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Neutralize Any Emotion Webinar Series!

Watch here for next series. Experience a powerful new energy method that allows us to neutralize any negative charge in minutes. 

Your energy matters! Every "negative charge" you allow to vibrate in you blocks some of your inner peace, joy, love, happiness, and prosperity, even if you don't realize it's there. Join me in a powerful energy-moving vortex that neutralizes that destructive energy and frees you to live your best life! 

Neutralize Any Emotion Webinar Series!


How do you know if you have negative charges?

When you don't have the energy, vitality, peaceful sleep, quiet productive mind, love, freedom, money, confidence, and joy you want - guess what? Your energy is tied up. Get that energy back and your natural inner bliss blooms, everything comes to you more easily, and you are light and free.

This is leading-edge, beyond Diving in!

This method works when diving in isn't enough, resistance is high, when you don't know what the feeling is, or when the story is too hard to drop.

You may be numbed to or unconscious of the emotion, but no worries: this tool works without knowing what's "wrong." You may have trouble "dropping the story," but with this amazing method, you'll forget all about the story!

Do you have a negative feeling about anyone or anything?

Learn the newest, most exciting "energy intervention" to move stubborn low vibrations like resentment, anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, anger, worry, trauma. 

People are saying:

  • "That was a deep healing... thank you." Sas, Switzerland
  • "I was surprised how much negative charge I was carrying! Ah what a relief!" Karen, Canada
  • "My mind is empty, I feel free and at peace. I've never felt this blissful feeling before." Claudia, Germany
  • "Such a big difference thank you so very much!" Karen, US
  • "Thank you Lola it feels so good." Evelyn, Germany
  • "Wow, feel really light and joyful." Tanja, Germany
  • "I nearly felt asleep and will go to bed straight away, Thank you so much for helping me to move this thick energy." Christa, Germany

Best of all, you only have to feel the feeling for a moment. Just long enough to focus the energy.

quieter mind, calm emotions, and a lit up, magnetic energy field:

  • You can neutralize many charges because I'll prepare you, soften your energy, and get you out of the way so you allow more, and resist less.
  • Limited size groups for personal attention, coaching if needed, and Lola can hold your intentions. 
  • Support from me on the Forum between meetings increases your results.
  • You get the training and conscious knowledge to use it by yourself.
  • 3 more new methods make you more powerful, resilient, and less reactive: "Fill Yourself Up with You", "Choice Questions," and "How to Avoid Charge Buildup."
  • I energetically help you assimilate it more smoothly. It will surprise you how powerfully you feel your entire being adjust to deep structural changes. You may feel tired for a day, or even feel like things are falling apart (the old incoherent structure does fall apart, making space for a more coherent structure.) 
  • We go deeper. You may not consciously know which charge you need to neutralize most. I can help you get to it.

Beyond the webinar:

  • NOTE: For best results please have Portal 1 so you have that full foundation. Without those skills you may recreate the old vibrations. 
  • If you want whole-life results that not only last but keep expanding, Portal 1 is essential. 
  • The audios and videos from this webinar are posted for you to enjoy again for one month, then they become part of Portal 5: Mastery. When you get there you'll have all the tools, all of the time. 

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One way you're 'made in His image' is that you love hide and seek games. Children in every single culture ever studied spontaneously play hide and seek without being taught the game. God hides in a human body as you, forgets His/Her omnipotence, and then you seek and find yourself, over and over and over.
Lola Jones