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Experience the transformational power
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Not ordinary counselors, coaches or healers, our Certified Divine Openings Guides are masters at living what they teach. In Divine Openings sessions, Guides will take you beyond the old-paradigm of working on issues or healing your past,and will put your life on a whole new trajectory.
For Newcomers, Divine Openings counseling techniques can be wonderfully effective even for those who are deciding if Divine Openings is for them. However, by reading the foundational Things Are Going Great In My Absence first, you will deepen and enhance your experience. 

Things Are Going Great In My Absence is required reading for all sessions except the first one.

Nurturing, Supportive Transformational Counseling

and Coaching For You, Wherever You Live

Please communicate and schedule directly with the Guides.

Suzanne Eder 

Divine Openings Certified Guide and Program Mentor

Transformational Life Coaching & Career Counseling

Specializing in Money, True Calling, Empowerment. Delaware, or by phone anywhere

Visit Suzanne's Page 

"I wholeheartedly recommend sessions with Suzanne. I chose her to train our Certified Guides in giving powerful sessions." Lola Jones

Suzanne is a natural teacher and mentor who brings tremendous clarity and fresh perspectives into every session. She also welcomes periods of deep silence when working with clients, allowing Grace to work its magic without conversation or analyais. Having come from a very analytical professional background, she is particularly good at helping clients with active, analytical minds open to the deeper wisdom of their feelings and intuitive knowing. Her focus on helping you cultivate the deepest level of self-love you've ever known is unwavering, and you'll leave her sessions feeling relaxed and at peace, with renewed appreciation for yourself and your power to create a life you love.

Benefits of Sessions with Suzanne:

~ Clarity

~ Peace of mind

~ Expanding sense of possibility in career and life

~ Significantly enhanced ability to manifest what you truly want

~ Genuine experience of self-love

~ Liberation from self-doubt

"Suzanne, I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. You are truly inspirational and an exceptional being of light. I would not be who I am if it were not for you - full of joy and hope and willing to look for possibility in seemingly unlikely places."  - Jeanie M.


Donna Wetterstrand

Divine Openings Certified Guide and Certified Guide Program Director

On the Leading Edge, Beyond Healers and Spiritual Healing

Lola chose Donna to head up our Divine Openings Guide Certification Program and be a Mentor to our leaders, counselors, and seminar leaders.

"It most definitely was a wonderful session. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Beyond all expectations and beyond words, too. Just beyond!! Already incredible things are happening in my world. Much, much love and appreciation to you." - Lara M. 

Visit Donna's page
Read more about her, and listen and tune into some of her Grace-filled audio sessions.

Personal and Spiritual Growth, or Business Coaching

With Donna, keeping it simple and easy can bring profound shifts. Donna is tapped into the power that comes with saying "I create everything my life." Her years-long experience with Divine Openings has created a high level of mastery, which she feels privileged to share! She knows you are the powerful author of your own reality, and will help you dive deeply into Divine Openings to create your own love, peace, ease, prosperity and joy. You will feel soothed and refreshed, and leave her sessions feeling a richness of new possibilities for you and your life. You can listen to some of her audios here.  You can book sessions with Donna by simply emailing her at donna@lolajones.com

Benefits of Sessions with Donna:

~ Resistance melts away as you learn to "drop the story" easily;

~ Learn all the ways to use your amazing instrument panel, which is really a map of your own evolution;

~ Learn to make your "diving in" highly effective so you can feel better, fast;

~ Feel the soft, soothing presence of Grace, and deep within, know that all is well;

~ Keep your focus simple and powerful as you identify and make peace with blind spots, all the while moving up your instrument panel;

~ Move past problem-solving, and start to create what you most deeply desire.

"Donna took Divine Openings from: me and an assistant being overwhelmed with growth, to having an 8 person team of talented people. She moves you as fast as you can move, but most importantly to me, she is FUN and high vibration." - Lola Jones

Ohh sweet heavenly Donna! You bring so much ease and clarity into my ife. I LOVE YOU!! Finally I get the diving in. Love, Carina "


Divine Openings Giver in GermanyGabriele Kingwill
Certified Divine Openings Guide

Gabriele is the Mentor for our Divine Openings Guide Certification Program
in Germany, and the German Divine Openings liason.

Visit Gabriele's page

Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development, Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Sessions in English or German
Events in Germany & South Africa

Gabriele loves assisting people from all walks of life in bringing more ease, joy and freedom into their life with the help of Divine Openings. For private or professional bliss and expansion - let's co-create the life of your dreams!

Benefits of Sessions with Gabriele:

~ Personal guidance and contact

~ Someone holding vibration and focus with you until you can hold it for yourself

~ Walking through processes from the book together, which you feel still uneasy with

~ Basking in the lovely vortex of Grace to speed up your evolution even more

~ Having someone to whom you can rave to and gain more momentum by enjoying what's great

"Dear Gabriele, Last night ... I got my Worthiness back!!!
Thank You for your Love & part in it" Love & Light, Dave


Get Gabriele's German translation of the book!  Email Gabriele@lolajones.com
Read about her upcoming events in Germany & South Africa


Melinda Gates

Divine Openings Certified Guide

Personal, Practical and Grace-Inspired Coaching, Counseling, Bodywork and Healing

in San Antonio, TX or via Skype and phone

Melinda's expertise is in guiding people more deeply into the Presence, here and now, helping you experience a more real, "felt" connection with your Large Self.

    Visit Melinda's Page

Melinda can:

~ Provide a grounded, soothing, uplifting resonance of Divine Grace;

~ Help you deepen into your embodied experience, where power and potential is accessed;

~ Demonstrate how choices are always available;

~ Point you back to your own birthright and power as a conscious creator;

~ Guide you to master the Diving In process;

~ Offer her expertise in physical healing.

"I just wanted to sing praises about Melinda! I had a session over the weekend and had a deeply moving and profound healing experience! Melinda is gifted and intuitive. She was able to guide me to an awareness of an emotional/physical "holding" and supported me gently and powerfully through a long overdue release. Thank You Melinda!" - Sylvia.



Divine Openings Certified Guides meet the highest standards of transformational coaching and spiritual life counseling.

Whether you are looking for transformational spiritual counseling sessions, life coaching, spiritual healing, career and business coaching, or relationship counseling, your experience will be beyond ordinary, old-paradigm "spiritual healing", therapy, or counseling techniques.


About Divine Openings Sessions

Our Transformational Counseling, spiritual sessions, life coaching, spiritual, business, and career counseling, relationship counseling, personal and spiritual development, and all our sessions are beyond the old paradigm of spiritual "healing."
We do not follow the old paradigm that there's something wrong with you.
We don't believe your emotions, spirit, or mind need "healing."
You don't need a healer for that--the problems disappear when you wake up.

When you think you need a healer and healing for emotional or mental distress, you create endless things to "heal".

That puts you on a never-ending hamster wheel of finding things that need "healing" and "clearing". It will never stop (as you've noticed - that's why you're here).
Divine Openings is for awakening into spiritual enlightenment, expanding, unfolding, remembering who you are, raising your vibration, and reclaiming your power -- and then there's nothing to heal.

About Physical Healing
We use the words spiritual healing ONLY if you are sick or have a physical challenge.

You may request spiritual healing (physical healing) as part of your regular Divine Openings sessions too.
Distinctions blur between types of sessions, as physical healings have occured when there was no mention of the problem in a Divine Openings session and the Divine Openings Givers didn't even know about it. And life change has occured when the client was just seeking physical healing.

Physical healing is up to you and The Presence. The healer doesn't always know your life plan and sometimes cannot interfere with it.

If you're not noticeably physically improved after 3 physical healing sessions (with any healer using any modality) you need to try a different healer. No one is 100% successful. 75% is a good average among advanced healers.

You might need to discover the vital message or gift that malady has for you, as some maladies are not healed until you change the vibration that recreates that condition.

You need to do your conscious mind part and raise your vibration, deal with emotions, and take your mind out of the driver's seat.

Divine Openings sessions help you with this.

It is helpful to learn to release resistance yourself. But it does help you to get some relief first.

To learn all about what Divine Openings is and does, go to the Divine Openings Guides home page.