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Zap Negative Energies from Others

Watch for next series or request one!  Don't let OTHERS control your vibration! Great for over-sensitives, healers, counselors, helpers, family and relationships. Hold your high vibration no matter what's going on. 

  • Does negative energy stick to you or drain you? Learn to stop reacting!
  • Do you get fatigued by helping others? Do you take on their problems? You'll stop over-empathing.
  • Does the world, news, or crowds lower your vibration? You'll stop being an "energy sponge."
  • You have an empathic giftThe secret is how you USE your energy. More...

Zap Negative Energies from Others


Get free. Stay in control of your own vibration.

The ability to empath others should be a gift, not a curse! Lola has worked with thousands and doesn't take on their energy at all. Want to be the light in the room instead of a sponge for darkness? 

Get free. Use your empathic gift in healthy ways ONLY. 

No more sponging Energies from Others, no more Over-Empathing

Lola uses her own body to show your body how to move energy.

  • Learn how to stay in your own center, and not get pulled off by others.
  • Sustain your high vibration. Claim and hold your own energetic space.
  • Be your own "authority." Radiate power that can't be invaded.
  • Use your empathic gift only in healthy ways that serve you.
  • You'll emerge feeling like a million bucks too! 

Lola makes sure each person is satisfied by the end. She'll ask you to rate your experience from start to finish. Lola has expanded this subject a lot since the last webinar, so it's better than ever.

If I can see the media in Portal 5, why take this webinar?

  • Lola coaches you and meets YOUR unique needs.
  • Being in Lola's vortex LIVE is super powerful. That is a plus of sharing energy in a positive way, as Lola does.
  • Everyone says, "It's so much easier to do it in your energy.
  • Lola gives you personal coaching for your specific needs! 
  • Spaces are limited in these paid live events because Lola feels with you, helps you move energy using her own body, answers you on the forum between meetings, and works with you in the Non-Physical between meetings.
  • You stay focused and feel it more.
  • Each webinar series is different because each group is different.

NOTE: All audio and video media from this series is posted in Portal 5: Mastery where you get almost all past webinar series media!

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Baby steps taken consistently in a high vibration lead to giant-sized accomplishments. Most important: have fun on the way there.
Lola Jones