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ENGLISH ONLY AUDIOS AND VIDEOS: The specific content of the audios is not as important as the time you spend in this vibration. But these audios give you powerful tantric vibrational attunements that over time help you hold that vibration yourself. That's the goal.

Most audios have a Divine Opening at the end.
Don't listen to that part in the car.

Don't do too many Divine Openings. Don't speed the energy up faster than you can get out of the way. Give time to release resistance, and let the new energy flow through you.
Do only one Divine Opening or less per week from any source (book, audio, music), unless it's all on the same day. Then it counts as "one".
It's very important to deeply assimilate the energies for at least seven days, if not more.
Faster is not better.

Women, see your For Women Only page for more audios specifically for you.

Men, see your For Men Only page for more audios specifically for you.

She Got Sucked Into Processing, What Kind of Relationship? - August 2020

Audio: Sabine is softening into feminine.mp3


Body Scan with Microtensing - Because relaxation is THE key to tantric sex


Lola Jones - Asking for what you want, circulating energy, slowing down to feel more


Lola Jones - Gay woman taps into her masculine energy - but this audio is good for anyone because we each have both masculine and feminine inside of us


Lola Jones - Man, Woman Within You, Releasing Tension for Ecstatic Sexual Bliss - GREAT audio for men and women, gay and straight. The second part is essential for anyone in learning to relax.


Lola Jones - Heart Explosions


Lola Jones - Work, Feminine/Masculine Roles
The first part of this is about work, but money and sex are the same energy.

Lola Jones - New Lease On Love

Lola Jones - Attract It

Lola Jones - Quintessential Overview Audio, Relationship

1. Softening, Vulnerability For Love Renewal
2. Relationship Renewal Happens in 2 weeks!

Donna - Ultimate Allowing

Lola Jones - Build Passion by Intention

Lola Jones - Parent Vibration Affects Your Love Life

Listen to her shift -
1. Lola Jones - Resistant Feelings About Relationship
2. Lola Jones - Soothe Self, Guilt, Self Esteem
3. Feminine Softening, Heart Explosions, Guidance, Hot Buttons


Download or Stream?
Click the audio and it streams instantly (easy). No need to download unless you want to (for your personal use only). You can burn them on CD's and enjoy them in the car.

If you wish to download each one to your hard drive: Make a folder called LolaJonesAudios to keep them in.
You will download them ONE AT A TIME.
     On a PC: Right-click on one of the link titles, and choose "Save Target As"  or "Save Link As" to download it. 
     On a Mac: Hold down the Option key and click on the title to save.
If you have dial-up, start the download when you have time to let it download, take a break, then come back later and listen.You may then record them to a CD if you like for your own use only.

Please support this work with integrity.  One person (or a committed couple) per tuition paid can take this course.
Have your friends join the course to hear them, unless they're designated as OK to share. 

All audios copyright Lola Jones.
No unauthorized reproduction.        
Thank you!

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