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Money Ease Series

Tuesday Sept 26, Thursdays Oct 5 & 12, 2023, 10-11:30am Pacific time.  English only (we alternate with DE.) You either manifest money or you manifest NOT having money.  Raise your money vibration and "create your OWN economy." Allow money to come to you. Great for career, retired, self employed or unemployed! Want money to be a non-issue? Elevate your success to the next level? Want to shed the recent crisis vibration?  Transcend the collective's beliefs? Recover from covid setbacks?  Become debt free? 

Only $329. BONUS: You get the $329 Money Course FREE with this event. See, you're already creating free money! Abundant audios/videos from past series' - yours to keep enjoying as you build your money vibration.

Money Ease Series


Want to Be able to receive MONEY more easily?

Join Lola and this inspiring and supportive community LIVE, and get your freedom and power around money. Find your money blind spots and dissolve them with Grace energy. 

  • BONUS Money Course includes 50+ breakthrough-inspiring audios/videos (in German and English) from many live Money webinar series'. It's all yours to enoy as you build your money vibration.

Amp up your manifesting ability and move into "money ease."

  • We normally require that you take Portal 1 first, because we won't repeat those basics. But for this series, we'll make an exception so new people can experience Lola live. Simply commit that you will take  Portal 1 asap after the webinar series.

What happens in the meetings?

  • Lola empaths what is needed and coaches those who ask.
  • There may be a slideshow, and there is always teaching, activities, and meditations.
  • You may watch other videos from other series' between meetings for more immersion.
  • Lola puts the group in a vortex that moves energy - it lasts throughout the series, even when not in session.
  • You are guided to focus energy where it's needed.
  • Lola tailors each webinar to the participants. Synchronicity brings the right groups together.
  • She creates new leading-edge material in each series as needed. No two series' are alike.
  • The energy works on you constantly during the series, even at night. People often have breakthroughs between sessions.
  • The many audios and videos are posted in the Money Course for you to enjoy again. 

Why webinars instead of sessions?

These small, intimate webinars work so well--even for big issues--that now Lola rarely needs to give sessions anymore. She mostly only gives sessions in the Mentoring Program.

In these webinars you'll get fresh new, leading-edge methods and techniques that aren't in any course or book. Lola is guided to do just what you need. Having the spotlight off you allows you to relax and get out of the way. Often you'll feel shifts on the spot, but much of the magic happens between meetings, and on the Forum.

See the BONUS Money Course details

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"God sleeps in the stone, dreams in the plant, moves in the animal, and awakens in man." 

Ancient Sufi proverb