am tuning into my God Self with relish and a deep deep memory of the power that we all are.  My heart is flowing open and free.

I am in Jumping the Matrix now.  And the California 5 day intensive is fast approaching.  I've been only four short months into Divine Openings and the river is flowing through me with the passion of Grace embodied.

My life is a miracle.  I have forgotten ( I like that word better than released!)  many old patterns and emotional presences.  My physical health has always been really good.  It has gotten better.  Severe menstrual pain and fibroids of 5 years.....gone now.

As an extremely sensitive and empathic person, I have ceased minding the emotional business of others, stopped expressing for them when they would not.....reached this place by asking some thoughtful EQ's and putting it on the Godlist.

The Divine has helped me let go where before I could not.

I am forgiving myself.   I am appreciating the amazing power that we all have to create these brilliant lives here on earth.  All of it.

I am experiencing the retrieval of my own power, from past experiences and thought forms that were deeply held in my emotional memories, my physical body memories.

I am God.  And I feel it.  Into my bones.

Bless you Lola.  For all that you are giving and creating.

It is an honor to be on this path.     On Earth and in the Stars.

Love, Jeanie         Seattle, WA



Thanks Lola, have to tell  you that even though it's only week three, my head and spine tingles constantly, even in my dreams!! And I feel so expanded too. Also, well, this is really funny, I listened to one of your audios, the one with the lady from Canada who is on JTM, and when it came to the divine opening at the end, I went deeply into it with you both.....then roared with laughter... Lots of love Jacqui x



Thank-you for the teleconference last night.  Great information.

Did want to share with you some of the amazing blessings I have received since I started with the Divine Openings.

 I am seeing Miraculous Healings on a fairly regular basis!!!  Blessed be!  My work has really taken to a whole different level as I experience this beautiful Grace flowing through me like a River.  Which has also Blessed me with a regular drop in blood sugar when I am working so I am taking less insulin and having to eat more to stay in good ranges!!!!  Which leads me to last night.  I now know that next time I won't take any insulin before because I probably won't need it.  I had a low blood sugar reaction during the call and didn't wake up till 11!!!  It's all beyond good, obviously shaking me free of the residue restriction that has held me in a past program.  How fun is that!!!!  Thank-you!!!, Thank-you!!!!, Thank-you!!!!

Lots of Love!!





When you brought us into silence first, I was quickly embraced by the most lovely, soothing, grounding energy...I felt that I weighed 200 pounds because it felt like I couldn't have moved if I'd had too, but I felt light as a feather too.  I went...somewhere.  I remember one question that floated to the surface..."Why do I always feel tired during and, especially, after, a divine opening?"  When you came back on the phone I wanted to say something but I was so relaxed and blissed-out --- I sent you a thank you but couldn't find the words to say.  My world was so easy, pure and gentle. I was aware of resistance to letting go and moving into the rest of the call.

Then, after the "official" divine opening, I went to the same space, even though I took a different route getting there (don't ask me for the directions...I just know that it was different!!)  Again, I was awash in the most delightful, lovely, enveloping, loving energy.  I was "gone" for about 20 minutes until I had a sharp pain in my mouth, on my tongue, that brought me back.  I was so relaxed, refreshed, alive.

My two cats both migrated to the bed where I was during that time...

(I'm reading this over before sending and remembered I had another question: After each divine opening, when I've finally gotten up from lying down, my knees hurt for the first few minutes I'm up and moving.  I find that so interesting.  They feel stiff.  They hurt. The analytical part of me really wants to draw connections there.  Do I need to squelch that urge or is it ever helpful to see connections between, say, physical and emotional responses?  I mean -- we know they are present, but do you believe it's ever appropriate or worthwhile to do that kind of analytical "work?")

So, it's been a great day as far as the expanding way that divine openings are working through me.  I had an experience earlier when the woman who is giving my son swimming lessons didn't show up.  We'd made quite an effort to get there on time -- and she didn't show.  We had someplace else to get to so we left, and as we were driving I felt this incredible sadness well in me.  My first instinct was to do my usual mental dance around it...tyring to figure out WHY I feel sad, WHAT it means for my life, WHERE it stems from (...let's look at stuff with my mother AGAIN....), and then I remembered your advice -- just sit with the feeling.  I have so little practice really doing that, I think.  But I'm here now with great willingness.  So I sat with it, just keeping it at bay enough so as not to sob because I was driving and my son was in the car -- and I didn't want to drag him into the process too much.  In any case, in about 15 seconds (SECONDS!!!) I felt the shift.  I felt the ease, the relief...I felt it move.  It was so inspiring.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the rest of us tools, giving us a map, giving us more than hope.  I spoke with you last weekend about attending the 5-day retreat in November -- I can't wait.

Blessings and gratitude, more than you know,

Melinda, from San Antonio



You don't know me, but I've just subscribed to your online newsletter, put into my path by a friend with whom I do meditation regularly.

I don't usually send praise emails.

I don't usually subscribe to 'spiritual newsletters' and normally end up deleting any forwarded 'spiritual' email attachments that come my way.

I do not subscribe to the mass-induced hysteria of 'guru' mania. In other words, we are all teachers and students to each other, not one better than another. Some      people are just more aware than others. We don't need other people to heal us or to heal our emotions.

I am wary and cautious about what 'groups' I join or what courses or workshops I do.

I am impatient and not very tolerant of people who profess to be enlightened beings, 'spiritual teachers', and those who want to tell me how I should be living

   my life.

I don't give praise easily, only when I feel it is truly warranted.

I am an enlightened being (whatever that may mean) in my own right - this has come about through intense emotional change, hardship, great physical pain, and         spiritual trauma - not so much from psychic development, workshops, retreats, intense internal work or 'trying to be spiritual'.

So I am saying, in reply to the email article I received when I subscribed - ("It's okay to feel bad")

- I resonate with you and how you speak; I feel as you do - that it's okay to experience anger, angst and all human feelings; to be human beings.

- I use words and phrases that you use, that others do not usually use e.g.  our Internal Guidance System and your analogy of "flying an airplane" (I use the             analogy of "sailing our own boat"). 

- thank you for putting into words and onto paper in such a short article so many ideas and concepts I value, use and believe. And for making it simple. And

    for making it count.

Blessings always,  CLAIRE BOUSFIELD     - South Australia, Australia

Reiki Master/Teacher     * Usui Shiki Ryoho        * Gendai Reikih



I have registered for the group call tomorrow  night.  I am in my sixth week of the Level 1 on-line course and have read the book up to the sixth Divine Opening.  My question is as follows:  Before I started the course I actually experienced feelings of joy, occasionally bliss when I was meditating, "knowing," and other feelings at the top of the Instrument Panel.  However now I mostly either feel anger I thought I had dealt with or didn't realize I had or boredom, can't, or acceptance without happiness or joy.  I took the course because I wanted to be able to expand and extend feelings of joy and bliss.  But I seem to be stuck at the resting zone, emptiness level and am also not getting clear guidance regarding what to do next.  So mostly I just feel kind of blah all the time instead of happy and joyous.  Obviously there is a block and resistance.    If this is something that needs to be dealt with in a one on one session instead of the group call, please let me know.  Thanks. 

Thank you also for having gone through this process and for being able to describe what you have experienced and continue to experience in such a way that we can follow behind you.  I have recommended the book to 2 friends who are doing the divine openings from the book. 

Beverly Fykes 



Hi lola-amazingly I had some positive turn of events in one problem area (relationship) right after scheduling our session (is that really all it took???) and am feeling like maybe (because finances haven't yet done the same) I should wait on the session and see what else shows up. Will reschedule when budget allows...xo,jody

Hi Lola,thank you again for your ever bubbling inspiration,  Love,Maroesja



 appreciate your healing.  i noticed immediately that 'tightness' in my left shoulder dissipated. i had not associated this with C5/6, but more with portia issues.

today, the neck area has felt 'lighter' not as in 'more light' but as in 'less heavy and easier'.

interstingly, i had looked for your book earlier this week and couldn't find it; it wouldn't appear, (and hasn't) yet you did. thanks for the words on 'just living'.

thanks on the healing.  i'll keep you updated. i have noticed some minor tingling in fingers and thumb today, but not much. and none associated with my 'swimming' workout today.

thank you and we'll stay in touch on the various possibilities we've discussed.





Thank you for this e-mail.  It's been about 3 weeks in and I'm really grateful I was lead to the book.  No attachment to my story at the moment, yet it's a deep freeing process to have found this - and to 'let go' and let it flow from a deeper level than where I was moving from.  The stillness within is taking on a whole new meaning, so thank you!!

deep gratitude,




Thank you,

the energy from the book and your e-mails and website is wonderful. I soo am thankful to your oneness partnership with Spirit for doing this.  My grandfather was a Christian minister too then I got involved with the charismatic movement because I wanted more of God's now here's more I can receive easier by Grace through divine Openings untainted by religious doctrine- 


Bev McCaw



I am reading your book and doing the L1 self paced course.  I LOVE it!  I just think your work is so inspired and beautiful.   I am very interested in doing a 1 on 1 session series with you.  Can you let me know if I should wait to finish the book prior to scheduling, or could we schedule now while I am moving through and learning the Divine Opening life?  

I am working with the instrument panel and I'm about half way or so through the book.   I have been listening to many of your audio sessions and feel like I could benefit from your guidance and the insights that I will become aware of from discussing my desire for living a back seat driver divine life.

Thanks so much and hope you are enjoying your day!





I feel electricity all over my body with a tiny crackly sound and tickles all over my skin even including the bottoms of my feet- Is this part of the newest upgraded energy coming through or do I need to 'back off' longer?


I havent received the book yet but i am experiencing wonderful things from Tammy's CD. I found myself dancing around my condo yesterday while listening until i realized "What am i doing!"--which didnt stop me--i just became more aware of what i was doing.

Much love to you all,

jan gudgel (aka jeanette desowitz)



You are a precious soul ms. Lola. God has blessed you and me with insight. And I Have been inspired by yours greatly.

Thank you for your pure desire to walk in love. I saw you at an Indian restaurant a few months ago. And thought, "What a beautiful woman". Micheal Abedin is an old boy friend of mine I met in Martial arts. I helped him open his Karate school. He was a wonderful instructor.  I know YOU have blessed him tremendously. And I know he has blessed you. ( He better have or I'll side-kick him in the pants!!!")

I am COMPLETELY in LOVE with my Husband. He is so close to God, and has one of the purest hearts I have ever seen.

I am writing you because I am SO inspired by your work. May God continue to bless you without measure. ( I know and you know He will.)

We are going to Northern India in september. We can hardly wait!!! We have been a few places in this world, and India has been at the top of the list forever! I loved reading your journey there.

Well, this was a one time desire to contact you. I will continue to pray for you from a far along with everone else that crosses my path. God bless you both!

Sincerely, Karen Currie



Yes, i enjoy Tammy's music alot. I am quite tuned into energy flowing through voices and when i heard her demo , it was a WOW---this is pure gold----a must have !

I also listened to Lola's  conversation with a man about money last night and was very surprised-----not because it contained any startling info-----but basically because it is the same thing i tell my Deeksha gatherings--i hold 2x month----( i took 21 day retreat in India also) but she says it much more eloquently--with great energy coming through. One of the hardest things to get through to people is that "releasing" triggered by the Deeksha is a great blessing and divine grace and all they need do is hang out with the energy of it, no matter how awful it seems, and it will disappear. They all want the bliss----but not the bailing out of their boat of the effluvia up to their noses!

I also had an unsettling experience after i closed my computer down ( it was around midnite) to go to bed. I felt a very threatening presence  near me---and became abit scared---to the point that i checked my closet to be sure no one had entered my apt while i was out in the evening---which i rationally realized was rediculous.This building has 24 hr live security--a total safe haven. It was hard to stay with the fear and turn the light out to go to sleep.Then when i did, i kept waking up and seeing and feeling the room was somehow different and possibly not friendly I felt this experience was related to my hearing the audio by Lola. Any comments about this ?.

I am looking forward to getting the book. I didnt download-----i like to read books in print form in the comfort of a recliner.

Much love,

Jan  (jeanette)

Anything you feel is YOU.

There is nothing else out there!

Snuggle up to it and feel it, own it, and it goes......





Hi Lola,thank you again for your ever bubbling inspiration,Love,Maroesja



Hey Lola,

good to get your note and glad to hear about all the wonderful things going on in your life.  I am sure that the upcoming 5-day will be a blast- lots of fun in a gorgeous spot.  Glad to hear about your romance with David- that sounds very fun and yet peaceful too at the same time.   Very fun too with the website.  I've actually had a chance to listen to more of the audios again- loved that one about Letting in More from the Jumping the Matrix (British scientist with dramatic highs/lows).  Grrriiillllll, that one really was powerful.  Wowza!  Talk about shaking off some old crust- yowza yippeee!  I love discovering new things in the modules that I've already been thru- I've just been trusting the guidance to do what feels right.  I've really been focusing in on letting in more joy and love each day.  The crusties have been flying off (along with the pregnancy weight- hallelujah!) and I've just been feeling along.  Last week, we had some great days with

the boys- the older two were really getting along well and this week has been so ease-filled.  We've met some new friends too- lovely friends for the boys- no mixed messages.  I can't tell you what a pleasure it was just to relax in that energy.  Ben is a dream baby- so sweet, so happy- such a good sleeper and the nursing is going really well.  He is just so laid back- even if his two big brothers are running around like firecrackers.  What a different experience than that which we had with our older boys.  Allen is doing okay- he's actually had some good days at work so that is great and as always, he loves his time with our family- playing with the boys.  It's interesting- our old thing was that one of us would be up, and the other would be down but we've both seemed to just stay steady.  I'm looking forward to even more fun in our relationship.  Allen is just so supportive and loving- always reminding me to take good care of my own self.

Things with Divine Openings has slowed down at the moment.  Right now, my focus has been on the family- getting us into a great rhythm, having more moments of joy, focusing on all the goodness in our lives.  A friend asked me what my career plans were and I said- I make great milk! and my boys are healthy and strong!  I've been doing DO's with our family and I know that as the needs of the family changes, things will open up again for DO opportunities.  Lola, I swear, I can feel so much crust coming off and feel my heart and soul opening up in ways it never has before.  It is amazing what the birth of this child has opened up- not only in me, but in our whole family.  What a combo- Jumping the Matrix and having a baby :)

Lola, I am so glad that you are you!  I truly appreciate your presence on this planet.  I love that you live your life- that you walk the walk- I love your humanity.  You are such a beautiful soul and I feel so blessed to know you.  Your "work" has changed my life and the lives of my family in such a positive way- a big thank you for all of that :)

know you are loved and deeply appreciated, dorogaya-





Oh yes!

I take full responsibility for what has manifested in my life. I wanted restoration with him two years ago. That was a huge want on my list when I first did your level 1 online course. But when he showed up I wasn't the same person anymore. It no longer felt good. Took me a while to feel my way through without using my head, but I did it!!! And i'm on my way to better and better and better!!!

Love to you



Divine Openings is the most amazing..............I can't even put words to it!

I broke up with my boyfriend Saturday night. Although sadness came, suffering did not. I felt relieved and light hearted afterwards. Without going into the story, Before he came back into my life I spent most of my days higher on the altimeter scale. After we started dating again I was slowly moving downward and ignored the signs and ignored my emotions. As time went on I kept getting this feeling of doubt, and uncertainty then went to discouragement and I was anxious all the time. Everyday. I would suppress these emotions and then they would show up every two weeks or so in alot of anger! Then a couple of months ago I started having so much physical pain in my back and neck which has ended in my chest being so tight and my stomach hurting. How's that for the Divine Screaming at me, "What the Hell are you doing!!!" It's amazing how quickly this happened. The Divine doesn't waste any time.

I made a commitment to myself to sign up for your Level 2 on-line course. It felt right and it was time for me to move forward. It has only been two weeks into this course and I'm embracing it! I love it!!

It has helped me jump right back in the saddle, if you will, and pay attention to my emotions and turn that plane up! I am no longer going to crash! LOL

I feel sad and disappointed now. My dream of having a life with this man is over. But I still have the dream. Or should I say, Desire!!! I know the sadness and grief will not last if I sit with the feelings and let them pass. I know not to be afraid of them because they will move and I WILL feel happy again. I know this because you taught me and I listened. Well, most of the time! :-)

I'm looking forward to the next adventure in my life. I have been listening to the level 2 on-line couse audios and videos everyday to help me through. They are incredible. I thought the audios for the level 1 were great, but these are exactly what I need.

Thank you Lola for what you have given me.

I am so forever grateful!

Love to you,




I just wanted to say that I love you very much. :) ;) :)

After going through all the crying and the feeling of feeling unloved and attacked and shamed I have felt all these years beneath the veneer of being a loving, joyful person, it has now become so easy for me to experience the Divine - I don't need to visualize, I don't need to say mantras - all I do now is close my eyes and say, "God is here," and I feel this amazing peace that becomes joy that become pure laughter and bliss! It is amazing! And even when I do visualize or say mantras, it is not because I have to but because I enjoy it and it feels more like I am being visualized or being mantra-ized!

Thank you so much!

I believe in you.

I love you too!

Darling Peace and Sweet Namaste,




Randy, my partner, continues with chemotherapy for lung cancer and I continue to debate some about when I am helping with great wisdom and when I am controlling.

We did travel from Michigan to the White Mountains in New Hampshire trailering his Honda Goldwing motorcycle and it was a first for us in most ways and absolutely wonderful.  It's funny.  He is so connected with Grace flowing that I am sitting back a lot and just taking in how good things are with this cancer situation and seeing him simply living his life fully with faith and simplicity.

Lola, I have good feelings about this process for him (regarding good physical healing) and all because of his connection.  So I try to live there versus my small, medically sophisticated, frightened self.

I love you,




I haven't been sending in RAVING emails but I sure have been RAVING inside!  I APPRECIATE and THANK you daily for what you are creating.  I go to your website morning and evening to listen or read.  Always it's uplifting and often just what I need to hear in the moment!   I love it!

Thank you SO MUCH for who you are willing to BE.

I'm very excited about the upcoming 5-DAY.

Love, Elizabeth



Wow, what a huge amounts of syncronicity have led me back to you!!!

21 Day Oneness course, last weekend 2 day Oneness Intensive and the releasetechnique abundance course and then your email today!

Looking forward to the Divine Openings,

Love & Blessings,




Dear Lola,

I loved your book. I haven't finished all the Divine Openings yet because I was trying to space them. Then I got off track with the death of my Mother and now my Father is not doing well. Overall, I feel very overwhelmed and stressed out.

I don't know what to do to turn myself around. Do you think the first online course would help me to break through this stalemate?


Linda Cadieux



hank you so much for your wonderfully enthusiastic email!  I'm also very excited to be participating in the 5 day silent retreat and am so happy that things are accelerating at such a quick rate for Divine Openings because they are gloriously powerful and moving! 

I have jumped through the Level 1 course today, excluding the Divine Openings, and am so, so, so, SO Happy!!!  I'm so happy to have received this wonderful message that you have to share because it has given me the opportunity to reconnect with my Divine Source and to know and understand how to STAY connected!!!!  I've done a bazzillion different courses and studied a multitude of religions, done the binaural beats, paraliminals, Oneness blessings, Deeksha...the works...and now I have very succinctly come to have an unshakable understanding of what I've been looking for all this time and am overjoyed and completely ecstatic at the ease with which it is to experience what I've been chasing after...and never to chase after again...EVER...WWWHHHHOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Light and Immense Gratitude to my Source for blessing me to find Your Most Fabulous Self!!!  Mwua!!!




lola, this was by far the most rocking newsletter EVER!!!!  u are simply a wonder of this world.

thank you for your love, realness and radiant joy.

so much love to you, 

alecia evans




In bliss, after Diving In, my Large Self began playing parts of this song to me:

“Dance with me,

I want to be your partner can’t you see

The music is just starting…

Let it lift you off the ground

Starry eyes and love is all around

I can take you where you want to go”

It’s working; how beautiful!

The interesting thing about this is that I was only vaguely familiar with this catchy tune. I can’t recall even the last time I heard it. It may have been years ago. And I certainly didn’t know those lyrics. However, they came through very distinctly. It was very quiet in the house but it was as clear and melodious as if it was being played on a stereo. I did a search on the song and when playing it (the lyrics and melody were exactly the same), it brought tears to my eyes.

Also, I just now had the most interesting synchronicity. Only 2 days ago I put a worrying problem with a tree on my God List. It’s a large dead tree very close to the house. Someone dropped by and put a brochure in my door. He was from “Tree Docs”. I caught the young man before he left. He normally works 75 miles from here but offered me a 50% discount because his work is slow. I was amazed to learn he was the grandson of a close boyhood friend of mine who I haven’t seen in over 50 years. I’m 63 now and I only recently returned to my home state. I am still tending to be concerned about the cost but somehow I’m thinking it will work out.


Theril Andrews

PO Box 641

Heber Springs, AR 72543 USA


Telephone  501 362 2141



I had to write you....what a great piece and so very true. 

You are just a gift to the planet and a joy to follow.

Yours in Service,

Linda Ehlers



I took time to read all the way through your newsletter.  I enjoyed it and share spiritual values with you.  I appreciate you and your work and play here on the physical plane, as well as the infinite dimensions of vibration.  I love the way you embrace the everyday, and I look forward to seeing you sometime soon. 





Hi Lola, Reading this newsletter and finding it so brilliant.  I have believed these exact things for such a long time, but was never able to verbalize them.  Last year I started to write a book called "The Class ~ What It Is" and was working on it when I discovered your website.  Now I don't need to write the book, because basically, you've already written it for me.  It flows out of you, whereas when I was writing, it was work!  So I'm letting that go, and saving the time, relishing your words that have been in my heart for years.

Thanks for sharing so much, and for being right on the mark.

Best,  Angela


Hi Lola !

Thank you so very much for this wonderful amazing  inspiring book.I have loved it since the first written word.. Maybe some day I will write on the blog .

Love inger


Hi Lola, I am so looking forward to the intensive. It is a very quiet, rumbling, powerful sort of longing. I am savoring it!

I intellectually get so much about the transition in world consciousness taking place, but I had been unable to truly trust it by applying it in moment by moment actions in my life.  This is where I feel the biggest shift since receiving the Divine Openings - in being able to let my beliefs truly weigh in to how I make choices in my life. The feelings that I have, the bliss, the understanding, the few practices that I have learned - they all come together to help me find the solitude I have been seeking for  years - and right where I want it, too, which is in the midst of my everyday living.

I had been asking for "EASY" and along came you and this. I am so grateful.
Love, Roxanne



I'm so happy to have received this wonderful message that you have to share because it has given me the opportunity to reconnect with my Divine Source and to know and understand how to STAY connected!!!!  I've done a bazzillion different courses and studied a multitude of religions, done the binaural beats, paraliminals, Oneness blessings, Deeksha...the works...and now I have very succinctly come to have an unshakable understanding of what I've been looking for all this time and am overjoyed and completely ecstatic at the ease with which it is to experience what I've been chasing after...and never to chase after again...EVER...WWWHHHHOOOOOOOO HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Light and Immense Gratitude to my Source for blessing me to find Your Most Fabulous Self!!!  Mwua!!!


I'm loving the online course. My last divine opening moved some really old stuff out. So grateful I know now just to let it move. I have one more phone session left and was hoping to do it next week.  jody






Hi Lola, I just wanted to say thank you. I only registered for course 1 a few days ago but I already feel as if I have untied a cloak and let it slip off my back. Things have just faded away. It would have been unbelievable to me only a few days ago. So, thank you. Tracey


I am in no other modalities. I enjoy preparing for a week of silence and emptying by just keep trucking along. Be and do what is regular and do your level 2 for fun and differentation. The winter here is still not over, so I still have the habit of "insulating" myself from the cold and thus eating more than I need. The emptying part will for me also be important to be physical, less food feels less sluggish, I do need to regain some natural energy from the strength of my inner me rather than look for the support and comfort through food.  Since I signed up to go, that eating and craving has grown on me, the little self probably feeling trapped in what is to be released.......
I am reminding my breathing, it is too shallow at times and I still(!) have to work a lot about just feel the feelings.  And repeat that in my head a lot.  That kind of conditioning I don't mind, cause it is about me and liberation. Overall, I feel good.  O, the book, third time is a charm......I love the book.


Dear Lola, goose bumps again.......When I saw your new art picture Diving For Treasure I was stunned. About two years ago I was doing imagery sessions with an Energy Therapist and so many of my visions were diving down to the bottom of the sea and finding a Treasure Chest. I don't remember opening it fully but I knew it was justing waiting for me to feel what was inside.  I remember taking it up to the shore. The sessions never revealed what was inside but I knew that it was all good. Then one day out of the blue (that could be the sea water) I heard from my friend Carey  ( I didn't even know her last name was Waters). We had not been in contact for 12-15 years. She told me about Divine Openings. I read the book. Carey gave me three Divine Openings within the next six months and the  next I know I am on my way to becoming a Divine Opening Giver in Austin. I then took the  Virtual Intensive, Level 1 , and now JMT. I feel like each Divine Opening that I receive and give  justs opens the Treasure Chest further and further. And it is truly so much more fun to imagine what is next. I am so glad that I am taking my time. What a Treasure that I never expected !!!!  My life is so much more than I ever could have imagined. I am finding peace in my heart and a new confindence that I have not had in a long, long, time. I love giving Divine Openings and the experience of Grace to others.  I appreciate you so much for sharing your gifts and incredible artwork.     Liz Bloomberg/ Whitehall, Mi.


Hi Lola, it’s Jody…things are good I have just been stabilizing at this new altitude…it feels so good to be peaceful and know that everything is not only going to be alright it’s going to be wonderful!!!


What's good, is that I see and feel my arguing, tough (mad) mind clearer, I am changing.
But it is such a tough game.  When I lay down on my kitchen floor - in the most intense loneliness, in despair - it also feels more and more right, that this is my way of giving up this old game. It feels like a long old battle of survival (no clear memo of stories) that is loosen its grip on me, or at least changing. When I give up - I can let in.  Love, Neelam (Ada)


I am having a really hard time reading your book. I have had it a couple of months and reading feels like walking through quicksand. I cannot read more than 2 pages at a time. I have been on this search since 1989 and this is the most positive thing I have found since reading Eckhart Tolls book on Awakening. When I read  your book it is like it is too heavy to read more than 2 or 3 pages at a time. I have felt a subtle shift in conciousnes while reading a couple of times but I have to force myself to read a couple of times a week.  I love to read and I read seveal books a month. Reading is what I do with all my spare time. Can you shed some light on what is going on?


Hello Lola,  I thought you would like to know that I was tempted to take the Pristiq on Saturday, and instead Ifollowed your advice to dive in, and the depression resolved on Sunday . Thankyou! Elizabeth K



Hello dorogaya (a Russian term of endearment) Lola, hope you are having a fabulous day.  Dorogaya, just had to write after reading/"doing" Week 11 in Jumping the Matrix.  Can I just say I love the consciously giving your power away step/piece?  Love it, love it, love it!  Wowza!   I was up early this morning, reading online, listening to the audio and "doing" this step....grrrrriiiiiiillll!  Wowza!  I felt things leave my body that had been there sooooooo long.  I just got on a roll- I thought my head was going to float off and then my upper body.  I felt the baby must have liked it too- it felt like s/he gave me a few kicks of groovin'.  It opened me up sooooooo much.  Today has just been such a beautiful day- what a wonderful way to start it.  So thank you, thank you, thank you, Ms. Lola, thank you and your fabulous self for creating this.  I love it, love it, love it!  If I could send you ten million smoochies and hugs, I would!  Just know that there is a lot of love and appreciation for you! lots of love, Laura





Note from Lola -- I love humor and this was the funniest thing I've read in ages:

I am now working selling real estate again on the weekends!  My world is just getting better and better.
Just finished your book. Decided to go right out and start doing divine openings, so I went down to Wal Mart and got a card table and a couple of cheap chairs and set up out front of Wal Mart. Pretty soon I had a bunch of people lying on the sidewalk slobbering, luckily the employees came out with some paper towels and we got these people cleaned up. The cops came and were going to chase us away until they saw how big it was and they started directing traffic. One cop came up for an opening and he said he was hit by the big taser in the sky. Anyway, I was telling everybody about this lady in Texas, so everybody wanted to go , so we took up a collection and rented a bus. We should be there by dinner time tomorrow night. Thanks, Ken


The ‘long and the short ‘ of it is that a (business event) didn’t go well…..(details taken out)….. ... Well, the details are unimportant ..... My Large Self is handling this ..and it’s in God’s hands ... But , your course and the Instrument Panel has made me increasingly aware of the amount of time I spend worrying I have done the right thing ... In particular when I discuss matters with my lawyers.

.... But , I ran cross country for an hour 30mins on Sunday and found myself wallowing in such negative thoughts ..and I kept ‘tipping the nose up again ‘ ..... Back and forth fighting these negative dense thoughts .... But I won by the end of my run and reached a point of near ecstasy . Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I was running .... It was SO OBVIOUS ..... I moved this very dense energy I know I did ... And I ‘heard’ the following ..

.....“The meek shall inherit the earth ....” well, of course they will ! .. I now understand this .... Those without self-indulgent and self-centred thoughts ... Those who have seen their ego for what it is and learned to observe but not be run by it ..... Will, indeed be the ones that eventually win through all the ‘petty’  ego-based difficulties that result in wars , famine and pain ... THAT IS when the earth will return (to The Garden of Eden ?)  ...Lola, I am NO preacher or evangelist , would not call my self Christian but my thoughts are straight out of a Sunday sermon !

And then I ‘heard’ .... “Forgive them the know not what they do ...” AND I UNDERSTOOD THIS for the first time in my Life .... This is not some pious ,altruistic love centred Godly statement . No this is a statement of pure LOGIC .

‘Forgive them .. ‘ because if you do not the negative energies will re-enforce and build the hate and hurt .... And  ‘...for they know ,not what they do ..” a STATEMENT OF FACT ..which is why the world is in the mess it is ... Israel /Palestine .... Fundamentalist / agnostic ,  Rich/Poor .. black / white , men / women  , str8/gay .. ... All of these are because people ‘will not let go of their hate and negative vibrations’ .... They re-enforce these conflicts .. WE SHOULD ALL SHOUT OUT EACH DAY – I DON’T ALWAYS UNDERSTAND OTHER POINTS OF VIEW BUT I SEND MY UNRESERVED LOVE TO ALL.

...... I understand your book more each day ..... And I now recall you saying on your video, Jesus was pure Grace ....  How utterly right you are ... This message is SO important .... But ,I do not want to end up scaring all those that are no yet ready to understand (we are all able to do so ) ... As some bible bashing Evangelist.... No way !!!... But , it is truly wonderful and scary at the same time to have these context shifts that reveal ‘what was there all along’ ... And like your description of your 21 days .... I am beginning to take this all in my stride .... Almost expect it ...

... As a natural teacher , I want to tell everyone but am very quickly finding myself just accepting this and ‘keeping my council’ - a very odd pairing of feelings !!

I want you to know when these things are happening Lola , as feedback from your work ... I cannot wait and will train to bring this energy to as many as I can .... I guess this also is cathartic in that I get my new feelings ‘down on paper’ - albeit of the digital kind !!

Thank you again for showing us al ‘how to do it’ ... One day , there will be thousands of Divine Givers all over the world ..... Wow ! , what a thought ...

Much Love, Rod


Lola,  This has continued to resonate with me & the next day I got an amazing opportunity to just use the phrase " I love enough to..." to surf through some negativity that came up to be healed. As the feelings came up, the words just opened it all up somehow very quickly. The shift that happened was amazing. It feels like this phrase is so very allowing that it opens up all of the all. I absolutely love it. No wonder you call what you do Divine Openings!

 I forwarded your newsletter to a great friend of mine, Sandra & she promptly ordered your book & sent me the pdf, which I read straight away. Your words affirmed something deep inside me & the sacred simplicity of your Divine Opening has inspired me further.

 I just wanted to say Thank you, deeply & sacredly.

-:¦:- Be Blessed! -:¦:-
*¸..· ´¨¨))  -:¦:-            
@love, Jolene 
     *¸..· ´¨¨))  -:¦:-    
If it doesn't bring peace,
((¸¸.·´  ..·´   -:¦:-
make another choice
-:¦:-    ((¸¸.·´   -:¦:-  ~


So I am in the grocery store in the check out line…I have paid for nearly all of my items and need one more item- as I am coming back to my cart, I see a woman taking a couple of things from my already paid for section.  I am just about to rip her a new one when I see the words from Jumping the Matrix- “Just ask”….I get that strange…time stopped feeling I have come to call my Holy Moly moments.  As I walk past her, I lightly touch her shoulder and say “next time, just ask”.
Then I wake up from my dream….I started asking big time and I am starting to feel more…I think I am one of those people you described to the musician on the call…really head centered …I had a lot of “no head” after Texas but of late with worries about income, work etc…my left brain has come back on line a lot and the silent faith I had buckets of after Texas has eluded me.  Thank you for Jumping the Matrix –thank you for reminding me not to do a spiritual bypass –thank you for working with me on the Sea Ranch event which I am so excited about….and thank you for letting me share this with you….anything else you can think of that will help me, thank you for that too!
Love, Debora


Lola, ?I just wanted to thank you for the session yesterday.  I woke up this morning feeling much lighter and with the energies circulating from yesterday.   Your words really inspired me.
Thank you for your care and warmth.
Big hug, ?Emily Lao Chua


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate you.  I REALLY needed to hear what you sent in your newsletter yesterday and it felt like the Hafiz was basically speaking to me.  I have been feeling like the Divine has been shaking the nonsense out of
me and didn't know exactly how to put it into words, but that's what it feels like.  And of course it's not fun, but after reading your newsletter it made me get a sense that there's a purpose to it even if I don't get it (or like it!).  Like it's for my own damn good!

To be honest I think I was waiting until I had some breakthrough experience like the ones I've read about on your website, and THEN I'd get to writing you this fabulous recounting of all that's happened, but realizing my experience is my own and trying to appreciate it the best I can.  I have let go of a lot, but am still experiencing my share of speedbumps a little over a year starting Divine Openings.  Not sure how normal that is, or if I'm just a "tough case" but I guess either way it really doesn't matter. I have to admit some recent hairballs prompted me to begin a little miniseeking again, got a soul reading from Kelly Canull and then signed up for some energy healings from a link from her.  And although there were some good insights & new habits that were started from this,  I have come to FEEL, (yes FEEL! not think!) that Divine Openings really is what feels the most authentic and right for me. It feels almost like a coming home, very simple, real, etc.  Not work,
more fun...

Loving the message of the day too, often it speaks exactly to what's going on for me as I'm sure it does for many.  I'm back on track now, and really going to use these tools you've put in my hands the best I can.  Looking forward to cutting this yo-yo string and getting permanently in the flow. Thank you so much for just being you and doing what you do. Much Love, Mindy



Hi Lola, A BIG BIG BIG Thank You for writing your book.I hit my first speed bump before I got to it in your book and so did not realise what was going on and spat my dummy out (pasifier I think you call them in america) so I did not read it again for a couple of weeks ,imagine the shock I got when finaly picking it up again and reading what had just happened everything made sence.I am now back on track and Loving it .Saturday we go on holiday to Barbados your book in hand and am looking forward to more Divine Openings in the Sun and Yes Life is Soooooooo Good.Will keep you posted.  Lots of Love, Sue Abbott     P.S I also Love the teachings of Abraham



Good morning Lola, I've been on this trek for a little over a year now….. this has been such a rewarding journey. I've lost the sense of urgency to "fix" me or things.  That in of itself is a gigantic milestone.  My mind and heart are so much quieter these days; it seems silly to ask for anything more.
Once I wanted to get more "enlightened" to solve all my problems (whatever it was they were J) and now I want to continue moving on this road because I want to be a catalyst for others--to help them move beyond illness, anger, and negativity.  Even though I didn't choose to move slowly, it's been a godsend.  I've learned to enjoy the small treasures that keep coming my way.  Also, by going so slowly this past year, I realize that no matter how much I want to help or "fix," I don't have any right to infringe on others' mindsets…they have to be allowed make life decisions themselves.  That's a hard one for a wife and mom of three to get!!  My small self says if they would only do what I say they'd all be fine!!  But, I now know they are fine where they are.  My job is to set an example and when they truly want a little more peace and quiet in their worlds they'll get it.
Nope, no fireworks, no mind-blowing out of body experiences, no two-way dialog with my large self (darn!)--none of that cool, exciting stuff.  Just a slow, quiet journey that fills me with awe every day and leaves me in wonder of why I was so anxious before. I have no idea where I'm going or when I'll get there.  I'm just going to enjoy the ride.   Katherine


Thanks so much!!! I just wanted to send you a warm note letting you know how much I appreciate all you do!  I am sitting here listening to Om Navo Bhagavate and just appreciating...and I wanted to share that with you! By the way, jumping the matrix is just fabulous.  Life is delicious!
Much love, Cari


Your presence in the book, the website and the videos feels like home. You make me feel safe, I want to feel like that about everything. The other day I came across your myspace account, and there was this song playing, and I absolutely enjoyed it (it's "Om namo bhagavate" I found out).
Also, today I ended up just surfing your website without a specific goal, just enjoying the energy..
One line caught my eye: "If you feel called to serve at a higher level, or just want to treat yourself to a new life on a clean, clear slate, speak with Lola."
I hope some day soon I'll be able to attend one of your seminars because I very much want to. Just not yet it seems, a few more steps to take I think.
There... nothing especially important in this email, just wanted to share this with you. Hugs, Ivan


Hi Lola, There’s so much I could share with you that has moved in the last few months and just how amazing now when I look back at the winding road its taken for me to remember me ( and see how this all happened) and get my power back even at this level, that its always meaningful and enjoyable to be moved by Spirit to come to the site to see what and where the next “right thing” is to hear or see and this morning here was your most profound and lovely “I Love You Enough” in my inbox!  OH MY !!!  I can also say that things/actions/movement have become meaningful because they’re happening NOW, and I’m in the moment with them, and in all honesty, its also helped to blow out a big chunk of resistance in my neck/throat, this time! The things that have moved in my neck/spine have really showed me things about myself that I didn’t know. I feel, even though there’s been so much evidence - I’m still willing to feel and have my slate cleaned for me instead of ME trying to clean my own slate!!!! That call really made me aware of how the pain that had been there for years, the resistance, the need for change in my body and in my life etc., really was only accomplishing adding only more resistance to resistance, but in all honesty when I had my 3 sessions with you last year I wasn’t capable of walking away, now on the other hand, I’m talking to the Divine more and I can feel the potential inside of me, that at the very least, more wholly desires it! I’ll stop here for now, but, thank you very much for loving me enough!
For all you do…
Love, Lisa Leever (Indiana)


Lola, I just LOVED this newsletter!!! I am going to use the phrase " I love you enough to_______" as a fill in the blank like the WHAT IF clearing w/ ZP. If a specific phrase comes up or not is ok b/c the intent to give enough love changes EVERYTHING!!!  I can feel that this will open the energy up of any situation, of me, of it all & reveal such choices that support love. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

-:¦:- Be Blessed! -:¦:-
*¸..· ´¨¨))  -:¦:-            
@love, Jolene 
     *¸..· ´¨¨))  -:¦:-    
If it doesn't bring peace,
((¸¸.·´  ..·´   -:¦:-
make another choice
-:¦:-    ((¸¸.·´   -:¦:-  ~

I just want to rave about level 2 and how much it has given me. I was more guided to level 2 than the Matrix and am delighted with the results! My perfect solution to wanting more. I was able to quickly get through my speed bumps and have that wonderful feeling of feeling wonderful! You are so right when you feel that great everything is in place! Have completed  the 10 weeks and worked through my speed bumps and all the insightful things you gave to the course! Now I'm doing it the second time with the intention to go higher.It was so interesting,each week brought something new for me and sure enough the next week would have the answer. As Tammy sings so beautifully "this must be what I've been praying for...this must be amazing grace..." I highly recommend the second level! A deeper peace & sense of well-being has been given to me...
Thanks for being so generous! Penny Johnson



Looking forward to More Tammy...on the New Years call she did a bit of "You are so beautiful" sure would be great to hear her do the whole song in that amazing voice of hers!


Hi Lola, I am rereading the book now for the second time and planning on taking an online course after I get high speed Internet here at home. (Simply will not load any audio)
Much is evolving and faster then before...I do see that to daily open myself to what is next is a big key! Sometimes immediately after a DO comes a phone call or contact from someone either asking me about my services or its the next big family issue to "glide" through...I think IM getting the idea here how to keep the wind in my sails! A dear friend of mine is now on her first read through the book and I cant tell ya how I appreciate her on the path as well. If someone poked their ear into  a conversation that we were having, IM pretty sure they would not get it!! On the contrary, wouldn't it be wonderful if they did???
 Lately I have been feeling an urge to share this with others...maybe on my horizon.
 Lots Of Love, ~ Chris in Oregon


I am open to it all and just going with the flow.  And at some time would be interested in taking your courses. Your absolutely right the expansion never ends!  It is an exciting journey!
Love, Susan Trepkov   xoxo


I have wanted to write for sometime to finally inform you that I believe I am finally getting there! I started your book last May and came to your 1 and 1/2 day session at the end of August. I have to admit it is hard to remember how I felt then. All I know is that I feel much more optimistic most of the time and even though I still don't have a clue where my life is leading, I feel like I am closer to mySelf and feel like I have been doing an experiment in trying to hear myself and follow the lead. I know you recently sent a newsletter about other people if things weren't working but I have a trust in this process. Last year I just knew I had to meet you and be part of the live course and it happened. So I'm staying the course (so to speak). I may take longer but once it starts coming together for me, I'll be on a roll I am sure. I am so grateful for your work, your soothings and THAT BOOK! I am now reading it probably for the 6th time. I'll jkeep you posted....and I absolutely loved that long blog piece sent byCarey Waters which you call 'The Big,Big, Big, Big,Big Picture Your Large Self Sees. I printed that one out to read again and again. Thanks for everything.
Love, Jennifer from New Jersey!


Hi Lola,

I just had an "Oh my God" moment. I was think about the music group Rusted Root and how after they die they will likely reflect on what "a great life that one was" and I realized that I'm already there, I already am that being that I will be after I leave this body and this life. I'm already that, what the hell am I trying so hard to "get to" when I'm already that, already there. What a huge load off of my shoulders!
Thank-you! Love, Michelle Lowry


Since I attended the 5 day retreat my life has changed greatly.
I no longer need the antidepressant medication that I had been taking on and off for years.
The storm cloud that use to hang over my head has lifted.
The night sweats I had been suffering with disappeared.
I'm happy. I can truly feel Appreciation, Love and Joy.
Now I cry out of happiness.
Thank God.
Wanda Csanyi


Thank you for your mail.... has it really been so long since I started the first divine opening?
On the one hand it feels like only yesterday, but on the other it feels like I have been doing divine openings for all my life! So far the ride has been pretty smooth. In fact deliciously so! I find that I'm taking things a lot easier now, sort of chillin' more and not getting upset about things so easily, not so many 'knee jerk' reactions. And pleasant things/events and people seem to sail into my life without any effort from me!

I visited an old friend last weekend. Someone I haven't seen since before I started doing the divine openings. It was a nice weekend with her, but I noticed she gets mad at her 16year old son a lot. I didn't say anything to her about it, but it disconcerted me. After I arrived back home I got sick to my stomach! (I hadn't been sick at all throughout the whole winter whilst I was doing the divine openings, even though lots of people I know have been really ill)

I was wondering if this getting sick now, after the visit, might have something to do with my being disconcerted over the weekend. Could it be that? Or maybe a 'hairball' after the accumulation of divine openings? Maybe, just because I've been living so 'gracefully' recently, I just notice it more!

Anyway, Thank you again, and thank you for the 'diving in' mp3's. I've used some of them and actually enjoy feeling where the emotions(energy?) wander to in my body before a beautiful warm feeling starts spreading through me! ...And, YES! you are right! I DO feel loved! (even in my boyfriendless state! But I can feel that's about to change!)
big sunny smiles from windy, rainy Germany


Since I have started applying your info, I have already seen many positive changes. Committing to leading a study /discussion group is my leap of faith, for though I haven't read the book nor had a formal "attunement" yet, it is still working, and I have enough experiences now to draw on.  D


I purchased the online level one course yesterday and so far having read nearly everything on your site and up to page 25 in the ebook, I am full of wonder and excitement and cannot wait to get started on the course.
I have like most people been searching for years to find self awareness and I have really enjoyed the journey and each time I hit upon another technique or course or book it brought me just a little bit nearer my goal.  However I always found that the awareness did not last long and I was off again in search of me.  My latest adventure has been with angel courses where I learnt to commune with angels and God.  I have received some wonderful inspiring and loving messages which people told me made them feel wonderful and that they could feel the love in them.  This surprised me but the most surprsing thing was yet to come.  I began to receive messages about how I would join with the energy of God and through this energy I would heal others and teach others.  I have put an extract of one of the messages below for you to see.  I was very skeptical as it seemed too magical and a fantasy story to be real and I ignored the messages although they kept coming.  So imagine my surprise to find your website which more or less mirrors what I have been told I was really overwhelmed and surprised.
I cannot wait to experience the unfolding, I have no idea what awaits me but thank you so much for this opportunity. Jansis


Dear Lola
Just wanted to say thank you for Jumping the Matrix…I have been experiencing some fabulous things coinciding so perfectly with each lesson as I read it…hah…amazing how that works huh.
Also, just an additional thanks for the 5 day last September….what a life giving experience and what joy to share in the spreading of divine grace in everyone.  I love you and I rave about it all!!!
Have a wonderful day….its snowing like mad here…yea …I am headed for the slopes!
Debora K McDermed


My mind is so still. Especially in the a.m., it is so still, but in a good way. Quite relaxed. Like, "whatever".    Cyndy


ok here goes. I am on my third openings in your book.  I can't say I feel anything different about myself even tho I have been told things are changing I might not see it.  I am trying not to try too hard and sometimes feel scared and alone.  scared to let it sink in and alone just cuz thats how I feel at this point in my life.  my life is and can be very emotional as it is just me who deals.  sometimes I am just tired of being alone to deal with all my responsibilites.  I can only hope that this may open my eyes and heart and soul to better things to come.  I am 53 and feel life has passed me by.  I look forward to yoru emails.
thanks.   MJ


Hi Lola,
The coolest thing happened today and I have to share...
I'll do my best to put it into words and I trust you will know exactly what I'm talking about!
I have been having a few "drama queen" moments in the last few weeks.  i've been worried about stuff, mostly finances, and one of my children.
Been feeling completely like I'm "not getting something".
I was frustrated with meditation and feeling like I had no idea how to calm the monkey mind.
Today I put my 2 little down for naps and laid down on the couch.  I laid there and asked God to show me a sign he's there bc I've been feeling so all over the place and not centered.  I fell asleep just breathing and asking for help.
I remember waking some time later to feeling like my head was in a vise grip.  Squeezing and releasing.  Not hurting but intense and a bit uncomfortable.  This has happened several times before in the last few months, usually first thing in the morning as I'm waking.  I breathe thru it and let it go.  I asked my sister, a Reiki Master, once if I was getting attunements or downloads and she said maybe even though I'm not a Diving Opening giver and not a Reiki practitioner and haven't been formally "trained" for lack of a better word.
This time the pressure was followed by an all over buzzing sound that kept intensifying.  It was quiet in my house and the silence became deafening yet electric.  My eyes were still closed and I realized I couldn't move.  I thought - "this is it, I'm finally feeling it" and I just felt it.  I felt it move and intensify and heard buzzing.  I remember breathing and trying to smile and just feeling it.  As it faded I remember thinking it felt like it lasted forever but it may have been only a few minutes.  As I moved around and opened my eyes I felt so relaxed.
I have felt bliss and joy in the last year since starting Diving Openings and I have felt the pressure in my head, but never the electric buzzing and floating I felt today all combined into one.
I think I've been getting stuck in old thoughts about religious beliefs that God gives to people who are good.  I'm slowly realizing with help from friends who are patient with me that the power really does lie within and I'm getting it.  Today was so cool.
Just thought I'd share.

Hi Lola !

Wow ! Wow ! And Wow ! .... It’s happening !!!

I thought I ‘d drop you a line to let you in on a weird happening that occurred to me yesterday evening around 7PM GMT (1PM your time).

.....  I run on a semi-pro running machine. I was running with my IPOD listening to Coldplay’s ‘Rush of blood to the head’ album – when the track ‘God put a Smile on your Face’ came on – I know it seems really twee but it’s a great track and not at all righteous !! ...  I was in a really top state in my running - ‘in the zone’ .... On the track , the words ‘God gave ya style and gave you Grace and put a smile on your face ‘ are sung ....’

My mind immediately locked into this and suddenly my whole body was filled with electricity (no emotion , like when I watched your video – just pure energy ...) .... I felt such a presence and something willed me to play a few tricks with my running machine !

I looked , only looked , at the heart monitor LED display which had been at zero as I was not in contact with the sensors or wearing a heart belt .... And it jumped into life and registered what I guess was my heart rate ! .. But how could it as I had NO CONTACT with the sensors and it had been at zero for the early stages of my run .. “Clap your hands once !” - I almost “heard” but was “willed” to do this ... I felt it strongly and palpably ....

I clapped my hands once and the Heart rate monitor fell immediately to zero .... “Now do it again ... “ I “heard” .... Well, was “willed” to .... I looked at the heart rate monitor and it jumped to life again !!!! ... “Clap your hands ONCE “ I “heard” again ... Well “willed” again .. The display immediately fell to zero .....

By this time , I really was nearly overwhelmed by this experience but just let it flow through me ..... “now make it faster and faster “ I felt / was willed ... I looked at the heart rate monitor this time and jumped to life but climbed and climbed .. I was still on my running program ... The monitor climbed steadily  on and on . “Clap your hands !” The monitor fell to zero instantly and stayed there fro the rest of the un. The display had risen to 198 ... Impossible ! -  my running heart rate is about 110 at this kind of warm up ....

..... Is this crazy or wot ! ... IT HAPPENED ... I was not on anything I promise ... Absolutely no  alcohol had touched my lips during the day as I cannot exercise if I have alcohol .. Part of my regime ..

.... Now, I am not sure what this means .... I am still buzzing now just thinking about it . My hands have been tingling ever since .. They are permanently full of ’electricity’ ..

Well, Lola .. Your book has turned me into a lunatic !!! .... Of course it hasn’t , only joking but ... What does it mean ??? ..... It REALLY DID HAPPEN ..... I told my partner , he smiled ... And looked bemused .....  Lola .. We must GET THIS MESSAGE TO EVERYONE !!! ....

Please send two dozen Nurses quickly !!!
Much Love, Rod UK

I thought it was time to share some of my experiences from my level 1 course, which I just finished. It’s been a wonderful time, and speaking of time, The timing was perfect for this course.
I lost my job in the end of October, I was brutally excluded by my boss, who was in deep stress.
First and foremost, I have rediscovered my inner joy. I have a sugar/coffein addiction and I’ve been easily abstinent for over 60 days now, and that includes Christmas! That’s my mainproof that this works for me! On new years eve, I usually get in a low mood, but this time, alone, I went outside at midnight and almost exploded in joy and happiness. First time of my life it is making me joyful to reread my diary, and I really learn something from what I’ve written. It has become so easy to be greatful in everyday life. Before, I tried to be greatful, but now, I truly am.
 I finally manage to detache from my ex-husband, and I have started building new, more alive bonds to my two boys (10 and 15 years old)
I have spent many, many hours on your site/book and my diary in these months, and they have been the best days of my life. I see that it works!
 As a true lover of Eckhart Tolle (and I have met other true teachers) it is marvelous to finally start to live this concept. And I am so amazed by how all these small parts of my personality just seem to relocate and find better ways to function without me working on it.
Really, it’s like in Celine Dion’s song “I’m alive”.
I daydream, I rave, my prayers have been heard – many times. It’ been such a progress inside of me. And my practical life? Well, I have a sick note, I have enough money to”survive”, and I’m facing a rather tough legal action with my boss. I live alone, because of my financial situation. Fortunately my children don’t live far away, so we see each other often. My health is not perfect, but ok. In these miraculous, Obama no Drama times, I’m also looking forward to how my new life will navigate in old mind land. I have shared your site address to three forums. Two, are Swedish, where they focus mainly on sugar addiction. The third is Norwegian and they focus more on refraining from bad food.
So what do I want?
I want true freedom. I want to embody the eagle’s perspective.
But most of all, I want to live from my authentic heart. Like Dear John de Ruiter said: Gentleness is your mother and straightness is your father.
Joy seems to be such a divine path for me.
Love from, Neelam

Things are going great!
I am enjoying this ride! ~ I have created a simple yoga routine each morning where I use the poses to simply "release and let go" I look forwards to this time. I also felt the old urge to pick up a pencil and draw.. I drew myself in repose or "child's pose," swirling clouds of the collective conscious above me, and my hands in front while posing on a soft blue pillow of the Divine! Love to look at it as well...
 Beautiful thoughts to you and all those out there doing this "play"!
Lots of Love (LOL )~ Christine in Oregon
Lola, the best video was page 3 ....# 3 video.....I got so much out of that last night. Today I feel like nothing could take me off of my path....I finally got the feeling. What an explosion of truly feeling myself. Thank you so much. Liz Bloomberg

Your book is an inspiration .... Yeah, I read it , ‘ always have your Instrument Panel nearby – I am under huge business and relationship pressures and seem to be able to ‘ride with it’.
I have asked and found a plentiful stream of surprising and helpful outcomes , since I read your book ...

It’s all in the hands of the Divine ... And I am NOT an orthodox religious sorta guy .. Have always believed in good and love and a Unifying force running through everything but that doesn’t seem at all important .. I just let what happens happen ... I still care of course and do my best for a good outcome but Know that something else is there always helping me ..

I have a lot to re-learn ... As I was when I was much younger .. To let the helpful energy flow in .. I know EXACTLY what you mean ... But I will get onto one of your courses ... Any in the UK ?

... Strangely , I am in the event business ... Maybe I can put on a day or two for you in the UK ... Love to .... Quite a few contacts ... It seems SO apt , along with helpful business ideas for all those in the UK (and around the world) who need love and support to flow back into their lives ...

Let me know if I can help .... In any way ... I need to re-visit your book with a new vigour ..... I am doing your Level 1 .... Course .... Great ...
Just a BIG THANK YOU LOLA ... I think you have a wonderful and special message to all ... I am still totally puzzled about the pictures and Divine inspiration .. I was speaking to my friends in New Zealand a few moments ago (on Skype) ... Who recommended your book - they are SO pleased ... And will re-visit your book .. Now that to me IS GREAT NEWS ..
Much Love to you .. Thank you
Much Love Rod, UK

Hi Lola, thanks for the followup.  Beverly and I hope you had a wonderful birthday. We love Gruene Hall and love staying next door at the Gruene Manision Inn B & B. An abundance of new and wonderful things have been happening to Beverly and I recently and it's hard to explain do to it seems to be going very fast, yet, I keep telling myself to slow down and get in touch with the moment. That works for a good time and works. I immediatly go to lifting the nose of my plane, although I feel that the nose is allready in the up position. At that point I laugh an still push higher of which takes me to a very comfortable higher level of which makes me laugh more and look forward to the next level of divine opening you have introduced me to. One more thing of interest as life unfolds I went from working at Dell to dirving a bus for Capital Matro, I did knought know what I would be doing. They put me in the Specicial Trasit Services of which I had no experience dealing with bus' nor the disabled. Well it's been very rewarding and goes to show me again you never now what's around the corner every moment. I love and resonate with one of your pieces latest about the persons life after death experience. MY cooking skills have come to a new high, the next time we cross pathes I must have you try one of my new creation, not the same quiche I brought at the 3 hr intinsive after the Wellness Weeken last year, of which was great in it self if I my bragg. Well this lasted longer than I thought. I love you and thank you and look forward to seeing you soon.
Love, David Dougherty


Hi lola, Oh how I wish I could come and volunteer...ooohhh aaaahhh....someday I will....

So much has happened since I came back. While I was in Texas my father started the paper work to buy  a condo I was looking at purchasing as an investment. He actually got them to lower the price 15,000. I was very close to backing out when I realized I was having a hard time accepting the 100,000 that my dad was going to put in to help me purchase it out right. I allowed it to is amazing the way God orchestrates things because my realtor was a Greek man who knows my family and he helped me so much I mean my parents are both very difficult people so he was such an important part of this working. So I got the key plan is to rent it.

I am feeling better and stronger each day....I am getting better..I am better.....I feel more connected....and focusing on feeling my feelings....

I still am investing time in things that don't work but have faith in God that it will change is changing

I danced last night for a good hour working out the anger that I have had since I came back...

I have some divine openings coming up next week.

LOL     AThena


Things are moving - it's like I've been "greased" inside.  And all the emotions that didn't even register on the radar before (THE BIG DISCONNECT) now  register loud and clear.  It's wild when you've lived most of your life disconnected to all the sudden be aware of all the emotions you were stuffing and repressing before...Cowgirl up ! Yael


Thank you for your email. All is wonderful at this end-beginning!  I am so enjoying the guidance on inner levels and I am bathing my soul-spirit with your words and soothing energy through the audios.  Very nurturing and acknowledging that finally I am not alone and going nuts being a pioneer and a truthlover. I picked up the book in June 08, just because the title did me in, and it was only a week after Lola had her visit here in Bozeman.
I was drawn to her face-picture too.  I read the book, took my time, one divine opening a week and change-acceleration happened.  Then I read it again, but this time with a pencil in my hand encircling all that I had not seen or gotten the first time around.  Next reading will need another color and do it again-haha.
I am still into the first week of the audios, cause I am doing all the audios-totally aligned wth the how sand whats in my live,I am  just misssing the physical connection, the allies in spirit and the buddy system.  So I put Lola on first thing in the morning.  She is my ally, my connection and buddy.  The rest of the day is then smooth and flowing.
I am having inklings from my large self about a place where it is warm, some tropical looking plants-trees and a general ambiance of relieve and sooting energy.  Maybe a trip to Austin this summer-fall...
Lots of hugs and love from the cooler region of Montana, Bozeman.  Darci Prus is a friend and I saw her name mentioned in the website.  That got a bit more of my attention and voila- I am suddenly open to do the online course.  Had no computer of my own and was not conscious of how beautifully Divine Presence set me up with getting one with ease and flow. A good friend who I help in his divorce gave me 200 bucks for Christmas, in January I joined.
Thank you guys! And praise to Divine guidance.
Cappi von Meyenfeldt - Dutch nationality, just fell in love with the Big Sky here.  Any more Dutch people affiliated?


This morning (just now) I opened up your audios.  I decided, well, I'll listen later and got out of it.  I did not minimize.  I closed it.  Well, you kept talking to the person on the other end of the phone.  I thought, "ok, I'm supposed to listen and this is weird."  As you talked about death and awakening, I thought, "wow, sounds like she's talking directly to me."  So I listened.  Then you called me by name and I thought, "oh, my god, this is the first divine opening I had with Lola."  She IS talking directly to me.  So, I sat back and listened.  Talk about needing to hear this all again!  And, by intention, I let the D.O. be here and now again because I know there is no time.
I closed it, Lola!  And you kept talking.  And I kept listening.
I can listen again and again.  Wow!  The Divine is timeless!
Love you so much!
Stacy Payne

I have been very impressed with the Diving Opening portraits in your book. After gazing at the first two, I experienced significant depression...and gazing at the third one, I experienced irritability, snappish behavior.  Amazing.  I am sure it was old stuff.  I felt much better after letting it go!
  Also,  I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a therapist , a certified hypnotherapist, and a yoga instructor.  I have studied  Landmark Education for 7 years and meditation and various metaphysical paths all of my adult life.  I am 52 years old now...and still searching..or maybe not...maybe I have finally arrived! Blessings, Elizabeth

just got the book a week ago, there has been a few movements, physcially and emotionally, i am taking things slowly.  will let you know more as time goes by. nothing earth shaking but i am into the gentle way of letting go. my pipes are pretty blocked, i've learnt not to fight things anymore. thanks, looking forwards to reading the rest of the book.
in love and light

Dear Lola,
Thanks, all is well. My long held dreams are manifesting and so are my
beloved's. His is sitting in the yard minus wings and a propeller. He had a
forced landing due to engine failure and hit a fence. Your analogies to
flying are "close to home". I am up to page 96 in book. I look forward to be
able to bring on some rain. We are in a 10 year drought. Any tips for a rain
In the Flow

Just before Thanksgiving my brother died suddenly, and then a cousin died about 10 days later.  I knew I was grieving,  but otherwise thought I was doing ok.  After a couple weeks, I realized I was in a downward spiral. By the end of Dec it felt like everything was going wrong every day, and I was reacting to it badly. I missed being in that easy flow I had been living in for the past 8 or 9 months.

I knew that in 30 years of studying everything under the sun, this is the only thing that has ever worked -- and worked consistently. So on Jan 4 Linda M gave me an in-person opening.  A few days later, you posted the New Years Day message, and in listening to it,  I  got another opening. I've been buzzing ever since -- literally.

I don't quite feel like I'm back to where I was, but the great realization is that I'll never go back to square 1 again -- ever! Cindy Walk, Divine Openings Giver, Toronto area

Some major breakthroughs on personal relationships.  now onto the business side of things!  Barbara

Hey there girl!
I can't imagine how you must feel today. As time goes on with the amount of people you have inspired and helped, I'm positive that you have had an overwhelming amount of love sent your way, by cards, emails and phone calls!
Me being one of them!
I feel so grateful and full of complete love when I think about you and this last year! When you said, that what I was learning from you, and your book, the on-line course and the 5-day would become a part of me automatically instead of always thinking about it to try and stay on course, you were right. Most days it comes easy for me. I keep in touch with my emotions and when I let my small self take over I feel bad. I know almost instantly what is happening! What freedom! You said, "When You can sit through any emotion and let it pass, your free".
Life is good today! My love and I are doing so well! My kids are great! My business is profitable in "these times"!  But I always expected it to be! :-)
I continue to give Divine Openings to a small group of people that have your book. I still give Divine Facials. I have decided to sell my business with a very nice profit and evolve into my next life in this body!!!!
I want to do more and more with Divine Openings! I know that when the salon sells the opportunities with be limitless! I made the intention that I would sell the salon, and a week later someone called to see it for possible purchase! How great is that!!! Fast manifestation!
I am really looking forward to the call next Tuesday!

I know you are out celebrating now! It's your Birthday!!!!! Have a GREAT day!
Love and many blessings to you,

Hi birthday girl!  I wanted to tell you a story that made me smile, and I hope it'll make you smile as well.
For the past several months I've been taking a yoga class twice a week and I LOVE IT!  The teachers have a fair amount of "Lola" in them in terms of philosophy, which I thoroughly enjoy.  One of the teachers, Barb, also owns the studio, and she teaches a class called "Basics" which is devoted to really drilling down into exactly how the poses are supposed to be done, so lots of times the class is pretty technical and detailed, which feeds a part of my brain.  Last night we were trying to do a new pose (well, I was trying, everyone else seemed to be getting it quite well!  ;-D). Barb said to me, "Cindy, you're working so hard...try using less muscle energy and more 'ahhh...' "  Isn't that perfect?  An analogy for life and letting the Divine do the heavy lifting!
Much love, have a great weekend.

Hi Lola, Well it has been an interesting 10 days since my return from Texas. My father put in an offer on a condo i was interested in, putting 100,000 dollars into it. I tried to sabotage it but realized it was just my old stuff, i could not believe that my father could love that way..but some thing inside stopped and I  accepted this gift. It is almost finished and it will be a source of income for anastasia and I, as I will use it as a rental property. My mom who cause me alot of stress is just leaving me alone....

All kinds of truths bubbled to the surface which caused me to regain some of my power and have some good stuff to put in Enrique’s face if he tried any tricks with me. It was a week of purification for us both as he received divine opening and I stood up for myself and for the truth I deserved. I realized God used me to help him and and I heard the lord tell me everything would be restored to me...starting with the 100,000 gift from my father.

In my dance class my teacher was basically in shock as I obviously have was so clear today! She just looked straight at me and said wow.
It is a Latin rhythm class and is very hard...very fast and very complicated rhythms..i have been dancing one yr with people who have been dancing for yrs Today I dance really well.

I have not been  blissed out or very happy but I have felt less afraid and have noticed I have less of a desire to please others.  The fear and worry has lessened…considerably . I would have to say this is what I have noticed the most from the beginning of the just is not there and when the worry creeps in i see it and just drop it. This is exciting for me... ok well I am excited to see what unfolds next.  love Athena

Thank you, Lola, I'm taking my time with Divine Openings. I am seeing positive results but am still working through some tough "knots" right now as well.
Love and Light, Monica

Monica, Don't work my dear, feel. Work adds resistance! Find ways to do what you love.  Love, Lola

Lola, I am laughing out loud (LOL). Thank you. Love, Monica

Our session made me feel more at peace with myself.  Thank you for your guidance and love.
 Love, Tooran

Thank you Lola and associates for connecting with me and being curious about my experience since receiving your book. You have no idea...yes you do, how many books I have read, searching, trying to reach "my place" that holds all the answers for me! Esther and Jerry Hick's books guided me to my source and there I found an undescribable field of energy going on all the time beyond my little self I have always operated from. I always knew something was there but couldn't access it, feel it. I knew, without a doubt, that discovering and living my life from this place was my purpose. I knew it was what I am here to do!  Incorporating it and living from it was my next step. This, I struggled with. I wanted tools and the ones I found created little bumbs forward but they kept getting lost in the everyday shuffle and at the end of my day they were lost. Then I got laid off from my job to discover I have been given this time to build, strengthen, and most of all, "Be" with my Divine Grace, my source of all. I found you, Lola, online through Kate Novak's web site shortly after being laid off. I bought your book and here I am. I did want to share what I call, a "cosmic giggle" with you. Reflecting on your book, each time I found my nose diving down, I would litterally stick it up into the air and picture Bill Murray, in "What About Bob" tied to the mask on a sailing boat with his face in the wind crying "I'm sailing! I'm sailing!" This made me grin from ear to ear picturing this and my spirits lifted. Laughing has been lost to me over the last many years.
I go from here Lola. I want so much more. I want to share this journey with you and yours with mine. It's been a long road and the one ahead is even greater as I learn to walk it with Divine Grace. Thank you to you and yours!! Sandy

I really enjoyed the New Year call.  Thanks for putting it on the website to enjoy again.

Been doing on line 1 for several weeks, and having highs and lows.  'Reality' has got a grip on me.  I seem to have sunk into a sort of blank and numb state on one aspect, yet feel agitated and think I need to do something.  I asked for help and got this question to ask myself.
'How can I enjoy you right now?'
I don't want this to sound mean (it probably will), but my mind immediately said,  'I can enjoy you because right now you are going out and giving me a bit of space!'
You could also ask 'How can I enjoy this right now? '
Love, Marion

Lola, Thanks so much for the Givers info and future call.  I'm looking forward to it.

I mentioned before Christmas that I had a healing story to share, so here goes.

I think I started giving Divine Healings on a regular basis, about the time that your Dad was really sick.  All of a sudden, many people who are either actively in my life, or acquaintances, or people's families - started having serious illnesses or problems.

One in particular is a 20 year old son of a girlfriend of mine.  About every 6-8 weeks, four of us go out to eat and share what's happening in our lives.    KC's story was always pretty much the same.  Her son stayed in his room, communicating only with the computer, was pretty surly, had no friends, had flunked out of college and was making life miserable for himself and his family.  She had him in therapy, but he resisted going and it wasn't helping.  When we went out on November 5, she told the same old story.

I made up my mind I was going to start sending healing to her and her son on a regular basis.  I didn't tell anyone.  I also have a list of people who needed help and they were included as well.

Well, we all went out to dinner about 10 days before Christmas and KC's first words were "there have been 3 miracles where Ross is concerned."  I was stunned and never thought I'd hear "Miracles" and "Ross" in the same sentence.  She said he had read a book then lost the book and went out and bought it because he liked it so much.  (He never read anything that didn't have to do with school work before).  He was excited about the book and communicated that to his brother who was home for the holidays.  He started going to therapy without hassle and started opening up.  And he asked if his friends could come over and watch a football game.  First of all, he'd never had friends before, and he'd never had anyone over to the house.

These things were huge for my friend and her son.  She emailed me today to say that he is reading more (thus, spending less time on the computer).  Therapy is going well and one session a month his mother goes too and progress is being made there.  He is in a much better mood and is much more outgoing.

This whole situation was affecting her marriage and she knew it was soon going to be time to ask her son to support himself and move out on his own.  He now understands that and is slowly starting to plan for a future for himself.

Lola,  thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to help others through Divine Openings and healings.  I've been offering healing for a long time, as I am a Reiki Master and have worked with several other healing modalities.  The Divine Openings and Healings open people up on a whole different level, so that more light can shine into every area of their lives.


Now on to 2009….here is what I want
Sharing this joy with as many people as I can
I am developing 3 courses…Spiritual Intelligence for business, Spiritual Intelligence for Relationships and Spiritual Intelligence for Life…they are all in the hopper and the life course will launch first in the Spring and then the business course…and on we go.  I hope to get an inspiration about how to put divine openings overtly in the business course…we will see!!!
I want to revise my website for more energy and inspiration and of course add the new stuff.
I am doing DO with the book and other teachings I found on my way –the one on one I really love and want to do more-I can say what I want in there…yea
I want to slim down and amp up with ease and grace….I heard you on the weight thing last night Lola and I want to do it with joy and maybe with the help of Weight Watchers…
I want to have a 5 day in California – in a little town by the sea…called The Sea Ranch…I have been going there for over 30 years and it is a place of high energy, peace and love.  I don’t yet know where the 15 people will come from but that is the Divine’s department and I am wanting it in late July –early August (the time anybody should want to get out of Texas!!!)
I am currently jumping the matrix (and I am loving that Lola) and I am only in week 3

As for 2008 – it was a year that moved a ton of energy…from the relationship to my Dad to his passing, my brother in laws passing in early Dec. and all the energy in me I wanted to move…of course aided by all that orange food in TEXAS – now that was some movement.  After our call last night, I woke up early this am in joy!
I want so much to share that with so many people –thank you Lola, and Liz and Carey and Crystal and all the crew…my heart is full when I think of our time together and the best is yet to come!!
Happy New Year- I love you guys
Debora K McDermed


Hey Lola, Happy New Year!!!

Thank you so much for the new dive-in audio and the group call last night, which was absolutely wonderful. You are such a dynamic role model for me - when I can learn to flow 10% of the creative energy you do, I'll be so impressed with myself!

Also, thank-you for mentioning my name on the call regarding team-building. It's something I've always just known how to do, maybe it's a marketable perhaps work in with the workshops? hmmm.......

Thank-you also for the "Completion of 2008 and Anctipation of 2009" list. I have adapted it for theBravostore - our first 2009 "staff meeting" will be answering the questions as a group on behalf of the business.

And finally, our one-word theme for 2009 is FREEDOM!!!!

I have asked each woman to bring a song that helps her feel free, and then we're going to lock the doors and dance in the new energy. Fun, huh? How's that for new-paradigm-business?

Regarding the workshops (I'd sure like to call them something else!) I have many, many ideas, but I would like to ask you a few questions about your business course first. Is it to learn how to market? Or is it creating the internal structure? I undoubtedly will sign-up, but perhaps I also have something to offer? My resources are yours.

The first idea I'm creating is a 7-week course called "CHARGE UP"; I have conceptualized it as if the participants are down-loading their own upgraded operating system - the newest version of their life! - and it will do all the things that the best upgrades do: make everything easier, clearer, faster, better. All fueled by appreciation. When I have the weekly synopsis done, I'll send it to you so that you can see how much of the material is actually yours, and then we can go from there?
Love, Donna

October 27, 2008
Hello Lola, Alls well. Am having a busy but drama-less life now. Taking all things in stride. Am starting to read your book all over again for the 3rd time, reading the latest edition that was a gift from you and than wil reviisit the first and 2nd level online course for the 2nd time to refresh ! I am getting a writer's block on my article to the magazine but no worries, something tells me it will be okay. When the time is right I will know what to say - its gotta be from the heart not the mind. Didn't want the article to be too "educational" more sharing ! Sending lots of divine love and energy to your family. Thinking of them and your dad ! I've prayed and asked my divine mate JC ( Jesus Christ ) to watch over them esp your dad! Conny Looi

All you have to say is, "This is Lola."  Anyone who knows of you will KNOW who it is; like Cher and Madonna, you have graduated to "One Name" recognition.) Anyway I just registered and must tell you that when the initial account page came up, I got a head rush, and then immediately after, a head and chest rush, no lie!  How weird, in a good way. I am very excited about this new course and have been wanting to take the first online course, (and I'm glad I "waited" for the perfect timing) so that, combined with the live 1 1/2 day course, is...Perfecto!
Looking forward to it... Hugs, Cyndy

The energy was incredible on the call, and Tammy’s singing blew out my heart chakra, front and back!  I didn't want to leave the call after an hour but needed to get back to my company.  I'm so glad you've posted it, as I want to listen to it again and also hear the rest of the call.

Thanks again and Happy New Year! Pat Thorpe

Dearest Lola,
I started reading the free introductory download of your book last night and
finished it this morning then immediately ordered a hard copy. The truth of
what I read resonated very strongly. The process of Divine Opening was well
ahead of my connection with you and the Book. The process started or
dramatically resumed again on the 19th of December 2008. Reading your words
simply confirmed many things I had observed. I look forward to reading the
rest of the book and meeting you in person some day. What a wonderful GIFT
to be a conduit for DIVINE FLOW.
With Love and Blessings
In the Flow

Dear Lola, Thank you for posting that New Years Day call....that was the most beautiful start to the year.  I am so excited about this new year I am bursting with energy.
I loved connecting again with that beautiful house was buzzing for days...and the most beautiful interactions occurred with my children and me.  Previous little quarrels and upsets totally dissolved after the call and we have had many days of effortless interactions.
When some stress did arrive with first day back to school I was able to simply stop and allow my son's anger and frustration to be there, remembering that it was not mine and by my allowing and just BEING it helped him to feel what was there and then move on into his day without carrying it with him.  So beautiful to allow those negative emotions without worry for my child and I know it helped teach him that it is OK to feel and allow them to move through.  Blessings to you Lola and the Divine Openings team, I am honored to be a part of this group of beautiful souls.  Excited to see 2009 unfold.  I am launch hoping to launch a Divine Photography Collection this year and will be creating photographs with Divine Opening Energy I look forward to talking with you more about that....I bow to you and say Thank You! Namaste  Kristine Graham, Nassau Bahamas
Hi lots of wow moments and um some hard stuff my latin lover wanted to share with you his experience after his divine opening.......(translated from Spanish) he said, my head hurts i have no energy in my hands and i feel very penis is asleep. My primitive brain really hurts.....i feel like vomiting....i have pressure on my shoulders......i have no thoughts and my mind is blank.  my body is very tired, i do not think or have desire to do anything. I am going to talk to him a bit while he relaxes to help his conscious mindunderstand..have more stories to tell but later. love you, Athena, new Divine Openings Giver

Dear Lola, Thank you for the call you gave us at the New Year. It was fantastic, and a couple of the stories were amazing and inspiring, especially Leann's.
I finished the first course a few weeks ago, but I play your audios all the time when I am working or relaxing. I swear I get divine openings just by hearing you. Something inside me connects with your voice or vibration and just shoots me up the instrument panel. I am quite up there anyway, but I start raving even more when listening to you because I just feel so much gratitude for your guidance.
I was thinking of Anand-Sara and blessing her these last few days as she was on your intensive. I got so many openings and blessings that I felt as if I was doing the course myself! I have been walking around as if I have just won the lottery!
Love and blessings, Grace

Lola, Thanks for keeping me informed.  I am still drawn to attend, so I pay attention to your emails.
I'm thinking of re-reading your book.  I so enjoyed your writing, and was blown away by the energy of the art.  This whole energy download still amazes me, and if I hadn't experienced it I would not believe it, although I am wide open to pretty much anything. I've experienced so many very physical miracles. In fact, I told my husband that if someone told me I was going to grow another arm, I'd just start altering my T-shirts. But those openings/downloads are something else, and I seem to be very receptive to that energy.
I hope 2009 is the best year ever (so far),
Stay in touch.  And please let me know if you are in Sedona.  I know you were here a little while ago, but I wasn't.  I look forward to meeting you soon. Love, Sylvia the 3 weeks since starting divine openings I have read the book through twice, and found chapters that I'm drawn to that I read almost daily.
The experience of divine opening is amazing. I've only done 3 but each opening makes me more and more relaxed and confident. And I really look forward to doing the next one, and enjoy the anticipation...! It's like discovering an old friend who you knew all the time was there, but you had just been too busy and distracted to find time for him.
And the things that have happened! Wow!
Now I understand the saying 'there's no such thing as coincidence'.

I have also down loaded your diving in Audio, and done the sooth your heart diving, cos I was carrying a lot of baggage around with me. Most of the baggage has been instantly dropped! and events that fit me wonderfully are enfolding!

 And I don't really have the need anymore to 'rave' mornings and evenings - when I cuddle down in my beautiful bed a warm tingly feeling spreads all through me, and in the morning when I wake, it's there again!

Thank you so much for being there.

big hugs and smiles from snowy Germany

Greetings dear Lola - I want to thank you for the series of sessions and Divine Openings.  I felt some peace and relief yesterday for the first time in a long time, and I am very grateful.  I think the part about not telling ANY story was quite useful.  You are beautiful inside and out, and I admire and respect your absolute commitment to your evolving truth.  It is inspirational.  YOU are inspirational.

I may not stay in Austin.   I have a job interview on Tuesday, and depending how that goes will largely determine if I stay.  I will keep you posted, and look forward to doing more work with you if I stay in the area.  If not, perhaps I'll sign up for an on-line course when finances allow, I will at least keep re-reading your book.

Thanks again, and all blessings on your way.   Karen Caird

I was on the call last nite too ! I could feel all the good energy, I just laid on the bed and bathed in it. It was so much fun. The hr
zoomed by. I had tears in my eyes when Tammy sang You are so Beautiful.........
  I wrote all my answers to  the questions too, and I had Divine openings/healings for several answers.
I sealed in and envelope and tucked it away, and it says DO NOT OPEN Till 2009....... Good bye 2008....I love You !!!
  One of my main answers is to reach and expand my territory to reach more people with Divine Openings and my healing gift. Well.....i awoke this morning to an email from IRAQ..... Wow.....and one of my other answers was to do more
Divine Openings/healings in person, I do several a week, but all are over the ph. long disatance, and I have loved and enjoyed
everyone of them. But, interesting enough the person stationed in Iraq will have some R&R Jan 15th and lives near Corpus Christi.
  Boy......I am creating faster than I thought in less than 24 hrs...... Hmmmmmm, I just thought of something, I would love to help returning
soliders with Divine Openings !!! Wow....did I just get a rush......hehehe
   I didin't eat any Black Eyed peas yesterday......and decided I wasnt giving my power over to a Pea to have good luck.....
  Love you and Happy New Year ! Love & Grace, Carey

Thanks so much for the call last night. I did try to speak, but didn't get the buttons right.You couldn't hear me. SO thank you so much, It has really made a difference to everything. My challenge is 'lack ' and living with a partner who is incredibly critical of everything, so I had lost my worth. I found last night I could see some light.... I have read your book and am longing to come to America for the 5 day silent intensive. I have travelled up the levels on the control panel which is on the wall next to my computer. Today I have spent so much time being happy, and I have seen some wonderful examples of heavenly dad answering some big financial challenges. I am so grateful that he loves me. I am learning to love me too. I loved your sharing about meditating in a cupboard. I really  need to find a cupboard space in my life, to go within. I try to meditate with your pictures from the book, but have not had a real surefire experience of being filled with love/ emotion/ feelings/ etc. I think too much. Still I am looking forward to taking an online course before  I get to the five day. I have asked heavenly dad to make it happen. I trust it will be soon. I have to let an addiction of slot machines go first. I understand now that I should leave it all to heavenly dad and not feel guilty all the time. My head is a little screwed up about that nutty problem. MAybe I should prostate to let go?
I would like to speak with you direct, maybe soon I can find the money for the one to one call with you.
My goal for 2009 is to become who I know I am inside. I just don't let her out very often. I want to help so many people, I am a teacher, and I love being of service. I have a deep longing for the heaing powers of heavenly dad to work through me to help those with illness and disease, and those with little hope. I believe implicitly that He can heal everyone I suppose I have to wait for guidance, when and where.
Thanks for reading this, hope you will reply,
Love and thanks Audrey from Lincolnshire, UK

Hello Lola, a big thank you for last nite's call !!! what a gift ! what a way to start the year ! all this wonderfull feminin energy !! please forward a big thank you also to Tammy for her beautifull voice !  be well

Hello Lola, a big thank you for last nite's call !!! what a gift ! what a way to start the year ! all this wonderfull feminin energy !! please forward a big thank you also to Tammy for her beautifull voice !    be well, Louise

Thank you so much for doing this Divine Group Opening. I joined the level one course a couple of months ago and have never done anything like this before.  I have found it so interesting and has helped me alot.  Being part of the Divine Opening was a fantastic start to the New Year.  Although I didn't speak as I was frightened of touching the 6 button and being cut off, especially as it was 12.30 am in England, it was great to hear Lola and everyone else speaking.  I am looking forward to being part of another divine opening group this year.
With love, Gail Willis

Dear Lola, Thank you so much for the incredible idea - what an invaluable gift that you gave everyone to start a new year with. The call was really wonderful. Somehow I always got some tears when people share how much their lives have changed for the better, there was a sort of a big balloon of emotion bubbling up in my heart. To follow your book about that negative is for internal use only. I won't tell you any story. What I have learned and will remind myself as often as possible is that all emotions are welcome, but I will relax and be joyful in this moment without needing any particular form of external evidence.
Love, and thanks again for the gift.

Dearest Lola, I just hung up from your conference call and all I can say is THANK YOU!  You and everyone on that call had so much energy flowing it was amazing.

Whoever was singing, You Are Ao Beautiful To Me, was wonderful and I felt like God was singing that to me.  It was the Divine telling me I'm so beautiful.  Tears flowed and all kinds of joy was felt. 
My sister Nicole, from Erie, PA talked at the end and she introduced me to you.  Leann's story was awesome as well!  I have a man in my life that I've been blessed with.
I am extremely excited about what this year has in store for everyone as a whole.  I want my creativity to flow in my writing so I can finish my project.  I feel the JUICE and it rocks!!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
Love and Light, Michelle Bourbonnais :) 


Dearest Lola, I just participated in the group divine Opening free call and all I can say is THANK YOU !!!   Your gift of this free call was exactly what I needed.  This is the first call I've ever been able to participate in because it was free.  Your voice, the energy, flowed through me like nothing I've ever felt before.  The tears of gratitude fell freely.  My heart opened, my large self smiled a welcome smile.
 I have gotten off track over the past 8 months or more it seems and have allowed my small self to rule.  I have tried to get back on track, I've started your book AGAIN only to put it down after a few words.  My life has been out of control to me, just constant confusion, restlessness, lack.  Yes, 2009 is going to be my most astounding year ever and I AM Committed to claiming all of my power. 

Somehow, someway I will try to purchase audios, the next levels, all that I can to help me obtain this power. Financially, I won't even allow that energy to take me down.  IT will happen... I promise myself.

My other promise to myself is to find my soul mate in 2009.  I believe it was Marlene that said she would speak up for all of us in that request for 2009.  What you gave to me in response to her request was what I needed to hear.  When Tammy sang "You Are So Beautiful", I wept.  I have not loved myself, embraced myself in so long....

I have missed you, Lola, as odd as that may sound.  I missed my large self. I owe so much to you. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart & soul,

Hi Lola, Just want to say how great the call was. The energy was really wonderful.
I'm so looking forward to giving more in the new year - more Divine Openings, and more of my energy in general.
2008 was an incredible year and I know 2009 will be even more so, especially with the growth I'm going to have through Jumping the Matrix. You know I had read all the books you recommend in it, before I found you. I'm looking forward to rereading them and getting even more from them this time. I know I'll have much more insight this second time around.

What an fabulous first day of 2009 and I know the year is going to soar even higher.

Many Thanks!  Melissa

Though I have been quiet for a long time now, I am still very happily busy with your book (both translating and working with it) and with the effects of Divine Openings. I have read through the book once now, as I felt, I first have to work with it for a while before translating it and I am now going through a second time, while translating. I am very happy I did it that way round, firstly because I can understand easier what it is about and secondly I am more open and relaxed while translating which makes the words come easier, as well. It is fantastic, you know: sometimes I stand between two German words for the English one you used and then God within me gives me a very clear feeling to which is the right one! It still takes a bit of courage to trust it, but I am enjoying it tremendously when that happens!! I have now translated about a quarter of the book, but I still want to read through it some more and correct places, before I send it to you.
I loooove your work and it does me incredibly good!!!! I keep realising even deeper how helpful the instrument panel and the other tools you offer are and how much even easier life can be in general!!! I was one of those people who set quite some expectation onto themselves and I am on my way out of that attitude, though it is terribly sticky and keeps on popping up in hidden places. Anyway, I know that, I can accept it and it is getting constantly better. Gabriele Kingwill

I just wanted to share with you our wonderful day  - yesterday. I printed the questionaire you shared with us and gave paper and pencils to my husband - Xavier and my three children - Xavier and Luis 12 year old twins and Anna Ximena - 10 years old.
We took our time and each answered the questions. Then we shared our answers. It was pure magic!!!!! Thank you so much.

Thank you, Lola, for the gift and for all the wonderful things you've created for all of us. Thank you, Crystal, for all the wonderful assistance you've provided us and for being there when the gremlins came calling. Thank you, Michael, for your wonderful All Natural Austin magazine with such great articles. Thank you to everyone else who is or has been involved with Divine Openings whether fellow course takers, group phone callers, forum posters, intensive participants, Divine Openings Givers, animal caregivers, the animals themselves, and anyone else I might have inadvertently forgotten to mention. Happy New Year!
Richest Blessings, Lots of Love, and May All Things Bright and Beautiful show up for you in the coming year! To borrow an oft-heard slogan: Yes we can and yes we will!!
Marlene Barnes   

Hi Lola !
We made it back from our trip and the visit was awesome ! The deck we built together
for my parents turned out beautiful ! Everyone agreed it was a perfect time, and a fabulous project to do as a family. It was a gift to my parents for their 61st anniversary on Dec. 26th.
I gave my Mom and my brothers a Divine Opening in person for the 1 st time. My Mom calls them Grand Openings ! It was a such a honor to share Grace with them at such
a beautiful time at Christmas.
I also gave my Mom a healing, after wards she told me she saw this beautiful golden cascade of golden light going through her whole body and then turning into
daisy flowers floating all around her. I told her she saw exactly what I did. I imagined this golden liquid light flooding her body head to toe.
I had never seen my Mom full of such energy and zest. She worked in the kitchen all day cooking for all of us while we worked at building the deck. The food was filled with Divine care and love. She was giddy and lively the whole time and stayed up till midnight every night. She has been doing the Divine Openings since right before her 79 th birthday. She will be 80 March '09.
My husband says, my Dad who is 82  could beat most men 10 to 15 yrs younger than him in a foot race. He has had 2 Divine Openings so far, and brags how it healed his neck!
As for one ofmy brothers who has had 3 Divine Openings, said that the one I gave while we were there visiting, said that the pain and stiffness he felt went away, that he had from doing all the labor on the deck. Also, he is studying reflexology  he gave my Mom and I a treatment......I could tell the Divine energy that came through was clear and healing, my feet felt like they were was awesome.....Thank you again Lola for sharing this gift so I am able to give to all I love and cherish. Like I have said before, it as touched 3 generations in my family. Wow ! Their are no words to describe how awesome that truly is.
Much Love and Gratitude,

Lola, I am so enjoying your course.  I was just listening to your telephone session and one thing struck me about your session.  The woman tried to ask if she should try to clean up the environment and you said not to go there and you went further into the power that she has and is using to create her life.  I remembered that she also had mentioned early on that she was having to clean up for the kids and especially keep up with the laundry.  She could simply re-frame the desire to clean up the environment and bring that home, literally.  She is manifesting really what she wants to do, just closer to her smaller world.

Well I had a crazy, dramatic week.  My boyfriend reminded me that I procrastinate so that I can have the mad rush of thinking it just can't be done and then pulling it out just in time.  Well early last week I thought I was doing things ahead of time and not procrastinating on this large project of getting ready to change interest rates if the Fed changed rates on Wednesday.  But when Steve left for Japan last Saturday, I had even more work to do in order to be ready so I worked till 7am last Sunday and till 4 am for three days straight.  The Fed rates did change and I had to make the rate changes for the bank happen too.  I had been working on an automation project to make that project simpler and my team was madly dashing to the finish line to change rates before 7pm on Friday when the system went down.  So the last step was for me to clean up one last file and send it off to my programmer to be run.  I did that, sighed of relief and went to dinner in KY.  I was about halfway through my dinner and the programmer called me and said I hadn't attached the file to the email.  I asked the time and it was 6:43pm.  So I jumped in the car and drove 90+ miles per hour to get home and send the file, which I did at 6:55pm.  The system normally goes down at 7pm, but it let us run the program until it finished at 7:06pm. 

I really thanked myself for the roller coaster ride (the car race  and the running up to the computer and pulling it out again at literally the last second).  I really do enjoy drama and even though I thought I was starting early I still had to have the race to the finish line.  But this time I did it differently than dramas of the past.  I had a team, I delegated and we succeeded together.  I loved manifesting all the new people to help me play this fun work game that in this reality I really do love.

Thanks again for agreeing to participate in the Katherine Ebacher are a great addition to my team.  I look forward to next week's lesson but in the meantime I am going to take a moment to relax and enjoy what I created. Lots of love, Katherine, Bank VP

Hello Dorogaya Lola,
What a great group phone call tonight! wahoo!  Talk about things being better than you could ever imagine- yowza!  When we did that Divine Opening tonight, it felt like we were giving it to the world- I have never felt such expansiveness.  It felt like the roof was off the top of my house and divine energy was beaming out to the entire world.  And so easy!!! ahhh......   I am looking forward to reading Holographic Universe after tonight too.  mmm mmm mmmm!
Things here are going well.  So many good things have been happening- I'll try to keep it short and give you the highlights :)
Allen started a new job.  After the September 5-day, I came back and he was not so happy at the old spot.  I said, what if, since you don't like looking for a job, someone just calls you out of the blue and offers you a spot?  A few weeks later, a friend who we haven't talked to in awhile, called.  There was a spot at his law firm opening up- was Allen interested?  Shortly thereafter, Allen got the job.  It's got lots of great things- suits Allen's background, close to home, better benefits, they would pay to have Allen finish up law school (if he wants ;), and a substantial pay increase.  Being there at the new job has helped Allen "see" more of what he does want in his life- which is so awesome.  I think that is the greatest thing about the new job.    We were just out tonight- together- alone- on a DATE (did I mention it was a date?? :) and got to talking about what we want.  I just said, whatever you want to create- let's do it.  Let's focus in on that coming into our lives rather than talking about anything else.  If you want to start a touring/travel company, then let's do it.  If you want to spend 6 months in Montana, 3 months of the year in Wisconsin, and 3 months traveling, then let's do it.  Let's allow it to come into our lives.  Allen was talking to another friend from Seattle the other night who mentioned that he has a business opportunity that he wants to talk to Allen about.  Who knows where it will all lead but wouldn't it be awesome if our dreams happened faster than our minds could imagine?
The good news for me is that I found an office space and will share it with another massage therapist who, surprise, surprise- is quite intrigued about this Divine Openings stuff.  She has some great ideas too.  yippee!!  So I thought, what if this experience of starting up is way easier than I ever could have imagined?  What if I am busy enough and yet balanced with our family life?  what if this experience is way better than anything I could ever possibly dream of?
The boys are doing well.  We're thinking of starting to homeschool for the next school year.  Jeremiah has a great class (the best class his teacher has ever had in 35 years) but I just keep feeling like the learning experience could be even better.  I've asked my large self to take care of this one for me. 
Our family all had a great time sledding today.  It warmed up and tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 40 degrees.  It's funny how you get used to certain weather.  Last weekend, we were out riding on the holiday trolley and it was 20 below so this "warm" weather feels fantastico :) 
Hope you are having a great time during the holidays.  I was psyched to see the New Year's eve group phone call- thanks for adding that one on- what a great way to start the new year!  talk about receiving more than you ask for :) 
Dorogaya, thanks for being you.  I am so glad you are on this planet and have lit up this path.  And in such a clean way- yippeee! and for wanting us all to have such goodness in our own lives- whatever it may be that we dream of.  Know that we wish the same goodness and blessings for you, dear one.
lots and lots of love,

Hi Lola,
  Merry Christmas ! Thank you so much for an amazing yr. , it has been a blessing
starting w/ Animal Connection class, I loved it ! The 5 day was amazing and unforgetable as a participant and a volunteer.
  I have enjoyed so much sharing and giving Divine Openings to family and friends, and strangers all over the globe. Thank you for my web page to reach people like I wouldnt have been able to do on my own.
  Looking forward to even a better that will be something to top 08, but I cant wait.....
  Many Blessings to you,
Love, Carey

Hi Lola, Wow, I just finished reading your book.  This is the only book anyone ever has to read!  I loved it, I felt like I was getting reaquainted with 2 long lost friends, yourself and higher or larger self.  What a gift and a day before Christmas.  I did pray for a miracle and I received it.  Thank you so much!  I am so ready to co-create with my Larger Self as having my smaller self drive the car has not been working out very well in my life.  I am so excited to be on this path, and now on a much accelerated path with the help of your book.  I would love to do the 5 day Silent Intensive!
I enjoyed the humour and lightness of the book even though it is a subject on enlightenment - I mean can it get more serious than that.  I guess not, I guess it is not supposed to be so serious!! I appreciated your humour, and right now I feel so light.  And if you knew anything about my current circumstances there would be no reason to feel this way.  I totally understand that it starts with the inner reality and then we can create our outer reality.  So I feel that things will definitely change in my outer reality if I continue feeling this way, and I don't see why I shouldn't.
This will also assist with my business as my business is in personal development using the Law Of Attraction principles.  However, I understand them so much more clearly after reading your book, and I have read many books on this subject, but was always seeking more clarity and understanding.  Everything just seems so crystal clear now.  If this is what Level 1 enlightenment feels like.... it feels fantastic!
I am wishing you a Blessed Holiday Season full of Miracles, Love and Joy!
With Love and Gratitude,
Susan Trepkov

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Dear Lola, My daughter had a friend in prison. I told her to send him the Goldfish picture that I had purchased from your Spirit Card collection.  He looked at it daily.  He was in prison for a year. One day he decided to call the phone number on the back of your card.
When someone calls from prison it takes you through a process of accepting the call. Well you answered. He was so shocked that he hung up. He felt so awed that someone that he didn't know would answer. I am sure he received a Divine Opening in that short moment. He is out of prison now and has had me give him two more Divine Openings. He has gone from holding his head down in shame to lifting it up and smiling. I want you to know how powerful your drawings are and I encourage others to send them to inmates......the Divine will change their world.    Thank you.  Liz Bloomberg/ Whitehall, Michigan

 Hi, just wanted to touch base. I'm into your book ,going slowly, but it's affecting my life . I'm going on a road trip around Christmas with a good friend who I think will enjoy the book also. When I get back I'll notify you for an appointment. James, Austin, TX

Hey Lola,
I just wanted to share that I created a job that's perfect for me. It's 20 hours, so I'll be able to build up my practice while being about to count on a certain amount of money, and even though it's 20 hours, I get full benefits (even acupuncture is covered!)...
the kicker is it's only 6 blocks from my house! I get to walk past the park on the way to work!  And come home for lunch if I want!

The other day when I was sending out resumes, I remembered how I found my car on craigslist. I had been searching and searching, and I finally said - "Why do I have to go out looking for the car? What if I could just let it come to me?"  Sure enough, within a couple of days I found 'er - someone literally 4 blocks from where I worked was selling a beautiful butter yellow Galaxie 500 - that was 5 years ago...
love, Camille

Hi Lola THANK YOU ... So much ... I have noticed so many ‘strange coincidences’  ... I have to admit that I have to hold myself back from meditating on the pictures in the book more than once a week ...

I am not trying to understand what is happening .. I am just happy it is ... I have been through a terrible year ; had to shutdown 2 companies ... Lost over £150,000 in the process .. And am suffering at the hands of angry creditors conspiring against me if I were a villain ! (no, I am not !!)  I have enrolled on your level One Course and have your ‘dashboard’ with me wherever I go ... A very good tool to see ‘where I am at’ ...and ,frankly , disconnecting my feelings of remorse /guilt / hopelessness from my functioning mode at the time ... It helps me be more objective ... I am beginning , slowly , to ‘let go’ as your book suggests ....

Thank You once again .... I will work through the Level One course and see where I am taken .. It is truly wonderful ....

Much Love, Rod         Roderic Mosnicka

Hi Lola
I wanted to rave a bit –since coming home from Texas life has been a bit of a roller coaster…my dad died in early Oct and family events were interesting…my emotions were peaceful while sad and I rode the feelings….work slowed down in one way and sped up in another….lots of wonderful downloads were happening…moments of bliss while sharing the opening.  I of course want to do more.  Some fear has come and gone with the economy and work changes…but so far…being with it….being …being….being.
I have 3 private students for the teachings and openings and they all rave about the book…I also love that book and all the music from the 5 day that I use now with my students and just for blissful times for me. I was able to help my sister a lot as her husband was dying (complete on 12/5) and hope to share more with her on a visit she plans here to Ca either over Christmas or soon after.  Thank the Divine and you for all the work that prepared me for those two events so close at hand. I am so happy to be jumping the matrix and look forward to grooving not hooving. My gratitude for the experience of this year is beyond words and to you for all you are doing.
Happy happy holidays Lola, Debora K McDermed


"Thank you for being the ray of light that you are, for listening to your call, and for being such an amazingly clear (and huge) conduit for this energy to come through.  I am rejoicing with the shining of your light to all of us and our light to you." Much love, gratitude and appreciation. Deb

"The group call this evening was wonderfully energizing.  I felt like I was getting bigger - more and more open....hard to explain. Your website continues to be the place I visit daily to remind myself to lighten up, to have fun and be who I "really" am!  Thank you.  It's been an amazing year!"  Love, Elizabeth

"I'm embracing this Journey with every cell of my body. It has been bumpy at times, but I am appreciating those bumps with absolute love and compassion. I'm in tears of JOY after having a glimpse of what is coming my way. I have been waiting for you to manifest in my life and it finally happened. I can't describe this experience with words and I know I am not the only one. Every single day I am liberating myself from something. Many times it happens in my dreams. It has been very intense and subtle at the same time that my body can handle it. Even though I know the changes are permanent and profound the movement is gentle and beautiful!!! It's almost like I have been preparing myself for this without consciously knowing it!!! This is what is real!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely Lola!!!!!!!! what else can I say???? WOW!!!!! WHAT A TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!! :) One more time no words to thank you enough!!!!!!!!! I AM FEELING those feelings and I AM MAKING MYSELF FREE!!!!!!!!!! We are so lucky you are here, with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Love, Light and Gratitude, Ixora
"Great! Thanks so much for the session and the audio! I am very happy! This morning I felt a little fear and resistance going on, but I just dived into it and fell in love with my little Gollum (small self). And it just relaxed! Then I got up and got ready for the day... started singing a little ditty about loving myself, like a little kid, and sang it to myself while looking in the mirror -- it was fun! I am absolutely smiling inside, and out! Thanks again!" Much love, Kelly

"One more quick note of appreciation: I just listened to your trauma and abuse audio on the diving in series, and it is one of the most exquisite pieces of therapy I've ever heard. I've been in this field for lo these many years :) and nothing I have seen, heard, done or delivered myself even comes close. Another WOW!"   Donna

"I got a new job today. Woo hoo! And not just a job, but a career!
Also, I no longer need to take my thyroid medicine. Lots of miracles
going on in my life now . . . now that I'm willing and able to let them in.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do!" Tamara Holmes, Texas

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