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Secrets of Happiness Webinar Series

Watch for next series. New leading-edge methods like "Unplug from the contrast/Plug into Source" show you that happiness really is not as dependent on outer circumstances as we think it is! You'll experience where real happiness comes from in this series. Even better, Lola shows you how to mine the gold in so-called problems, challenges, & contrasts. Raise your vibration on any topic! Learn to "surf it all" to greater success and happiness. No matter what your current challenge or desire is, this series will help you flow through it with more ease and joy! 

Secrets of Happiness Webinar Series


 These vital skills serve you for life and are pure pleasure to practice. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a baseline of feeling deep down good even when things are challenging or downright difficult? Your vibration is your most valuable asset and you'll feel a lot of satisfaction when vibration cannot be controlled by outer conditions or other people. Let's get your Large Self firmly in the driver's seat! You'll learn methods to move energy, reset your system, focus on what you want, and create a strong connection to where happiness really comes from.

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We too often struggle, grasp, and manipulate to try to get what The Presence would have freely and easily given us.
Lola Jones