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Directory of Certified Divine Openings™ Guides

Professional, leading-edge support for every need or every wish.

Our guides know in their hearts that you can have everything you want, and they also know how to achieve it. Our certified Divine Openings guides are not ordinary counselors, coaches or healers. They are masters in living what they teach.

Please communicate and arrange your sessions directly with the Guide of your choice.

The book Things Are Going Great In My Absence is a prerequisite for all sessions except the first one. It’s best if you get the basic foundation from the book so that your sessions can focus on your individual needs rather than covering the basics.

Divine Openings Certified Guides

Angelika Lukoschek, Munich, Germany, and Worldwide

Angelika Lukoschek, Munich, Germany, and Worldwide

Personal and group sessions in Munich, Skype, Zoom, telephone worldwide.

Angelika supports you lovingly on the journey to your most wonderful life. With an open and warm heart,  Angelica helps you to break old patterns and remove blind spots. You will be able to reach a higher vibration, to let more lightness, joy and clarity into your life.  In stormy moments, she is at your side, accompanies you, so that you can surrender everything to The Divine in You.

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Uli Kriz, Hard, Austria, Certified Divine Openings Guide since 2014

Uli Kriz, Hard, Austria, Certified Divine Openings Guide since 2014

Accompanying People in Challenging Life Situations

Accompanying people in challenging life situations:

What would have to change in your life for worrying to stop?

In Austria and worldwide via Skype, Zoom or phone.

My desire is to help uplift and clarify your vibration. To do this, I'm providing a safe and supportive space to reclaim your authentic power and freedom. 

"I support and guide you on your way to emotional mastery."

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Anita Kriz, Hard, Austria, Divine Openings Certified Guide

Anita Kriz, Hard, Austria, Divine Openings Certified Guide

What makes your heart sing?

Do you know what makes you really happy?

What are your areas of power and what are your talents?

A high and clear field of resonance can be so very contagious! 

In groups and personal sessions with Anita, in German or English, let her enthusiastic vibration carry you higher!

Through Divine Openings, Anita overcame old vibrational habits and is now experiencing an incredible life!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a similar experience?

"The essence of my work is to help you remember who you really are."

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Personal and group sessions in Australia & worldwide

Phillippa has so much lived experience with Divine Openings. Allow her to support you in your transformation and expansion in all areas of your life.

With her powerful guidance and witnessing, you will find your own clarity and insight.

"May you be your own true divine self"

Note: Phillippa is currently on sabbitacal and is not giving sessions. (Nov.2022)

Sessions with Lola Jones

Lola rarely gives sessions because people are getting their "live with Lola time" in the webinars and Mentoring program. There are some situations that require sessions. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask for sessions if you've completed Portals 1 & 2. Very often after those courses you don't need sessions anymore.

If Lola agrees to give you sessions, see this page to get details and register.

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The small self can only be happy if the government is doing the right thing, your body is perfect, if others cooperate, and there's a certain amount in the bank. Your Large Self is unconditionally happy all the time.
Lola Jones