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Goddess Webinar Series

November 29 & December 1 & 2, 2022, 10-11 am Pacific time, EN-DE. 

  • Is your feminine side neglected and tired because you give too much? Or are you living as the powerful, magnetic Goddess you are? 
  • Does work keep you in masculine mode? Or does abundance flow into your open, receptive hands?
  • Do you work too hard for love, family, kids, career? Or do people, opportunities, money, love, romance, and choices flow to you?  

2-for-1 BONUS! You get the $349 Goddess Power Course FREE!  Watch videos and hear audios first to get more from the webinars. In the webinars we can focus on YOUR specific needs. The course supports you to keep growing and keep letting in more!

Goddess Webinar Series


Women: Strive less, allow more! Lola gives you lots of juicy audios and videos packed with practical tools to practice after the webinars. 

"Wow, I watched all of the Goddess Power Course videos after the webinars, and things are coming to ME! Now... what do I do with all of this good that's flooding in?" Bridget, Chicago

Power up every area of your life with whole new ease. Thinking, studying, and working at it is masculine. This is learning Pleasure Practices.

Open up and allow your Feminine Power

  • Do you pursue men? Or do they pursue, provide for, and pamper you?
  • Are you adored and pampered? Or are you giving too much and not receiving? 
  • Are you deeply fulfilled and comfortable being a woman? Or is some old vibration keeping you from embracing and enjoying your feminine self?
  • Feeling fresh, dewy, juicy, and alive? Or are you tired, drained, and feeling old too soon? 

juice up your feminine power and allowing with us.

Small group, big energy, personal coaching from Lola Jones

  • Learn HOW to soften and allow more.
  • Immerse in the new energies, get powerful vibrational adjustments.
  • Lavish yourself with love and lose your pleasure limits! 
  • Draw your man closer to you. Have him fully committed.
  • Attract better men, work, money with ease.

Tapping into deep feminine power was one of the biggest quantum leaps for me, Lola Jones. It took everything to a new level: my teaching, relationship, manifesting, health and vitality, and more rich and delicious happiness and fulfillment.

The planet needs more powerful women, so join me and go deep!

  • For best results have the foundational Portal 1 Online (or beyond) so you understand the basic principles we're using.
  • Limited group size so  I can coach you and give personal attention to your needs. 
  • Get support from me on the Forum between meetings to increase results.
  • Costs far less than 3 therapy sessions but much more powerful! An amazing value and the group interaction, laughter, and cameraderie is fun.

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How to help all of humanity: elevate your own vibration and expand your pipes right now. For you are them and they are you, and time and space are all right here right now.
T. S. Eliot