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Ageless Body & Mind (was Power, Passion, Purpose)

Watch for next series. Age doesn't drain you, stagnation (not expanding), low vibration, and unconscious beliefs do. Your Large Self is ever-young, and the AUTHENTIC Inner Child is not wounded - it's just buried. Your childlike innocence and passion is still inside of you. Enjoy a higher vibration, more energy than ever. Learn how to zap inflammation, the #1 cause of disease and aging, and clear up neural tangles and brain fog to be sharper. 

Ageless Body & Mind (was Power, Passion, Purpose)


People are always asking Lola, "How do you stay so young and vibrant at almost 70?" It is a combination of meditation, high vibration, intention, great diet, moderate exercise, passion for her work, supplements, great dermatologists, and alternative doctors. It's modern science AND metaphysics. It's years of intention, conscious choices, not being lazy, and a bit of study about health and wellbeing. It's not one thing - it's a whole lifestyle, and Lola is always learning, modifying, changing, uprgrading. One thing is sure: the sooner you begin, the better. 

The media from this series will go into the Health and Healing Course AND Portal 5. 

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The most powerful thing you can do is to give it over the The Divine within you, let go, and let it happen. There's no glory in struggle or hard work, and no rule that says letting it be easy is cheating. Let it be easy.
Lola Jones