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Help for Mobile Devices and Pads

 If the answer is not here, ask your device manufacturer, or Google it!

Step 1: Make sure all updates for your device are installed.
If a device or app is not working properly, check if it needs updating. Out of date software can cause glitches...

Step 2: Clear your device or app's cache.
This is a big one! Clearing the cache on your phone's internet app will help to clear up 99% of problems or glitches happening on your device. As there are so many phones and pads it's best if you Google yours: "how to clear cache on (whatever device.)"

Step 3: Hard restart your device. Power if completely OFF. Wait one minute and power up! Most issues clear up.

How to navigate through an audio on iPad. First get the latest software update. While the audio is playing, swipe up from the bottom edge of the device into the screen. It can take a few tries. Up comes some controls. Go to the box on the right, and you can drag the play dot to the part of the audio you want!

  • Please see the regular tech help page for other issues.
  • Sorry, we can't help you with your devices. Please consult your device maker or Google it.
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